The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 21, me *-• " J HEFUL NECESli Home Owners Should lake Precaution] to Select Reliable Contractor Suggesting llialjhp .usual .business precautions should be taken when making nil Investment ' as important as properly repairs or Improvements, L. R. pl|$hlllla't jr. Deputy Administrator of tiie Federal Housing Administration, recently oi'tlined a number of steps that home owners and others mtvv take lo serve tlieir Interests find obtain tin; best values available. "When planning any modeinizi- lion job it is advisable to select carefully the dealer, contractor •pv builder who win supply the fymlcrlal anil do the work, to get two or more' estimates uelcrc agreeing on prices,- and' to put, the transaction on a strictly business basis with written specifications and conditions" said Mr Clignilllal. who Is in charge of the modernization proaram under Title I of the .National Housing'. Act. . / , Eleven Points Mr. Gignillial si'^esied eleven points to be lx>rne In mind when .ordc-rnv} repairs, alterations, and other property improvements. These arc: 1. Specify completely, in writing, the work to be done. Outline the exact work to be accomplished, the methods 'to be used, and a time limit for starting and completing the 'job. stipulate lhat ail laws arid regulations are lo be complied" with and thai the work Is to be Inspected njid ibimd satisfactory by the purchaser before the Job .'will be considered completed. 2. Specify completely, .in writing, the materials and equipment to bo used. State all details. 3. Specify a price to include all work and materials and miscellaneous items, such as permits, etc. . 4. See that the worK and materials specified are furnished. Stipulate that no- changes, substitutions, or extra charges will be allowed 'without 'tlie'pfipf' written concert' of the- buyer. ' . . 5. Provide (lint pivmcnt will be made ctily when the work has cen satisfactorily completed or In The Colonial Manner certain stages of have .,."«! satisfactorily completed in accordance with the price set. Require that proper protection be .given to the buyer against mechanics' liens. Have a definite understanding as to guaranty of satisfactory performance after payment, has liecn made. G. Bo careful not to sign completion or installation certificate prior to the actual and satisfactory completion of the fob 7. Deal only with repi contractors, dealers, etc. In This attractive bungalow is In the new California style, which fits BO well into the set- ling. The Colonial influence is • itrongly marked, especially in the, doorway, the battened shutters, the molded cornice; and the white clapboards. The floor 'plan 'provides a large,'irregularly shaped living room with a generous fireplace and good light and ventilation. The bedroom is large and well aired, with two nice wardrobes and easy access to the bath. ; The entrance directly from the outside to (ho batli hall ia convenient for the amateur gardencK The kitchen is _,,.., adequate slid the small room off the kitchen provides 1 sfpragc space th»t a eellarless house reijo r* , The house and lot cost $3,000, financed under the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housir.^ Administration. The urrhi'prmral firm waa Tlunliaa !!.•«•,« \ui.iti:* ' - -' : FIRST FLOOR. ardiUeclural firm was Hughes Bros, \Vbjtlier, .Ctlif. ploy capable architeclural or engineering sei vices ».^jirf. Dpes Not Intervene ".Mr*.GfgnUliat pointed out that Ihe regulations governing loans hisit.rcd under Title-1 of the rfa- lional Housing Act do not provide for .intervention bv the Fed eral Housing Adminislration In disputes between the borrower' and the dealer'Ids to quality of workmanship and other matters of like borrower nature. Is. not and that relieved of cbllgiitlon to repay the loan, when such disputes cccir Proper care exercised beforehand'', will- hugely prevent dissatisfaction .or misunderstand in gr- ' While the Federal Housing Administration cannot control ute- pccple for whom they have done the Better Business Bureau or local chamber of com-1 connection merce if there is any question as I credll , )nsum , L|lder T|[] the National: Housing Act It lias come 'to the attention to lhe integrity of (lie dealer or I contractor. Department of Justice coses of fraud on the part of anyone ' in of of D. It possible, call upon the dealer or contractor at his place of business lo note the general appearance of his establishment and to judge his responsibility and permanence. 