The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 6, 1978 · Page 17
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1978
Page 17
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Friday, Jan. 6, 1 978 Philadelphia Inquirer 5-B legal Notices COURT OF COMMON PLEAS FOR the County 01 Philadelphia, December lerm, iv, no. 4 jo. no tire is nerebv g.ven that on December 6. 1977. the pefitmn of Raymond Houston and Jeanette Houston, his wife, and meir minor child Sharonel Jacauenetfa Watson, was tiled. praving tor a decree to change the minor enna s name 10 bnaronei jac auenetta Houston. The Court has tied January u, ivB, at fib am tn Room 708, Citv Hail. Philadelphia, r, as the time and place for the Mnng. AM persons interested may aopear and snow cause, if any thev have, why the prayer of the said petition snouia not oe grameo James D Moran. AMornev, 1234 Market Street, Suite 475, Philadel- ph.a Pa. 19 '07 NOTICE The Committee on Streets and Services of the council ot the otv ot Pnuadeiphia will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 11, 1778. at 9:30 A w. in Room 4U0, City Han, to hear testimony on ine following Bins: Bill No 745' "An Ordinance es taDiisnmg limited time parking icnes, and establishing metered parkmo zones on cnerrv street, be tween Tenth street, and Thirteenth street and Cherry street, between juniper street ana aroaa street. Bill No. 7d6: "An Ordinance es tablishing limited time parking zones, and establishing metered barking zones on Race street, be tween Eleventh street and Twelfth street, and Kace street, between Egntn street and Ninth street " Biii No 747: ' An Ordinance revising limited time packing zones, and establishing metered parking zones on Vine street, between Tenth street and Broad street." Bill No. 1040 "An Ordinance revising tne direction of movement of traffic on Mount Airy avenue, between Germantown avenue and Brvan street " B"l No 1044: "An Ordinance es-Mb'ishing a parking reliction on Darrah street, between Brill street and Bridge street " Bill No 1045 "An Ordinance reg-uia'mg the direction of movement of traffic on Friendship Street, between Ditman street and Torres-dale avenue." Bill No. 1070- "An Ord-nance revising na'k'ng restrictions ad es-laDi'snmg a tow-awav zone on Tioga street between Broad street flirt German'own avenue " B il No 1071 "An Ordinance to restrict the operation ot cert- am trucks on Deipnme street, between Fourth stree' and Fiffr street." Bill No. 1072 ' An Ordinance restricting the operation of certain trucks on Aubrev avenue, between Frankford avenue and Torresdaie avenue " Bill No. 1079: "An Ordinance establishing a parking reguiaiion on Academy road, beiween Frankford avenue and a point ihree hundred feel north of WiHits road " Bill No. 1092: "An Ordinance terminating parxing regulations and metered parking on Thirteenth sireet, between Tioga street and Atlantic strpet." Bill No 1098 "An Ordinance establishing a parking restriction on Venango street, between Edgemont btreet and to Salmon street " Immediately following the Public hearing, a meeting of the Committee, open to tne Public, will be heid to consider the action to be taken by the Committee on the above listed Bills. CHARLES H SAWYER, JR Chief Oerk of the Council NOTICE The Committee on Finance of the Council of the City of Philadelphia will hold a Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 11, 1978, at 10:00 AM,, in Room 400, City Hall, to hear testimony on the following Bill: Bill No. 1096: "An Ordinance authorizing the Mavor to lile an application on behalf of the City of Philadelphia in the amount of Sixty-three million eight hundred and twenty-five thousand t 63,825,000) dollars as ceauired by Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act Of 1974 (PL. 93-383), including all understandings and assurances contained therein; ard designating the Mavor as the authorized representative of me City of Philadelphia to act m connection with the apoii-ca'ion and to provide such additional information as may be required " Immediately toiiowmg the Public hearing, a meeting of the Committee onen to the bubhc win be held to consider the action to be taken bv the Committee on the above listed Bill. CHARLES H. SAWYER, JR Chief Clerk o Die Council NOTICE PURSUANT TO ACT 17SOF JULY 19. 