The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
Page 4
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VAGE-FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.)' COUR1ERNEWS THE BLYTHEYIIXE COUKIEU NEWS TH£ COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS C K. BABCOCK. Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manager Kale National Advertising Hcjro.M.'nta'.ivw: The Tiidmas P. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Buu Antoiilo, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every ft;'.enicon Except Sunday. Entered as second cinss innUer &t the pest ollice. ui Wytlifvllle, Arks-isas, under net of Congress Octrrx-r 8, 1511. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION IIATKS By carrier ID (lie city ol Blyihevitie, Ite per week or SB.50 per year In advance. By nmfl within a radius of 51. miles. »3.00 per year, fl.50 for six months, 85c for three months: by mall in pcslal zones tvro to six, inclusive, W.50 per year, in tones seven »rd eight, $10.00 per year, payable In edrarice. Another Rain Ma\a Tho Pi:d •Pi):or of I la ml in lias a great-great-grandson. Tin; Pied 1'ipur, you may romonilier, offered to remove all. the rats from Hitmlin Town if Uie " council would ;rivc him ;nmich iruilders. ljut when the last-gray rat liad lumbk'il into the river tlio council changed its mind, so the merry Piper tlid a wholesale kidnaping stunt ami locked the children up in a lull. Now Dr. George Ambrosias luiman- ucl Morrison Sykes, the director of an organization which he culls Hie Weather Control Bureau, lias niiid'j uu offer to the live boroughs of New York City that he will replenish the city's water supply at the rate of £25,000 an inch or for a flat guarantee of ?350,000 for 12 inches of rain over a period of 90 days. ilore than a year ar;o, at the Belmont races, Dr. Sykcs had n contract to n- ceive ?1000 a day. if ho could hold off the rain that wcclt. But the last day it sprinkled occasionally so he had to ^ forfeit $2000, although he received i>ay. m;nt for the other days.' If Dr. Sykes-is able to take charge of ' the/rain, people with too much money will have another diversion. They can call up the weather magnate and prescribe the kind that they want. Farmer.- will be able to chip in and order so many inches of rain m the way that they co-operate to buy feed by the carload. , ( -"• WcnOioi-. ...forecaster.-? won't.-:-know • what to prescribe. The water witches, who used to BO around th;> country locating hidden springs, with a crotchcd stick, could ' havo a'-ken move money if they had drawn their watw from the sky instead of the earth. 1 But .we'll tf|a'e a raiiicoaL along only when tlvi government meteorologists say it is going to storm. "Lord Gcdot Hosls—Lesl VVc Forget" .., , ^ In the- sprli'.j c! 1927. v.-hcn the great Hood jbIDE GLANCES By GeO'lgC Clark wherein (he U::di hiu;d has proven -c. feels that tin- Ann capable ic.t(lcnl;;i:, was devailstni^ wt bud tlitre came among us, pursuant to u:<iu"o frc;.i the Prosldtnt uf lh-' United Statis. a liul-'t determined men who proved !i!m:c!i our irli-nd In EH hour of jie:d— truly a too:! tr:ii: - arltiiu. Thc result of his visit Is;!i- hido:y. I'liAT MAN IS NOW OUR 1-KKSIOENT. Tor a nuir.'::?r cf yor.5 the v.rUcr lw.-, traveled in A::.:::..-:: 1 ,, th:' kngth ar.d t>.;aulii of tin- blait :i:iiuii:crable linns unj lu £:cl! that he knows i'.i people well and yhli!:, la no man In his loy.ii'.y I-J the commonv.calt:!, innnb- erliy his limit, !r.;..-.i Iui:ds amung iih citizenry. In Its prescT.: c-iylns hour :»e I'.els li:tit he knoivs coi'.dillo:ij .il-noil us well us any other one man and '.••- «vn muny many cr 1 ; ", of n sympathetic hoping r.iv.cioiis benefr.ciic.n. He r.can He:l Cross under tl'.c :-. Aikansas, of Mr. /-.:o::t Evan-; cm! Ins (:ii:li:ul -JIH! mo. r >l clliclcnt co- \vorkerr, uktcd and u-ilstcd by the uut-UaiKUn 1 ,; cl!:«:n Mr. Hcsvcy Coucii, is performing a wonderful work and ths 1 . the Ked Cross when lls p.'escnt mi^lcn sh.