The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 7
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THU\gDAY, CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor first Insertion and one cent ft word for each subsequent insertion, No advertisement token for less than 60c. Count the words and tend the cash. Phone 30G = FOR SALE PAGE SEVEN mmm&m%^'. 1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE'.: By Aliern Vi: ? jt3£l*+!g*,- > Wliir v -y^-v'i: -'-r-,*^ V' t. • FOR SALE-Baby Chicks. AM varieties Custom .hslcrUntfnohMt-. ed.. - Marilyn Hatchery, TaiyCievllle. . ' • 20-CK-TF FCIl RENT Courier C-K-13 "> ''>'"•' nu uld' il. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for light housekeeping; modern con- voniepccs. Address """ '""'"•""• Neivsj FOB-REST—Shane apartment nn3 rVyc: room house. Best of plumb- Ing., fixtures, light fixtures and heating plants. Both kept in perfect condition. Telephones 197 and 611. ' cklG ROOM & BOARD—$6.00 per week. Mrs. John Smith, 115 West •Cljerry. 11P-K-18 FOR : RENT—7 room house, nfwly decorated. Good residential ''section; 1030 W. Walnut. Call 527.' IIKUI* HlillE TODAY r.i\i;i-:n KM.* TOM.IVKH. driuitlitt-r n(.»- nllnl.KT 'u«d, P-lrP-:. Ihllllililcr <jf;-|In- wcnllli* unfjloj' ilnlKt-nt turner I'lllljt., VAfi 1JUUUV. arRit'nliril " Junfcir'Ctu*- irr Clul» In-.'.'llie tim«. t«» K" 1 Thrill*, Inirai'Jiiil (u'kf^Jl .-M" iimiin the iinw" • cvfrom, nc- urjlugl*; 1 »"e .. ti»-k«»«F i»"l ri-j ..... Ivlrd il. • - ; ',.'*. ^ IIAIIU IIUt.l.OWAY., '» 'yoiinR url[»t whu \vn» liotfoJBs. 1 : annum Hit country. uliipud; 'In !l<-il 'rhruiih. Allrnclfi!,£r OlBH'''' »« nyrcrrt In ulny unil i>nlnt-.v*irlralln uiiil Hlecornlf th? iiijw-sJliS hmi-u'. lie snvc till- niinir "Jpl«,.ic Vlvrr In ihr club. mid. 'he ,•»««•>'"'''! trading lu ChlcaKo' for MUIM) (MU.1-:M>. rmil.1 I'uiiU nnil »IMK nnd Nlrum n Kultnr. nut M.'uln cuuld not oftmr. In hl» ulact llitrc urrlvrd Ihrre an nrtlst Vovk." vlsltlug m fr.'iu turned -Ine-u.trliis eyes io cenlly.' N«w ikno-.' T< rou illrt [hot on " BIJ whair j lie) luqulrcct Inco- »U»H-lnni AMJKI." rul.lfl cni>Vi. nil* i:. <""&" lu " k "'[5l2?»fijl>i'''in realize kf win I" Invc wllh Clbsir. !!<• .iieBr-»<r<l Irovlfie. . But Will. UnonlnK '•'»- Ki'r, •iirr>M»<'''d II1 "' "' «»>» 111 liniiirr q» lUicTulHvi-W liurM. Hill ' • ' l;i|irr-K auJ In .Jhiiu. 'Slip ,««lt ' lli-.l lilm »» "oul.1 Khr 'ir nolo . f VkrrfoSJS In.Hr'J l-AWY SKAIIS >li, ink. "if "« Sl.crd.' Jlnt IMtlJ inunlclu'HCuwr; |.!rmltlif[ liijnllj Co ' M. '.J'.DDV JAC r; |.!rml KSON. ' . WbiTiU|M. nlin (iruInn..lturJ llio ,«nrfJ m* u-lnirliuc III" »l»tcr. «Iio litr.Lindi-d. FOR: RENT — 0 room house, 116 Cherry. Newly decorated. Garden i Phone 614. tf}?-£ l ?< FORi RENT—Furnished room with and furnace heat. ..NO,-1116 Chickasawba Ave., Phone'No.'6.45.. WANTED.'.;;,.. PLAIN 1 OR FANOX SEWING—Mrs. Allie Sisk, Phorie:'672.- 124 Dqu- gan. ' ' 4C- POXJI-TRY WANTED — Market prices paid at- C. L. Bennett Co Feed Store, 21Q N. Railroad St. west o! courthouse. J. E. Fislier... 