1974 EFFECTIVE ON SEPTEMBER 17 1974 Notice i s hereby given that the Mental Health ard Menial Retardate Advisory Board will hnid is first regular monthly meeting in 198 on Monday. January 23, 1978, at 5 Dm. anrj its second monthly meeting m 198 on Monday. FeDru-ary 77 1978 at 5 pm m Room 610 rWniopal Services Building The follow ng rf-guiar monthly meetings in !978 wfii be continued on tne third Monoav of each month at 5 Dm in Room 610 Municipal Services Bunding Meetings are ooen to the Public. I pwis D Polk. M.D. Ac hn j Healfr. Cnmmisti inner Department ot Public Health C'ty of Philadelphia NOTICE PURSUANT TO ACT 1SOF JULY 19, 1974 EFFECTIVE ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1974 Notice is hereby oiven that the Air Pnilui'on Cont'O' Board w;l! hold its reg: jiar monthly mpntn-g during 1978 on the second TuP'.do . n each month at 2 o m. m tne 7lh tionr Conference Room ol 'he Mi.iicipal Services Bunding 15tn and .1 ihn F. Konnedv Bouipvard. Meet nss are open to fie p.Jbiu Lewis D Polk, M D. Acting Health Commissioner Deoartment of Pubhc Health Ci'v o Philadelphia NOTICE PURSUANT TO ACT 17ft of JUl Y 19, 1 971 EFFECTIVE ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1974 Notice is hereby given that the Board of Health will hold Ms regular monthly meeting during 1978 on the third Wednesday of each month, at 9am m Room 610 Municipal Services Buiidmg. 15th and John F Kennedy Boulevard. Meetings are open to the Pubnc Lewis D Potk,M D. Acting Health Commissioner Department of PubHc Heaith C'tv of Philadelphia NOTICE STATION ABANDONMENT Effective Marcrt 26. 1978 an train service at Nuaivan Station is proposed to be discontinued A public hearing regarding this matter will be held at 11.15 am Wednesday, January 18, 1978 in the Delaware State Office building, Board of Elections Conference Room, 820 French St., Wilmington, Delaware. SEPTA Delaware Transportation Authority PUBLIC MEETING NOTICE PURSUANT TO ACT 175 OF 1974 -SUNSHINE LAW Commiss;on Hearing Edward Stemme. Jr. 1 1 00 A M Jan 19 78 Commission Ot'.ce, Keystone Ro- ""--! -k, 3255 Ricniieu Rd . Cornwet.i Heidi's Pa PUBLIC NOTICE The Board of Trustees ot Thomas Jefferson University will hold its meeting on Monday January 9, 1978 at 12 45 pm m the Board Room of the Scott Building, 1020 Wainuf Street Philadelphia, Pa NOTICE STATION ABANDONMENT Elective March 26, 1978 all train service a' Crescentville Station is proposed to be disc ontinued A oublic hearing regarding this matter will be he'd at 10 00 am Wednesday, Januarv 25, 197B n the Cheltenham RR Station bund-rig, nasoi-ooK Ave ana Old Soidics Roan Cheltenham Townsnio. Sou,neastern Pennsylvania Tra,,soor!a'ion Aonty TREASURY DEPARTMENT, BU- RFAU OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO AND FIREARMS On November 17 1977, one 1973 Cadniac, Couoe DeV ;e identification No. 6D47R3E361663 win accessories, was se zed m Philadelphia Pa , for vio-afion of 49 USC, Chapter It. Any person claiming an mtprest in sa n property may file a petition for remission or m-'igation of ter'ei-frp or tile a oaim and a $250 00 cos' bond with the undersigned on or Delete January 12, 1978 otherwise tne property will be torte-ted a; d deposed ot according to law. joseon M O Brien, Regtonai Ad-n- n, stra'ive Officer. Bureau of Alcohol. Tooacco and Firearms 7 Pern Center P aza. Pn adP'ph.a, Pa , 19102. Attention. Se ieO Prop- Survey Notices Notice is hereby ven tra the Board of Sur.evors has f'.ed uOO" Tuesday January 17 1978 at 2 00 PM lEas'em S'anoarj m Conference Room 8A E j,nth Ftoor Municipal Services B-"0,n9, Revburn Piaza for a to acauant an m'erested parties of 'he acs in tne confirmation o! tne toiiowmg oians No 370 - To strike from City Plan No 370 and vacate Erwn Sf'-eet from me southwesterly s-oe o Smithtieia Avenue to County Line Road. Tne above pians mav be examinee at ne ote of the Fourth Srvev D'Sf'Ct located at Bus'ie'on A. en.,e anc Bower Street or at ne C 'y Pans Un t Burea,. o Surveys Dps Room Municipal Sefvices Bv- id.r-g RevbuPar .AVESW VrPHiLLiPS C- F -g-"pa- K S vP Or Estate Notices Letters have been granted n the Ei'f o e-ict c ihe g cece--(.