The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 8
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I'AOE K1CI1T NKWR Humble rjlnyim; caul;; -.h M 0.111, washed wtu-n smliM ur v bi-iivj ilir of (iliitniii'.nn. .MONDAY, OCTOJSKU 20, MJ30 • EUI.V HKKH TU1IAV , AdvenlMrr ruler* Ike life ot CKLIA MITCHCI.L, |T, nkt* tkr lf*r» ikr fnlk> r »kr fcnp «U|IIIUM-J •^•4 U pllvr Hmri uvalth.F. slu- leave* fcfr MBprr'lrnlJtfUH fc.intr In U-illlMurr to llvr In \nv Vurk vrllk krr fnlkrr. JIIII.V UITCII- Kl I*.' ni»4 fc*r" arUlK-ritil« ^r:mj- MotLtr.- MUIGAHI.T UOCKHS. Crlln't • Htkrr, In BOW a tTlduvr, knvlu^ tlverrf* Mflrkrll tind tnl.-r n- Marrtrd. . • RAi»M:v suii-:ui':, TtHiBK Hrnvxpaprr phMla£r.i|ihiT. li 1» tovr tljtfc ihr Jtlrl M»d iH-fdr? ••IrnTlnK ItnltJmiirr <VHn pi-ymf-ml !• kf lnj*l <« blM luir. ri!<krll »-k» i:\KI.VM PAII- •«JX». krnBltful nlduiv, Co Intrn- BUCf' llir Rlrl to yuuni; prn|ih.. MT«. rurnuiift agrrrK, rnnKMi-rlRi; IVII.i a' nc-nnn' fu \vlrn Milchrlr* Mfftcllo'nn (IxiOKk Hkr In Jt-nlou* •»4 al. oner fcrglnji •rhrinlBi: t,> frt tit nf ikr iclrl. Sir l»lro^.fr. oil. i> TOII JORDAN. (url»ll >K 1,111 ,,r ^•TrttfmA rfctirarftr, And dk>r« nil •kr raa 10 tmtfmtttfir Ikr mnieh. I.ISI DUNCAN. .(H-lollr iiruml- • <••!, krrnuir* OltA'i Inynl ftlrinl. MlfrkHI IrnniN Jordnn U pn>- •lue kl* riauchtrr Rf(rnll«u.i ninl Curl. Id), fcrr 10 nrr kl«. Oils nf- itHiU krr EravdMolhrr nnc] tlie rKrrlr Mr*, ttllrkrll lilcn* Ill- urea and drpnrra fur n rr«t. Tlic Klrl pnr« In M«. I'nmnnk* I.OUK ruling knntr for a Irnjclkjr vMI. There Jnrdnn rnlU Mllrkrll nrrlvt* 10 , rrlvt* Mud M-fin* ttSnul «iMrrl:fKr 1« Mr*. I'ju-- irkrii OIJx Inlf r 4:ir nhra o^iii]rriJMl(7 N ii i*npff nttl IntrA^urr fkr Crljn And Jordan KO lo *hih In [Innrp nnd Ikrrr \r>l ffrrx he pnlijrrf, mipprr rnrriuo- rl-"'c i^oo« not lm*rtVrc »<lrfc fcrr «IV""I;>0.. - : •.'..• • xoxv en nx WITH TMR STOK* CPAPTEri XXXIII * WAITER wtio a'jprarod to /* know Jnrilan led (hem to o laltlp bc r or« a T,'!II<!OW cvcrlnnkhiB 'tbc pordi. . here before?" . Ce'ia asl:- ' • "Yes--o or tv.-fce. Not recently. 1 ' Joiilan looked away as he spoke . "Well.. I [hlnk It's, lovely hero. I'm'dad you brought me!" . "Better order before we dance iWjtaudo.'you 'want?" Celfa looked over the menu card •-^tnd.-madts. her Eeleellon;- Jordan .gave 'the order to tlie waiter, who • .: v not3ded and disappeared.. The orchestra leader at the far • i tide of;llie room raised his baiun. V The'-first- barn of "In Monterey" I'trfioated oov on-'the air/'The'ie.ider was a blond youth, slim and with •ia .boyisli'.face. Now be raised his , :raefaphori9 and w«s BinEing -the ballad. : :' -• . - - ' : . f.Tod—Il'a oqr song!". .- "\Vhat do you mean?" Before Celta could explain a no- prano • laugh Interrupted. "Well. Imagine rinding you two Ere-Brooks was coming toward sin..;;' ffcr scarlet lips were ww'In a satirical smile. Evo's eye* .were, bright, her laughter a trifle unsteady and too hlgli-pltcheri. " ' - Won't ' yoll Join us? dia'L- Cclla tried to ajipi'ar cor- 1 kB, yes.