The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1930
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Served by the United Press EVBLLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISGOUHI HOMEFJIITION > I VOL. XX VII— NO. 18C Blythevllle Courier, Dlythevlltc Herald. Blythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. .m.YTlllOVll.l-K, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOHKi; 21. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS • : \ MOVIE LAW DIES; PAVING TAXES STAND Fear 100 Dead In German Mine Blast When Two Mail Trains Crashed Head-On Rescue Workers Strive to ; Reach Men Trapped in! Lower Reaches of Mine.; AACHEN. Germany. Oct. 21. (UP) | —An official muter of workers at Wilhelin coal pit which tvns wrecked by rm explosion early today .showed 285 men missing. An oili- ' cial announcement said 70 others t'.Jid perished in the disaster. AACHE.V, Germany. Oct. 21 C.UPI —A terrific c-xptalon entombed sever:]! hundred men In ijc Willieliu coal mine today. Ai 2:15 p. m. the police chief or AJsuorf, eighi miles northeast of here, said 30 bodies had been recovered and thai he estimated 300 miners were still entombed. O! those, it was said, 70 \verc dead, | Gang Chief Held Under 10 KTITU1N $5000 ° Bail Withdraws From World to Seek S|)irii.ual Life WAUKEOAN. 111., Oct. 21. lUP) —Cleorije "Hugs" Moran, Scarfac.' Al Cuixme's cliicf rival for the Cunningham Tells • S|)0 ^ of crlmc " l Chicago's under-: . ., r, r\ *'° r W. was-arrested and sent to Jail I lOllS 01 Issues to DC Ue- | today as a common vagrant. ' C. A. • i i . /-> in,' • Immediately the wheels of just- ! . Clded at Ueiieral LlectlOIl | Cf were sent splmilnir to make it ' but it was hoped to rescue the re- This picture shows what happened when two New York Central mail trains crashed liead-on In the rail-1 ^ lh ° 0 J^ cer ' ts " Q "^po"^ tmend- maining 230. roacl yards at Cleveland. O., killing three trainmen and injuring four others. The engineers— one of whom j memVand upon two acts submitted iof.' liia llfi-rare believed to havi, been blinded by a lu-avy TOA. The two engines lek^copetl and !el loose j (or referendum vote. certain he would be at ihe com- : of nine amendments to mand of Chicago aulhorltles IOCOH- i the fon.ullutloii of Arkansas, tub- tribute what could be exacted from ' milled for approval or rejection by lerles as; the St. Valentine's Day. ihe voters of-the stule at general htm toward solution of,.such mys- .t-letliou November 4, were endorsed 1923,"massacre of seven of his fol- C. A. Cunningham, local uttor- lowers and the murder of Alfred ,-. In a lalk before ih; Lions I J - Single. Chicago Tribune rcparl- •'' Mr!°Cumiliis!>nm who as one of i Moran , *' as ™*ed to North Clil- thefour.iln-s of-the Arkansas Tux- J? 80 ' m - a ''™ln™d before Judge payers' atsojiutlcn and as a mem-I Hurol(1 Pall f u - cllnr t'«' wllh va- ber of the orgaiuralion's executive : emnc * 1>lltl1 ^O'mg concealed Icomml.lce. Had on important part *i e » f- "!' (l 'f *>"' »'us s:t at 1 tt2a±3sat-EisS = 5 »'""<= association. d.°voted most of his ' His estimate would make nn unofficial pieliminary death list of i 100. ; Police estimated 200 others were ; injured. Air was being pumped to the entombed men. Caused by Dynamite or Gas The mines stretch belwen here ; and Alsdorf, the shafts runnin:; underground for miles. Rescue i workers from all the surrounding ! towns concentrated at (he scene. clouds of tc.Udlin :ucam. All the Couches Harvey's Guests In New Orleans NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 21. IUP)— Couches," said their wealthy rela- The 'srjeakei described the seven Taxpayer*. 