The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 11, 1934 ILiTdlVlLLl, J COUBtEB R1WS MODERN HOME Conducted for this newspaper in the Interest of Its women readers by recognized authoritle* on ill phates of home making. Florence Brobeck, Editor Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Editor Cook It at the Table These Will Til Into Your Menus (or Sprint; Entertaining Dear Frit-nils in lllvllicvillc: So many requests came to me f during tr.e Cooking School for geoA' "small" cakes and sweet breads such as nut breads that 1 have been collecting anil trying o:it a nev, 1 selection for yen. Here are some of the best ones and yon will iind that- they fit exceptionally wi-11 inlo Spring en- tortainini; menus. For teas, those first teas on i!:e porch In t.:e warmer sections of the country for laic Sunday suppers, for bridxc and other June br:de shower par- lies, [he following reci|x?s are es- ix?cially gocd. Cake Squares Three tablespoons shortening; three fourths cup granulated sugar; on egu; one half cnp milk; one teaspoon vanilla; one cnp flour; one half tcas[x>on soli; one teaspoon baking powder; one hall cup brou-n sugar; two teaspoons cinnamon; one cnp chopped ssalnut kernels; one tablespoon butter. Blend the shortening and sugar together: add the beaten egg and mix well; combine t!:e milk and vanilla and adi! alternately with the flour, salt and baking powder which have been .sifted twice together. Pour into p. shallow pan wStph has been rubbed with shortening, sprinkle with the brown sugar and cinnamon mixed together, add the chopped walnuts dot, with butter. Bake in a mod- 'crate oven, 375 degrees, for thirty minutes, or until brown. Enough for six or eight. Banana Walnut Cake One half cup shortening MRK THRBJI «nd bake in a moderate oven, 350 to 375 degrees, about thirty-five inln- iiles. Asparagus Sulau Two labk'£|>oon.s ^raniilnted t ntine; one fourth cup cold water; two lablesp^its sugar; two cups botline waler; one halt cup vine gar; one fourth teaspoon salt; one eiyMh u-asj»on pepper; one minced pimientu; one can asparu- •, gus lips, or its equivalent in fresh,' cooked asparagus (twelve lo eigh- i teen short stalks); .shmldcd Wt- luce; rudlsh loses or diced beets; sliced cucumbers marlnaleil In French dressing. Mayonnaise. Soften [he gelatine in coid water, my the sugar -'and dissolve both the sugar and gelatine in the boiling water. Add the vinegar, salt and paprika, chill and when { ulmc»st lo the selling point, fold In gently the asparagus cut into j short, pieces, also the minced ' pfmienio. Turn into a mold, previously . dipped into cold waler, and deco- | raicd with a lew pieces of asparagus. C.-.ill thoroughly until (Inn, ucimold on shredded lettuce, gar~ nish with the radishes, beel.s and i sliced cucumbers. Serve mayon- j liaise with it. PIGGLY WIGGLY Sugar is found in the sa nearly 2<X plants and treea. of lireakfasl or luncheon, supper or tea, impromptu or planned, any repast may be partially cooked or entirely prepared at the table with the aid of good electrical devices. This is a waffle and bacon supper; at the right the waffle iron with a pitcher of batter ready; bacon will be grilled in the grill shown 'in the background, and coffee will | bu made in an electrical jjercolalor at the table. A NEW WAY TO SOLVE YOUR INSECT PROBLEM Menus You May Prepare With Electricity at Table and one half cups granulated sugar; two eggs well beaten; two cups flour; one half teaspoon salt: one half teaspoon soda; one teaspoon baking powder; four tablespoons sour milk or buttermilk; one cup mashed bananas; one teaspoon vanilla; one cup chopped walnut kernels. Blend the shortening with Ihe sugar untii light and flnfly; add the beaten egjjs and beat well together. Sift the