10. Secure two or more bids so as to obtain (he lowest cash price consistent with quality. Generally n modernization loan is for the full amount of lhe job. Hence the dealer or contractor fs paid in full as soon as he completes his part" of the transaction. For tills reason he should figure his price on a casli basis of the come Federal Housing Administration that in. some cases salesmen have induced prospective buyers to make falte rst.atemenls to lending institutions to. influence Iheir tlectsich in granting ' loan? under the Modernization Credit Plan, or to borrow 'more money than they intend to pay ovl for work and materials.' .Both of these practices -arc violations of federal law. » Housing Question Box Monthly Cost of Reliving ,10-Year Mortgage Lit- tle'Above 20-Year '*' . . i.;i:.. WASHINGTON, D. o. — white Hie low-priced homes used as Illustrative cases by Ihe Federal Housing Administration In a re- ently published booklet may uo constructed In n price inline of between $1.250 and $2,500, exclusive of lund cost, nnd may lie financed over periods up lo 20 years, these 'same home.s may be purchased under (be Insured Mortgage System In a period of 10 years wlth'"vcry little additional strain on the average poeliel- book, It V«s'' revealed today. Monthly payments for the shorter period are Increased bv only $5 to $8. - ' , • I • In a booklet entitled "Principles of Planning' Small Houses," now available lo Ihe public/five examples ol low-priced homes were given by the Housing Administration, designated as houses "A 13, IV. a, and K." i'aymcnls Compared Statistical experts of the Housing Administration have tabulated the following comparisons of financing these houses under the Insured Mortgage System for 10- year nnd 20-year pcrlous: House A: Value'- or properly, ?l.(iOO (house, $1,200; land, $400). .Value of loan, $1,280. Term of loan, 10 years. Initial charges, {5(5flt Monthly payments, $18.82, House A (same conditions. as above) lerm 'of loan, 20 years." Initial charges, "$50.93. Monthly p.ijmenls $13.71. ( :. • , •From tilts tabulation it may be seen, according to the Housing Administration, that HOUSE A maj he built nnd paid for In full within 10 years for the additional monthly outlay of only $5.11. Other Houses Similarly, House D: Value o properly $2,150 (house, $1,050 $500). Value of loan, $1,720 loan 10 years. Jnilla cl'mrees, $M,32j monthly payments $24,03. • I House II (same conditions as above): Term , of loan, 20 years. Initial .chni'gos, $.59.32. Monthly payments, $18.07. : Thus, I Hqiist, . ji may uo completely paler for in 10 veal's for the lutdllioiml monthly outlay of only.?«.8U. . . " In n like fashion Houses c and D (vnluc of properly, $3,250' house, $1,150; land, $500) may bo purchased In 10 years for an additional monthly payment of only $7.18, as compared with payments ovr-v.:a 20-yenr period. ; House' E (value ... of •, property $2,700; .house, $2,100;- land, |600) may :be purchased In ,lk' entirety within.<10. years for monthly payments running only $8,02 more |wr month than tho payments under a 20-ycnr plan. Charges Included Monthly, payments Include ninoiilzullon of principal, nnd interest payment, nvtirage • monthly service charge,. Housing, Admlnls- Iratlon Insurance premium, monthly taxes,'; ami monthly, hazard in- 1 surnnce. In the tabulation ifide 1 by the Housing Administration' the monthly water rent, Included In the .payments, was estimated' nl $1. .,, » | Initial charges were .baseij on, prevailing in the District of' Columbia. Pull ..particulars concerning financing •.br.'.lorw-prlceil lotiies under the Insured Mortgage! System arc available »t any of-1 Ice of the Federal Housing Ad ' nlnlslrallon. - . . that «rc a\»k*ard lo use, mid the double doors project into the room only hnlf (ho distance that n;;;slngle door would which was made for (be sumo opening. Curious stomachache remedies, such as cinder tea, made by dipping a red-l(ot cinder in hot water, are still used for children in nstalls Water System In Her Country Home Miss Willie Marshall Is having ier country home oil the south ilghway Improved by having wu- er -installHl 'In the house, which s being repainted. A new barn is also being bulll. Q 1 want to build new chick | can be filled b\ sonking papor en houses, to accommodate about 2CO . birds. What type .would ' b3 most satisfactory from the stand: of economy, and conven- point ience? and making it pi Ip and You -would '.do well to in then mixing the pulp \\"ilh jlue or ether ailhesue imt"rhl Ve;y fine sTwdust uood Horn plaster of parls, or some..other | inert imtcrhl may be used 1C A. YOU -.would ' (to well to in; v <.v.n> i..nj uc- uscu in cjure of jour state agricultural s !r ° r lhe I m l' pr I™ 1 " On. the college or vour countj ngncul ot . h " lnml '" «<lt'i"on to putt) tural aient fhe> will be able , ,' ls ccl " nlonl J used virious to aivise the tjpe of licusi I 1 '" 5 " 1 - wood compounds for nil best suited to local conditions ,! c ™, cks , "» (l crevices mny b- As; to, slue, most recommendations allow from .three lo four square feet of: floor.: area per bird. Q In hyln» a bnc^ edging around the beds . in .my garden, Is it. necessary. : to .set them in concrete? A No Bit they will require some, straightening, each sprin? as the action .of ilie frost will push some of -them out of place. Q Can vieMise pipei and glue for f nillng the cncks in the fleers of our farmhouse and would " be satisfactory' course. England s food consumption per bead of population is 'said' 10 II. If the job warrants it, em- Now Is the Time to Build Your Home - - Easy Monthly Payments n This company will gladly help you with your'loan applications.. Through arrangements perfected by the,American' Asphalt Roof Corporation, we havn connections with the Planters Bank and Trust Company For- : rest City, Arkansas, whereby : it will, handle all *:]iew construction Federal Housing' Administration title two.approved loans in Blytheyille.and.vicinity, East Arkansas Builders Supply Company SUMMER, OR WINTER ' IT PAYS 10 INSULATE! /'Red ' ! T'O p '. Insulating Wool pia.ced in your iil- tic will help, maintain a, ' tiiore constant temperature in' ypur'lioine the year around.' I-'Cl n.s make a free estimate Way, THEiARKMO LUMiERCO. Phone 40 obtninpd -U practically nnj pnlnt sicrc It is possible lint joii would find them more satlsfac tory Urn endeavoring to nmke JflUr/onn filler It is estimated that more than 400 persons write to the British Bioidcastlng compmj e\ery day jjiupcriy land $500 I efjn of FACTORY TRAINED RAJHO EXPERT Now availahle for repairs on. nil .makes of radios. 