4C-K16 POULTRY WANTED—Market pri- cci, any Quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF WASTED — Family Washings Washed and Ironed by compe tent white woman. Mrs. Brown 1041 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF WANTED — To buy nice secon rjaVid furniture cheap—lor cas'r Phone 492-W. 9p-kl' u ' kalli Kttf nnd • "Anil D|. l.y i:lilKtT. > liall l Srce'd. "1 Jhln'l IsnoV thul. la U- somp 1 one you knoivt"* ' - • • •'. 'ItMs Uard HoUoiaj," fnlil.CIn-' ger., ''I don't tblnk-Suced knows lilm." ."•':' \ "llhnl Holloway. '-!va>.n line-rest- Ins name." iald Cotton. "Hut 1 till sure 4 ,!, have never ir/et him. I tloii't know many arllsls," • •" * rjKJKCTEDl-Y.QInsct Icil llio way *-* uiistalrs.^TT.''" 0 ' Speed lingered a moment to offer hla apologies. "I know it was takliiB nn unwarranted liberty," lie £ald. "but we'll E-tay only a few day.n, and slic iliil necil a dianye. Shu lias really been working like a dog, an'l she's all tagged out. 1 just picked her up boillly and brought her alone." "It wan like you, Speed." smiled Iliil, "ami dues credit lo yenr brotherly Eiilrit. Slw Is n'darling. Ills to be a joy lo have her hero or a while." ''.• "i • "Yes, she Is u darling." he'asrecJ, Alaa, alas 5or (be ir.auliiulaliivg iiK«rs. of Uin|;er rJllii! •-..''•. Kildy Jackson's car elected that most Inosuiortuno of all ihiys to break down and bail to bo laid ui> fur extensive repairs, fry Ford do- "Wliy, sent her—why, (jet In hero—\V«II, broke your silly olil car ilowu!" QlnEcr, don't play tlio nursery." he replied coldly. "Could 1 help It i! th'o bus broke an nslet" 1 Uut why.sboutd it break »n axle lodny'i" slie walled. "Why toiiayT" "Well, why noi?" he demanded. Anil not even dlngcr could (hlnk of au answer. Tho llattlotrap dlil not fly W pieces. H bumped uiorrlly along the mail and up Iho wood lano to Mill llusli, r.lnger dOKBcdly trailing It anil In complelo silence KlttiouKl l-'.ilily hail never been innre com munlcativo nor more altc:illvo. Wlieii sbo pulled In anionj; the other cars to park beside tho gale almost before she bnil kllleil tli assist her. 1ST WANT you to be qaroful, Olu i EC r," be. said.. "TJioy'ro sll wurkina oil tlia groimils.^anU UICT are a lot ot loose stones abou Here, (nke my hand." On tbo otber side ot tho roa -1Hi> li>'. rfclrnKu nnd rc- iltln " V'"» lu kldiinii P|n- K rr. linonliiR hrr JHCHItmlhcr.bin •t li.l of nioucj-, hi? ^la«Mo'bl»IJ irr Mr Iifnvj- ronniwi. V '; Siin-il-nnd hi" aimer nrrlvc. Her Vnru-'I* ••rnTTO.\. nnil "lio '•* nnl nl nil like Ihc nljl r.lnuer «•• pfclc-iT <"» • ee.-.. Dinner iin* rrliltlr ft-nrful Ihlil Coltun: uiiulj (irrVve M-ry riKT.