The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1934
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Served bu the United I* BLYTHEVILLE COUKIER NEWS TJiB DOMINANT NKWOPAPEH OF NORTHEA ar ARKANSAS /urn a«nr™..o^ u »,a,,,,.,T ^~"^ r NKWflPAPEH OF NORTHEA HT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXI—NO. .17 Uhilievllle Dally News lilythevllle Cairler Mississippi Valley u>iuU>r lllylhevllle Hi-mltl Hl.YTMKVIl.LK. ARKANSAS, KIUDAY. MAY 11, 19IM SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO CLOUD SWIRLS EASTWARD New lYlmumtli Italians in Tropic Skies FDR RELUSE OF 1NILLI1GE1TLE Kidnapers Talk by Tclc-J phone will, California Oil Man's Lawyer LOS ANGELES. May 11 UJP>- A demand for S75.000 for the satr- lonirn of William P. Uettle. ullj<: millionaire, was made today in :i telephone call purpoilcdly liom his kidnapers. The call was icceivcd by E. E. Noon, attorney, appointed to rep- i rosem the Celtics alter the mil- 1 lionaire was abducted from His! country estate av Arcadia Wed- j nesday nteht. Noon biiid lie wns inclined lo believe he was talking to one of' the kidnapers or an intermediary j apjMJinted by them. ! He received lhe call about 8:30 i a. m. at lib Bevcrley Hills office ! where In; had remained through J the night after announcing that the Getlle family was ready to pay "any reasonable ransom." Noon said the lollowing conversation took place: "Will you pay 75 grand? the caller asked. "Why—." Noon hesitated. "Make up your mind." came a curt demand. "All right." Noon said. "SVe'll Pay." "Well then, you follow instructions and everything will be al! i right." the voice said. Neon said his caller started lo give instructions when llio telephone connection was broken. The safety of Getlle WHS plac- rd above the needs of legal justice. Peace officers withdrew, leaving the way clear - for his abductors to demand ransom. Seize Child on Street of Maine Town May Ihir'her Renrisals Promised Bloody South American War I.A l'AJi. llohviti, .May II lljl')-- Holivla today lliicntnicd it mcrci- lc.s.s arrlu! bombardment of Asnn- fHjn. capitol of Paraguay, as Ibe ^Giftn Clinco war Ix'iivi'Hi the two j republics entered its thitd your. UiS]ialches rccclvi-d lieru sulil thnl a liolivlan otllccr and ten enlisted men. vlccled by lol from - : c;iinillv m ' * <jf silver against a Uupical backgiomid, the Macon. Hie navy's sky iiueen, litre floats ma- Miami. Flit.. on its wuv iu join tne U. S. Ik'i.-i lor maneuvers in the West Indies. Th> . . , , „. . , ,, ., . air sjiant cLim-d a fit-. 1 , 1 ti' 1M oil its flight to Ihe Caribbean. Ma con Sails to Join Fleet in Caribbean SEE iSTER! IN Andrews Honored Kiclnar'TS Srurn .Offer of $10,000 (or Release of Child Held 16 Days MIAMI, Fin.. May 11 (UPI— Us Mlvei sides ylislening in the M::I. tU- U. S. Diriaible Macon lef! i it.s n;tx)riny IIL-H- at U:3(l A. ' M. today lo participate in the United Slates fleet maneuvers in tjLtun waters. I i j Bolivian prisoners ol war, had (teen ordered shot bv Pafiiniayati inilitiiry chiefs In reprisal for Hit tombing ol two Paraguayan towns by Httllviau airplanes. "If (lie Uisiiutclics art conflnn- tl elTlciallv." unnuimcc<l the for-. i-ign minister. "Holivtan uvlatoi'sl will be ordrrnd at once to bomb Asuncion." Pameuuy had complained bit- ttTly of the bombing of two al- i-^rdlv undefended towns, and had hreaUncd reprisals, liollvla con- tc-iHlcd that none but fortified places had been bombed. rorty-dvc thnusand men. almost is many as the United States lost in action in the world \var, were isilmated to Inive been killed in the iwo years of warfare In the Oran Chaco. KUNNKUUNKl'OKT. Mi II lUI'i —liulh DIIW.MIII. 13-year-I ; ""' "" old Keimt'bunkiKjil! [.'ir]. was 'orced into nn niit.uiiulim' anil Irlven away by two nit'n ht-i<- to- lay. Ruth was wtilklny along th<> main street with her dog when the men grabbed her. police salil. t witness reported the ocnir- ix to authorities. IXputy Hlwr- ilfs Oeorye Mtdlint; lt<l.