The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on December 3, 1966 · Page 13
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 13

Dover, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1966
Page 13
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Hints from Heioise This Tops Them All Dear Heioise: l have no idea what brand (or what Wnd) of cooking oil women use that make a film «n the outside of their bottles and their shelves. For myself, l cut off th« bottom of a large plastic bleach container (about 3 Inches high) *nd set my famlly-si«e bottle of cooking oil in this container. It fits almost perfectly! Of course, for the smaller hollies of oil use smaller plastic bottle bottoms. Mrs. n. I. Brownburg Now, t think you have really topped them all! Who In this wWe, wide world tf trouble* would think to let t bottle %t woktag oil down Into that free little plastic bottle? You're just u angel, Stag. Nelolse Dear Heioise: Here is a telephone tip for Club Notes By Htloiit Cruit Midvale Club Silver Christmas tree.s and candelabra with fed tapers and evergreens decorated the tables when the Midvale Club held a Christmas party Wednesday in the Buckeye Hotel at Uhrichs- Ville. Hostesses were Mrs. Gertrude Simmons and Mrs. Otis Simmons Sr. of Tuscarawas, Mrs. Harry McPherson of Uhrichs- Ville and Mrs. D.J. Dover. A business meeting was conducted by the president, Mrs. Bertha Emhoff of New Philadelphia. Members answered roll tall with Christmas greetings. Contest prizes were awarded Mrs. Edna Riley of Midvale, Mrs. Virgil Mathias and Mrs. M.W. Everhard of New Philft' delphia. Preceding a Christmas gift exchange a story entitled "Another Brought Gifts" by Bess ev«ryone, but especially fof busy place* where then is lots of notee — Ilk* offices, stores, homes whtr« radio or TV are btering or kids so-earning! (My sister gavt me this tip about 85 years ago when »he was a switchboard operator,) When the noise around you makes It difficult to hear the conversation on the phone, during the intervals of listening, cover the mouthpiece with your free hand. This prevents the noise from going into the telephone and interfering with the incoming message, To put it In worse verse: "On the telephone, when it's hard to hear, "Don't stick a finger in your other eir; "instead, cover the mouthpiece with your hand, "And the message will come through just grand!" Mrs. E. E. B, Dear Hcloise: Las! year I saved my plastic lemons instead of throvvi n g them away when the juice was gone. Before Christmas I gathered them together and had a tot of fun making tree ornaments with them. I sprayed ome with gold paint and sprinkled gold glitter on them while still wet. Others 1 sprayed with snow and silver glitter. 1 pushed straight pins (the OEA Installs Officers, Threatens Ohio Sanctions COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-TV OMo Education Assotiatlor having installed new officers l team with lt« new executive set- retary in what educators consider a key year for state action, took up resolutions today carrying the threat of sanctions. Kenneth P. Kate, Canton Me- Klnley High School assistant principal, was installed as president Friday night, succeeding Supt, Paul C. Hayes of Franklin County's South-Western District schools. Murl E. Huffman, a teacher in Montgomery County's West Carrollton School System, wns chosen president-elect to succeed Kate a year from now. The big organization of teachers and school administrators amended Its constitution In other Friday action, providing that members "actively supporting activity against the constitutional purposes of the association" can be ousted, The OEA executive committee Is now empowered, "after due and proper investigation" and by two-thirds vote, to expel rebel members. The provision, as incoming executive Secretary Stayner F. Brighton of Seattle, Wash., said earlier In this week's convention, Is designed to "prevent people from using dual (union vs. OEA) membership to undercut our organization." * It follows on the heels of 'iy the 1WMIS school year a nun. mmt salary scheduled as «peei- ltd by the OEA, Tfie move to blacklist Ohio in ivent heavier school aid isn't 'orthcoming appeared sure of passage since the association's