-.ll have aided will hava rt 1 - lieved morj sui'tuiii'.. \vill JI.IVQ i;iven more men, ivcmertnind !! : .tl-; rtii'rlrcn 11 chanco to contlnct? llfr with rcnowed I'.ope than at any I'irc In the hbtoiy c( otir state. Surely they will u-.::. mber with ^ratlludc the Tine RssistaKcc glvi-:i by t!i:it creat MoLht'; 1 — THE AMERICAN' HL'D CltOSS. Then comes U'.e question—have Ihe proplc of the great state of Arkansas, :s a p:ople, helped until it hurls? No. VVi'houl rctlcclion on the ?ieat number-\vl!o huvj contribulcd-again-No. The writer l:nows fitly men pcrEonally who cuu contribute SHOO and not fce! it, vxho have not contributed two dollars. Hi knows hundreds and othcr.s J::ion - hun^rct!^ who have not contiibu^d one dollnr. OuUside help Is line wul is genuinely appreciated but this .suggestion Is most respectfully made—that the newspapers of Arkansas that havo alv/ajs hern t:o fine hi times of distress with emblazoned VicaUll'.Ks set apart the Sundays of February M!h., and 2lsl., ns Red Cross Br.ys in their respective cities nncl that tlioy urge every man woman nnd child who !s able— to contribute—cr gi\e aut'.Uv to the Hod Cress. Other airi will rane .surely mul Is ccrlnln to help nlons other lines in due course ol time, but by doing our duty now to our Ari;.insc:s chapters of Uic Amsrlcnn lied Cross we will have salci. "LORD GOD OP HOSTS" WE WONT FORGET. —R. J. HOSS in Jonesboro Tribune. .THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 193! GKORPIA BAY On Feb. 12, 1713, General James Ogtclhorps, a member of the Enc- llEh Parliament, founded Georgia. Oglctliorpa had petitioned Kins ' Uecrge II lo grant him ami his associates a charier for a tract of land for 21 years, in the southern part ('f South Carolina. He had three objects in view: 1. To give the worthy and honest jxx>r. of England—especially thos; confined In debtors' prisons—an opportunity to begin life anew In the new world. 2. To furnish a refuse to the pcr- fecuted Protestants of southern Euroiw. 3. To protect the Carolinians against the attacks of the Span- lards of Florida by building up a settlement on the southern frontier. The Immigrants settled on the i Savannah River, from which they i named the town 1 Savannah, and named the new colony Gcoreh, In licnor of the king. C-glethorpo's burling is cele- braled annually as Georgia Day In Georgia. BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT- / -— «rt4lr* •' •^^^ B * ^^*. JM^^M ' ^ "1 never seen such a dull town. Springs, there; wasn't a minute thing interesting." Slept in Lincoln's Arms as Little Girlj NEW YORK. (UP)—A slender, j trail old lady who was "the famous j little girl who sal on Abraham j Lincoln's lap," llyes in Columbus, O. Her name now is Mrs. Miry Vlr- tuwn. Why, back in Elm i « lnla Thompson, but to Lincoln she (ho hovs wprpn'f mi In some- •' was Mary pinl =erton, whose mother me uojs uerent in) lo some lvas hls collsini Mar , Jlv(;U ltl Both Raw and Cooked Foods Are Essential In Right Diet JBY 1>K. ^rOilftl Editor, Journal of FISHBEIN the Amurirj" 'of the valuable constituents i poured down tho sink. iMulical Association, and uf lly- j From the opposite point of vl3W, Ijela, the Health Jlagazlnc ! the eating of taw focils may t: Lower animals live essentially on j dangerous. lu Ihe first place, a ra'v ' • row fcotK, except those that 1m: 1 thoroughly ilomest!ca:r:i food diet docs not appeal to the sense of appetite and an appetite that they have become o:customcd: for rnw too;1 has 1° be cultivated, to the dlat of man ''" the second place, heat will kill Previous to c;:r n-wcr knowled-e I lrarmfl11 B"" 15 ' whlcn <= certainly ° ut , ?, nd Li!lcoljl was alone at hls of the vitamins, it was not realiroj i eS5e " lml ln lr ' c case ot man y meat5 -1 that the ccoklng of icoU might C- Ne!tt ' hcfll de "lops odors and fla- •-ay cssc'iti"! substances Mod'-n| vors wmch 3re beneficial to the MIDDLETO'.VN, Conn. (UP) — knowledge! however, indicates th.i:'? ppcW(! nml wl:ich favcr " Spain must find it dtlTlcult to recognize the college students striking ngainst the government. They coon-skin coals ll'.crr.- - Then there was the young Scotchman v.ho took'up cce,n:nilc-, in tha belief It \\cuUl give him some ns\v icicas on llirlfl. Wi-cn Caytain Campbell does 245 inlirs an hour in his lacer through trr.flic, that will be ' news. A famccs music pu'jlishcr incide several wc:lhy phi'r.inihrcric:. It reir.nnrri for the. facetious headline v.riter to remark that ho brnenlc-d charities to the Umc cf S100.000. Elalisitrlans aciv.incf Ihc Informa'.lon i'.:?.l therr Is a divorce in Chiciijo every houv. . Evidently msrrbge is anythini; 1ml a breeze in tlie windy city. A iurgcon Is th? author cf n play, he fc.'kct n pl-.