1 association umeiidn'-nilP. which will appear ou the ballot as Numbers 21 to 27. inclusive, as an effort to retain in the hands of the |)co[ile of Arkansas the "power ot taxation which is, in the words of Chief Jus'.ice Marshall, 'the power to destroy'. " He said that. Arkansas was threatened with tax legis- JTo Harvey Couch. New- Ycrk rail- Thousands of frantic relatives o! Red Cross Drive in Al'kan-! rond president and power company • --...-.-. —: i executive, blood is t'.iicker ihan SQ5 moved Ahead ' Be- ! water, and It u good to be among r r the Couches once in a while. cafice o! Lmergeney. the miners gathered around the shaft mouth. ... The f-jcptrision was. so gn-ai it, wa-; attributed to a store of dynamite. Accumulated gas was advanced a^ another cause. It wrecked the out- . . let of the Wllhebn shaft which is ' P al «' llce(ls of tlie coming winter, I leans today part of the Anna mines of Als- William M. Baxter jr., maunder of [cousins from Magnolia. Aik. • dorf. Tlie elevators fell down the the American National Red Cross.! The Couches were brought here has advanced in cousin Harvey's special car and tive eyeinff them contentedly i 1 ' :alion * hlrh wo " w seriously ham- They're pretty good fellows. My P" the development of the state, cousin Rufus is 74. I'm nfraid.whenl*'"' -urged that voters sicze the op- he gets In a show where there Islporlunlty to sareguard the. future ' | a . chorus he'l! want to. sit up .q<>iby '"I 111 '? frmt llie l«B«lature pow- Coucn, who maintains.residences j tlie front seat." , . • " : r•'•••• * ers-whlch have been abused.'• , , . i i!1 Shreveport, Pine Bitifl. Ark.. I nuftis, white-haired and with' Tlie Amfndnifnls in planning to meet the anilei- j and New York city, is in New Or- i cyes fl -iwinkle like a boy on a lark i entertaining ••'- •»---- Council Finds. It Has No Authority in Dispute Over District One Reassessment The Sunday movie Kiuc luunt- rd tlif chambers uf the city coun- <ll Us( nJ(hl bHl failed to dr- vrlop Into anything more than a The aldrrmcn in a sfsslcm *x- j traurdlnnry listened falthrully (o (he controv«r»y over the re-ad- Juslmrnt of awnstd benefits in I'avlnr Dblricl One «nly to d'k- cuvrr in Ihc end |lhat llwy wcrc without. nuthorKjr to act ip the mutter. As a fitUnr anti-climax (o two hours of ar(vmenl over the al- Ifffd merits- and demerits of the ntw assessment it was also learned that the only remedy pu&lble to taxpayers against &uch a new asseb^menl is by chancery court action within thirty days of publication of notice of Ihe reassessment. The thirty days ex- lilrt'd Saturday. Pullou-inf (he nbnipl close or the re-asstssment ilispule, for _which tlK adjourned meellnc WT»I(. originally planned, Mayor Neill Rcrd laid before the council a! form of onitnVricV providing a stiff fine for Sunday shows, High Tribunal Holds Work-1 »>• NEA service .0 I .nTi UMf -!•„, er barred Irom. rurther Recovery From Frisco. ,-j Cleansing Must Come' from i Within, N o t THrough I \vr i n A * LI C kut ^ f aldermen 'silently ijrnov- j Worldly Agencies He.oayS ed the proposal and it died for lack or a sponsor. No|0ne Backs Ordinance When : Ihe management of ABILENE. Texas.—Because "II Is his 18 The seven amendments, .in brwf, shaft, trapping the miners (ar un- j deiground. Communication was established by telephone and with fresh air being pumped lo the intr. high hopes were held of rescniu° ; many alive. : The shaft has cotninumcatinj galleries with other parts of th- . Anna mine and rescuers were seek- ; ing to penetrate to the trapped < men from several shafts. The men were still enlcmbcd in Ihe lowe:/. i seam of the mine pit and tlier. 