The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 19, 1931 · Page 75
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 75

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 19, 1931
Page 75
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WiSPlL iVIEMOfilllL NEWS of the ships 10TIT11IIC VICTIM 1 SHIPPING 11 syiH of Mrs. Mary B, C, brothers Dulles Provides fnr Cancer Institution Building to Be Erected at University of Pennsylvania on Death of Daughter cgncer hospital is to be erected i the University ol Pennsylvania by tm i of the will of Mrs. Mary B. 6. Shew Dulles, widow of Andrew rhpfves Dulles, probated yesterday. t, la to be t memorial to her son, u'.Uiam Crothers Dulles, who was it on the Titanic, and will be called Z Crothers Dulles Hospital. Mra Dulles, who died April 7 at ths Barclay, directed that her entire State of $232,000 and upward be hPid in trust for this purpose. The Snir condition Is that her "only liv-.. chiM" the Baroness Ettore Ro- lno Fontana, formerly Margaret nulM. shall have the income dur iwiita, e v.nH iteAft,a inff trie rermuuuci vx nc, nswic. rrrjon her death the trustees are to met " building of brick and lime-tone to be used for a hospital for the treatment of cancer or of such other diseases as the board of trusts shall deem advisable." They may accept or reject the bequest before or liter the daughter's death. If they do not accept it, the estate Is to re-vtrt to the Pennsylvania Hospital for the same purpose, and should this hospital reject it, Jefferson Is to receive the fund. 1100 to Raiser of German Flag Charles Frederick Joerger, 2910 Germantown avenue, a grocer, directed his trustees to set aside 1100, ind "to pay the principal and Interest to the person who first raises the German national flag over the city of Strasbourg (Alsace-Lorraine) u signal that that city has again pissed into the sovereignty of the German nation." The residue of his H0.500 estate is to be shared by his widow. Emily, and two children, Carl and Miriam. The entire I1O0O estate of Edwin M. Engle, 1239 East Colona street. Is bequeathed to the William C. Hamilton Lodge Free and Accepted Masons for it charity fund. "I make no provision for my wife, Elizabeth Englc," wrote the testator, "for the reason that notwithstanding I provided a home for her and she has refused to live with me and has abandoned and deserted me for a period of two years and upwards last past." Engle, who died September 15, disinherited his .son, Howard, "for the reason that he has contributed greatly to the estrangement of my wife from me." Two other children, Oeorge L. Engle and Mrs. Carrie Qindhart, are also ignored. In bequeathing a $20,200 estate to Ms widow, J. Lynne stark, 225 East Penn street, referred to her In endearing terms. "Whatever I have, real or personal, I leave to the one I love best my dear wife, Elsie D. Hill Stark," he wrote. Other Wills and Inventories Other wills probated yesterday were: Clara S. Fleishman, Hotel Majestic, $41,000; Katharine S. Cox, 5 Lyceum avenue, Roxborough, ; $37,500; Allan Daly, 1908 East On-'tirlo itreet, $4000; Christine Dot-Ulnir, 2158 North Marston street, who made his testament January 5, 1899, and left everything to his wife. Julie, 2400, and Oeorge H. Ferguson, 5632 Litchfield street, $2770. Inventories of personal estates filed Jesterday Included; John H, Mose-bach, $34,979; Esther K. Considine, 34,670; Bridget C. Cannon. $30,497, md Lavlnia D. Young, $28,502. SAVED FR0MFIRE TRAP Mn Rescued From Cellar of Home After Wife Sounds Alarm Trapped In the cellar of his home following an explosion when a spark from rubbish he was burning In the furnace ignited a can of roofing compound, John Brow, 53. of 871 East Russell street, near H and Tioga wwta, was burned about the head m!L yesterday morning. The flames quickly spread to the woodwork of the cellar, cutting off av, to the stairs. Half blinded by WOke. ho hrnlra o . eh. -i : a nJlluun ill V.C1- w, attracting the attention of his u ana daughter, who were in the when. The women called for help end Harry stein, 30, of 807 East Tioga wet, and William Ralston, fireman, Engine Company 42, succeeded in 'SKing him, half unconscious, Jfljough the cellar window. He was wn to Episcopal Hospital. The flue spread to the first floor before . DrURht under control, caus-ml damage estimated at $1000. 1 AUSTIN TO LEAVE CITY . T. Receiver Obtains Permission "r Talk With Judge McDevitt L. Austin, one of the three re- named by Judge Harry 8. BkWi" tne P' R' T- 8vstem' aP" .the JU(tee yesterday for per- wun to leave the city for a few tinted The request was Austin and the Judge were closeted Winer for Some t.omntir rYilnntj.. wither would reveal any details their conversation except In the "latter nf th f- I,"..18 expected that Controller WillB fi r..?; 'i?rouh Deputy Controller "'.USVIS Wllgon. who nrnwiiHH thai tl ,L ' the reelvers, will take form-tl n .this WMk Protesting the Wlon of Austin as a receiver, on ZS?uni tnat he has bn o hZ associated with the Mitten "wests in the past. SHOPPERS VIEW ARREST 'ris Accused of ricketing vnestnnt Street Store vEEL PL half-hollday shoppers nom . lno rresL yesterday alter-iiiei.v.,!" M who were accused tit? 8tore on Chestnut "jet near Thirteenth. An official of f.ertcan Federation of Full- "ostery Workers, to which ttot. h2 881(1 thev belonged, said the gr,,;1011 to a corporation which Si knitting mlU where a llHi.T.'?' wno 8ve their names as Rockieri-'e ana NeUa Frank, of fcth .Br,.w5re taxen to the Kiev- . -' ana wirttM , i . . Btln rm. "".ici ouccib UU11CB BOH' carrVirio. ;l were wearing atreamers hen .r" wra. "hosiery strike," Rankta. h?m Bowto House Barns tad.,.,", April 18.