The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 22, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLK COURIER NEWS VOL. XXX1II-4-NO. 108 OMZMt Hold TH« DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOICTH>A8T ARKANSAS AND SODTHIASY MISSOURI Ht*l BLYTHEV1LLK, ARKANSAS. WEDNESDAY, JULY 22, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ISiTSm IN SPAIN i? Despite Many 'j Abuses the Roosevelt Record Is Generally Good By RODNKY BUTCHER , WASHINGTON.'-L Are political jobs and'the U. S. Civil Service going to be big issues In the com,'Ing campaign? • ? ": Gov. Alfred wl> Landon, reinforcing the promise; in Republican platform civil service plank of "restoration. Improvement, 1 and extension of Hie merit system," declares for placing withln.Uh'e merit sys-1 tern every federal-job below the | rank of assistant secretaries of departments and agencies—along with the entire Postofilce Department; The. Democratic platform pledges, "immediate extension of the merit system through file classified civil service to all non-policymaking positions In the federal service. We shall subject to civil service law all continuing positions which, because of tlie emergency, Lindberghs in Germany to View Air Facilities BERLIN, July 22 ' (UP)^Col. fnd , Mrs. Charles A.: Lindbergh /lew s liere today from their, residence In England for. a: visit during which they wilj inspect German ' aviation ^facilities ami may/meet Chancellor Adolf Hit ler. • ,, v :•• ... - s , ••...:. They arrived lit Slaakeri ! air port at 5:07 P. M. The"-'flight fronr Enjlund In their own plane required a little .less than six hours'. IJndbergh. circled' the field si\ before landing. He and Mrs. Lindbergh .motored to .Beran automobile air ministry. First Rafplioio Reveals Spanish Terror 100,000 Will Cheer Candidate at Notification Three of Siv Occupants ;. Brought to Ho s p i t.a-l Here for Treatment. .:Al least three "persons were injured: when their car overturned on Highway 18,, near Dell, -about 8 o'clock this morning. Cciemonies at Topeka Bv Hulled Press All 10 ids led todaj to Topeka I where Retmbllcans were massing' 100.000 si rang to cheer Gov. 1 Alf M Iinilon it notlfk'itlon cere monies tomorrow night on Ihe Kansas statehoi se step-; Amid the hustle and bustle of the celebration the Kansas governor was rcjiorted pursuing the even lehcr of Ills wiivs. » I His STO-word adcjess c'h 11110111" his exposition of the pliil osophj of the American way has been completed He spent Ills time greetln^ visitors to To peka and going' about.'the business of Ins job ns governor A new element was Injected into the Kansas political situation when. the county commissioner of Decatur. county, Kansas, addressed an appeal to tilt .....„.., ..n.muot Ul tllC CIUC4 UCIll:), n , . ' "-. have been exempt from its opera- ' .P™"^^ to ll 'e Blytheyllle hos- tion." P' tal were Avery Knight, Black tlon.' Tlie,beauty of t'nese pious sentiments is somewhat marred by the facts that Kansas 'for years has had-a civil service law to which J"',, ' no. one has seemed to pay atten- „,,„,,, tlon and t'hat neither the Democratic administration nor the preceding .'Republican regimes -can point to a civil service record which by any Imaginative gymnastics could be considered lily .white. Nevertheless, civil service is a campaign issue. The New Deal is on tlie spot for Its sins against the merit system and its system of competitive examinations, classification!,, and edibility lists , n t true that t'ne civil service has been wrecked There are several thousand more civil service employes in government than in March, 1933. Butj alongside them ; the New Deal has added enormously to t'ne army of non-civil service workers. There were about 110,000 federal employes outside civil service four years ago and there are now about 230,000. Nearly all new non-civil service workers are in newly created administrations/ The civil Service Commission breaks down the total of about 818,0000 government workers (that excludes the uniformed armed forces) as follows: Old departments and agencies, 62G.120. The biggest: Postoffice, 263,000; Navy Department. 