-fs -p 'ne reo'-esp'-td' yes n'ed, wo reqrSf a rerscrs navi-r g c -c'a F'M- o p'F"f seD'a c '"e r s'.'1- SAROSLEY, EM. LIE P The f-idel- fV BaK EeL,:.r. 135 s 3rcaj St Pn, a Pa 19109 or V.orgom-e'v v.cC'rtjuen Aa er & R--ins E'.'s T"'ee Pa-'fc.wav, F cor, pr a ,Pa. 1 9 i 02. Estate Notices ELORED, JOSEPH R . JR. . Gr ard Trust Bank, Administrator One Girard Piaia, Robert I. Whi-teiaw. Attorney, 14th Floor, rarnarg building FORBES, ELEANOR - Girard 1 rubi ejann, txecutor, une Oir- ara Kiaia, Nennetn j. Levin, At- Inrnou Dhnrmiuar Dnhminn Maxwell and Hippef.' 14th Floor KacKarg ounoing. GAVIO, LAURA S. (also known as L AUK A SIUKIS GAVIO) George A. Gavio and Girard Trust Bank. Executors, One Gir ard Piaza. Stanley L. Thornton, Attorney ot Ihornton s, Gibbon, ??ifl Phi'a Nationa' Bank Bidg MAYER, EDWARD C. (also known as tUWAKL) L. WAYbKi - toward C Maver, Jr. and James E Meneses. Esquire. Co-E xecu-fors, attorney James E. Meneses. Attorney of Meneses & Dean, 160 King of Prussia Plaza, King of nr. ;ssa. na iv4U6 NIL.ULAI, VIKINiA UUKUIHT. York County, Pa 17401 Proposals PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIK E COMMISSION PO Box 2531 Harnsburg, Pennsytvan.a 17120. December 28, 1977 NOTICE TOBIDDFRS Sealed bias for REMOVING AND Kt PL AC. I NO MKfc-PROOf- STEEL DOORS will be rece-ved bv ne Uirecior ot rurcnases not 'ater ran 1030 am. E.S.T., January 25, 1978 Bid Proposal Forms and Conditions may be obtained, free of charge, by communica'tng witn Mr w y Cornelius, Director of Purchases. Piease refer to this item. RAY M BOLLINGER Secretary and Treasurer Procurement Dept., City of Philadelphia Sealed bids will be received and read publicly in Room 1385, Municipal services Building on JAN i iyH at 1 ,iu r m. tor tne Kecrea- on Department proposal! si listed neiow No bids will be accepted un- ess a Questionnaire and Financial Statement for Qualifying Bidders itn an questions tuiiy answered is ied with tne Recreation Commis sioner in Room 1470 Municipal Services Bidg at least one 1) week TiT.or to the time of opening of bids. Plans, Specifications and Question- aire and Financial statement tor Qualifying Bidders mav be obtained Koom J6U. Municipal services Building A deposit of $25,00 will be eauired tor each set ot plans and specifications. The deposit will be refunded uoon return of plans and oecificahons in good condition withm fourteen (14) days afler date of bid opening, EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Contractor will be required to comply with all applicable Edual Employment Opportunity Laws and Regulations". As part of his bid. each bidder shall complete form EDA-1 19 CE R TIFIC A 1 ION OF BIDDER REGARDING EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY, t addition, each contractor shall ave his proposed subcontractor omoiete form EDA-120 CERTIFI CATION BY PROPOSED SUBCONTRACTOR REGARDING EQUAL tMPLOYMtN I OPPORTUNITY. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE This contract is subiect to a fman-ial assislance contract between the C'tv of Philadelphia and the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration . INELIGIBLE BIDDERS All bidders will be required to certi- y that thev are not on the Comp-roiier General's list of ineligible ontractors. HIRING OF LOCAL LABOR The maximum feasible employment of local labor is covered m the Af firmative Action Requirements AAR) of the specifications. This section emphasizes that every Con- actor and Subcontractor under- akino to do work on any EDA as- sted