-Flre of fm.rf'i . ori&m destroyed the fcSSS.-. April 18.-rire L?itlence toaeto . ,wlc"M DelgTosso, st a loss Something About Arrivals and Clearances at This Port; Notes of Interest TODAYS CAliRDAl April II. 1M1 TRn.ADII.riUA fun Tit .. Hith iitr laiw water . B ib A. M dun aett a 41 P. IMS A. M. and 8 Hi p. 10.2:! A. M. and 1032 I". RIEDY ISLAND Hih water l,ow water ...11 ST A. V. ... S.BT A. it. mi rtt r i nl im r. M. DELAWAXI BREAKWATER H'th water Low water J21 A. M. null (MO P. M. IS A, M. and 8 04 P. M Approximately 500,000 bags of potatoes have been imported to Philadelphia during the last three months from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, according to a statement made yesterday by B. H. Sobelman it Company, an organisation of steamship agent which has handled the great- er number of th steamers. In all there have been twenty vessels en gaged In the traffic, and each one carried an average of 25,000 bags, many of them carrying as high as 30,000 bags. Contract has been let by the Red Star Towing and Transportation Company to the Mathia Company, Camden, for the construction of a steel tug to be 02 feet long, 23 feet beam and 10 feet depth of hold. It will be driven by a Diesel engine of 700 horsepower. Mathlas Moe, vice consul at Philadelphia for Norway, announces the name of the steamer Nidraos, calling at this port, has been changed to Trodhelm, effective Immediately. Charles Kurt & Company chartered the Norwegian motorshlp Chr. Th. Bob to load a full cargo of mo lasses in tne rnuippines ior rnua- delphia deliverv. This will be theRriiiis papered n w. Kenintio rper fire nf DMIInnlna ennloaaaa in banilnt Co.. Mil Ketialnaton ate. Car.OulU. ntii horn Rrvimei Papered. 14. M up. Anjwhere. Good enter nerc. inooms lt,,,0n, Mrn. AiieiiieiiTuia. Announcement u made that the:SAVE .viVo pperiniri'nit,"A-i work. iur. Lighthouse Service Of the Depart- J.. Klelmtn, in tiermantown at. eb l'W4 martt nf rommerce hs issued a new iPAPBHHANtilKu "iTntte'leai .. Xl work. Go local list of lights and buoys for the use of yachtsmen. The first list covers the sector from Cape May at the entrance of Delaware Bay to Cape Lookout. ARRIVED TESTEEDAT ri a Ami j Trantport CHATEAU THIERRY trnm Vew York sew Str TURR UBAII (Br) Fower. ehlna clti. Tim Tc ma Tremnnrt Jk Terminal Co. Str EXrtlRD, Bert. fotl. ete. tit New York, m inuaneke ore. B It Robalrasn or Co. Str V KHT ARUUW. Ilentcu. Rotterdam TjS Bolton, indie, Ulcbmann, Vv right A Tugh, Sir MOHAN. Kllner. Harlor laland, pa-trolellin. Colltlncnllll 8 t) l'o. Str AI.UHHT MUX. Tltckor. Telal Cltr. be troloiitn. Allanllc lt'lmlo': Co. Hotorahin ttnAHON. NeHoaj. l'ort Arthur, petroleum. Atlautlf Rcfinlnt Co. Str NAN1LCKKT, till. Hoeton. md. 11 er f-hanla A- Mlnera Trena . Btr HAMl'TIIN ll(IAlfl. li mn. Norfolk. Indie I'litladelphlt Norfolk a t:o. Sit t SDN Baltimore, ttd. Mnlnrehi'p MlilAN ANNR. Whlta. Baltlmora. mde, firoen Line. , . MAHi'i'S HihiK. I'a. April 1S-ASRIVKD: Sir ALRERT E WATTS, men. Hontton. pa-tmleuro. fllnrlalr Natlaarion Co. CLEARED TESTERDAT Str SAVQ1A (Hal), Berlin lot , 1'orn and Naplea tla .New Oenot, It-Terk, dee. Str (iCITATK. .lohauaen, US Pledrit, btl-: iMt; AM Retlnlnt Co. ..... , Kpe. t nrim at cn. niTMUM mri. chr atle. Jeddall, van ant. Fort wwettennam, einKepore, maim, Bnnt Kone. Sbantlial and or uairen tnll Kohi. and Yokohama Tl New lork. tndae, Cuntrd S S Co, Ltd. . tte Urn irrilKK lOerl Welnecter, Nortoit, hnlllat. R n Boneiman ar o IM I te CtTT Off DALLAS. jnnae, noutnero e . Stt TLHCA.N. Uwla. farannah, njdie, Mer- ehnnta A Mlnera Tranj Co. Ste VOIX'MA, Rlamw, rrorldence, kidaa, iierrluntl Miner' Train Co. Str f)ELA WARE RIVER, Anderaon. Horfolk, tnr ae. riiiiaaeinnia morion a w. Str ERICSSON, Ireland, Baltimore, moat, Knrason inr. Motorehip LILLIAN ANNE, Wkite. Baltlmora, mde, tireen Lint. Barta FLOMBNCIt SHAW Had IVELTN KHAff, tor isorroit, utnt tin tow ma LIZZIE D 8HAWI. L B Bhaw. Inc. MARCl'S HOOK, p, April 1 Cleared; Str anil Tamua. petroleum. Sun Oil Co (not a before reported). UABCra HOOK, Pa, Afrli IS Cleared: Itr Jll.HKrU M CUIIABY, Olilucd, HoulUia, pallaat, Hinctair piatifaiioai io. DELAWJBE BAT AVD XITER Tit'T.AWAHH Tlltir.lKlA'ATRR Anrll IS. PASHKIl HP Kim Compnn.t nioiorliarte. 1 Pi M: PAHItRI) HI T-Slenniera rAlltlfAX. for Jlicknonville and Mlnml: KASTKRN III.ADK, for New York: THI1 M I'll, for Honolulu. t a New York and Newport Newl: hkn- TI'CKIAN. for Hoalon: CADMI INorl, for Kinesion: HK1KN INorl. for St Johna. N r JtlKKHH M OliPARY. for Honaton; BKRDRY for I'ara. ate. tla New ortt ann jarion title: uiaa LRNAPB. towina haraea CONK WAMO. tor UUInee point; IHiUAPiriali:. ror Tlinmaaton: OCTORARO. for New Bedford and TRKNTON. for New Bedford; RATIICO. lowuit barta runij mji.iihk, ior ew lora; tut towint two aeowa. Weather P M. 60, enrthwaat S. hnar. itO.rrt. BEEIIV IA1.AND Anrll IS PASSKI CP Tut UKRTRI DB SHAW, towlnt barte. 