69,000- War, 62,600; Treasury, 55,000; Agriculture, 42,000; Veterans' Bureau, 38,000; Interior Department, 33,000. New agencies (all New .Deal, minus works agencies), 9,516. The biggest: Home Owners Loan Corporation, 16,000; Tennessee Valley Authority,, 13,750; Agricultural Ad' justmenl Administration, 5800; Farm Credit Administration, 5500; Federal Housing Administration, 3500. Works Program, 142,220. The biggest, Works Progress Administration, 35,000; Resettlement Administration, 19,500; Public Works Administration, 11,000. HARD .TO DRAW LINE Thousands of political appointments have been made to HOLC WPA, FHA, FCA, PWA, and RA, ns well as to other new agencies and to the bigger jobs in the old- line departments. But any map would look like a crazy quilt if It tried to show Just where political pull had counted most, where nonpartisan administrators insisted on. ability, where'stringent .or modified merit tests were applied, and the different degrees to which ight, Black Oak youth, .who was unconscious from concussion and a possible skull fractre; W. O. Hardeman, Little Rock salesman and owner of the car, who sustained cuts about .the 'face and a shoulder Injury, and J c Finch, 18, of Jonesbbro. driver, who suffered a broken ankle. Three hitchhikers, two women and one man, who were riding in the rear seat of trie car, were not brought to the hospital It was understood they : were not seriously hurt. Finch said that he drove to Memphis with , • Hardeman and KnighJ and that the salesman, who had been drinking; heavily asked thim> to drive' back' to'fonesy boro after they had started tlie' return trip. He'.said he attempted - to pass a truck 'and drove over to the left Side of the road only to find a car approaching from the opposite direction.' He said he would have made his way out of the difficult situation without mishap .if Hardeman, sitting next to hlrn, had not-grabbed the steering wheel and jerked it. causing the car to swerve. and turn over when two wheels slipped into n rut beside the concrete'pave- ment. some agencies are under civil service. The picture Is spotty. for, hard as may be to believe, the record shows no general .spoilsmen's orgy. Hundreds, but probably not thousands/of political hacks'nave been dumped here and there. They are admittedly worthless or little better. On the ottier hand, probably as many Republicans who once felt their jobs endangered have been Form e r Comptroller General John R. McCarl, speaking from his capital law offices, said- that Landon and he saw "eye to eye" on the question of government economies. McCarl said, he believed the office of the presidency icould Lc employed effectively to reduce government costs Ihrouglr judicious vetoes and efforts, to discourage. lavish ap- proprir, lions. by 001:3 ress. Pilots Save Plane After Five Jump DAV'ION. O, Ji-ly U <UI')-- I'ivo members of the united States nimy all coips Jumped I iiitely vvllh laiiichiites ficm n llamlnj' nimy inuispni'l plane over Dunkirk, Hid,, May. 'Ihc two pilots slajed with UK ship, extinguished the nie and bifUght thu plane .safely lute Wiltlit Ili'ld hi'ie with onlj oiu inotor functioning. 'ihe plane nnt, n two-moliicd nought), truns|)(iit The pilots; who remained In (lie klilp and biouuht H line, WOK Caitnln, r. a livln and J r, Grllllth: 'Ihc pilots ipporlcl spuki fion one of Ihe"' phinr's molois blew back Into the cabin mul .slarlcd Ihe fire Thu' veteran pllot.s look tiirnb lighting Ihe flio and handling thu conlioK foi appioslmatcly 50 nil IPS. Pickle Company Wants Fall Cucumber Acreage Despite unsatisfactory results with its spring cucumber crop, due to'the June drouth, the E J Balza Co. • of Green Bay, Wis., pickle packers/is going ahead .with plans for an expanded fall acreage in Mississippi county. • "- \ Fall,| ; contracts will call .for a higher price to growers than W0o| F'vtrarllt,'", t" provided for In thT contracts for | ^.f 1101110 ! 