The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 12, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1944
Page 5
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MONDAY, JUNE 12, 19-M BLYTHEVlliKE (AUK.)' COUEJER NEWS DON'T QUOTE ME- Laney and Sims Preach Economy Candidates Launch .Gubernatorial Race ^fAt Conway, Hamburg - 11Y JIM DOWNING Unilcil I'rcss Stuff Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, June 12 (UP) — Den Laney J. Bryan Sims sounded keynotes of economy auc business - like Administration In llielr campaign-opening speeches at Comvay and Hamburg, respectively, Saturday. ; Sims went more into detail lhar did Laney, giving specific figures and percentages, but the significance was the same—thai cacl feels that the people are Interests primarily in the nest passible administration of state government— aiisniance (hat their lax dollar will lie used where they will c!c thp most Koocl. : Dave Terry, who opens his cam yinlgn next Saturday at Joneslioro— home town of Ben Laney's co manager,-Arthur Adams—is expect ed io |>oinl to his legislative ex perlence as qualifying him for th joli of chief state executive In choosing Joncsljoro, Terr took a cue from Lancy who opened his campaign in coiuvay, home town of Terry's campaign manager, Col. Heber McAlisler. Colonel Thomas Hairy Barton, EDSON IN WASHINGTON Our NEW Navy! Whoopee! who will be first to start the senatorial campaign officially, chose Stamps—where he worked ns a hotel clei-k In his youth. Stamps, Incidentally, was the town where the Colonel Introduced Oov. Homer M. Adkins for the principal speech at dedication of the Harvey Couch power plant last summer. Reporters asked Governor Adkins at a press conference last week why lie did not call a special scs- e legislature and "con- iloncl Barton" who has hit at the governor on that basis in a couple of speeches and statements. Adkins merely laughed. A while later, Barlon's man — Friday O. P. Hancs, was . asked what ammunition the colonel would call a special BY PETER F.DSON Courier News Washington Correspondent The almost unbelievable and ul- erly fantastic Increase In numbers of ships, and the Increased size, strength and efficiency of each type battleship, carrier, cruiser, destroyer, escort vessel, landing craft and luxlllary in the U. S. Navy has Jusl xen revealed to a group of Washington corrcsixmdenls visiting a few of the eastern Navy and ship yards at Ihe Invitation of Secretary James V. Forrcslal. Jlow much of this new striking force will be in action In this war is an open question. But the mere fact that the Navy now sees fit to lift the lid on what its research and building programs have been Is evidence that some of the new ships are even now In action against Ihe enemy. And In total impact, effect of these disclosures Is to reveal to the world that any aggressor nation may well think twice before starting any World War III. Begin with battleships: News of the six Iowa-class 45,000 lonncrs has already been announced, .showing them lo be the most formidable ships afloat. Their 880-fool Icngll should be compared to the 750-foot length of the four South Dakota class ships now in service. On the tremendous gun- decks of the lowi class ships are more than 125 antiaircraft guns, topped by 20 five inch guns and nine IG-inch guns ii triple turrets. For observation, tlicsi ships carry three catapull-launcl planes and every known device fo fire control and communication Their crews-more than 2500 officers and men; their cost—more than f'Ar. of in tlsSul Colo: use if Adkins Elusion. nst war. ALL GROW Ul' A NOTCH o their union lilting hulls for Ini- icdiate lusignment. The local of- Icc of Ihe War Shipping Admln- slratlon is 'located In SI. Louis n the Old Post Office, 8lh and Olive Sts. All uj) anil down the shipyards his tendency of adding armamenl, innor, nrcixiwer anil range Is noteworthy. Every class of weapon has assumed the chnraclcrisllcs of the class that used to be above it. Advances In landing cratt show ;h!s hi marked degree. The new LSM. or Landing Ship, Medium seei al