The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 7
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MONDAY. OCTOBER 20, 1930 " - - --— - ' BLYTHEVILLE, (AKK.)" COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN I1ASS1F1EDAD8 •rwb cenu a ^ orfl lot flfrt ta- urtloa »nd one cent » wort lor MCb lubiequUil Insertion. (to id vertiMinent taken ibr ieu UUQ 6ft;, count ttw words and Mod ttw Phone SO* To Wed Prince? FOR SALE FOR SALE — Large wild pecans, nine cents F. O. B. UeWitt, Ark. Pete Brown, Box 412. 14P-K21 Eat FISHER'S -. FROSTY DO- NUTS-Frcsh Dally. tf. APPLES—Just arrived. Good grade orchard -run. For sale cheap. Fisher's, across from 'city.. haU. 16cm. FOR. SALE—Hupp coupe, $100 cash -Apply Broadway Barber shop. 17p-k22.. FOR SALE — Gpcd gentle young saddle horse. '-' 1907 Sycamore, W.fc\. MWcr,-,. . ... 18P-K22 CO At* JOIIN DEWEY'S BIRTH On Oct. *20; 1869, John America's foremost phllcsppher and educator, w'is born on a farm at ho has disciples by the thousands J ewe l er P.,-.:.!... tu chiMj RR*" 1 *!, '• Mexico.-j apd; ,| | *"•"•' v<onnnen •esterri TwofiJ hii ; phlicsoiiyrifi!l! • ' • i:Pi*li Flea Circus ; AmerlcnrFasjtt ..U jpcwhetWijna, ^ ttn vireus Mayor Order* tozy Club Breakfuts Cut Down from University, of- Vermont at. 20 WILLISTON, N. : t».'(UP)-A. Ii. DeGrcc, Jeweler, : ,is considering founding au aquitiQ flea circus. One d;iy DeGreo who lias s )«l goldfish, discovered It hud dens, ' . i ; It'all started when DeOi'ee no- UOCHESTER, Minn. (UP)—The Hced'his pel goldflsh doing a hula- Roctiester jail Is not going to be nula dmve. Curious us to the cause the cozy club it used to be. he to?k uiu his mlcrosooue and ex J. T. Lemmon Irscctl-or lattv. He subsequently .which have been served 10 FOK RENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street Telephone 197 and 511. 15tl. 1'OR RENT—Two room house on East Cherry.. Phone-888 o- 450J . . • • . 9-CK-TF [.. F.nt Expm!iie:ilal,j gU ..f 0r overnight and breakfast ny models of >vhich are wi[h lhe comlnK ot coo i weather - throughout the 1)rom ptcd.j,is Rct ion. " '"• piilosophy at ths" Unlversl.)during the summer are to ties of MUir.;:ota, • Michigan and down. Chtcajo. is. UlrecUr ot cducaUon| The heavy influx of "lodgers" and n 1 . tiie l3tter iiiElitutlc:! ptvvcy dl : »g Ues tB" who are stopping at : the llX'tf-d /till'. ^ ""' f v~D.-l.,.,,.,ln! . . ... . . .... Scli?:l, rr.any e\v familiar aim try. C:w3y came Jo Columbia lini- M.t:ity in. 1904 where, with occa- c.r3l ' cxtt'T-Jcd absences for l-.jvcl .to Russia, China and Mes- 1.0. to observe experiments in . ll[<! • . . , > : ' .... )-<i soclefy', he has "taught until I' COLUMBUS, Hid. (UP)-l,uck Is Jinc of dls vear' 1 ' ' '" I nc'credllctt by Mrs. Mary Ann Stull * - ' - - - '1 f i j n * >^t iftA ' • •'' ' ' • FOR RENT — Light housekeeping rooms, furnished. 100 West .Wai. nut, Phone 678. 13C-TF FpR. RENT—My home on South Elm .St. Mrs. 'Ed Hardjn. Phpiie 102. . ' . ":- ,16plc23 FOR RENT—Two 19 eight room 'residences J8^ td"$30 per'"nH6nfh.- Dr7 J. A- SallbaV Phone 410 17ck24 FOR RENT—2 room furnished apartment. •'• Sleam heated. 