7 SO; . M: FASsnu mm .1 nit itir.nt, tot ttai-moro). BT TELEORAPK WW 'YORK. Anrll IS ArrlTed! Steaniert MAINE! (Brl, from Ijondon All! CALL Ft) KM A IBr). trom taarowe: skuiis-krri. from San rranclaeo: TOMArHIOHI. from New Orleanlj CITY Of B1BM1NOBAM. from gaeannaii; idwan, from AC: PAN AMERICA, from Bermuda; HATtRT I.I CKBNBACH. from Heatlle Ac. tla Pliila- delphia; HENRY R MAIXORr. from Oal-teainn: JIALMANOKR (Nor), from I'uraeoa: JAMES EI.WOOI) J0NB8. from Norfolk: CRAIliSME. from Norfolk! SIR JAMES CLARK BORS INnr. from colon; SWIFT- jrCOl'T. from enrarot; BAKivACri. n from I bet: haler: THITUPH from Philadelphia V hkkkzb. trom fort Annur; hanb ARr liter), Irom Rotterdam. Tla rtoeton; KARACHI MAltll llaol. from nambure; KASTFRN CLADB, from Philadelphia: JF.f-FKRHON MYERS, from Norfolk; Motorihip BAYONNF. from Paulaborn. t'LHA RED Ste. mere: IXII.T) HARBOR, for ni.atow: WINNKI1AI10 tBrl. for Undoo: TDKAI MARU (Jin)., for Btltlmora: LA (UlitlSTFiNNK.N INorl. ror 1'niiadeiphia; MA 111 AN .t H tNori, ror fnerro rinta: lk HltlH. for rniiadeipnia: h.Khlilirig for Ijva anaelea ALITOBNIA (Br. for Ber- mnda: BOBI aWtVo. for Im Antelea: ORB, IRE- i:iimiAK for Iva Aneelae: flAOn HRraH for Analea ale Philadelnhla : TINCINT. for Philadelphia: MA1NR. (or Bottom i h LUCKENBAt H. for Boaton, STEAMEBS 1ZP0ITED CITT OF CBRISTCHTJRcn (Brl. from Philadelnhla. ate. arrived Koraehl. AnrU in. kaikki.i.a tiNor . irom rnuaacinnia. tte. trrited uaoon. April 1,1. rARG Etsi'Aiti kl, tnpasi. Trom r&ttt' dftlnhia ete. arrited Maraaillet. Anrll 1. JULDKKUUll lunrrni, irom rnuaoeionui, atf nrrlteri Rotterdam. Anrll 14. t:HtctmiLii, irom rnitaaaipniak amtea Baltimore. April 17. llBKAlstir. irom fniiaoeionta. amTeo net- Urn... Anrll IT v 1 Ktll ri 1 A niiM;i,Ain. irom aiarena moot, inln Xorfo k. Anrll 17 NtlHTU.MA." (Hri. r'niiaoeipnia, err. ror M.neheater and IJrerpool, trrited Norfolk, A"iLJ7-. ... ... 1 ITT ir A.M'i.i r, f-nuaqt'ipnia, -ir, tnr Krth nr. arrlfad Norffi'k. Aorl Ifl. exkTKR CITT iRri. TTom pniroi. aif, Pl.ilacilpnia. arnM orroikt. anni in. KirKI; Uiari. rniu'vpnia. f . t'w nam- .rift Hrtrnan. aallrd Norfolk. AdHI 1fl. HARV PJis IKH, irom .iTmnni. i'pi, arriTrn ANTIQUES BAM PT E R, nadt 1737, for ill. dtal, Appir ffw b. wfnwuy iirwi. TAILORING CARMELO REINA Mtkr of f!o cait, pintlj trouarTH nutcnfa. unjaw bb. ure. nw, TAILOR mad anlt. $15; your own materltl. A d 1 ar. liu i(tn ar, .itii. "I'n CURTOM tailor suit, your material. $0: Itnlnt Trae. H. Adifr. t n. Tin, iwn. i.m. n . wj. ROOFINQ AND HEATING ITT. binAa n tnoflna. don and tliar.t ten montha to oar; no down payment. Mare Brna.. lfdM N. NewHr tt, gteTaneon waa. 1411 GUAR. 15 teara. tlat roof, nothlnt down. til TOO. IU Will repair rwi. piiuiaiiua, htt. Tnran Ai Qo 14 RoaeberrT. Tnltnn 4Jo HEATERS AND RANGES SPEAR rml rente, no eond.. lefr-hind oten, lino water haik. I.lanerrh. miltop 3"; BUILDING MATERIAL .. , . . . H.,.uDolfv,nAaA kfa cnroir. mn.l low 'ra J' tloaeta. ih.ltltl, pirtltlone, ate. Ste. tail. port Arthur, April J. SAN BERNARDINO, from lhllldelollH. tte. for Portlttd, Ora, tailed Ian rraaclaco. April 14. K I UTKtNRACrT. 1mm rtilladeipllll. -r, for Portland, Ora, ulltd San frauttaro, Anrll 14 I'ACirir PINS from Philadelphia, ate, for Seattle, nailed Man fram-lno. AnrU 14. TKXMAR, from riiiladelphla. eto. for Portland. Or. ..'led San F'anrlem. April 14. ev,ener,. Philadelphia for Jirkwnrtlie. ar. rlred Savinniii. April IT. CHARTERS Ortie Bertha Toll Hem Included Sfteeu letd.. Sew tor. Vir. fienoi-Niplei, lie; two to Hull. U 8d: a few to Cork. 2 Hd: tlilrty load., B1 tlinort. April, Havre Dunkirk, 10c. Berthed Steamer. 11 loada, tu atart Mar, Montreal. Antwerp. HV. Han titu.epne. Montreal, Mar. ,11 it a) ottar-tera. 10; Mediterranean, l-tt: ba.le. 1.0B-don. Manhem ateamer. IS. 000 ntiartrra, 10; Montreal. Mar, Henuark. lc. Me and 17c. l,uutlon. Coal Kavano .terrier, IVHhj tuna, Hampton- ltoada. June. Mnillerldi.0. I,'l. PA I N TJ N 6 P E R H A N 8 1 K Q SPfCIAI, PUB aU'RlNd H1CAKON I,rt nit uu imir iial't'rlinnNlnu Mud he aft-iired of rriia. anil ealialavlore nurk. Knolua done an low ma St. Kitimntea cheeruill.v Slil? " "i? "i ? ' 1 PrankUird ar, Mej .MM l!l."i WILL I'Al'iiU li-rui . huuat tmuulete; alan to tialutlna. ulaaterini plumbing, rminnn A naatlna i. and t-arpvutar work. t'ab ur 24 tpoiitlia to par. Htaati'U Huuie imyruri-ujaot t:i. . "JISlI S. Mh el. Jmkeoll -7-H, . . aTBHOWN A CO.. INC.. lilUS al. ) 7ra.' eap., will paper rma. up to IHkH. material liiclinled, or paint woodwork for 17. PU; ovHr!HJ aauipiaajo aelect from. dpr. 7tlT4. x ai-it-iiiaiiKuiK m0 , pl, ,JM,d work. Reaa, W. Fiilla. Dac. Co., lot N. tmili. Ora.auis Ura. 3U.18. KKNT "jour rarant property, paTniln. itA pinateriiia i HtU riHima paprrt-d 4; uoti material and wurkinaaebip. Hilltop FaperbanA- "tra at lalutara. L.taTenaou 518. rinsx CLASS "paperlnt-. rooma iiaperedT" i up; niatarial Imlmied: avrapinf, tliluit free; work suarantaed. Laten aaraplea um1. (i oldhefy", 1 SID m I lia ve; IV) tMWI. Si ft. rruliier "5 k. p. fntvertai mntnr; enmplata iTuialns ai'i-ommoilatlona for 4-prr-antta. 4 reara old, reaa. offer avcepted. 001 t ommnnireallri l'M , Hlttculmwe .'.'.'IU, KoliMM piuerrd loi U S4 up. labor, material. alaiug A acraping Ini'luiled. Workmantlilp vuarautaed. VN'a iru arerwliere, M. alealiutap tjM kKitJHUrlaj; Bve.VoodJauiM;&:f. WILL tanilab liouae fronta. lli'nt apr varulaii. tJ to alio ofSra rarnUlilnt. Write I'M Welnttr at, 1'AIMINO fronta. IS up: eaiiart aralnlni tn- aida pti. (lautlia meilianka. Km, jrara. Ouar. Weller. W44 N.lli. Columbia 31u. I'nnprhinfrinor 1 rui. op. phona I'ArnltnANdlMl ami nalnthn In exili. fur ftirntture In purtparmetit. u All. H7P1, 1 ' A 1' K It H A .N 1 1 1! It " W Tl 1 1 K H F ( ) 1 1 N IC I . i , 11 K A H . MrFAllbA NK. 6lll4rllK'rNI''lHT..AI,l,.HPl. 1'Al'EKINtl rouma, H up: food work, l'linne Ula. TMH-W. N. K. ir. iliitli t oakilale ala. RHU.MS paixred 10x1-'. II.'O. anrivhi're. Beynoldt. ilOS j;uer ate. Vtiio ol'yv WANTKl) liiia't. around' ai'iiV' t 9'iV. with or wlrknatrailse, MtattJwwejat.A-IIMS.lii4.orf. TTv, papera 6-rro. houie coinpleta. Cook, -iyMui,Lav.i'.h:. i.y. IS r't'. nuC runahout. with 20 . P- oiitbnanl mtr narir jijw. prug.iflr. j'.ip anywuere. it. j. naoirr, rwi u. oi. PAI'EH'O done rest, itib ot teruii. Berter, f,a:t.l N Wt. 13114 or Han. 4i:iH. liiioMH papered. J4 and up. go anjwhere. Hwope, 7141 Ixinlae at. Phone MtJ. inttH-J. ONE room free with ererji B-rm. order, pered ID up. Barnard. Cumberland 14WI. CaTiFn cTiiie7."34 ft.. toilet? fuil-eipd. for out'lde flalilns. leaa, 32aJlerbro jt.l)irnr PanprhftncintJ "p"1". eri' 'wl1" l apcl lltlllK"lfe ,mi (;lr,rd avBli.t.T BMS. pap. A Ptil.. l on; tuaranteed work. tilvtmea trial. J?holiopiainoiid 42."i2JV. PAINTING fronta." $0 up: Tarnlehad 14; work cheap. Drew. 2087 N. gartaln will paper t B room liouae. Phmio May V"' flr ma. 4TS.1 UTlfk...Rt, Tttotiy... PAPKItUANtllNO, iialntTrit fiirpoiiter work ofalkinilr.2l)Uurri; tl. RlillMS, 1III12, hi nire Arade'oT papeTi work Iinj-tlordon.H'12':.'itwlrkve,io.7ltr.'