The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHBVILLH, (AIL); OOUXDnt HEWi FRIDAY, MAY 11, 19S4 Umibc Liillii'il «on Social Calendar '.'unlor Hndossai, having Mother's «l after Mrs. Siiiolhermnn ta'y Tea at Hotel Noble, 3 tojlxcn showered with an inu-i Foster iind pi-la's. A M.iad and level lea wnv Uay & ?. M. Miss Bernicc Harwell To Wed Mr. Alvin Hollcy of iYcmu; Tropic's l)rr>l. j l l hl ; Mother':: I'ruRiai Mother's Pay nil! In- ' j liaplibt chinch with :i rjrnm. Alvln Hollcy. |)io- nouncea UK c nga B raiem u, i m, , STof ^ v ££ tcdi* »^;* ^.v^r;! 1 '!'. 1 will be solemnized in Browiiivlllc , ]nj ^^ ' (i ^j,, »\i ouu .," «;•] | 1C hilmfily 'observed Sunday by the ymins .The Rev. and Mrs. Alfred S. i l"'"> )le '' s <^™'>»"* ° ( "«' ""' Harwell, formerly of here and now ol.. Brownsville. Venn., have nn- nounced the engagement of tliclr dn Holley, will hi June. '. The bridc-elecl, who is a ate of Centra! college at Coinvay, Ark., Is pormliirly known here where she resided for several years before recently moving lo browns- vjllc. ••Mr. Holley. who Is Ilic ion of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. HuUcy of Steele. Mo., is asslsinnl manager of hie local J. C. Penney store. i:ii ciiiinuy removed lo her home In lhc Tn- on which wns writl'.-n (hi 1 pii>'r;nii | grinn aparlmcnlK \vlthin a lew After the l:-iuh-r had :;iv;-n i. Ins- days. lory ol missions in Ch:n;i. MK- ' Mines. Mult Monaghiin, C!nr- x>v,c lead "llomuna- :iml Hi'li^iM 'cnfe Vullmer, W. J. Wimdcrllch In a Cafe," Mis. ollii- I'oil.'i'jjiiHl Jiniics H. Bell, accompanied on "The Mantle <>f Kli)..!i Iby Mrs. Karl Kroger of Oklahoma and the H-.-v. .1. .1. Walkrr 'if; City. Okla., si>cnt yesterday In M'.'lll(:tllS, Who I.-, r:.!,:!!!! 1 !!!! 1 ' ill' Ml-mpllLs. cvanncli.siic mi'c'.nm nl tin- rh:i:r!i.| .Mr ;im | Mrs. W. L. HorniT and told of the lelituim in China lu'.laj.'um. .lack, were In Mi-ninhis yrs- Tiie hostcssi-.-,, .Mrs. 1. O WrM- • inday where they met Mrs. Uor- S^vs KITCHEN (read, and Mr.s. Haul L. Tipton will oldest mother pie^cnl brook mid Mrs. Ward, mvnl'* mother, of Whealley. Ark. Mr. Homer ri<liinn<d here last < veiilni; and Mrs. Homer and son I'.sill go lo Wheat ley for a visit. 1 Mis. George .w. IJush nad 'I- 1 -' 1 daughter, Constance, of Paragotlld, '•' llsl , will arrive today for a vltlt witli Mr. inul Mrs. Cecil Shane and ivshmenl-s. Id dial 'I'miiKhl Is I'irst of T\vn I'kumcil Trie rui'llul. to In- givrn evc-nliiK. H o'cliii-k, ill I In 1 Mi'llnxllsl church, by liH' 1 - given basket of lluuvis an:! cd pupils of Mi» MaiuLLicl MI illt, is Hit flm uf usu *\:r mil ( K ..u B iiiJr. I'atty. They will accom- Mrs. Shane and Mfe-s Shane UV MAKV K. DAUUK NKA Srrvk'C SUlf Writer Thc modern home-maker should 'know lier onions" literally these Jays Ijti'iuise this vegetnble which! stands third among Hie truck-i gault-n crops of the United Blalcs is nf lilKh food value. A thor-j oiigh understanding of its virtues itu! many uses aids us in plan- ling nourishing nn:l attraclive s :il binall cost. Modern rc- :h