301 S. Lake St. Thone 443. ' 17P-22 Princess Juliana of Holland, who is sho'.vn - above in her latest photo, is reported planning to announce her engagement soon. Tlie fiance, according to International gossip, which -long- has linked 1 their names, will be Prince Sigvard, second son -of Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden. • >Viola JDanaWmT' Marry .Again Centenarian Credits Her. ; Long Life to Luck microscope had caused gyraHoiis! )UR BOARDING HOUSE DCWG,-/. lios .devoted much studyj to educational theory ' with] vie\y of relating teactilng nip^e £orllcr r ' " You ~!how tlie reapers somellmcs'.(Kll (o cut a. sta'lfe of 1S*% VI n-lill,.k$ ll.(ll^>,Lg JilylL., . •-,'-•' 1 il H llr^ll •' T licccly 'to -f«c ciivIr.cnnVcnt o< pti- w «cnl w harvest time? Well, I itsr Clic- writer harsiimined'hiriifBUest that's the way with me, she " 'p Clic- as- fc!lott-s: : -"Dewey ' '-' '•IllCH TEST' GAS CIGARS NEtt' RICHMOND,-Wis, (UP) — '.How n;iich 1^ gasoline?" B tourlsl iilcRi wlien he drove Into a local Elallo:i. \y'h>j> told the price which ttas ; (ix cents o«low the market price. \\i /fi\le(( Ills cur. I wasn't unUV'hc left the city limits that he learned that the statloi owner was celebrating the arrival of a son by handing out "high test" cisurs, GOOD NEWS I-'OK MADISON', WIs., CUP)— Distrlbu-' icn o! M.OCO >dult brook trout", the lai'ijcst ps^iumfientJ.eyer maile in the m'i<ftjtt ^cstV.will ueEln In WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed ..and ironed by competent-, white worflan. • J&rs. Brown. 704 B- Lake --St." , ,. 17ck-t'! "Eat FlSilER'S CAKES- AND PIES— Fresh Daily. .',, - • tf. •'; 'HOS1' EaL FISHER'.S BREAD-Pine' for Sandwiches. " ._"/' "f'O. LOST-J'Oct: ! 4lhiadies ; *rlst--\ratch 16 jewel : Miios with baby-' picture on crystal. Finder return to Mrs. G'. W." Faught. Reward ,17p,-21 STRAYED OR ''"STOLEN^ German police' puppy, female, "two months old. . Finder please call v678. oi . return to 700 W. Walrmt. 20C-K21 Cactus PlanLFodder. •" ; Fatten^ Mexican Cattle : EL PASO, Tex. (-UP)—CWt'le- men of; semi-arid sections of Colorado, New Mexico and. Wyoming might profit ~from an experimen being conducted by cattlemen o the state or Chihuahua, -Mexico according .to W. D. Corbin. ; In Chihuahua, Corbin says, cat i!e are-being fed cactus,k them fat. , - .; The cactus first Is treated wit a chemical called St. Martha's, su; phale Ealta, . : •-;.:•• .•• • if.', I-ARADISE FOR'HUNTEKS ST. JOHNS, Ariz., (.UP) -r TOie state fish and game commission hopes that 6000 rteer may be killed and trapped in.the Kaibab forest this full, Tom E. McCullough,, ol Flagstaff;''chairman -of .-the-..body r said here. - '• . - - • Munich, with one motor vehicle to every 24 inhabitants, has the greatest proportion of automobiles of .all German cities. "Is : the '"id, at the cel-»biation of her cen- prorlie't -cf- Intclllgertce'-'aild free- ' tury anniversary. ; ' cicm 'ri'a'w'orld of srfence an:! inu-i Mrs. Stull has worked hard, e^t- He has already : affected en wisely, slept well and worried politics-" and- ••education, as little as ixisslblc, she said. She is • beginning 16. aflect : /religloii : was born at Belmont, O., October and. poClry -as -v.