The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1934
Page 4
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PACK roui JBLYTHEVTLLE, (ARK.); COUKIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COUK1EK NKWS TUB COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS O. K. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Rcprifentatlvcs: ' Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, ijctrcll, St. Louts, Dallas, Xavsna City, Mcmulils. Published E\-cry Afternoon Exc<.;;t Sunday. Entered ns second mutter m the ixtal, oilice at. B:ylhevll!e, Arkansas. iiniliT net o[ Congress, October 9, 1911. Eervca oy the United Press SUliSORIPTION RATES By carrier In l!ie City ol illvtl'.evlllc, 15c per. week or $0.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ot 50 miles, $3.00 per year. $!.5d for six months, 05; for tl.rec months; by mail in postal zones two to six, Inclusive. $0.50 IXT year, in zones seven ant* eight, $10.00 ivr Year, payable 111 ndvance. Armament Will Cease When //.s Causes Die A surrey of n^licnM iirniiiiiu'iits llie.-c 1 clays givt's saint reason I'm 1 anyone in Imp!' llial Ihu iipijroiii'liiiiK (iC'HLVit cuiil'ereiH't! will l)i: successful. K;ii- from prc'iurin^ for urniamenl reduction, the nuijor ixjwurs SCTIII (» be almost unanimous in their deler- iniiiation to increase I heir strength. A jrl'UU'e around the arena, for instance, shows sucli phenomena as tlie following: France has hnill a (jrwit chain of frontier forts and has increased her army liy Gf>,00() men. Germany lias houstud lu-r army anil navy Initial from ^(38,01)0,01)0 to $358,000,000. i » »Russia has inert'a.-cd her army by move than 100,000 men. Japan has added somewhere lielweeji 100,000 and 400,000 men to her arined force.s in lliree years. Italy has added -13,000 men to her navy and her air force; Poland lias increased her forces by (il.OOO men; Poland, Ijelfiiinn and Czechoslovak ia are spending huge Minis on furls; England, Japan and the United States are working fast to build up their navies. » * » This certainty is not a picture, of a world getting ready for a loiifj era of l>ea<je and co-o|ieration. Hut no greater mistake could !>o made lhan to suppose that these armies and navies are being strengthened out of sheer wronir.- headcdness, or to gratify tlie whims of de.siwtie statesmen. The nations of the world are arming they see trouble ahead; and they see trouble because there arc in the world today innumerable .-iliiiilions which cry aloud for settlement—Polish corridor and trade wars, disputed territory in Manchuria and in Silesia and along the Adriatic and heaven knows where else, oppressed national minorities, onerous treaties, and so on. • It ought to be clear by this lime that inviting Ihc nations to disarm without first scttiug straight these causes of trouble, is I'utik. The armament nice is a dangerous and distressing thing, bill it has certain definite and obvious causes. Before it can he slopped, there must lie intelligent and far-sighted action lo set the fundamentals straight. —liruce ('atton. Evil o/ 'Success' Is il IH-UIT lu have :i la.