The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1938 i Eupen, M a 1 m e rl y May- Spell Trouble For Belgians; North Schlcswig for Danes BY M11.TON ltitONNF.K Service S'lan (.'m-rc-ijiomlPnl LONDON, May IS.—Though alt of northern Kmope'.s smaller powers are iufecte/.i by ti, 0 Nai ,j jiu (:rSi only two—Belgium and IX-nmiirk— would seem lo have any real cause 10 worry immediately about Gnr- .iin encroachment upon their >:oil The Versailles Treaty eave liel- gium two small bits of tamer ticr- mnn lerrltory, Eupcn and Miihnocly. with a population of about G5.000. TJie i>«ice treaty also changed Ihe status of Ihe nelqliborliii; Orand Duchy nf Luxembui'd, whicli is about four-nrtlis the slxe of Rhode 7sl!iml. Prior lo the war. it was In .the German customs .union. Us very fine slcel mid iron industry supplied Germany with much war material befoi-e the war and also during the war, when the Oennans occupied It. Since tlie war, Luxemburg has been in a close customs union with Belgium. What now worries the directors of Belgian policy is the sudden outbreak of Nnxi activity among the Germans still living in Kupeii mid Mtilincdy. There is every reason to believe the movement is financed from Germany. And Belgium is wondering just when Germany will make demands about Eiipen and Mahnedy—and Luxcm- l>m-(f. . r "I'He Belgians have, however, one • good assurance to which to clinu The Neville Chamberlain govern"-' nicnt of England, .so wobbly in so many angles of European policy ims reiterated that it will not slaiiii for an attack upon either France or Belgium. * * * Denmark is the most unarmed, important, little country in the world. And Denmark is (mother of those minor powers menaced by the claws of the German Nazi eagle. Denmark has not increased up- Iiraprialions to enlarge its armv and. air force. Denmark does not do anything la anger its powerful neighbor. (It has only recently decided to spend $5,000,000 on airmail precautions.) But there is a shallow over the pence ivJiich the Duties now enjoy, and its" name is -'North Schlcswig! In the first half of the century, ^-Denmark possessed;;all ! 6f Schleswlg and__Holstein, Then'a fa- pae.lous'Prussia conquered Denmark" in I8fi4, taking Sclilcsu-ig and Ilol- stein as booty. ^ After the World War, Die Versailles treaty-makurs \vtre inclined to return to Denmark mast at Schlcswig and Holslcin. The Danes were wise an:! not greedy. They laid claim only lo North Schlesu(j, whie'Ji a plebiscite showed lo be Danish In population. So ordered, so done. But since the Nazis came into IHiwer, Germans have been financially backed so they systematically buy up land in North Schlcs- wig and settle there. German papers tn towns just across the frontier in Germany keep up an aglla- tion. Many German regiments anil air squadrons arc stationed near the frontier. The Nazis undoubtedly have their eye on North Schlesivii. If Germany becomes involved in a big war, the Danes are apprescn- sive that the Nazis may demand military strategic positions on Danish soil for their air force. Denmark could not resist. •* Farther south, the comic opera P~ jinncipality of Liechtenstein is very likely soon to be another casualty of Ilitlerlsm. Thus may end Die independent BLYTKEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Under Shadow of Germany Doomed ,0/,ai'k CoinmunUy H Being !v\[MilledI For Klood ABASLE5PANTIN5 DEBORMSErD HITLER U« I'uicc loung Copcnhngi n initmgi >joii.,]> in n,e .shadow s of Hitler; We Are a Prcc People," rends nn niil!-Pii.s( tional I'lection ,„ Holland Society — Personal existence of a liny land" whose, story goes back as far as the 12th century. H is one of several little independent spots, which, somehow I , r r' "" 'J 7",""""-',., up to now have not been grabbed ! ° nu '" lters o[ tlle c 'g" lh grade by the bl» powers In extent it is "' ho ''"' c to rccei ™ diplomas are: ~.i--..