. R(Ihm"h papered. $4 up. work tnar.. to anywhere, 641 JV. K rle aye. Hair. .Villi. RtlUMS PAl'KltKl). I4.!KJ t rni., acraplnt all nH.ato nywl.r. MT OrPKnu, (ira -HSM'I-W . ; HtiCRB tralnlnt dona, loweat prlroa, for prl-TtoandjaliiterjaKBeltrtilet. p"AINTl'Nf)-(iVtour low prioea for tmid work. Rad. MM. S190 N. Park ave DOQS. BIRDS. ETC. PEKINGESE. 4 ch. atnd dott, puna. Mackrell. 110 P 'nn, Colllntawood. N. J. Phono llia. fCfiw pun8 Heal Drlental heaiitlea. ped. VI10W rupB Mc rll,u. 1P1H N.Mlh at WllKfaSlt. tiHTTKRlj. CWKKH'tTpANIttLi. r, H iteatea. Bint jjaij,, x" i ajr: Cnon 0 ruppiaa, oil niara. van anj- UPIU" time. 12 N. 19th at, iTp - t.. -u i,,r aVw,, Terrlera. Can J-BUW"W "'!- t; Pnl po Pi"", 'r can anrtimt, gCHNALZKIt pup.. wkj. ff W.Iov "Id. 12 ebampa. in rnm. wra. tmwKa. h.ij miM , BIRD dot. rnale. rere cheap for tood home. Hft2. Inntilrer office, Market at. tnow wblt". r-eautlea. Riddlea, 28 N. 0th at. KNOLISIt HETTHRS. S weeka. ped. Mattla, olnl'-J!jB0iLllii CS' ESiTlIRH bull dot. white, female, 15 montha: tooa Piooo line, rnono r.erotrui ..r-.. WiRB-holred mole pup, ID montha. thorouth. tentle. H. She. 23411. bred. torT Pekingese SSf Hid- CHOW pupa. 10 weokt old. Bon nettle. UM4 KtaoeaTpiione rHie. oo-'i., OllttW, 120; pupa, aliow atie-k. baautlea, 0 wka. jied.. aee ineae. e.oo niamt no yr- WlltK HAIIIKII terrier pupplea. pedltreed. Hill t.rant ate., vveari oiiiiiKi.vt(Bi,r,.j . $5 Airedale wlret coatetl. Call me. llia:i N. I"in et. 41 Sfl ChlWren'a pota, tyi.OV N tilth .treet. Call anjilme. 102:1 CHOWS Faml, aom In saa"n. Call KN'ILIPH 8t(rr pupa. "fd brpadlna. John TPoplaa. iopara, two m 1 1 tw i rom n rw m. BOSTON atnd, 15 lha.. P"ppla hao. 1914 Mania ara., nannon npurnia. n. t. SulTTemeriT 8?ife biieky type. 17. Ml. in n. pin ai. POX TBRKIKRS. beautiful pupa and t'own onea. aialea end leniaiea. ao.. r. idmi a,, DriCTflMC! I1I, perfect marked pupplet. tSU&lUiNO Biddlea, 28 N. tb at, POL1CB nopi.J,l: fox Urrler, 15: black, tto. 15. 22IM N. Front (f; ORFJAT BSES. 4.50: bull ten.. S3. SO; rat ter? t2,S0: bound P.iiPa,J3,rJJia4Jjt,h; ItViv TorriortS ttntll klod, well marked. rox Aerrier'" u.d6.;. k n, nth i. CHOW Pl'PPIKS, trown female, hnrgaln; atud aerttce. Bed.. Fin. ll'.eH Halltmorcate. i7alj-i'mrt Dot, 11 mo.old, bona. Call tny tlm. tiSKimO fjffl j,,, Shop. 207 W. Glrard. 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Police g r.lh7t" f",y- POMERANIAN, female. 1 year tnd 8 montha old. Call after 5 I'. SI. OH. (Wis. RABBIT dot. ntrt broke, female. $0. 2018 pi. tatnar .t., rnita., ra. French Rllllu,rlt hrlndlo. tood held. 133. r renin cuii nm,., N 9ts lt. CAT. At terrlca. lari. bltck biae-rlhbon Per-alan. ropper eyea. hentr hone. Ete. Will. Boston 1 jeer, real pat, 123, Blddltt, SS N. 0th it. UOST complete ttork of canare auppllea, l. Snd holt. retail. Koaenherr'a, M'T CHOW pupplea, male A fem., ped., cheap. nun., i-onoon. 1.17 iv. l.irnra ave, riplf infroaft if atud. female in whelp: A. Fnr Tpf ''e Hair. Pupa. ped. A Ret. a?A ct.Benfer,241S Peirl it .ciitton.S J. Pnl.irB. ,13 SO; St. Perntrda. a.V Newfonnd- lanna. te.mi: iri.n Ter.. I3.0O. ttt4 ath- le. 11.1, rare kind. RID- I A Ctkiliaj CDC tjln H t kk vlzb, 19 K. Sta at reel. THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, DOGS, BIRDS, ETC. BKAl'TIFl'L noodle male. 4 aaoa. old. sealfhr. Uoiiae-breken: private partjr, A'l. WS. SKI KCT claaa or wire kalr pupplee. Mramall f,.!!'S''Ji- haruerth, I'a. phone NarbertnJiTPR. BoffS A lii'rda." all kinda wanted," Si'otoh tar-riera, pule, ped. S'HW Cbew at. Vic. tll.lS. PiHiS. biMi and rabbTta, all klnda: alan fnh line ot food A auppllea, afltt'J Chew at.Vlr.SHt. FKCtNC'm BUPPlea. pedl.. heat blood llnea: houae-hroken: reaa. 4till Sprint t.arden at. UIUL aeil all mr tarinc plfeone nd loft ao-tilml"). of. oiorliu, all T ri. 4il. 1 TVASTBIW-Whltej Poodle pupa. W Ire Hair M Terrlera, Spanlela. utile. Airedale, other HRAtif.K PI'I'V SH.Vi.-niie"atn,-k: also toe K.kiiuo .a teal beaulr. wnli till, worth Wnj.!SSl K,laln aT, l.anjiale1l'a. I'A IK tnull.h Settera nartir broke." fit. not -un-ali.v. lr toon Hound Trim, S13. H4 Sprint; at., Jllt.Rtlrlin:,KT. t omcranians Bllrpn,.. VI... 0781. Wanted, BOO all hreeile. Don't em before tettliit our prleee, we iay mori Col. M75. ISM N. Sill l'Hili.llr.f: Cliln.hlllaa Kllver llartrna. Htabl a et rain. lt laa hreedlnt atro k. :"'! ea W. Allen. JI4 JJiahland are. lnrhr.j't ruR'aXl'.R-Roatoa terrier do,l"ll boo. old: P,'dlttr.'Pd, arHiol little atnd doc So K. Pliiin li lmie. tierniantoivn. lr. o-.-.- . WiltK liaired piiiia. poillBreeil. the kind Ton would be proud to own: elinw poaatblllllea, reawinabje, I'ouaJJla l.Virt'B, wolf tray. 4 yeaia old. beet ped.. S.'itl: oat me Hoi) when una .Tear old. Hal Tth ave., Mnddnn Ilelilita. N. J. 0lHl;ltMAN P1NSCI1KI1. female, 4 mn , eara triionied. hlai'k anil tan. etrel. hreedlnt. Mil. roiKiue Anton Mil!", nr. i: ten niilille.l'a. BOSTON Malea Tela, dark malHMt. l'erfe.'t niarkint. Moaholu Wink atrnln. Show proa peru I3S Hanooraa ave., Hlverwoia, .N.j: BOsniVS at atud. lntrenld 11 k Intrepid Jr.. ire of even-marked pupPtea. oakia, VL4 5i 1:011 st. ENtll.ISH bull, fen-ale, I moa. fii. Ted" pera. Hef Mike blood, inclr. dletenm. Jl'U Meltose ave., K. Lanadowna. Mad. 11'41-w. BCtiT'l'ISU Terrlera wlra-halred f.n terrlera. piippien, ped., farm-ralaed. rteaa. Mra. tl, Brown. 