Department of classroom Teachers approved it by a wide margin Friday. The proposed resolution on salary minimum's calls for at least $6,000 a year for a teacher with a bachelor's degree, $5,500 for one with a master's. OEA action would be taken against any district that failed to guarantee such a scale by next school year. The Ohio School Bell awards for excellence in educational reporting were presented by the Ohio chapters of the National School PuDlic Relations Association. Winners Included; Dally newspaper, big city- Dayton Journal Herald. Dally newspaper, under 60,' 000 circulation-Hamilton Journal-News, accepted by Educa tlon writer James Newton, Serving Our Flag Amy Pfc. M«x V. Riterwur Jr., 19, wfffise parents live at 111 Pint St., tftvir, was Assigned to the Mth Supply Company, earn Hand flay, Viet Nam Nov. IS. Pvt. Riteflouf, aft engineer equipment maifttendncd man with the company, entered on active duty In February of thto year and was last stationed at Ft. Beltoif, Va. and frttt Sffipfeyed fty ftoifcf Beifirtg at Canton before entering the Army. afta ftjsn 8 tfeeks recruit training I at the Marine Corps Recruit DtW.ttlP.ftU tit.* «r D ° nald Sh0teS Ot 112 ° Shefmafl Dtpoui Partis Island, s.c. ami av New p hi , ad€lpnia) and Pvt . win undergo 8 weeta of mdivld-iwiwam Mnson, soft of Mr. Ptfe 13, tin Daily Rijrwlet, Dovtt, 0, Sal* Dt*t 3» IMt^ oal combat training. and Mrs. Clyde Jofifisoit of tt0 Tfiey are Pvt. wii&uf Arms- fadl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Amistadl Sf. of Dover; Pvl, David Shores, son of Mr. and Mrs. the trio win spend leaves at home Before reporting to tltetf first Marine Corps assignment*, Cloiiffltd Adi Pay Off! He is a IMS graduate of Dover (Ohio) High. Pvt. Ritenour's wife, Connie, lives on RD 1, Dover. Army Pvt. Duane A. Wasnak, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Wasnak of 1530 Howenstlne dr. SE, East Sparta, was assigned to the 30th Artillery in Viet Nam Nov. 15. Wasnak, a cannoneer in the artillery's 1st Battalion, entered on active duty In May 1M6 and was last stationed at Ft. Sill, Okla, He was graduated from Canton South High In IDM teacher strikes In and llubbftitl in Youngstown which Ohio Federation of Teachers (AFL- CIO) chapters were pitted against the OEA in an effort to become bargaining agent for all teacher* In the affected districts. The OEA has taken the stand that teachers are profes- kind with bi<? heads) into the jsionals and denlored the strikes. The resolutions to be voted upon today included ones to level .sanctions against the state In case the new general assembly does not drastically increase school aid and against any where the ji»ice came tied metallic thread around the pin heads and hung my new ornaments on the tree. Not only do these look beautiful, but they are nonbreakable Streeter Aldrich was gi'ven byj As a token of your love and Mrs Everhard. appreciation to a mother or and can be decorated to match'school districts failing to adopt any color scheme. I have some new ideas on how to fix the plastic lemons 1 have saved thte year. Nucla Relmers LETTER OF LOVE Dear Heioise: Javcees Receive Gift from CCL Twelve members of the MOM Chapter of Child Conservation UC Administrators, Student Leaders Confer Others attending were Mrs. Ted Sensenbaugher, Mrs. Harry Heakin, Mrs. Etta Hastings, Mrs. Dolly Browning and Mrs. Ollie Wallace of Uhriclwville, Mrs. Clara Gibbs of Midvale, Mrs. Robert Hemmeger of Dover and Mrs. Jessie Belize! and Mrs. Roma Spence of New Philadelphia. The next meeting will be in March. G. and C. Mrs. Paul Betche was ft guest when the G. and C. Club played canasta recently In the horn* of Mrs. Jack Famine of RD 1, New Philadelphia. Score prizes were awarded Mrs. Robert Luthy and Mrs. Jetty Warner. fathw so dear, and yet so often taken for granted: League answered roll call with) things they would like to do on Christmas when they met in the ra home of Mrs. Robert Dreher of Send them flowers on yourlRD 2, Dover. Mrs. Kenneth Dupler, president, read letters from thft state And district presidents. Fifteen dollars was donated to the Jaycees as a philanthropic project. A door prize was won by Mrs. Russ Pershing and the mystery prize by Mrs. Clinton Harmon. Guest speaker for the evening was Rev. .lack Levencjood of the Hi-Way Baptist Church who told the Christmas story as given in the Bible. The next meeting! will be in the home of Mrs. Harmon of RD 2, Dover. Mrs. Pershing will assist. BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) University of California administrators negotiated with student leaders today in the current strife over Navy recruitment on the Berkeley campus. Gpv.