The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1949
Page 13
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TirtmsDAY, MAY 12, BUTHEVTLLE (AFK.) COURIER HTCWS PAGE Different Ideas Found for Menu Flank Steak* Suit All the Family; ^f> New Variety Interest When the liomemaker (5 In (rnn- lic search for new and different ideas [or hn menu, steak lias way of turning the trick to (lie -satisfaction of all concerned. And flank Is one of Ihe family of steaks that may not always tie given the consideration it should in the interest of variety, according to Reb» Slaggs, home economist. This oval shaped, flat, boneless steak, as the name Implies, comes from the beef flank. It Is usually recognized by the criss-cross markings or "scoring" made by ihe meat dealer. Scoring shortens the muscle fibers and makes the steak more lender. For a dish thai should be popular with the family. Miss Singes recommends flank steak fillets. Askert . how to prenni'e the fillets, she explained that the flank steak is nit into strips about Pi inches wide, rolled lengthwise tlien fastened with showers. The meat rolls are fol'iretl. then browned in hot lard A small amount of liquid c', [o '» cupi is added, the pan covered and the meat is cooked until it is tender—about !>.;, to 2 hours. Tasty fillets make a colorful meal served with rich cream cravy. hnt- ^rcd broccoli, a Inmate and cn- f^mber salad, crusty French rolls 'and a dessert of lime chiffon pic. Another .siiKmrolinn made by Miss Stages Is to braise the whole steak using vegetable juice, crfrvm or milk as the liquid. Or the flank steak can be spread with a dressing, rolled and fastened, then braised Instead of tying the rolled steak skewers can be Inserted about 1 inch apart and when tl e meat Is cooked, it is cut between the skewers to form attractive pin-\vhech. This home economists calls attention to the fact that there is a wide selection of stuffings that compliment beet flank steak. For instance, she suggests combining sausage with grated onion and chopped parsley. Chopped celery leaves sage or ponltj-y dressing, marjoram, savory or thyme each gives an erl- tlrely new taste to bread dressing. Mild Flavored Veal Sets Off Colorful Sauce The delicate, mild tliiyor of yeal makes it an ideal meat to serve with rich, colorful sauces and gravies, says Reba Staggs, well known home economist. Ami. since veal is best cooked by slow, moist heat, It is simple to prepare the sauces in Hie pnn with the meat. Braised vpal cuts -such as chojx^. -steaks mid cutlets are given added tlavor served with tomatoes, chopped onion and Rieen nep])«r. Spicy currant jelly melted in the liquid in which the veal is cocked makes another plen.sinp accompaniment. Or tlie combination of vinegar, chopped pickles anil cayemi* la unusual and tasty. For quick additions that p.o cuu;illy we]| with the young beef, condensed tomato soup or cream of mushroom soup can be used Sour crentn makes a delicious grnvy to serve will) mashed sweet potatoes. There arc, also, dressings that add new interest to veal cuts—siicli as the breast. Bread dressing can be combined with grated chee-sc. diced celery, diced cooked bacon oi p paprika and onion for variation Mcsl Iruits go well with veal, explains Mi<s Staens .but primes are especially good. They can b« stewe'l !>IK! s-Tvecl aloiijf with the meat or as a 'inliid. Plain or broiled pineapple .slices, .spif-od applesauce and pear halves filled with cream rank in popularity. Cranberries nml raisins ill sauce no! be ou-rloukcd for their color and ste appeal. Noodles prepared in the vf..