^^lcr'. 1 Owen 13. Ycunr; says he is no', a randiclato for president. H:'ll stick to his Plans. take from ths 'feeds 53me vitamins which arc suscepu- ble to heat. This does not mem that a (cod diet is tlie: optimum dlel for; tinc i ua -g nu , nt .,. mm ,man. nor should it l;e an indice.-' • " U'.~<n far lilt 1 ' formation cf a *a.* by softening flger and by coagulating protein. All of this discussion establishes again a point which is of the ut- '' importance In formine sclen- Washington during the war, her father being a confidential employe cf Ihe War Department, and she enjoyed the run of the White House. An aged woman now, she likes to recall Ihose days. "The memory that is dearest to me," she says in Good Housekeeping Magazine, "is the time I found my way into" the President's study and crawled into his lap. I knew there were big men there, but ne let me lie in his arms. Pretty soon he was whispering to his visitors, and then everything grew quiet. When I awoke I was lying on ths eld sofa with his gray sh&wl sprsad over me. The visitors had tir>to°a . Declaring she lives "the llle-ol CHURCH EXCUSES : By Cenrgc W. Barhamr As president of our Church Board ; ing of Christ.. He didn't have a car, I have my troubles. I almost lost} and I to!d him he should remem- contrcl of myself last week. There j ber how our Savior traveled; called are some people who do not have Mils attention to th; fact (and U h the slightest idea of how to run a ' Bible taught) t' our Savior rode Church and they are not all lay- j upon the lowliest animal o* his men either. Some preachers gel the | time. He said if he had a said!? idea that they should control ev- that would fit me he woulJ erything. If ours trys a few more stunts like the last two ojr three 1 may -ask him to resign. When r. preacher comes into a Church an-J begins to organize the women into goldfish." Miss Caroline DeF. Pen- linian, superintendent of Long ^ane Farm, girls' reformatory here, 105 asked the legislature to grant her a private resilience lo tak? the t - [pr8 ,.„• „„ rack , [|c jn J'- re 605d dict will colllnill , om ',Tfoods evcn at moderate temner:it.;ro, in nn open vessel will accrete the centrist cf v.camtns, particularly if the solution In which ;lic fo::t 15 IwM has an alkaline roarli-xi. ',, H has long since been cocking helps them greatly; other feeds raw because cooking harms them. A certain amount of uncsak- c:l fruits and vegetables ts essential in a well-balanced diet. Under maicrn conditions of civ- ••itfib-. iiizalion, in-.-, being what he is tu- Tile champion a:! 1 , can roller oj Massachusetts nshctl th- Neu- York Alhle'.ic CommiEsicn fur permission In roli.nn ash c:ui up Bro:ui\vay. He'll make his os\n great \vliite wav. llshcd that continued cooking af"a day. (lie majority of fosds require vcsetnbic In water will cans: the cocking or preparation before they salts to be dissolved out of th: vita- are suitable for human consump- mins into the wafer, so that some tion. Aunt Minnie Ihinks the Yoini; new scheme tor rejuvenation. is a Motto of l!i? nugiUst: Return ;\ brut is tan- play. Sr.eakiivc cf \:ar;K!oxM, hero, ir, Klin; ^03 cl ia. witli a name like cs cisavel. being ordered by his doctors to stop smokim;. Half-Moon School mind taking a short ride. I simply told him lo mind his own business and not get so funny. He said he thought a let of me" and that my ideas of Church management was p.lace of. her present charters in i devil. When it comes to 9 :hc crowded'administration build-j wanting a car and radfd, nig. councils, committees and.what no; i good in days long past anel had and that too, without consuliinj: the nerve to siy te thought I the President ot the Church Board | shculd resign as chairmen. He you may look for trouble. j thought it would fce for loe best In the fifteen years I ran cur | Interest of the Church. Said he rtiri Church I've steadfastly kept the . . . - - wcmen in their place. And as I was telling my son-in-law and my hired man—and th«y agreed with me~ that scms oi lhe;e so-called modern Ideas abcut the Church was nothing more than the walks of the preacher U ' not want to hurt my feelings but my ideas simply wou'd not tin; that the Church could not prosper under such management and that ho , was going to insist on increaMij i our board membership to n:r.f- A- that my hired man and son-ir,-la'c< did not want to oppose me an:i that the other two members ce;:!:i I to me they arc forgetting the teach- I do nothing as v:e cut-taiketl tr.:ni. begun lor ]:i!s. fi' OUT OUR WAY By Williams V»' A rT — v-; A i T U_ i_"i<:p ' 1 FEET IM TV-',' HOT" T vVMow, BUT v.