1 I0 last' spring's .acreage, J. . Mell Brooks, 'secretary of, the Chamber of Commerce, has been advised by officers of the company. Thrown into p-imc by fighting when rebel Hoops ukd to sei/c Sun Sebastian Impoilnnl noithein cltj of Spain thL uopilace rushed nndlj through the bticets sciklng rcfiiio from the vioknce This NFi\ Suvice radlophoto first to be flashed to America .mil this piper frnphlcallj |0itiaji> the tenor—help le^s women spnwlcd on the skTewaU wlare they had been bowled over and trampled bv the oniush ing crowd The death toll was high MS v\mUrs aimed bj the bovLinmenl reslstid the Invasion of the resort town whcie many dlp'oiuals inchidin« u S Ambassidoi Claude O Bowers, have their , sum nir liomes Might Result in Lynching, Visitois Say. i . . - .-. --=--. MEMPHIS, July 22 (UP) — A Iron,, 200jto 250 acres of .fall cu-1 traveling seminar comprising cumbers In Mississippi county, to I ministers educators social work be divided about.,equally between! ers trade unionists and WPA Blytheville and Osceola.; Plant- officials todij completed a studs in..«i,™,M H, „„.,...,„_;.> -..._ of labor, and social conditions 1,1 virious parts cf the South Tie seminar sponsoied by Ihc National Religion and Labor ing be made ;dboiit. 'August . 1. Fanners who .desire to grow cucumbers for the company are invited to get 'in touch with Mr. 000,000. WASHINGTON, July 22 (UP) — .tie American farmer received $335,000,000 more for his products during tlie first half of this year than during the corresponding period of 1935 and the droutli probably will raise the price of his output even higher dnrin" the last half of the year the agricultural department said today. Simultaneously special reduced freight rates on railroads carrying .cattle from drouth stricken areas to' midwest slates where feed and fodder are more plentiful were broadened by the Interstate commerce commission to emergency drouth counties. The anticipated Increase in farm prices, It • was said, may be attributed to the drouth and the consequence lowering of food supplies and Increase for demand by consumers. The cash Income of farmers for the first six months of 1936 vros $3,29l,cOO,OOfl as compared with $2,956,000,000 In the corresponding period of last year. Brooks £t the Chamber of Com-j Foundation of Nev, Haven Conn mcrce -office in the city -hall. ' | protested to Gov Henri Hoimr . ~ — I of. Illinois, against extradition of faim Bennett, negro held it Chicago foi Arkansns authorities In connection with the recent sharecropper trouble. Foundation Executive Secretary Willard P Uphaus said the groi p ilmous. against 'cxtiadl- Bennett after its invesli- Cruelty to Animal Charge Dismissed Charges of cruelty, to an animal ~ •. 'I u^k'j'. \,\l Ull ILIlLlUni -- • — Government RenorU First 1 nd Practicing veterinary medicine wa<i " llan; nment Keport i l-irst without ^a license a g al, u t Wlll!^."'.* nail Income Up $335.- r\r\/\ n n f. l • ' Whitaker. Manila, were dismiss-1 S n(lon of his case led them in municipal court here thL?' 1)c "" vc hlm '""occnt and In ning.< •"'•''. . >gcr of lynclnnj It dellvei ed morning, The charges had been preferred In warrants issued out of the of- 'clan illvered to Arkansas authorities: Bennett was arrested In Chi- cajo at the request of St Fran flee of r r rv,7mV t • ca =° nt - Ule request of St Fran nee of C. C. Counce. magistrate. c ,, , ollnly nmnontle , „„ , clnr , 0 Closiny Stock Prices Welding Torch Explodes City flremeri were called ; to kept on., because of sheer ability. Herman Osbron's machine shop Tlie personal element has re- J'esterday afternoon when a weld sulled In some splendid appointments as well as some_ bad ones, but of course it Isn't' the merit system. • : COULN'T WAIT FOR TESTS The best New Deal arguments ore that speed was essential when Us agencies were created.. Also, the new agencies were mostly regarded as temporary and civil ser. vice Is,a long-time proposition. The commission had 10,000 names o» Its lists of eligible?. Of those, 8300. applications Were more than Hire, Ing torch exploded. Damage was slight. Jul Sep Chicago Wheat open. high low close 104 3-4 105 102 1-8 'lM 3-1 1033-4 104 1-8 101 3-4 104 'e years old and there was no July 93 1-2 95 Chicago Corn open high low close 81 5-8 94 3-4 (Continued thwe) 'Sep. (91-2 911-4 « 3-4 so S-l A. T. and T ..170 1-2 Anaconda Copper ... 