The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1938
Page 4
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PAGEFOU& (AHK.V comtm NEWS THE BLYTHEVIM 4 E COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. \V. HAWES, Publisher J. OBAHAM 8UDBUBY, Edilor SAMUEL F. NORRI?, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New Yoik, Chicago, Detroit, Bt. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Altcrnoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mailer nl the post office at Blytheville, Arkansas, under net ol October 9, 1917. Served by tho United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In tlio City of Blyllicvllle, 15c per week, or 65o per month. By mall, within a rnditrs of M miles, $3.00 per year, $!.50 for six months, 15c for three months; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive. $6.50 per year; In zones swell and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Air Mail Service Perhaps we .'ire foo ;ipl to accept improvements in lnuif>i><irtalioii mtd mail delivery an matters of in this age of "sircamlijiinV but, Nidion- nl Air Mail Week should causi; Mume of js to stop and consider air mail services alroiuly available for I'lylliuvillc .ei-fiti though we have no direct air mail pickup here. For instance, wo arc informed l>y j.osta] authorities thai an' uir moil letter mailed by three o'clock in llw iificTiiooi) Jicrc (or placed on the Memphis bound i'Visco passenger train at 3:53 P.M.) will arrive in New York at 5I'M o'clock tho next morning. A' letter sent by air iiiail to Atlanta will arrive at, 11:85 P.M. the day of sending or al 11:50 P.M. nl.Chicago. One addressed to ns far off a.s Denver, Col., will arrive Ijy 0:23 A.M. tomorrow if you mail it by the specified time (his afternoon. Of course it must be delivery the day of arrival, bill a special delivery stamp means miiek delivery after arrival nl tlcslbialjop,. n?> it does for regular mail service. In fact, ivc arc told thai only the extreme terminals of the nation's air mail service may nol be reached by Blylbevilkvs afternoon air mail by noon of the next day. Use of the air mail by Blylhcvillc residents, particularly business men, is growing steadily. , It is not unlikely .thai wiUlin^a few years BlylhcviUe, may have i'{i.i^'"i(u'; mail service with 'development'of a "feeder" system by which the smaller cities and county seat towns may be Jinked with slate capitals and larger cities on the trunk air mail routes. In the meantime, increased use of nir mail service will give notice that Blythevillc is "air mail conscious" and .should be in line for due consideration when further extensions of direct service arc actually contemplated. Enlightenment The voice of indignation in this country over primitive habits o[ thought and primitive conduct in foreign lands suddenly sounds a little hollow. A 60-year-old Indian woman in a small lown in Indiana becomes an object of suspicion to her neighbors, who know what they know about the practices of witchcraft. The pay-oil comets when a delegation descends on the prosecutor's pll'ico with a domiuiil for punishment. Stories of muttered curses', magic brews, and the casting of evil spells arc told. A prosecutor's scorn is no match for this delegation's convictions. A trial for witchcraft is not possible under I he law, so the woman and her husband arc charged with vagrancy, and the community's pwico of mind is restored to some extent when the couple are banished from the lown. The only brigh'l spot in the- story is thai when I he order to leave is given, the woman and her husband both declare that they're tickled'to death to get out. You can't blame them. What (he news commentators in foreign countries may do with this one of tluiy fjet hold of it is something to meditate on. Block llml Chip Finally il appears to have been discovered exactly what's the mutter with everybody. The child is father to Hitman—and whal.ii child! lie's a chip, unfortunately, off the old block. This all .sounds a little circular, but it just had to come out after a glance «l the findings of a New York University professor who made a study of boys in school. '.'One half of New York's students play too hard," hu observed, "and the other half work too hard." Whicl. is exactly what seems to be tin: matter with the grown-ups. Tho boys, Im said, arc "cons'anlly running from one place to another." Not al all an exclusively juvenile Imbif. "Students working on required courses arc noticeably more ncmwi than on chosen subjecls." The case with adults exactly. "The answer to the problem," (be professor concludes, "is i|tiiet relaxation, walking and reading." If only thorp were time. Thero are