The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX COURIER NEWS Regulars, Reserves See Action Against Outclassed Eleven The'RIytheville Chickasaws opened their ambitious 19. football agenda just about as expected last night by defeat' Dunaway and his assistant, Jelf Sherman, former Blytlieviile student, in the st.inds the Chickn- -saivs showed early season weaknesses which may mean that Hi Zebras will'nil the air with pnsse when they come here /or that BIG game Sept. 29 oiid that tiiey ma> net have lo he so careful nbou' the usually potent Chick .leiial attack. However no one was moie cognizant of the Clilckb' defects In their first performance under /lie than Head Coach 'Joe Diltty and his aides so 'Mr. Dunaway, \vlio Is a post graduate of Uie school of foothill psychology, \\lll probably have lo go deeper than what appeared on the surface last night to discover the weak point'; that will still be weak points come Sept 23. But back to last night's licl- raisei tlie Chickasaws flashed n svifl moving offense leininiscciit of their flash of recent years with more than just-an indication that the cuirent Chick backflelci lias speed to buin. Scnny Uoyd and Monk Mosley, the touchdown twins, streaked here and tlieie all night ns had been expected but probably more pleasing \\as, the manner in which Paul Black wood and John Paulk slammed (heir way thiough n sireabie Prescott line. With Hugh Haruert In harness, soon the Chick backs should boast potential touchdown ability at every turn Of course there was never any doubt as lo the putcome of the gpi'ie from the moment that Willis Ford, Chick: fullback, pulled in the opening kickoff on his 15-yaid line and sped 85 yards for the first touchdown But a lam el wieatli must go to Robert Bnker, 200- pound Piescolt lineman for, a smashing defensive game that frequently gummed up a prcclslDii- styled Chick play. Baker, playing defensive left end, showed an aggressiveness and ruggcdncss that could well be used by many vBig 15 learns in the stale. And the langy Baker occasionally grabbed a. pass on .oiTense that the rattier shoit Chick backs simply couldn't get to Mosley resumed the scoring chore again- after the second hnlf opened, He van u I'rescoU punt hack from Die Prescott 4K (o (lie 17-yard line Then he ambled over for the touchdown on the first piny from scrimmage. Mosiev's touchdown spree was still in vogue ami the youngest of the trio of Mo.iley bjy.s who hnve carried Chic); scoring burdens so ably sped 22 yards for another touchdown. -!fc followed that up uith n 40-yard return of n pnnl for .another Imiclirtowu before the third quartet- ended. Paulk gave an exhibition of plunging as the game neared Us end. The big blocking back and lineman didn't go in for much dodging but he did an elfcctive Job of crashing nlong. Sallba polished off the last touchdown of the gome with a six-yard spurt. The Chick's were deep in Prescott territory ns the game closed. Opener From One More Win and They'll Be In; Re^ls Cards Win Divide, BV «i:OKOE KIHKSEV United Vrfss Slaff Corrcsbonurn NEW YORK, Sepl. 10,' (UP)_ One to B o mid (ho Yanks ar ionic, ff the Yanks wm . today o he Red Sox lose, the Brori> Bombers'Will be champions of l)i< American League for the fouitl onsectillvc jieason—a feat 'never eforc accomplished in the junloi Ircuit.,, '•''•. Four 'times n, li-lpln Amerlcai eaguc ehqinplon - \yetit after tha ourlh iieniiant arid .falleil. The "igers, after winning In 1907-8-9 '(re stopped ; by the Athletics In Tlie Yanks of 1021-22-23 Football Results Catholic nigh UUIc Rock Patesville C. Hope 13, Hnynesville,, Ln fi Bccbc e, Beiilon « (tic) «ussellvllio 51, Qzavk c' Joiiesboro 20, Newport 0 Hot Springs'21, Tp.