<]ilioiioil an alarm lo Boston yjlkv ami u was broadcast over tile Massachusetts slule police teletype system, lie also began a search o! lhe nearby woods In tlie jiosslbllfty the supposed abductors hud taken refuge 'nsull Posts Bond But Is Rearresled CIIICiU'.O. Muy II <UP>—Suni- i-l Instill puM.-d J'JOU.OUO I'n-iy lamd fur Ids irlt-ase on two '.(•d"r:.l Irdi; 1 !incuts. l;ut wits tiu- mihulrlv IV;IITI'.'|I-I| on two Malt' til I'lnlM'/rlnui'iil. To so- limluni from Jull II l In)- him to B» to ilw criminal rum is Lrlldinu mid t.r- .' tiutithi-r Ixinil Mai.- ehitr.'i-.s nl SMIU:III n. i Republican Leader Backs Market Bill itici e. TUCFON. I'm.., May 11 <UP> — Fernando Roblcs 1 pica to kidnapers: of his G-yf-nr-nH d:i'.;-'htcr. Jnr.e. | to accept S10.COO rn:i-iotn money, in e. v chan"e for her release, ap- 1'i'iemly fell upon deal ears to- COLUMBIA, Mo., May 11 (OP)— <la y- Stanley Andrews, Little Rock Ark, nobles said hr> had ic-ceived no publisher of the "Arkansas Farm-^"" 1 *' lo ms I 11 "' 1 " 1 "I'P"" 1 l " tht ' cr." was elected presidert of the atdnrlors lo n-lw Ills daugh- University of Missouri Journalism! 1 "- kidnaped 1C days a"n as she Alumni association here last n New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 11 (UP) Cotton closed barely steady, open high low c'ose May 1124 1131 1118 llllin July 11M 1143 1127 1128 Ocl 1153 lltiO 1143 1145 Dec 11CG 1172 1155 I15S Jan 1171 1173 11C2 11CS March 1182 1185 1171 1173 S[:ots closed quiet at 1145, off 10. Reunion at Chattanooga in June May Be Last for Confederate Veterans Found Slain, His Wife Seriously Wounded; No Weapon Near NEW YORK, May II tl)P) w - Rlcliard 'Becher, 61. a musician fonr.erly with Sonsa's Band, shot lo death and his wife, Dorothy. 44, was critically wounded in their home under mysterious circumstances. Mrs. Becher, rushed to Flushing hospital, regained consciousness for a moment and gasitfd. '•There was a man in the room." This fact, coupled with (lie apparent absence of any retolvcr Mrs. Pohert Lane Dies Suddenly at Detroit Mrs. liolwrl L;me, 19. formerlj of here ami late of Detroit, Mich. died suddenlv in that city enrh yesterday following a heart tack. Funrrnl ?ervic n s will bp was returning ftom school. Hnwrrt wiih Brief, he said he had no Assurance sl:t> would be CHATTANOOGA, Tcnn. CUP)— j n the house, led police lo lire returned safely and feared lie will In lllc shadow of I-ookout Moun- conclusion thai a burglar had "never see the baby again" miles'; lrlm - where in '.he stirring days of committed the crime, her cantors were content to rL-.Jhc Sixties uas fouyht the famous More careful investigation, how- ducc their original ransom Ac- ^Battle above the Clouds." the few ever, revealed several p'.tzzliug mnrrts for S15.000. isuniving member* of Oencral features. Although a thorough Th» SIO.fK'O the eti-ctrical shop Robert E. Lee's gallant Army, will search of ihr- premises failed lo v-ceper ofleird is all he can rai=e. gat her June G. 7 and 8 for what iceal any fire arm. there were no he said. - wil1 probably be their last annual oilier evidences Him an intruder Al(hou?h Ins father. Bcrnnbc ro " call. Under the leadership of General i Homer had been in the house. li"ld Mnndny and burial made In that city. The deceased, who I.s the daughter of Mrs. A. C. Oable, of till city. Is survived by her husband n brother, Frank Oable, of De troit. her grandfather, A. J. Lamb "f Detroit, and her piandmothtr Mrs. J. II. Oable. of Blythi'vllle. Mrs. Uine, who was before he marriage Miss Lila Maude Oable was reared