The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1934
Page 5
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PACE filGBt BLTCTHEVILLE, (AWL); COURIER NBWg THURSDAY, MAY 10, 1934 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK. Editor H. W. J1AINFR. Advertising Sole National AUvvrluUig Hvurt>eiiUUve:>. Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago,, Si. Louis, Dallas, XaviM City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except fiunflay. ~~ Entered UK second class matter in the |XKt oiricc at B:yllicvillc. Arkansas, under net of Congress, October 9, 1917. Served oy tne United Press 'SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in the City or Iilvtuevlllo, 15c per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius of 69 miles, $3.00 per year »U» tor six months, 853 for ll.rce uioiillis; by mall in postal zones two to six, I" 01 ";'''™ 1 $6.50 per year, in zones seven ant 1 eight, ?ii>.w per year, payable In advance. Now the Battleship Faces the Big Test If you knew vvliril Ihe future of the battleship is jroinK lo 1)0, the experts of tlie 1935 naval conference will probably give yon ;i jolj. Battleships have been ignored by naval conferences ever since the historic WiisliiiiKlnn conference of 1HU1. With two or thi'i'c exceptions, no battle- shirs have been Uunu'hoil since Ihen. The naval competition of Hie past decade lias been in cruisers and auxiliary craft. Next year, however, there is to be a new conference, and tho hiiltlesliii) will cut a big figure. A strong move to cut down battleship has fougnn. Japan, it is said, would limit such craft to 25,000 tons, Engkiml would cut them to 22,000 ton?, some smaller powers would reduce them to 10,000. Only the United States would keep the figure where it is now—at 35,000 tons. * * • Back of all this difference of opinion are certain strategic considerations, of course; but the chief factor is the inability of naval experts lo agree on v.-hat role the battleship will play in future warfare. The evolution of those giijanlic fighting ships is interesting. Originally the battleship \v»s simply a grown-up cruiser. The old-time "line of battle ship" of sailing flays had three gun decks where the frigate, or cruiser, had but one. She presented her battery in three tiers; otherwise, she was just like the smaller craft. The evolution of the revolving turret, begun with Ericsson's Monitor, led to a new kind of battleship, cue which had a strong secondary battery arranged in u broatblue, an:l a big-gun battery of four guns, mounted in pairs in turrets. Then came the dreadnaught type. in which four or six turrets were ' - mounted on a line amidships, capable of being fired on either broadside, and the secondary battery was reduced to unimportance. ' H was then that the battleship really began to grow. Hulls were made larger and larger, armor plate was made heavier and heavier, the big guns were made more and more powerful; and now we seem lo have readied the limit of useful ?\M. MJ that, some experts doubt if the huge battleship Is really worth what it costs. The argument probably will not be .•cllleil until a large-scale naval war is fought and the relative value of I ho dillVrenl typos of lighting ship is decide:! in actual combat. And we can only hope that I In: United Slates licet isn't SIDE GLANCES By George Clark vhich (be lest is one- of made. —lintci 1 Friendly Gesture Tin: United States Congress will do a graceful aiid a gracious thing if it follows ['resident Roosevelt's suggestion and orders returned In Canada the official mace of the parliament ol Ontario, captured in the War of IHlIi and now hold at the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. As the president points out, I'm- more than a century tlie^' two countries have maintained a completely unarmed and unfortified border, and n<» man in his senses supposes that Hie next century will bring any change in i\i\- policy. Whatever passions the war of 1 ^ 1 - iiroii.scd have died out geneva!i»ns ago, and any action that would help extinguish the last memories of bitterness would be a good one. This mace does the people of the United States no good: it is doubtful if ono American in 10,000 even knows his government