--"— ' .-' «•"•>* Matlie Lou jmter, Margie Bray, Channel, The Commencement Exercises for nineteen graduating Seniors of the Holland High School, will 1* held Thursday, May 2G. at 1:30 p.m. at the school auditorium. The lu-incij/.il sjxtiker of the evening is to be J. 'Murray Taylor, well known lecturer and Presbyterian minister, from Memphis, Tom. The program for the evening Is to consist of Ihe Grade Glee Club, singing two selections, "Four Leaf Clover" and "Young Nightingale." The senior girls have selected different members of their- class to Khiff in a double trio, the selections being '-The Street of Little Houses" mid "Robin In the Rain". Miss !a- Vonnc Viar, the valedictorian of the graduating class is lo sing a vocal solo, "By the Bend of the River". * * * Have All Day Outing The thirty-fire members of the Freshman and Sophomore classes of the Holland high school celebrated the closing of school with an all day outing which took them to Crowleys Ridge State Park at Wolcotl, •• Ark., where they spent (tie day and were .served a picnic dinner. On their way home they stopped off in Jonesboro to visit the colleges there, and then they continued on to Blytlievillc where they attended ihe picture show. The students were accompanied by Larry Wimp and Mrs. Charles Cohoon. * * • llnlliuul Grille School Graduates Twenty-Three The combination sixth and eighth grade graduation exercises are In to he held at. the Holland high school auditorium, Friday night. May 20, nt T.'JO o'clock. The program consists nf numbers for both sixth and eighth grade classes. The eighth urartc chorus will .sing "Uesults and Hoses", which will be followed by a trumpet duct by Joe Coleman ami Geneva Gatewood. A vocal solo, "Happy Sony" will be sung by Rebecca Channel, and there will IK u piano solo by Dixie Gene Myers, followed by the sixth grade chorus singing "Grandfather's Clock." James Viar will sing a solo, "The Gypsy Fiddler", then the grade school trio will sing two numbers, "May Song" and "Mistress Mary". The principal speaker for the evening will be tlic Rov. George Hunt, of Cdnter. The diplomas will be presented by Snpt. Harold S. Jones, of Carulhersville. "J ....- ...^ |njl,,,!.,. II, V.\(L'1]L. ![, IS only about BO apinrc miles, its pop- illation is 11,000. It is lucked away up In its mountains on the upper Rhine between Austria and Switzerland—just a sort of happy valley where the mountain folk raise lairly good crops and own herds of fat cattle. Until 18S6 Liechtenstein was a member of the German Confederation. Atler 186fi the principality entered into a close tie-up with free Switzerland. The Swiss now represent it In foreign affairs, and _ operate its malt and telegraph serif i ices fltul customs. if. Hitler's invasion of Austria mnclo "•things rather dillicult for 85-yoar- otd Francis I, hereditary ruler of the lillipiitlan slate. For his wife Is partially of non-Aryan descent. So now lie has abdicated in favor of his 31-year-old nephew, Frana Josef, who bravely announced his Intention to rule and to maintain both bis country's and its close collection \viti; zerland. Bul^if Hitler decrees otherwise, Liechtenstein will quickly become merely a tiny sjxit on (lie German map. Smaller Polo Ponies Popular SYDNEY (UP)—The sill of tile Asblon brothers as polo players has attracted so much attention it lias created a demand for Aus- ian polo ponies. Two shipments, of 90 ponies and the other of Irave been made recently to '"dla alone. The ponies nre declared to be smaller nncl easier to handle than the English breed. Muclc Burton. Marvin Rebecca Channel, Joe Coleman, Paul Ed Cope, Pauline Crawford, Lucille Ellis, Geneva Gatewood, Ruby Lee Godscy, Pauline Griggs. Charles Hendcrsliolt, James Russell Jordan, Margaret Kenley, Etlirlrtgc McCovd, Billy Gcan McConnick, J. L. Pinkston, Earl Sharp, Joe Max Shelton, Lcxie Tluirman, James Viar, Louisa Yomit. Tiie Valedictorian for the sixth grade class is Dixie Gene Myers, the Salutatorian is 'Evelyn Hicks; for the eighth grade Margaret Kcnky is Valedictorian, and Louisa Yoiuil, Salutalorian. * * * Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Sa.