-' •Jordan had. risen and drawn out a chalr^: Eve sank Into It. •V "Is"- your husband here?" Cella tskcd.'' : '. < '- > Flqd 'bim-«nd : t-rim: hlni oter.-Tod"."--' , : " '•'-.'-. . : I've lifted K band In protest "Not Coartucy!" she smiled. "I'd bare to get Qut a search warrant to locnts that ladl Haven't sceu him for twp days. He's sup posed lo be on d (Uhlng trip, but I'm not BO sure. No, darling, I'm here ivllli a nice little. boy frlr-nd 1 picked up last wetk'Cnd. Krcdcr- Ick'j his name. Oh, thero lie Is!" Mia. Brooks balf rose, waving n iiaml at a young man In tho middle of the room who appeared to be hunting someoDt. lie nmu toward tbcui. "Frederick, I've run Into some pcoiilo 1 know. Miss .Mitchell, Mr. Ward. And Mr. Jordan." Thero w«ro "how-do-you-do's" and then Frederick Ibe youth Fat down. known Ho an mildly pood looklDC in a way which did not dlfforcnilnlo him from hundreds of other young incu. Cclla glanced up. via tvrt Toil had itrpllAT'S Rood »usJc/' Tod Jor- 1 dan ,sald. He appeared lil'nt •a.'c. "Shall wa daucel'.' "I'O IOTB tol" Eve waj on her feet at once. startled. She not mr-ant to ask Kv« to dance the first dance with him. Already they were moving awar In the crovviL "Will you danco, Mlsa Mllcliell?" Celta smiled. Slio rose and slipped into Frederick . tt'ord'ii nnn». She could see Tod and Kvo across the room. EI-G'S head wa« close to Tod'» ahoiildcr. A w.ivo of imscr pussed over the slit- She lulil herself it wus not icaloucy Evo had no rl«h: to make such nn eshlblllon of hernplf. Eve was married and tliould lcav« Tod Jordan alone! Cella scarcely thought about Hie young man «ho was dancing with. He was n eatlsfacto'ry partner, Their stops matched, hut Cella was preoccupied, They wore flrat to return lo the table, five and Tod appeared n minute later. Evo was laughing and Jordan's face won white. !!•> looked angry. lie did not sit down, but mndo an excuse. Some- Uilng about getting clgarela, which .^•as rldleuloui .because tie .waiter- would hare brought them. Evn pyed tho young man's back as ho disappeared. Then her lips scl In a h»rd line. "Dow yourself out, Frederick," she said, lla." "I wMit to talk to Cc- Frederick Ward rose and moved away. ' ' "Now then," .Evo said,; turning her smile on Colin. "Wo'can talk. How well you're looking' tonight, my dear." ' • ' "1'rn 'glad you think so." "Oti, you look marvelous. J'on should always wear white, darling. It gives you that innocent, chi.ldlsh appearance." ' The girl stirred, unconi fort ably. " Kve," sho Bald, .'"do I seem' so awfully old-fnahloned'C'., Her companion laughed again; actually think you Jl(l It unconsciously. Ofcourso 1 know jou' don't! No ono could >>t so angelic In reality. Thai's why 1 think It's so Ecreamlng to see you with Tod." Cclln Btralcbicncd, "Yoii Beem to know Toil.^Joriian rather, well," fhc Eald. "Well. I should hope ep!" Eve glanced about her casually, then lowered her voice. "He wants ino lo marry him. Sometimes 1 don't know— of COUIFO I'vo never bocu really happy ulth Courtney." • • • '' XTOU mean— n . divorce?" In•*• Toluutarlly Cell* 'drew tack. "Wi'll, why not? They're Rood this (caapn. And ,Tod really ia a Ha Mitchell, In llic-.