The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 13, 1976 · Page 24
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 24

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1976
Page 24
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Thursday, May 13, 1976 Philadelphia Inquirer 7-C TV I RADIO . fr. TV today 6.00 Q FARM MARKET REPORT, NEWS 0 OPERATION ALPHABET 6:05 Q DIALOGUE M5 Q TAI CHI CHUAN (Mon., Tues., Wed.) CALLINQ ALL STUDENTS (Thur., Frl.) 1:25 n NEWS ! :30 Q PERSPECTIVE Q COUNTRY MUSIC I, 6:45 fj FARM, HOME, GARDEN; EYEWITNESS NEWS 6:55 f) NEWS 7:00 GOGS TODAY (Newt at ( 7:25 and 8:25) I I O 6000 MORNINQ AMER . J ICA !! OCBCBSNEWS , I.O0 O CAPTAIN NOAH ( (0 CAPTAIN KANGAROO O GOOD MORNING I I SESAME STREET 6:30 Q3 NEIGHBORHOOD FORUM (Mon.) 1:00 0 SOMERSET 13 PHIL DONAHUE fj MIKE DOUGLAS 0 JOEL A. SPIVAK (3J3) SESAME STREET (0 CAPTAIN KANGAROO ei)CJ) EDUCATIONAL SHOWS :30 J TODAY IN DELAWARE VALLEY 1:55 (J TAKE KERR (J) MORNING NEWS 10:00 Q PLAYMATES, SCHOOL. MATES 1 fj DIALING FOR DOLLARS (j) CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES C3EO THE PRICB 19 rioht IQ EDUCATIONAL 8HOWS (Q LIFE IN THE SPIRIT (Mon.): PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING (Tues ); THE ROCK (Wed.); MAN NA (Thurs.); THE BIBLE (Frl.) 0 JACK BENNY 10:05 Q3 DELAWARE VALLEY TO DAY 10:30 HIGH ROLLERS (TJ 700 CLUB 00 NEWSPROBB 10:55 ,0) TAKE KERR 11:00 QQ33 WHEEL OP FOR TUNE f3 LET'S MAKE A DEAL ; fl3(DC2) GAMBIT Q) NOT FOR WOMEN! ONLY EDGE OF NIGHT 11:30 O O HOLLYWOOD SQUARES iQfJ) HAPPY DAYS (DE3D L0VB 0,5 Q) CARTOON FESTIVAL LUCY SHOW 12:00 0QCf) NEWS QUO THE MAGNIFICENT MAR. BLE MACHINE KDG3CD YOUNG) AND HEST. CESS i(H 33 INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMMING DELAWARE VALLEY FORUM ) BULLWINKLE CARTOONS CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES 12:30 lfc(3) TAKE WY ADVICE IQ3) ALL MY CHILDREN J NEWS, FARM REPORT 1(0(0(5) SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Q ROMPER ROOM LONE RANGER CARTOONS Tj) BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 12:55 3K5) NEWS 1:00 Q THE MAGNIFICENT MAR. BLE MACHINE OJ) RYAN'S HOPE iQ TO TELL THE TRUTK KJJ) CONCENTRATION 4J3 LUCY SHOW KQ MOVIE "Oedipui 1h King." (1968) Christopher Plummer, Or- Radio today Thursday highlights -. i Brian Keith teactiet two young Droinrt lecrats of aurvlval In .!'Tha Quel," pilot of a new aerie airing tonight at . 1Q03J 9:00 P3L IQO THE QUEST Two young men who have lost members of their family in an Indian massacre reunite years later to search the western frontier for their sister, who is living with Indians. Tim Matheson, Kurt Russell, Brian Keith, Keenaa Wynn, Will Hutchins, Neville Brand and Cameron Mitchell. "The Quest" will debut as an NBC series in the fall. (2 hrs.) 9:00 T.M. IQD THE LAND OP HOPE Drama about four immigrant families of different nationalities who find the streets of New York's Lower East Side paved with challenge and opportunity just after the turn of the century. Principal roles are played Jby Marion Winters, Koberta Wallach, Phil Fisher, Richard Lieberman, Joseph. Miller and Roy Poole. (1 hr.) 9:00 P.M. DAYS OP WINE AND ROSES Tha Academy Award winning drama about a public relations man and his wife who become alcoholics, but only he is saved. Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick star. (2Vi hrs.) 7 10323 AVIATION WEATHER IQJ THAT GIRL , 1Q3 STAR TREKT 7:30 ;Q NAME THAT TUNE OQ3) HOLLYWD SQUARES Q ANIMAL WORLD 0 BLACK PERSPECTIVE ON THE NEWS 35 FAMILY AFFAIR IQJ LOVE, AMERICAN ' STYLE QJfJ) NEW JERSEY NEWS Q HOGAN'S HEROES 6:00 OQ-41 MAC DAVIS SHOW 10 Jr) WELCOME BACK, KOT-TER (R) 0(0fD THE WALTONS (Ft) fJ3 RIVALS OF SHERLOCK HOLMES !0 OF LANDS AND SEAS 00 NEW JERSEY NEWS: SPECIAL REPORT ... SJj) THE FBI Q3 TELEMOVIE "Stranger on the Run." (1967) Wenry Fonda, Anna Baxter, Michael Parks, Can Ouryea, Sal Minoow IOD HENBY FONDA is Iht Stranger on ih Bun con Welles, Lllll f aimer, Richard Johnson. yz If USSIE 1Q3 MOVIE "My flapula'tlon. i(B-W) (1946) Barbara Stanwyck, Keorg flient, Eva Arden, Lucille Watson. 1:30 OQg) DAYS OF OUR LIVES 10(7) RHYME AND REASON IODC05) AS THE WORLD TURNS 03 MY FAVORITE MARTIAN 1:00 0(7) (20,000 PYRAMID fj) ADAMS FAMILY !:30 0Q) THE DOCTORS - 0(?) BREAK THE BANK CDG33) THE guidino light 33 QUICK DRAW McGRAW 1:00 0O3) ANOTHER WORLD 10(7) GENERAL HOSPITAL HQ J0 ALL IN THE FAMILY lg RIN TIN TIN 03 BUGS BUNNY ;Q3 HUCK AND YOGI 1:30 0(7) ONE LIFE TO LIVE 1(0(0(3) MATCH GAME 78 '5l MICKEY MOUSE CLUB J) THREE STOOGES Q3 SPEED RACER :00 Q MIKE DOUGLAS Cohost: David Soul ("Hutch of Starsky end Mutch"). Guests: Shelley Winter, Sally Field, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charles Plcernl (stunt coordinator), Victor Paul (stuntman), Taj Mahal, The War Babies. 0 MERV GRIFFIN Guests: Sandler and Young, floger Miller, Guy Marks, Pete Barbuttl. 0 SOMERSET ' IBD TATTLETALES (3 SESAME STREET jfJJ POPEYE MISTER ROGERS , ) SUPERHEROES Q3 FLINTSTONES 4:30 0 MERV GRIFFIN (0 DINAH I Gue3ts: Aretha Franklin, George Kirby, Sergio Franchl, Lonnis Shorr, Big Juls Weintraub. 40 ANDY GRIFFITH IOJ JOHNNY SOCKO t(T3) SESAME STREET Q3 BUGS BUNNY 5:00 (J) MR. ROGERS 0 GUNSMOKE Q THE LONE RANGER 0) BEWITCHED ) LITTLE RASCALS 8:30 00 NEWS 093 ELECTRIC COMPANY Iff) GET SMART 0 1 DREAM OF JEANNIB Q3 THE MONKEES OOOt03(4)(Z) NEWS O TODAY IN DELAWARE :Q) THE UNTOUCHABLES 3) ZOOM! 03 PARTRIDGE FAMILY fjp BRADY BUNCH 6:30 00 NBC NEWS 0 ABC NEWS 0(0 CBS NEWS HQ LILIAS, YOGA AND YOU fflg) DEVIANCE 03 ROOM 222 Q3 ADAM-12 7:00 0 NEW TREASURE HUNT 0 TO TELL THE TRUTH 0 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES l(0C2)47) NEWS 3 GARDEN CLUB (0 DON ADAMS SCREEN TEST ICQ ANDY GRIFFITH 8:30 0(2) BARNEY MILLER (R) ANYONE R TENNYSON? 