in this cfty. WASHINGTON, May I! (Ul'l — E'ni'ly passagr ot the siock market control bill In lhe ;.rmite w;r assured today as Uepiibllt'tih Flooi Leader Charles L. McNary nounccd he would supixiri vote for tlie nit-asuve. McNary said also Unit he would oppose a move to send the bill lo iimtuee lor consideration ol iinicndmcnl.s to liberalise the sccitr- Illes net ol 1933. an- ai 1'Wmcrs. Watch Crops B u r n and Livestock Sicken and Die Morgcnthau Yielding to Silver Advocates T. and T. .Head Argues for Western Union and Postal Merger WASHINGTON, May U (UP) — Foslhencs Behn. president of the International Telephone nml Tel'- ijrapli coroorntlon. lodny demand- ctl nincndment of the Hayburn communications bill to p'nnit con- olidtitloii of Western Union and Postal Telpgrnph companies. "We believe consolidation of the elegrnph comnnmlcatlon service ol the Unlt»d States." Belin told the house interstate commerce committee. "Is in the Interest of the public and the companies themselves and If such consolidation is properly regulated and carried out It is In the Interest of labor." He denied thai his corporation was In favor of the consolidation merely to rid Itself of Ihe 11- rmclal burden of Ihe Postal telegraph WASHINGTON. May II (UP)— Senntf sIlvciitL-s today won concessions from Secretary of Trcas- iry Henry Morgcntlicau. Jr.. In .hi>lr fight (o mnjte sliver IcgLsla- :lon mandatory Instead of discre- tionery with the ndiiiliiktratlon. Morgcnthaii must siibmil the revised draft of the proposed silver bill to President Roosevelt before It Li Introduced In congress. It was sold a meeting today lliat the treasury head was yielding yrountl from his orlgina: iwsiilon that (lie legislation should be enllrcly pcnnlulvF. noblrs. retired cnltle b:tron. is re- . L puted to te worth SM10.COO. il was Homer Atkinson, of Petersburg,' djd ' believed his wealiii is lied im i'l Vn - Commnnder-in-cliief of the n,ad iio'.linss New Orleans Colton' M upon \vhich-he could liate cash. United Confederate Veterans, it i.s expected that approximately 2,000 , , I0 " a C |]on of wii'tloivs ind doori f 0 1 ° . . „' si ,^ „' a ....i' ..., ' J = ' L ' ura » cc - NEW ORLEANS. May 11 <UI ;p Ml ( C 'I Pi- rrPC members 01 Family /'heroes In yray" will attend annual reunion. After an early period of firmness thy cotton market on tlie local exchange weakened today and futures closed near the low.s wilti hc-i lossc-s around 75 cents a l:ale. open high low in Mvsterv in Itiysary Rare Monkey In Museum LINCOLN. Neb. i UP)-The Unl- Tn addition to the Confederate vcrsity of Nebraska museum re- Velcrans. the Confedetatc South- cenlly lias added lo Us collection ern Memorial Associaiion. a wo- n Vervot monkey, known as tlic Doris Duke's Inheritance Amounts to $29,933,793 EOMERVILLE. N. J.. May 11 (U j "'—Denis Duke's Irusl fund from t'he estalo cf her father, the late I.lames n. Duko. founder of the American Tobacco company, imcunted lo $39.933.793.71, it was -fvealcd tcdav in a final account- 'ntr of lhe c.staie. May July Oc-t Dec Jan March . . ... . . nlnn ' s Or eunl2a(ion. will meet in Ktv ni monkcv of South Africa. It i[s 3S ,,, rm , u]ill m)Vclllion nt the I;. Illc nrsl momlte<1 alli]11 .,, ut , u . _ raveling show ,;„„,, tlmc . n ^ vxlKclcA that U pr> ever displnved at lh<- .mwim. L ..oiL- '"'iiiw. held here in ll«> di-.ith of IIV ,M- :io.tii)0 delegates and visitors liere " ' a of the will attend the three-day session. Pri'fi.tctit and Mrs. Franklin. husband am! father 1137 1143 1124 ll'Ju ,fiimilv. have been freed. 1149 1158 1139 1H1 I According to statements of of- Roosevelt have been invited to at-'! 11C2 11CD 1153 1151 T.ccrs evidence was lacking lo con- tend and it Is likely that they will 1172 1172 1172 HGOb "'ct I hem with the susnrcted raiir- greet the aged "rebels" here Sam 1177b llC8H,der of Ru.sscl] Evans. 