1 • was danger of water entering. The v.crk of getting to the men proceeding ."Jowly because ol bris arid ess. Many miners wen. „._- licved buried among the debris.;™'" 1 , The total casualtiesWere still on-! {f™* f»n«s for the wuiler ly n matter of estimate. The offl- ! '"• cial figures were lower than the I Mrs. Howard Procter, local Red explained Ihnt his weallhy relative ! are as follows: was right. - : No 21 Forbidding any increase "People around our way up iii I!" 'ax rates for state purposes "r Arkansas don't seem to grow' old i &ny h.?w stale taxes, except by vote the date of ths they are delighted. Only two of ...,. , .. annual roll class them have ever been In New Or- I s " ' lul "' r " c sam - .. j of ihis orgRi" leans before. , I Cousin-Irvin. a white-haired, dig-! ' nf ' •LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-Rattfica- llon of a release for damages because of injuries sustained is a bai to recovery of damages arising out of the same Injury, the state sn- jpreme court held Monday In reversing -and dismissing judgment for G. A. Hal! against the Frisco railroad from Mississippi county circuit court. Hall's leg was injured in unloading a. barrel of oil in front of a pumping station from a lumd car; | He was treated at Hie company ration in k\r- k>\!i:as from November 11 to Monday, October 27. This change, according to lioy Walton, chairman of the Iccal chapter, has been mad,? nt the re^ . inest of a considerable number of 'V*~ : 'Itaplirs in order that they may by] . „" ; ink means meet n , , r L ,i[, ,, » • irt I *• "**•» . n\.i»vvw m tiiv i^Jiu^aui I1S ,,.,-jre . , - - ...... r22 - r ? I'f 01 " 11 - 11 -- 11 ^ IfBf 18 -1 hcspital and finally released. Kt It fuel" «ood lo to among Hie " ifled rot ^ on ^ n(ff ' *"** L.'ie! hlle M . m . making appropriations I lftl a c , leck for m mi dc ; * v j'-tin O UVTA v^ -" •••>•»< if, t*i k i , _ . i • nvfkftf-c- i\f r.,.«Un hid rni'an MC; - ,.^ ... '. «-_« ... . .. 1 J11117X1 l~\J\ \.VJl pJUMVCl , 6UIU L- 1 " • - • —K-M 1-thing he liked aboui New Orlean.i I"" excess of available revenues, .most-: WHS-• the Cotton Excharine \ .. No.- .23. Providing. that no bill i building, lie agreed with Cousin ' shall, become a, law unless journal ' Rulus tlie hotels were nice. - : ' | eiuries. showing Its', pasr.ige have K. S. Couch commented the "so-! b f° n madp - • nllrt r «P° r ' ( 'd before ciability in ^few Orleans"'had i m --: adjoinninent of.the legislature, and ' proved and he told of an experience i providing that within 30 days after i yesterday when he appealed 'to- a adjournment a citizen • or -laxpay- i stranger lo direct him to a public ;« r - "> a >' uri »S £ » u and show-by building. The stranger look 'himiP'P'r that any supposed act was . there. precent needs.' ex- Program Will Be Similar to] Thc old . membership and j..^^ , 92 1 r:_l.J^., ,H not.legally passed. )iosited all but .S250 which he iui- mediately withdrew, in a bank. - While-going from the bank'lo <« a doctor Hall fell and again ih- jiirfd 'hk' leg. the Injury becoming more . serious and finally necessitating amputation of (be leg. Ths supreme court held thai Hall's continual withdrawal of the remainder' of the fund in the tank constituted a ratification ot the the s- difficult to tell ths'true from Ritz t| lealre carrlcd oul lts nn . Ihe false In public affairs Irxli"'"; Dr. E- D. Stilkeld, pastor' of .the' TMrsl Chrlsltan Church of Abilene, Is withdrawing Irom oil worldly activities in an effort "to develop a purely spiritual life." He lias dropped his Maionlc, American •Lesion -and -Klwanls< conr.sctions| and has ordered Ills telephone removed from his home. j rested and fined one dollar in. Do- Thus. iu the age of-42.