The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1944
Page 6
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FAGI BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Keise'r. Soldier • , Melts Osceoian, White .Overseas Sergf. ,Vole Cook, whose father, James B.' Cook, lives at Kelser, has recently 'completed 16 months or oreiseas services as a member of a lighter wm'gf 6f the-Twelfth\ Air Force, f ' ' '' Force. ( , The: wing In which Sergeant Cook serves, achieved an outstand in« record 1ir : last year's Tunisian campaign, took part In the opera- lions .that led to the capture of Pantcllerla and participated in the .invasion of Sicily at Gela. When the Italian mainland was invaded Marriage License Sales , Slow At Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILLE, Ma, June 12^-Caruthersvllle has ceased to lie a mecca for marriage eligibles, according to conijiiirativc figures released this week by Recorder ot Deeds James T. Ahcrn, who issued the marriage licenses in Pemtscot County. Mr. Ahern stated the loin) number Issued for May, 1944, was four lice:ises, as 'compared to 119 In May, 1942, ond 199 In May, 1943. Reason for the extreme decline Is Missouri's three-day wailing period after filing for license, and the "physical fitness" law enacted' by the last stale legislature. ' Drench Underground Is Well Organized To Work With Allied Invasion Armies last September, the wing was as- slgned/ari important role In the early assault stages near Salerno, and more recently, units under Its command liave taken part In operations at the Anzio-Nettuno bridgehead. Since gooing to Italy, Sergeant Cook has met only one soldier from Ills neighborhood, Sergt. Dave E. Young Jr. of Oscedla,,member of a combat engineer outfit. However, last summer in Sicily,: he stayed overnight in the same tent with a boyhood pal, Dick Bowlctt Jr. whose home-, now Is In Jackson, Tenn; Just before gooing overseas he ran Into his brother Chief Petty Officer Ja'rnes A. Cook whom he' hadn't seen for'21 years. Sergeant Cook, says that He would like to go home to Arkansas, but not until "it's over over here." War Dads Plan Barbecue CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., June 12.—Caruthersville Chapter No. 07, American War Dads, will hold its first "annual barbecue on Friday evening, July 7, beginning at 7:30 p. m., at the American Legion Park Two Auxiliary Leaders To Be Guests Of Post v Mrs. El! Bennett of Little nock department president of the American Legion Auxiliary, and Mrs George Roth of Lonoke, department-poppy sale chairman, will be guests of the local ! posi next Tuesday and Wednesday, June 20 EUK 21, It was announced loday by Mrs Ed 13. cook, Fifth Dlslrict president. On .the afternoon of June 20 Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Cook and Mrs. C. S. Baggett, local unit Auxiliary president, will be In Manila for a meeting of that unit to be held al 2:30 o'clock. . Thai night .the two visitors will attend the meeting of the local unit, and Wednesday they, together with Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Baggett, will go to Earle to attend an Auxiliary meeting there. The 1 'Blytheville Auxiliary now MARGARET'S BEAUTY BBOP 1M B. Flrrt Phone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems ; Appointment boasts a membership of 101 for the largest number ever to belong to this unit, while both the Manila and Earle units have been organized .only recently. ' Plans for entertainment .of the two state officers will be perlectcc at a call meeting of the Auxiliary to be held tomorrow night at the I!) 1 THOMAS M. JOHNSON NEA Military Writer PENTAGON BUILDING, Arllne- on, Va.—France's long pent-up mderground storm broke when Al- ied troops set foot on the shores of Normandy, according too advices •ecelvcd here. Far from being a loose association of devoted but unorganized patriots, the French underground constitutes n well-knit righting Force which Americans and British liave helped to create. We have flown them arms, explosives nncl other supplies. We have told them that certain of our liberating forces will be especially ' prepared lo contact and work with them. Individuals in the underground can furnish Invaluable Information to our invading troops. A gallant group with submachine guns made In America can block a road ngalnst German troop movements. A single man can shoot up a car bearing a German staff officer with Important orders. N'A'/.I KNIT THEIIt BROWS "Where will Eisenhower make his main effort?" Until the Germans know the answer lo that troublesome f|iicstlon, they cannot lodge ull-force • counter-attacks agnlnst my one landing In Europe. They, can move only their local eserves. They dare not move