-e highly puhii surroundings I pay I lovo you. Ami If there weren't so confoundedly many people around I'd make I convincing Now whal'n nil about anybcw'i" Cella wan looking away him. Khc lilt IIIT Up. It's aliom ihc bracelet you RITZ THEATRE Monday a:ui Tuesday We Need the Money and You Need the Clothes lov«! Ix»k!" Erelyu her fln- invo It to me." Kvo said "Xo wonder I'm wljd Ror-on Hie wiilosl. most dazzling of t|io bracelets on her arm. it was a woven band of diamonds and es. n blaie of \vhito.ftro arid blue nuUunce.' : •"fed softly, about him!" Celia looked nway. In ono crush ber ilreani raallc lutd •fullr-n. Toil In lovo with KTO! Tho bracelet. Toil In lovo with Eve|, 'But- It couldn't bo! ' ' \ , • Sbe could not trust herielt' lo speak. /,', •; • "Here eoinc-3 Tod 06*.'''-.Cclla could bear Kve II rook sf.. voice v«Kiiely. -Sho.Eaw thai'Tod'wan approaching. Ibem. Her TojV-no. not after-llio terrible tilings I^o had said! Ob, ibo whole vnfrld was .1 iilxhtiunrel /;' • C'olla rose us Jordan Touched' iJic i able. . .!•' . ' "I—I think I'd Iltfe to f.o out;on tlio porch." she said. "I dou't tte.l- well." . The young man bent over her HO- licltously. "Sorry," bo Eaht' "Here—wo'll BO this way." Without n word to Kve lin led Cclla out of tbc> room to tlie broad porch. Tlio xlrl drew a deep brealh of tlie fresh air. "Cooler bore." Jordan was saying. "Lord, but you're pale! How about Ice water? IB there anything I can got?" Cella shook her bead. .. "Sit down. .Tod, 1 .' Hie girl said. "There's something J want to as!; you." ' ' ' ' • •'"What's on your"mtitd?" 'Cilia's, lips trembled, h'o'r a mo- 'The what?" "Tho bi.iccln—diamonds *ap!dilr<-i you gave Eve Drooka. 1 MW7I1AT aro you lalking about? TW " he Mid roughly. gave Kve Iligoks n bracolel! "Sho said you did." ."Well, It's not true." Tho man .vuxhed shortly. "\Vhcrc'd I j;a inoiif>' cnouKb lo buy , diamond brncHels? If 1 had I'd offer them [6 you. What's Kvo tatklKi; abbul anyhow? Such nonsense!" ' "lliii, Tod. alie told me, you pavn her -the bracelet! She" suld \ yen wantrd to marry her!" "Ob—lhat woman! Cella, It's not (rue. I don't know anyfl'ili.K more 1 can Bay lo'yon except Uiai it's not true!" Cclla looked Into the man's 011- Ery eyes. Yen, lie meant what ln> paw. It was not true. Tr-ara n( riglil 1'uck up t r o u I ; T h n s L- : TIHKI) conn-- . dy. men arr • here apaln! .roRc before her. "Then, everything's all again?" not | "Of couisp !t Is." Slio reached, for .lordanV h::isd aiul'.cliupcd It .tightly. Cclln WM radiant. Tho hum bealdi! her Bccined. less exuberant. Suddenly Ihe clrhi cxprcKBloii clmiijjeil.- - '"l.lslcn, Tml."'slio said. 'Tm-n.. BoliiB to have Evo'Dropks 8'prc'ad- .Ing stories like/Hint- about yrju." "0!i. now. Colin," Jordan bc-.-^n iiiicomfortably. "we don't want 10 make n scene. That's all In tbe world that would happen. Von know Eve! She'd set hysterlciil, and there's no-telling \vlmt she'd do." "Why, Tod,.you talk .as thouph—" ".Seo here, 'did we como out ,to qiiurret about Kve Drooks. or'-lo have some pleasure? 