the Federal Yards at ICcarny Is no longer an auxiliary vessel, hut i 200-foot ocean-going ship, capable of carrying light anil medtun tanks and gun mounts, armed with 20-nnn. anti-aircraft suns lo fight Its way rislil up to llic beach. Bigger than Ihcse and for later waves of nn Invasion arc Ihe new AKA ships—-Attack Cargo Auxiliaries—that can bring In heavy tanks and a complete little expeditionary force of their own. And for transport of troops by the thousand there are thc new AP ships, Auxiliary Personnel vessels like Ihe General M. C. Mciggs seen at Kcarny—a luxury transport with nn X-ray equipped operating room and a mechanical cow lo provide fresh milk to drink and for Ice cream for Iho troops sailing to war In slyle. Prom every angle, it looks like H whale of a new Nnvy. WARNING OKIUCH The dcfcmiani, iiiwc Burns, Is hereby warned to appear In Ihe Chancery Court for the Chlckusnw- ba District, of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty (30) days and to answer the complaint ol the plaintiff, Dean Burns, and upon her failure so to do, said complaint will be taken ._ confessed, Witness my hand as Clerk of (he Chancery Court of Mls.sts.slpp! County. Arkansas and the seal of salt Court, (his 20lh day of May, 1341. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Ltorls Mulr, D. C. 6|22-29-0|5-13 Avcry Mlddlebuslcr, 1 1110 Turning Plow, 1 Moliuc Cultivator, 1 Awry Planter, 1 John Deere Planter, l Ulxle Cooker, 1 Shopmiulo Harrow, 1 John Dcerc Wngon, 'I collars und 2 sets plow Rear. Witness my hand Hits the loth day of June, 1914, United stoles of America, by Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. Notice of Sale (Arkansas). Notice Is hereby given thai the undersigned mortgagee In a mortgngo executed by Jame.i D.,Bracktn, to the Dulled Stales on the C day of April, 104-1 mi unit duly moil in llii! oflico of (lie Recorder In und for Mississippi CniiiUy. Arkuiisus; (lie sulil Jumes IX Hrackln Imilni! waived ill! rights of niipriilsi'ine'iii, ualo mill roilemp- li'jn under the laws of the Slule of Arkansas; pursuant to Ihu powers irrantcil under Ihe terms of Mm aforeihetiUotieil morl^n^e, and by tho hivvs of the Blale of Arkunsiui, will on the la ilny of June, 1011, be- tvvucn the hours of 9 o'clock in (lie fori'iioon inn! r> o'clock In llu> af- Imiooii o( s:ild dale, ill Mlssro, I) miles West of Wilson, In llic Cuun- ly of Mississippi, Stiile of Arkan- 8118, oiler for sale, to, the highest and l»sl bidder foi 1 cash, the following descrllx'd properly, lo-wlt: 1 Blnck Mure, 1 Dlack Mure, 1 Black Jersey Cow, 1 Yellow Jersey CtiK, 1 John Dcevc Wagon, 1 Shopmndo llnrrow, 1 IIIC Cnlllvntor, 1 John Deere Planter, 1 Yellow Jacket Husler, I A very Turning Plow, 1 Shopmiulc Single Slock, 2 sets Plow Clour. Wllnm my linnd this the 10th day of June, 1911, United States of America, by Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. ^ .• *,. HEADACHI $100,000,000 for the hull atoii elusive of equipment. CRUISER NOW A "BATTLESHH" 1 More dramatic, perhaps, ne, cx- Ihan. "Why," said Hancs, "we'd just Ret on Hie stump and tell the folks that we forced the governor to do it," Tiie Arkansas Public Expenditures Council, born two years ago this month, issued its annual report last, week with a scathing charge of extravagance in state administration. The report, from the pen of Executive Director Steve Stabl, charged that "governmental extravagance' flourishes in the garden of public apathy." The APEC asserted that stale spending increased from more than $18,000.000 in 1934-35 lo $40,000,000 in 1S42-43. Tile council's program for Ihe current fiscal year calls for a number of economy projects, including: lliese big batllcwagons is a new class of cruiser, the first of which have been named for the U. S, territories Alaska, Guam, and Hawaii, They arc 27,000-ton ships, 750 feet in length, mount nine 12-Inch guns as main armament, capable of about. 