-li- »!' suc- i-cs.s, .-mil loso il, ur i:m'r li> li:iu- any nl' it at all? Carl Dane, tin: I'ormci 1 llnllyuinul slur, killed himself ivtvntly ln'cause liic ilr.saiiil from stardom In |jovi-rly and obscurity was ton much ti> bear. Dane rose to stardmn after a tliriTlur -polled him while lie w;is lixinj/ atl aiidmioljile. He hail lieen ha|>]>y in obscurity; hut after he had haH a tasle of lit-iiiK rich and tannin*, rc- InriiiiiK to lhat old obscurity w:is sutnr- thinjj too bittur for him to endure. Would (lie man have been li;i|ijiiiT il Ilu: direclor had never seen him—if he had been allowed In live mil his life iiuktly, never Kollinjf inlu the limelight (ir knowing the thrill of "id};' money"? When the director saw him. Untie doubtless thought he had had a lucky break. As it tuniud out, it seem.s to have been the. worst IhtiiK lhal could have happened. FRIDAY, .MAY 11, i;i;; SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Good Worl^ The report on the lirsl full year's at-livilies tif Ihc Civilian Conservation Coips inalses interesl'itij; reading. L|i- | wards of (JOO.UOO voting men have been given jobs, siib-laiitial ivdiiction.s in lire IUSMJS on the pnl)lii' domain have been made, sonic millions of youii.i;' trees have been set out, and other work of direct monetary value lo the nation accomplished. All this has cost u< just $:if>D,(IUll r 000—fully hvo-thirtls of which, it is estimated, flowed directly into the channels of industry, commerce, and agriculture. This makes a line record of achievement ; and it leads 0111; to wonder anew if this C. C. C. couldn'l jiroliliibly he made a permanent institution. To he Mire, $255,1)00,000 a year is a Rood deal of money for a regular item on (he national budget. Dili there is every reason to believe lhat il. is money well spent'—from every angle. 'tvFV- " '.". ,Lvi\ I 1 ! \ • '--•• "Yon have to give in ID fhi-m on some things." THIS CURIOUS WORLD = WKKKI,Y SUNDAY SCHOOL LKSSON—=-= Christianity and Patriotism :'. dors not change al all ex. oi'ins il ;ind jnake^ H bell 1 . 1 ! 1 . Here, in contact with ,!ev.:.s, hi ci'i 1 eeltnin people 'Aiij n.i:li- hisli profrision of relixiun. Hi y \vere I'ha]'!?jee.s. Ti:r word has become a sari of loim of rebuke today, bill i::c phar- LHvs \sere earnest, liigh-mindstl. very sincere people in Ihe Jewish reli;]o:i of that, lime, people of strict vie'.vs and practices, so ihat one almost speak of UIBJII miu-h as cue wenld h[;?ak of c'r.urch -s to<lay. lierc were religious :::op!e ill contact, if they had 1ml wn it, with the greatest teaebm 1 the imiest and noblest man ni asra. ami all thai tncy were concerned about was to entangle him in his talk. Jcsiis was net easily entangled. Men of gentleness and goodness often show remarkftbie clarily and oundness of judgment. Jesus was a man of supreme wisdom, as he a man oi supreme goodness. How aptly Ji'Mis :':>:!:i:d to tlu-m Hi- l-a:l:'d 301- a i-^ni Y,li:cv, t;;i;c thi' jiiiavje <.J C.l.'.'