The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1947
Page 5
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__\VTONKS13AY, APRIL 30, 1947 HIA'TlIIiIVILT/13 (AUK.) COUllIKR NKWS PAGE F1VB HY IS. II. SJIA« KI'OKO (llnitnl I'n-ss Staff Corrr.spnmlcnl) WASHINCiTON, <April liO. (Ul 1 ) • "But the Itus.sian ijeople don't want war! 'Why don't the Americans co- Tim t wits a young Russian Rirl cilkiti'.; duriti!' the: cLosing day.s of the rei-rnl Mor.uow Coufc'reiu-e. Wlio was an ititeri)rt'ler for visit- "r.s. During the war she had tried luiMK'c-e.'jsfuMy ID join the Red 'Army as MO many, other Russian ^il's IKH! done. 'But, .she was sent back trnm the Ironl JLS loo youn^. ijhe "'Vt-ntuiiHy (>tided up working in a W:T plitnt in tho Urnls. lie outburst about war was not unusual. Most Russians Hi-em lo h::\c the s:ime .sentinient;;-—lliry '••ly Unit the Russians don't want w;«r lait Ameii'j:uis apparently do. WlusL «.vas unusual was lier em [ J- tintial toni 1 . und the fact she h:ut l'"i'ii until tlie 11 one of the shyest I vii i.sians working with foreigner:!. tjiiiil .';he m:idu this -StaLenient '.vithout warning, slu: had hard:y : ].' k<-:i nnk'ss spoken to. Alost disi'<JUr:L(;i]iK was the Jact th;it my reiJiy—:hat neither the Au:eri[;an p,?c;]>le nor its govern- inrnt v.anted V.TT but feared present £ovirl ]joliuy would lead to U made no irnijre.ssion on this yonm; Soviet. Why tUies the average Russian feel this way? There jin.bahly are two reasons—the ii-.^e-ssant Soviet l-i Amanda on this line, and vivc^ Reminders, of the terrific 1; i atii^ taken in tlio last war be- for c victory was won. Tims, the attitude of this girl, wfhch in ^cnrial seemed to reflect that (,l all Russians was not sur- pri.sint:. The Russians have been convinced by the Soviet press than Western capitalistic nations are be tit on endr element and isolation of the Soviet Union— even ii the price i.-; war; that what Americans ':a:l Communist exjun.skm is Ka- virt .striving lor security; that the Unit eft £• lutes v.hicli suffered no pln.sical de.stnii'Uon at home i.s determined lo deprive 'Russia of her justifiable claims. Krmembrr HHl[*r SlruijsUi Memories of sufferiiig by Russians dntiiii; the last uur and tears of another atv paramount. The .streets of 'Moscuw are tilled with lemiiuler.s of war—thousands of de- im boili/.ed .si-ldiers still wearing un- ifoniLs Ktriimcd of insignia and, like American Ci's, lutvitij; a ton^h time readjusting to peace.. .hundreds of crippled war veterans but very few -with artificial be-^M^rs on the street rushing, i foreif-uiers for ahns. * But this state of mind doesn't aHccr j^i. Russian life. Much uf it, goi-s cJ3?as ever. A Int of space in the newspaper! and in mugav.ine;; is devoted U Russian Man in Street Urges Co-operation to Prevent War; Says Americans Are Lucky I'-'UITOR'S NOTE: It. H. Klmukl'ord. veteran united Press diplomatic corrcspuiulcnt, Int.-; returned to the United States alter cii;ht weeks In Russia spent | J!i ccvmni 1 , l he Jliji Four conference. In the accoinpuny ing dispute ti ' Whnrkford reports wluu he was able lo discern concerning tlie ordinary IvusMnirs attitude I u want tlie world these days and why the its he dot*:*. *s>- • • — Spring sowing—letters from collective fanners to Generalissimo Josef Stalin pledging all cfforUs to meet 1947 harvest plans; articles about plans for reconstruction In war devastated ureas; reports on progress of the new live year plan. Life in .Moscow by 'American .standards is dismal and dreary. But like 'New York, London, Paris and other world capitals, the iru- jor preoccupation of Use man in tho street