35 knots—faster than most speedboats. These super-cruisers have been designed to knock the spots off any pocket battleship of the Tirpilz class built by Germany. The first built by the New York Shipbuilding Yards, Camden, N. J. Aircraft carrier developments are no less sensational. Under construction at the New York Navy Yard i:. the first of a new type 45,000-ton carrier—largest ship In naval history—intended to carry the Navy new twin-engined planes, larger an., of -longer range than any other carrier-borne aircraft now in service. There is a new 2200-ton super- destroyer that is almost a dream ship, better than many World War I cruisers in firepower and speed. What destroyers were in the last war, what the old four-stackers Navy Shipyard On West Coast Seeks Workmen There will be an officer at the *Iavy Recruiting Office Monday and Tuesday June 12 and 13 to Interview men Interested in working at one of the Navy's West Coast Shipyards. Both while and Negro men ire wanted, skilled or unskilled. This will lie an excellent opportunity for unskilled men lo learn a trade and also be helping in the war effort. Pay ranges from $7 per Nolice of Sale (Arkansas).,Notice is hereby given that Ihe undersigned mortgagee in a mortgage executed by D. M. Howell lo the United States on (he lilh day of April, 1914 ,md duly filed In the office of the Recorder In and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the said D. M. Howell having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the Stale of Arkansas; pursuant lo Hie powers granted under the lerms ol Ihe aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of Ihe Stale of Arkansas, will on the 13 day of June, 191-1, between the hours of 3 o'clock In the forenoon and 5 o'clock In Ihe afternoon of said date, al Mtssco, 9 miles West of Wilson, in the County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, offer for sale lo the highest and best bidder for cash, (he following described property, to-wit: 1 black horse mule named Nig, 1 Black Horse Mule named Shine, 1 Yellow Jersey Cow, I Red Jersey Cow, I day for helpers to $11.70 per day for I Continuuu: skilled men. Men who have -l-F clas- —-—^^— CHICKASAW West Main Near i!lst SI. Sat. starts 12:15; Sun. slarls 1:41 Night shows r,:4S Except Monday, opc ( ns 6:45 .s shims Sat. and Sun. sifieations am! men over 38 years of age are urged to call for an intcr- iew. The Navy Recruiting Station is located in the County Court House at Blytheville. More Seamen Needed Because of the unprecedented !cinnml of the aimed forces for I,ast Time Today 'ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN' wilh Frederic March & Marlliii Scolt Universal News Short: "(lay Parisian" shipping, llic Shipping ministration, ship operators Ad- tinri Maritime unions today called on all seamen in all ratings and all merchant officers to report to the War Shipping Administration or 'r y«B want U n«7 m«f* ff& ..loud. SELL US TDK FURNITURI OU ARK NOT USING lor caatr Jko Uberil traAe-ta «U»WMe« fo> tBrallDre ,9n new. Alrin (lardy Furn. Co. •1 K. Malr Phon. It*. L 1-Ellmlnntlon of a large number' trlujet i ^ thc BriUsh , for . At!imlic of narrowly restricted state funds. ] i s i an< j b! , s(;s arc jn this Wflr _i s , low Allocation 6f revenues °"_the_l>asis surpassed by the most modern destroyer escort vessels. These lowly DE's now carry three-inch guns, orpcdo tubes and anti-aircraft guns as well as depth charges. They are >uilt now at 1300 tons, as compared to the 1200-ton destroyer of the of needs to prevent some agencies of government from piling up IIURC surpluses while others arc handicapped from lack of funds. 2—Strengthening of existing bud- gelixv control laws and improvc- nirt.™ in auditing, accounting, and reporting of the state's financial transactions. 