.i:' ;:::.:. •.•.•'..'.:•.:, •«::..:-. 1:11.1^' an:l .^'.Lji.T.-:-.'j;Kiun il rather iliiin m:m." orce^; i:j; f'i'.ai tnilh. .I'.'.'Vi-r iiski'cj Jesus om iV:le him, Jesus ans\v; i; words fn-,-;.,, • !ov L ' to God and luve l: i'oii>:Uimn,T [!|.. :-i,_,i lore niitj C.e :?ai ii:<.> things which j leli^iun. arc (Jioiar'.-i; :ii:i! i;mo (io;l thi'i Tl-.r iv.-ii parts of I lie !i>s<fln n .1 !hin : ..s t:a; are Ciud'.s." ji:^ taken w-lher. 'I'he latter f " ' ' • liUhu'v; fi tli- io:-mer ;u:;l o! Tie ellec'tnahy -iik-r.ccd '-;:e P.::.:i- ] iis. the dtviicst fj.iciiiu. ot j, '. .'ce.s, b'.a tin 1 \\u:('.j ;i::ve u ;.ir il^f p- coufeniij::; t.- L , ij t . ;l ;^ O j t-n- I'llari^t-e.s ur tie wond ha\'i- often j to imply ll^l .li,,tu was UMchin,' i ti'.'j se;:ai-alion of church and ."Stal?. ANNOUNCEMENTS ' l::at \'ie have w:ne d.liic.s to Cj:-| Tile Coinicr Keii has been and so:jr> d:;l:e.: lo Ciod. j !horlz( ' (l to armoiin.-i tho follov. Tiui was no', his leaching at all. ?* ca!Kl - ci "'"i '™ [>:.blic oil ice. .•' He most certainly woi.lcl have ds- )tcl , to ""• kej.-iocrallc prin,( nied lhat there was anything lhat l ' t> ' 1 Au K"sl: ; did noi belong to Gcd. Bin h meeting Pharisees uinn ihe;r own ground. Man's obligation lo th2 slate, his CHURCH • EXCUSES Hy Oeo. W. Bartnim gram icndy for'onr regular Saturday nisht meeting 1 have very e is no (|iii-.-:tion in my mind lhat ihc human rare is movhu; toward nllimate :>alv:i- lidii. b:il il will come only after much suilenii 1 --. —H. 0. Wells. * W W You can keep 50111:3 if you take your blows with your chin up. — l:riK Rich, film aclrc.v,. Dnriny liie next \e;u the natioa uill bee a veritable eyi lone of b;;M]:r:..s. —Samuel M. Vuuciain. locomotive builder. * T » I trust 1 .shall not be re^aided as impatii'V.ic when T <:.\piess tin opinion that confidence will nol l:e ivstonxt untii theie u a ce.ssulion of ex- prrinicm.'.l lc::i.-!alic.ii. —Silas Hltav.i:. loiincr picsidcnl o! the U. H. Chamber of Commerce. TCN-THOUSAND DOLLAR 60NFIRES WERE HAD FREQUENTLY BY IN BURNING UP THE THOUSA-JD.5 OF EXPERIA'.ENrAL PLAMT5 GROWN IN DEVill OPING HIS FAMOUS Cafc'AriONS. A BROKEN FOQEIEG HAS BUT LITTLE EFFECT ON IliE SPEED OF A WABSJT: need to ijive my lioir.c so much ' Ihoiisht ns T have very competent help and as Sister anil Junior are i almost large enough to yo t-i jchurch wilhonl mu I don't need io | ijwony about them, not- so much as' 11 did. H ihey don't- lake anv in-I |lerest in the chinch when ijrow:i I __^^ = t ean't .«cc bill it is all the! ~ ! church's fault for all these years I 1 suppose that most everyone., no one has made an c-ffnrt to ,«eo has .something lhat makes ihem; that ti-.ey yet (u go. and I don't want to live. I have my children, ; s -'l>> ;ost ' l"i're is a member bill Siste:' and Junior, my club work ; v ' hiU kllmvs lb[lt r »>"t!c every eland my church. Of couisc my chil- fon I'^'We to find a initablc I (lien come first in my" daily r crio " to send them. with. Had I| tho'.iuiu. Then most every day 'l:"° l lovccl '">' ululrcl > Kf > ""'cli 1 li-.lnk