is his difficult struggle lor food, clothing and housing, and hope that a lout; peace will give him and his country time to improve the average man's tot. The book storc.s and newspaper and magazine kiosks are jammed with people. Tho average Muscovite has an unquenchable thirst tor reading matter—whether it is current Soviet propaganda or old classicists like Tolstoy or Pushkin. One sei'ond lianil bookstore; had :m English version of "Little 'Red Riding Hood' 1 on display. Despite beggars, one sees lew nu;inmi(Tins or drunks on "Moscow streets. Children almost without exception are very well clothed. They share a privileged status \vilb the .soldier on clothing. Occasional drunks — Mostly old men and younu soldiers that I saw —were ill evidence downtown. Russians Rude by Nature Russians are rude by nature. They push to get in subways, buses and buildings, and fpnsh just as bard * to get out. 'A s in -London, Paris or 'Now York, there arc frequent / fighU in queues about who was | first. And the queues in Moscow • where Russians line up for everything are longer than anywhere in the world whether for a bus, bread, groceries, nowspap-crs or theater tickets. •Russians love sweets. And they get very little these days. Thai accounts for the amid scramble around ice cream vendors in Moscow's downtown squares-even during freezing snowstorms—to buy what we call an icecream sandwich. There is much grauinblin)* amotiff Russians. Unlike Americans they aren't complaining about being 801 h on the list for a new automobile or refrigerator. They are annoyed because in many cases it is more difficult now than during the war to get the bare essentials of life. A Russian, .^peaking Aiperican phi had an interesting conversation with an old lady attendant in a .cloak room at a Moscow hotel. T?ie pjd.. lady qyed, .her. smart high-heeled shoocs, nylon stockings, smartly styled dress and cjiffure, arid warm attractive- coat. "America'nski?" she, asked. When the girl nodded, the old lady sighed: ''Ah, you \Amcricans have cv- " iacy Togs Spice »^ * Boudoir Fashions -By EPSIt KINARD, NEA Staff Writcr- The iiliiliiy (o (urn mtfliluowns into iu'nliK*'i's is the solid virlue of new lied jacket fashions iH'Ik'd by their look of i>tiu- IhilV and ulluriiiK ilesiK'n. ('ovmni; m> for (Hi 1 niuht£()\vn and pnlliiiK it i"l<» the ensaulik- is Ihf loi'l'i'r Ihiit runs I he uamut of fi-oii-frou front Ixilmis Ui loifgish j:iclu-ls. was expanded A. Mitchell, arife Lines," Mitchell fald. . .. The House subcommittee already resolution lms ncld hearings , In Chicago, Minneapolis .uml New .Orleans, it . will remain hero ; until Thursday, Committee, headed y Hep, Walter; O. I'loeser, K-, Mo, After adopting ;i iifctithiKL sale of tlv: federal llneJ the Memphis l-Volyht Bureau by clavcnco ™\ 0 '^Cu>uis'wri : \n the i comlsslou- u|ul wind up ln Washington about May 15. "We do not thin c the private nriie lines r.rc hs yet In posit^m o lake over and provide ull MTV- Blister bellies, ground Into pow- ros now pi-ovldcd by th» Federal cll?l '- oncc wcrc uscU b V Physicians lor blistering patients. r*- I'raj, r ilc fabrics softly tailored into lied jiicltels ensemble wiHi ni.i;htK"wiis of similar design for hii;h style boudoir fashion. The 1'k'rrol-styleil cape (left) of pure whilo silk sheer has a biu'v-toiiuetl (Jefolleta'rc tied self faliric liowa Vliieh viupliasizo the "waterfall" effect of sofl fulness. At rij;ht, tier on tier of while dotted collon net Hive an "jiujfel-winu'" silhonclte to the boleru iiuket (lt'sii;uetl by Otletlc Uarsa. Young Musicians to Appear in Festival in BHS Stadium The public school Music Depart-, ment of Blylheville city schools wilt I present, a Spring >Mnsic Festival tomorrow afternoon. 