The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 9, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, AUGUST f, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE Woman End of Hearing Journey Arkansas Traveler and Covered Wagon, Are Approaching Vermont FREDONIA, N.V., Au*. 9. <AP>— Mrs. Oleie Lamear's rubber-tired covered wagon, crammed with live stcck and camping equipment, rolled toward Batavia today in a trek back from Arkansas to Vermont. The Auburn-haired. 54-year-olc woman camped east of here lasl night with her 12 goats, 25 chickens two dogs, two horses and a colt. "I make about 25 miles a day and camp on farms Bt night," Mrs La mea rsaid. "I hope to make Batavia by Tuesday night or Wednesday i I'm not bothered too much by curl ous folk Mrs. Lamear and her husband •Arthur decided they'd rather be rosecutors Try "o Crock Defense >f Lonely Hearter NEW YORK, AUK. »— (/n— The rosecutlon in the "lonely hearts" nirder trial had two iKychlatrlsts nd a woman surprise witness on ap today in i linal attack on tat Martha Beck's insanity defense. The psychiatrists were called to hallenge Mrs. Beck' claim that she id not know what she was doing when Mrs. Janet pay, 66-year-old Albany, N.Y.. widow was bludgeoned and strangled last Jan. 4 In Valley Stream, N.Y. The defense completed its ca: esterday for Mrs. Beck, 28, and her over and co-defendant. Raymoni Fernandez, 34. The defense claims Fernandez had no part, In the slaying, which allegedly grew out. ol scheme to fleece lonely women. Points of Attack BRIDGE Continued !rom pace 1 live of his staff (o a meeting of HurnU Across the River. The group was told that a traffic count should be made to determine the economic feasibility of the project. Traffic CounU Sliow Need The Carnthersville Chamber en- the St. Louis firm for this Too cold back at Bethel, Vt.. tha too hot down »t Claiksville. Ark So she is retracing the route sh took from Vermont to Avkar.s last year. Then she didn't have Hi coll or Ihe chickens. Where's Arthur? Mrs. Lame: ihinks he may have passed her. f skipped both wagon '.rips becaus of Ills health. Various reports have him hitchhiking, riding a bus and Ivavellnj by train back to Bethel The Lamears left Vermont originally because the cold climate Interfered with his full recovery from automobile accident injuries Mrs. Lamear ?ot as far as Batavia In another wagon, then finished the trip In a truck. "We thought the western climate would help my husband's health," she explained, "but it was too hot and damp In Arkansas." Asked about the carbine she carries on the wagon seat, for protection, she said: "You'd only want me to shool once in your direction. I've been Gambling Paid "Off In Prison Sentences TRENTON, Tenn.. Aug. 9—WV-Adice game robbery has brought prison sentences of a year and a day for four men. ' The quartet pleaded guilty In circuit court here yesterday to a charge of 'attempting to commit a felony." Prosecutor L. L- Harrell said chrrges of armed robbery were '•educed on his recommendation. The four are William Henry 33. John Buster, Jr., 36, I Thomas Fenton combs. 33, all of Memphis: and Marion Wtshart Haun. 28. of West Memphis. Ark. The holdup occurred July 13 at Milan, Tenn.. tourist court Estimates of the loot ranged from $5,000 to $7.000. Unlrcalrd «jphili» m»y *ll»cli miy W,MD of llir bod;, uutin* inunity. bun failure ud man; other lr»£ir OMdjtiont. Arkuiui' •yphili* rule i* •au tt Ike. nalioa'i ki*lm< and lli»l 14 t.h; liit Ark»«M» Su« Bo»rd of Health ii ur»in» *»erron« lo cooper. »le in il'i«i*» »K«io»l «r|jbili«. H«.hh all o«er the Male are jiving blood l»»u. Th* rjunoai banker; i., "If Yo« Can't F.y— hand.lng guns smce I was thiee years old." The' couple sold their goat farm in