proied shad employ to the laximum extent practical, in caring nut such contract work, quaii- eo persons who requiarly reside m he designated area where such proiec' is iof ated. The contractor will be responsible tor assuring that his subcontractors omoiv wtiti tne requirements. MINORITY BUSINESS UTILIZATION All bidders must agrpp to expend at east 15 of the contract for bona de minority business enterprises. THE R SPECIAL CONDITIONS All bidders must agree: not to em ploy illegal aliens, to use only prod- cts mined or produced m the Unit ed Stales and to orovide special ons'deration to qualified disabled eterans and to qualified Vietnam- ra veierans ID NO 5285 - GENERAL CON-TRUCTION BID NO 5286 - PLUMBING ROOF REPAIRS - KINGSESSING RECREATIONCENTER 49TH ST & KINGSESSING AVE h DA NO 0I-SI-26V61 PW t6-b"4-3 BID NO 5019 - GENERAL CONSTRUCTION BID NO. 5020 - PLUMBING BID NO. 5021 - ELECTRICAL WORK REHABILITATION OF E -DFRFR SWIMMING POOL MOYfcR STREET AND MONTGOME RY AVENUE t D A NO. 01-51-24282 PW 16-7-5 OTTO R WINTER, Procu-ement Cnmmir.sioripr Procuremenl Dept., Cttv of Phila- jeiPhid seai?d bas will oe received read oubudv m Room 1.i85, Mur.inoai Services Buiidino on Jan. 27, 1978 at 2 30 P M for the Recrea- ion Department prooosaus) listed beiow No bids will oe accepted un- ess a Questionnaire and Financial a'ement tor Qualifying Bidders with ail questions fully answered is ied with tne Recreation Commis sioner m Room 1470 Municipal Services Bidg. at least one il) week pnor to the time of opening of bids. Plans, Specifications and Questionnaire and Financial Statement for Qualifying Bidders mav be obtained in Room 1360, Municipal Services Buiidmg A deposit of S25.00 will be required tor each set of plans and specifications. The deposit will be refunded upon return of plans and specifications m good conditon within fourteen (14) days after date of bid opening EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY "Contractor will be required to comply with an applicable Eauai Employment Opportunity laws and Regulations". As part of his bid, each bidder snail complete form EDA-119 CERTIFICATION OF BIDDER REGARDING EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY, in addition, each contractor shad have h-s propsoed subcontractors complete form EDA-20 CERTIFICATION BY PROPOSED SUBCONTRACTOR REGARDING EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY STATFMENT OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE "This contract is subiect to a financial assistance contract between the City of Philadelphia and the U S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration " INELIGIBLE BIDDERS An bidders wilt be required to certify tnat thev are not on the Comptroller General s list of ineligible contractors HIRING OF LOCAL LABOR Tne maximum feasible employment of local labor is covered m the Affirmative Action Requirements (AAR ) of the specification. This section emohasizes tnat every Contractor and Subcontractor undertaking to do work on any EDA assisted protect shall employ to the Maximum extent practical, in carrying out sucn contract worn, qualified persons who regularly reside in the designated area where such protect is loca'ed. Tne contractor will be responsible tor assuring that his subcontracts comply with the requirements. MINORITY BUSINESS UTILIZATION An bidders must agree to expend at least 1 S-"p of the contract for bona tide mincr'ty business enterprises. OTHER SPECIAL CONDITIONS An orders must agree not te em-piov megai aiens. to use omv products mined or produced n the United Staes and to provide soec-ai cons oeration to qi,a'f.ed dsaoied ve:erar-s and to qualified Vietnam-era veterans B a No. 5012 General Construction Bid No. 5014 B'dNo 5015 Eiectncai Work Rehabilitation of Vare Swimming Pool ?6th 4 Morris Sts. E D A No 01-51-24282 PA' 16-2-3 B'dNo 5261 General Construction Aspra t Paving-Black Coyi Mc- Qr.fje Pgd T-enton Ave & Huntingdon St. EDA No. 01-51-26961 P W 16-5-5-2 PROCUREMENT COMMISSIONER