lias explained lhc Irulli o' the old saw "Eat onions in May, anil all Hit- year after Hie doclors May play." Mew onions come under the Hands Studied When Sarg Picks Puppet Operators Chou.iiiB UK members of )i|s instinctively doing the correct roin|i:iny for Marionette work Is thing can come only wllli Inccs- alinosl us much of an art as crcat- sant, work, ing Hie femes ""'I Hie pluys. ac- | Aflcl . „„ howc-i-pr. Mr. Sarg says cording to Tony Snrg, whose Uncle a ls lhf: lla , lds which determine Remus swrles will be presented thc maUcr I( thc i lam is .. look » that the dramatic Instinct Is ll*re and that the owner win be a successful puppeteer even if he or she never thought about it before. here on next Tuesday afternoon and night at the City Hall Auditorium under t!ie auspices of Hie Jily Council of Parent-Teacher r\s^ocialii>ns. The hands are jiiot as likely to tc-ll the H-cal us not. Many appll- right, it is more than probubl: Blue Star KMb • Itchy Ringworm No writing I Blue SUr Oirilnifat melts, sending tested midiclaes deep into skin porei where it ends itching by killing the fernu of ringworm, rash, tetter, ctttm* ind foot itch. Very footbhtf. Quick ud Hire. Pleuast ia o*sr.(adv.) Lhe motho]- pix^ receive a corsage. All mothers are mvitcd. :.,»[ Mrs. s ol Has Clul) Tarty. Mre. A. IS. Fail-ibid CiaM'fcrd Greene U'cro Mrs. J. 1/niis Cheiiy. alony; with Compliments BrHe members of Die Mill Week Hralac ...Miss Lucile Bourland had a club, Tiinr»lay lor lunch mill a mower Wednesday evening in i IjiidBc game. special compliment to Mrs. Jim- Pink roses, in loss- lilart: Lewis, Me Smotherman who \vas teiorc j were ccntcrpietTS [or the small la- lier recent marriage. Miss Mar- J uii'.s ami peonies and roses (ieco- guerite Criner. I rated thc rooms. Inive tx.'fo:-e eiiiiuner vnciUion. An- ,,, M;.. m ])lils tomorrow and on other yrouj) of siiiilcnis will bv ^ lil , I i ;1 y will lie joined by Mr. Bush, m-ctcmcd .-arly in Juni;. j] L .. ; ,,, u M ra . s am & Mm and Mr. On Ihis evuiiiiV. |ji(iitr.iin a M 1 ' 1 - and Mrs. H. N. McElvey. of I'ara- JHIS Is an era of "Elegance". . . T ^of. luxurious fabrics /and alluring lines . . . .'.demanding.for their'background a satiny skin and meticifeus grooming. with A!r. Surg arc refused in three minutes, even If they have had long | .dramatic experience, in spite of • Is your skin as finely textured, as it may be, your good singing voices, and .... ..... , . , cinlty will be Miss Virginia 'The 20 guests Included Mlwrrs ^ivian Lynch and Mnrgarct Bosell, .of. Luxora. . In various contests Misses Constance Smith, Melon NOTICE ;":' Through thc Summer •'' Mwiths thc Ben Franklin Store Will Close at 3:30 O'clock On Saturday Nights In the card games Slnine sson club \n]w Mix Cecil itml Mrs. Bits oj News Mostly rersom al who will t>e itui'sUs of thc S]iani'.s for tho day and who will accompany Mr«. I3us]i and Miss liush hoinc. Misses Louise Hale and Julia Ciait;, of Osceolu; sijeiu yesterday n: llie citv. Mrs. C. W. Afflick will motor,to Memphis tomorrow accompanying Mrs. Cicorne Cracraft of Helen: svho has hceu her uuest fof.Vii of many other desirable charac- tcrlflics. Any applicant is required to show his hands; if there arc gloves, they must be removed, and of succulent vegetables. A*'!' Mr ', S: "' B ' 6 »<«t Procedure de- a ( ..I vitamins ami mineral | P?" d 5 l "*"' f nt ^ .