flour, salt, soda and baking powder together and add to the sugar mixture alternately with the milk, banana pulp and vanilla which r:fivr- all been mixed together. Bent after each addition until smooth. Add nuts last. Pour into a loaf pan rubbed with shortening and sprinkled lightly with flour. Bake in a moderate oven, 350 degrees, fifty mln- ules to one hour, or until done. Ice with boiled icim?. Or cut in .slices when cool and ice the slice making small individual cakes. Rich Jumbles One and one half cups srorten- ing; one teaspoon salt; one and one half cups sugar; two yolk of another egg: one half cup cream; five cups flonr; one tea- sixxm rose water. lilend the shortening and sugar, beat the eggs and add to the firs: mixture. Add the flour, salt, rose water and cream and mix smoothly. Stir !o a smooth paste, drop by spoonfuls on a baking sheet, rubbed u-ith shortening. Sprinkle with granulated sugar, and bake in a hot oven. 425 degrees, until light brown. • Crram J.pavps Three eggs: four tablespoons sn- . gar: six tablespoons flour: grated rind of one'lemon. Beat the eggs and sugar together. Add Ihc flour and grated rind, and beat, until light with an egg beater. Drop by teas;to2nfuls upon a baking sheet rubbed with shortening, and bake ior ten minutes, in a moderate. 350 t degrees, oven. Cut them off with a knife and 'roll up at once in cornucopia shape or rolled tube. Fill With a good array of electrical table devices, the following menus onc||iake ideal ones for entertaining, or for family meals. A walfle .on. colfce percolator, grill, antl toaster have become such essential arts of (he well equipped kitchen, that they are almost as commonly sed as the saucepans and paring knife. They are mosi appreciated when they enjoy a double life, that is. n the dining room occasionally, as well as in Ihe kitchen. The dining oom use may be on the buffet, or the table, or a combination of these wo. Long cords, good outlets well placed, and sufficient of these inlet.*, are the further essentials to smooth dining room service. Guest Breakfast Honey Dew Melon, Lemon Juice Creamed Chicken <in the grill) on Wailles <on wallle ironi Crisp Bacon as garnish ithis is in the second compartment of grill) Coffee Porch Luncheon Mixed Fruit Cup Shrimp and Celery Salad Unttcred Toast Assoited Jelly and Relishes Pulf Pudding with Cream Coffee Buffet drill Assorted Canapes and Relishes Stutfed Celery Creamed Hard Cooked Eggs (Grill) on Toasl (Toa.iier) Stulled Tomato Salad Small Jelly-filled Biscuits Chocolale Mousse Cookies Cotlcc Sunday Night Supper Platter of Assorted Cold Mrat-s Stuffed Eggs Celery Olives Radishes Swiss Cheese American Clieese Toasted Sandwiches Made at. Table Apple Tail a la Mode Coffee Ginger Ale Milk WASPS FH£ HOUSE THAT f LIT SPRAYS BIDBUSS 7 MOSQUITOES WATERBUGS 1 ROAC«£S ANTS half cup grated cheese. Drain the asparagus, cither canned or cooked new asparagus. Blend ' the butter and flour in a saucepan until creamy, having only a inod- ,erate amount of heat. Add tre milk 1 and cook, stirring constantly until ! thick. Add the salt, beaten egg j yolks and grated cheese: then as- Ill Souffle or Salad This i ""Jf" 8 " 1 ^ _ wl f} °» T ^T T n oughly blended, (okl in the stiffly Is JUre to DC '. beaten egg whites. Turn inlo a bak: ing dish nibbed with shortening. 