The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 26, 1931 · Page 8
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1931
Page 8
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A .. a c.d e THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, SUNDAY MORNING. JtJLY 26, form' of statement given out by him personally. , " The statement is viewed as the forerunner of much Congressional criticism when Congress meets and a demand that Government attention be directed chiefly to economic conditions in this country. Insurgent Republicans and many of the Democrats, it now seems certain,' will unite in this demand. McKellar said international bankers of this country were- largely responsible for Germany's financial trouble and not only obtained the moratorium so as the better to get their money back, but now want the United States Government to Join other Governments in putting up loans for Germany. ' While Senator McKellar said Germany was having a hard time finan cially and every true American sympathized with her, he pointed The othpr prisoner ald he was William Stapp, 33, of Ninth fln) Pine streets. Police believe that both men are responsible for a series of other hold-ups and requested Magistrate O'Brien to hold them pending further investigation. out tnat uermany was reported to have offered to guarantee to Russia $400,000,000 in credit. "It would lpdeed be a pretty pas( if America Joined with other na-ttona in putting up $400,000,000 for Germany and the money should be spent in helping Russia, which na-tion America does not even recog. nize as a Government," said the Senator. SEIZED II CARNIVAL E HIE (IELIEE FIRST Calls on Hoover to Turn Energies to Aid Human Distress in U. S. r i ' SO GUESTS HELD IN 10 Ex-Wr.iicr Identified as Bandit Who Shot Lombard Street Pcuhrj man Circus Owner Operating 140 Trains on New elusion of Long-sought Desert Retreat Schedule ; Change .Made Without Interrupting Traffic Bible Classes Will Visit tiprrial tit Tht Inquirer. REPAUPO, N. 3., July 25. Members of the Federated Men's Bible Classes will be the guests of the Men's Bible Class of Repaupo Methodir-t Episcopal Church, Sunday, August 9 Twelve Longview Farm Employees Arrested in Foray by State Troopers Tri-oner Admits Robbery Near Tvelfth and Pine Streets Station, Say Police Degan Meteoric Career 35 Years Ago; Third Wife at His Bedside First Train Left Terminal for West Trenton ; Improved System Extends to 1 44 Towns Senator Hears Germany Has Offered to Guarantee $400,-000,000 Credit to Russia 1 f I AL 6. BARNES DIES; I a-i r. VETERAN SHOWMAN "gTS Succumbs in Se- T r F . A ri"iertive KPrRPfint. whn irro-Tii 1 n former wsHer ns a bnnrlit firiiTt rapttiriri the man rnr.v ts- trrrtf"' n'trr a char.r Ihroinh a rrTrt ntl'tiding t carnival at Twelfth and II i r, 1 e r streets The prisoner. ho Is said to have admitted holding up a tore near the Twelfth and Pine litroets station, wns also identified as a bandit who shot mm and serlouslv William smith wounded ft merchant at Front and tiOmlni-d streets Inst Thursday. hi nri?oner. who was held with nut hail by Magistrate O-Brien. gave; his rmTie ns William Smith, 21. of fiecond and South streets. According to delertives the suspect, ha", been Bor?',it since Thursday for the shint-ing of MnrrSs Flunk, a poultry dealer at 103 Lombard street, during an attempted hold-up. Frank, who is in the Pennsylvania Hospl'al, resisted the efforts of a lone robber who ttempted to steal $500 from him. During the struggle with his as-lallant Frank was surprised to discover that the robber resembled a waiter who had served lilm on several occasions In a South street restaurant. When (he wounded man Has questioned by Detective Sergeant McOarrity, of the Twelfth and Pine streets station, Frank described his avallant and the detective sergeant also recognized the similarity be- . tween the fugitive bandit and it! Halter who had also served him. I Identified br Frank j Investigation revealed the waiter had bern dismissed, and the detective sergeant began making a round ' of various waterfront cafes in the hope of locating the suspect, t.ale on Friday night, Sergeant McGarrlty chanced to be in a crowd that surrounded a carnival at Twelfth and Bigler streets when he recognized the fugitive he sought, As the detective made for the man the latter fled. A chase ensued and several of the carnival spectators were knocked down. McOarrity, however, overtook an(! mibdued the fugitive, who proved to be 8mlth. When the prisoner w.h quizzed he stoutly denied he had wounded Franks. When Smith was taken to the bedside of Franks, however, the latter promptly identified him as hla assRilant. According to rieteetlves, Smith admitted taking part in a hold-up In a branch chain alore opposite the Twelfth and Pine treets station house last Tuesday, when the manager, James t Ma-iion, was robbed of $48 by two bandits. One of the robbers was captured fter a chase, but Smith escaped. Bolin-Nash Motor Co.,. 