The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAT 12, BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIEK HEWS Truman Repeals Labor Bill Stand President Tells AFL Leader He SHIP Wants <$* Taff-Hartley Repealer WASHINGTON, Mny i2-//p,_ AFL President William Green S i»ltl yesterday (hat President Truman told him "emphatically and frankly" that he still favors outright repeal of (he Tnft-Harlley Acl and a return to (he Wagner Act with only slinht amendment. Green, talking with newsmen after R Wliite House. conference, Mlrt Mr. Truman was tmtimlslic (hat Ills labor nrni;rn>n will go Unwell "without much change." despite itinl setbacks In Congress. Green said he told the President thai the AFL. represcntlim nearlj 81)00,000 members, had yielded oi the Tart-Hartley repeal lci>is]ntiot to allow several amendments—Including a 30-day .seizure of strike threatP"- 1 '! nHnts'or mines. Bill Asks Injunctions The administration's compromisi labor bill, prepared after conferences of Congressional leaders will Mr. Trunjjui, crfJIcd foe the i;;;e of Injunctions in naliunal emergency disputes. Green said Hie AFL never had agreed to the Injunction provision. • nrt does not want it now. "We don't like seizure cither." Green .said, "but \ve were willing lo JJnipromise on dial." rThe APL's Executive Council meeting In Cleveland next week, h« said, will plan intensified efforts to "Influence Congress to see our point of view." He added that Ihc approaching Cleveland meeting \vns his reason for visiting the White House. Green predicted there will he PAGE ELEVEN Presents Newspaper Trophy Col. T. II. liarton, president of the Arkansas Livestock Show, is Appointments to State Committee are Named UTl'LB HOCK, May 12. id')—The i offde of Governor MeMntti yfstcr- dny announced the following aii- imintments to the Arkansas Commemorative Commission: I first congressional District—Mr*.! J. Li. Tuylor of CornlDK. lo succeed i Jiuncs Robertson of Wynne, whose term expired. Second District—Grndy Holland of ilebci Springs lo succeed Hiving Pyeatl, Searcy. whose term expired. Third District—Ted unliuer .if diem Forest lo Mioced Dr. .John Anderson who moved from the dis- WAKMNC. OHDKK 111 (hi- rliiinr'cry Cimrt, Clilck>- -sAHlta District, Mississippi (,'ouiitv, ArknnsMA. J. D. Morris I'lalnlUI. vs. NO. 10.884 Clnrn 11. Morris Defendant The defendant cliun n. Munis Is sliown here presenting a yold trophy to Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Murray ai i hereby warned lo appcnr within ceremonies i,, Wyrme. Mr. Murray's weekly newspaper-Thc Wynne I! 1 "'' 5 ' rt ' iys !" Ul " '"".'' mmea '" } • ' ' ' I the caption hereof and answer the Progress—won the swcc-pslakcs awai'd in Ihe Arkansas Press Association's annual newspaper contest. More than ;iO editors and publishers from over the state attended Ihc Wynne presentation nud cclcbmtion. complaint of the plaintiff J. Morris. Dated this 11 day of Mny. 1919. Harvey'Morris. Clerk By Betty Hall, D. C Rd n. Cook, Atty. for pilf, Claude F. Cooper, Ally, ad lltcm. " NOTICE I undersigned has been revoked willi- N'otice is hereby isiveii that Ihe'm live years hist past; aart that, iindi-rs'gjipri has tiled wlili the I tin- midri.siKiicd has never been) 6(12-19-^0-6,^ CoiKmUMoiicr of Revenues of tli« j cmuic'td ol violallng the laws ol ! — Stun' ol Arkansas ror permit lo I ilii.s state, or any other stale, rela-'Sond Makes Golf Course sell am: dLspense beer at retail on the premises described as N. Hiway Gl, Blydievillc. Mississippi County. 'Hit 1 undersigned stales that lie is a f;itizen ol Arkansas, o£ good moial cnaiacter. that tie has never ; been convicted of a felony or oltier criir.e involving moral turpitude; thai ni> license to sell beer by the live '.o the sr.le of alcoholic uors. Application is lor permit lo Uc JOHANNESBURG—</!•> —Wnlvls on tiie arid coast of Souih- "action" on the Taft-Hartley repeal at this session of Congress but j Mrs. Marshall Blackard I would not venture to guess when iliiSlSAL) Notary Public. will come. [ My Commission expires: 3jl)53. Deration iKyinnliiii on Wiwt Africa, has one of Ilic stran- Rest golf courses In the world. Situated in the sands of the Naiulb Desert, ft Is below sea level, the annual rninfnll is nil, and there Is not a tree or H blade ot Krass in slRlil. On digging down a few r?el anywhere on Hie course, running sea water is encountered. When pluyers reach the "greens", u woort- en scrar>er is used to smooth the sand before pulling. ilie 1st nay of July ltH9. and to expire on Hi.: 3D day of June, 1DSO. IMytheville Country Club, Inc. By w. J. Pollard, PITS. Applicant. Subscribed and .sworn to before me this 11 day of May. 1918. 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