possesses it. To ivluni it would lw: to emphasize the enduring solidarity of the friendly relations between the two nations. m Price of Ruthlessness Russian authorities delving in the official archives in tlie (own of Ka/.an recently turned up a good deal of material bearing on Ihc; execution of Alexander Ulianov, who was put to death in 1887 as a plotter against the cxar's government; ami the incident is a reminder that this execution was' probably the most costly one the Russian government ever ordered. For Alexander Ulianov had a brother, who became world famous a generation later under the name of Lenin; and it was the execution of Alexander that started this Lenin on his revolutionary career. H made him an implacable and sleepless foe .of c/.arisni; thereafter he .schemed and plotted and worked night and day for one aim—the overthrow 01 the czar's government. World history might be .somewhat different if the c/.ar hail exercised a little lenicnev back in 18S7. i e >( i ! y, •4*. <1fr Jt-ffU Ot* ? 19J4 •¥ hE* StdYICr. mC J*-' *& -iiu ANNOUNCEMENTS Tho Courier Ne*a nM been authorized to announct the following a? candidates for public oBice, subject to (lie Democratic primary next August: For County tattt '/itK. H. HARRISON CiEORGK W. BARHAM For Member at Ctffmt CLINTON L. CALDWELL For Sheriff and CoOeeUr CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-election for Second Term For County Trewncr JOE S. DILLAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court Cleik HUGH CRAIG ADDISON SMITH H. 11. (SKEET) STOUT , For Countj Cewt Clerk FRED FLEEMAN For Re-Electton for 2nd Tern For A*KM«r R. L. (BILLYS GATNES o. c. (IKE) mrnsoN For Cotstablc of Chkkasawb* TctnuMy JACK ROBERTSON THIS CURIOUS WORLD "This is my daughter June—she's just at the awkward age." CHURCH EXCUSES By Gc*. W. Bartaai Urges That Children Be Shielded From Depression 11V TW. MOKKIS F1SHBEIN I rtciircssion. has actually diminished Editor, Journal of tl>« American! (hiring the depression [>ei-iod, prob- Mfiliral Aviwlatlnn, and of Hy- |at>!\- because tlie children are more Kel», the Health Maga«h»e ' I satisfied with the warmth of the However carefully you watched I school building am! the extra food OVIT your children during Hie UK- l!:ty get, and because they can- the depression, you Mother says she lias toen read- Ing somclhtrig about a new preacli- er and some felloe thai sings tliat Is working with some church so she says I must Invite him to our home and see if he can't settle the baptismal question that she and Joe have been arguing about for the past ever so long. She says she bas been having an intuition of whatever one has when, something Is going to happen. It will almosl kill mother If this fellow happens to have about the same kieas about baptism that Joe has which I tel her like as not it's that way anc if Mother thinks that if Joe should find it out lie would not only langV her but would be so sure tha 1 he is right that it may lake hci 'cars to convince liini. I am sure CROCODILES SVWM WIIH THEIR. NOT MCSSAGCS 1BAVEL AUONS THE NCA.VES OF A HUMAN MING AT A BATE Of A6OUT •too MX* Of THE SKILLUK. TRI8E SMNf> YtARS IN TRAINING THEIR.. HAIR. TO GROW INTO CURIOUS HAT-LIKE *HAPtS/ THEY TAKE GSEAT .IN THEIR. COlFPOOEi. not get at home the things they to sec that they used to get. cull days of ould continue c well provided lor, both pliysl- ( Tl:c years of tlie depression have Hy nnd" menially. Tlve depression scon a considerable Increase In the as struck children forcibly, 50 thai number of hornless adolescent jarentA must keep a watchful eye Tlii> mir Republican I'aity is pivtly close to lu'ink and unless fl has an organisation horn (he inllueiKTs which brought us to IirrsTiil plight, it will die ns the old Whig parly died - of shcor political cowardice. — Sciutov William E. Horah. working on the streets. Ac- . •er them now more than ever. cording to Dr. Schumacher, the po- In one of the great mental hy-!llce records show that the girls cne clinics of U:c United States, n the city or Cleveland, it has been fouisd that hardly a single asc has come before the clinic former years, uring recent years in which the fleets of the depression have not been apparent. The usual stale- lent or