just so many reciuiral subjects. •Gag ! Drought Tin's is alarming. Pittsburgh is o|)euii! K a bailie on .smoke (o end all battles on smoke. And the result, of course, is yoinj? to be Ihc end—eventually—of all jokes about smoke over Pittsburgh. Jokcsmillis; watch it. Whither -ire we (IriftiiiK? New York and used lo be stock joke material, but the anti-noise en'npaitrn .seems to have cheeked that subject off Hie list. If ihiiiBa k( . q) llp like llii.s, the professional gat'ster.s some day are going to l,c left will, nothing tfcograplucal to joke about. No jokes about: Tlic wind in Chicago. The fug in San Francisco. The emotional chill j,, Boston. The altitude in Denver. The Masts of hot air in Washington. What a situation! OUT OUR WAY By J. K. Williams vo GREAT, KIMD HEART, CURLY TO GO OUT OP VOUR WAY TO 8RIMO HOKAB THOSE LITTLE OH.TAIM'T MOTHIU', /VWAM-- 1 GUESS ITS 'CAUSE L FEEL KINDER SOIiKV PER VA5 MA' AM - HE: SHORE AM K1MD- HEARTED, LIKE PE-MAW WHO BRIM& HCME HIS Plf3TV OVERALLS PER HIS WIFE TEK. WASH; .--—' T.HKO. U. fi. PAT. OfT, "^ __ <5oyn.i»> av NC* siRvtcr,INC. THE CAVAH&B. AMP THE LASOREfi MAY IS, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Can't yon make less chilli')', A/alca? We ilon'l want (he {Jin-sis lo know llii' kitchen is ri^hl in here." THIS CURIOUS WORLD ^ Iliain Ferguson SWORD FIS4-V ABOVE HALF BEAK. •ENGLAND, PARLIAMENT PROHIBITED THE BUILDING OF RAILWAYS :.|.FOR. SOME *ii "TIME, FEARING THAT IT \AOLU_D : INTERFERE WOW FOX-HL/NT/MG. i a ©$y&Mi7 ONE: OP THE ic-e: A<ses, KOAMED AS PAR. SOUTH AS OKLAHOMA. COPR.1HJBYHEASERVICE.IKC. ,,(. FOSSILS, buried in the now warm earth of the couth, prove tlw -CoCiicc of strange atiilal life there in centuries past, when Ice :incl cold drove creature;; of (he fur north lo seek warmer climes, fossil-, of Moose have been found in Kentucky, and walrus remains have been uncovered in Gcoryia. NKXT: ,Valure's landing fields fur birds. The Family Doctor T. H. s*t. a •. nt. CMC. Cause ol' '''Smokers' Pal dies" Is Not Definitely Known HV 111!. MOUK1K ITSHIICIN Eililur, Juiiiii.U »r tin' Ainrrlriiii J>] c (I i c a 1 A.fri)ri;i(ioti, ami of;ci;l, the llriillli .^liiKJiinc Koinclhncs within Uiu mouth and on Iho toni'.ue Ihcrc appear irri'iin- !arly shaped, hurdcncd and while );ilches whU-li Ihc skin specialist calls kukopliiki.i. and which are .omcllnies culled smokcr.s' palehc.s. 1'liCoC .spnts u!iiuilly come on in older people; very seldom in Ihc iiB. They are tccn mail oflen on (lie hack of the tongue, the inner surfaces of (he cheeks, ami linns Ihe nlei'5 of Iho films. '• Usually the s|)0t,s bc2ih as a iinnll plnce which is irritated, bul eventually the wliileneM ;vii]icars v.ilh hardening of I!IB tis-ue:., iinci finally, because of tlin lark of flexibility, lines of lissiin-:; innv lorin tclwccn Ihe hardened ;,|iol,s. There luivi' been ni:uiy dilfiirent Ideas «:, to (he cau:c o! (hi, cou- dilion. .SoinL-lJiDCj It )i;i;; tx'f n a.-;- lcd Inat it is due lo :.iii'iKiug; on other occasions tliat it IT, ihc result of !.ome constitucimial dir,cnse like .syphilis. H lia.s al.w been rc- to inlectioiiE else\v!iere in the body, and even to cancer. KccriUly recoicls of veterans\vcre studied which indic;Hcd tlt.ti diere were Ml cases of this cnnditloii 111110113 alinool seventeen IhcMisiind vclcrans who were examined. Although all of the patient;; except five used tobacco, and although syphilis occurred very frequently among these patients ns contrasted with persons who did not have Icukoplnkia, Ihc investipilors were inclined lo climlnalc both tobacco mid syphilis 33 important cause! Indeed, over 80 per cent of all o the patients were free from sypiijli; Many ol Ihc patients also had in fccllon:; elsewhere in Ihc body, bi no definite relationship ccm'ld traced between these infections am) llic occurrence of (lie leuko- plakia. Finally, there was cancer dirorlly associated with Iho Icukoplakia ii (our of Hie 311 ijaticnl.s which, u vioiisly, does not indicate lhat ca ccr is a factor. Ihe invcsliuatois were inclini to believe as a result of llic •jtmlie.s dial Icukoplakia doe: Announcements llic Courier News I:ns Been tliorixcdtomake formal RIII:OUH:C- meul cf the folloivtnt; candidate.' for public office, aibject lo thi Dcmorrallc primary 9. for County Treasurer n. r,. (BILLY) GAtNFS Vor Sheriff -anil Collector HALE JACKSON (For Rc-clccllnn) County Court Clerk T. W. TOTTER for County Tax Assc-ssor W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON WIYANT S11JWART 1'or t'oiinly aiiri I'rnnh.iln Judjc DOYI.K 11P.NDKR.SON «. Ij. GLADISU (t-'or ne-elccUon) Vor Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS For County Representatives W. W. FOWLKR L. H, AUTKY WOODROVV HUTTOM CAST OK CHAHACTJ3IIS KOUKIl Jill ICC KMJII— herni lie ironU'il r,i (,.