2.M1 X Stme. Newtown, t'., phona 2111. M S1AN wolf hound. ra, old. male. tluiroiiehhrrfl. Dei)., wond. marked, a beautr. SfW Valloj roa 'Ll-i.aneri.ll 1 1 UIIKAT DANE pilpplea. pedltreed, retlater-ed etork. 4 tnontba old. tliaa. j, faultier, Southampton, I'a BA11TZ Uuunlaln cannrlea, S2: Clnnamnna, Clmtipera, fciualea roadv to breed, tl.h: hre,-illiijjfea, .;Jgn,MrlwOt4.4kJit. 1IOHT IN ter.. female 7 moa.. bed., hut enra. white eiilliir, liulifc wit., eeitl brlndle. Male piipnloeMni:irked3 uioa.421)lamond at. i'kltHIAN kitten 7: lie. allYer mnle -U Mra. tieo, lilllrr. Hlark lloraa Pike near Huck-Intniiui. ave.. Mi. hphralm. N, i. CHOW, male pup. wka , dark red, from the heat AliT retlalered atnrk. Mra. A. J. Itriwu, 111 I5 Fl lltnore.)l I verlile,N, J I'h . 133 J frnrrllarTRilll Pninino Ret. A. K. I'. "t'H"-" anek. narry nriir.imerton, .J. I'b. itltprlon 7,11 l'lll, U K Dllil male. 11 woe. old, 1: polb-e purple", niale, 17. .VI1 foi ter. tnipa. .".; OrentJHne pupa. 110. Sltlft N.I'litJJii.fiiio (KMX ItMTi.ltilt AIRKllAI.IC." Iiure bred femnle. 'lO moa. oin, j nor. houae trained, lteaa. rt,i23 A. 4J.h. 1 '. w AIHFiAi.B piippiel. retlalered ttork for aalr Terrlera plttrkr-d. conditioned and hoarded not fim, rfmedlea and auppllea for aale. nonrtteon, r,ip noutll 7 letBit ikl.Ml oiinw puppr, ii; pedltreed Ponier anlan. female orer 1 rr. old. 170 Mra (5o. Hitler, Hltrk Horaa pikt near flurklm hame are . an. r. phraint. N. 3 DAY A lelit elntera. til kinda of ratea A All kinda or aeeda. hreedlnt ratea. open Sun. Lond"n Pet Bhopl ,n, . ttiiiiii nr. CHOWS. VlS.Wf wIrVhalreno'rtVrrirrB. ilf. rnmth-iiaired, S10: eoiilet, tfi. inner pup-plea reasonable. All klnda of peta houKlit, aold anri exrnai'jiea. fi4i' ttermanlovvn ate. LAIlt,F,sr A moat romp, atork of piteona. 'iPloieB a iri-ua w ait tarietiea ot piteona. r."rvimni eoia wttn ur. Koaeubert I, till N. 2nd at. BOSTtIN TERHIKH AT STI O 1IAIIKRTY "THAT'S !!!.' Sire of wi ra bitch at Waaliintton, Pi., a luree-puntr allow. . Woo. 4478. 4HH Cheater at,. Ant. 4. DOG CLIPPED OR PLUCKED Nalla cut free: teeth cleaned at your home. MRS. HARRY l'EAKTKR lnp W.I)urliani HI. Phono Clir.lnut Hill 4flll , FARM RAISED PUPPIES Bur jour piipplea at Jark'i Doit Farm. (Ut a real naraaln. (')miw pnpptea. Kaklmo. Ilnaion in a. fiim ii h ti mi -i or rui 'irr n. iw.impi. iniMi)fr'ia. I'aiice, Kt. Htrnania, Wlra Halm iirt lariM. Almlalea. Bull Ttrr1ara ami RuaitUn Wolf lluunda. and all mhrr brtfdn. Alan vrnor. UaI.h ..,. Am tnM tuwi hfallli dnai. My prim will tiaar tftiir pra. lark a ihi rarm on Kaatnn iiifiiway, tartn nnira amtva ijuyiaaiowii. J a. FARM RAISED PUPPIES TlealtliT. clean, and true tn name Scotch fVit- Ilea well marked. Pox terrier.. Kpnnlela. Shep herd.. Eaklmna. Il.m tn Si.v St. Ilernerda. Neofonndlanda. t'howa. Scaithama. Irlah terrlera. Bo.lon terrier. Want olhera. tin to l.'l-V Alwara open, ahlp antwhere. Al.o atud dote. AMERICAN KKNNKI.H, Bethlehem Pike. Monltomerttllle. four mllea above Sprltitliouee, TAllHOT. Pannnia, tillker xlraonllnarv: vert tame, lalka rcntlieh plflitilt with a aoft natural tone. S .tr. old, tn ereeotlonnl apectmen: few like b!m in America, elan cute: rea.. Apt. 9. Sundat, Kity fiiamond. RIRIlrl, treen. jt'i.M: tellnw, sS."f; blue. Ill: till . 110. Rlddlea 2H N.lllh CANARIES telllnt out Torkthire A Cinnamon, also catea. 7oi5 Columbia ate. Canaries, goiftrrBoUenriiu'iM i iB dble. hreetl.tif ft get. (its Cheater. Apt. 6. CANARIES, tinirera, fhinamon, femtlea. Up town '.anarr Hatchery, WW N. Colorado at. 6PO-milo bomera. George Bra..ler, W. Rjiruca at., rthamokln, ra. CANARIES. Selfnr't. t'lar." alntrrt. .V 2016 Hoptlva (nr. Pkd. ek Norrl.l, breeder.. CANARIES Yount hrdra., femtl flne nlti- mate: moatiy .yellow; tig not 80(1 Parrlali. PANAMA Parrot A cnte. talka whlatlea A aim., hand tame. Prltato. Ills W, Oiford. Talking Parrot,,-,; VrtfVW-: I'A H HOT. II talka. alna, rrya. lauaha. dancta. hlafln. I m it a tfi. MM Torrcadala arc. Picrpoim klnda. plgaon handi and aup- o Kllea. Onan HtindaT and Tfinlii. OTItARD VKV HHdi. 201 W. (Jlrnrd arc. CAN A HIKS of all kituN, vap and viand: appd iii'Ht. f(Nd autipllpa. Ktcln'a C;innr-riant and Bird Hospital. lTlLMil N. tth at. PAH HMTH 1 eW'll tullifra only; mmi-v hark tnarantaa. It bi know rnttr wanta. I'll Mch rittr htrd. reaa. Parrot aiwriallat. Mra. Pa via. Ant. t. IMS nianrmd at. Ponorioa ,'0''1 Flnrbfa, Hull Flnrhaa, Jap- a, Jara Bparrowa. Mtdaa.' KncMali Bfrda and rinnamnni. Catraa ft fttanda. Wbolaanla Jk ratal). NJIW'KJ?.1J- th at. PA'niToT, Afrl'an era?, hail thy. taho. whiatlii, Ian if ha and alartlnc to talk; tmrr tam. I Imnnrtfd 9-S ltft fr.r ula, Mra. Pafia, Ant, S. IWH Piamond at, riflnflrip Oiiarantd ainrara, I1, np. Hlrd. vjaimncBrM aartmunt ragaa. atanda an1 hra-rdara' auppllea. Wholaaala and ratatl. Wa ahirt anyhar, flend fir ratalofn. M I, iSMMi 3 HIKI) P'l'ilHR. MS n, uth it. "CANARIES" Tind alntert. tlao femalet. Rreedlnt. ahell and rlttnt c.te., full line of cunt A .uppltea. Try our .nclal neatlnt food. S'e lb : 3 lha . 1. Thl.IIe.2fic lb: poppe. 20c lb: lettuce, SOc lb. Tropical flah A aooariuma. Open Sun. A etee Gl RA HP PET SHO I . 207 W, C.IR A HQ AVE , FISH fOTt HAT.?) sO-tat, iniiarlnma with orerflow. tlan troplrajflah; 1421 N. fl'th at. ffiopic,AI,S. i'ett, runduliia. Daolinla. etc. New fmnorlatlona trrltlnt wktr. 2u4 N.SOfh. SC A LARKS tlome-bred hreedlnj aire. Other tropirala. Griff. S01 3 Iliwrhorne at.. Pkd. SEU.INO ont. ioo Teleacopoi tnd .pawn. 400 Swordtall.. IfllS E. Thayer t,; Neb. 1420. WANTP.D, aquarluma, cypres, tank'a. etc. Wrlte, Jirlceujli;rjtlon72JVJWIIlard. WANTED TrcoUtTl fl.u of all klnda. IISLlnrjlJ Blddlet. 