-this sue-[ > ic <: c ™ r ' on charges-of laboring cessful clei-gyman i.;clts to blaze a on s ^ n J' " was generally ad- new trail fpr modeni n^lers^_ j ^'no't^SHhows^ l was a war pre.ii.iier. UL "M |5 ,, ue wn , ex p; c t e( i , 0 ,. Dnc |, a c i|. nounced program of Sunday shows by opening for Iwo shows Ihe day before yesterday, an ordinance lorm was prepared by Capt. Ivy W. Crawford, city attorney. ; which would place a stltl fihi on Suhdsy; shows.. Although O. W. efa: r-: jn«ni»r. «I jj his oi>eralor. Tom on Interviewer . asked him why l« had taf.eri this step. "1 delivered many serm'ons on various phases of the "war. I ma'dc speeches, tcok part In all drives and was a publicity chairman, in this capacity the government, and otter sources flooded me with .lilcralure, Including barbarous lales of German torture. max before the adjourned meeting of the. council, but the proposed "ordinance" after being - read . by Mayor,Reed, died a natural death whcfi no member of th'c council indicated a desire jo introduce it. Failure -of- any . opposition lo Sunday picture shows to develop at- the council meeting is intct 1 - man recalled, when. traded with New ' Orleans mer^ i OT ^ fan : s P« lal elections, when _i ._ m - i. _,. . ._ orrtivkrlw rw»tiMnn«iH anH tn fill fa .' No 24. Compelling -the -govern- (injury release aaid a bar lo recov- properly and to fill va- . -~> chants js years ago they always ! t>*v^uy i^miuucu, »nu *u iui >»*- Aoainsl Unemployment, put a quart of whisky in each bar- [concies as provided by the consti- 0 ' ' ire! of merchandise.- ; tution.' estimate of the police but a doctor i cro.s chairman for ihe Roll Callj WASHINGTON, Oci. 21. (UP)—I "We alwaj's ordered by Ihe bar- ' No : 15 ' To P romolt reduction of | salaries of supreme court justices ' tain an idea of Ihe number of men who escaped by sending out radio appeals for men who were work ing this morning to report. Heart rending scenes occurred m the pit head where weeping of women relatives mingled with cries Harvey Couch's great grandfath- r and hLi cousins' grandfather '• except by amendment of the con- Nc 36. To prohibit inherilance . went fo Magnolia from Georgia in , taxi!s iu e ^ cess of , he |asta i e tax ' i levled by tn(1 Ullitei1 Slatcs - at the scene said they would mount. | tWs ^ n Rllnounce her com .' President Hoover's unemp!oyni3nt! rel." he laughed Women Uctp at hhaft Head | mmces . vjtl)jn a few davs It js commission was summoned lo meet Authorities were tryinjr to ob- j p , amied (o carry nut activUies 5imi . in the White House today to be' larly lo last year. Sin a search for belween two and Of ihe money paid for this cause; tnrec million jobs. i only 50 cents of each membership Perhaps the need is grealer. Jio! good fellows. They raised families. ; ?o-s Into national headquarters, one knows how many unemployed j w(M ,t, t 0 church and tJiey look I The remainder is lefl in the local persons there arc. | drink once In a while. j treasury for aiding tb.e poor of this The commission members arc! He is a leader in Ihe transpor- of the injured Thousands of peo- ' cit - v ruld surrounding vicinity. confronted at the outset with the i taUon fleld 0[ tl i e south' as pres i- rraud pie and hundreds of automobiles '• I]1 ll! « teller to Mr. Walton. Mr. knowledge they cannot attain their : tlcm . of Ule Louisiana nn a Arkan- ' (.,,.,..