4719 Longshore St. Dickel-Nah 4731-33-35 Nj Broad r I r-t. irn v jf.z i a si ij a mt-i ! r y. Xprriiil in 77i Iniitirrr. MFDIA, Julv 25. Earlv this morn- ins thirteen State police from Media, i Norristown, Morrlaville and Dnyles- town, raided I he exclusive nltjht club ! known as the l.omrvlew farm, Marple township, three miles from ! here, putting an end to a scpne of ! gaiety. Fifty guests were thrown In to excitement as all were ordered under arrest Three lame busses transported the entire crowd to a hearing before Magistrate M. P. Elliott, Chester, who held Gordon lhnuinn, former Upper Darby detective, reputed pro- i prictor. and eleven others, under $1500 bail. The twelve, including waiters, musicians and Elcanore Lanrl.v, cigarette girl and entertainer, were locked up in the county Jail. The guests, many of them prominent citizens of Philadelphia and Ipelaware county, were fined $5 and gn ,.holr ba bon(1, for s:tnn each. Admittance was gained with the aid of two policemen In evening clothes who were ostensibly part of the gay crowd. Police sav they confiscated some beer and liquor. The place is only a few hundred yards from the Four Horsemen Club. COURT OF ORIENT MEETS i:ie tlim H ind up Annual Convention of Fraternal Body An election of officers of the Supreme Court of the Orient of the United States of America, a side order of the Fraternal Patriot Americans, ended business sessions of the sixteenth annual convention at 1626 Arch street yesterday. H. Wnlker was elected supreme Grand Orient, replacing Frederick W. Focrster. Other officers elected are: O. C. Purdv, supreme vice grand orient; H. G. Van Orden, supreme high priest: A. H. Junge, supreme grand herald: J, W. Meyer, supreme scribe;. W. M. Morris, supreme first, ceremonial guide; Edward Briggs, second ceremonial guide: H. Wallace, supreme inside sentinal; A. Smith, supreme outside sentinal and P. Keynton, supreme trustee. More than a hundred delegates to the convention have been in the city since Thursday. Regular business sessions began yesterday morning, when the organization was welcomed to the city by B. E. Bach, assistant secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. At noon a banquet was held and last night the Philadelphia delegates acted host at a dinner in their headquarters. To Attend Ohio Memorial Dedication HAR.RISBURO, July 25 (A. P.). Governor Pinchot today named Rlrhaid J. Beamish, Secretary ol the Commonwealth, as his representative at th dedication of the Perry Victory Memorial at Put-ln-Bay. Ohio, next Friday. Inc. St,. s Duff Motor Co. 1111-1117 S. Broad St. Fleming Bro. 621S Ridga Av, INDIO, Calif., July 25 (A. P.). In the seclusion of the desert, surrounded by a peace he had sought for years, Al G. Barnes, dynamic showman of the circus, died at 5.40 A. M. today. Pneumonia - and complications brought to an end his turbulent life. Time and again in the seven months since he came here, seeking to cure a lung ailment, his life was despaired of but each time he recovered, until a sinking spell beat down his lowered resistance. The tall, white-haired circus veteran was conscious almost to the last, attendants said. At his bed-aide was his third wife", Mrs. Margaret Qoldsborough Barnes, former wire of a Colorado cattle man. They married only last December In Phoenix, Ariz, Former Wives Living Two other women, former wives of Barnes, live near Los Angeles. incy are Mrs. uollle Warnes, his Hrst wife, and Mrs. Jane Barnes, his second wife, by whom he had his only children, two girls and a boy, A sister, Mrs. Lydia Bishop, living in Michigan, is the only other survivor. Around the first two wives and the circus was built the sensational life of Barnes, from which he sought to escape two years ago when he sold out for a million dollars and began an almost secluded life at his home in Los Angeles. Hardly a year of this quiet retirement passed before his health began to fall. From the time of his arrival here he was confined to bed almost constantly and a ranch where he lived was guarded to protect the quiet that he sought. Began with 'Waon Show' Lire brought to Al O. Barnes an unusual success as a master showman and then, In his most prosperous years, It led him to the court in a series of domestic troubles, which kept his name In sensational cases for nearly sixteen years. , Although the public knew him as owner of the Al O. Barnes