28 N. Jih at. DAl'IIMA-Etery dty tt Troatel'a. 8049 Cler- mnn town ate, TBOSTEU for til Bab, any tartety. AO40 flermantnwn tte. Pat. 2dtll. S.S'AIIJI. 6c each. At larte Tarletx of aquatic p'anta at Troatel a. 8) Ifl flermantnwn ate. DA I'll VIA and Infittorlt. Thome. Atlmt. 845 Jo. Jl" !H!S!lr,etJ DAPIINIA, Infiiaorll. ntere dart aall fine, act-larea. aellint out, telearopea, hraclnth apawnint tra.a, a4?iw n, intn. HCNliAT: wine red moon. II. ir,; jeweia, loaded rtlna moon, fltlc, acalare. bellert. jir hrldt. belt... Frohner. ftOl f Merrlne at AQI'ATlO I.irK. April laane, at Tet Sbopa or roatiect, ir.c copt, ai.ou rear, boa worm Rillldlntt. Baltimore, Mil. A miarinmc Hade to order, anr alte.whole-rttlUdHUIIlH ,,, refill. Trnnlctl rilh of ill kinda. lu W. Siiaouelianna Are. Col. 045 MFDAKAS, 5.V: Sft' lIiHS. -JV: apotted. atrip-ed A .tan Newt., Iflc to 5,V: 2, 8 A ft aplne -TICKI.FRACht. liir tn 1 flfl. Other bar-"relna. larte Aonarliim cheap. Ton Kenmore road fnear dflth and Ijinadownei. DOGS. BIRDS, ETC. WE BUY PUPS ; All Popular Varieties , Pay Highest Prices Snl full Information In frit letter Cugley & Mullen Co. 1 1241 Arch St. Our Only Stora Young Hartz $1.95 Mt. Canaries A Ysunt St. Andr. Warblsrs, S2.45 ROUND CAGES, COMPLETE, SI.45 STANDS TO MATCH, SI. 25 Young St. Andr. Warblers, $2.25 YEUOWHEAD PARROTS, $12.50 Loarnlnt to talk. 10 dati' trlil CUGLEY'S PET SHOP. Inc. COR. STH & MARKET OPES ITEMNGS m SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL DOGS, BIRDS. ETC. FISH GOI.PFIsn com. 4k fantaila. traaa. (lib tup spec, rlabr liirt . I ll ner luu. iiiddlea. N. Hill .t. REP HKM.KH1. (WM 8rnrdtstlA HcrllB hri tt ftod Htt,. nr1 i.ttiiic Cal-llitB t.i - hex trm. A. Irhtnkt. 2TS2 K. Altfitbnv. AU'UIM'M rn)1h uniiaritim. U if tt-ooi-crI liili ini Iraittima tvtry dat. WiUiaat 1r"'i?.x. .'.'Hfiiiin at, m HU M ttiHtrot)M, hhiM ml hlarha. an? quanmr: aiao dihtita and ianiacrm. 1'ut- TOUA Tt Tnrfttpa tvoplctla, tplMoi)''. llnri iicftiU; ft Vi -at I . arquartmna, I'll, amit. Ai-nuiitif Hatrhiry, 1Hnt (tifnnl ve. 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Mi pit pair Meilakaa M' per pair ' houaanda of tlolil aud Troplrat Fl.u, lani't planti Ilaplinia and a'loarium eupnl ee. 4tll-aon K. .TOiiitnt Jlte. near ni. and Itooaeveit Itoiilpynrd. FOXKS SII.VKR Fntea, A pr wllh jnunt A ease". rheap. W III aeparaie. C. H. Wllet, 4S42 N. Broad af , OOATS MT1.K OOATS-Ret. Nnblana. Toftenhnria., World a beat oulkera. tioldabor- niiKh'a (ioalert. Mohmon. I'a. . GUINEA TIGS male tmnea pita. It each, dell tared K. tin" rnao.Bot '.NorrL'filJ'' bbTi-lAll for tumei tine orer 1 ota. : Mle pier X ot. J. iljvnn ft Son, aii7 luamond, MONKEYS Baby Monkeys jS?-.. !rT.mV Tn". BIPI'I.FiS, 3S N ht , RABBITS rrl.t. flROwN t-hita riemlah M: China., tl. Ilerla. ri. ' it, Sriamore, Clifton flta .Pa. Jo t'il'iNcntfXAB. all atea. beat offer, tt. M. Orirmjit. Md.8MW.Mrtland art,, Aldan. I'a. NKVV zSaI.ANO Reda, ( lilnchillaa A riemlah. Hcaltliy tuar alock. Cheap. All atea. X. K. Wlntera,ii) Wnlniit Wul'i Intra. N. s WANTED aomrliodr who In. f.rra within 2.1 ml. of Phlla that la Interested In ralalnt rnlihllt,id. prfipoaltlon. 1020 W. Suaiiiielianna PKHlilllREli itualltT rahhlia. "ciilncbilia New Zealand Bed.. Will etc. Kvorltntm A Bvrten Atea. Aalilaud, N. J. Ktertrten 'I'l.ejjlealnc. , "WIU. jou ralae rabbit a for na? We need them. Baat. pleaannt, prnfltahle work. ITnlted Breeder.' Parkins: Co., U Lincoln ttt., ller-chanttllle. N. J. PARCEL POST mwm All Weather Gum-Dippod GOODRICH Silvertowna U. S. ROYALS OI'll (II'ARANTKK- -ir oi r IIRI'.S DIIN'T MARK fiOOll- M H I 1. 1, Standard Brand Tires 29x4.40 26x4.60 30x4.50 28x4.75 29x4.75 29x5.00 30x5.00 28x5.25 31x5.25 29x5.50 30x5.50 30x6.00 31x6.00 (3.75 3.85 3.S5 4.75 4 80 4.95 6.25 S.10 575 6.95 32x6.00 33x6.00 30x6.50 32x6.50 $6.65 6.95 8.45 9.75 Truck Tires 30x5 33x5 32x6 36x6 34x7 38x7 40x8 $9.25 9.95 14.95 18.95 23.95 26.50 34.50 iF.i. 6.50 5.25 6.25 MA II. onDKKH H I.I. no, fl TIRE OUTLET 665 N. BROAD ST. Tirat Mounted Tree Open Ere., at Sun. S-ALWAYS HAVE LUCK!-$ UaHrkv ia Maaee laam, Letew KavaeoIlMiliNU earrtatair af tataiaa UrSllC JRAHhA RID L1V8 HiaiLI MACNEffC LOIIl SiONU. Rare. A-aaiai. CamteHiat, Attract-it. tneaa LIVE LODE. I T O N E S ar. tamed tf OrreH Oriental peetla al a POWERFUL LUC Kx CHARM, aware trtreat ti Lark. Ctil ari Mitf arttaa. aaa tke etk.r attnet aaark Caod Lnrk, Lara, Hatf laaataotl PratporiTr. (W'a! enlr tl.t7 (er tke two. Witk tabakU lialraetleaa f REE. Pat aMwaa II II eea Ht. KHtaitttdellteTT. Satlwaetiaaiar Initi. Teaeaj a LUCKY! OrJer .eon TlinTI DeptV 179,T. S. BUREAU. Cenerol P. O, Rot 72, BROOKLYN, N Y. HOTICII Wo ibeotnterr GUAXANTtt ttaae taaw let Mntit Brakma UeWeoe. ara ALIVE1 Ja.l.k.r tea want, (er tkee are tta REAL THING-POWK-FUL UldHLT MA&NET1CI CEI YOUM MOW I Y SFMUH BRAKE STATIOI AUTO BRAKES RELINED In. paction of Your Brakea TREE fully Attitppod Uo-to-itaio Shop 4-Wheel Brake Teetln H.ehlao . Hfi. eat (attar Irake. lali Iter. .144 Kat. lilt j trrr r-r-w. w m m m m aw- w , All STEEL GARAGES YfU J RENT Mat of copper al Ioy ruatloaa aalv, a tool, keavy gaafa. Alto brick and tttteeo. 7ftnno Dev. 4IH I. Holster i Co. 2d & Bristol Six. BRAKES RELINED FREE 1 YEAR ADJUSTMENTS $3.50 $4oo $4.50 WORLD 672 N. Broad St. Corner Store mmmOPtti SUNDAY A EVENINGS.-. COMFORT AUTO TOP CO. 1629 GERMANTOWN AVE. Bat. Oiford St. Columbia Art. Dia. 1371 Ot'ER ETOS., S.10 Chromium Plating Powder PtmM Iron. n, MrkfJ. Rnu iri) Conpi witliotit Urlri'-iij' or mi )itn-r.. i;utirntrHil nor to 1nji)i; rljaiicn-.fa wllh tKtllthin?. Haif ptnl rarS, $ ! . .0 iriinil Ffft- priU-nr nrxnKTAL ro.. Ate. m., Dmtiir. III. 7 (CitlVJllNl'lSl CaAVDT. tOOKIEfl. TOUOHNTJTfl. PAfiTRT nMts of wir tn nbftruct yar Tifw. uo can b mitti tt horns in hulf Urns with new ham K th fnffi to tt tn moiht, mlllTi pauntf1 etittnr hta 9 kniv an4 8 ill anfl Aim. Tht irll thrai'lTc oo dfmoo-UdM. T'-i?a. tt mill, II. iitrtlon. nf MOEBSNEa. 