«( II ..... racuufWr,. I iiiivi.>-,v i. n 1 1 j; v wtiliuvi „!,<• n-niilril llogcr. MKI.y.V M y.\HISK—Jaei,i r i M u Vcilrnlnyi (J r i in I y inmliliiB J""n '"••!'," i 1 ' ""«"• JdieklS Hun >• <!Ul]n th, nlnwrl. Tl,t- m-,v. M llmt KCarchern have fuund "" "'"''"''' "''' CHAPTEll XV ^S long as she lived J/icliio would never forfet Ihot night anil Ihe following day. For during those hours the girl who had been Jacqueline Dunn died and a woman was born, n woman who learned the real mcaninj; of lite, who faced not only life, but death «s well, and the dark despair of what a living death could Lie. Koycr's ship had been Jound, (he beautiful silver plane, it's motor smashed against a lonely mountain side, its left winy crumpled iikc a discarded piece of paper. Bui aside from his helmet and parachute— and a splash of blood here and (here— no single Iraee of Roger could be discovered. II was believed (hat the pilot, though undoubtedly seriously injured, }I;K| managed (o climb out and get free of tho ship, fully realizing the danger of explosion and /ire. The papers played Roger up as Ihc hero \vho rode his ship clown, instead of bailing out. Until the very end lie had tried to save the $25,000 plane. By so doing lie had, in fact, saved his (rial Ilight from ending n iota: failure, for- the barograph, containing tile vital records of the speed and altitude, had remained intact. It revealed that Roger had broken all records for altitude ;md speed and had added another page lo the glory and future of aviation. "As though that mattered," Jackie saici to Mac. As soon as she could gol there, site had driven out to the field again. "As though anything mattered except that they must find Roger." At least he was alive since his body had not been found, trapped in Ihe cockpit. So lliat now hope shone 'like a silver star once more. * * * IT had been almost nightfall when the ship had been dis- covered. The searchers had dili- t'endy increased (heir forces and zeal, hoping to find Roger before niglil settled down. In the thick underbrush of the high range it would not lie easy, al any time, to find a man—or his body. But after darkness had descended the (ask would be doubly difficult. "Tlioy'U find him," Mac assured Jackie. "Maybe not until daylight now"—it was midnight in the little lower and as yet no word had been received--"but lliey're Ijound to find him, Jackie. He could not have gone very far, you know, and even a tier night, Ihey'll send up Hares and Roger will see them, or hear them calling," "If he can answer," Jackie said, lloger bad been alive when the ship had cracked up, but that did not mean he was alive now. Thai last message from him had come through around nine o'clock in tbe inuniiny; 15 hours had elapsed since then. It those blood stains meant he had been badly cut, lie might have bled to deatli by -'M'.y. Or he might have been internally injured. Alliiough it was late May, tho nights were damp and cold in the densely wooded Allcghenies, so that the long exposure, without food or medicine night prove fntal, too. But she would not give up hope Not even after that long night'had finally come to an end, and a dawn broke that was filled with despair, the silver slar of hone almost vanished. 'He can't be dead ... he can't . . ." Jackie repeated over and over to herself all through the 'ollowing day. She must hold on .0 (hat thought so grimly, so faithfully that it would be answered, like a prayer. Jackie could think of Beryl now in pity and sympathy, all hor're- sentment against Ihis oilier wom- in, all her anger and jealousy swept aside. For Beryl iiad lovcil Hoger, (hough Jackie alone had mown that. Jackie, who knew low—too lale—iliat she, too, had oved him. * * * j?OR this was Ihc awakening, Ihe growing into womanhood that came to Jackie during (hose, agonized wailing hours. She knew hat she had loved Roger from the irsl. She bad-tried to ^put up a lefenso, not only against love Iself, but against him. She bad bought that JOVT need not hold -my place in her life. And now she saw, with this sudden, terrible ollow any constitutional disease jut that there is a tendency iu i>eo- tlc who have. leukoplakia lo have overgrowth of the tissues following niUxtion. Several specialists in diseases of *in have expressed (lie opinion bat tile presence in llic mouth of aesiCd. roiiLjii tcelli may be a factor. In this condition tbe specialists •ecosnl/c (hut. (tare arc many cases which cannot bo cured, because the condition lius progressed on fur lo permit suitable treatment. When (here are single small ,|)0ts, it is possible for llic specialist in diseases of Ihe skin to remove the spots or to diminish Uicir extent, and thus lo relieve (o a considerable extent any disturbance to the patient by the disease. Africa Prefers American Cars JOHANNESBURG (UI'I —South Africans bought nearly eight time. 1 ; more American motor cars and heavy motor vehicles Hum British duriii'j 10:i7, Ihc latest- licensing .. 