3—Establishment of a merit system to provide for classification of jobs and standardization of salaries to prohibit thc appointment of unqualified, incompetent personnel. Largest, Smallcsl Flowers Thc world's largest and smallest flowers belong lo the same family, the anuus. Blossoms of the amor- phopiiallus arc eight lo 10 feel in diameter, while those of the duckweed arc invisible to the nakcil eye. TRADE ECZEMA the anliseplic—stimulating way' wilL famous Black and White Ointment. Quickly relieves irritation. Promotes herding. Use only as directed. Cleanse, daily with Black and White Skin Soap. BLACK A! WHITE SPECIAL For A Few Days 1 CASE COCA COLA And 75c Bottle Phillips C6 Furniture Polish—Uoth 1.39 Bring Your Empiy Bottles POTTER'S STATEL1NE SERVICE STATION FOR SALE CONCRETE STOKM SEWER ALL sizes Cheaper Thau Bridge Lumber Osceolo Tifo & Culvert Co. t'hone G31 Osccola, Ark. Refrigeration Service F. W. TATUM I'lione 557 WE FILL ALL DOCTORS!' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVB VOU MONK) STEWART'S Drug Stor c Sluln ,t l.aiT I'hon. t«U Try mir "Own Made" Ole Hickory Inn Aerou trnm Hljh Schtol Bl DOLE EXTERMINATORS Contract Service in Test Control Free Estimates. 115 S. Third I'hone 2151 Plenty of Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickets For the Price of I "A TRAGEDY AT MIDNITE" John Howard with * Margaret Lindsay Kdgar Kennedy Comedy WOOD For Sole! BAROALE MANUFACTURING CO. Phone 2911 Our invisible half sole is thc finest shoe repair nhlauuiblc. Nn shnnk strain or stitches — nn break lo leave in muisturc, dirl, etc. Try it. Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45' Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Ulyfhcville, Ark. Monday Nigh! ONE SHOW ONLY 'Girl Crazy' with iMicltey Kmmcy it Judy G:irlarul I'ariiinnnnt News Short Commercial Classes In Shorthand-Bookkeeping-Typing MRS. L. M, BURNETT 1010 Horn Degree From Accredited College Phono 3Z10 BOWL for fun and health! HIU.'S and GEORGE'S BOWLING ALLEY 120 N. Second WALLPAPER Keg. 22 }ic 300 Light Fast I 36c Washable Now 15c Now 20cl Now 24c (Soy Bean PaIntU.^,.2.40 gal. HYKLASS Creosote White ____ 2.50 aa! SOUTHLAND White . . ; ........ 3.00 qal DUTCH BOY White ... ........ 3.50 qal CERTAIN-TEED GREEN SLATE SHINGLES 1 67 Pound 4.50 square— 21 0 Pound 5.50 square E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service ' Tuesday PAL NITE 'Million Dollar Kid' with The Easl Siile Kills Selected Shorts NEW THEATRE Manila's Finest Shows Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunfoy al I Last Time Today Sunday ant! Monday "PURPLE HEART" with Dana Andrews & Richard Conte Kox News <t Short Tuesday 'HI, GOOD LOOKIN'" wilh Eddie Quillan Serial ,t Short THE UNITED STATES SENATE J. W. (BILL) FULOKIGHT. •N. ANNOUNCING, my xnrulidncy for llic office of ' "Uniicd Slates Senator from Arkansas, 1 am fully " conscious of (lie grave responsibilities of the office. ' as \yc-ll as of the oppovlumly U> eonli-ibulc greatly lo thc welfare of Arkansas ntul the nalion. I regard, lliis office not merely as an honor lo be conferred hy Hie people upon an individual cilizcn. Kullier it is an 'exceedingly difficult job requiring; exceptional training, good character and hard work if it is to bring real benefit lo Arkansas. ENDORSED IN TA COUNTIES '^ 1 was not drafted lo etilcr tins race, Inil I did receive And was greatly influenced Eiy llic requests and prof- •fercd support uf leading men and women from 73 of the stale's 75 counties. Since I ilo nol have behind me an organization based upon political favors, nalitrally •I am relying upon thc hard-working, independent citi- tzens for this support. I have nu olil political debts ind, therefore, if, elecleil, my ubh'xalion would be only to those citizens who earnestly desire Ilinl Arkansas shall be placed in a most favorable lighl before the nation, so that it will allracl its rightful share <if post-war industrial nnd investment capital with attendant opportunities and greater prosperity for llic people of the stale. & ABILITY TO GET THINGS DONE ' I am 30 years old, have been married 12 years and have two children. I am a member of tlic Clnislian Church and Rotary Club, My home is on a farm near Springdalc, Arkansas, where I live when not in Washington, I have had qualifying experience in farming, in business, in cducalion, in law, and in the Congress of the United States. My business experience includes the active management, as president, of llic ,1. II. Phipps Lumber Company, Springfield Wagon Company