*,- S( . hoo , v ,_ • • (Baxter says thst the Red Cross goal, but the program is to create 1 • — •- ••-- -•--•-•- «.m««irs acnooi .TI«I ery of more damages. L i for the reassessment of values oh. which full payment of taxes has ] been matle. c:.cept .on grounds of ' Hall, who was- employed by the Frisco at a pumping station near Black Oak at the time he was injured, received a verdict for $5,000 damages by a jury In the rprln? term of civil court here. • The plaintiff was represented by Harrison, Smith and Taylor of this city, and C. T. Carpenter of Marked Tree. E. L. Westbrook of Jonesboro nnd Reid, Evrard and Henderson acted as counsel for the arrived nt the scene. Fortunately railroad, and In tlie electric i Mr. Cunningham ralerred to the medical aid and hospital accommo- must have a larger membership as many joos as possible and re-. 1JOWer fieW as president of the Ar- ; or g a i^fl oppo« ttan to the amend twr, tnmh.1 ciations were pleiilifnl. There were \ in Arkansas to enable chapters and lleve the bitter discomfort of midr kan5as , Louisiana and Mississippi' n ^° ,'" rt . CPC S°[ '°' f ,L ™!. n ,v tn ™^ v.OOO men tn he mhie HI the time - the national organization lo main- whiter unemployment lo that ex- P(nver aml L , glu companies. ,con«nu« o niw three? iS I , ' 01 (he blast. j tain Red Cro:.s service. | lent. Urgency of the problem of | . . ii-oiitinued on page three) I It. he gas SYDNEY. Auslralla. IUP>— Joseph Oarrily. 71, an Englishman, made his home in a camp between two tombstones of a cemetery, un- ng the railway to reach killed by a passbigtrain. Munlllons Blast Kilts Ki<hl t DIRLIN. oct. at. (UP)-Eight i Hoover for Him Pmchot 1 protecting the workless from th? rigors of unsheltered winter is in- j dlcflted here by the growth of bread i lines and the sudden move of more Little River Farmers Urged to Vaccinate Hogs Because of an unusual - amount j-Thc name of President He-over, i Secretaries lamont. Hyde, -. \VIL- 1 'was brought into the bitter guber- ' bllv . &"'&• Hurley and Mellon. ^and (natonal fight in Pennsylvania to- Governor Meyer of the federal rcf j " flNIRllflDftl A«;ed Pedestrian, Nearing End of Eight Y<;ar Hike, Visits BIyllicville • scrvD board ' With 20.000 miles of American highways behind him. and another Gifford Pinchot, Republic -..| . _ . ... j i mgnways pemna nun, aim uuwi ' s '• Arthur BrOWIl, AllCjied ! thousand' br two to go! before •lican in' commission. It was summoned by: . . „. , w r.i jshinglon. Chairman Lamont to meet after to-J Hootlegger, Lnal'tjiea Wlltl ; a noon day -speech at Washingl.... told his audience President day's cabinet session. return home to spend his "old age" (n rest w H chapman, 81, paid ' rcse Tii,i° 8 p'; ll0lCr r ln . tnc . vicl . nU1y ° f | Hoover through Secretary or Labor ""' ' Artprnnt to Kill Officers ' Blythcvil'le-a brief call loday. f When the shadow ol tmemphv- j ^ Llcl "H l L " then Irudged southward la v '""' ~' ' Marion and Memphis. and visil logs (or sev- .. , ., , -, Crliz st * lcd : "Davis as Republican candidate : ve7"as"chairman. In general the I term and evidnce was heard in | umv the situation is worse tnanj for tl , e Un | tK | s latcs se iial!> k nroeram of that group is applies-! the case cf Augusta Plunketl. nc-' ftnticiiiated and that he will prob- j pj^dic-iv r ,* n *,;»~ *«^i- „ - - —LV._. .. > _., _.i.\. n._ _.i-_ ^r r.bly spend much time this week :,, j. . doing such \vork. , IK.M-I. • prcted as assuring conlinuatipn.