-^aiknins' 0. Eearcy-M, ireber Springs fl. Pi«oU 35, Clinton 0 Brlnkley 27, Parkin o Cnmden 20, Smnckover 0 .Port smith 27, Van Huron 1 Humes City 0. (Memphis) c, Forrrci Tlic lineups: 'r'cscott (0) •" Kelly Orren Adams W. Wilson (c) ;oo pel- White Baker Smith Haisell Slalnton Ellis Pos,. Blylhevllie (58) Baxter Johnson Blckcrstalf Godwin Chitmon Justice Warion (c) UE. L.T. L.G. C R,G. R.T. R.E. Q.B. L.If. R.H, 'P.B. Mosley Ford Substitutions: (Dlythevlllc) Jen Ins, end; , Alley, l«ckie; Prultt, guard; Coppodgo, center; Cramer, guard; Bennett,, tnckle; Blnckwcll, ;nd; Pattlk, quarterback and full- Jack; Stiliba, halfback; Muery, itiltback; ''.Blnckwood, t fullback; " end; full. , . (PrcscolO Wallace 'Wilson, tack- e; Graham, guard; McGill, guard; Jainpson, tackle; Ersklne, tackle; t center; Ross, Harris, halfback; Crosslow, back; A. Snltba, hnlfbnck. ' The story of the present con'dl- kicte)" c' lion of the Blytheville aerial at- lack is told in (lie statistics, six ,,„„.„„*_,,„ passes tried-one completed (but. state) referee-' II a>ne*n tnlirlirlr,., „ V T, .. /JUiCL;, ILlUCt, Vylle, halfback. Scoring—Touchdown!: Ford I run after receiving kickoIT); Lloyd 2) ' (scrimmage); Won ing Ion 1 pnss from Mosley) Mosley <4). Returned punt (40) (scrimmage 3);.. Snllba vsiib for. Mosley) 1 scrimningc). Extra [Joints—Lloyd 1, —Duk (place missed—Lloyd 010. 'ere 1024. , - Ijenten by' Washington In 1928 the Yanks '•.'." *«"'>,•> null < -......,, of Ihrec straight'champion- ships snapped by the Athletics' These same Athletics -ruled-In 192930-31 only lo be halted by the Yanks in 1032. ,' With a- lO-gnme • ler,,- 1 , anil 1C game.? left to play, the <worat llic Yanks can gel Is « tie. To do that the Yanks would'have to lose 1C straight and the Reii Sox win )0 In n row. Fine chanccc, huh? Wllli (he pennant clinching only ., matter of when • and how, Joe McCarthy gave some thought today lo Ihe world scries. He expects the Reds to win tile National League flag and face the Yanks In tlic opening game at Yankee Stadium, Oct. 4, McCarthy has begun to ask questions about lhe Reds, particularly about Bucky Walters, lie bad been unreliably informed ,: l.'.iat Wallers threw a high hard one! The fact Is Walters is'strictly, a-sinker null pitcher—and . sinker • bull ' pitchers hnve been known to bother the Yanks more than qmewhnL Recently Mel Harder,' who throws n sinker, did n neat'.job .on the Bombers. McCarthy lins high respects for Goodman and. Derringer, whom he saw in action to ;ood advantage In the All-Slr.r ;ame. • Eqrly betting has niarto the Yanks top-heavy favorites at 2'-J lo 1, Jack Doyle, Broadway price- maker, said the Yanks might open as- high as 3-1. : ; ... . '.. The.Yanks came oiil of Uic'lr 3- gnme losing slump by"' bumping " 1C T * e «- . .Stcy, Sun- It was»a touchdown pass), hurled.16 times and made good six times/ ' , Prcs,cott made a half dozen first downs and Ihe Chicks twice as many Coach Dildy gave his icseives rt good workout after tlic Hist team ' hurried ncrpsi four touchdowns before the fust quarter ended. But it was against the first stringers that the visitors flashed Iheli mast serious menace. The visitors only serious touchdown bid came In tiie foMith quarter. It was Buck Halsell, a nifty 180-pound back, who bole (he burnt or the' Wolves offensive efforts: it was Halsell who suddenly broke loose just when it appeared llmt the Wolves would neve'i _get out of the shadow of their own goal posts. Halsell slipped off on a 43 yard jaunt to the Blylheville 40 yard line that was halted only when Mosley, Cluck safety tripped him down. Then,Halsell hurled a pass to the ever-present Baker that sent the Wolves to the Chicks' 24-yard line. Halsell then passed to Smith and the Prescott quarterback was downed oh the Chicks' 4 yard line. That was as rar ns lhe Wolves advanced. The Chicks took