parents ol delinquent clitl- rcn Is about as follows: 1 know I ought to try lo lieu.) ny child, but with all ray other vorries became of (his depression simply am frunlic and do not know wttnl lo do for him." Dr. H. C. Sliumachcr. director of he Child Guidance Clinic of Cleve- imd. Is convinced thai the recent economic situation has disillusioned child after cl'.ilci, particularly Chose from the ages of 13 lo 20. about home owning, saving mon?y. or trusting his fcllowmen arrested on vice charges today arc much ymingt-r than they were in All these facts indicate that there never was a lime wlion mental hygiene was so much needed h our communities as at present. If we are to reconstruct the world rom tl-.e situation Into which It ias (alien railing the last few years, we -must be concerned primarily vith the mental health of the children of today, who are to be the citizens of the future. The Skilluk tribesman sleeps with a block of wood placed under his neck to protect his hair. The hair is grown into « mass resembling a felt mat. It Is about one-half inch thick and projects several on all side's of the head. NEXT: firm- Ion* ran a whale kUy under water? that. Mother will never die happy unless she gets Joe to agree with her and for thai reason I hope he will soon agree. I do nol mean 1 want her to die very soon but if she should I want her to be happy for I know Joe would be. That is knowing he had helped twr to that cxlcnt. (Copyrighted.) H»lf of England's 44500,000 citizens are smoKers,'according'to estimates. ffEHB f«B»l noMKA GABRIEL mmi »«»• 3IDDAL na« all tmtm- Katollar ra» »w«y ITOB* mtt \T»c. DMU al! Irem thr rrnrnftm f«r br r f« Dr. Schumacher has found (hat tnc depression has played a prominent part in relationship to stealing by children. True- children occasionally stole .before the depression, but stealing is essentially a reaction of the child to a dcsii to gel even, an indication of UK child's resentment against the unfairness of his life. Therefore, more c;ises arc found in which children tal:e raouey from The Editor's Letter Box ITn the editor:! I saw a little article the oilier day which I thought might inler- rst our small mrrchans and business men. So with the co-opera lion ol the Courier News. I »-isl to repeat It for (hem. "The acreage reduction progran T* rlen»« her f*xtUKT D« ttmim t* W HMelltc. hlU 1. tort <Tlth BILL R1DDAL, Madeline** «••«(•. ike !• ••felMMA •t «<cHrt»« Gr»«(»tkcr mm* BHI bMi ««•!(••«• <• prelflaA t* •)• the nlhrr KlrL He»irhlle con DAVID, draw* • •Inol inTier, ktlievUg D«MM U Inst !• htm, ••!(• ••dcll*« t* mnrrr kin. The K>iri*c> tlikr* place l» the elm* artail. HV9 1'LAKl'KK. tea •! the a«B*ekee»-- er al Ike 8fi4itl farm, (end* A knplblll <»erikl«| Ik* nc*tl*s to *(!• M«tker. NED mAKPORD, k«u C»T>*- mnn with rrk.n« ••<•!(»• mm* UTrfed. Irare* tke clrcm*. M>w GO nn WITH nic ndKt CHAPTER XIII yf/HETHER H was because Mrs '* rtanter complained ot tb» Amount of work sba bad to do or whether Bill wanted to arold be> Ing alone witb Donna the girl dli not knor, but tho following day sturdy, freckle-faced youngste Murr.iy Br.Yv. pic.-ideiu of Columbia university. Ihe home, hold cut change when sent lo fSc store, or indulge in more serious stealing. Furthermore, many children have trnry. had tr.cir personal allowances cul the cotton gins, at the compresses and oil mills will be reduced and discarded in about the same percentage as the acreage is reduced. This is a simple economic formula which will take place, notwithstanding promises to the con- tecause of the depression, anrt now attempt pilfering small chansc to gel ihc ire cream, candy, or o:hcr delicacies which are no tonaer provided for them. Truancy, which is not an oiit- :rowlh ot factors concerned in the BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from Ihe flln af tbe BlytberlUr Dally Saliiril.iv. May 10. 1921. .). CiOldhiii:n of Blythevillc a ncd $100 ;u federal court at Jnu oro allor pleading guilty to larcr of .