5 o'clock, ai Blytheville High School stadium. The Festival program will include presentations by the schunl! band, under direction of Karl \Va-' dcnpfuhl; High School Glee Club, under direction of Mrs. Wilson Henry, and elementary and junior high school choruses, under direction of Mrs. Ralph Berry man. 'Folk songs, novelty songs. No lira spirituals, wallsws, and modern melodies will bj included in the IKO- grnm, which will be opened with the ensemble singing "Rise, Men, Courageous," led by Emma Jihincn- avd cf Junior High School, The fourth, fifth and sixth grades of Central School will present U:c next number and the sixth grade unit, with Billy (May 'Pre.snc.-ll ot Sudbury as leader, wilj give two numbers. The fifth grade unit will .sing two songs for which Cynlhiii -Anti Hester of Sudbury will be the leader. , The fourth grade unit will have Patsy Yarbro of Yarbro School aim Polly Ueer and Kelly Jones of Sudbury School as tinders, one riur- erything. We got nothing. Tluiy promise us everything. But we L;ot nothing." Livestock moil ol Hnd'iury will lead the en- :-i'iuble in "Coveted Wa^on Days." The Seventh Grade Glee Club will ijrc.scnt two songs under direct ion oi Gri'.iivilU' Coolcy, leader, and I he lEtohlh Grade Glt-e Club, led by Alary Louise O'LJrien. will sing the wfll-lovt'd "Ni-;ht nnd Day" und "Ah. Sweet Mystery of 'Life. 1 ' Samtr.if Knth Coloman of Sudbury S'.'hool will -lit 1 leader for the en- semblr's situ; in;; "Riukdy Hlck- shr.w" and "The; Old Lamplighter." Mildred Williams of Junior High Mill be leader when -HH- ensemble stilus '~Ai kan:;;is" and 'Murray Smart will he the fla^-boarer. The sixth grade unit will present a number with Kmadul ..Sweiiren^on cf .Sudbury as lender nnd the sixth L-rnde boys will sin;.; under leadership of Cecil Parks of tiuUlmry- A round. "O Lovely -Evening" wilt be peseiiUd by the sixth f;rade girls with leaders IC:iy Smith ol Central, GeraHlinc White of L'.iiH'.e and B.miiie Nell McCormick ofSml- b;i i y. Tin- fifth ijruilc unit will present three members under leadership ot Roimld ' Johnson of Central and Jimmy Nelson of ijimgc, including Knglish Folk Son;; from Souther Appalachians, "The Fro;-, in Lhr Weil." The fourth fU"i<1 e ""it- vv - !l present another imniijer under ST. LCUIS NATIONAL STO:;K- YAUDH. .April 30. UJ'Pj--iUoUA) — Livestock: Hoys: T.&tO: nlJ salable: fairly active. WrluhLs HU-lbs and up. mosL- ly 75c higher than Tuthduy's average: fc"i>ot.s up more. Lighter weights 2D in 50: higher, Hows, Ml lo 75^ hiuhcr. Good and choi.'t 1 no to 27'J ]bs., mostly '2'.\.15 to ai.- 03; top 24.23; rather freely lor weights under '2'SQ Ibs; UO to Kill Ibs 21.00 to 23.CO: ICO Ib. 1 ; quoin aroimd, ^;j,f>D to '23.75; 1UO to 120 pigs. 1H.CO lo 1^050; Kood 'I/O to 5110- Ib sows, 1U.O:> to 2(1.US; heavier weights $iy.CO lo $1D.OI); stags lii.U'J to 17-UO. Cattle: 4,rnO; salable 3.00; calves 1.403; all .soluble, gencraljy som.:-' I-JIK w, M.m, what Ijtitter action, but prices not I materially cihaiiRi'd under a modest supply ol cullle. Around 25 loads or steers available, with cows nnik- iug iii) around Itj jx-r cent of total supply, one load choice steers, J2.V- CO; load top i;oml anil eluil't- 1-inht steers -450; other wood lo '\v choice steers T.l&o lo 'M.7, r j; icdiutn steers around 20.0tt to 21.- J; i;co(I cows Ili.OO to 17.00; wit 11 mon and tnrdium b''el cows \'.i.