possession of lhe ball-some eight yards up they overwhelmed Prescott scoring efforts. • The big hump in the Chickasaws' scoring was charted In the first period. After Ford's long distance sprint Uoyd followed with a 56- jard gallop from n quick-breaking play that for sheer timing was probably the best executed touch-' • down play of the night. Uoyd also annexed the third touchdown after Blckerstatf recovered a Presoctt fumble on the Wolves' 19 jard line One play from scrimmage did the Job. Mosley and Warrington collaborated <n the fourth touchdown. It was a pass play tnat cauglil the visitors flattooted and sent War- rtagton trotting off without fear of molestetkn n a 24-yard play A poor Prescott punt attempted in the face of & hard rushing line, set the stage for the Chicks' pay-off play. - . ; The' Chicks had another sccring opportunity before the first quarter ended with almost an entire, reserve team 1n the game bul couldn't cash in. A recovered fumble on Prescotl's 10 gave the Chicks an <pportunity but the Wolves held ; well enough to take Uie ball over on their 2-jard line. The reserves couldn't push across a score though dcing alright by themselves on defense and the lirst stringers added the only touchdown of the second period shcrtly before tlie first half closed. Mosley did the job In able fashion. He set ., the stage by intercepting a Prescott f pass on Prescott's « yard line and ' sprinting to the G-yard line. From Ui*re he went over in one pl«y. r» 1 iW r-Mi ""' C " CEC M ^'' ' iwcallier (Hendrix), Head , . , -, n tve - dm coppeci llts '• I0th straight vb- 1ttnilln j; . lory. Allowing only six hits. • Sun- rc; ' Bm " lrn lllul lhR Tiger* at his.,mcroy. Game Statistics KickoITs Ely. Prcs. 10 I Yards'of Klckotl's 481 45 Average of KlekofTs 48.1 45 Yards gained on returned klckoffs .: 85 116 Passes attempted c I'Q Passes completed ] c Yards gained from pusses 55 73 Passes Intercepted 4 2 Yards gained pass interceptions ci 22 Plinls o 7 Yards of punts o laQ Average pt punts o 28 Yards gained on returned punts .,119 o Fumbles .. , i Q Fumbles recovered ! 4 3 Attempts nt rushing .... 35 20 Yards gnlned by rushing 331 86 Yards lost by rushing 5 43 Net gnin by rushing 33fi 43 Average try by rushing., a 1.7 Individual records of backs by rushin Llcyd Muery i Mosley n Blj-thcville Tries Gain Lost Paulk Ford ...... Blackwood F. Saliba... Totals , 9G 12. 102 57 19 35 10 Halseil Wylie . Stain Ion ...35 331 1'rescolt 1 1 o Smith 6 Ellis ..-. 2 73 1 3 4 2 15 0 20 G 2 19.2 12.0 a.8 8.1 B3 5.8 9.0 5,1 1.0 1.7 Totals ....25 SS 43 Passes: Mosley-Warrlnglon (25); Halsell to Baker (5 for gnin 56 yards), 1 yard lost Smith Is Baker Yesterday's Results SeuUicrn League (Slmughncssy Playoff Final) Atlanta at .Nashville, night. National league Philadelphia 9-1, Chicago G-6 Cincinnati )0-3. New York 6-4 second game called end seventh, darkness. Brooklyn 4, Pittsburgh 2, 10 innings. St. Louis 1, Boston 0, 14 innings. . ..\ ..American League Philadelphia 3, Chicago 2 Cleveland 7, Boston I New York 10, Detroit 3. St. Lculs 9, Washington 5. Read Courier News v>*nt ads. ' The Yanks knocked .Schoolboy, Rowc out of •the box In tha third, and kept, pecking; at'McKaiiiValid, belbel. Joe Gordon had '11 iisslsls to tie the major : ,ieivgue recent for Cleveland .helped i lhe Yanks' cause,by blasting -Mil'- two Ih'ric- rnn rallies In the 'eighth mid ninth to lick the nc'tl :Sojt, J l-\. .Until tlie eighth, Hudlln and Oslennuol- ler were In a 'M deadlock. • Dob Johnson's home/ vvitir two mates on base iii' the first inning enabled tlie Athletics* lo nose, out the While Sox, 3-2, Both Wh'le Sox runs otT Lynn Nelson were unearned. The Browns beat the : §oh- alors, 9-5, aided .by six ton errors. . ..