Arkansas and started back July 5 Mrs. Lamear last saw her husband in Cairo, III, July 11. At Westfield yesterday, Mrs Lamear slid her wagon was a gift from generous Clarksville. Ark., residents Hearing to Be Held On fx-Oificial's Habeas Corpus Plea TBXARKANA, ArK., AUg 9—M'l —Federal Judge Harry J. Lemley has scheduled a hearing Aug. 20 on state motion to dismiss former Hot Ssii'ltigs city attorney Jay Rowland's habeas corpus petition. The notion filed here yesterday by Arkansas Attorney General Ike Murry, claims that Ho -land's petition was premature because he was not in custody at the 'ime It \vas filed. Rowland »as convicted in Garland Circuit Court of accepting bribes from gamblers. He was fined $750 and sentenced to one year imprisonment. He filed the habeas corpus petition, charging, the grand jury which indicted him was selected from among his political enemies. work and traffic was Missouri Highways 61. 81 and 25 and Tennessee Highways 51 and 70. The check revealed that the estimated cost of the bridge ivould be more than tolls would anurtlTc over a period of 20 years, maximum according to Congress' 194G General Bridge Act. About one year after Dennis L. Cain became president of the Chamber here, the Bridge Act was amended, allowing such a project 3^. years to pay for Itself. With the co-operation of th? engineering firm. Sverdrup and Parcel, bills were introduced In bot-h Tennessee and Missouri lejlsla- U'res early this ye^r provldlni for the organisations under whicl the project coul je concluded. The bills were written by the Legislative Research Director of the Missouri legislature. WlUlair. R. Nelson. Mr. Patterson took Die bills to Dyersburg whcr^ he serureci the support of Representative Friukl'n Pierce, of Tremble. Tenn. A :horl Tennessee legislative session nade his aid Invaluable. The bills wnrf 1 slcnrd bv fiotern- or Browning In April or this year fn the meantime, Senator John W. Noble, of Kcnnett, and Senator Yewell Lawrence, of Bloomlleld, Mo., Introduced the bills In the Missouri Senate. Final passage In both houses wns secured on June 30 when l!ie House gave Its unanimous approval. The bills were Introduced in the House by John T. Buckley, of PcmlscoL CouiUy. Commission Created One bill authorizes the governor of each slate to name three men hecked on i from Ihclr respective state to serve At an earlier hearing, Judje Lenlev ordered both sides to file briefs on that point. , Nicknamed S government supixiedly the nickname ot "Uncle 1812. when a cili?.ei of Y.. asking what the ini- The U acnuh-ed Sam" in Troy. N tials "U S " on a carton stood for, was to!d they represented U'.cle .Sam. meaning a certain Sainuel Tennessee on the Compact Commission. It also sets fortli the provisions of the compact, or official agreement between Missouri and Tennessee, The second bill authorizes appointment,"; consisting of live men from each sli'te. These 10 men will constitute the Missouri - Tennessee Bridge Commission which \vill Imvc power to construct and maintain the bridge. M. n. Rowland, S. P. Reynolds and Neil W. Helm are Missouri'.- reprcsenlalivc-^ on the Compact Commission. Missouri's governor. Forrest Smith, in .Jefferson City last week Appointed the five Missouri members of the bridge commission. Thes are: M. R. Rowland. Caruthcrs- ville. ludBe of the county courl S. P. Reynold*. Ciirnthcrsvll! planter and banker; Dr. E. I Soence. Kcnnett; Sain Hunter. New Madrid banker: and Neal W. Heln Car"thrrM'ille bnn-er and Inni owner. The Tennessee members i the commlss'on have not beci named. Congress Must OkAV Compart Af'er being slcncd in Tennessee Uic cnmnact will he forwarded lo Washington for ratification >>y Congress. Failure to secure ratification durins this te 1 in of Cnn- way of a delay as the Commission \vilt RO forward with making plans. Steps to be token by the Commission arc as follows: Application m>'st tie made with War Depniiincnl Engineer.