^' N * liiev i -ink with UK b-st ol " ' Snr S ls llot , " P almlsl - ail<l lllc things he reads arc not in,the lines inside. Hands of pujiiictcer.s must be long and thaiwly, somethins of sparkling through soft shadowy frames'. . . your brows fashionably defined.?. Greene, thc ynesl award. Chiistian Churi-h W. Jl. S. Becomes I'alt Of t'ouncil. The Woman's Missionary sorlcty of the First Chrisnun cliurcll. whicii in thc jiasl hat lie?, 1 u separate organisation from thc Women's council, will iMTOine ti [>art of thnt group lint will tnntinue lo have its ineelin^s inuL pio^ianis. This was decided upon in a meet- Ing Monday nflcmoon m the home ol Mrs. L. L. Ward. Mrs. M. Filzshuiiious. presidc-nl, presided in the business ii-ision. Mrs. Fil7.sliinno:is and Mi's. Ceci] lx>\s'c gave Hie devolioiml before Mrs. E. K. Latimcr opjm'd the prOfram on China. She dislrilnit- la- I. illy u-gclabli-s. The "dry" ,\J:IUT crions ditler considerably n their fi'<' ; properties although hey arc rich in mineral constitu- ;;•-!'.! me a nourishing vcy ; :- lhc twl U5uilllv "artistic." Tups Have Vitamin A Il'i \vcrth keeping in mind tl'.at !;.- loiis of .-pring onions are an vxiicni soiiicc of vilamin A and hould Iht-iefore be used raliier ! muscular. Fat hands, short, stubby, thick hands, hands too large "" d , stl ™ B ,, 1 ™ ki "B. , locate and ' ' »» than throw,, awtiy. vaf'hcd, c; !S|)cd and Carefully shredded. Abe Klpncr ol Memimis. who week, ajid Mrs. W. B. Tniufcr, renrcscnls the Jcfl<-r.-.m Kliiuiliird h«««:B«oM of Mrs. T. J. Malian Life Insiti-nnce coiii]..iny of Greens- [or a week, who will be ;net there ooro, N. C.. In this tvriitory. is,i>5 Mr. Cracraft. spcndliiK n week in Hlythevllle on ; * a J'or Shane Ls attcnrting to Ijusincss |bii(.tncss in Memphis today. Mrs. James Hill jr., left today I Mines J. JI. uarth. of Hazel- tor n two weeks Mav in Shrevc-• 1 '"'' sl - •«'»-. D- S. Irby and chll- port Lu She is mWiiia down. <lre »- ol Uateville, Miss., and W. Rccoinpanleil by Mis. A. Mierrow, $• Calchlnys. to Georgetown, Miss, who will go to Dallas. Texas, for reunned to their homes yesterday a visit with her mother who will,""" several days stay with Iheir rcturn l.rmic with her. ,11101 her Mrs. Ida Catching*, and Mrs. Mollie McIlMuIn and ton, !tlsler ' MrK - w - N ' Williams, at Mai. have relumed from a visit In SlircveiKjit, La. Mr.s. E. H. Siiiilh. 