-• The Cincinnati Reds".split, .51 (toublcheadcr yfith tlic New York Giants, 'taking* the opepcr, 10-0. but losing the nightcap, called nl the end of the seventh because of darkness, 4-3. Tlic split, paretl the Rfiis' National league lead lo 3',i games as the runner-up St. Louis Cardinals ciecislont'di the Boston Bees, 1-0 in 14 Innings. Enos Slaughter's double ami Joe Medvrlck's single provided the winning run. The Hedi rapped three pitchers for 18 lilts lo win the first game in which Johnny Vander Mecr, attempting n comeback, was knocked out after giving up seven hits in four innings. • The Reds almost won the' nightcap with n three-run burst in the seventh but the rally petered out when Eddie Joosl forced Billy Werbcr at tile plate with the tying run. Hank Leibcr hit his fifth homer |n as many games as the Chicago Cubs split with the Philadelphia Phillies. The Phiis won the first. 9-6, and Uie Cubs the second, 6-1. Brooklyn strengthened Us hold on fourth place by defeating Pittsburgh, 4-2, in ten innings. Lavagetto's double and Walker's siu- ;le drove in lhe two winning runs in the tenth. Yesterday's Hero—Steve Sandra, Yanks' second line pitcher, who stopped the Bombers' losing streak and hung up his 10th straight victory. HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry »nd Cleaning Serrict weekly Meroney Serves Up New Dish A special mixed bout three wrestlers niul three will be the entree on (he wrestling meini Promolcr e Meroney plans to set before fans at the Legion arena here Mcndav nlglit. ' Donning the stoves will ijc a (e.-im composed of Tony Garabaldi, Joe Welch and Cius WIsbnr and those who arc supposed to confine their activities to wrestling are Tony Vlarcno. Joe Peronl mid Ned Taylor To defeat the WTCstlcrs the boxers must knock down at lenst two of [heir opponents or the wrestlers must pin at least two boxers Three one-fall wrestling matches )CUveen the nlwve principals will conclude the show. Formil is slated ' :o take on Welch. Marcno will angle with Gurabaldi and Tayloi s booked for n session with Wls- »r. The- thirty minute time limit :overn cacli match. Ancient Tony All But Mops Up Floor With Youthful l.ou By JACK CUBBY' Unllo.l Press Stall Correspondent PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 1C.— They were still singing "Tonyboy; Tony- boy" at his hcadquurtcrs 'in ti>e Walton ]j:(el this morning when Tony oolemo headed for Orange, N. J., to begin prolonged training behind his tavern bar for another crack nl Die wcrld heavyweight clinmplonshlp next Jnin>. There was revelry at the Walton because of Tony's victory last night in Municipal Stadium, but all was fiiiicl on the Halmcinaniv Hospital front where young L:u Nova, the I Buy Tony massacred, had his face stitched together agnin. ,Tivo To »" Tony, a big bellied old rone cf the rinj, earned another shot at pugilism's most covet- SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1939 , 58T6 eree. Ife did R swe |} Bui Manager. Oarlen said "I "'ways thought Blake was a good retoce until last night. JIc permitted Galento to use back-alley fciwi. Nova -wasn't cut by any blows "is'gashes came from butts tarn pa ciuo 1 * head. The doctors who low five pitches above Lou's right eye ana {Ivc below it said no gloved fist could have censed such damage. We'd l|k ? (o light Galento asciln-in New York' state, where is"™™ l ° "* }>l ° le:lnr and prwc Nova will remain in Philadelphia for a few days mid then return to ills home in Los Angeles, lie will • -* " v i'«oi«.-)i» n luursi/ luvei- , T . w, ij. fct ed cvown by upsetting nil the laws x N«shvlllc 0 „ fl(x j >f nature, all preachments of box- x '"™ 1ilu 0 0 .000 ng experts and all opinions of ' v ~ N1 ?' 11 S^mc. betting men by registering a tech- National ilcal knockout over the now slight- ~\v j. y tarnished "Gcktcn fioy" from Cincinnati B<)° M' llrt f*!i\1flnt\ /"•.