'Vou'd belter powder your nose and lix i'rjur balr and then we'll go InBi'ii.'. Seems to me 1 1 "ordered somethlns to eat Bcveral hours ayo." Moefcly Cella opened her vnnily ca?e rm'd dusted 'liev face with 'tho tiny puff. They returned 'to I Anybody War I Q Qaramowu Cficcure I .Matiucc 2:00. Adm. I0-;i0e N-'ifht— U:-ir>—« : .,5— 10-lOc. Comedy—Cartouii rind News. ment sho studied, wondering how dining room. One darting loot; lol lo begin. "Sometimes," she said'hesitantly, "vrhen we've been toyelber you've said that'yon—cared for me." Jordan'bent Ills bead to hear the words. They wore barely ohovo a whisper. . Celta that.Eve bad disappeared. "Where's the waiter?" Jordan prowled. On the table beside the wlmlovM werc\ twp molted teen.. Jordan found the man wtio bad laken iho . . order, told him to brint; a second. "Ot.cnu.rst. dear.' You know 1! Afterward they danced, but- the do-" . Hue edero of the evening had lwu:i .. "You menn tbat?" dulled. It was early wben th.-y "Why. C'elin. what a question! I rclurnod to Larr.fywood. Jordan Oct. 26th ST. LOUIS AND RETURN Lc'jwe Dlythcvillc 12:52 A M Oct. 20th. . ' Arrive St. ijiiis 7:21 A M Oct. 20th. ' i Returning — leave St. Louis l-a I P. M. or 11:40 P. ^.. Oct. 2Glh. ROUND TRIP FARE DIrl you brlns trie all this way just for that? You know I love you!" • "Tell me agnlh." ' "Foolish!. What In the world bar. Into your head tonight?" "But' tell 1 m „.., ._„ „,„, luu ...... "My. dear, you're p.reclonsi; .One I "All/right Once and' for all.' Cc- Tod." .said good nljlit and left tmr.ii dlately. .' Aa hour later he entered tlif 'iv- ini; room of Eve'Hrooks'ipart^^t. ."Well." lie said aiigrlly, •£• you've taken to telling tales! 1 ' (To EC Continued) CITY:.T6. HONOR ANDREE Swedish .navy gimboat -.GOTHENBURG', (UP)—Tills cily kund,"an-Mav r 1897, orV't has''decided -to rename 'one 'of Its 'streets..after.-8: ;Ai'. Andree -.the Srodlsh'p-lar-. explorer. The -tlior- oughfsie runt along llicVMa'bUiugg"; Qu*y,:alii It wa's from'thls part of QolUenburg- harbor that Ai>dr«e and his . cbmpaniohs, • Slrludbcrg snd Fraenlei, set out on board ISc "3V«ns- Paper i-flrel became' nvAUftbl. fnr ett'rBtJ-Ithe r7st '-.of the' world abouV" the '•- ••'•'••'LiAK.K- . .v, •»""'"• l_il_". E Century through, the Arabs. who learned the aft of paper maS Irig from. Chinese pi-ls:ners cap- ' turcd lii Asia:' wzmm~ &&& Monday and Tuesday A WINNER! The laughs and loves of golf in a..-grand .comedy • with music'by the writers of "I Can't Give You Anything But Lov?." with Robert Montgomery, Dorothy Jordan, Benny Rubin, J. C. • • " • Nujfent.' ONE will always stand out Starting Tomorrow and continuing all week Everything Must Go Nothing Reserved Men's Fa!! Suits ,r and Sweaters Don't pass up this opportunity to buy your clothing needs at exactly All Sales Final-No Alterations-All Sales Cash OAK HALL CLOTHES No baUyhoo! ' Comedy. I Matinee and Night—10 & 25c. Chesterfield says it with "MILDER... and BETTER TASTE"

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