8:57 1(0 CQ BICENTENNIAL MINUTES S:00 00(4) THE QUEST 0(7) THE STREETS Of SAN f RANCISCO (fl) H0(5) THE LAND OF HOPE KB THE OLYMPIAD l(Q MOVIE "Dayi of Wins end Roses." (B-W) (1963) Jack tem-mon, Lee Remick, Charle Bick-iord 12 03 MOVIE Th Magnificent Seven." (1960) Yul Byrnner, Eli Wallach, Slavs McQueen, 10:00 0(J) HARRY O (R) CD BARNABY JONES (Rj lO BILL MOYERS' JOURNAL (SW MEW JERSEY NEWS IQTJ. THE BEST OF GROUCHO 10:30 )0 CONSUMER SURVIVAL KIT "Nursina Homes." IfTJTHE H0NEYM00NER3 11:00 00O(EJC0a3O NEWS ICDQDS CAPTIONED NEWS TJKS) MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN 11:30 0O3) TONIGHT SHOW? 0(7) MANNIX 0(03) MOVIE "les Station Zebra." (1968) (Concluding part 2) Rock 'Hudson, Ernest fiorg-nine, Jim Brown, Patrick McGoo-ian, Lloyd Nolan. 12 :(TJ ONE STEP BEYOND 03 MOVIE "Young and Wilting." (B-W) (1942) William Holden, Susan Hayward, Eddis Bracken, . Barbara Britton. 12 !Q3 DARK SHADOWS CD DARK SHADOWS THE VAMPIRE HAS RISEN -ADV. 12:00 (J) THE 700 CLUB Q3 NIGHT GALLERY 12:30 OfT) THE MAGICIAf 1:00 00 TOMORROW Guest: Daniel Moynihan. 1:20 (0 EDITORIAL 1:25 (0 MOVIE "Strangers on a Train." (B-W) (1951) Farley Granger, Ruth Roman, Robert Waker, Marion lorne. 1:30 0(TT) NEWS (JJ DELAWARE VALLEY FORUM 1:45 0 DELAWARE: PERSPECTIVE 2:0 OOP NEWS 2:30 0(f) NEWS 3:25 ,(Jj) NEWS 3:55 1(0 JOEL A. SPIVAK 4:55 TJ GIVE US THIS DAY i MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS 1-2 WUHY (90.9) VICTORIA ds lot ANGELES, soprano; Gerald Moore, piano Songs by 11 composers 8-10 WUHY CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA, Kirtl Kondrashirt conducting! Eunice Podrs, piano oloisl RavM Rapsodls Espagnols Rachmaninoff Paganirvl Rhapsody Prokofiev Symphony 3 8:05-10 WFLN-FM (95.7) SYMPHONY Haydn Piano Concerto tr Q (Alpenhelm) IMorart Haffner Symphony, 35 (Brico) Raff Leorvoro Symphony, 5 (Herrmann) 8-11:30 WFMZ (1 00.7) CHAMBfR MUSIC M. Haydn Quintet rn F (Vrertna Phllh.) Bruch-Liszt Berg - -Kol Nidrol (two pianos) Piano Sorata in B mirwr, Gilels) String Quartet (Weller Q.) 1 0:05-1 1 WFLN-FM VOCAL MUSIC Handel Athalia: Quartet Schubert Crorcnan (duet) WoW Italian Songbook: 4 duea A. Scarlatti Su la spends del Tebro 12:05-2 WFLN-FM SLEEPER3 AWAKE Mendelssohn Violin-Piano Concerto Dvorak- String Serenade (Barenboim) Varese 1 1 1 Arcana (Craft) GENERAL PROGRAMS 1 2:30-1 WFLN RALPH COLLIER: William Steveroon, on world's first integrated Intelligence operation 1:05-1:35 WFLN FRANK FORD: Dr. Seymour Sortotz, on ths rols of Amsrlcan iMedical Association in graduate education 1 2-5 WUHY FRESH AIR: Jim Cannon and Joanna Underwood on control of industrial pollution 10-10:30 WUHY BILLIE HOLIDAY 1 0:30-1 1 WUHY POETRY: Jim Morrison 12:07-1 WCAU (1210) MYSTERY THE-ATER: "The Secret-Sharer," from Joseph Conrad story, with Norman Rose end Mandel Kramer.' Captain aids mate accused of murder New for Spring (not a re-ruri) jlili Ilium iiTIIIWWi sjsfcii iii- .iwniitlir fTl AMMBbMMui Mwt..wftMwnnMfc niJuiiiiimn wfcWitBiilartWaMBM u.b.ui Two young brothers - one of them raised by Indians and trained in their skills-range the West in search of their Indian held sister! Action-adventure starring Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson, Brian Keith. 