50. Mem'x-is II. Borisky. chairman of lie re- Spots closed quiet al 1130. oil H.'ol Hi" Evnus familv held and lat- union committee ha? announced ,er released wrre: Mrs. Ronnir F.v- .Senator Pal Harrison, of Mississip-. WllPnf l" ns ' wif " of t ' 10 drn<l '"""' Tcrmv '''• ll;1; > addeptcd an Invitation to I iitui, lTW1{ , nm) MilrV| rtanshlers. How- mtend and Sen. Nathan L. Balh- | — f aid. a son. and his wifn. The'nn. man and Hep. Sam McReynolds nigh low c.ose Evans w;is found (Iriftm-; v.ill return to their homes in Chat•'-J In Ihe Mi«issinoi vivor. The cor- tanooga from Washington for llic '•* oner said he had died of a blow ut-rasion. Governors of the 48 :rn (he skull before hts botly Mas slates have been invited to be |lhrown In the wtiier. present and (heir acceptances are comitm In. The National Commander of the American Legion, Explains Engagement May 91 1-2 Jul 89 3-4 of i A «? ', « 91 1-4 87 1-8 Chicago Corn May Jul 0|ion high low 49 1-8 49 1-8 46 7-8 40 7-3 51 1-4 51 3-4 49 3-8 49 1-2 close |U. S SoplfS Return of Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK. May 11 <UP! — A sharp break cam? Inlo the slock ,„..,„„,., , , irarktt in the last five minutes 'l r ,.' ' , nf n '.\ i '-°°" 1P tnx today. The list crumpled. Scllinj |,, rcn ,, 5 "^ ^' nntln 1CI Increased. The close was weak!,, l ond active. A. T. and T 110 1-8 Anaconda" Copper 133-4 P.olh. Steel S3 3-4 Chrysler 39 3-8 CHIPS Service 25-8 Coca Cola 110 yen. Am. Tank .101-4 C,«n. Motors 31 3-4 Int. Harves'er 341-2 Mid-West Utilities ; 1-4 Mont. Wfird 2-11-4 Income Tax Refund l' r «<-'»t. this organization being . . |sponsor of the 44lh 'reunion. The U. S. Marine band will furnish music for Hie occasion and will Ourlitm, of nvvldit for excess, lratl tlie P rantl Parade- The gov- DWIOHT. 111.. er.-il rnvrrnmrnt. which rfpnllv .•"•""•" "'"-•"• lul l " u ">- < -''»i«" -tiirpfd $f«).77 lo Mrs. Belle II. I n Jrlrt ? ltl011 lo , the concerts w ' ernmrnl , furnish equipment, inchiclhi-j roll- . _ iine feltchous. pyramidal tents, hos-i pllal Icnts. 5.000 cot.s. blankets United stale, District Attorney •?'. ui shw ' ts for Canl l> IIo: «" At - Fmnk K. i.emon nied a suit in ^" 5on c . w " ri \ wl " bc established district court recen'.iv lo regain 1:ei ' c F -'" lu '"'"rtred Boy Scouts I lie refund mnnpv ri.ilmlne lint lvl " ^ °" llan<i as I*" 0 ' 1 "! »t- I' hail hern paid lo Mrs. Ou»hton . te ' ubiu - s fnr (lle veterans. j a? fi "mistake of fief s*nd error." | ' ^Irs. Oinhton Iws decided (he T' T r •» • r> i s-iver." 'irea ot motor Lars, I rtovmunent i.s an Chisholm Released == hy C. R. R- If reporls are correct, lot machines arc shortly lo rc- -pcar In Hlvthevllle. The Amerlan Lesion, It I.s said, will be the ponsoriug organization. The Legon needs the money lo complete nd equip Its hut, started as CWA proirct and now being Continued with ERA labor. NVw York Central Packard Phillips Pet Hadio Simmons Beds SI. L.-S. F Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Steel U. S. Smelling 26 1 -2 4 17 73-8 157-8 27-8 42 1-8 CRANE. Mo. (UPl—Tlie sale of v Forrest "One Round" Chisholm. a new buggy by the A. I). Ilillon ' «'>ntrni-"d to sfrvo a yr>ar in prison Hardware coniDany here the other ' for robbt-rv of the liarfield Mer- day broke a five-year standstill In candle company tloip. at Unrficld sales in that line. The buggy was BllWS Bllggy. • ir IIPT parents hadn't Interfere prubalily «uiild Observations "Call To Repentance" Explained At Revival Police Seize Arsenal in Spectacular Raic RICHMOND. Ind, May 11 <UP) — Two men and a woman, under suspicion as :, possible Ullllngei gangsters, .» : ere-. ; 'cjiptured In a speclacu'ar'rakl here, today when police