3i5 W. Waliuil St., went to Mem].his today where i.he will spend to ecks. tlu-y can be combined with shred- le.,f lettuce in a plain grisii ' or they may be used wf,'.i Hie stony glare which says, "I'm sorry, bin l could never leach .you to do this work." But hands that look capable, firm, strong, and flexible win more time from Mr. Sarg. If he oilier \ 1 (t'Ctnhles to give an ap;):: tana U- the mixture. Minced I . Armorcl. I Robert, Manes has bone to SSuarcy. Ark., for a month's visit with his grandfather. McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY FREE DELiyKRY ' Specials for Saturday and Monday Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phillips l Mr. und Mrs. Bernard Oooch Mrs. Ira Paikhurst. ivlio under-, were in Memphis yesterday lor wcnL an apiicmllcllis operation a the Rotary convention, wck auo, is recuperating at the j Mrs. Oeorce M. Powell, of Car- j Ulylhcvlllc hospital. She will be I lyle. Pcnn.. will arrive Monday to Upend tsvo weeks with her parents, thinks they -might" do, tliui he s w know what the applicant done, hears him or her read or.iuii top' combined v.ith cottngo ]u p c.H' Is a good combination to ewe with lish. The tender spring onions are .inch casier to digesl than the itiong-juiccd dry ones and are a [.'Irndid raw food for Ibis reason. . , When cooked they naturally are I"" 1 "" ^ ," l . cri w0 !"' '^ P«P- flavorscm? than the winter f cc , r °" tlle , Mder that leads to varieties and make a delicate and K he bndec where all the wort: Ls l done. Famt hearts mid clumsy bodies often gn no fur I her. Mr. Sarg ts quick to detect, 'the slight- linci, tries the singing voice, finds out what musical instruments can IK plnycd, and then comes the real preliminary trial. Back they go into the rehearsal room filled with every conceivable sort of puppet. HENS Fresh. Full I'ountl 18c Judge and Mrs. C. E. Keck. 'Delay" Is Dangerous When CONSTIPATED Mrs Maude Ca$sid y p!f," r r Heads HuHman P - T - A - r.llil stIIHx, i'i(ic^nl-HI> fn 1 uiL' SI inviting vegetable. If yoti have never served grc:n C!iio:is in .1 rich cream sauce on tons! you can enjoy the thrill of comething ncv. 1 . Cook them -with Iwo or three indies of the green top remaining above the white. 'iiart in boiling sailed water until i I )asscs U P n puppet and shows how tender. Use some of this water to work lhc controller and the ir. the sauce. Then make a rich cream sauce and |:our over onions arranged on hot toast. If topped poaclied eugs. this makes an est sign of fear or awkwardness in climbing the short ladder. But to one safely on that bridge abo\e [lie stage opening Mr. Earg SAUSAGE I'uri- Meal 1'ound 5c VEAL ROAST Or Chops I'miml CHEESE No. 1 Full Cream I'tunul PORK CHOPS Fresh I'nun:! 15c MAST Or Slew. Rih I'dllllll 7ic BACON Sliced I'miml 15c FRANKS OR itOI.OC.NA i'liund STRAWBERRIES Fancy lOc FLOUR Cilt ii(! K c. I'litin S5c BEANS Or«nl Ni.rlhern. r.-I,l>. I 23c SOAP 0. fimall l!;irs 1(1 for 23c Camiiv 5c stipiUkm ills with HUFFMAN. Ark. — Mre. Maude. Is n.urc lho !!llf ' l » il " ''•-'!"• A . it n incct- ...sirilniti'j' inB l!lsl lvi ' ck - Mra - Charlie Mc- iliiiiifcr7iilythra.