their stronger, more mobile, strategical reserves from their central position until they are sure those reserves vill not waste themselves upon a [Hiding force that puts up a big front but has nothing behind It— Because the big punch elsewhere has been withheld until the enemy's chin is uncovered. The Germans must reason that the bluffing was far from ended by the landing in Normandy. WHERE THE FRENCH UNDERGROUND ARMIES WERE READY FOR THE INVASION Tn a double sense, they are groping In .the dark. By day they are cramped,-in moving reserves, by the destruction wrought upon rail ami road 'communications-, by our day bombers and - by nlruome troops landcd-in llielr rear. At night they laveu | better chance, but darkness lone slows .movement — and ,we uv'e night bombers. Behind 11 front of sound and fury he'enemy .will watch and awnlt iir next move, always asking lilmelf: "Is THIS really It?" Think Rice Recaptures Soul Snmatran natives believe that when a soul has deserted a body through Illness or fright, it may be lured by strewing rice grains. Ami we arc not telling him. Fo a time you may expect couimimi ([lies to be more vague than Otimim announcements. "HOW TO i.ivn . . ." "Take cover! Keep off the skj line lie foxy! Sneak around ll ends—don't buck the center unlc: yon absolutely must!" These warnings, and many oil ers, drilled into the Yanks agal and again and again, will he thorn immensely in their invasio of Fortress Europe. The men •cparcd as never before by train- that Is tough and realistic, hey have learned to fight In a ay that gets results but saves ves. In our Army and Navy, more nan In any other, machines are instituted for men whenever pos- Ible, and men are helped by equipment high in quantity and quality. Soldiers are given H phamphlct en- illed "How to Live Out a Battle.' t tells them nil the tricks of proJ ecting themselves, yet pushing forward—attacking, always attacking. WOUNDKD BETTER TREATED A wounded soldier has a better chance than ever to live and come >ack. He gets quicker attention a' dressing stations closer to the fir- .11"- line. From hospitals near thi front, 80 per cent return to action Of more serious cases, sent to bas' Hospitals, 50 per cent come back. Sulfa drugs and blood plasma have much to do with this re markablc record, but so have othe GRAY HAIR?, cw techniques, nut of surgery and icdlclne alone. Wounded arc cvac- ated more quickly. In 1943, nearly 80,000 were flown out and the roportlon Is Increasing. Of 25,000 MONDAY, JUNE 12, .19441: flown from Tunisia and Sicily,.only one died, But the 24,999 wounded were Just as much casualties as the on e dead, Bfuntlll Blond* Get Gray vita Vitamins 'Y«, \vfin\K the nation over have reported ! CHAYVITA Vitamins WORK, ond that their gray hair ii returning to ila natural color. CIllAYVlTAViiainmscontamltasnmeamount ot "anti gray hair vitamin" (Plus 450 Int, unils B]) as tested by a leading housekeeping magazine, Of those tested, 8&% had reluin or huic color. GUAYVITA Vitamins ate norvfatten- tne, can't harm your "permanent/* M day mpply Si-Mi 100 clays. 54.00. PJione KIK1JY BHOS. DRUG CO. HLytheville, Ark. Guaranteed RiPAIR SERVICE On AH Makes of TRACTORS, TRUCKS, PI MOTORS and CARS. Our shops are equipped with the most modern machinery. Five experienced mechanics and machinists guarantee FAST, RELIABLE SERVICE Electric and arc welding—portable and stationary units. WE CARRY COMPU5TK LINKS OF PARTS •AUMOREL, ARK. CALL 2088 LIFE'S Little TROUBLES -CftH'TEAT- You don't have to worry and fret because CONSTIPATION or GAS PRESSURE discomforts won't let you eat. Instead ot feet- tng nervous—blue or bewildered, take a dash of .-",;. ADLER-I-KA as directed on label foquicMy ex- pet gas—to soften and assist food wastes thru, a comfortable, bowel movement. Enjoy that clean, freshed feeling that lifts spirits— rekindles smiles—improves appetite. Buy ill Try ill You'll never be without Adiertka again. in this city, It was announced Friday by Secretary B. B. Hendrlcks, The chapter has a membership ot 181, and. those entitled to membership have been Invited to attend the barbecue. Highest Prices Paid For Cars & Trucks All Makes & Models GULF Service Station At 5lh Main Sis. —OR WE'LL SELL tliem for 700 for a small commission. Bring them In far all details. KIRBY BROS. DRIK; STORES Missouri Nurse Is-First Ashore On French Coast NEW YORK, June 12. (UP)—One umdred nntl sixteen American nur- cs are reported to have arrived on he western front. An American radio newsman says when padded figures wearing two ayers of men's uniforms waded ashore, soldiers blinked their eyes nd scarcely believed they could be girls. The nurses did not take time to change clothing before starting to care lor the