The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on December 23, 1949 · Page 24
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 24

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 24
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PAGE TWO " Santa Ciaus, Ind. fs Swamped Again This Famous Little Post Office Village Has a Holiday Bush. SANTA, CLAUS, ind.—This famous little "post office village" today stuck its head up through stacks of Christmas letters and parcels only to find itself swamped by a record number of tourists who come from every state in the Union to i he'p, says its by far the largest THE CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION- TRIBUNE. CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI FRIDAY, DEC. 23, 1949 merchandise store, several new homes and a northward spreading of its town boundaries. New streets of Santa Clause are appropriately named "Reindeer," "Star of the East," "Christmas," "North Star," "Krisi Kringle," "Evergreen," "Holly," and "St. Nicholas." There's also a new "Holiday Boulevard" on which stands the only full-color Santa Claus statue in the world. The post office is jammed. Postmaster Oscar L. Phillips, after calling in several townsfolk for sxtra view Santa's new attractions. This Spencer County mecca faces not only the biggest remailing job in its unique history, but also an influx of sight-seers unparalleled sines the local general store became the "Santa Claus Post Office" in 1856. After the inactivity of war ysars, Santa Claus has again sprung to life in no small way, and is entering an era of continuing growth and further world prominence. Right now, a minbr.."buUding boom is underway with the development of a new Santa Claus children's park and toy center, a "new general 8 sr S if s? I Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year C. F. Bigelow BROOM CO. Christmas mailing he's had in his nine years as Santa Claus postmaster. "Already this year we've handled as many as 50,000 pieces a day." Oscar says proudly, "and we haven't reached peak." But Phillips doesn't seem to mind the rush so much as he does his crowded quarters. Uncle Sam is still pondering the question of mov- j ing the Santa C'.aus post office from j the old store building to new and j larger quarters, and, confidentially, Oscar hopes it'll happen soon. The government recently asked for bids on a large post office building, but the final decision on its location is still being awaited. Many folks hope it's to be located in the new Santa Claus Land park which is fast becoming a hub of Santa's year 'round sttractions. Th park, being developed by Louis J Koch, retired Evarisville, Indiana toy manufacturer, already boasts o having the old general store whicr served as the first Santa Claus pos office back in 1856. It is being re stored as a museum. But tne postal rush is just oni phase of the Yuletide excitemen S? IT ADDS MUCH TO THE igloY OF CHRISTMAS TO OUR VERV BEST WISHES TO THOSE WHOM WE SERVE Carols Have Survived Centuries of Censure By GERALD TETLEY AP Ncwsfcaturcs Carols, dear to"" everyone at Christmas tirna because of the sifnple emotions they evoke, are FOUNDLING FINDS A MOM—Twenty years ago, Mrs. Betty Cunningham of Houston, Tex., was labeled "Nobody's Baby" after she was abandoned in a parked car. Now Mrs. Cunningham wants to adopt the foundling, "Miss Christmas," who was left in a bus station recently. Mrs. Cunningham fondles the baby she wants to add to her own family of two chiidren. this year. Roads leading to Santa Claus are jammed daily with cars from all over the country-folks who want a closer view of the Christmas-name- village and its fairyland attractions. George Bryan Brummell, better known as Beau Brummell, reverses the saying "from rags to riches." According to the World Book Encyclopedia, Brummell set the styles for men's fashions and manner.; in England for twenty years but spent so much money for his fancy duds -IS. s? SWIFT & CO. 407 Locust AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SWELL PATRONAGE LAST YEAR. Sales & Service among the oldest forms of music. The first of them was the carol of the Heavenly Host over the plains of Bethlehem JLuke H.13,-14) but the earliest manuscript of a carol'is found in the British Museum in London executed' in the thirteenth century. The carol is perhaps the earliest form of the song and dance known to man, the derivation of the word itself being somewhat uncertain. ThL 1 more accepted derivatives are contarc, the Latin word for "to sing," and rola which is a joyous interjection. Some musicologists, however, find a different interpretation and contend that the wore! stoms from the early word for chorus. Even more intriguing is the belief by some students that there is a relationship between druici'.cal rites at Stonehcnge in England, that mystic ring of mo;?oliths. Carol is I seen to be a vulgarization of Karoii, a circle, which came to mean a ring dance. Early records contain references to Stonehenge as "the carol." The first book of carols was "auctorissed by my lord of London" in 1562 and bore the title page "Christenmasse Carowles." Some of these were legendary and were drawn from~'the Coventry Mystery play "Joseph Was an Old Man," also from some of the English fo'k tunes used as the vehicle for words relating to the Christ Child. There seems little doubt that there is a pagan