>;li. ! Dana!l1 Wi1s elected vice-president, ' givo n "fiill." more ' Mrs - (ieorge Perry was named sec- i-u-minlnrvcrslicckj retary. and Mrs. Mary Merrill was l Ilic iul»iiui-j i I'n- . lha |KIUT!S. It is : ciiosen treasurer, •nlli- site. 1'n.iiiiilli•ainlllinnniglilyit —- niM'j_llu' liuu-fl^ lo liiipiv Ilirir ™lc III! |uiivii!r. 11 U,.][, s r i,| ynn uf In^inpss ml l'.rlp< u«nk>- you ftol ru cwrfclic, ii'l IrivU. l)i-IUii,n< l'mi-:i-uiinl i-un- ains a Insalivr iiij-riilicnl iri;iil;uly pm- crili<ii liv pliy$<. "Dcliy" isdju.;cr- nn—c-lnn- ]-Y<ii-«.ininl t,,r iiMiili]nl'iasi. ic ami S.le al iln^aisU rivryivlicrf. Itcmorrliolrls (1'ilesl cured vilhixit lhc knife. Oilier rci-- l:,l diseases Ircatcd. VariroseJ veins trailed non-suTgk.iIly. I>ISS. NIKS & NIES 511 W. Main Phone 08. Deaf Woman Awarded Divorce From Hubby ST. CLAlltBVILLE. O. (UI'l-/\ lolnlly deaf nuniiin here, when awiirricd a divorrc. was gran alimony. 100. because, her husband 'talked tco much." The woman. Mr.s. Bertha. Diply, lesfificd m Uw care by lip-ri'ading her interpreter, who "quizzed her Mis. Digily won .the divorce because of her husband's drunkenness, llien S3 weekly alimony because ol his lociuaciousness. main dish for supper ir luncheon. Grated cheese added o thc sauce increase* the pro- ein content. Or sprinkle gratetl cheese over oninns and sauce /on toast and pin into ;i hot oven long enough to melt the cheese. New onions make good sandwiches, too. Cut the tittle, onions n thin slices of buttered bread. various strings. This done, lie giveb direclions as lo impersonating everything from a dancer to the lofcr of a dog fight. If all goes well, even though the actual operation of the figure is not so smooth as it might, be, Mr. Sarg throws open thc use of his studio and invites the prospective member of one of his companies to come in as -often as possible, at least an hour a day for three on of months or so, and practice manipulating various sorts MISS BEATRICE BRYANT A Special Richard Hudrtut Representative iiom N«w York will be ai our Sioro all of Ihis week to tell you about th« Home Method of DU BARRY BEAUTY TREATMENTS. Miss Bryant will give expert advice on lh« Hails/ cars of the skin — in the exquisite and effective DU BARRY; way. By following her suggestions, you will see your skin •: take on a new softness of loxture, your contours a new '••, firmness, and the complexion in general a clear, fresh;; radiance. : '' Kl OUR TOILET SOODS SECTION^ KIR6Y BROS. DRUG CO. Main at Broadway Sprinkle lightly with sail, cover wilh buttered bread, trim cms Is and serve. Onion anil Orange Salail tiyures. As some of the figures combination Fresh (,'tumlr.v Dozen 19c Exlra Fancy. Larpc Infirfle. Cart»n. J)ay Old. Dozen KIDNEY BEANS 25c Monarch NIL 2 Can 12c OATS King Full I'inl 7c 25 c Hershcy's i'ound Can 2Cc SCRGHtIM fiallon liuckets Karh 60c Green I'ound 2ic SNAPBEANS Nice and Tender I'nuiul lie COFFEE McMull!-'.-, S[>cciHl Pound 24c REMEMBER Mother's Day Red Pitted. No. 2 Can 2 For 25c BUTTER Golden Kocl Pound 2Bc rcner Hosiery ;r Cliiflons and Scini-Servirr in New Suniincr Sluules 89c lo SL6,") Good Shoes and This thnt makes u ad. It's pnrlicul-jrly good with (iuckiinc or any kind of fowl. Oiic-)ml( cup kc w;itrj-, :( lablc- 5|-.oon5 lemon juice. 1 icasjjoon 5UK1U-. 1 Icusivwn salt. 1 Bermuda onion. 