-elect Ronald Reagan advised insurgent students to "get out" and legislators demanded action against some /acuity members. Chancellor Roger W. Heyns blamed the deliberate infractions of outsiders for the classroom boycott at the 27.500-student campus by an unknown number of students and teaching assistants. Heyns, who said the strike of classes appeared to have only limited effectiveness, declared that ngotiations to end the campus upheaval would involve faculty and students only. The disruption began Wednesday In the Student Union build- in? during a protest against a Navy recruiting table. Protest- tried to set up a rival table, "' started and police nonstudents and four $tu< effective the boycott was. A heavy rain kept some students away for two days. A nose count analysis of classrooms was not available from the university. Heyns told a news conference Friday that he backed the use of police and he warned teaching staff assistants, sympathetic to the strike, that he expected them to say on he job. Calls came from hose high in state government to crack down hard on strike-sympathetic students and teachers, and nonstu- dents who agitate at the university. "Acept and obey the prescribed rules or get out," Gov.- elect Reagan advised Berkeley dissidents. Referring to faculty members joining the student protest, he said: "If any employe of the university does not do his job, he has served notice of his intent to quit." Reagan repeated a campaign pledge that John McCone, former head ot the CIA, would be asked to head a probe of the Berkeley campus troubles. Rea- birthday, thanking them for the life they gave you. Joe Dear Heioise: 1 always had trouble keeping my sleeveless dresses on hangers. As we buy a lot of buns, I find that flat little plastic gadgets that hold the bun packages and some types of bread closed . . . work real good to hold my dresses on the hangers. Mildred Tehl Dear Iie'olse: A small sugar scoop Is great Drunk Juvenile Not My Problem, Officer Declares uiny ana airs, jerry wurner. . „. -" ... r . ° Plans were made for a com-l for P u ll " e the stuffing in your btned bowling and Christmas I ro f t turl 7' c j lcken - ek party Dec. 14. The next meeting!, J* avcs a lot of muss - fuss and will be in January with Mrs.j Inci ' Warner of 305 E. 3rd st., Dover. %VC| v .. iDear Heioise: Tally tight i Mavbe this is not news . . . After a dinner party in Es- but I think the best way to penschied's Restaurant, mem-:clean oatent leather shoes and hers of the Tally Eisiht Club j purses is just plain ole kitchen went to the home of Mrs. John]vinegar. It even removes white Bittikofer of 710 Crater av., Do- j lines around shoes from rain, Ver, for a Christmas party and!etc. gift exchange. Another reader Cards were played with priz- Pick up six point standing «s going to Mrs. James Lanzer (Copyright, 195fi. King Fca- and Mrs. Lee Neading. Mrs. 'tures Syndicate, Inc.) Robert Evans will be hostess for the next meeting. |R r Jd e -tO-Be Tuscarora Caf^d *-•+ D/-irt\/ Thoughts about Christmas "--iCu OT runy were given in response to roil E ii zabelh Qingerk-h. Dei-. 17th call when members of the Tus- bride-elect of Robert Slempfley, carora Club met with Mrs. was gue8 , of honor al a show £ r Thomas Snyder of 120 E. Mh,gi ve ti by Mrs. Jesse Heavilin of El - Dover - 930 N. Tuscarawas av. Dover. White wedding bells were sus Mrs. Victoria Brady of 419 15th st. NW, New Philadelphia. | called police last night at 11:4* and said a youth was sitting in her son's car. Police found George Davis, , 17, Of 132 7lh st. NW, who was A neighborhood meeting for j intoxicated. They contacted Juthe leaders and assistants of Do- venile Officer Harry Fisher, Girl Scout News The roll call was in keeping ver Girl Scnuts will be held In Dover First Methodist Church Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. Leaders are to take a Christmas project their troop is working on, A 25 foot roll of aluminlm foil, scissors, a small ruler, needle and thread. Club Slates Bus Trip The Tuscarawas County Antique Club has chartered a bus for a visit to a Canton museum and other points of interest In that area. Anyone interested In joining them may make reservations by calling Mrs. H.