^Ihn^ Jamaica ginger as beverage. The discarded labor will ultimately accepl a lower standard of living. and competing with employed lalior. will lower its standard also. Thr houses now used by discarded tenant? will fall into disrepair. and (| tf landlord having no further use for them, will tear them down to repair the houses '• uw. thereby nddlng to the pres- H acute shortage of homes The tenant and shnrecrop sys- •in will be abolished largely, h'ir- ng by the day or month till crop laid by, will come back. Transient labor will p j c k the 'op by the ponntj. Landlords icntin? land for cash enl will give the tenant all ot the ovcrnment rental* on the land ikcn out of coton. liu will raise he rent on the entire farm nouqh to absorb all the benefit he tenant derives from the gov- unannounced. Into Donna's reon "I'm Ilinnle Jones," the newcomer said. "Bill Slildal E»J» a How you can't lift yourself ont o your bed and that I was to h«l sroa." Minnie was strong am], In spit of her awkward appearance* rery A ppl ic ,T. ;.-,u= for authority to SGfil.OOO In bonds for imprnve- icr.l mui purchase of new pro es ivni filed by the Ark a.«-Mi.---o!:r: I'o-.ver Co. nl .Ici on Ciiv. M.I. Tim company ji'. xlenslnn of 1-5 lines lo Cardwll Campbell, fl.irhlon. Sena I h. lir.i ;ity. rai'n!;i. Htccle. Tloll.iiH . Cooler, i; i.i r.ijd and Imprivesn f exi=i-.ii_- • ifiiijies al H!ylt>-.i vio. Kcnnelt and Ha ; - c i v . 1s visited ",• who has a patent n; i s imchlne la \vhich 1-, :".vrcsl local planter:, ,: :o relieve the fhnr i nr f a u_ l-"r:(!.iy [n : H P; springs for an i defml'c toxi'irn lo taXe the bath with the ho r . c that Ws might be C ur-d capable. Donna could find but one fault wltb tbe girl and that was Minnie's Incessant ah at t er I us. Krom tha time Donna was ensconced tn the wheel chair until sho returned to her bed etie was obliged to listen to a flow of conversation (hat ranged trom the niituber of egc? Fa Jones's buff <o* chins produced (o Ihe s«le of th« lard rendered from boss Minnie raised herself. But tho girl was so Hreles* a»4 at rlctt «Mk tke lira atoek." I "Ftrhapa," Pom latihed tren- lously, "b* has bad. a quarral wltb la sweetheart." "Sweetheart? Bill hasn't got • weetheart." "Tier* you're wrong, Grandpa. He haa." "Row do yon know so much atxmt H? Has h« been telllag yo« Hcreu he'» kept from me?" She smiled at tba twinge ol ealousy la kb old TO fee. "What sbont Wattle Blaker 'My Ind! Tou cave at » tarn. Why. Bill an* liattfa haieo't tarn courting for months. Not tin' Is -withered lips closed eudden* . "Don't you like Bef. GrabdpaT" "What makes yon think I don't?" ba eraded. "Perbape I hart Intuition too.' "Oh, Mattle'a all right, I reckon trat I know a heap of xlrla I'< rathor K» Bill marry. H«'ii a to boy. BIU to. and <es*nea tea kaat wife there la. Tbere'a not a maaa nor gelfish bone la Elll'a Body Wheo I think of how he gav« n Ma aehoollng to come eat b«r* *1ta me—" "When your own jrrandchildi— Donna interrupted. "I shouldn't kaic said tha Tou're naklcg Me mighty Sapp now. Kaddl*. Mighty havpy. I'm beginning to dread the days wbe roe. hart to eo b*yr-" •Wktrt h Mrs. HfhUr? Ne»*er jos should be oufkcre a! tltt our.* "She, Mid ttnuUilitt about »!»• lira-Mend. Bui.1 didn't want 1 go to bed. -The- nlght'la'to tote* . rr« beta tlttlDC •eTe-watfh- .g the Mara and the Sreflles md" rnnient. Landlords not assume any loral or Irgal obligation to pro- ect the tenant Big landiords. liroush their attorneys, will find i way around this, and the little ones will follow the lead of the big ones. As I sec It. tlK.-c tendencies are 'asl materializing." Than!: you. Join the County Workers Union. Zoph O'Drien. niythcvillc. Ark. Trail I). 1VS rhnrcil GER1NG. Neb. dipt _ colorful scenes of lh» old wtsi will t» recreated here July 13 nnd 20 as hundreds of residents ol the upper gon atom. Probably one of th5 smallest sub.icats ever photographed It measures ons Angstfom in diameter! an Angslrom is Hie unit of lenglh which scientists use in measuring light wave?. always reaily lo push lh« chair Along country lanea, mft ruts and rocks, «lw«ys anxlons to do anything to f>re»t the MoaotW ot Donna's lOJCtUttT til" Donna would hats become gsaulnatt fo»d ef h*r If Minnie's presence tad Hot practically baorshcJ ftlU He dlsupceafcd before Donaa breakfasted. Ofteaer than act M ate b)3 midday meal lo ttis BeliU. IB tlio evening, though they all Mt togcttter »t tb» ublo. Sill r«irdr joined la th« ciJotenatloU H* would sit «ai(«« la tVtn'ce *ItS » brooding