The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1945 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1945
Page 8
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AGEEIGHT BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 1945 To Play Jan. 10 i Bombers' To Entertoin 1 Strong Memphis Team ', On Basketball Court t- i T»o of the best service camp basketball teams of the Mid-South will tangle Januarj 10, »hen the Bljtheville Army Air Field's "Bombers", an enlisted men's team, plays the powerful NATTC quintet of Memphis for the first time this season In a game at Bl> thcville * TheflATTC men will Invade Bly- thevllle determined to protect their impressive record, An aggregation of former high school and college stars, they have won" 13 consecutive victories without suffering a single loss for the season—this in spite of the fact that their competition has been of the best. But, vvhlle NATTC's achievements oil the courls ha\e been outstanding, Blvthevillc'E basketball fans believe the Bombers will be able to take their measure, for the BAAF men have themselves demonstrated unusual ability in action They casilv couped the fiAc Mid-South Service League games they have played and have reached the quarterfinals In the 1945 Eastern Flying Training Command tournament The Bombers have v.on nine of their ten games this season and avenged their one defeat by Smyrna AAP, a game which went to three overtime periods—by trouncing the Ten- nessecans in a return match , Ke'v men of BAAFs well-rounded quintet are S-Sgl Jake Myers, big 6 ft 5 In center, who has dominated liie backboards and- averaged 14 points per game, Lieut Harold McGuffey, an aggressive ball-hawk and the team's high scorer with 203 points ,tallied; ACT Joe L)nksey, \vnobe one-hand set shots and all- around performance on the' floor have made him a spearhead df the Bombers' offense, and ACT John Gerrard, the midget of the team,at 5'8',' but a star whose deadly set shots, amazing interceptions, and tricky play are outstanding threats DOPE BUCKET •i i. r. mom SEES "BIG BIU," 1'LAV •Take It from Clara Jean Moslcy, pus! William D. (Bill) Godwin Is bigger and belter than ever.'on the football field During a recent visit with brother Herky and his family down In Florida, Clara Jciui had the very good forlunc ; of seeing the grid spectacle bstween Fort Pierce and the Third Air Force of Jacksonville . . . In nt his favorite center position for the winning Pierce Amphibs, 7-6, Bill had a big hand In the triumph as he turned in a great defensive game. . . After the game the Moslcys and Bill ggt together for a session. . ., ON TOUH—Lieut. Herschell has rctuin- c'd from a bond tour in the Enst which took a group of fliers to West Point Herky was one of the selected pilots to participate In the graduation exercises at the famous United States Military Academy. . . Because officials wanted the planes In close combat formation experienced pilots were chosen. . . PAPERS ADDED—Three more papers have been added to my collection n advance: by Staff Sergt. Gilbert D. Hammock Jr,, (1327th AAP BN, iilock G, 1C-D-ATC, APO 429) : to IK on the lookout for n couple '.of copies of "The Command Post", frflin' Ceylon, India,, they, arrived tljiji week It is quite a sheet, 12 pages, with Terry and the rates, Blondlc, pick Tracis and oth'-. ers to complete the full comic section. . . .PERSONAL: To. the 'In-, quiring fan: Thanks :Sor the. boost. . . . Here Is .the address of Py'i, Eldorn Ncal, who recently ran into Roland Wnrrlnglon In Paris; U.S.8. T.A.F. % • Gen. Purchasing Agciit, Alrforcc Procurement Sec. A.S.C., APO 887 % RM., N.Y.C. '. '. FAULK' ON SAIPAN Football and basketball .fans ps- peclally will remember John I'aulk. . . . Big John served under Joe Dlldy with tlie Chicks, first as a guard and then blocking back .-..';. When John left. Blythevllle he went West . . .Only occasional word of ' ' him trickled back. Mrs. J:. E. 0[ senlcc editions . After read- to enemy opposition Blythevllte's coach, Lieut Cecil Garrison, and their manager, S-Sgt Bob Tubbs, have developed the Bombers Into a fast-breaking' Idng- passlng group of hoopsters who depend on^a man-to-man defense to hold the opposition To da^e, |n nine games played, Blythevllle has totall- ed 536 points for an average of 54 points and have allowed their opponents only 407 points, or an average of 41 points a game The^ Blythevllle cagers 1 ability to pile^up a scbr'e'wfth lightning 'speed ^as" evidenced azainst the Green- yille, Miss.