-of • Scores ."War Lies" j tlie Sunday i>erformances, inas- "T found later that these were much as the SI fine for each of- untrulhs—all lies. I remember. Tense, the maximum under Ihe law, how T preached about I\IK Germans cutting off the hands of little children. I horrified people with that story and stirred them to intense anthuslssm and pntriol- •tn. "Then came the truth, and Ic shopk my confidence in my .ability to separate the Irulh from lhci scek . th , B woukl prove no delerrent. Police Policy in Doubt -' Whether arrests uill follow- .ti Sunday program at one of tbe : local theatres next Sunday remains to be. seen. M. G .Goodwin, cluef of police, said following the cotm- cil meeting last night that he would In public matters, and caused me to lose interest in pub; lie affaire. That and the failure of the Inter-Church World Movement are the prime causes for my change." "The world will never be changed by laws and edicts, but by individuals. We have depended on the law, courts and political powers to bring in the millennium. It muse be brought in by cleansing the cup from within. "Jesus was constantly mingling witli Ihe crowd. H« loved men. and to be Christ-like you've got to be where men are and love them. of the city attor- taklng tiny further action. • Convictions of violations of the Sunday labor law, based on last Sunday night's show at the nitz. from which Mr. McCulchcn and Mr. Brown took appeals, were dlsX missed in police court this morning by Judge Gravettc. who ex^ plained that the city altorney had advised him the offense could not be interpreted as a separate violation from the afternoon program. Thc two defendants had previously paid fines of $1 each for the afternoon show. Efforts of attorneys representing a group of property owners in Pav- I'm not withdrawing myself from iug District One and Curbing lh.3 association of people, but from Guttering District One to hav out Strip nrpnnl^ntirtll* " ! nrl !,1T.tninn»r nf Iteareful HAnnfl out side organ pack containing newspaper clip pings and a book of allin.niis from | county and officials r,: IMS visited i as evidence of his waiu!rrln«s-1 Th;se are from almosl in Ihe union and from many Canadian provinces. Uolaml Green. county treasurer, applied his official seal to a note icslilying that Chapman had visited BIytlK-ville. Chapman has just from and ig District One to have readjustments of assested benefits in the districts passed upon by the city council ended in failure when C. M. Buck, altorney for commissioners of the district, told the council it had no authority to act WASHINGTON. Oct. 21. (UP)-| on the P roteils and reod . Louisiana and Arkansas Asks 0. K. On New Loan Louisiana ami Akansa The road offered a tet between two Mil- Canada and Ms tax* *»» «'l-'HI* mort«w Si t!li:nt,.ilv*r •*.- trt whPtllAr J^«-_ _f ..:-... i~ M'.fA/meiit : *"^i«a8c lUe iPmcho.s running male on the bie°,o the cnrrenl proMenv „,.. i e ress, chargM with the murder of ™ 0 ^g ^"n M ^^\^^l^^^ "'^ «» i ere uuriiiK IIIL • -,,^i,_ .».. ,_ ^., , , „ „(•(!««.- «*•:... . . . .. .- «.. i _ Storm in Spain Takes : P. Q. Rorie to Preach Toll oi Lives, Property i at Lake Street Tonight month of August. Tlie 'case was> the BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 21. ! Thc Itcv. P. Q. Rorle will -r n . u 'i \ -• - Talk to Hospital Hoover esilmated aflerward he and] jes;e Jones, negro, here during the ' * f ar i hr .o 'hi? colleagues had arranged cm -' ••--" •"- '--'" «•«•• ttnc lne ' arlniv «' \ tOO.OOO persons. I Alabama Governor Will. M case of Arthur Brown hesro. | ooo on completion of a 20.000 mile sawmill ".far the ,..,,„_ , • — -. — -- 8 U ". and in the siting '«" start charged with assault to kill Deputy journey afoot. He will claim the for New York and the ei::l of his . An officer of He plans to spend II" <',-mi«r in i r>-_|- «v. L . L . •.. sazhw became in-1 the south, preferably .i< night tOMinue Ulphthena and ""'"'"" Typhoid Fever Campaigns , . (UP) — Storms in the province of . preach at the Lake strcel Meih- ! Terragonn, bordering on the Mcd- ! odist church tonight for the second: itcrranean. have caused 14 death 1 - j of n series of 'special services this i Sheriffs J. W, Cox and Bennie : m0 n;y" next j u ) y when he expects | journey , Jacks--!!, wlien they went to his' Io reach New y ^ rk him n few wc.