anil Coca-Cola Bottling- Company; und as secrctary-.lrcnsui cr of Ihe Democrat Publishing Company, all al Fayellcville, Arkansas. This experience perhaps more than many years of office holding has given me an understanding of thc problems of the people of Arkansas. l!ul it is not enough to understand Iheir problems. It is vitally important to be able to do something about Ihcm. My record in Ihc Congress, as well as in business, dcmon- slrates abilily to gel things done. That is what thc people of Arkansas need in the Senator they will send lo Washington. INFLUENTIAL LEADERSHIP NEEDED Members of the Senate arc responsible for looking after Ihe interests of llieir respective slates in thc nalion's capital. At Iho same lime Ihcy represent the nation as a whole. With % Senators representing 48 stales, Arkansas, as well as every olhcr slate, should have and use, for the benefit of thc slalc and thc nation, nn equal proportion of all power and influence of Ihis body. Yd today, as usual, onc-lhird of thc Scnalors furnish Ihe leadership of Ihc Kcnatc. They gain grcal advantage in prcsligc for tlicir states. Arkansas has in' the past been so represented by two strong and able Senators. RASIS FOR LASTING PEACE Soon after I was established in Washington, It became evident lo me llial there was no unity of purpose; and no linsic policy for Iho future upon which we or our frionds could rely. It scorned lo me that sorts understanding as to Uio future relations among the Allies was llic oulslniiding need of this nation,and o( the world . . . for the efficient prosecution of the war- anil as an .essential basis for a peaceful world there- aflcr, , „.. . . -,, . . . .;, AIM OF RESOLUTION We needed n common purpose to unify the powerful, hut divergent, interests of the Allies. It was with this in mind lhal I wrote anil sponsored the Resolution which thc House of Ucprcscnlaiivcs adopted 3GO to 1$ last September 21. Many believe with me-thpt thu itcsolutioji aided in securing, and contributed to the success of, the first groat conference of the Allied lenders at Moscow, Cairo and Teheran. Thc Resolution nml Ihoso conferences havo received unstinted praise throughout this nalion nnd in foreign countries as an important slcp lownrds unity in the prosecution of thfc war and towards a Just and lasting peace, STATE BENEFITS FROM PRESTIGE Whether this praise is-deserved is not for me to aay, Ilul Ihis I rlo know nnd offer for your consideration! H has given me recognition and prestige throughout Ihis nalicr, and especially in Washington, Properly used, Ihis prestige nnd influence can he directed lo Ihe brnefil of domestic affairs in the nalion and, in particular, lo Ilioso of rca\ importance and concern to .the people right here al home in Arkansas. 'FOR THE PEOPLE OF ARKANSAS During Ihe campaign I shall discuss our domestic problems. All of us in Arkansas are deeply inleresled in ci eating a belter stale for ourselves and our children. All of us arc interested in betlcr roads, flood control,' thc problems of agriculture, education, business and industry. Too much power has been conccnlrated In the government. Schools are without teachers, man/i small businesses have been destroyed. Many difficult problems confront us, bul, with unity and determination :md with faith in thc common sense of thc American people, there is every reason lo believe that these can be tolveit. Underlying all, is the absolute necessity fjf complete victory, Ihe return of our boys to their families anil Ihe crcalion of a syslcm to prcvenl our having it alt lo do ovc^r again in 20 years. Lcl me urge you to remember that in Ihe world as il is today, our relations with olbcr nations and the kind of peace we secure, ytill determine nol only whether or nol your children and mine will have lo defend Iheir freedom »ilh their htts, bill il will also determine Ihe price of cotton, Inestock, lumber and .ill the olher commodities and services upoa, which all of us depend for our everyday living. CONGRESSMAN /Y E M 0 C R A T I C

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