-.iford are he parents of n baby girl, born Sunday allernoon, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Blivens, of Houston, Miss., were the guests of Mrs. Ulivens' parents, Mr. and Mrs, Jack Edwards, over the weekend. Miss Hazel Cohoon was at home Saturday afternoon t 0 visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cohoon. She was accompanied by Miss Ruth Burlson and Miss Ann May Tanl, of Warden. Mrs. Mamie Sowell and daughter. Mary Louise, were in Memphis over the weekend to attend the collon carnival. Those from here who attended the showing of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" at Hayl! Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Fisher and son, Rotidal, Mr. and Mrs. W. I Myers and family and Junior Barnett, Atr. and Mrs. Basil Edwards, Mr. son, and Mrs. Bill Sherwood and Max, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Jr., and .smalt daughter, ' helt, the , Mnrylln, Mrs. Clara McCiary and children, Mrs. W. li. shilen uiul daiifilitm, Minn Mae and Stella Miss Edith Dickey wus nl home the past week lo visit hcv sister, Mrs. May Iliuvkins. of Kemietl, who has recently reliirm'd from Hie hospital. Mrs. L. Berry and son, Kenneth, and Diana Ciipehiirt were In Memphis SiiliiKliiy to iitleml (lie cotton carnival. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Wimp of Cooler were the uuesls of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Myers Sunday afternoon. Pete Scott, uf Carulhersville wns the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Voils Workman Sunday. Mr. «iid Mrs. Sam Workman visiled relatives In Memphis Insl week. Mr. and Mrs. Wade channel and daughter, Waillne, were weekend gui-sls of Mrs. Channel's paienls, Mr. uml Mrs. Ben Lester. center of Ibis whirlpool Cooling Power of Sun Spots Called Great MINNEAPOLIS (UP)—Sun sjXHs are Ihe uesl refrigerator known to man, and they work on the same principle as intm-tnade refrigerators, according to Prof. John W. Evnns, acting chairman of Ihe University of Minnesota aslronomy depnrlinent. He explained that "the heated gas expands and cools the atmosphere. White the temperature of 10,800 degrees Fahren- is only 7,200 deijtws. The sun spot could make an object tnkcn from the sun's atmosphere :i,(il)U degrees cooler." Magnetic storms seem to correlate closely wild die nppearance of sun spots, ho mild. The aurora borealis also apparently Is correlated with sun spots crossing the sun. Experiments til Die University of Arizona have proved llnu trees grow heller at u maximum period of Ilic sun S | 10 ( S| j lu S1 | (] "Allhoiiijh Ihe MIII SJOTI.S nupcnr black." he suid, "|( ,,n n K hi trom the sun were shut oil. they would be IIHI bright 1 () | 0 ol; at. If im O i)- scrvcr from miothi'r pianel saw our lonindofs, they would appear slmUnr to Ihe sun S |ii)ts. which travel nt „ rate of 150 miles a second." The spots arc so large— 100001) miles In diameter— (hut our earth could be dropped through the center "iiml It would IK lost somewhere in the core," EVOHS si,|<i (iKKKNVIM'K. M,,, nil') .-Tills I'i'ili••<>!<! o/.'irlj l(i'[(|ii'( ."I'litcr live mlier Wii.m- nmnly vll- .. i are I'Xpi'ilcni'liii' the iei'llivis of a limn sentenced In ilrath. 