14 Years Experience "' Phone 233 Henry S. Werner at Hardaway Appliance Co. i working preparing put'ling'you' in touch sources of money suppli FHA low interest loan Closet pncniiifii A 'shallow closet Is made much" more usiible : if ll has- n wide opening. This can be.accomplish- ed by using'double door's ins'lead of a single door. Thus • there arc no dead ends in Iho closet • FREE . ARCHITECTURAL SERVICE Free drawings, sketchings and blue prints without a dollar's cost to you. You'r Wlillccturnl senlce will nol cost you a dollar— we luive been foiccd lu this, owing to the fact tliat architects lime been siwclfjlng nil kinds or products except lluxse carried by me Now folks, when mi nichltr-ct specifies a coilain brnnd or roollin; 01 oilier cpmmodllles joii arc the ban vUio Is paying the bill, while he Is getting from 2 to 5 p«r cent, to .specify certain commodities so that certain lum- uoi cfyiceuih can dig itov,n on jou. Something you should know about , buying lumber Limber entries Its own grnites Do not let people tell you Hint because >ou get a cheap price you Vet cheap lumber. You only get the profits divided with a home mail and not gUInu it nil to foreign millionaires I contribute to every institution, boUi civic and charity Dial Is presented to nic and I do not have to write the Home olilcfc while you forget It. Now folks, when a carpenter Is .so dead bent on you buying sour lumber from some specified lumber dealer ^ >ou can wnlch out for you lire fixing lo get the trimming of yofr life The lumber dealer Is paying this cni|*nler from 2 to.5 per cent, owing to how high a new 0 for Mm'™" Me '° "'""^ y °"' ^° Uru "i uP'busl :JESSE WEBB LUMBER CO ; Phone 275 There never was such a golden opportunity for yon to, have your house .^pairited inside and out. The. Arkansas ..Centennial' Commission has requested all citizens to beautify their homes and premises. Many Klytheville people are doing so . Jllst pi, ollo lno _ Wc D T , Rest! E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY dean Up-Paint Up' FixUpintheBfitter IL ife is more precious than pennies ; • Shocked by the death of so many people— bewildered-by the scores stricken-America ; ;' nwokc twoycarsagq tocherealitajtiontlut' •?'• menace threatened the Health^of our Nation. ,v.,' Here, 'in a land where modern science has ; wrought so mmy; wonders -where citizens ' boasted of S higher standard of living comfort thin any other nation —'men, women and chil. drcn were suffering intense agoKy and dying . 'of amccbic dysentery caused by f4ulty plumbing.:'. Doctors, nursejiiind hospiul,attendants !; worked ce^lcssjyl^to i«licye fe'surTcring.Cto -,. Jsave lives-arid tp^CTent' iffeid'of this 'itiidious .malady:] But their ^orfc'rrieans little ' today and those'prtciousliyet were lost in vain, ,. /if we neglect our solemn duty to ; feAbvc \orwer. • the real cause of such a tragedj', r ' Health Authorities agree that the immediate ' cause of this epidemic and the contributing cause of much sickness can be/traced to foully, improperly i/ijlallej plumbing; They are wag. ' ,ing a vigorous campaign to warn the public ; of the danger that may result from trusting the • important^matter of plumbing injtallations and repairs to the uncertain hands of « "handyman." 1 Millions of dollats ire spent by municipal!- . ties to insure fresh, pure, filtered water delivered in mains right in front, of your home. What happens to this pute water inside your home depends upon your plumbing. Improperly in. stalled fixtures, faulty piping and cross-connections can contaminate or pollute water which may cause sickness and even death. And life is more precious than the pennies you might save using untrained men. Health Authorities will tell you that'll is unwise to trust the plumbing in your home ;o incompetent hands. Guard against danger by insisting that your pilumbing must be inspected, installed or repaired only by the men best quali. fied by training and experience to protect your health-the Master Plumbers. Their work is so important that states and cities have laws not only regulating the installation of plumbing, but setting a standard for the Plumber himself. In many states, Master Plumbers are examined as to their qualifications, licensed and registered. Most of the sanitary laws protecting pub! lie health and insuring the highest standard of professional skill have been passed through the insistence of the Master Plumbers themselves. • Mote tnatvcvtrvA'the Plumber protects ihe healih of the Nation." .. P 1 TTS ! UROH ' '*- ! W»'«i of ArncrtMN Radiator 8. Standard Sanitary Corporalio* ' '' '

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