'Set in a shallow pan of hot water •VW'OMKN list l-'lii fur ** many tiling iK-siiJi-a >;rllij]g fill uf Hir3 Jinl Weld ome A dish such as a vegetable souf- 1 fie make.s an excellent main dish ! for a Spring luncheon, or takes tve I place of a heavier vegetable in the dinner menu. Make this one asparagus: Asparagus Souffle Two cups inch-length pieces of with chocolate whipped cream, or tablespoons canned asparagus, or fresh; llircc any other good Tilling. Gingcrnuls One fourlh cup sliorleninj; one half eup molasses; one half cup brown sugar; one tablespoon ginger: one teaspoon lemon peel chopped fine: one half teaspoon caraway seeds; one egg: two cups flour. Melt the shortening and mix it with the molasses: add the sugar, ginger, lemon peel and caraway seeds. Add the eg?, slightly beaten, and the Hour. Stir to a thick dou;h. stiff enough to roll inlo balls Flour the hands. Roll the doiigh Into balls Ihe size of marbles, between the palms. Put them on a bakir.e sheet, covered witi: paper rubbed with shortening. Place about one inch apart, as they will spread. Bake in a moderate oven. 375 de- gffy. for aiicvit twenty minutes. -MRS. GEORGE THURN. NERVOUS, SLEEPLESS M:s. M. C. I<om of 6'1 «'. IMli ?!.. Norlh I iu!e X<vk. All.. Mi.l: -I al. ni >•! In.] j I>:<.ilii1.m-n butler; tv.rce table- [ .spoons flour; one cup milk: onc| half teaspoon salt; three eggs: one! 'i.m ai j ntlve |iMi;c anil uis voon rnjoj-- ing ECM>! l.raWi at;aii;" ' [ nnffiin, N. V, for •r« rr.l'tjl a.h-ifc. All .Iriiiii-!" Niiv i'"t, llb!cl« W. liquid ' " ' liquid, SI JS. \ .1 IU. l.Jltf si". U'lVH <" Hqu ^ -U« 1)0 Our P*rt." Pays for a licmttyrest Mattress Hubbard Furniture Co. Kartorv Authori7rd FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Genuine Frigidairc Parts Factory Trained f,fechaniCK Reasonable Charges Dly SI -Fhoru- NMjht 414 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Main St., Blythevllle [| l»y i>rot<-clijig ciibll^ clottir^ froul UHJlliii, urni from roaulics acid anU, wltii i>r;n.-LiL-iilly nc« effort anil vt-rv lilllc I clears lln: hiHtTi- i Hit. , ^ FLIT SPRAY AND POWDER IT COSTS SO LITTLE -fT DOES SO MUCH SWET&PUREFLOUR A HIGH QUALITY ALL PURPOSE FLOUR At Good Grocers Everywhere THE CRAFTON CO. DISTRIBUTORS BLVXHEVILLE, AKH. KROGER STORE Prices for Friday and Saturday Swift Premium Skinned Hams 15c Shoulder H 10c Salt Meat KM) CUTS, Couml CIvNTKK <TTS I'uimd Country Club Rolls, pound Cheese Wisconsin Daisy, Ib. 16 VealRoast & 12!c Rarnn Fanc>Black DdliUII Hawk Sliced Ib. Neck Bones 3Jc RoastBeef 114c Steaks I'drli. 1'Yesh (.til I'ntiii Slinuldrr Pound 15c Steaks K. (,'. lieef Pound 20c Tongues 8e ;iri5c Calf Liver Frcshlb 25c Stulks. Kiich CARROTS i-resh cc Bund) t) POTATOES ",..,. 4V 1C New (ireen OC WHEATIES ^''te i I?T TI in? M *v vir LCtl ill Uj 1 1 mils. Kuc uch ASPARAGUS GRAPE "SLs'-T PICKLES s ..... '"(S 15 C VINEGAR :! S' Ho,. 10 (: CAITp Tomato, liarliara Ore kJuUl Ann. 7 C;ius Ld Whilo <n- Yellow GREEN BEANS Te CT : CltEEN PEAS '"'g 7? LEMONS """'"" ,. W SALMON ' SARDINES Al "T r : 10 C FriMi.-li. l,li. - - 2:!i- .h'lvcl. Mi. liic 3 Lbs. 55c •••••••••MM MILK Cininlrv Clnli :\ T:ill in-' (I Snuil! Cans l-'tir 17c Bananas Fancy Quality 4 Pounds Potatoes Table Triumphs Pound Oranges Florida* Valencias 5 Pounds Pineapple Avondale Large 2', Can Strawberry, Rasp- lierry, Oraiifri 1 , I.oninn, Cherry and Lime 4 Pkgs.' 15c APRICOTS ('minify (Hub l.:ir;:i' 2!'2 Can Fach 15c CORN S1; Sl:uu!;inl. No. 2 CanOOC :\ for UO CHIPSO Sm;i " Tmr 13 C '/. i.)). cm. TALL BOYJS.S 1Q ( . Liirifc l.'M'.w An-elOQC 1'ood. l-;uh Ot/ Vnnil'j.. 1,1). - - APPLE SAUC S... t£ H PURE LARD *a- $3.98 c- c. nnt: 1-I.h. Tin Lo OI-OIIICS :lll c< (id 1AC Wall. |.; ;l eh H) CANDY Oranifi 1 Slict-s FLOUR ?iT,f s 85° Corni'(I lifcf. Ar- ^QC nioiirs. 2 CIIIIH u«7 HR1MP Wllt m "cL W rAn Fresh. Slici-rl or lAl- Lr\U Ki'Kii'sir. l.iiiif IV FIG BARS '""I,,. 8? Fresh Eggs D ° z 16c Best Crean 24-lb. Sack an Pears liclly lUno Krifcr -irj-i 1 2!2 Can Hnjr-0-S\vcol 10-!,h. Paper K: Crackers C. C. 20 Ibs !) in '!•- »:'.!••. a Wl'SCI! 2-1,f). l!ox Sliir.iliinl No. 2 fun :! for ESfXZf, Tomatoes Ginger AfeHJCc Prunes s l|c Scot Tissue x20c

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