\\ broth Ls a favorite Hungarian dish The noodles can be given » different, tnste cooked with a little chopped onion or celery salt. G/o»-On-Sttt«f Utensils HOY» Special Advantage Two special advantages ol rnnin- eledware result from its glass-on- »l2tl construction. Made by fusing coatings of glass onlo sliong steel bases, enameled utensils have H smooth non-porous surface which makes them easy to clean and pie- vents the absorption of foreign tastes. Particles of food 1 and all traces of odors quickly disappear when enameled utensils are washed with soap and water. Fine Picnic Weather Means Clamor to Woods There's m lul of fine picnic weather ahead! so be prepared to lake to the woods whenevi (h |am- ily I'Uttnors for u picnic. It helps to keep a huge basket pm'llally parked with the necessities for oui- door eating. Napkins, plates, can openers, salt niiri pepix'r shakers, and other useful equipment cun be put back Into (he basket after each picnic .so they'll be ready (o ^o the next tijiir. H the family likes to cook part of if an enameled utensil becomes I llu ' lc(xi ov ''r " eiunprire or outdoor slightly discolored from long USL-.I *''"'• kc °li nn cunmeledivare coffee rub It gently with a damp rlotli I I 1 " 1 «"<' i> '"I'ge kettle especially for and baking soda or fine cleansing i "' is Purpose. Kmimcled uienslls, powder to erase every Irnce of stain. Win their sturdy Rlass-on-sieel con Or try the easier method of soaking ' " the utensils in a chlorine blench solution. Use 3 tablespoons ol cljo- riue bleach to facli quart of wiiter. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes: (hen wash thoroughly and rinse with hot water. Protein Offered In Increased Egg Production Now The egg production season Ls in p;il] swing, supplies are inc;rea.slnnr and price.s moving down. Ri»lit now, eggs of/or about the best of the* protnin food values and thi\v .should be used freoly in our menus. So let's consider a lew sccrcl.s of success in cooking eggs. •B»gs separute when they HTC just removed from the refrigerator Yolk. 1 ; for mayonnaise dressing should also he cold to make a .smoot'i emulsion with oil. On ihp other' hanri, ej:g whites whip Birds Go to Church RINGFFIEU3. Enalanri <a>i — l j te:icl'iii<> to birds as St. F:ancts o Assist did would seem to be almost unavoidable at the local AiiRlicat chmrh. Robbins have built a nest In IV lectern. other' aanri. e»g whites whip up j most people rush, them more quickly and to a greater vol- \ get tough. ume when they are at room temper ature. When planning to cook eggs in hot water, it is advisable to hav ihcm at ror.m temperature, rathe 'ban cold, to prevent the shells fron breaking, E<!ss. like all other Ingredient used in cake making, should be a room temperature—flbonl 10 dc grees F. to combine well. Hare-cooked eg^s separate 11 eiisUy from the .shell and into white and yolks when cold. As soon ihcy are cocked, they should be cooled, preferably In running water. Rapid cooling has the added advantage of helping to prevent the familial dark layer from rorui- inT around the yolk. Cool: eaas slowly. They are like and they si ruction, add a fresh, sparkling note to the picnic table mid are very easy (o clean. Smoke nnd grime will win|, off m ,>,r easily |r a little M>aj> is rubber over Ihe bot- Protein Needs In Baby's Diet Are Important Habit's tulip Ihc jpotlfclit Mil' flist w«'lc In May for (Ills prrloil l s set nslde sKf Nnllonal U;iby Wi'ck. IVrhtiiis few piMph 1 realize H. snys Keba Klumw. well known toocl iniDiorliy. l)ii| in comlilrrliiK ll»! l>roi>i'r nut I (Ion ol babies. II Is » liirt that II ey need more thun three thni'x us i iicli protein poi pound of bndy we ;hl us do ncliilla. Proli-ln Is ni'i-e.siu v for growl It nnri the it')i:iii of Ixuly ll\.sut\s. Meal Is an lti]|X>rUn( source (if lilf.h qinilily iirotetn, MJS.S Sttijii; points oiil. Coiunuy 10 |K>piil»r In' toms o[ (he utensils before lire used over the fire. they 1 r. itudles have proved that b»- li'.s can easily digest proiH'rly pre- i'atctf meat. These .slnilies showi 1 '! Unit (he miMll-fi'd bnble.n had good red b!