-AAF In'a recent game Coming frotft behind at the half, the Bombers rolled u'p 25 points In the third period to clinch a lead and finally defeated Greenville 66 to 41 lag the Christmas edition of "The Rattler", official news organ of Rattlesnake' Army Air Field, Pyote, Texas, sent by Sergt. John W. Oncal Jr., Oct. 105th A.A.C.S., Miss Eileen Hagari passed it on to us. IUINTON STORY LISTED . The French edition of the Stars &•: Stripes which Lieut. Robert Reeder sent contained an account 61 the marvelous liarrow escape of Meut. (now Captain) Charles Hunton, who fell 250 feet from a plane without serious harm. . . The boxed news Item erroneously, listed Captain Hunton's name ns Hunter, but give his home address as Blytlic- ville, Ark., . _.' . Lieut. L. G. (Little Pete) Thompson already had cllp^ ped it and included It In a letter to his parents. . . He could not recall the -name, and it's no wonder, > The Huntons moved here from Jonesboro after "Little Pete" had Crook, who served ns.inoliitf tp several of the football boys, Paulk her ng among them, recently heart enlisted Having been warnet twice from him. The first let- tcr failed to tell where jic was stationed Bill the second V-rt written Dec. 1, came from'Salpah. "I hope my lettei find 1 ; you well and In-good hpalth'Vhe starts. "Just thought I'd write you and let you kn ow . th ti t 'I/I I ' rieye r j forge t yc;U and what you r dld' for mo and th,e otneis And I do want ybu to knbw Vihcie I am I am on the Island. oi Salpan Youve probably' heard of It by now It's in the ' Marlahna Islands And vjould' you believe m«, we're really bombing those 'yellow rats in Tokyo.' And' we're 'going, to keep oii 'bombing, -,'em ' until-^well, until we klil'lh'erii nil or' run 1 ' out of Uombs which isn't very likely We've gol plenty of them,' HJs nd- diess is Corp John L Paulk, £83 Bomb Sq , 600th BomK 6r , APO 5GG6, % Postmaster, Saii Francisco, Calif ' Dempsey Was Most Colorful Of Heavyweight Champions; Dre?w Five $7,000,000 Gates Bombers Defeat Maiden, 50-45 -v Results Of tyntest '' ^Tuesday Announced; • Jack By BILLY HOCHE Famous Referee D'empsey, the Mnnassa bers 'tjot' on a cagey ' qnlhfel 'froSf 'tne/Malderi Mo, AAp and defeated theiri 56^45 Tuesday^ night at the local Rec Hall to chalk up Ihelr ninth \1ctbry of _the current season. ^Although Blv|heville assumed and held, a Hid from . the se'cond •. qiiirterj io end of the game, 'Maiden never Mauler, is the champion ex-champion: While he wns in there he was the most spectacular lighter ever to hold the heavyweight championship He was tlie Mst fighter to draw a million dollar gate, a fig- ure-he'exceeded five times, for a grand total of $8,G15,7G4, His last fight with Gene Tunnev In Chicago, Sept. 2*7, 1921 grossed $2,658,660. , Every, time he defended or fought for the title, an epic battle resulted , - His sensational fracas with Liils Angel Firpo at the P.olb 0rounds, Sept 14, 1923, stand's out as the most thrilling event in tlin hlstoiy of sports,.'.his,, joust, vvilh Tunney In dhlctgo ! asi the 1 ihiost,controyor- iiin'fioilHg;!''!' y-' ; : l| :;! Dempiey: - ; scdrod; ' Ihb.; quickest Inrthe he'av'yvveight dlvl- tfie alloyed the Bombers to atUIri 1 a, secure ' advantage* and 'remained' ,* ' "" cpnsfarif ' threat, "th7bugh"out game tHe \The • game opened .with, ACT Richard M^ttern 'sinking two far ,Blythev)lle pn~ a fast-break' and a pass j trorn ACT% Joe " Llnskcy Al- :m"ost- Immediately, Maiden's Lt.-'Al Dlehl tied up the game with a Ions set Through misplass and fumbling by Blytheville, the Maiden cagcrs c went ahead but could not get more than a two point advantage and $ere leading 13-11 at the end of the first quarter -' The second quarter started slow- Iv^with both teams playing a cau- 'tious" game. Mjers, who scored 25 points during the evening, set up 'a.'pivot shot to tie up the game. .Then, he countered with two foul 'sfiots,,';Rhlch were followed by a ^eft-hand pivot: shot by ACT John ; G;errard; Then it was Maiden's turn 'to begin sloppy. Playing. Dlehl, one of the best hoopsters seen at BAAF this saeson, couldn't a\oid fouling 'Myers four <• times In the.first haft, i and "Myers"' sank four of the five 'charity tosses He sank two more on a lay-up shot after a long pass Bljtheville then tried a pressing •defense ; which .proved effective as Myers arid Cpl John Grootemont .dominated .both backboards. Myers .closed•' the'.second-quarter with another pivot shot to make the score 24-15 in favor of Blythevllle ' Maiden's Lieutenants J D Hirsch and Diehl put on a spectacular floor show but couldn't set the ball through the hoops at the v start of the second half. Gerrard ^sho plajed the best floor