-ieIKe lo Huril. NOW CO .ON WITH Till' STOUY C Li. AFTER XXVI liyOU can be just as sicl; as you *. I Ike.", I'll II said frankly, "as long as you ilon't act anemic. You cnn fiiint,'«r have convulsions, or break a couple ot legs. It you want to—I'm ,£<i slad you're not anemic inlyour; disposition." ^ . Cpttoti- flusbcd Over 'So slightly, "l^n ndtjrjially ficK-a hit," sue con- fesied. "I ani afraid Srwjd ileccivcd yoii! Uut Pliavc been vidriiins very bai'il, qtiilUvhoii he slijped off In Ns\V lS>sk\.to sfe me li'j thought I was lolkins a b)t untlerflio clonils." you*'to-rift New York?" i-. J -i 1 . ingcr. !•;•.••. livercd lilm at Hoorndce In amiilc time lor dinner, bill Hie lack ot his car for Ihe evening necessitated the use of llanl'3 old Haliletrap. Only linrd could drlvo the Rattletrap, as It had Ions since arrived at that s(ai;« of iliEliiteeratiou nnilcrstanillng t of liard was through tlie usiia - : '-* J ' - -_..'._' " om the kllclien door, iiiil lleiuir, dinner's nnme, rolsed bin Kef lonjK-d raue in iltsnlrlcil lo. Mhllo llciillo wclcanicd them 1th iliroblilng eong. 'itr n<)iu/ici!, oh, inijlc.' four jail ifil/'i olui; u(( immciUntely l« tli WANTF.D — Housekeeper, at th 'Frisco Rooming House, opposil Frisco Station. 9P-K • WANTED — GOOD USED CAR- CHEAP. Coupe or Coach prefer- rcdTwilling to lake up payments ori car. Interested in only a good bargain. See E. T. Wraight at Courier News between 4 and 4L3J • any, evening. •'.Do i y isAil Gfngi ; "Yea. I Srfonwirli .'A Etud wires,• hammering of and pushing ol bolts, was necessary to get-^-and keep—It running. "But that's all right," slid Eddy cheerfully. "We're not proud. Ho can Hatllelrap a co'iplc ot--.UB out to -Mill ilusli. It isn't far." * • • TT was not all right. Even GlnRe'r, -*• for all her dossed determination, realized tbat Ehe could not abauilon her own smart roadster anil lier newly arrived Biicsts for tho sake ot a hazardous trip In Bard's uncertain equipage. "Let him take Miss Cotton," said EJdy cheerfully. "She'll get a great rites attendant uuon slopping U ItaUlelrap. Ho kicked ilov.'n on ll Ihroltlc wllh his right foot, bea Hie key into the lock with a oniall hammer which ho carried l^slile him lu the scat for that very purpose, disconnected a \vlro which turned out the lights anil climbed over tho left door to £o lo llio release of bis companion. Ttic door ou the riylit side couli! only be opened by prolonged and violent srcaylftg of the body- of Ihc car, which Uard did with great energy until fiinldculy it sprang.a with 'n linny rattle. ,.. kick out of Anil we'll follow . A'illKgl'.A.-i-Af flio lu you— studying WANTED—Position as housekeeper. Experienced in practical nursing also, Address "C", Courlcr^e^ pany and ^ "No, "'DL ^orking.'f * ioEu'e. foritW islklea." I write <lla- Ginger's low even to i-cgietcr friend, close behind to pick them up if Ihey fly apart on the wny out." \Ybat could even a GinRer Ella do? She was obliged to stand helplessly by while Ktldy carefully assisted Colton into tho Rattletrap beside Dird. tucked Patty cozily ,-• ninger 'plenty/of 'ti'liie to tbat Cotton ivaa Einoking." Hani tooi thc.