of my church but by the jl volll<i nave sivcn np !on» aco. lime I yet our entertainment pro- Colionsrcd mc-iil has been found j . he one of the most satisfactory iiu!u iluie lo think of anything, i plain products for inisiny brook; even my home. Of course 1 don't i troul. For County Jud{;e . Mt, 1). HAnniSOM ' GtOriGK W. UADIIAM i E'or Memt>«r it ron*rfM CLIKTON L CAMJWUL1. I'or Shsritr and Collector CLARENCK "II. WILSON For Ke-olection for Second '!' Tor County Treasurer JOE S. UILLAIIUNTY ROLAND GREEN' for Circuit Courl Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDlSOri SJIITJI I!, li. ISKEEH'J STOUT For County Court Clerk FRED FLEBMAN For Rc-Electlon for and TCI For Asstssor R- L. (BILLY) GA1NES : -' ; J D. C. (IKE) HUDSON SI for Constable of Chickasawba Tuwnihip JACK ROBERTSON BEULAH "•' ^-^v, . .-' «.| ' imiirovt-d she oterieii :'ie s:!a;eroo:u IIIT n pcr.':iac!ory ki.-s. She >: door and reeled into tl:e aisio. lt|(o him, her nmist MR* lire'.;; •!?, was still in>::.;. A draft (>f : araiu?t his. "I love yen so." si''' cold air made li.-r sliivVr. S!:e lift- sol.lxMl. "1 love > ou so leiribi cd a shawl from the uistouriiei; L'on." u",'''' : ;:"r!"' rli ;;^n;;:,"'M:::'f^i; '">'• "°.i J -->^--- 1 >- <l*™ ^"> <™.<l°r. kl:0 w from exuerienee." " If isi.Mpi. .1. MI>»M.. >ia.ip- |0n right and lest ilnov.- were: „, . A? I :.:i--% :-:,ir-m. ;i ,,,l (|,,,U K |I O:c it . floSi'd. bill f.'.im ll:c slillr.l trail-', , , .' • ' J :•• hl:in>il ..f ili-.-rllin:: Hill n:nl - , . .' ,'id;f- of brcatil. "tlOnlla" il! , i.rtiii.lKirhi-r •.!»• Is :irrnl.l l» li-ll '*<""* 1;: " l: ''''' S "'' r0ri a "" suu:1 ' k crioil ! * un-ni ihc iruih. l hrealhia^'. | ' }*. ili-i'in-. tiEU- ll:iLli'Iinc 1:1 n r r i c * ! _. / - „ , . i ".^tu;» iL I Win ill wit-T' <;.-^ IHVII). ;,,,i,,,:,l lr:,h,rr ,,10, ; Phf Si r- V .] ',!,.:;! ^ Oil I'lO l.'.at lorill h( ., p ',, (0 ]mt |[i;it . g ^^ (£ i:'-" \'"i!n, Urr In hi ^"llhui.'i' a"l. \ '.'"' •.^".'i^'."'^, ' l'.'!'..!" l""'^.'',-^ lv ""!<!;i't Walli l-l-l'OSS the StlXCl :M .\(iw c'o <>\ WITH TIM: sTditr ]:]"", ,. V , ,, .t -,,,„,"• : - lv ° ''er from iieidltinn now. .liiia CllAi'TI-iU XIV iiiilil^.ier !•:-:•.-i^'-i] s"!i-o.s ^ Cionrc-. - . .-..,,„,.,!,„!. t i l;1( w i, eil K i- c on' <lcvi|S .! l.MOiVI' iM-fo/e (,'0:1 Idivid had ' n _"j" c '. .1",'.','/'!",.^." l " !l " 1 ! > ' : ° ;-<•'' held of you." [| ^5^ !' -.-i llic- P;,l:, ; ,i,a aisle ,::, w Ihp i ^ ^'',]^, £. \" F l.^' 0 ^r ' 1 "-'-' < »K<"'"™ on Jn^icr'^iiilj tjjjg& j -.i:- 1 !?-' I'd!:. I'atlUy !....r. s nml ,,.,,,..,„„ „, .., ^ iH ,. j wif..," .{ rfiaS-a ! :.:nu:.~ r.ii.-iir: a I.Ialanl <i::i illi'ivu i " ' • •'();,. T.c fs :-H b:i. k I,, (|:0 =t,,;{ Sg^: Di- ,:'i;id ,.i ,!„ Irai:, wli, els nmi [ , ^' ''^ , l '' Vl 'i" i n? . f ! ; c . *'™, rco:. b-r,.r, l!: t ..iher; a, e aw,;:,! ^^^ZVVM.ME, ALTHOU3H A ,.A«M A L, ^T^,, A « ' j ^.', :;1 ^,": S ^ ^' *£* \ £™ "™% ^^'^ 'Vn- , ^^^ ™.™ ^ >™< '$ UNDER. VVATERAVORE THAN AN HOUR,. ,., ! ^, "^f r^" ™r« ^ \ Icrod l!,o room. ,\ v ^l the il.or Iv- | ^,-^'^i:;, 1 .^ ^',.