and. "federal tj . agenls sur- ounded a' 'trine (louse and- drovi '- UII1CAGO, May 1) (UP) — A xHianiic cloud ol dusl, 1,500 miles 'nut', !1CH) miles across, and two miles hl|>h, btilfeted and smothcr- ;il almost one-third of the natlou '.cduy In u spectacular climax to •i dioinh more damaging than the 1927 floods which made 600.000 persons homeless. Slowly shilling winds promised itirly abatement of the dusl storm but despairing farmers, losing t ?!tlmatcd $2,000,000 dally as veg- •tiillon burned in the ground, w^r given no hope of rain. For more tlmn 36 hours arid .vlnds from the plains of western Canada swirled tons of sand and grll eastward. Cattle In parched iclds sickened and died as dust blanketed grass and fodder. ThoU- ands of persons suftered seriously rom eye and nose irritations and callh authorities warned of the r thai dust carried epidemics f disease. Dust Blankrti Kvrrythlr.y In Chicago. St. Louis, r/1 lolnes. Kansas City. St. Paul and Itnncapolls—everywhere under the rimy, blanket—Ine sun was ob- curcd and the visibility limited o less than a mile. Thick layers of gray powder :lftcd through window ancl door irHcks, defying every precaution of housewives. Poods were ruined ,nd furniture made unusable. Mayo Brothers clinic In Roch- ' ester, Minn., cancelled arrangements for operations until the storm subskte. ,'••'• Snow plows were used near Valparaiso, Ind., to clear highways blocked by sand from the Indiana The Rev. J. J. Walker of Memphis, who is conducling an evan- gcllslic meeting at the First Christian church, spoke on "The 1934 Call lo Hepentance" last evening. He said in parl: "There are schools of philosophy that deny lhe fncl of sin, but a glance at the occniiants s'oSrt- with tear gas A veritable ars:nal, including Hire. pistols, a machine gun, a sawed oil shotgun, and a high powered rifle, was seized In the raid. Apparently R Is assumed that herf i.s a considerable proportion if the Iwal population with no iio~e sense than lo nul nickels. Hull's and quarters tnio machines V'lch are FO arranged as lo re- urn lo thnse who may them only small pirt of what Is p'Jt into imm. And unless folks here have >etler judgment than elsewhere hr>t is nrobably correct. For the! machine racket, even u Fisher Body Workers at Flint Are on Strik FLINT. Mich., May II (UP) — Pickets today patrolled plant mini the evidence shows that sucli ajbcr one of the Fisher Body tor philosophy denies all human ex- ] porallon nfter 1.500 members o pirlence. Sin Is having the wrong | the Untied Automobile Worker attitude toward life and can only union. A. F. of L. aflillite, vole bring disillusionment, and the dls- 1 last night to continue the sink integration of the fibres of man's called yesterday for higher wage. being. Jesus, by Ids grasp of life, 'on piece work. by the areas of his own expii*, -- lences. assumed the role of Tanmi. In that he gives lo us a way of life, which if followed, \vlll keep the individual in the right attitude— the ri?ht latitude toward God. his fellows, and (oward his own life, he lolal of which tends toward nobler character, righteous conduct and sane normal living." "We- religionists maintain that the surest hniic which man has of attaining his fullest possibilities ts through Jesus' way. Not that i ohers are not good, but to us , Delights Artist's Eye for Beauty Je.sus 1 way is the best ever by either philosophy or religion." "We need to repent of our moral laxity, our Indifference toward the i holler and tnore sacred tilings In life. flcj>ent.ince Is more than regret: il is tlie consciousness of e j wrong doing and the resolve to ,' r I rectify It by cultivating a serious he usual necessity of splittin? the i ltiu ; de tav . Arti God nm , hls nronts a good many ways. I.s b'g'chrLst" 