(OO WtUU BE ~ AM' I'M MOT To V.PMIM' AROOMQ AT GOOD GO=M! 1 FEtT \Mtt, T. GoT BuT I AiMT SICK". 1- ' sv-f UfE — "i"iu si \ FCLVER VN»AO WROTE. IT- But IM jutT A UTTtc. BiT FOR i'O V.VVJT To PiCv< ouTTrtE tcvoral 500;! Englisli posters, some floiie.-,, and a map (rom their fourth trade friends at Parngowld. ,„.., „,. -, , ."'', P :< i" A Washington-Lincoln prcsram tu.emor.icri, contMt w.Kch is W ill be-rendered Friday. Feb. ZOili. ^ ed fcr Aiiril 1S-..1. rvtry- *, iri - .,.,,,„,,. is lo v)Eit ,„ QU that one is enjoyins Hie w-ri, ; ,,,u a rtat; , „„,, vvi! , favor lls lvith Lin . ..u".--. in (••-( Wcclncsway siimved ,,-^u vcll ii lln tr.'.'.\ fy:n; results. I Tlie primar/.es have been onsased Ira Games and B. F. c;..y- jr.. • ln a d(!au t tl , ccnlcs , ,„ veral made nnd painted n bud Iv.mse. WCC [; S , ac t I.v.luis j:iu-s is finishing m- for Wc or ,j;; c{ , „ |licc ]Mcv from w the.' prmwrsi-s. \Ve ure planning to n . LiRlilfo'r. v:lio is r,;w af,n-.din 3 see wnich the b:nis chcpsc nrs!, for t , K G , J5tK , ; , El . hcol a l-.ome. Lcalous 1m nko made a' Thc c , ighlh Bvnd( , nrc vcry tmlch 1 1U * I intert^tcft in nn English project, v,-hlc:i when prmp'c'.rd will t.e a Ja ".'i?. llisl01 ':' of IInl f Moon community, The ri:*.tn is being cillrctcd by per- bonvrt lor the prnm-r Hnskins Gaincs, members of and the prndc nnd put up Vale-mine fonnl ' i 1!tcr vi c ws wlthearly settlers. , v;:!i;lr'.i- dtccialiens and .-.-m,- !ovc- Trac i. ns: Elva Hoclscs and Cassie i iy silhouettes of famous culotilal caldwell Harsctt /.-onli-. i .,'• infj are very proud (•! th.cir il- • ' t*«*t-o I'.islnilcd hoik reports. A!i scenes The Courier News hr,s been au- a.v five hand. The bes 1 . i :ports thorli-cd to make :!:e following •..-ill be displayed in the library. : annciinccmcnls, subject to the will Rccrnl vlsiiors were: Mr.;. 'B. F. ol the peop'.c at l!-.e ir.nnicipnl Ciav. Miss Elmira CaldwtMi and election to tc held Auril 7: ^3 Iloatrlr.i Holt. ! Sixth grade arc cxel-.n-,r;in". p:o f .':r,-.s. loiters and pvoriiiv 1 -- witii >•';!;; Mablr Sherman's sr.i:: r'.:;al rchuol p:ipils. Venice Cent ;r. New York M?nday the fourth received valentine ^vretinjs. Tcr M.i>or A. B. FAIHI-'IELD Tor City TrcaMircr ROSS DEAVKRS (re-clcctlon. 2nd Urtn) Automobile Owners ,l lvt:ck-s ovvni-d nr iv.-i<knls uL" i'ij tlitvill: must lie cnuiwifd with (ily license pltili!.< by Salunliiy, Kcbniary l-Hli. i your l.iir i.!)— nvd ::voi:l penally. ;ivr.i!:'.'.)lc :vt mv ouitc in tin CRAIG Citu Clerk YOU ARE QUEEN The Empress of Germany was taught as a girl to mix dough and bake bread. Housekeeping was a serious problem for Queen Victoria of England. The Empress of China sent anxiously to remote parts of Asia for delicacies to serve to guests. When a housewife enter the portals of your new home, whether it is a small apartment or a residence of magnificent proportions, you are truly a queen with power greater and swifter than any of these regal ladies possessed over their own tables. You have behind you the organized resources of the greatest merchants in all the world. These merchants do not wait for your orders. They anticipate them! , Bread? Merchant-bakers will deliver it promptly to your order, .in waxed paper, warm from the oven, perfectly mixed and baked to perfection! Housekeeping? No special training is needed for this today; for mechanical servants serve you at every turn, and the advertisements are always at hand to guide and advise you in your selection of food, fur' nishings or household aids. ^ Guests? Advertisers have made the art of entertaining one of the most precious accomplishments OL American hostesses... and their authoritative advice help's you meet every delightful social occasion. Advertisements have made you truly a Queen in the American Home! i,Ai 1! 1} i

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