$tub from hor hand and oxtln* yuislied it upon tho fender. "You—you'll burn the pnitit," pro testeil Ginger faintly. "You Halter it," be Ealil. "Ginger, dear, do bo careful It those high heels." said Eilily BIIX lonsly, piloting ber firmly up tlv palh and over tbe rocks. "You'l have a broken ankle If. you aren' careful." "I wish I hail a broken neck," sh muttered. "And some other pcopl tco." Eat as a parly they math a srea Edily led tbci ".'id pitso wilcrcl." COTTON' aliibcreil [rom ber vet-*. vetccat mill inlo ibc cluilr Iliiril .Old'[or lur, ivr!i;i;llni; her ip'M him In a way Ihat ii;eanl flu: vante-1 n clgiret. llaril llghlcil It or lier. lioiulliii; low, while sbo Into his oycj. chin" wllh a slim tui clinaer by if tbariks. ' \Vlt!i ci picnt deal nf fussy osirn- .atlon, Kdily hdped tiln;:iT nut of lior...!!^!^ coat nml foKli'li II UCIDJH ho-kick ot her chair. : Bit llOWll. lllili'l."- -110 '-'Thb niusic'^ urcnt.. ll"n't wo^te It. • (jlngijr, iiler.EO-^! 1 '^lly (h'lftc.i.a^ny at nnce. v.'lth. j feeil. an'rj'Cotton"VBlnc'l l\i;r mm •' ^ft;inl'3'-5l(on!ileri lliroiilonluj; M burn his car wllli her. c'lR.ircl If bg. dldn'l ilnncc nicely. Hut G!u£iT wn3 yonn?. Tl-.ere WHH inusli', there TV.IH the swi-i-t scent of l!mvi.r.~. the blni:" 1 :* i:u-v,> inuiils \.l ib;nciiiR. Ami tlion? wcic friemls btuuiilns ilnui on •cry sTtle. merry iniroilui'll'jua in e spoken, witly snlltcs to rovly tu, anccs to bo cm anil cm n'^aiu. The human nature ot ymilh i ot slay for cvor ilowiu-.i-;t. veil ilie Plorin-rcnt heart ot C. :lln hml Us glimpse ol the rnlnb™. I'licu l-'al Uiirvln, witlion; Ihe ormality of on Inlrailncllori. cut In upnii Ihe rarllanl Colton. hurried UrnlrJit l)|roiisli.tlio r»Vil lo (al:o .Glnst-T nw:iy from 'e have \ WARNING OliDER Langdon L. McKay; John G. Hoyt, Trustee; B. C. Land Corn- McKay are wnrn- Into the rumble teal wilh Speeil.|ar.ioiis Hie tables to the one anil then c!ani!i;rcil In at her Fitlc.ihaj reserved in the corner, a la! Jler linmla upon Ibo wheel wen- ' liankcil with llosvcrs anil nlrcai tense, "licldy Jackson," she whb set with' glasses and silver. 1'lelro .eyes. : COUKSlS^UDREW rloW I AM !-*-~ Bur HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ; ' . TUB SAME ,OLI) -IM\A,\ By Martm I TC just Ilka darn well to,air*5 -- -'iwcl to them in grceliiiBl Cdiiy. f{)iiigcr." be whlupcrcil.' "th'.iip.s laji to lie nil mciJeil up saiiie- ho'w." "1 know it.. And I cr.ii't bolp InhiiiK ll I'Jily Jackson who Hit tliu buiter In tho \voil;^." lib liiiuil nt tier w;i!nt cnvcswil lier. "Do—i!o you like—her?" she ijncricil cr.fiially. . "Yes, Ehc's nice,* he nalrt iniliffc-r- ently, and aildeil onickly. "I liiinl: I'll leach Kilily t;) ilrivc the llaitli;- Irnp tomorrow. That bus o[ liis may slay broken a week." Ginger sinlleil. Kven wbcii Kp-.-cil cut in nt that moment ami toon ner away slio was ablo to smile fare- wnll nvcr nlsslioulilcr lo llnirl \\ltli something like hapiiluv^ In her (To Ua C7?»!uncf/) jf< B»citECG"oaaKD H, SffiX'O^nD3DD3JDQ H m'cacGoaGD3aD3 H flJiT Kt "VO \DAN W.R W «OX.