game of the night for Blythevllle, then intercepted a .Maiden oass and Uns- % key scored again Hackett, of the Maldeners, put on a one-man of- fe'nse by sinking" a going-away one 1 hand set, a lay-up shot, and then fchother set. At this point Maldel 'began .closing the gap between ••cores'and for a time it looked a th heav Bah sloi) when he flattened Carl Morris in 14 seconds in New Orleans Dec. 16, 1918, beating his time in disposing of Fred Fulton in Hnrrjson, N. J,. July 17 .the same year By 4 3-5 seconds. ' " The. Manassa .Mauler held sway as . heavyweight king for seven jears, longer than any other with the moot exception of John t>. Sullivan • 'who claimed the title niter beating'.John Flood on a barge off Yonkers May 16, 1881, and was stopped by James J. Corbctt in 21 rounds, Sept. 7, 1892, in New Orleans. •JACK WAS NINTH CHILD William Harrison Dempsey was born in Manassa, Colorado, June 24, 1895, of Irish - Scotch - American parentage. He was the ninth of eleven children, and Inherited his father's nomadic Inclination. When he was 15, Dempsey struck out for himself. Big and strong for his age, he found work in various Wages were small and Dempsey traveled on freight trains or rode the' rods of Pullmans in traveling countered for Btythevillc with another one-hander. Rozcr repeated with another set-shot, then bolh Dlehl and Hirsch intercepted passes but could not score. Devers (brew in a long one-hand set and Myers followed it with another pivot shot. Maiden's Hackett put up another set shot and then a lay-up on a ass-and-cut play. Blytheville insur- d their lead when Myers sank two more foul shots. Llnskey put up n ne-hand set, and Myers pushed In lay-uo shot. Blythevillc's offense was lightning at this part of the ;ame. With five minutes lo play, he score stood 46-36. but Maiden till was not defeated. Hirsch put ip a set-shot and then heaved a ong pass to Bahr for another two Jor"»nother t«o. MaWen was onl three points behind bui Blythevill pulled oufr,ln front again 'at th, , third ' quarter whe rf long one-hand se U,«Iloy.Devers followe 'of lh$ Missour fourth quarter! But, racked up two more goals and Hirsch ended the game with a long set'. Individual high scorer of the same was Myers, with 25 points tallied for the Bombers. Linskey was runner-up with 13 points. The sensational Interceptions, the all- around hard play, the ability to snare the ball away from men a half foot taller than himself, marie Gerrard's floor play outstanding. For Maiden. Hacked was high scorer with IS. points. Both Dlehl and plnl-slzed Hirsch, former star 'of Brooklyn Cqllege, played tricky professional brands of basketball and were Maiden's stars for the evening. •' ' Blythevillc's next home game will be .played on Monday night, Jan. " against Turner AAP. from one job to another, fn 1915 Dempsey took seriously to fighting, and battled for purses as low as $2 50. He made liis debut as promoter-fighter that.year when he and a Irlend named: Freddy Woods hired Mobsn Hall 1 ,in'Mont- rose, Utah, where the' Dempsey family had moved, and- announced they would fight for .the gate receipts—if any. A prelty good crowd attended, Dempsey knocked out Woods in the fourth round'of-a slanibang contest, and they look lip a collection of $40. Dempsey then took the fighting name of Jack. KEARNS TURNING POINT In Uic fall of 1911 Dempsey, 6-1 180, curly-haired and brown-eyed met Jack Kearns, who' became Ivl- steenth manager, and from then on came a turn In Jack's .fistic for tune. The astute Kearns wangle< matches for him, he won consistent ly, and ° n July 4. 1919, attained .tli pinnacle of pugilistic success, heavyweight champioiiship by bat lering huge Jess Wlllard.' into helpless mass at Toledo., ,.>. Two years later July 2,1921, cam the Battle of the Century, the dra malic knockout of Georges ( Carp'dn ler in Boyle's 30 Acres, Jersey CH The great anti-climax — Fir| knocking Dempsey out. ottthc rli after being knocked down sevc times in the first round, only ' succumb In 1.58 of the second and the Battle of the Long -Coil with Gene Tunncy In Chlcag Sept. 2, 1927, when Dempsey forgo to go lo a neutral cor'neri — wh Gene dozed from a knockdown, the seventh — are history too w known to bear repetition here. T same goes for Dcmpsey's cha'mpio ship record. . , • • Jack Dempsey retired after I second Tunney fight, later 'tried a desultory comeback for a.while. He became a prosperous restaurateur, Joined Ihc Coast Guard-when the war broke out, where he is now n Commander. 1 - Wad Courfcr News Want Ads. 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