The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 9, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1949 K/VTHEVILLE (ARKJ COUUHBR PAGE BLBVHf HOUR HOME^ REPAIRS - IMPROVEMENTS*^ Care of Canvas Awnings Helps to Prolong Lite When awnings are taken do*, 1 :; at the end of summer, they should b« carefully impeded and repaired. For seams that need restitching, use a good waxod thread. After repairs are made, awnings should be scrubbed with mild soap and thoroughly rinsed and dried. Metal parts should be lightly oiled. Hang awnings on storage racks with as" few (olds as possible. Keeps shutter* new* looking for years! DUPONT DULUX TRIMiTRELLIS FINISHES Renew the beauty of outside trim and shutters with DuPout DULUX Trim and Trellia Finishes. They'r* extra-durable , . . add an extra touch of beauty and protection to your home. ^ »pr«a4 *atlly . . . (aver »oll<fly ^ dry tait—mln1mli« duil «nd John Miles Miller Co. I>. C. Freeman, Contractor 123 W. Ash I'hone 2007 Savings on Fuel Aid Home Buying Reduced Heat Lost Will Support Added Items for House One-half of the families tn-' ironies today finance them through PHA loans, many of them purchasing their houses direct from model home on view »t the real estate development. The purchaser can add "extras" to his horn* without increasing the financial burden of mortgage payments, it was said I-lay by the Construction Research Bureau, New Y' '• clearing house for building information This can be accomplished, Ihe Bureau said, by having the builder supply at only small added cost complete insulation beyond the minimum required by tlv FHA Fuel savings from the resulting lower heat loss will mpport up to S650 additional in some mortgage* if money saved on fuel is applied on the loan. Newly-completed studies on th< cost of complete, full-thick minera wool insulation in relation to tin Irel savings It affords through lh< life of a mortgage show that th< added construction possible range: from $120 in Southern California to $050 In the Southeastern states Hfal Loss Analyzed This conclusion was reached by the Bureau after analysis of heat loss from a typical 720-square-foot house such as Is being built throughout the country today. The house , examined was in the 5000 degree-day heating zone (New York City: Columbus. Ohio: Springfield. Ili.i atui findings were translated into terms applicable to other heat- ille zones. fn the house studied, the PHA requires that heat loss he no greater than 43.000 Btu per hour. This is attained by l<i Inches of mineral wool In the "-'ling anc" with nn wall insulation. But if S106 more is spent to increase ceiling insulation to three inches and to provide 3 5,8-inch full-thick baits or blankets of mineral wool in all exposed walls, heat loss Is reduced 16.000 Btu per hour to 21.000. Under the FHA minimum, cost of heating this typical house with 12- ccmt oil is S77 per season. The additional insulation orlngs annual heating cost to S48. a $29 saving. The net saving amounts to $24 per .<*\Sf*Se.«'»: OUTSIDE JOB-Brought to eulties of building » home undo -*-.,v. -.TV; s- /^^ ; .^-.* ' ' .',.'•' "^r^VV^Vk.v as (he House Armed Services Committee worried over dilfi- a $16,Sim margin, is eullies of building a home under a $16,SOO margin, is a low-tosl home Unit lioiisin B expediter lighe E. Wood has built and is ready In sell. The modern hou.-e. IS l.y :i8 feet ;iml liuir-iicre lot are priced'at $6750. In a Washington suburb, !he house is uoiiplele with hot-w;il<>r he ,ter fully equipped kitchen, a fireplace, and s lass raili;ml heatini!. The wwd-fra.ned ccillage has three rooms with redwood siding exterior njiri plywood r;uicllin;j inside. View From Kitchen Should Include Ploy Area for Children Looting i backyard play »ren In full view of the kitchen window finds the small child hours of outdoor enjoyment and permits his mother to keep an eye on him at the same lime. A sand box together with a portable outdoor gymnasium consisting of swing, trapeze, leeterhoard, atici climbing poles, arc all the equipment needed. A small palyhousc with large window and equlped with l\ui or (hree comfortable cliairs. a low- table and a blackboard will vary the chlld'i activities and kce|> Hie youngster* from tracking, dirt through the home. privat« construction of homel near military camps. Tlie Senate Banking committee said (he military establishment, needs 261,565 family living unlls, adding that the loverruneat cant undertake to build all of thw. Under the measure, loam wouM be limited to 95 per cent of U» col of the structure*, which eould not exceed $9,000 each In en*. Military Housing Bill Signed by President WASHINGTON. A n R. 9-M'i — President. Truman sidled yc.sti-i(1;iy a bill mnkiiij; $5.111)0.01)0 In' natmnul housing Insurance available for the ATTIC FAN DEMONSTRATION \Ve liitve installed one of Hie new Rancher Type Attic fans in our office for * demonstration. Easily, installed in any home and costs less. No Down Payment Required Convenient Terms • I!K COA1KORTABI.K • E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Careful Inspection of Old Houses Will Provide Clues to Real Value I which these items can ho held b a minimum i.s a goort buy. fly I'pnry J. Uingite N'aUotialJy-Known Architectural Engineer An older house can prove a good buy if the purchaser determines the value in advance by careful inspection. Since much of the construction i-s hidden and a buyer cannot examine structural detail 1 ; as when building a new house, it is wu=e to employ a disinterested appraiser, an architect and a heatitig engineer to inspect the house. The appraiser will know whether the house Es worth the asking price; the architect will advise nn cofts and methods of alterations and repairs; and the heating contractor M'ill know whether Hie heating plant is adequate. Points to Look For The buyer himself can determine many points that will contribute to his family's comfort or rtiicam- tort and reduce or increase repair and operating expenses. Look for an even pour of the concrete foundation without large patches of R ravel. If concrete dents or chips easily under light hammer blows, it is not sound. Tapping the basement floor will reveal hollows which may eventually let the concrete break down. Center .he house -should be supported by wood or . . . . _ _.. — .„ — metal ally columns topped by a ; "tee H. and Hazel Pate, Lot 5 ami zirri'er nr-heavy-beam through the \ Lot 6 of Block "B" of the Smith middle of the basement. Addition to Leachville. 45:850." Joists should be cro^-braced and | Clyde L. and Opal VIcfccry to w»n to enjoy the convenience and comfort of « • mart, new Crane balhroom— » modern Crane sink, or an efficient Crane heating system for lhat maner. Let us help VOH modernise now, the easy way— ih« budget plan way. ask US obout the convenient Cror+« Budget J Plan today I \\ PETE" the PLUMBER 109 North 1st Real Estate Transfers iChlckasnwbn District) E. B. and rtovcnc C. Davici to Bill Reid anil comany of Arkrm.-ns, Lot 4 of Block 2 ol tile Duvicl Acres Division. 5800. William J. and Cliffie Wright to Eitciie D. A.sliabranner and jpwie L,. Ashbanncr, Lot 3 of Wright's Addition to Manila. II and other consideration. Willie Mao and Henry Andrews to Louis and Olivia George, Lot 10 o[ the Larry's Fourth Addition, ' $150. City's Building Is Still Booming $86,000 in Application For New Blytheville Residences Is Filed Sybil Phillips to and Caudle, Lot 11 of Block 9 of the Highland Place Second Addition, $1 and other consideration. John Earl Hill and Rosie Bell Hill to C.M. and Lela Collenin. Lot 4 of Block "E" of the J.P. Pride Subdivision. SI. 500. Omar M. and Mary Ella Christian to C. W. and juanita Fondrpn Peters. Lot 19 of Block "E" of the J.P. pride Subdivision. $2,300. Royce and I/jrenc Lyons to Her- joists and studs no farther apart than 16". A sign nf quality is mineral wool insulation in walls and roof area. It the house is insulated with this incombustible material,, up to 4071 of the hcatinc bill can ue r.aved and danger of fire spreading rapidy through walls is considerably lessened All doors should stand where stopped II they continue to swing, frames are out of plumb, n condition almost impossible to remedy- Porch floors should be pitched for drainage. Try the windows for easy operation and alignment in their frame.*. Water Stains Shu* Leaks ] the Dell Compress, ~ lG,r>00""sjiiar- Masonry and plaster cracks can j f €e i of section 5-HN-lOE, SfiCD. be a sign ol more trouble to come, | E. B, and Roi'ene C. Dav ; by further settling of the house or Hugh B. as a result of dampness. Examine Lot 16 < thf rool for missing or curled Acres Subdivision, $800. A. B. Baker. Sr.. and Virginia Bnk- er, 41 feet of Lot 9 of the Petterson Subdivision in Section 15-11N- 11E, 51 and other consideration. EEza and uhubclle Wheeler and J- K. Sanders. Jr. and Mary I,. Sanders, to Pepsi-Cola Bottling Comany. Lot 9 of Block 18 or the Davis First Addition, $10 and (itticr. consideration. Susan Moore and Odes and Nettle Young, Lots X and 4 ol the Block 10 of the W.W. Holf peter 2nd Addition, $400. Application.'; for building permits fluthorighiK S8G.3UU in residential construction have been received during the past by City Engineer Joe Carney. Fifteen applications filed by the Mississippi County Lumber constituted the bulk of that figure. The lumber firm applied for permission to crtH:t 15 five and six room houses which will be built at an estimated tost of from $5,000 to S10.0CO. One of the homes will be built on Hcarn Street, two in secon^ Jack- sou Addition and the rcmnlnttcr in David Acres. Other applications filed Include: H.I,. Cook, frame house In New Wilson AddiUion; $2,000 estimated cost, W. H. Hughes, to add one room to himsc at 2^3 Dougun; *400 estimated cost. James and Alice Ford, repairs to' house at 105 West Rosevell; $1,000 estimated cost. Gnrland Lapp, frame house In .Larries Addition; *1,-UM) eaUt»atc<t "fOht. . R. M. Logan, to add one room to house at 412 East- Kentucky. Raymond Palmer, house on Henderson Street; $500 estimated cost. Boycc Moore, concrete block structure at 115 East Cherry; $'2,000 estimated cost. IMione f).") Klyllievillt, Ark. PITTSBURGH WATERSPA 1 WOODWORK rURNITURI You n«v«IBaw tiny- ^ thlnq 111.. Ih. n.w SA, !;.