Circus for thirty-five years, he waa christened at his birth In Lobo, Ont., Can., Sept. 1, 1862, "Alpheus George Barnes Stonehouse." His early life was spent on a farm, but the spirit of the showman lived in all his youthful play, leading him In the following years to circus life. With Dollie Barlow, whom he later married and who figured with him ill' many bitter court battles, he started a humble wagon show in Glenwood Springs, Colo., In 1895. The showt was a squeaky phonograph, a pony and a picture machine, now common to the penny galleries of metropolitan cities. Success came to them from the outset. In 1900, they married and consolidated the wsaon show and several small road acts to form the nucleus for the Al G. Barnes Cir- and try. Silent Second they ve just introduced " From $ 79 5 to $202 5 ; : . f. o. b. factory ; ; : Unusually low delivered prices, $919 to $2217' ROBERTS-NASH MOTOR CO., Distributors AL G. BARNES Veteran ehewman, who died yeetenU? in hit datert retreet near Inrtttt. Calif. cus. Its start was financed bv the cale of a 120-acre farm for $2700. Divorce I'phcld In 1914. Fred A. Barlow, brother of Mrs. Barnes, sued the showman for $100,000 alleging alienation of his wife's affections. Barlow lost the suit, but it was followed by a divorce action by Mrs. Barnes, charging immoral relations. This was a far different ahow for Barnes and it began for him nearly sixteen years as the central figure in many courtroom scenes. . The divorce was denied, but It was the forerunner of five similar suits, filed at different periods by either the husband or wife, ending In 1921 at Las Vegas, Nev., where Barnes obtained a divorce on grounds of desertion. The next day, he married Jane Hartlgan, named by Mrs. Barnes as co-respondent. This second marriage brought a renewal of domestic troubles. In 1923 Barnes obtained a divorce in Las Vegas again,, claiming the second Mrs, Barnes had horsewhipped him. Six years of court actions followed by her in an effort to Ret aside the decree, ending in 1929 when a Los Angeles court denied her contest. Bulgarian Payments Overdue ATHENS, Greece, July 25 (A. P.). , The Greek Government today notified the Bank for International Settlements that it cannot agree to the suspension of Instalments of reparations payments by Bulgaria. The Government alleged Bulgaria has failed to pay Instalments due in April, May and June contrary to treaty obligations and not in agree-, mept with the Hoover war debt proposal, Scotland Yard again comes to the rescue In the alory of the year, "The Mooreroft Manor Mystery," beginning In today's Inquirer. If yen like truly exciting detective stories, by all means read this one beginning- In today's Magazine Section. t's the the Synchro Safety Sound-proofed Body and Chassis! a,iSTeI iO I HE NASH PARADE OF PROGRESS and Max Bendix, Official Bandmaster of thi Cbicag 1933 World's Fair, and his Band. Ceast-to-Coast, Tuesday Evenings ever SBC Network, Philadelphia Station WFl, 9.QO Eastern Daylight Tim Retail'Sales Dept. 1231-39 N. ' CITY D EA Frankford Nash Motor Co., Inc. 5021 Frankford Ave. Lester C. Huffman Terminal Motors Bldg. 70th & Market Sts. The change from steam to electricity on the suburban lines of the Reading Railroad took place early this morning without causing the slightest interruption in service. Beginnings today 140 electric trains are daily operated by thirty-two train crews. The new schedule Increases the frequency of train service from 31 to 73 per cent., nd train speed from 15 to 25 per cent. Harry J. Grill, assistant road fore-, man of engines, had charge of the first electric train to be operated on the new schedule, which left the Reading Terminal at 7.40 A. M. for West Trenton. The electrification, which Involves an expenditure of $21,500,000, was authorized in 1928, and ground was first broken at Wayne Junction on June 18, 1929. The original programme la now complete with the exception of the Chestnut Hill Branch, which will be electrified as soon as the grade crossings on that branch have been eliminated. 