47t Jf. U .. ThU4, V. O. But 157. Uridrillt. Pi. 19, 1931 PARCEL POST ottm rT rTKniKO Tin t ar A CARTON OF CAMELS. LUCKTS. mrsT.. pirn , olb ooi.n et ir ruRCHABfb itb ant box OP CANDY I.1RTFD BKl.OW. 1H0 CaHlornte Pearl, or Boaten Beam Mtr 120 Auort.'d or Mint Ralla 19r 120 Maple Walnuta or Chac. Knitea... (9c 4ad Oranta A Lain. Shoaa er Stir. Lumpa dae 7iu rd )Wrt Cher, ar M M Peanut, fttc 130 Clioo.Maia Anna or Milk Nut Chewt V ISO Choc. Nutat. or Caramel Flufft.. aoc 7fl Popoorn Squarei or Pnpeorn Bate 4e It Buatln Saba Taff. or Choe. Cher. 47i 7t Peanut Bare ar Oolf Ball Tafflea.. 4c 60 Bunny Tardea Special .1r !4 7.11 But er Peknn Holla Mc 14 Wilbur to Milk or Mound c t4 Iota Naat or Malted flurTa c i4 Peoo Holla or Brittle Bart nor t4 Churkla Jelliaa or Orante Slirea . tint 4 Mint Fattiaa or Finer Mallow Bart Mr 14 Damn Fudit ar DO-Wanata Fltea.. IBc OTHER MERCHANBIBE Water Iko (New York) . Pint 7r 9-nt. Ciipa, 100, S9ii: S nl 140: f-01. 3 I'll)!) Oill Ice Cr. Boje.. ,Uo or H Pt. it Giloriat loa Cream Dippert tane me) SI. Ml Wax Paper for I, e Ciaam. A Ream., .tl. 00 BPKC1AL BDBBLl GUM TLUMR TWO 80XF.A POR T0r Marblaa Sneoial. 4 Bntaa (or 1100 A full Una of Canrie, Cia.ri. Bate. Qloraa, Punch Board. 4 Card, at cut pnoea. CANDY SPECIALTIES 237 MARKET STREET MARKET 1471 PRILA MAIM SIM weDall Out Delleenea. Open Etenintaa MOTOR OVERHAUL SPECIALI We will iiialall new riiita. cli-au carbon and trlml valtea, tlshten main and couuoctitit rial boarlnta, clean anil adiunt carburetor ad jurat oiilnta. t-lfan una llnca. pneltltelr atop all excoaalvn oil vvaale and .moke. Hive more powit, witah .V tune up motor trlt. Inalad.a rlnit ant itihiti aet laker. -TOPS RECOVERED- COUPES $5 SEDANS $10 Topi Dremd fi99 $1 FORD & CHEVIE OWNERS t ! MOTOR RJ-'HOHE gPECIAJLt I t U will ahfrp rr hndara., i na platnna lntall and fit naw wrlat-plna. aaaamhlf and allan rnda. Inatall n"w rlnga, flaan arfionand lirtnd aMrca: tichtan all main and ronnPctlnt rod lrarlnti; rlaan and adjuat carburetor; ad,lnat point a. rlann iraa line; poalilrclr ainp all airaaalrt til nana and amoka; aira mora powpr waah and tuna up motor. Tiila prt'-a In rhidaa rlnaa and taakata ana lawr ' $30 I !. $35 Chfr. 4 I he. Othar rara prlrad proportlonataly. W bara a fully aintlppH Repair Htiop and aTarr or amritnt maf iniiii-a in ai yon lf fort ij.ilrli aartlca. flpt our fatlmatai bavins any work dona on lour far. HHrOpn till 1 1 M. Snn. t P. H i Fi.k Kelly Hood U. S. Royal Michelin GOODRICH Dayton SLIGHTLY USED TIRES Guaranteed Up to 10,000 Milea Tour raeorltt Tlrt it The.. Low Tricet I4i4.40 I AO I Jlid 00 IA0lMl4ii 10 71 ti4 10 an4 to 1 SO 1 71 I SO t AO no .is i e oo a oo sua s.iaii.oo a in a.iii a m Itld AO S flO I4al a n I2;S;?! h TRUCK Vlt.'Ut II. 71 neat 1100 Sla4 I A 3fit 7 AO 35,4 I0 ,14i7 I (10 3111 t 9A SOil 10 1A 834 nsl.Hi7 11. 10 Ii4 74 Sl4 74 adit no ftmt oo eiiif. in Sfun as Slid 8 mi ro 30i Ofl I ofl 1.50 a oo 9 00 I AO to Open RunrlnT nnrl llienlnta MAIL ORDERS QUALITY TIRE CO. mmm CANDY AND OTHER MtaCHANDIHE WHOLESALE Open Dillf from I A, M. to P. M. Hondata and mdari Until I t. at. CONFFt TIONIRT the "3a Ar. you aellint the faata.t cellar in Ir Huaiiieta toilat I lo XRAKI lLone Rolla) 100, 7So fluid for one oent a roll. Iiolualte Jobber: LEWIS KEWHOFP Atk for our 'Al Candr A Cltrte, Deal, 17 75 Alt for our IBl Candr A Cltrte. tlenl. 1.71 MANY BPF.CIAI.A ON HAND Complete line of Cttara, Citarette. and Patent Medicine, at th. loweat prioea. Lewis Newhoff WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERY T0RACC0 AND PATENT MEDICINES 255-257 Market St., Phil... Pa Market 1617-IAAa Eat. IIH Mala I4A4 O Hart a Chetrelet Man Do Your Jt"palr f) Specials at $2.95 . Overhaul Clutch and Fly Wheel "j Clean Carbon and Grind Valvea ' jr; O Rebuah Front Syatem HI I Braket Rellned I Overhaul Motor $M .BSg I Overhaul Rear A-Oft it"" ewOpen Sundara Hetant IdSlaeew! Storage Battery CuarantetJ 1 Yar 13-Plate, $2.65 With I 15 Plat., $3.65 Old la voi.i t. c.t On. I DODGE ... i,'i" IN RTTBBER CASES Frea delivary in Phila. Diacounti to dealer! in lott over 5. Renyi's Battery Co. 1426 RIDGE AVE. r"BUY DIRECT Irom Manufacturer" $1.25 Value for 75c SII.K FRINGE Tnt:i $1.00 Value, 5! J - 1 I Without rnnta 4' rl Standard Siael ' -J Colon: Wb(te On 55c reen. Enfhre. Tan. l.lnto. HA'' wide. 7U" lent. Bind made, oil Opaii.o, Pare! pn.t inc eitrt. WALDMAN CARPET CO. ES33 Market St., Phila. All. 1114 We.t Hn a n nn ita a JCROSE ma ara mnklnif ihit WonfWfu. off T, rttn Ka. anrl eara tstlil rUI1ar ttt fflO. on asu-h of Crunaon. tvt-rlt, 'ink. Vhit anrl yinw i)mrr iwm no ta vou want DlartU nt Bnok of vtiU iwforwtif'Ai. for ttlttnter w f f h r4t Burs nt Cm WANTKDMerj nnd wom,ri in tdk,-? orlffi for th Kill AnhnfiHtic Aflffithle Wliuw HrrcAna n1 Wntiliii'irt. Th d not iU k nr mlt 1i in tlie hi How. No two tiiifll- 1 L. KVf jrW7 W1J- T I I fC i, !.t Rs:-w av B 1 N At PARCEL POST lfSF"a tmjm..fff S. E. Corner 12th & Spring Garden Open Monday, Friday, Saturday tTtninfji Until 9 o Clock MOME NECESSITIES EASY TERMS oowir PI ACES T'!I nrAtiTirtTt. NORGE ELECTRIC Refrigerator In Your Home ftnlAnro on Our l.lliernl Undid I'ltn BATHROOM OUTFITS Whit or in Color jiirtoiinil.iiiTi-. SMA1X DOWN fAYMKNl COMPLETE ) $45 OUTFITS . , Up V. till .r Week I 1 nil I ..pinr -.n.o Until Paid ; ' I ellmntnr '.S J $45 Semi-Gray and White Porcelain Gas Ranges Larfa, Roomy Ovrn Wrvlra Prawar SPECIAL