* Tor permission to span the river with the bridge. Co-niieratinn of Missouri and liiuhwnv tlcpartnienl.s Ineert select th« brid«« ilU. After (he site h»s been deter- nlnccl, surveys must be made lo stablish (he cost of both structure nd approaches. Cosl Survey To B« M»*e Following the »rriv»l it the cost f the project, » more comprehen- ivc survey must be made to pro- idc Information for finance houses nterestcd In purchase of Ihe bonds, When the bonds are sold, con- racts for construction will be let aid the itory will proceed to Us lappy ending. Leonard S. Shade, who served as ncsident of the Canithersvlile Chamber during the early days of -he project was very active In kecp- IIR it alive. Early chairmen of ilie chamber's bridge committee include James T. Ahern and A. B. Rhodes. Mr. Helm s current chairman, It Is reported thai finance houses over the country have evidenced Interest in the coming sale of bonds. After years of llreless effort and patient watting, (he Carulhersvlllo bridge project now bears all the earmarks of success. blockade of Red ports haa made Red China economically dependent upon Rus-sln. Before the blockade was clomped on, the Reds were divided as to what China's economic role should b*. The blockade appears to have enabled the faction that ftvored pro-Soviet, isolationism to win out over the group that considered trade with the West a necessity IJ China Is to recover and develop. MacKenzie CouUiuicd from I'agc 6 treaty of 1910. Very icc-cuUy tliclr locnl ftullmrl tios In Miincluu'la signed a otn; ypftr trntln aKrectnciH with Snvici Russia Lo trade grrtln for industrial goorts.. i'lil5-nmy set Uic I«- tnre pnttcrn. but, Uius far Ls only a loral deal. Its linpoi'tnnce lies it; Ihe probability tnat the Chiang Knl-Shck Molds more food than «ver b«for« in *•* •ame kit<h«n tpa<«l EXTRA BtGl Frigidaire MASTER-7 Actually hat 7.7 cu. ft. food itoraga • [ Oulcfcufc* T • full-wldih, roll.,-b, Many othir KA1UMS YOU should <orr,» In miH i Adams Appliance Co., Inc. Complete Service Department In Connection Phone 2071 206-08 W. Main Wilson, eccentric village charaHer.! \\-[\] be sought ill helping thn Kn- Home Folks! LION OIL COMPANY'S CUSTOMERS, DEALERS, EMPLOYEES AND MANAGERS AR£ SOUTHERNERS WORKING TO BENEFIT THE SOUTH ATI.ASTTUKSTOUYCA.N ntvsinmmn -BTf . , BICTOI.DISdcncchuUurnccI . OlVfLOMD AFTIB 3 NEW, SAFE, SCIENTIFIC N«f « N«(«rr(..N*t Hmtl hrmi* its attcnlion to relieving the piiinsof rlicumal L^ID anrl .irlhrilis, Tfic result ol extensive resc.ircli is the rcniark- nblc frcp.nratinn IMDKJN sufferrrs from [iiiiy linrl IMIJItlN «ivt^ iis relief ama?;in^ly fnsi. aiiis no (Lope or linnnf . Ask (or IMD11IN at drug stores. t\fit<i irliy ahf* I Itll }OU Iknl lt,t pit* Jlil.l lorlun-l .tn.l infflf'l mj vat [Tit itilfr I Itrt-Uvtr* nft>KI\ ,\tn>; 1r» Ai ftut Ii me I• ' ' "' AMAZING NEW DISCOVERY FOR RHEUMATISM, ARTHRITIS No Faster Arthritic Pain Relief Known SAFE..HOSPITAL TESTED Stops Swelling* Uncorks JoMs*Contains Sensational New Research Discovery OF IXKN5WI TISTS IN HOSPITAL CLINICS iMDItIN h;(s hecn a rlosely Knn r(l *'tl cxpcrl- inetital sctrcl before relume for t>iil)!ic use. Yo^ medical men, after Ihrec years ol cxlctiwive tests, have iirovccl conctusivcly that IMbtllN works intcrnnlly lownttl . 1« ..:.ln ,i] • in tlic joints, ECvc/y viclim or rhcijiihili-=in, nrllirilis. nearJ t' s, scia(ic;i, K°"f- neur;ilRi;i, ti*:-, shnntd invc^liK ;| t^ lliis new (levcilnpnirnt t>( modern medicine. Ask lor 1MUHIN at it stores. RELIEVES PAIN AND SUFFERING AFTER 1Q YIARS OF TORTURE! . . _. .fc'V.OM/.f in iftr faprr -ii^ b'. _. / F/iiJ,- I/l.tA n'r a uin,trr I ffrt l.ittrr aii'i •"-'•"•• R, M'JJi Jit WHERE RHfUMATlSM STB IK IS , . . AND HOW TO DIT1CT IT! RrieurrvitiC »Twi arlhritic p«in «r*r) in- fliinrn;iti(JTi »trili« any ni ihc inrJic.