144 Towns Affected The lines which are electrified Include Reading Terminal via Jenkin-town to West Trenton on the New York Branch; Jenklntown to Lans-dale and Doylestown on the Bethlehem and Doylestown branches, and Glenside to Hatboro on the New Hope Branch, affecting 144 stations and towns. New time-tables have been Issued and important changes made on these branches, effective today. The new schedules are so arranged that trains will leave all points In. the territory generally at certain times during the hour. Seventy , Cars In Service ' On the Lahsdale branch trains leave Reading Terminal generally twenty-five and fifty minutes after each hour. Trains for points on the Doylestown Branch leave the Terminal generally fifty, minutes after the hour. On the New Yorlc Branch trains to West Trenton leave Philadelphia generally on the hour and forty minutea after the hour. On the Hatboro Branch trains leave Philadelphia generally fifteen minutes after each hour. Seventy new multiple unit cars have been received and placed in service after rigid test runs. Reading englnemen and train crews have received their final instructions in the operation of the new electrically propelled equipment. More than 13,000 persons took the pre-inaugural Inspection trips which were operated from all points throughout the electrified territory prior to the new electric service. The trains were open to the public and tickets sold at Reading Company stations, banks and business houses in the localities at the nominal charge of ten cents for the round trip. NEW NASH. Get in Broad St., at Thompson L E R S LeBoe Nash Motor Co. Bethlehem Pike and Haws Lane J. Harry Swops Darby, Pa. HanHsmsBHaHMHsasa prt'ffll In Th Inquirer. WASHINGTON, July. 25. Con- tending that" the debt moratorium' and the recent seven -Power confer- , ence in London have failed to do anything real for Germany, Senator ! Kenneth McKellar, Democrat, of Tennessee, today called on President Hoover and his advisors to devote , their energies to relieving human : distress, checking unemployment and restoring prosperity in America. The Tennessee Senator said the ; American people would view with i distrust any further efforts by the Administration to aid Europe"'while American citizens suffer, while . American children are underfed, ! while American workmen walk the streets and while American farmers are being dispossessed." "With 'our country in Its present pitiful plight," said Senator McKel- ( lar, "neither, munificent gifts to foreign countries nor dazzling for- ! eign conferences will aid in restoring prosperity to America." t Senator McKeliar's broadside at the Administration's action in rela- j tion to the moratorium and the recent London conference was in the I GET STEAMING HOT WATER f FROM YOUR COLD WATER FAUCET THIS AMAZING NEW ELECTRIC INVENTION GIVES YOU RUNNING HOT WATER INSTANTLY Guaranteed for 3 Years flj A QC Will not Bam Ont-A Only lL.'Z Complete New One Free if It Does Automatic Control Shuts Off Electricity When Water Stopi Vow r ' kom m tatnttni dirt wtUr Initently with tha PARttHAN. No xppniivs equipment 0r tlnkk Decenary. No oeitly installation. Cheap operation omtantly running hot water at the coat f operating as electric Iron, Vothins to get out of order. It you already have an tleetrifl Water Heater felt It tnlf way: Shut off the water and leave the nurrent on for a minute. If the heater cracki or hurne out it ii NOT A fARGMAN. We guarantee to replace any PABOKAN you oa. burn out within three yeere. ORDER DIRECT FROM THIS AD USE COUPON COME IN AND SEE IT DEMONSTRATED Juit writ Tour itime and irldrMt en coupon, attach your ehock or money erdor tor 14.96, and nail at ones. Wt will immediately hip you thlt amacinr new Farrman Electric Automatic flnt water neater complete with cord, plugs, in atruetioni, etc, ready to uae. Specify whether for 110 or 820 volte A. C. We pay poitat If remittance accompaniea order, SAWYER SPECIALTIES COMPANY, INC. 213 So. BROAD STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Agents Wanted Big Money Maker Not In tmti hat anythinr Brirnd the pnhltn'i fancy like ? A ROMAN'S wnnoerfyi water aeitar. Everrhodr. everywhere wanti It. Jmt take the nrdert. It !) itself. Ko experience inventmtnt : neneeiery. Tnu make bijr preflta. ftatiafled rtiatnmert tell others end hrinff you tnnre prerHa. Tour eommlaeiona could eaiilv run up to 140 a day, and you set yeur pay daily. Write today efare your territory 1l etoied a!t. Tiu hnw everythina; to fain notJPnf te loie. to tend today for free a rent propotition. Shift with Duff Motor Co. 63 W. Chelten Ave., Gertnantown Ware Brother 87th and Walnut Sts. Millinery Clearance . ' of. - Marce-Reboux Model Hats $3 and. Value to $45 , 225 S- 17th St All Sales Final Simply Slip It oa Any Cold Water Faucet Pluf Into Electric Outlet Tom on Cold Water and PRESTO, It. HOT! EnrlncM And PARGMAN AC HEATER wllh woq't burn out Nnmn ..' Addreef' ...... Pargman Automatlo Electric Hot Water Heater Cnaronfeed Fool-Proof SAWYER SPECIALTIES CO., INC. 213 SO. BKOAD STKEET Philadelphia, Pa. 1!!S (or TllM.TI( Itir-h ' snri'1 1 1 (IT WAT a 3-yr-ar guarantee tin I II Lawrence H. Wilbur Motor Co. f Ardmore, Pa. ' ' i , " Wilkie-Nach Motor Co. 1310-12-14 CallowhiJI St. 3Jh V-

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