1'i'iii'inl Hovcrnment \<<\,.; ut u st'ili's of cun- Koi'klnu lo obtain this county seal town, Clmoiib, Tusker .Sl:i- :-:hi:nk nnil Ojtb'.vav ,iid acre; nt land iliat 'will be ili'il wlii-n Hie SU.OOO.fiOU W«ppa;;i'l!i> ||oo;l njiilrol h nim- IllCll'd I-.vo ye:,,;; hum HOW, Niilive:,, who luive I,,.,,,,) ( n ^ : of H'll a (t:im fiu- ,'((l yc'jus. al lir::| li> helli'Vi' I)1:<| |hey wmil.'l Imvr to niDve. but they reported iv:.l->ii<',l tn n\i*ir ti'twei-n :i,(i;j8 and -1.0UU -. will lie I'uirnil In nviii-u- St. l-Ynm'lu river valley In ruiuily. JKiJe.-t WIN il.'sii'.ni'd liy Ihi> •pailineilt In prrvenl t'loml- mrl's rich i-uitnn proiliii'- vi'nl u'jMly lloodfnj', <ii (;<iii(ltcn:,t MisMinri cities. The dam is ex- IM'l'li'd (u pnjti'rl l,!ilH),OUO IHTIM of rlcli (arm liuul iiml sui'h liiwn;. as, i> ( >|>|;n- iilmi, and I'lmi.'uiilil. All;,, with the Kai-iHU'c of Ei.uuu ui-ri's of nphind valley and .sis small towns. 'I'hi' enilre piojirl. whl:-h Include.-, ennsli'iu'itm, of dike.'; iilon;! the river Mow the- dam. will nut IU1 e.-stlniiiled $I.OOO,OIW. Ai-tlllil wink "ii Hie eurliii'ii) iliun will Mnri wilhlu a lew weeks. Natives object to the ijoveru- Sues For Divorce Mrs. Mildrc;! Hooker lias filed suit in chancery courl here iigiilnsl Kisscll Booker, asking for a divorce on tin; ground of (iull<;nUios Fil ]( Cook Is her attorney "Meanest T!,ief" Steals I'Mislim SAN JOS!'?, Cnl. (UPi-TIils city's "meiiuest lliicf" stole Ihr old age pension money of Mrs Ida Riini-e 70, amounting lo $70. TIRE THAT PUTS MONEY IN YOUR POCKET! lU'tllull;, il n 1 lu.v, lnti>. j re.siili'iii ate Ihe 'I'lie | War lit iK Mi- rll-UEisitictlriiliaiiscasyonymir purse — itr» lire time puis money ii\ your ixx.-k.-t by i.iviiiK you 25%. The sensational I ircstiine Convoy Tire hits a new all time m value for it lias everything you want — u'iely, liilli'.iKC and blowout lirolcclion. You « ill have to sec it to appreciate nil its extra value features ami when ynuilo, you will agree ilu- new I-'irestunc Convoy is Ihe tire sensation of J9J8. New High Quality— First choice rubber and cotton selected that conforms in Firestone's hiRh standards and rigid specifications. Long Mileage — Safe, silent tread design maJe of tonsil, slow wearing rubber that assures ionf; mileage. Sturdy bars anj rugged notches five protection against sklJiling. Blowout Prelection — Nine «lra pounds of rubber arc nJtlcil to every 10O pounils of conl liy tbc Firestone 1'aienleil Gum-Dipping process. Every conl in every rily is saturatcil with liiiuul rubber which countcracls internal friction ami heat that orilinarilycause blowouts-. Puncture Protection — Firestone's p.itentcu construction oftwoextra byersofGum-Dinpcil corifs under the IrcaJ protects against punctures. NEW LOW PRICES-because Hrwlonc wra money by controlling atu | securing rubber and cctton at tlie source and by nmre ciricicnt lilaniifaclurinK anil distribution. These savings make possible the extra values at tliese new low prices. CONVOY njer C«r» 4.SO-SO.. 4.50-SI.. 4J5-19.. 5.00.19.. 5.55-U.. 5.! 5-18.. 5.50-17.. 600-16.. 6.S5-16.. ...$7-*0 ... 7-90 ... 8.IS ... 8.80 ... 9.*5 ... 9.45 ,..10.45 ...II.SO ...13.15 3'xG 10 Fly C.BO-20 fi I'ly G.r.0-20 e riy ".00-20 8 I'ly SCxli 8 I'ly ..$21.80 IXm't miss tb!s opportunity to save money. Let in put a set of the new .rue si:e, rugged, long wearing Firestone Convoy Tires on your car today. IJtttn la lit Veil, efFmO{m,/, a l,rms RilfarJ Croo»I W Mir, ar ,t Sftaii, MmJ*} tmmsi eiir N"t!mai'Ji N, R C PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5(h & Walnut rimnc 810 lUI'lll pV.l.'lilll! only !«• p:ii<t blllllllllUK, .MlU V.lllll' Com i"'' 1 they will lii'lr liuul nnil proiWty and bu.Jnc.vie.s luid .. ' 'V HiiMioi-.s June finiseil an tntlux ol Joli-M'i'kijr.s, (lin'i'imn , ,,„. inei'i's liuvi 1 iK'i'ii foired to i'1-eot lill'.'l' S.ill'ln In inllHIll till' job llUll- ler;. Ihey are nut |iayln<; {:) un hour l<!r v.ravi' iiiDvlnij us iiunori'il. 