loo* In bt« dark eyts tBat «Tl/rAYBE." sh« mused, "I'll n« •"* «T go back—not If JOB wan «« to stay." "Kaddle! Yon mean thatf "Tee. Only yon may -trad 70 will fo glad to tx rid of rae. I' not always tt Tory nice person. Not unsellsli at all." Triore was » llt- th choke In her Tolee that did nol escape the old raan. He rnsc nnd craned A tbe wh«el ehatr WHB the faltering footsteps of th« Mind. Ills flngera to-acted !wr TB eat do^n «o tb» atep at tier - 1 - 1 ««*t "Kot ki»«rjr No. Jf» ratk«r sic* to- b» rH f Minnie for a while and hat* a nance to tblDfc. Tooorrow I'm olne .to take a fe* ttrjt If t>r. Uddal «m "WBJ mj •Bill," ah* leaand forward, "wliy are yon actlDE this way towards me* What bar* I done? Ar*yon id7 at sometMng?" "CooJ Lori, B«! Of course sot!" "Ton ware ao kind at first. Then yon changed—TOO art almost a* if 1| yoi Alslfked ma. For a week con hit that I eouia walk If ch» (pilots were rfmored bat yob reot done It, nor. come near me—" Tm not a doctor.-Madeline. f>« cad a little training, butTil fend tor-' "How rldlculonn!" she.Interrupt- ed. "You dou'l want to touck. tie —tbafi «IL Ever. alne» the t*j you broufht aje tba> whee! rtMlr JOU'T« aToided ma. Wb.yT" "What art you Uylaf lo dt-rfet tempermentalT I Haten't, «»»fsf A you. Tie Be«o basy. Hartettliis takes all » ffiao'«.ilme. I'm «hnu of bands and there'! beefl «o anncD ralfl—1 tiaTent meant to you. I thought TOO uKdi I Rhould have remembe're^ (hat fnn are a star performer and us*rf :lo all kinds of attention.' "How nnklml to guy that!" "And I didn't mean It. II »ns a rotten thloi lo 8ay! [ think fno are the lowliest thMf Gort alado tbe eirl wrelcliedly *ho IOT«* him |j evenings t\ftcr the corn- J Ing of Sltnnls ho «trod» off tlo-wn the road wltb no explanation for his dot Ji turn and Donna feH, with n sinking of her spirits, tbat he was golns to Mattle Blake. The third tlm« bs left Mfare (Teuing pr»y«r UrandfMKer Slid* comtfienled Upon It. "<IU'8 H« blniMlf ifciw dit«. Wo'nder If a»y thing »a trouilln'r htmT Read Courier News Want Ads. | "Not to roe ha loesn'tt I can' t/c. but God b»s grren n •r kind of «yea!ght ud 1 toow «-b«* tt=-» I lore are In trouble. !*iTb* everythlsg- I cb*et«. anootbed her hair. Then be bent and klnevl her forehead. *T»»*r» my little girl. »y ewe amb. Middle. All th« tore mat had t« (|T< to three BOOS Is DOW mr* When yOb left me Soms- hlng went ont of my life, tonnj oiks tare off* friend* and adtise- nrents sad a foture to loek forward to. b« we old ones K»T« only noee we tore, and we hiren't tbe for loring new oersons. Oar o'Wa k(» cr«wa dearer wilb No flutter what you are or dM t wouli.want you. I fait tind of bitter at tfrsu Tk«9 when darkness Brought a clearer »is1dn I: Jou haTe eouM fc Mt i, a4 j mderatcW. St*snge,* hi? »olc« | p i ace ny. , Blt - rerobled. "ho*, much niirlerswni}- i -]•„, made ftnd 1'Te been trylos to wo Tlnce mynlf tbat •rerythlnc will be just the ««m» when yon go McK to the circus, but I know It woti't be. 1 kno* tnfa tfece will te'ti as a morgue *ad that •&>< enrfursW'» befor* will W (ril then." His »olce was thick with bitterness. "But If J don't, go back?" "Of course roo will! Whit li tlierc here tor yoaf Spending a tbe when you're laid n^ with ( ofoke& leg is suit* dliWwtft from staring here Ib6 *eai ronod. No on« *bo ha? kn*»o •pplaut* tng we afllktert nnes arc ulipn.' | Sometimes I feel that I have been ! blessed In Iosin5 my not going back. • I nn'ile;. a op, took hla' ha?.d and pressed It agalnsi. her damp cheek. "Haw wontlertul yon are. And t* thin*—" Almost the bad said words that must narer- 6e fpoken. GraoxJMther was dotlna In 61? artn eialr «n the CTCII una *»» "H» items ctieeVtul." MOM «aM. LWM ilttlnf Motionless lit the dart- ' . I Promise you know youll a^.d I - „„„-, win , wb»p Bill returned. "I didn't warn to waken to a vaa threw act !«»•« tn. him.' hlsper w'j»a UM JwiT hb cinret "Ot course I doo't." UranrttirtheT SfiMal iminibled. "Decioa ft'd tor fed. MadiHeV Brfl a¥r»n'« «'pls («' ftrf is'sisied mfc ni<f We bouje. He came bac*'«o help 0«ti- na S-jl the wared *T» n'anfpulDted the -*l The nex' rtav » doctor fre* If- banos removed tbe sp«»<ra»f A« took a :«« Rep*. Su r gtt ** *>; I

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