2 \nigr. oranges. 2 tablespoons ininccil mini. Mix waur. KMHO:I juice, suyar and salt. Pec! n:iioi! ;'.:icl cut thin slices. Put into water mixture and let stand on ice for one hour. Drain. Chill OKinycs before peeling. I'cci ;incl cut in Hill" slices. Arrange alternating slices of onion and oiansje on crisp lettuce Icuvus. Sprinkle with minced mint and serve wiili French ;lrc.«- ing. Toniorrou't. [Menu BREAKFAST — Shredded lrcr,b pineapple, jjoachcd cijgs on spni- acli, tonst. milk, cotlcc. UNCIiEON — Cream of onion soup, toast slicks, hearts of lettuce. rliubatlj inpiooi pudding. miik, tea. DINNER — Ho.iM dllcklill!;, steamed bro'.in ncc, cicami'd cti- cry, onion and orar.ijc salad. Mr;uv- borry mo' siHinyc ci>kc, milk. coflce. lV:ilcr for Monkuys SA1,T LAKE CITY, Ul.ill lUF'l —Monkeys in Sail Uikc City 1 .-, /no will not be entirely n-ilhnsil" wa'.cr utcuiiM; of threatened Mmtulf by Hie water department. Mrs. Clcorge aundom. Frccporl. Ill, :,cnt a two-ounce bottle of w.itcr. with a note rending: "Feed to lhc nioii- kcy.s daily." oil weigh many iwunds and have forty strings, while others such as ; buttcrnics are as light as the mere j feathers of which they are made. and are controlled by a single , thc matter of balance and (JAIJD OF THANKS \Vc are grateful to our friends who so thoughtfully remembered us in our soirow. Mrs. Dell Mnnn Ringer, Ernest. Ellie. Walter Dell and Knth IJay Ringer, Wilson, Ark.. Beautiful Large Florentine Style MIRRORS Just Received 98c Limited -(Jnantily Ben Franklin Store Main & Read Courier News \Vuiit, TONIGHT First Christian Church Inspirational I 1 Hearty i r c.llo\vsliij) A Warm \\'clcon!0 7:45 R M. Just a Few of Our Many Good Prices Drop In and See For -Yourself. \Ve Give Free Flour Every Week, Be Sure Te Ask Us For Particulars Pure Veg. Shortening, 45-lb can $2.95 Cocoanut, Fresh. Shredded. l /z Ib pkg Uc */4 Lb. 6c Each 15c Black Pepper, A Bargain. Rolled Oats, 3% Lb. Box. Toilet Tissue, Silk. 1000 sheet. 3 Rolls 19c Soap, Big Yellow Bars. 7 for 25c Potatoes, Red eating. Ib 2c; 100 Ibs $1.75 Flour, 24 Ibs Wilson §1.05; Par Value 83c Milk, Cottage Brand. 6 Sm. or 3 Lge. 17c Cocoa, Hershey's. lOc size. l /i Ib box 6c rays for a It<>.aulyre$t Mattress Furniture Co. Sugar, Pure Cane. Granulated. 10 Ibs 47c Beef Roast, Fancy Rolled Rib. Lb. 17c Beef Tenderloin Paddies, Lb. 35c Country Sausage, Pure Pork. IA lOc Beef Roast, Brisket 7%c; Clod lac Rib 10 t'»r Hakim; Brer Itabhil XT . , , NO. P/2 , ,. 19C Coffee, Canova, H^& K. or Gold Star 27c Tomatoes or Corn, No. 2 cans. 3 for 25c Salt Meat, For flnilinjt, !,b Best Sides. I.h Country Cured Hams and Shoulders Lettuce or Celery, Nice & Fresh. E Pure Lard, 4-Lb. Ctn. 35c; 8-Lb. Ctn. 65c Mixed Sausage or Hamburger. Lb. 5c Sc; Potted iMeat_2V|c _ Vanilla Flavoring, 8-Oz. Bottle 12V 2 c Cream Meal, 5 Lbs. lOc; 10 Lbs. 19c Rite Price Grocery & Market T. H. Van BibMr, ontwr and Opfralor IxKMcrt 111 K. Main - in Old roslnCfice Bllj. ni«nc ZS1— Wf llrlivtr WE SELL CRAIG'S MILK

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