39 Beth. Steel 53 3.4 Chrysler • 119 1.3 Cities Service 43-4 Coca Cola' 112 Gen. Am. Tank ..... 523-4 Gen. Electric 42 Gen. Motors '. 10 Int. Harvester ....... 825-8 .McKesson-Robbins ... 8 7-8 Montgomery .Ward. .. 441-2 N. Y. Central i'' 39 1-2 Packard n 3-8 Phillips Pel 443-4 j of drawing a gun on a plantation ' owner during the '- recent planter? sharecropper troubles, started when the Southern Tenant - :Farmers Union called n strike of share- crop|>crs. The group left by automobile today on the next le? of their tour after having investigated conditions in the East Arkansas cotton fields, inspected the Rust brothers cotton picker here, the ! Sherwood Eddy co-operative near I Clarksdale, In the Mississippi della, and the Tennessee Valley Authority's projects in .cast Ten-' Radio St. L.-s; F -.. Simmons Beds ... Standard of N. J. Texas Co U- S. Smelting .. U. S. Steel Warner Bros.- . '' 12 2 1-2 34 G4 40 80 1-2 62 1-2 ,11 7 1-8 York Cotton NEW YORK, July 22 (<JP) Cotlon closed steady. open high low close Jl'ly 1324 1328 1301 1309 Oct 1232 1239 1220 1224 Dec 1231 1235 1216 1221 Jail 1232 1233 1210 1220 March 1231 1234 1216 1220 May 1232 1233 1211 1220 Spots closed quiet at 1314, ort Spot Average Is 12.87 Tlie average price of 7-8 Inch middling cotton on the 10 lead- Ing spot markets today was 12.87, the Blytheville' Board of Trade reports. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 22 Cctlon closed steady. open high low close 1301 1302 1301 1280b 1231 1234 1210 1221 July Oct Dec Jan March May 1221 1230 1212 1218 1227 1227 .1227 1228 1227 1227 1216 1216 1216 1216 1214 1210 15. Spots closed (juiel at 1280, off Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111... July 22 (UP)—Hogs: receipts, 5,000 Top .10.90: ,: , ,' 170-230 Ibs. 10.75-10.90 140-160 Ibs.' 8.00-10.50 Bulk sows 8:00-8.15 Cattle; receipts,'-'2,500 , • ' Steers' 9.00 ' ':.Slaughter ;t steers 5.25-9.00 Mixed, yearlings and heifers 6.00-7.75 "' ' • ••.'.' Slaughter liclfers 4.25-8.75 Beef cows '425-5.00 ' . '.' • Cutlers >nd low cutters 2,75-3.78 Rebels' Leader TOM OF British Motoi Vessel Feat- ed Binned at Sea, Off Flouda Coast. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fin. 22 (UP)—Blue waters of II stream today yielded |lonal bit of' mute evidence (Healing that the British motor ship Nunoca may have been' do": stroyed at sea with her 13 piu> scngcrs and her crew, of nine. The 12a foot coast jinul patrol boat Vi°iVuit which *»ILrd, |/ found .dire .charred oil drum .'25 miles. northeast of Key AVcst, found a second drum : today, bobbing in Ihe .waters near Molasses reef. "It appeared to have been In a fire,", the Vigilant radioed her base. That report strengthened the theory of .searchers that thL Nunoca had exploded at sea. There was no certainty' that cither of the drums' 1 .discovered by: the Vigilant had ' belonged to the motorship. . They were drums of the : Texas company, however, and similar to the type carried by the Nunpca. Breaks Ankle in Ball Game South of Manila Roy Daugherty, 17, sustained n severely broken ankle 'while". piny- Ing .ball nt a school, south of Manila, yesterday afternoon. Young Daugherty was playing first base In a game among students at the school when a base runner collided with him at the bag. ';' ' ••-....• He was brought to tlie Blythe-' Mle hospital where examination disclosed the broken ankle. ; "Raspberry .Capital" , Ushers in Harvest HOPKINS, Minn. (UP) —Hopkins, .claiming t'ne title of the ''raspberry capital of the nation," has celebrated its annual raspberry festival. ' •••'.' > Tlie. crowning of a raspberry queen, a huge parade of floats and bands and a prograiH of other entertainments" ushered in the harvest of the berry crop, estimated to 'nave a value of more than $100,000. More.than 22,000 persons participated In the' festival pro gram last year. Return to Formci Policy Likely as Result of Fioubled Conditions. WASHINGTON, Jlilj 11 (UP)— Rcr-slnblishment of n. Eiliopcan squadion of the u s navy to be maintained permanently In Eino- fiein vsaleis wns faieseen by Sec- rclaij of Slale Cordcll Hull today is a possibility as a loault of general conditions in Europe Piloi. to 1929 the" U. S navy regularly, maintained two or more vrisels In Europe an waters Tills piactlc-e had been maintained piactitally.' 