\.Wi TO 6 ; OP 6ftOp Coats Relincd— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. HE-NU CLEANERS Phone 179 FOR RENT 5 room bungalow with garage. Will decorate to suit tenant. L. FOWLEK - Phone 888 ed lo appear in the Chancery Court for the Ciiickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within Uiirty days, and answer the complaint filed against then by • Vermdnt Ravings, Barjk ,aail Fidelity National Bank & -trust Campany, substituted trustee. Witness my- hand BS cleric of snid court, and the seal thereof, on this 22nd day of January, 1031.. ' R. L. GAINES. Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. O. Reid, Evrard fc Henderson,' Attornevs for I'laintiff. •22-.2S-5-12 I w.s'. cf >5r. nnd Mrs. Elmer Pow- crs. Monday nisht. l Miss Heli^n Smith spent Stitur- i day nisht with iliss Kate IWori. Miss Frjnccs Siiepanl was Ihe clarsd to exist and this Ordinance shall take effect and fe in forco from n.ucl after i!s passage. Pasred February 10. 1931. AP^ROVED" i NEI1L REED I r.iest o! Miss Joyce SappinglonJ v.;ek with Mrs. Us:ar Jnr'ra. Mayor. Saturday and Sunday. ' Miss Fio Mac Loilar spent Sat- Biicst nf ^fr.=. Clifford, returned hcmc Sunday. Mr. Elmo and Flr.ytl Jarbo, Ida Mac add Mr. ami Mrs. Eilgar Fon- dcw of Piidncali. Ky.. snciit lite ATTEST: S. C. Craig. . iCily.CJerk. 12-1 :>Tr. Eri-.-?s'. ami James Epperson! | entertained Mr. nr.d Mrs- Edward; I Marslmll -With e. musical, Thursday' a'night. ' U'3 Clear' Luke News •Mr. snd Mrs. Lucius C:0vcrl cii- urriay niijlil witii Vivian Merrill. Miss Ardith Jarbo is spenilinsj this week \silli Jila IHe Jarbo ot| Padncah. Ky. Mrs. Mary Adkisson is ill at her home here. Hoy. Gene, baby son of Mr. and | ' Mrs. H. McKay, is ill this week. ! Ivan Jarbo returned Sunday | j . from Pad-.icr.h. Kentucky, where he' ROU.EK SK.STES TO WCDDING • Huffman News AUTOGfiEASIHG Gulf Service Station Bryant Stewart. ^Isr. Phone 4 Slain & Division Red Ball Barber Shop 318 W. Main '; Williams & Damon, Trop. • Kelix Kyle, Fred Doyelt, Ciuy Rogers, Virgil Williams, 1 Esrl Darr.on. DuicfrLij Rejiaited FAY O.DAVIS OlfniNANCE NO. 313. AN ORDINANCE PROVID1NC FOR THE LICENSING; OF SEl>. LERS OF GOODS. WARES AND MEliCHAKDISE BY AUCTION SALES; PROV.lblNG PENALTY FOR VIOLATION OF SAID ORDINANCE .4ND, FOH r OTHER PURPOSES. ' "• •', ' " • '' UE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL ofi • wry; OF- ,ULY- THEV1LLE, 'ATiKA'NSAS: ' ' . Section 1. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage'th th?;business,,of selling or oftcring for salfi vfit-hln the City of. Blylheville any goods, wares or j»crchnnili35 by* Riinljoij tales without' first-liu'vinE pi'ociirc'd the Hc:nfo herein .provided for; provided ;theniccr3C' hcrct) provided for the privilege of ESlllns cr offering for sale •eood-;, warts nnd merchandiFC - by 1 ^iic'.inn : 1-hlcs- •ilia!! be in addition to the licensc'j provided lor Section! - ••'a|icc"r)d.'24j-6f'the'GI!y tciinineii a nnr.ber of young folks: with n p-uiy Friday- ni"lil