9PM NBC J Lester Zygmanik His brother George, para lyzed from the neck down in a freak accident, pleaded: "I want you to promise to kill me. I want you to swear to God." Shortly before 11 p.m. on a June evening in 1973, Lester, then 23, walked prac ticallyunnoticedandunques. tioned into the quiet New Jersey hospital ward whera his brother lay motionless. With a sawed-off shotgun ha fired one blastat close range; 27 hours later he was indicted for first degree murder. amp era ... ...iivv, ui LIIZ le brilliant am the a alvanizing ooosi oy vSSm$Theoenfflt, : Tf ffi?1 9 L m "You won't want to stop reading this book," -says Richard Fuller in the Philadelphia Inquirer. "It could only have been invented by life ... It is about a murder or a 'killing' as Paige Mitchell calls it without a murderer ... It is about a jury trial that will make you forget TV ... It is about the Zygmanik family (and their roots in Poland and in this country reveal much about the old country and the new). ..It is about a defense attorney whose 'helpless' love for his work costs' him his marriage. It is a true and resonant book." Paige Mitchell's extraordinary book about the killing of George Zygmanik , by his brother Lester is based on months of intensive conversations with Lester, with his family, with the innovative and diligent attorney, Robert Ansell, who defended him and on the testimony of neighbors, of psychiatrists, of policemen, of Lester's girl friend, his boss, his acquaintances ' ...of everybody who was, or felt, involved... From its stirring evocation of the intense bond between the members of the Zygmanik family and their unwavering belief in hard work and the American dream-through the author's brilliant re-creation of the dramatic and controversial trial, Act cf Love lets us witness, and moves us to understand, Lester's act. A fascinating book a book that profoundly enlarges our capacity to deal with basic human questions that involve us all. FIRST TRIBUTES The N.Y. Times Book Review hails Paige Mitchell's "deeply penetrating account." "The timeliness is clear. The Quinlan case has made euthanasia the right to die with dignity when there is no hope a headline issue of the day. It was the problem that Lester Zygmanik risked a murder trial to solve . . . Miss Mitchell's painstaking, deeply penetrating account has a fascinating cast of characters... Dostoyevskianpsychological overtones . . . trial maneuvers reminiscent of the fictional bestseller, Anatomy of a Murder . . . She has told a moving story." Rivftinpr." says the San Francisco Chronicle. "An extraordinary piece of literary reporting. A major achievement." "A compelling narrative." Publishers Weekly "A moving testament." Cincinnati Enquirer "Engrossing." King Features "A moving and understanding book." JosephBarbato,Newsday $8.95 wherever books are sold PublishedbyAlfred-A'Knopf 21 t

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