•''• !'? U'iii,^ no not or.l,, E ; r! |y -.-.ay mKi,, «,,.rr lo: ion,o : 1Jjriol i., i...... | ^ ^,'M le'lnia^L.'ho^e' j s""..'"'. -'c. ^1' m,.l °pl."cd "li'd-1 !n , ^ ' ' j's U 1,1 20 miiui.te.s. out a naii-.^ncri whale will unk .scv,,,.,i ir.indiai leot . ,,r wine ami h,vr were ]»:'.i.lur-c.I. i i::UK1 o:i llH ! - >! ' <vtlK1 ' 1 - j L „,.,. aii ., „,., ri r,us" train ,1^ below the v.niatc and rot: on tl-.e boitom tor moie ihan .in hour Kvory one fiom down to musician, i "-i i .ovH. nnonc-d hi- rye.:,' lln , . inlv ,, ... JH ,'(,--M'niiun r-iifi a: a liir.e. ' fL'-,:n e,|i:pMrl.'in s::ir :o .miteet. bad | bliak-M in l;c 1 .vild"iTiiei:'. an! Iheu ,.,.,,,. ,.-- 0 ,.,.,,. k ,'_,."„., u , for ' c '.',. : \ XKXT: I Inn- did a (oinai.i make fiuit i-.u-mnl, at olio lime, frniu iiniii.i-t duly? lo the in Hie wav of food or ' Cancor oi' Sl( , m.e, cr ,, ni> , j .. (:o ,. f? u - s ,„.,,„,,,,. l ^'i ; ,w ;i kesn \. nf h ! When it '.'.as lime f.iv Con lo • «'ant any oi.e 1.1 liiirt y.-n l:;-ve. I: ,-,.; ;.,,,-.. Kl . ro i r ..-,vi:i~ aliiiit. lin^] r ----- : i:.:i:is a !• lire-ill it v.-aa (li.-r.ivorcrt : mi-'ii "»— t- l!l! -" | a 1 ili'.ie-. Lines of !.ti..-l:iii;.- r.r. 5 i:iNI',r. . ,Mi-iiii.ii .mil i,f j were louiid in other ll>sir;.. iln- iirallli .M.i:.i;hu- ! body ni .such nmnl." r.s that opi-r- ;aiion ',ia.s cun.suli>u-d impossible 5 'of ^ '' llu ' :in ' s nf 1 ''-' l|> for lhc - sc CVrla;:ily indicate.-,, for cancer ol the fttomaci, parlicuiirly. ihe extreme iii-cptslly of (ila^nnolliij the W)u , n [hey n ,j LscMC ^ n^ young thsi-a.M- at the 1 oar '.:(•:.[ vr >' i thai the rliscHsr" u" r ; the 3tlli .,| lv do a . clil . ,lo. t | 1c r ,, ;lrsn „. mi;(|j iiin-v rajnd llv-i:i i:> li.c oifl s] lia?! di ":r>p: ared. During! i ij:-:- me; ry-iiiiuun^ iiiid ronfiision lie j lite wimiov.-. •'IM-I-I T/. 1 : 1 -! I.iivc I ' liail slipiicii fncii lliecar to (lie one ) sic n*. lierc all niili 1 .';" ' ; 1 adj-iinin::. tlirnwn himsel' on a j ''Vn.:' 1 r;.llc:i ii.-bep. ! His j.ii-.-u.-o a suiiid for the . ol] ' t ;••-.vil ;•> f;i.-]>."L.-' p IhoiiLii: 110:10 O[JQJ|;.; tnrilC'l l;c-y I'iio: ar>-..y , i !h";n r.-.i!i;!"l as .Madeline did j 3 foiiM nit fo t;,- iinivpr:-i -. Isinic nn nar rise know lint Coal | u , r ,|,j n ;,„,; | ;r . r lo ir-fi'-lc:l C'V':.-. did nni Urvo l].->i) ihiit tho celchra- :i"a it', his ucddini; was, like p.iur- in : vio?2a.- in;o aa (ipen \vound. .Yadclino was palo anil weary whoa slif;? tlie crow<l pond iiieiit. Tl:i>n she sat down lo wait d.r iier Ims-haml's vetnni. She bad if ; i )0 ., : i a weio few illinicar- .nlwit her dm had played the qiillanl to save hor. wi;!i nn in .-fnn'l tlicir ra.-ko: i-':f. l^tin-- v,M-n I'-iiiia-- v.i - m a.-!-d. lian-l iii.-Ii.'ia' ::,-ui:i m-.:. l:, n ,,\ |Ki:i.,!lo,>.«. ('"11. W-|f ^riii!''fl to r>."i fi:i;p:i:, i !•: ir.-t i i-:iin: ry 1h"n: wil!i a V j '.•r-. rH'iiy. 1^ frowned a:id :- i '•-iKd IT- ln''.r -.Ui-'n ' .. :- ; i;-'.d a t irr^er cruii^rrne;n /.=i:v,| i.y <i:in o',-l--i,-v. v.imn Ifio/ r me. , ,. . : - .- -• -.1 in; M-veral vears., -^vn l-r < i ...