-i1cd jrt,-.* [See ch.irl Jihovr > Bui (hesediv enwrs have many formi and nymplOfM- AH tocrm oJ .irlhnlii unct thcumalwn are ntcomjwnied hy p.i\n. very often i-.« cllinc flrwl lc«sol Cuncl ion ol llie Joint* }[fM[>lMl tnl palitnl* rrceivinK IM- DKJN* » ere able lo resume mofc h.ippy active living once the pain sutwiilfd and llirir confidence zrcv* IMDR1N cc- pajn . DrtlN m.iy «ivr you the i csvd r«ulw G«l fMHItlN l How IMDRIN Helps You! II you have sullcrctt the lorlurcfi oJ ilicu malic or arthritic pa inn, iv-ctlinR and stiflncss il you KV\ up morning rirc.idm? the iufTcrin^ the rtay may hr>I«], ;\f.(\ do il ciny alter day. urnitri jflft inonth. year after .. listen! IMDU1N may ar^-Acr yi.ur [iroblcrn ol comfortable living. Incase altcrca'-c IMDHEN ha«; [iiovcd il^ pnlcncy IMDE^IN is one of the fastest arllirilic and rheumatic pain relievers known to medical science- Case* rlccmec) aim0 = 1 hopeless persons who snITc/cri anil wailed and honed nt Itinc as twenty years ivcte able to live hnppy comfortable lives rmcc-afliiin. No other mcdirjnncnt for rheumatism an»] arthritis can make IhU ;imaking striLerncnl and IncV; it up with proven hospitnl anJ clinical record* Amazing new IMDftlX brin^!* new hope of a belter life for you , . :md it i* as clo^i: to you nyhl now as yotir nearest JrUR store- Get IMDKIN lorlay IJ-p only ;is rlirrrtcrj If ymj (fun'l a^rcc that ama^inK. new. fci^nlific IMDIUN i^ trie nr^.s'.?'-t hlc^.^inE you've tvcr di^cover^I, rciurn Inr your money hark. Gel IMDRIN trxlay—resume comfortable living tonight I SOUTHERN ROAD CONTRACTOR— He paves the way to a bright future When this man widens a road, he also widens the horizon. When he builds * new highway, he also builds a better tomorrow. He's a Southern road contractor... he paves the way for food and goods rolling to market... paving the way to a brighter future. The South's highways are arteries carrying life to Southern people ... whether they reside in cities, in towns or at crossroads. A good highway system promotes commerce.. . »ad helps make folks Good Neighbors, too. Lion Oil Company enjoys its opportmities to help bring better roads to the South. In fact, Liqi's role is many-fold —first, to furnish high quality pavingasphalls when roads are constructed, then gasoline and al for vehicles using TODAY—RESUME CONFIDENT, SAFE, AND SCIENTIFIC. PAIN-FREE LIVING WITH AMAZING NEW, IMDIM.N con!:un* n'l 'l"\f, <x h:.[r IK»lH:ilnl form*ME ] [''.I'llAl I^tt V T1J tautest pun rclirvcr* t"f artiuiuc si frrrrskiKt* «rirrxi- St.u Irylay. Don't mi* Iht chance to < the roads. Lion is proud to help pav future for the South. You see, Lioti's employees and stockholders are, firs bors... "Home Folks." the way to a bright ndcpendent dealers, of all, Good Neigh- LION OIL COMPANY IL DORADO; ARKANSAS LION OH MARIS THISI LIADINO PRODUCTS • • • fltrflum: Motor Gbtotines>Bulan« Ga»Keroi>n«.Troctt Fu*l Di»»( F«|.H«>«T19 Oik.M««»yFu«IOni.lubrkatiOfl Oili. Pfot«tiv» Coaling! • Groasei-Road Oili . Paying Aipdalli • Roofing Aphalh Utmkuk Ai*y*ou» Ammonia • Ammonium NHrot* Sxifcition. . Ammonium Nitr»t« F«rtili««r . &jlphat« of Ammonia • Aqua A^ionia ALL SOUTHERN- MADE FOR SOUTHERN TRA D_E IMDRIN Ho faster Arthritic Pain RfSUW! A MOftC NORMAl r MORI ACTFVt till f>t *« thousand! <*' olhrr onr lirr* rheumatic arvi anhiilk *uflriei»<tr> t<* failp-iin rc]i«f. To-l-iy .. tiy ir>c am^ilna:, nrw wrienbfic discovery . IMORIN. 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