^. Lehman (2-0927) or Mrs. Clifford Wallace (3-5953). The irip U slated for Tuesday and the bus will leave New Philadelphia bus depot at 8:30 a.m. and Dover at 8:45. who told them he didn't take cart of intoxication cases. Officers escorted the y o u t h home where his mother said she would take care of him. Police said the youth tried twice to jump out of the cruiser. Town Topics Baltic Community Club will meet Monday night at 7:30 in the village hall. Officers are to be elected and a financial report will be given. 'f Fire Runs with the program presented by a guest, Miss Stella Rutledge, who spoke on the need for humanity's understanding of the true meaning of Christmas. Miss Rutledge was introduced by Mrs. Edgar Graff, program chairman. Mrs. J. Richard Demuth conducted the business meeting and members had a Christmas gift exchange. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Snyder and assistant host N ..„.., „,„„, ww . ^ H8 uin . ! H M Mra JB lllal|14 A ' Mll6r ,^ rich ' and Miss Patricia Mad- and Mrs. William A. Beailey jdox. The Jan. 5 meeting will be with Mrs. Ralph Hole of 200 Commercial av. SW, New Philadelphia. pended from the ceiling over the gift table which was decorated With miniature blue umbrellas. Prizes were won by Mrs. Emmelt Ayers, Miss Lucille York, Miss Diane Ayers, and Mrs. Arthur Berg. Others attending weit; Mrs. Peter Gingerlch, mother of the bride-to-be; Mrs. Robert Stemp. fley, mother of the bridegroom- to-be; Mrs. Rosemary Maddox, Miss Deborah Hfeavilin, Mrs. Harry Ayers, Miss Edna Gin- PUBLIC MIXED DANCE SAT,, DEC. 3rd 8UCH CITY GIANSf MAU Music by th# Dixie Hormonaii-*! Dancing from 9 till 12. Home cooked eats served by women of th« G/«n§e. Al»o cakf College Corner Budall £. U*fber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian A. Gerber of Baltic, has been inducted into Ute Kent State University ftbap- tar of Phj EU Simula, natjdaal honor society tor fresUnta meo. lie was also stocted secretary for tbe coming year. Only 8 of ft claw of 4600 &Ui- deals attained t h e s , Uhrlchsvllle — Today at I:S( a.m. to 111 Scott »t. where a chimney at thi residence of Charles Mo- CaUley was reported clogged. AT CHRISTMAS 1 TIME 2. dents were arresM, A strike of! gan will become governor Jan. classes was called, and the! Teachers Assistants' Union voted support of demands for approval of nonstudent activities on the campus. It was not possible to tell how We're No Exception... Our Telephone NUMBERS Have Been Changed Also! Beginning December 4th DIAL 343-7706 for News and Advertising! for Society News DIAL 3434943 v fhe rowing One'.... The Reporter Phone Numbers in Uhrichsville, 922-3611 and Newcomerstown 498-8039 heart of gold mtdallion living *• Give the gift of BEAUTY EATON'S FINE LETTER PAPERS fifen el utit MlvUiuIlty, to varied, (hut is t Bertojjjliljf.pft(«ct ityliDg (ot every lucky M*nd at y«ltf |ift list. All tavtlfully gift-boxed OFFICE APPLIANCE CO. Clip this coupon Mail to your ntaratt Ohio Power Office. I would like—without obligation—a free cost estimate on a flameless electric heating system for my homt, NAME— PHONE. ADDRESS For Free Cost Estimate on PLAMELESS ELECTRIC HEAT It's easy to convert to Flameless Electric Heat in your present home. Then, ill you do to warm your home is let th« thermostat and enjoy clean, even elec* trie heat. Whatever your requirements, there's a type of electric heating for you. And with electric rates reduced four times in the last several years, electric,__--—~-~_™»™-_ heat is not only modern, it's economical. That's why more than 16,000 Ohio Power customers are enjoying it now. Mail this coupon or call Ohio Power and find out about the advantages, Get the details about the Guarantee of Satisfaction, *»<! how you can save f JOG on installation. OHIO POWER COMPANY

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