> + *.{., it, _ 1.11. . -. O* r «•,,.!_ ' Ten-Game Season With Dyess At Sept. 21 ; OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 15.—With Ight of last year's letter men back, the Osceola Scminoles face heir tBiighcst football season in ears,- Coach Frank Jones reports oday. ; The schedule consists ol ten ames beginning September 21 vitli a home game against Dyess Jolony. The Semiiioles promise to e a fa.sttiiiovtiig team depending pou largely for Kfiins. 'here are twenty-seven out to lay, including three of last year's eservcs.' Henry James Swift, senior, uml ne of tlic most important bachs, iiB mlwlul isiocaled a shoulder cliii-ing" punching lie Golden Gate in the 14th round. Galenlo, 29, a battle-scarred veteran of 12 years In the commercial ring, again became the world's No, 1 challenger and won Hie right to meet the winner of Wednesday night's Louis-Pastor title till at Detroit by triumphing with ense over 24-yenr-old Nowi in one of (lie mcst bloody brants ever staged anywhere. The crowd nntl the gate were disappointing to promoters Mike Jacobs and Herman Tnylcr who csti- maled that the gross gate was approximately 69,000 and that the cosh customers numbered about iri,ODO. But the battle itself surpassed expectations. Those who went to the tmge stadium ivhere Dempsey niui Tunney first tangled in 192G saw ancient mid supposedly dissipated Galento a 4-1 underdog in ilic netting batter youthful, clean-living Nova into such a helpless hulk that Referee Geoi-ge Blake halted the fight at 2144 minutes ol the 14th. " And tliis wasn't soon enough for hundreds of fans who had >been shouting from the fifth round 'on, 'Stop that flghli Stop that fi»lit!" They were shouting because Galento gashed Lou's right brow ii -lie third round with his smashing left hooks—gashed his left brow and mouth in the fourth—floored ,iim four times and caused him to slip to the canvns l.vo more times. Lou was a blood-smeared, bag. And after Tony m, ,i , . er ony mmaire this week ami wuVW Uacrert cuts under his icwer lip ' "chedule° Sept."* s p ««'« *«'"• m«l under his chin, the encounter '" e ^""^ ln Novi1 . , Pocahoiitas, ithere- Imboden, here; Oct.. 13 Tree,, there; Oct. 20,' Plggott, there; Oct. 2C, Munfort), here- Nuv! Jlmc Wheix champion Ixiiiis kncck- oei- Marked Hcfer ™ B l«kc lifted Galenlo's hand wns " 1!xl '"Slit last llltlu , 3, open; Nov. 10. Parkin, there; . . Nov. 1C, Earle. here; Corning, there; Nov. here. Nov. 21, Hughes, ° ' Tommy ed I'llni out in tlie fourth round. It -was all Tony's battle from the opening gin-j. H C forced tlie fight- ,i»g throughout and landed the most damaging blows, winning every round except llie. lotlron tlic ! United Press score sheet. New York Giants ' Blilke - saltl: "' - st ' : Pi )ed the »?'" j because I was afraid that those Gormnn wlin .iliwri Cllt;3 On Novtv ' s '' ight c '' c ml ° Ut ooimaii, «ho liWK-d: blind'him permanently." Blake was baseba.1 with (I c B lytlve H c 6 a * if . He relieved Carl Hubbei! in the seventh inning of the first game when he allowed no hits but walked one man. In Hie second game lie went In in tlic eighth inning when he struck out one man. Gorman, who tins bcne with the Clinton, IOWR, team this summer, was recently called lo the Glanls team. UMITEI) FIELD PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 12.—Walter Miller, local oarsman, is tlic only professional sculler in the country and one of nine in tlie world. REAL COFFEE ALWAYS FRESH BUY A PKG. TODAY TERMINIX TERMINATES s TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS: - —THE- Firestone HIGHSPEED TIRE A real tire. Gum-dipped Cord, Non-Skid Tread, and 100% Cotton Construction throughout. The cost to you . . . only $1.75 per week when you buy On our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. F.llls Snipes, Budjcl Mgr. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 St. txjuis _ Sliicago 7^ Brooklyn .. . 71 New York ... 07 'It.tsbingh cv Boston . 57 Philadelphia ........ n American League Neiv York 07' , •lilcago ncvelr.nd Detroit _ But —- that ho v very fnr because of iits re to obey instiuctioivs from lii« nanager and handlers. Last nieht Nova decided that he should trials n target of Galento's belly—instead of shooting for his face-a face hats n mass of war tissue Irom nany cuts. Instead «f having Tons Weeding like a war victim! se it. suffie ent Nova did the blee.ll, & i'nise»-losl the fight-ami a crack BASEBALL STANDINGS Southern league (Shmighnessy Playoff Final) W. L. Pet. Pet. .619 55 .593 C3 .550 63 .530 BO /.504 00 .504 75 .432 93 .313 81 79 '76 Pet, .703 .587 .568 .555 .518 .42fi .362 .279 Atlanta Ap^ars Headed For Series With Texas Champions NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 15. hrT~£ le Whmtng ™J' S ^ Al- nnta Crackers picked up in .he clos ng clays of lh e Southern Association regular season today were apparently carrying them toward a berth In Hie Dixie Serifs. The Crackers last night defeated Ihe Nashville Vols 4 to 2 In the first game of tlie sjmughnes- sy play-off nnals. u was Hie ninth straight victory for Paul Richards. 1 fourth-place club and the fourth straight in the play-oif. Clyde Smoll. slight lefthander, kept (he Vols at htiy for seven innings to ring up Ills ninth win in lhe last 10 starts, )>nl hud to have relief from Frank Gabler In the eighth. Smoll gave up nine hits Ijefove retiring. George Jcflcoat, Vol starter, was knocked from the box in more ways (haii one. A line drive otr Lester Bnrge's bat struck nun on lie kneecap in the first liming as .he Crackers got oft lo an early end. with one run." Tlie Crackers addetl single tal- lies In tiie seccond and llilrd on Mike Martynik, whp had been lias- lily warmed up lo replace the Injured Jeffccat, an dthc Vols could never cut down the lead. Tlie teams are idle today and continue their foui--Wi%of- 1 <;e\;cii series tomorrow. The winner win meet tlie Texas League play-off champion in the Dixie series. STARS AT TRAPS, TOO PHILADELPHIA, Sept/ 12.—Barney Bellinger, former;, decathlon champion from Pennsylvania, has taken up .trapshootlng. He broke 48 out of 50 targets. ''., NO FINANCIALJWOHRIBS NEW YORK, Sept. )2. — Lou Gchi'lg Is said to have $40,000 worth of offers. for next season, cue of which Is a dally, is-miniite' radio program. Read Courier News want arts. PHONE 205 FOR YOUR POULTRY Nice, fat hens and fryers <fe other poultry at all times. KB DRESS AND DELIVER FBEE! STICKLER-GOODWIN CO. 4M E. Main WRESTLING Special match between wrestlers and boxers. Boxers: Garabaldi, Welch and Wisbar . vs. Wrestlers: Mareno, Feroni and Taylor 3 Additional Wrestling Matches AMERICAN LEGION ARENA. MONDAY 8 P.M, LIKE CAESAR'S WIFE The product or service which you find advertised so appealingly in your daily newspaper must, like Caesar's wife, be above suspicion. /'"'""" - ' - - • '• ..'.'. ;....... -. •i' 7 '^^ For the shortcomings of unworthy merchandise] which silence might have safely concealed, are always rapidly revealed by the spotlight of publicity. -:' . "I And it is by this token that-, advertising proves so great a public boon. It is, indeed/the true searchlight of selection. -....>••••"..-^, Read, then, the varied advertisements in this paper with confidence and assurance. For, if an insurance company o rtrust company, a pastry shop or dressmaking establishment, a taxi service or- .a sporting goods shop can survive the test of consistent advertising, it merits your support and patronage.

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