^ks ,, i statute upholding his declaration. . After hearing Mr. Buck's conten- autho v to tion Ui>held bv Iv> " W ' Crawf « d ' issue $550000 of 'six uer cent short ! clly aUornw ' the council p:>EMd *' term promlsson- "notei and to re • "Won declaring the council had new its 11750000 note due llii- i nstn!n ? further to do with the con- Ota* N-at.onal bank of New York. trover ^ s$irfnts wnl S(and Tbs new re-adjustment was ordered by the commissioners of Iho districts and completed with the intention of cc-lleetin? on a lax rale o[ .037 instead or the rate of the past two years which was .<H2. The rate of .037 with the re-sd.lustmen' as prepared will produce sufficient income to retire bonds due this lo pledge Us »er cent bonds There were 225 typhoid inocula- young men 82 v?ar.= c!fi when I NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 21. (UP)— j deckel for today. charge, is on the, chapman but lired of the business ! after several years of walking, but Mid extensive property damage, re- i week. The public is corrtiallv in- I Governor Bibb Graves or Alabama ! Chns. Royal and Jesse Lee, «-. Iro venerable pedestrian had come torts received here today said. ivlted to hear him at 7:30 o'clock < ;>nd Dr Stewart R. Roberts of Al- • srcos. each charged with assault to to enjoy his wanderings, and kept Numerous dwellings wore re- | Last nlghl the Rev. Marsh M'. lama are expected U> arrive loJay^Hl, entered pleas of guilty Friday j on alone. I have been a pony cv,)i«i rider. ._. ^^ ^ it> u wi pni-tod destroyed and tivevuy shipi '• Cnilaway, paster of the First Pres- . to address tiic 42nd annual con-, and were sentenced to a year in Bearded and Iravel slalned,' pulf-1 sontd for a time with ;l:.' fvenlh 1 were inoculated last" week by Eirt- sunk In the harbor of Tarragona. :bylerlan church. addrer,-cd the: vviiUoi! of tlie Amorlcan Hosnltal | Ihe ptnl'iMitlary. Jesse Easton, no-, Ing i pi p( . aj^ with his coat UUs TJ. S cavalry, and «Vb '.hnt lie was^na Brouti, negro nurs« jy members of the . ycnr al ia meet Ihe expenses of the county health unit here Saturday, j dlslrlcl this year, the ccmmlsston- Tft-enty-flve. received ssrum for I crs 513(5. Th; aaessed benefits toxin anti-toxin. | Rlthtn , h e districts on the old in continuing the program for : <rnnltniien nn naee Uirfei , ,, ^ „. e prevention of diphtheria, which Is! In his youth Chap:-.«n claims _to ^^ g stressed by U!e unit now, 125 .' negro school complete my eight; cf derlng," lie said, "a:id will tc reaay to r,:ttle down for the re;.-, of my life. 1 l Several .IICKOM were reporl«l mis<i-I congregalion. The Rev. Wan-en i asocial Ion tonight. Ing and many received nravc tn- Johnston, of Wilson, will occupy j They will .lurlrv* I tho pulpit tomorrow niRht. \vtlt»ir. I pro. charged with Ihe theft of *30j napping in the breeze. Chapman represent Secretory i from Mrs. Howard Bow en of Mis-; prestnts a picturesque figure. He ora was acquitted; exrtinl n sniall cr;. the first man to reach thr Little, A new clinic U being started nt Big Horn nfler the Ciinor mass,*- ihe Woodard farm, in the vicinity I of Utlle River. WEATHER ARKANSAS. -- Cloudy, probably rjlns in esirci'ie wf«t porthri tonight and W^dnerday; cooler to- - ntfrht In north pwttnu

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