PRICE 22 1.45 Oath RUST PROOF" LININGS friMnf 11.00 Ixtn S. E. Cor. 12th t. Spring Garden Coll 1'oplar anin STOREKEEPERS Trade ATTENTION I Mirk STORE CLOSE! I T. U. ONLT A TEW OT OVR IPD0IAL8 I.looriro Rop. Twiat . Plnwheela l.U Choo. Winner Caramel.. uhoe, Mint. ,..,..,.,., Con, Fuota Peanut Bare Ice dream Plataa Stl.tere 59 Choo, Mar.hmallnw So.,. Heide'a InnnT Men. 100'a Will Detlivar Any Sito Orrlor WE CARRY THE LAROF.ST STOCKS t VARIETY OT CANflY, CI0AR ETTFS. T0RACC0 ClOARS, EOTlNTAlN SUP-Pl.IFI rRURHED tRIIITS A MYRlirS WATER ICE ELAVORS. DRINKING CUPS, ICE CREAM BOXES, PAPER RAOS, RUBBER BAI.T.S BAHIRALLB. KITES, OI.IDERS. SPRING SPECIAL TIF.S. WORK OI.0 VES. PATENT MED! CINFS IN TACT, NEARLY EVERY THINt) THAT A BTORFKI EPFR NEEDS DELIVERY DAYS TUESDAY SATURDAY) W. PHILA. Al PHILA., DARBY. THURSDAYS: EAST Of TH ft N. OT MARKET ST. EjXD. A TACONY, FRIDAYS WEST Of ATK N. Or MARKET, LOGAN, 0TN.. ELXINS PARK, OAK LANE, JENKIN- TOWN. Weaklt Bpaclali Mailed Upoa Benie.t Lakofff & Co.. inc. Wholesale Diatrllutora S2 MARKET ST, PHILA. Lombard 1071 Mala 1174 out or Tim Hit! Rent Dl.trlct To Lower Meat 647 PERFECT REPOSSESSED TIRES Guaranteed 5 Months Taken Rack for Unpaid Balancaa. from Phila.'. Larteat Credit Hou.a. Hi. title Worn 100 Better Teat Cheap New Tirt. tftll 40 II If iSlil 00 It 7) toil AO I 10 MHtei 00 t. 79 FREE TUBE ,10 4 50 Ii4 7S I9I4.7I 1(1, S 00 '10 1 S 00 LiA IA Mtt II ,'lllA II li A 1,0 KOid on IliO.OO I In litis no I. no I toaoo7 5 Od l.5fl;Slla8.7 1.00 CORDS aio .nn.ju ai, ia TRUCK I .11i4 H 33iA II 71 7.Ul4 SJSllflia 70 7l,l.1i4A ai)A34T I 10 1 AO 4i44 a IA Mi 1.71 S0i 4 00 .HiT II AO a 7.1 n:ni 4 oo 401I isu MAILORDERS "ft JV MONTGOMERY TIRE CO. flth Rid to At., rtalla. ai'' Open Bno. S Etta. Oo!. I4SS eSaiw BRAKES RELINED WHILE YOU WAIT All Work GVitrtntftH Tour Rrtkni will bi Efpert. en Bandit Htdraulie tt Meohanlnal Brake. ad juitM fir t f)ftin ai dASlrnd fnr fnff whnl rfl&r tbio-iMwlr Tri nt Churn sq.sOcZ rS4.50 J fSSIX j DOOGC ' Rnntiac Maiwell, Star, Overland. Durant, Oik Hud.en. Studabaker. Hi, 'If. Ohrt.ler, Oldt. land, ato. Wiltya-Knliht, oto, STANLEY 603 N. BROAD leu fvfni nos A aiiioav roeui sis; r Cneer a room ln.ll Mlaa I witk Our SPEHIALS. I II - Jersey Will Piper Co. 243 Msrkft Si., I'hils. MOTORS OVERHAULED ripn -rbfr). rlnf1lnT thIvm, nrljiint rr-hurftpp tni iminC Initill bPit rinai. nghti-n ''.nnei'tlrif ro n,to rfurinr, 4-fl.r ror. US; A cr 1. rim, ?. Thii prlct Inrlndee null fatttt tnd lahor. Jlriltfi rfllriftl it N. Marshall, uau. a' n-e M A - --A fti 4 4 4 1 J fWfv 'abc W 13 PARCEL POST MOBILOIL COc STORAGE BATTERY RCRRIt CASE rVLLT CHAISED Outrintatrl For 0 Tear $2.33 With fllil Ont 12 Volt Dodre, $5.95 With OM One BRAKE DRESSING.... cat 28c Genuine Balloon Wadga Teep-Petp'Horn Cuihinn The Tone That rleaeta With Sti I.lana cettoa tiler. fuU alla.a. it era to 69e harmoaitti 98C wttn ap. helatery. TOP DRESSING , .csa 29c LUGGAGE CARRIER 49c Spark flat Wirt Stli 470 fifntiitM.! Ism TUCH-UP ENAMEL.... csa 29c GENUINE U. S. TIRE GAUGE Ukk i For tilth prea.nre ne Hat inon urea. Indli'tloe ret- i.,rra pree.urt nntll re. lenaed he piunter on tide, lrkel plated In. lali nnlireak.hle err. till In leather 44. ftr(. Il l Vt'iat A HLAL BUT Ftnder & Wheel Braahst. . . 19c Tin Rtlinari Pli.lit Patckat 66c 6c, 9c, 12c SINCLAIR Rttr and Trim-iiiioa CrttM S Lbt, Gr.a.o Contnlm In Gun Open Similar anal Every fvenlaf r ARrjCL runt, aim aaiaa. tHLVa5rttlVLlSt 700 W. ERIE AT RISING SUM AVI Motor Rebora Special Will tried th. erllndert, Inatall near niaten. and It pltn. tlthtaa and alii-a eonneotlnt rod tnd mam toartaga, Moter will ha bettor thai new. fciA $27 cri. $32 Ihit prlo. inolitdat pl.ten.. lint, rltft, taakata and labor. OVERHAUL CLUTCH 0 QC AND FLYWHEEL BttUJ Gantral Ovarhaulinf , 1 12.50 Overhaul Roar SI, 00 Overhaul Roar Clean Carbon and Crlna Valvta..S4.0 R.huih Front Syatem... 3.T Brakea Rellned .SS.TS OO ,TS TS Anr Mako Lining U Atk Far Oten Dally aaa Rettay T A.M. la 10 W.U, All Work Ouaraatood Rad. 5303 UMDRELLAO t EQUIPMENT FOR Miniature (iolf rool antl Lawn Vtrlont Color f'amWiillM METAL TABLES & CHAIRS RUSTIC FURNITURE ATTRACTIVE AWNINGS BATHING TENTS Larteat Stark In Cltr Lowe.t Frlr.ea Writ lor Ultulrtfi Ctlt BARNETT CANVAS GOODS CO. SEPT, I, 1S1 ARCH ST Mill. i i :l HOT WATER HEATJ , , lr,taii nttit ior ' ,. J. B. NOLAN 040 Walnol St. AlUlkanT EI, PRODITTO tale of faitory aeeonda, 100 l.i'l 41). hot nf Ml 13r alio, 11.10: hoi of f,(t, 1'arrel Boat free on I (10 or oter. Bent-elt. S r. mr. M and Vine al... S. W. eor, riih and Vine tla. S123 Woodland ttt., Phlla., I'a. F?iTFrTQ IS 14 1. U M I H . V 1 taTLE JU1 1 M TRtntitAIKa SZCI1REO In United Statea and rorrltn Countrlot tmn ma Far.r. BOOR L. t. M wiiliamsON a WILLIAMSON Room SOT-SOS. 1311 Area 8trhtla..a't. i PATRNTS 'I Hue rounta In ttinljlnt for pa tent.. Kend .ketch or motlfi mr inairin-iw.oe. or writ, fur fr. hoik "How tn Dhtaln t Patent" and "Re-ord of Intention' form ra iaree for Information oo how to proeeed. Clnrwe A O Rrlen. Bltent a'tnt-neT '!W Securlte Battntt Conirnerelil Bank Bulldlnt (dlractlf oppotlio U. S. Patent olie--... R'Hnimton D 0. ai-aa-je-aai B'WwS5K55t)WTW5w- ml WW scM s O nil Ht rein Car A Grat.t, ijA Mb. tt t I I ! Gas z Stomach Dangerous and Destructive Leads to I'.iness and High Blocd Pressure EXTRAORDINARY RELIEF From dytpeptia, indigettion, lour ttemacB, bilioutneti, heartburn, water-bra. b, kidney and Hear ailment! and that hea feelina in the atomach after mealt, bjr t k i fl DR. WILSON'S DYSPEPTON TABLETS. 1 RIAL SIZE, 25c including poitafe. If not tatitfaelory your money rifundtj. DR. WILSON DYSPEPTON CO. N. W. COR. STH FILBERT STS.

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