wounded. Most of the girls arc from the Middle West. Some already have stei: front line service in Africa and Italy. Margaret Stanvllle of Hayti, Mo., was the first nurse ashore. Are you a part of the Gasoline Quota Of $200,000 At CaruthcrsYitle CARfJTHEHSVILLE. Mo., ~ June 12—The Fifth War Loan gets underway here today, with Caruthers- vllle's quota of $200,000 expected to be met in record time, according lo Luke VanAusdall, in charge of the drive in the city. The quota for Hayti is $10,000. The quota for the entire county Is $582,000.00 Stecle already has raised its quota of $75,000 before the drive opened. America's Largest Airline Relies On Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil Exclusively America's largest airline, American Airlines, Inc., relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exdusively to lubricate its great fleet of Flagships. Give your car the same protection given costly airplane ., motors. Ask your Sinclair Dealer for Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. ,. It lasts so long it saves you money—gives your car safer, quieter -« lubrication. <1 J. ALLEN PkMtZHS ~ Af»t — Kytketille, Ark, B LACK MARKETS just don't happen. They are made by. / customers of the market.. .by people who want more than their share of the nation's desperately needed gasoline. Maybe you —a good, patriotic and conscientious American citi- / zen—are a part of the black market and don't realize it. } If you have ever bought.or accepted more coupons or gasoline than your ration board allowed you, you are, wittingly or unwittingly, a part of the black market. / It's true that .America is producing and refining more crude oil than ever before. The oil industry has expanded its operations and facilities tremendously. But the war machines we've been building since Pearl Harbor—thousands of planes and tanks and trucks and ships— are itji at the jroni mill on the attack throughout the world. These machines must not run out of gas. Essential civilian needs ori ' the home front must be supplied. There simply isn't enough gasoline to do both jobs without limit Certainly there's not enough to support a black market that is siphoning off more than 2,500,000 gallons a day from our available supply. You? pefrio&ism is on frial The gasoline situation is serious. Every drop you use is precious. Less than three-fourths as much gasoline can he spared for the home front as in 19-f2. Rationing must cover essential needs first—farms, trucks,, buses, industry, your doctor's car—and these are imperative; they cannot be reduced. We Americans cannot tolerate' the black market—certainly we, as individuals, cannot have a part in it. Here's How You Can Do Your Patriotic Duty and Stay Out of the Black Market Don't apply for more gas than you really need... . Get into a ride-sharing club and stick with it.... limlorsc all your coupons now.... Don't take extra coupons from or offer them to anyone. THIS MESSAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES W THE OIL INDUSTRY 'AMERICAN' MINERAL SPIRITS COMPANY ARKANSAS VIJEI. OIL COMPANY ATLAS On. «.- REFINING COMPANY BERRY ASPHALT COMPANY CllAI.MF.TTF. 1S-TKOLEUM CORPORATION CITIES SERVICE KENNING CORPORATION COAST On. COMPANY COASTAL REFINERIES. INC. COL-TEX REFINING COMPANY CONTINENTAL OIL COMPANY COSIlIN Pf.lROI.EUM CORPORATION CKO\VN CENTRAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION OANC.IGER OIL AND REFINING COMPANY ITANOELINE REFINING COMPANY GREAT SOUTHERN CORPORATION Gtnf On. CORPORATION HUMBLE OIL & REFINING COMPANY HIJTEX OIL & REFINING COMPANY INDEPENDENT REFINING COMPANY INIANII REFINING COMPANY I.ION OIL REFINING COMPANY MACMILLAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COMPANY MAI.CO REFINERIES, TNC. McllRinE REFINING COMPANY, INC. MCMURREY REFINING COMPANY. MOTOR FUELS CORPORATION MOUTRAY OIL COMPANY NEW MEXICO ASPHALT & KENNING Co, ONYX KEHNING CORPORATION PAI.UXY ASPHALT COMPANY PANHANDLE REFINING COMPANY PATTON OH. COMPANY PAYVTASD REFINING COMPANY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS REFINING COMPANY PONTIAC REFINING CORPORATION PREMIER OIL REFINING COMPANY OF TEXAS THE PURE On. COMPANY TIADO REFINING COMPANY SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY SHAMROCK OIL & GAS CORPORATION SHELL OIL COMPANY, INC. SKELLY OIL COMPANY SOUTHPORT PETROLEUM Co. OF DELAWARE STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF.LOUISIANA STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF TFXAS TALCO ASPHALT &• REFINING COMPANY TAYLOR REFINING COMPANY THE TEXAS COMPANY TEXAS PACIFIC COAL tt OIL COMPANY THREE RIVERS REFINERY VALLEY REFINING COMPANY STANOLIND OIL & GAS COMPANY _J

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