'ihe pnnnni'ni Like wtll euvi'r ti.WKI :i:n'i. When ibi-re are hviivy f-llll', in ))„. ii|,| M . t . -;|. |.' fl in,-|. ; JUS III I lie iliini will lii-.jsr.iiK! up |.i ."l.con Heir.; of wiili-i. '1'in. |i,|:e level then will l,i< Mirlu-Ahere un the !'i;'.'- nnrl HiHir ol Die lemiily I'oniiilet'ed i svhoDl biilldltv^ luid 1011:0 lirre. liuildin:;s wi'r. ">1 iinil have iiiiljitnjulinn :i",ulii:;l Ilietn. The Kchtxii in lluthi'd last ynir, l(e.''l<lelll:i ill the uiVH me Dot ii'iiM-d wlih thn pi-nsprel, of u lake liei'aune ul I lie small veei-enllniml |jii: .Ibilille.'i, The liuul whli'h Ihe I'Vilrnl i;over»nteitt will hol;| will !»' roveml uidsl uf Hie y,. : i), nni by water, but by deeiiyluu veicla- tlon. Iteslilonlu expttili'tl that .'.•IMMP faniilMi: would be ctmli'd nn In (his jnul-lluie hike bed. Alliliin Ih'i'i- Sli;lili-il HSIIKIM,. N. V. (1J1>>—An albino deer scon liy Klephi'n W. IHocb;eU tin a ianii near here. Durltii! (lie (all huntliii! -tenson a while buck was shot DM Hir Mime property. oiirl. VVI'A l)oiiil-> ThtTe die more thrm M.160,000 cli'litionn users in the Untied ()itin:it IM Till 1 ! v;H;\N(;i'Mi' TIIK fillHJK ASA WHA nifi- TfMCT, Ml.'i.'il'S'.'ilPI'l COO'N'TV Kdith nniMlelil, pialnllir, Vii. No. (M71 , PAGE THREE The defendant, Chirlcy Bios- elil. Is wumocl to npp»u vvllhln thirty days In the umrl nnmed In Hie niijtioii herifil aim ruiswcr liio <:»ni|ilalnt of tl) C 'pliilnilir, Kdith Hninfleld. Haled Ihlf 4th day of May, 'io3S, IIAIlVHy MOimiS, Cletk Virgil Ol'rwii\ Ally, for pUf Nrlll Rued, c;<ln, Arl-JJtom. 4-11-10-25 A MESSAGE from tlttt PORPOISE TIio porpm«i! niniiiH lln> sovcn AMI! IVulifH llirniif;]i llir f'nnin uilliousc; Jint \V!KI! Jiicn Know you nccilii'l roiini— You'll rn Call for Calvett THE WHISKEY OF GOOD TASTE,' XSviliiJilljllUllliUiUI! iJiiiiTII S ''<? Ilnvc You Tficd KOLD KRUNCH I(osI la- lion vnu hitvc evor 5c ?* Kirby Drug Stores Aluiii itt 2nd — llniinlwtiy — Division Ciish X CniTy — Week Knil— We Di-livcc jf '" '' SCOOP—It's-' New A^GELOSIA Slii'ilipl. T-.isi,, i,|| ( | lr , fr|)llf . anil Hhorry Muvor. Nutti'e Tonlli 1'iiMlf, BAYERS ASPIRIN HotlfeoflOO 59 ricfiti RAZOR BLADES I'tg. ol 25 33 50r.Vi«. REVELATION 1. Tooth Powder ! PHILIIPS ; : ;, miiK ui mpu'nfsin, 13 ounces . -o- w Slmvt 1 fiOc 33 3134 ILERnER r "UUI RUE," uoies flu Ring nUOHQl Full Plnl FOR RAZOR BLADES nf f> 19 2111 t.OOSiu DRENE SHAMPOO NIIIII|JIIIIIII|[fX mn, *- 15c PI. Full Line EASTMAN $1to$18,50 Films, all sizes Clipper Candid Camera $5.00 TOILET TISSUE /.IHKi. Kail, 3> 13 §-„„, TSc Vatu, DISPENSER ia ITALIAN BALM p ,. Now You Can Afford .^g ^ A Candid Type Camera! = . 60.- Si,, 49c fe- ,<iw * '% 100 HINKLE PILLS 14 Nil-Oil for .Sun PALMOUVEf BEAUTY 'i SOAP Supports TOSSES Elastic Ankie Wrist & Knee Bands CARTERS PILLS i!iinh,if 125 53 ;««•• "•'• •*• .6i FLIT 1-2 Pt. 15c 1 Pt. 25c .:.- - 39c Sprayers 25c & 50c Pftftctton Cleansing Tissues far of 500 ^ c5,', e FeenamJnt Laxative Uoxa/16 IB c MILK of MAGNESIA Tooth Paste = THi'. i'Al.CON MINIATUKKl.ol DESTROY DANDRUFF * 1,'Jlllr J >}., ,*~ UnjiEoat.ini Brpalh OK US*MOUTH •;XTHA sn-in.M, (Jiiorlaiii Shnli'niiir TERRO 25c it Today MODESS Save 20c |fj MODESS Regularly Costs 20 C Dozen IScSlir Freeze tie tor Corns §<• ^ r , OATMEAL SOAP LADY ESTHER It's KLEENEX Time «• • I.OOSiic IRONIZED YEAST TABLETS 73 ZScSitc USTERINE .Tooth Paste 85c Cream 59c 55c Cream 39c 55c Cream 39c Pint litany CraJ, MINERAL OIL SHAMPOO 59 M«n! BaHih That "Wttstlim Bu "US iKe W<l!i,l potle 2.UXV I •».& • CM Mikes Ihe Most Delicious Coflw! Balttr Can't Stick To These Grids! Modernistic Alarm Clock Walk-Eeiy CORN PADS 23' For SPEED Shaving Pa-Da Brushltn Garcia Sublime PERFECTOS PWUUR S« TOBACCOS |<" 4 60c Situ Wildroot Hair Tonic

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