<K»d and no tendency lowar'i ani-mla us did bable.s not ri'cclvhn: mi-ill. In iKldldon. (he meal-Ted i'-.s secmetl to bo more .satl.siii'd and stepl better. MK% StiiggA Kot's on to explain that motheis con feed incut to their babies ss early as 4 to 0 week; l»a- by's (list nieul I'omr.s In a .sirained form followed .shortly by crisp na- con. iMir-nld children can easily cut plainly prepared ground tncal. l.lver Is especially valunbU 1 f-ir innwiiiK chiltlrrn uocmuut ol ll.v lih>ii <iuiill(y protein and iron for liloml building. This lood aulhoitly .say ;i that as « child becomes belli'r able lo chew, he cun be served liver us well us other bite-*!/.cd pieces of tender rni'ut simply prepared by broiling, simmering or ronsllng. Phonographic Belts BAyKUX, Kinnce~-(/t'»— Because It Is too poor [o buy * new church bell. Ihe village ol Mttry near here has Installed a lihoitogiiipli with innplUler In Ihe cluinh tower. The bells <t[ st Peter's. Home, will now call the I'illiiKCi.s li> M.rvi. ^i ;» How to turn a breakfast treat into a main-course masterpiece 'f f' with Mayrose PURE PORK SAUSAGE * ^i;«. u °" - v,«»£- .t f* •— ^£&^ St. Louis Independenl Packing Company PACKtBS Of HIGHEST OUAIITY MArWjSE MtAT CfiODUCTS V /' So Goldenl RONCO is never pj'.ty or chilly. So Flavorful I l-.lrnin from the fieart ol DURUM wheol. So rirmt ROMCO cooU up pt'Jfup and tender. ASK F0« iONCO RONCO CLOTHES ARE UP[N$:,[ Do you "E*»" ,._~ _... • itrong cKwnic*! Much? or Do you bitted tk*n> with < i«f», • •tvrtl bleach Ilk*— Sold by l.^uilhiji -Independent rcis, Ail', Kroner, Safcwaj, Ufe- rrl.v, and All Chain <ir» ( rv$#** f . CP n TtfLn" Smooth & Tasty as only CREAM con make if BLANTON reamo 5% CREAM MARGARINE AT THIS FINE FOOD STORE Tender, Juicy RIB ROAST Ib. Oudnliy's Wick low Sliced BACON 39 i I 1 '«l Young Spring FRYERS PORK LIVER Wagner lirund CQ Dressed & Drawn. ll> Oil „ 29 l Ib Civ Kresh ^ PORK SAUSAGE Kiesli, Lean. II) Ml. roll 00 HAMBURGER,,^ IC a ,45 l.eiin. Delicious LOIN STEAK ,,,69 There's a reason — a REAL BIG REASON — why you spend less and get more when you do all your food buying here. It's becaus* w« make every price a low price every day. And we make our pricts low by searching the wholesale markets tor the best food buys—by doing our buying as carefully as you do yours. When we buy for less, wt sell for less— immediately. And that's why you always get more for your money here—more food . . . more variety . . . MORE SAVINGS! Salad Queen Q*. SALAD DRESSING SUPER SUDS TUNA FISH SNOWDRIFT TOMATO JUICE Floods of Suds for Dishes and Duds Igc. box Royal Dish Grated Can Emulsified Perfected 3 Ib, can American Beauty 46 oz. con * Fisher American CHEESE 2 Swiffs Creamery BUTTER ,,,65 Pillion's, »y (he 1'int COTTAGE CHEESE 24 Philadelphia CREAM CHEESE : 16 STRAWBERRIES . . 16 oz. pkg. 57c NEWLYWEDS .. : . pkg. 40c DINNER ROLLS . pkg. 17c SPINACH .. pkg. 29c BABY LIMAS , pkg. 46c CHICKEN LIVERS Ib. 99c CHICKEN PIES ca. 40c Qr. Box 25c Red Ripe, Home Grown STRAWBERRIES Crisp, fresh, golden heart CELERY ... stalk 7k California Iceberg LETTUCE. Ige. head 12k I f *•"•• vi 1 Stag, Gold Crest, f| Falstaff 1& BEER Seven-Up, Dr. Pepper, or COCA-COLA.., case 89c Case Pure Cane $3.15 SUGAR.. 10ib.bag94c '%$ ;«*t* %? i4>? J^ m &i Vvjt $>. "<3 ^ m

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