-,a m.l ^ | for lurnltur* and . I woodwork—oa« co<it I kldlnq—quick dryind -e»cllt«Bt nor <,n3 c '"« '" chip laAlilanre— t»r run b b.nuUlul d.coialir. ..£.,„ t PITTSBURGH PAINTS LOOK BITTER LONGCR.' HUBBARb ' HARDWARE CO., Inc. 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Just llilnk, l»: -,i siiniJI ^Mrnrst-moncy deposit jou m*j mum secure nne of Ihesi- nrw inndrrn two bed ruom hnmem, n*w uiitlrr citns(ruellnn are makhiK their ftelectisn. M to me while you ma.s i:hciosR. Hraiittfullr drslgned. sturdily built. »umc have plctnrc wia- ilonns. In new aubdivlstim, Call or See MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY ./' . Of Holly Development £orpr~ IS»1 West Main Phone 4445 Rainy Day Best Time To Locate Roof Leaks, Housing Experts Advise Mid-summer, the time of heavy Susan Moore and Evalena Terry ! rains, is a n irieal time to Inspect Lot 32, Block 5 of the WAV. Holt- '"" ""' '"" '"'" " " " peter Second Addition, S2.TO. . B. M. and Moggie Wooda&j to I he i oo f for leak.s, sa y a the Con - struct Ion Rcsoarh Bureau, New York clearing house for buitdfng information. During a rainstorm, take a flashlight into the attic and carefully ind Rovene C. DavH to "S" 1 "™ tnc nlllc n "d carefully and Bertie Lois Molgan. | examine tllc underside of Uie roof | f Block 5 nf the Baviti an(l rafter* for truces of moisture, i ' shingles. If shingles are defective, a completely new roof may be needed. Look for water stains on walls and ceilings that Indicate roof or plumbine leaks. Check the stairwell for sufficient, headroom. If stairs turn, there should be a broad, square landing; triangular winding stairs are dan- geroiif. Don't let a flashy paint Job or a recently modernized bath or kitchen distract attention from basic structural soundness. Part of the cost, of owning a home is its repair and operation and only a house In J. E. Stevenson, Jr., niui Mntv K- Water travels along a rnfler: a leak always at the point wherp , ., Stevenson, to James M. and Betty moisluie Is discovered. Trace the Jane Gentry, Lot 2 of Block B of i moisture to its origin and mark the the Ruddle Heights Addition. $1.500. ' """' The wild pigs found on Bahama islands ate they swim from Island to fn search of food or 10 huntsmen. yesr after amortizing cost of the increased amount of insulation. On > 30-year mortgage, this »24 will pay the interest and amortize addition construction to the extent of 5366, the Bureau said. Von gel EXTRA value when you call Charley's Electric Shop for wiring installation or for electrical repair service. We do the job right. That meti* a big saving to you over th« years when you enjoy trouble-free electrical service. CHARLEYS ELECTRIC SHOP n2 South 5th fh»M 2993 Sc-l a pan or a bucket under the Irak only until a roofer can innkc a permanent rcpnlr. Jupiter, the largest planet moving around the sun, i.s more than 1300 times bigger *,han the cnrih. Come in and See LOW-COST KENTILE for Beautiful, Easr-to-Keep-Clean Floors No wonder this beautiful floor it gnurarv tetdl Years of >ear will leave it good ai new. Rich colon RO clear through to the back, of each tile . . . can't wear off. Ken tile resists soil and uam« . . . (leant so easily! GUARANTEED for the Life of Your Home! 13 C«Un: Design your own indivict lu!, exduwe K«ntile Floor viih these wonderful lilts. We'll install it juit the »-»y you like it in «ny room in your homf. Com* In for « H>K •rttnHit> Also Hardwoxx Floors Laid and Finished DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 East Main j Phont 4469 POLI anil what you can do to help . . In Hie rij;lil aRiiinsl polio there are many unccrlain Iliings. litil one cannnl {|ties(ion (lie impnrfancc of hciiiK fleiin. ._ in every way possible. Frequent bath- iii(t, Hie \vcnriiijr nf clean cliilhes, careful washing of dishes, keeping a home free from dusl and dirt . all (hose safe- Kuardsare imixirlanl. And to make Ihem ixi.ssililc, your \\aler Cn. maintains 21 hinirs a day an abundant supply nl clean, fresh, pure water. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. "Water is Your Cheapest Commoth'ty"

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