-eli: >: 'Arid- 'though' 8, 1930. -Guard ••• -'-ItjiB 'the' heritage of every- man to build up a • •: protective risei'ye •. for his family. He achieves •-liappineas.byrproviding w<jll for his loved ones. ; : 'AN." IMPORTANT -FACTOR IN YOUR ESTATE :,-lS YOUR-'HOMR:"'' Keep -Value iiv il' by •k'ce''it '-iu 'good"repair;'-^ :••-••'- •••••'• • -• • .!e . are''headqiiilrters 'for nii)ihlci'iane'j\scrvice on the homes of; Blyth'eville" aiul vicinity'.' Esti|-, FOR, SALE •,:•; Complete indoor • golf T game worth 1350— will be sold for. storage. ..Was formtrly -..located, in Meyers Cotton Office bnild- ing. ' : --. . I '. apply '. GLENCOE HOTEL Tragedy ended the marriages, pi her "two, sisters. _and her own j flrsl marriage resulted unhappily '-as well, but Viola.Dana,'former, movie star,, isn't worried about 'hopdooi. She is' going to marry, Jimmj 1 Thompson,, golf ,professional ,.'at Broadmoor Country,-Club! Coldrado Springs, Colo. Mis's . Dana and • Thompson are shown" here:. " • ' ; NOTICE.- •-..: .•;;' With our re cent... parl ncrshlp with Mr... G«DV Carney, we /no* have (he best equipped in%- pcndcnt shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE i Pickwick Building. "We know we know how". ATLANTA, (UP)— The Georgia Court 61 Appeals holds it is NOT illegalstq «£!! .'home, bijV. iji.this state unless thi-re is "evidence, 'that the liquid is intoxicating, ttw ruling ' reversed trie ccnvictign -of Ployds Thompson, flucd .*100 and gifen a suspended sentence on the chain gang for rolling the stuff at 2a cents a bottle. - - LUNCH : : 20c •• ;• ; Siinilwiches und Founlaih 1 Service . "',' WRIGHT'S nVE.AXD-TEN CENT STOPE —"AutO Parts—Why- Pay'More?, _ JACKSON AUTO PARTS Slain at 2Ut Call K WERT ! He Makes 'Em See V. R. WASHAM— ' Daily (rips to '.Mi'jni^ls: \yill pick up find 'de'livcr.freight "ind pHCKages. anywhere'. Special rules on "fprload lets. • . Local Phone 851 . \ Memphis Phone Royal G. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income T»x, Bookkeeping Systems Phone n £niisjiivHl()g..-DlytlievUle, Ark - - 0001) HOME MADE ' • PIES 10c l'?r: Slice. All Kinds. TOM'S CAFE ; 105 N. Second SI. ; Phpn c 17 OUR t' ' is goods to siiil jour taste and the l»sj worknunslilp.- \\'c deliver proninlly. ' You.'paj- for what yflu' fccl and ^et what you \i»y f or. Blytli'evillc Upllblslcry & ' ' ' Shop J. II. Jenkins, Mgr I'hoiic -169 H7 S.'hi. Sf MR. CHAPMXM -w AM A 'PRV --«A.iHA-f is, , A WAS OF we« ' , 15 -fril'5 the btiit" this week, the conserva , previously 6,000,000 flngeillng and larger si?.e trout'-liad been dlstrlb uted during .the rtcad Courier Nciy*. .'Wan.t,_ Ads. LOW MR. CHAPMAN.- ^ C'1030 0V HtA StKVtC^ IHC. 10 '2C> BOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin JUST CURIOUS! Check -This;l|st ifiypiit hqlhc r nb«flsi W-'j ' of ! ihtse itniii f-ir!.l II -' - 1 . '' • ' : ' llOM .. Shtlving • Cupboards Dears .' TROOBVt 1M \-HD6V\lSJ6 \T Off New walks or drivtways New floors over- old New-frciit emrance j|<- yyin^ows or frames .trim Partitions . Enclose porch LEFT ALONE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS U6HT HOKtS ' DOT OF A \.\v£. ~nwr... BUT T -5 ABLE To SES....I CAM VOICES COWi-1 &W6R .'J 11.U FOLLOW vj)HAT DO.I ORE UAPPEUS ib Mie.,.1 1 ^ Tb _'!_" . PE.TH3. TRAMP! TRAMP! TU AMI". ^ai-- t-\~< OVER TO TM-E'VWE. tDV£S OREL'S OM THE SOOTH sioe. IN ^nc oftoK vjan VtE'D NEVER G\Vt Mr -WE. PRICE 1-1 'ttiates : arc" gladly>given without pbliKutioij on yoilr- • •• Raoans . . • . CC. iv.-.. -,„.:..„ ,'.:ns;..,..•-,.,.:• ; . ' • " • • ••• ' - . •' p,| M t' : Screens'or scrcfh" doors ••••- •: Repair or recover side ""-' 'W«lL<i •• • -. "•'" Pay Out of Income ' "' ' '' '

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