-.„ ,;<,,, ;.,,. „. ,;,,. ,.„,.,.. i:cr _ 5on - wl)0 '"'•',•, ' '• ' i 1 -.(in-, .v-.s a car.a-r o! the stomach •v-c-s'*o'[ "•'•'• ,,, iI1H ' >: . !x ' ' 1>;i "i-' 1 l ni i :" terms of are i> > nn; u ,,|] hr.vevcr. t<; a.s- ctirr. .-,11-n' a hojK'h-.,, ;i:iiiude in rc: tiir • i.dionshni tn t.incr c[ any part •'Mvili.jol tin- bcriy. b'ci'.-K'.ific lescarch - (oi.u'iiung lUcll ' <cciir.. inu~t l-.e uted.i m.ici- in siihjen o[ study, to dr- vcioji i;r',\ tai'i> which be ; ut(d io;- the bcr.,;:: ol other unfor- I lur.atc victims oi this rtisensc. 1" Ai.sit Suitzc-rl.inil MONTHUAl, > UP)—Many Con^ ,ir.- e>.|H-rird to visit Hie if. Iler.rnu-i-.i;.- Mdiiaslcvy M.ina I-::n-T u. :n m Sv.-ilvciia e's- i!:i> yra:- '!:ni:': 'i:c irlebrition oi (l-r- I.P'>M':-. ..iir..v(!,'-.iiy o! v.n [oiindalici'.. '\\'e won', ^ti r -.i': ,' n of inarryins jcni.ny. "If yiv.i',.- hrr. re:il!y. Hetwern lirr.-clf and ! (] lo f^uin on II -:i.i ItcTilro, he had lieeu catapulted | , ]o an y!|;in? ym: ,:: inin a r«''!icily s-lniit Ihat made a j n! .- im , a i m!1 i a- |- > -.-•• lin.-lianil nf him. XeverJhele.-s. sao • lin ,T ^ (i-^r. i';:. ;: - a::-i:cd, he need not iiioiilt her tliisj j ll: . n ,v,,i;o i::i, 'i .. way. i ami I Hit '.. Ilnl brc.i'is^ ?b" loved hiiv. arrl - doesn't seem Tin i . bo.-;uise uioic ttiau her pri'le wa-1 yna —1ml I tli-li,: i: bur; by bis indifference she liurM : you. Y.m've ;.i" i . im> li;ilcr sobs tli.U shoo'K her from ' "If you lov^.i 1.1 Lead lo toot. D AYI.K'.HT crept 11 n it e r 1'ie m-look Jior I :i i blind?, 5(reahins a pattern o' j ar0 iirnl. t.i.-in= !:•:: yc'.low on the Plrip of carpot h,> | ttraltjh!. .,1 i:'•'.:••- 1 •. :-i''e her lien". H" ^ray fir.d i ) w:is rv.i;^ ;!'•;• - •: v birii'-: III, whilo^a~hrd walls nf tho yoM're a 11:- ^ '.. -i 1 -- : : ,- M.iteroom and flinwod Hie pirl'3 | y n ii ?r<ii| yr !-.-..-! - , -. Fuollen pyclidi=. Mio icnse line-' jn^, tun ii:-t -i - f v .= |- ahiill her n-.ontb. and the bluish • at protr".-\' : : ; : pallor of her fate. I wouldn't m.!\» t. Mi?i<;!lr.o rose, swaying dizzily J of an effort. !':>.: and fUrcii nt her tcflection In tho , why we c,>.:i't !mirror. "My wcildinc night," the if you don't n • : Is <;hc!l primly. "My wedding )c.ilo'.:.=.- l:i :-":r nlthl! Well, the joke's on me: , I'll m.ike yi-a :i Yhai a hap t look: 1 ' ith.-.n if I <-•••-•!' : Klie hiltfl h"r rtr» (a m!-'t wa • I pioc:!s" ::"t ^• " i h.Mu-y? D.ia't liclioT :s;iw a h.::i'ls->n'.rr am: !!'•-: Wi'ir i in1 i| y.rir :.;-int |3 brok" *"' i: '' ' "•' 1 - 1-ily." l:e addc'l, UaainE; ne~. lo i'i her cbeekt a~-J- il W.IV 10 ho7in." ! ;i'l. liii'iil:; ti her. "The r,- 1 '.i::^ vvi 1; iv, |o (! n is to ro::'iv :• vir own loir. I think we'll I;.-,', yn'ir lir; 1 . rchtar.-al this .iflerno^'i "Xot today, (Ton! Wail tint I'm not fi nervous." • "If 1 do there'll never bs a r- ''''•'• - r d. The on>' VH.V to ovo ' .1.0 i-oivnii.-iirss Is to lake 11 'ui 1 ', n j,v teeth—row. * i- i' R'f'jjsro bow you c (To |ji> Continued* . •/ '

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