i 1ms been visUins for some lime. , PHiLADEI.i'HIA. (UP) — With 'Mr u-Kl Mr-- Tsc-ni °RHiardso'n I Agnes M»K»y'ol Oscco!a spent; the entire wedding parly on inilcr spenl lliiiiiiay with Mr. W. O. Pow : the week end here as the gi:cst of ckitcs. Gcorjr Sl;v.:ns ami Doro-. ers nud family: 'her sislcr, Mablc McKay. ; ihy Clysrn. were married here re- 1 . Miss Gnia'V. Jordan if New] Mr. and Mrs! George Perry ar.ct. cently by Ihe Kev. Wcs!.?y Lewis,| Liberty scc-nt Saturday night with! (ip.ughter, were Suiulay guests of The romance commenced c^.iti Mtescf ; LJ-J!?D and Anna Mae! Mrs 'R. L. Adkisson. I years ngo when 81cvc:w L'ahglcy. , ' I Mrs. Gladys Arlklsson who spent | Miss Clyson to her feet .Miss Evalyn Langley was (he last w,:ek in Memphis as houvj tumble at n skating rink- assisted! after a —UA 61AO Of "SOME. WHO l»Mfn=M> FKJCCKLKS'ANl) HIS FRIENDS THE SEARCH! Phones 231 or Local and long distance hauling. Special rates on carload lots. Ttaro for local hauling. V. R. WASH AM TRANSFEK 1400 Crilckasanlw Phone 851 j JACK DELK >>v Radiator Expert, v 'is iiaw'wllh • iis New and Used-Radiators' . ' For All .Cars ' ' . Jackson Aulo Paris • ' "• -2020 W. Main—Phoni- 66'•" . ^ HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shucs: on, 8Sc ba Shuck off. SSc per t'.i., in car lots 1 . .Co'tlon Stiles Sales Co.,Jnc^ !> .r .. Biytlicvjlle Ai'fc, ,, ., ft'ione 174 or M> 1S06. 2 or Ordin of Blylli;villc, Section.: .2.';Bcia>|N firm or ccriwr.iUon s'.iall sell or olfcr to sell any goods, wares or merchandise by auclion in said clty( the iictscn. firm or corporation shall first procure from the City Clerk ot Blythcville a license ;o do so. which license stall bo issued for each day p.nd for which said applicant shall pay and the city shall receive, ths sum of twenty- five dollars per day. Section 3. Any person, firm or corporation violating the provisions ot this Ordinance shall be dcenic:! giiiity of a inisdemc^noi^and. tip-jn conviction llieriof : fined;'., in anj sum noi Icsa'OHiart 9%' Jiundrcd -dollars nor.-iiiOre thaiV'tlvc hundrcc I dollars for each violation ;of sai ! Ordinance.-. ?•:'& . -> •-" •-. i Section 4. All Ordinances nn parts of Ordinances in conflict herewith arc hereby repealed; tha largr crowds attend such sale. and it is necessary to provide po lice protection, Ihat, it Is ncccs sary to regulate and supervise such auction salrs. this Ordinance is nccess.\ry-foT- tht • ImnTetiiatc -pres- 'trf 5t56h'»ilrf*ttre x 'publfc prtWr^ealtn i and safety, an emergency is de- HAW^OM riCHT IT 8E A t-lTTi-E ROOSH TUE STP.IX£ OUT FOB IPS ROAD Loo/I FbH S^RE AS • BORtJ.- HOLD 01J, TAS- 1 AFTER TU£ • .X - ! VV sJ M&-- - 80^.' MISXL B£ OOT OF Mete espopc voo CAtJ SAV JAc(i SPRAT..- TJy TJlossjl' FSl-LA i CCOLD SVbC t-EAT NN--,- f. IF HE CMI I A.M EA.'iV mRfjtT OF H.'MSEIF. f ..-.- '.••TV;-' ; - ; "r:','. Cram BEF OR£ THE l«T OF * .'.= fcNO, FOR. «"H£ VtftST iiSi^^r^fei

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