throwback to the carols carried into the Christian church. Religious dances were 01 record in Spain in the fifth century when the choir boys equipped with castanets capered, singing, around the lectern. Carolling reached its musical height during the days of the Tudors although there is an historic reference in 1528 to the fact that when Henry VIII lay very ill he forbade "carols, bells and merrymaking.' The Puritans endeavored to do away with carols, holding that they had no religious significance and the Scottish people at an even earlier date had tried to suppress the lighter carols considering them "popish" and "pernicious." As time went along, there was a tendency to widen the horizon of the carol arid some of the good old drinking tunes were employed for the sacred words denoting the birth of Christ—no irreverence being intended, since carols were usually regarded as festive music. • The custom ot singing carois from door to door is almost as old as the carols themselves. The first form was that of the watch maintained in nearly all English mediaeval cities. The men of the watch would sing carols accompanied by a flag- j eolet and they would collect pence from the gentry. In the West Ridinc; of Yorkshire today children parade from house to house with "milly' boxes (milady boxes) in which there is a crib and a recumbent babe and into which the money offered them is placed. Rated among the most famuos Christmas carols is "While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks by Night" written by Nahum Tate in 1703. A SINCERE WrSH FROM may I,es Turner fivUAimoA 0£Uf and JAc <Ykw If&b 4 BOTH BE THRILLING ADVENTURES COOKIES FOR XMAS TREE EASILY MADE By CECIL BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor Teen-agers who like to mess around in the kitchen can have a lot of fun making cookies to hang on the Christmas tree and put under its green boughs. Just the usual recipe for sugar cookies and one for rolled ginger snaps will do. But the trick—and the fun—is in cutting and decorating the cookies. If there aren't special Christmas cookie cutters in the house they can be improvised. Trace the design chosen—a bell, a stocking, a star, an angel—on cardboard, then cut it out. When the cookie dough is chilled and ready, flour the card board pattern, lay it on the rolled out dough and cut around with a sharp knife. Remove carefully with a wide spatula to cookie sheet. II large cookies are being made, roll out only enough dough for one cookie at a time. And even when small cookies ire being cut best results come from rolling out only the smallest amount of dough and keeping the rest chilled in the refrigerator. system just installed in several sinaH cities in the East. Street lights are turned on automatically when the natural light reaches the point where artificial light is needed. The Street and Traffic Safety Lighting Bureau reports. A system of photoelectric "eyes" guarantees plenty of light at the proper time at dusk as we'l as during the day when storm:, bring on darkness. In these days when so many traffic accidents occur at dusk, such a system should prove beneficial. In. winter the lynx grows tufts of hair on its feet that act as snowshoes. Glass fibers are drawn out faster than a mile a minute. Christmas Joy and Happiness to all r DOSE OF CORTISONE NOW COSTS $15 NEW YORE—WJ—Cortiscne's rJew price, $150 a gram, makes it cost about §15 for a single dose for arthritis. Some doses double that. Cortisone is the new adrenal hormone which stops arthritic pains of the rheumatoid type in a few clays. It also is used for rheumatic heart troubles and gout, and some al'.er- gies, skin diseases and the type of cancers known as lymphatic. In arthritis and cancer, daily doses are required for weeks. In the early centuries of ".he Christian era it was estimated that the Spanish peninsula had a population of about 40.000,000 people which declined to 20,000,000 at the time of the discovery of America. Modern Lighting CLEVELAND, O., Nov.—Really progressive is the electric lighting Season's Greetings We will be closed Saturday Dec. 24th and Sunday, Dec. 25th Randa's Coffee Shop Leeper Hotel fi a fl SAN 7 TAS' TOPS — Jacob Hudson Nacke-n, perhaps the world's tallest Santa at 7 feet, 8 inches in his Christmas stocking feet, is here being outfitted by a man on a stepladder before "going on" at a kiddies' party in a New York hospital. To do his "St. Nickin," Nacken was imported from Germany. that he had to flee from England to Prance in 1816 to escape his creditors. Merry i Christmas Thompson Motor Sales ft & Vt? K CUR i STIR irc (SREETIflGS #3 Merry Christmas To One And All Sincere Wishes To All for A ^y « & Accept our sincere thanks for your generous patronage. It has been a genuine pleas- ure to serve you. COFFMAN GROCERY & LOCKER SERVICE May the Christmas bells play their sweetest music to bring you fu!! happiness at Christmas Parks' Floral Shop J?£SJ!SSS!S^!e!S^ ^ rf5 w *i « ,oy the blessings of the Season be with you — and bring you deep and abiding happiness HOLLAND FURNACi •a May you have a full share,, our wish for you. Irving Photo Lab Dick Irving The Lucky Strike Bowling Alley Xaaaaaaaaaaaas Tv^n-cLe^^jb KesruisrJbJ loQSL GOOD WISHES Hargrave Hatchery THE HEARTIEST OF n j TO OUR MANY FRIENDS AND PATRONS Blue Star Service Station Donald LeFever, Manager s

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