'continuously iln'ce tlie Amoilcan;.,wnr -rfgainst 'Algerlo'n pirates" eaHy fn the Nineteenth ecuLuo' Hull said that while administration officials have not undertaken active consideration of reestablishment of the Euroi»aii naval squadion at thlb time, Ihey were not unmindful, of the possi- Ihat nileht require such He was njiyittaned on this phase of American foreign policy in con- ne6tlon with the dispatch of two U S warships, Ihe Oklahoma and the Qtilncy, to" Spanish waters ns a precautionary measure to assure the protection of Aineilcan lives In war-torn Spain Spanish government officials have advised American consuls In several cities 1 that they arc no longer able to Riiirantce safety of American and other foreign Cencral Francisco franco, "^ i " n . Sl) , ( ;!^ 1 ^ f"! c ^P 1 " 1 (above), high commissioner of """ " liilities nctloh. , the Canary Islands, is reported to be the leader of rebellious troops who launched the attempted military, coup against the radical government of.Sn.iin Black Legion Members Mute When Arraigned DETROIT: July 22. (up)—Five Black Legion members, 'held on warmnts charging kidnaping and j the "thrill" murder of: an •'.uiiof-; fending negro war vcteraii, stood '• mute before Recorder's Judge Edward J. Jeffries today and were assigned pleas of not guilty. The .'five men charrai with the cold libelled slayl' /• of Gi'ps Coleman, 12, negro vuteran, were "Col." Harvey Davis; John Bannerman and Erdn Lee,' also -held ill the slaying'- of Charles'' Poole, 32. WPA worker; : Charles Rdi'si ahd 'James Roy Lorraiice. : ' They were charged. with 'the twin crimes after Daylon Dean, cult triner man. confessed thai Coleman was shot >r so that. Davis could find out ' "how ' II- felt 'w kill a negro." - - . ment was Informed today Tills Information was forwarded by Frlo C Wendelln, third secretary in charge of the Amcr lean embassy in Madild ' It" was to meet srch a situation that -the American government late yesterday ordered two United States warships to- Spanish waters. Wendelln Informed the stale department that he was stocking _ the embassy with fpoil /supplies l.and other provisions for use In i cnsc.- American residents . in Madrid seek safety in the ein- Old French Cathedral Bargains for Organ ' EVREUX, France (UP)—The old •cathedral here Is known to many Americans ns one.of the.finest architectural achievements In France. It llkewUe-ls known as the French _ cathedral wllii the defective organ ' pipes. The.mayor of Evrcux fmpMner to replace the faulty organ with the excellent one forjfer- ly belonging^ to-tlie Trpcactsro In Pauline -Findley has filed suit-Paris-• '•'•- • ; ,- .' against Veniis Findley, asking i a' Tlie Trocadero has bceiV disman- dlvoi-ce on the ground of; iiidig-1 lied to make room for the 1937 ev nlttes and J. ,L. Cosiier hiis filed suit: asking a divorce from' Mary Cosner oil the' ground of' descr: lion |n chancery.,.court here. .' ; Ed B. Cook'is attorney! for both plaintiffs, '.,",'. . . :' '.' i"" Two Seek Divorces Carl Bailey Is Coming to County Next Week Altv. Gen. CiulE. Bailey, candidate for governor, will make a series of campaign addresses In Mississippi county and other northeast .Arkansas counties . next week. Ho will be .at Wilson for a lalk al 9.A. M. next AVcdncsday, July 29, and nflcr swinging west through Polnsclt, Cralghcad .aiid Greene comities., will • return to this county on. Saturday, August I. fr,r addresses-us.follows: Lcach- vllle; 11 A.M.; Manila, 2 P. M.; Oscrila, 4:30 P. M.': ' Blytheville, 8 P. M. PfllE DF ttt W? E Porluguese Capital Gets-' Radio Repoi't of Madrid /'| Govcinhiqnt's Fall. , . July 22' (UP)-The radio club at 3:15 re- v colud Infoiinatlon of unindicatei ' ^ oilgln ..nylng (he Madrid govern- ' - ment Imd iesi|ncd and a revolu- , tlonmy junta ^constituted. v ' i * Madrid Claims Victories V •-. MADRID, July 22, (UP)—The < ' government, in a strong offensive r -iBiiiiibt Ih6 lebels, announced ,of- '» "dally today that.loyal forces tudf ' lecnpiiiicd the ilrateglc cities of''" ancient Tolulo and Guadalajara tnpltal of aimdelajaro. province' • Adjoining Madrid. ( ~''' < gavel timeut sent' out ils,'> I'uieci ugultiit the rebels' on an ' ( ! . Jine 1101 Hi of the capl- - i-oyal airplanes ncre icjxirled to f , "live,bombarded the military air- • diome nt Leon, destrojlng eight',- plnncs and to have bombarded the Infantry academj In the >re- capluie of Toledo Fascists and " a few cadet olilccrs had taksn ' refuge In the academy A column composed of Hoops' (iiBliieera, artillery batteries, ma- , c i «e gun uroiips and several ml- Hlla left foi /aragoza, In the ~* iiorlhcnst, to'attack rebels! there.\-'' Anothei column was reported converging on Zaragoza from Cata- " ' lonln to the fuslward of the " province. _. The government claimed the, ' movement hi Zaragoza' was H ' 1-, failure. , * JI t^ landslide along the slopes\of 'the'- '<•' roc k. " , ; ,vt7 .M. J , l«ader Repwied: 'Slain l PORT BOU, "Spanish-French; frontier, July 32 . (UP)—Uncon- '-> firmed reports Here sald'today that -^ Gen, Emillo Mola, northern lead-" cr of the Spanish revolt, had been, ' killed In battle near San Sebas- '* J Man , , It also nos reported that n gov-* 1 ^ eminent air squadron had left^ Prat de Llobregat airdrome for-" Burgos to bombard the rebels.!^ Rebels Sink Warships ' ±' SEVILLE, Spain, July 22. CUP) ,-. i —Revolutionary planes ' bombed ' and sank three government wni- shfps which were bombarding Cadiz, Gen Quelpo DC Llano hlef „ in the south, announced today In a ladlo broadcast. Newspapers Cited for Pistol 1 Attack Comment; LONDON, July 22 (UP) — The* ' king's bench division of the hfgli"'* court today granted the nllorneyi'I general writs for Contempt of court proceedings against Ihe newspapers Evening ' News nnJ « Daily Express on the -grounds that their comments In connection with a pistol attack on King Edward by George Andrew-. McMahon last Ffriday gravely p?ej- udlced a fair trial for McMshcn 1 Heavy fines arc sometimes imposed on sucli charges as the present 'ones; ' < Lewis Faction's Break With Federation Near Drag Line Operator Hurt in Gas Explosion Bill Leonard, 32, • Poriageville, Mo., dragline' operator, sustained burns about the left arm and face,when-.a gasoline tank exploded on ' a-dragline • machine engine while he was -working on. a Job near Wn'rdeH, Mo.,' about'9 o'clock last highl. 'Lednard - said lie WASHINGTON, July 22 (UP)— The insurgent John L Lewis fac-~ lion of the Federation of. Labor, nearing a probable : direct break with its parent organization, spread it's drive" for industrial unionization of Ihe steel .industry todaj to embrace 450,000 additional workers In steel processing .and rnbrlcatln-t plants/ i Annonicemcnl that the union drue would Include fabricating phnts came from Plnl'ip Murray, vice president of the United Mine Workers of America, chitf- t;m of-the steel organization campaign. believed WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy to- nvht and TllurHay. • Possibly showdfs In east portion. ' Memphis and 1 Vicinity—Oener 1 " nm IV lllu^^ >VWIII IV! HJI; lajl l:^- ljl;UJIttlll £,UU lit UellUVCa <li n .l t l tnt* • tn.ltnltt ' n.i^ Tn.,,r r ^/>.^ position and It Is probable that the spark fiom the engine ignitedUi,^ M v wnrmlr ™i^ cathedral herd soon will'he cqiilp-Uastc gasoline or in some other' B wamu.r, mur^any. ped with ncvv'pipes" manner caused the explosion. H>; The An\lm t uin (temperature here ,(l)orltles°'navc offered lo nicet thel was brought lo the Bljlhevillo , transporUllon amllnstAllatlon'ex- hospital where, he was reported Denses. '•••'•••• '••••••••>•<• <> -.;!>- Iresllne well todav. - t yesterctnv was 89, minimum 67, ... clear, according to^jwuel F. Nor- : j, rls, official weather .obstnrtr.

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