- 0 to 15.53; canuei'.s and cnlters 50 to 13.00. is innde for :m iKlequrtle Misyls- si|]|»l KivL'i- carrier ;.ut).sUlute. llrarinns nil 'xriMiljti! i.ali; tuc b(»ni|i tunducleil b/ a Mib(:>)tiiiiilt- Ire of i hi: Iluu.,o .'jiuall l^irilnes.s Too Late to Classify For Sale ... PLUMBING-HEATING ... MATH nxiriiKs. KITI'IIKN HINKH'iin ui:A'j'i:nti .!..ili' I Aill.,i,,..!,,• {Ill SHI'TK! J I',\NI\M f-.-u.-r 'I'll... ('us! ], ,,.,• .,,,,1 (|ll- A'llII' \ \VIMt[)\V T'AN.S ORSBURN'S PLUMBING & HI-ATING i-i KV:> ;mjiK :•! 11 I I'""'' »nr f i Miltr. Is1 Cl«h- Ci.i;- • Illi.ML !:•' liy 1^' wtml Ji^', I'U) KJIP-! l>.,•.».. i:;in ,,k :,!-! ,l\,> i.lin |||,I| K , Inll'l II.-. .1 I TlJul t-r M-11 il nt Swii|» Sliitp. I'll i: Main,.- K:.'>. •iinn.rk-ir 7.95 Miss Gingham t If you're five four or under QUI'-W^ MAKE inlrodnces one of tlie dressiest cottons ,-ver in llu-ir famous P. S. —"perfect si-'.es"—scionlif- kally created for you who are five four or under. Light :iml cool a.s a summer breeze, frosted here and there \\ilh lace. Of Dan River gingham in blue, yellow, aqua and pink. Sixes 10-18. The New York Store f. 8.95 Your Best Bib and Tucker • : If you're five feel four or under I'. S. (perfect sixes) Graceful scrollwork highlights the fivsli softness of Ihis QUKKN" MARK summertime favoi'iu- of Kver- f«st Krin* spun rayon ... in close-!,)-your heart paslels: pink, aqua, blue and maize. Sixes 10-18. The New York Store Memphians Oppose Sa/e Of Barge Line MEMPHIS, TIMID . A|lril 30. UP)—'I'hc Mciniiliis i-'rcl[(ia 7IHI-- •ui tllsclosntl l/jcliiv tlinl It Ivill ntlly O]) .sillr or Ihc I ; '[-(lt'i-- I li:ir(!c Lilies nnlts:> iiriivislon c:\dcr.shi]> of Jrnmiclti; Oiloin ''I 'aibro iintl Illytlicvillc llii;li Sflujol ;h(ilr will .siiiK "Sit. l)»wn, Scr- ant". uilli Wiiiid;i Ii;irh»in, piiilii.sL.' As it finulf, Lhc ['»s(nnljlc will itif! "One World", unrtcr tlireclion i! Mrs. Henry. | For Rent lii'ilriiinii!.. I'li.iti.. :I:,L:. .i::in.iik :i[:i< KAI.KSMATM WAN'I'RliT" '•linn ji.Ji K.irn li^l' - } IIH1 |..-r tt.-'li- Nlr Ml- i'lllk. N..I.I. [||>I<I. 'I'l^lrMll'V ;MH| l'ii.l;i ? - -i-fn'i hi Ki'.ui N''i Mil nil.. r:m-|.k.r.!:) Personal IrtviiiL- I" h.'i.v.-r. l<i.|.>nuU. 1'riiln)' M iiiL- fun Inl.- IMI, paM-i-lik-'T" ('.ill :il»:l Htl,.|- ^ I :i. ii:iii-iik-. F >:'J Dr. W. C. Grice Veterinarian BACK at De!l 7 Ark. Car Tuneu Don't forjfcl lliaL your car jr<-ls Sprinj; l-'i-vi'r loo! IIsivo il chucked now . . . dr;iin 1.1ml. old ;iiili-('rccx.i', cliaiiKC Uiu liiljriciinl iind lr;uisiiii.ssion Breast 1 , chuck Ihu oil and have Uiu ad.jiislnu'iils inatlf lh;il .your car nocds. \\'u arc fully iM|iii|>|Hi(l lo haiulle any j»l), li'.i'MC or small .'. . and you'll gel cheerful, cfl'icicnV .service here! Does Your Brake Pedal Take Hold at Touch? OK, do you liavu lo push il lo the Moor? If you do, it's liinh time lo pel your car to an expert KIM vice man and have those brakes re- lintel. ISrinjj it to our s'ji'vicc ilc- partiiient now. Daisy-Fresh It you're fivi; ft'i'l four or under mi Hl.i-i])C!H have a field dny on QUKKN MAKK'S i:rifip, Kcii!k)]>utl first (jiialily cotton. Slimming, trimniiiiB. liiiltons down the front—so easy lo sli;> iiUo. In the 1.1)rcc coolest, prettiest paKteln: Ki'ey, liKl 1 ^ aqua, nnd pink. In fainoiiH 1'. S. U'ui-fccL Si/.us)—152-20. The New York Store Be Sure that Your Car Has a Spring Tune-Up SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY So ' cs 121 West Ash St. Scryico Phone 438 Slender Stripling This QUKION J1AKK sporl.s dress fash.ions youth right into its cool sanforized* broadcloth by Bates. Choose yours in the color trio you love: blue, green and grey. l>rown, yellow anil green. Brown, yellow and grey. Blue, green and rose. Sizes li!-20.. The New York Store

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