3 ,uc,s issue:! by the Department of Census and Sl.ilisticn divjlosc. Pecan Grove News A son was uorn lo Mr. and Mrs. Lester Donis Sunday, May 1. Tlie baby, who weighed six pounds, line !)«.')] named Gerald Smionl. Will Wade, of Tipton, Term.. U the tjncsL of his son, Max Wade. mid family this week. Mr. Wade will visit olhrr relatives at Driver Grove and Heecc before he return:; to his home. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wilson, ac'conipatiicd by Mrs, Ksther Springer and son, Harold, motored to Kciser. Ark., Saturday to spend tile niyht with Mis. Wilson'r, mother. The Rev. James Anderson, of Driver Grove, was a visitor here Sunday. Mildred and Leon lloskins are 111 ;\l Ihcir home this week. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Robertson were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Billie Ilolbrooks at Driver Urovc. clarity, Iliat without it—without Hoger, life could hold no meaning, nothing except emptiness.. Oil, she was glad now that Mae • had managed to slip in that word or two, and lhat almost the last' words Roger had heard had been —"Jackie sends luck—and love." Perhaps Roger had known, with sudden clarity, too, lhat lhat liacl nut been pretense—lhat he had her love with him. Though it had not brought him much luck—or Ihc fact that eh'; had worn his pin. Jackie knf'lj now she should not have accepter ii. Not in the way she had ii'. anger, in pretense, her heart steeled against him. Oil, if only Roger could be found in lime, so that in some way she could make all this up to him, prove to him how big, how fine her iove could he for him. Prayers sometimes are answered. Jackie's was. Though she was not lo know, even Ihen, in her rejoicing, in her lltnnksgiring and great relief, Dial her prayer —with all its promises—was to be put lo still another lest. * » * POGER was found thf.t day about four o'clock. He had managed at lasl, through a long and painful process, to reach the side of a road and to attract the attention of a passing motorist. He Iiad lain unconscious during most of ilie night, weakened from loss of blood from a severe head wound; chilled and thirsty and Hungry. He had managed to*.->« crawl, halt drag himself thvougll the heavy underbrush, only a lev?/ feet at a lime. He had seen Ihe planes searching for him. circling high over head, heard tho shots and some distant shouts from the ground, but he had been unable to shout back in response. His condition was critical, (he reports said, but there was hope for his recovery. He had been rushed to (he hospital at Phillipsburg. It was only when she read this last that Jackie burst into (ears, a wild fit, of weeping that'was beyond control. She had held hack those, tears so long. She had tried so hard (c be brave, to hold on to that faintly shining star of hope. Now, at last, she could let go, find relief in the ,balm of tears, healing for her,spirit—such joy, such gratitude;'as'she' had never known could exist > within one human heart. (To Be Continued) Huffman News Mrs. Austin Neely, of Hoiisloi Tex., visited relatives here the firs of last week following funeral tct vices for her father of Bertram Mo., for which she was called trot Texas. Miss Florence stokes visited he sister, Mrs. Vance Cambiini, o Armorcl, Wednesday. Mrs. Fannie CopelanU. of Coolet Mo.. Mrs. Marl Hciison o( Fort mid Eight, and Dick Green of th Crockett community, worn Smidu dinner guests of Mr. and Mr: Johnnie Webb. Miss Mildred Buries, of Blylhe vlllc. was the weekend t'iic«t Mtss Maurine Harrison, of Tort and Eight. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rash at tended to business in Osceola Wed nesdav. Michigan is Hie leading stale of Ihc Union in bean production. DUll BOARDING HOUSE It is estimated that hitch-liV?.«£ has ijccn reduced 10 per cent, though (lie "llumiber" is still see along the highways. with Major Hoople WOMEM / I CAM'T POPIH 'BM OUT«-- r BAIT A\V HOOK WITH MOTCMA-SPOTS AMD AMD 3UST WHEM I <3OT (3ERT/E MOOKEC? SHE SWIMS OFF WITH ,5 THAT PISM OP A WMAT POES SHE SEE Ik) THAT ^AT-HEADED, BUCK-TOOTHEP, TRIPL.E- HALIBUT ) THAT YOU CAM AMY SUCKERS YOU IO TO1 WHY, OWE LOOK IN A AAIRROK „ WILL PROVE THAT VOU COULD SPOT HIM A CHIW AMP BEAT HIM EVERY POJMT You MEWTIOMED' BRAIMS < TWAHJ YOURS HAVE PAILBD •, TO POPE/,- j

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