5lot Services are held at 7:45 o'clock. justness. oOo Our courts have held that slot machines are gambling devices and herefore against the law. With r espcct to our learned Judges •>m afraid they slipped badly. Yon I don't gamble when you play slot I machines. You throw your money] away. Paving slot machines Is n n nn.rrrrv; neither of skill nor chanc,-. l° lC8 °l,,S"^" a ^. rt Is a cold blooded mechanical each evening Are On Decrease SALEM. Ore. iUP>— Increase In. decrease lln Republicans was revealed In Preliminary reports showed the I a ^°" t t" r «e-'i' and two-fifths 'ii'J out all tlsbt." Sober and •'HIiiR. John Jncuk Aslur. ons In: woiul'a rifliest >i>un^ tni'ii, t'M> tlm breaking ol his thev occasionallv shell out a few i nickels or dimes, but that Is Justl ral1 ° to ^ al < 01 ' t three-fifths He-1 n come on. There Is an Idea m.Pi'Wlc.ins and two-fifths Demo-1 Hils. If what we want Is to teach cr!US - RfP»i>»cai« '«a In every lhe oncoming generation thai <>'"> °' l]w l)rst «""«!«« reporting, i (rnmblln? Is a losing proposition aithough envision was almost even then mnvbf the thing to do Is to '" several .About 425,000 voters . ... .,„ ,.,,. m ake slot machines available. At to .Mis, Kll f en i.m.,-, , , e or ord w otner forms of were believed 18 registered for the election, a de- dunes. Motorists, especially in Cities of Minnesota, drove with Ights throughout the day. Airplane pilots were forced to ihree mile altitudes to gain clear air. Prom above tile 1,500.000 square miles of dust "looked like a muddy ocean." Rurhts Ntw York NEW YORK, May 11 CUP)-The tue dust storm, moving from the mid-west, descended on New York and the surrounding territory to- iiay, darkening the sky and sift- Ing into Manhattan skyscrapers. Despite closed windows the dust IJcnelratcd almost every building, laying a thin coat of fine dust over furniture and floors. Old Jewelry Sales Add Millions b Gold NEW YORK (UP) —The value of old gold lying Idle In American homes is believed to surpass the output of all the gold mines In the world for an entire ycar^'that ?old Is valued at $500.000,000. A drive to recover old gold, carried on In Britain some time ago, •rouglH to light over half a bil- lon dollars worth of the precious aetal. America Is beliered to have \ n even greater store. A gold rush s now In progress throughout the United Staies with millions of people searching for their old fash- cned jewelry and odds and ends f gold. The large refining houses are eceivlng thousands of old gold hipmems. Much of the old gold z sold to local Jewelers who later end It to the refiners. The shipments vary from a single rin?. or old watch csse, to shipments worth housands of dollars. James Montgomery Flagg hasn't lost Ills «ye for beauty, though ho's been porlraylnf tt for many years as an Illustrator. Tic picketl Miss Jeanetle Dike, above, of Joplln, Mo., as the University ot Missouri's iri«t beautiful coed, »nd )j«r picture will grace, tbo collet* n»rko»l(. Romeo and Juliet Enter ives of Young Russians MOSCOW (UP) — Romeo and Jultet. Hamlet, King Lear and Dther Shakespearian characters are taking their place along with Marx and Engtes In the literary ilet of Soviet youth. For some years after the revolution, only the reading of books which accentuated "class consciousness," or gave technical instruction was encouraged by the State. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair, tonight and Saturday, not much change in temperature. Memphis and Vicinity—Fair tonight and Saturday, not much change in temperature. The ma.ximum temperature here yesterday was 85, minimum 67, cloudy with .07 of ;n Inch rain-, fall, according to Samuel P. Norris. official weather obwrver*

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