Procurement Dept., Citv of Phita- vie pn.a Sealed b ds win be receded a-d read pubucv m Room 1385, Municipal Services Bund-ng on Jan. .10 197 at 2 30 P M EST for tne Deoa'tmen' ot Puoiic Property proposal listed beiow No bids will oe acceded unless a Questionnaire ana Fnancai Statement for Qualifying 6'doers witn a'l auestions fully a-"swereo is tned with the Division of Architecture & Engineering, Administrative Unit in room 1040, Mu-icoa' Services Bidg at least one ' 1 ) week prior to the time 0 opening of b'ds Pians, Specifications and Questionnaire ana Financial Statement for Qualifying B dders mav be ?bMrted m Room 1360. Municipal Serv res Buiidmg upon OePOS't of S25 00 check for each set Deoosit win be refunoea upon re'urn of oians ana soecifica'-ons n good cond '-on w.tnm u cavs afer cate v- Did ooert'ng Bfl No 4779 - Gen- e'a Co''rc'-on vVor Bo No i790 - Heatmg vef-at-fg & Ar C -.-d-'-Onirg rtor 8 a No 4781 -Pmp ng VVorK Sne''Cat os 'or 'c-v'.'-o of S:e'son Mrsp ra-Reo.a'cns at )7i5 N Fourm St, ctt pr.a Pa 1 EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OP-PCRTuMTY ;Ont'arfOr iH oe rp-ayrea to com-j v w "h a aoo'XaDe Ea.-a1 E- 2 .--! CnnC'r' jr v ai a'fl t , on. As oa'f o' n s 01a za" - x-., c,-"-:.,e'e "srrr FD-H9 OF RTif" .CATION OF BiDDER RE&ARDiNG EQoAl. EVLOV-VENT OPPORTuMTV ,n add" "ij" ea. n co'ra'O" s"a!' "bv n 3'ODc-ea Sv.bconf a;'o's cc-oete 'o-m fcD-120 CERTIFICATION BY Proposals PROPOSED SUBCONTRACTOR REGARDING EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY 2. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: This contract is subiect to a financial assistance contract between the City of Philadelphia and the U 5. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA). 3 INELIGIBLE BIDDERS: an bidders will be required to certify that they are not on the Comptroller General s list of ineligible contractors 4 HIRING OF LOCAL LABOR: The maximum feasible employment of local labor is covered tn fne Af-I.rmative Action Requirements'AAR) of the specification Tnis section emphasizes that every Contractor and Subcontractor undertaking to do work on any EDA assisted protect shall employ to the maximum extent practical, m carrying out such work, qualified persons who regularly reside in tne designated area where such protect is located. The contractor will be responsible for assuring that his subcontractors comply with this re-quiremeni. 5. MINORITY BUSINESS UTILIZATION All bidders must agree to exoend at least l5s-o of the contract for bona fide minority business enterprises 6 OTHER SPECIAL CONDITIONS All b'dders must agree not to employ illegal aliens, to use only products mmed or produced m the United States and to provide special consideration to qualified disapied veterans and to Qualified Vietnam-era Veterans. Otto R Winter, Procurement Commissioner Procurement Dept., Citv of Phila delphia. Sealed bids will be received and read publicly in Room 1385, Municipal Services Building on Jan. 1, 198 at t-su p w. t.y 1 tor the Department of Public Property proposals) listed below. No bids will be accented unless a Questionnaire and Financial Statement for Qualif ying B.dders wiih an questions tuny answered is tiled with the Architecture & Engineering Division in Room 104U. Municipal services Bidg at least one (1) week prior to ne time ot opening ot bids Plans, Specifications and Questionnaire ana Fmancal Statement tor Qualif ying Bidders mav be obtained m Room 13f0, Municipal Services Bu'idtng. uoon deposit of S25 00 check for each set. Deposit will be refunded uoon return of plans and speotica'ions in good condition within 14 days after date of bid opening. Bid No 4801 - General Construction Work, Bid No. 4802 -Plumbing Work, Bid No, 4803 -Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Work, Bid No. 4804 - Electrical Work; Specifications for New Operations Room, 2?nd and 23rd Districts, Police Station at 17th St. & Montgomery Ave. Bid No. 4714 General Construction Work, Bid No. 4716 - Plumbing Work - Specifications for Driveway Repairs, Phiia. Civic Center, Civic Center Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. OttoR Winter, Procurement Commissioner SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHIL A , PA Sealed proposals will be received bv the Board of Education, Purcnasmg Division, 429 N 7tn Street. Phna., PA 19123, 7th floor, until 10 00 A M , Tuesday, Januarv 10, 1978 for the following 78-3019 - Portable Television Camera & Accessories J-78-15!) - Groceries - GSDC S-78-3041 - Tools - General S-78-3134 - Machines - Duplicating: S-78-3136 - Radios. Television S-78-3138 - Platforms & Risers S-78-3139 - Carpet Protectors S-78-3140 - Lamps S-78-3141 - Cash Registers 5-78-3148 - Automotive Supplies S-78-3152 - Audio Visual Supplies S-78-3157 - Gvm Equipment (Mats) S-78-3162 - Paper Stock S-78-3165 -Piast.cs S-78-3172 Electrical Supplies S-78-3173 - Fire Preventive Supplies S-78-3175 - Lumber S-78-3189- Tools - General S-78-3194 - Furniture Misceiiane- stif S-78-3203 - Cartons KD T-78-2155 -Pamts Information as to specifications, bid blanks, etc may be obtained at the above address MILHAbLP MAKLAMr Supt of Schools SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHIL A , PA Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of Education, Purchasing Division, 429 N 7th Street, Phita., PA 19123, 7th floor, until 1000 A M , Tuesday, January 17, 1977 for the following- a-78 V46 - computer Time snar- no S-78-2989 - Locks & Lock Parts 5-78-3127 - Furniture Mobile Cabinets S-78-3133 - Photographic Equipment S-78-3135- Furniture - Medical S-78-3l70-Carbor Paoer S-78-3182 - Maintenance Daia Process ng Equipment S-78-3210 - Lumber S-78-3218 - PioeS, P-oeFitfings - boiler sections S-78-3228 - Electronic Supplies S-79-3241 - Proiecfors S-78-3242 -S-78-3262 -S-78-3279 -S-78-3290 -piies T-78-2849 - Automotive Supplies Metals - Ferrous Diplomas Office & Stationery Sup- Soonges Door Closers 4 Parts T-78-2929 - Information as to specifications bid blanks, etc , may be obtained at the abo ve address MICHAEL P MARCASE, Supt of Schools SCHOOL DISTRICT OF Phil A . pa Sealed proposals will be received bv the Board of Education Purchasing Division, 429 N 7th Street, Pniia., PA 19123, 7th floor, until 10 00 A M , luesoav, January iu, f tor tne foi!Ow:ng A-78-3019 - Portable Television Camera & Accessories 78-IS57 - Groceries - GSDC S-78-3041 - Tools - General 5-78-3134 - Machines - Duplicating S-78-3136 - Radio & Television S-78-3138 - Platforms & Risers S-78-3139 - Carpet Protectors S-78-3140 - Lamps S-78-3141 - Cash Registers 5-78-3148 Automotive Supplies S-78-3152 - Audio Visual Supplies S-78-3157 - Gvm Eouioment (maf) S-78-3162 - Paoer Stock S-78-3165- Plastics S-78-3172 - Electrical Supplies S-78-3173 yites S-78-3175 Fire Preventive 5up- Lumber Tods - General S-78-3189 S-78-3194 - Miscellaneous Furni ture 111 S -78-3202 - Cartons KD Information as to specifications bid blanks, etc . mav be obtained at the above address. MICHAEL P. MARCASE, Suof of Schools SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHILA , PA. Sealed proposals will be received bv the Board of Education, Purchasing Division. 429 N. 7th Street Phila.. Pa 19123, 7th floor, until 1000 A.M., Tuesday. January to, iyB tor the following- C 78- 153 Groceries, Fruits, Vegetable Juices C 78-154 Groceries, Spices, Condiments C 78-155 Groceries Soups, Sugar, M.nts C 78- 156 Baked Goods. Bread Ron J 78-1556 Janitorial Paoer GSDC nformation as to specifications, b'd blanks, etc , mav be obtained at the above address MICHAEL P MARCASE, SUPT OF SCHOOLS SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PHIL A . PA. Spaied proposals win be received bv tne Board of Education. Purchasing Utvision, 4v in in street, prm.. PA 19123, 7tn floor until 1000 A.M , Tuesday, January 17, 1978 for the following- SCHOOL BUS SERVICE ntormafion as to specifications, bid uianks. etc., may be obtained at the above address. MICHAEL P MARCASE, S n' Srhopis Fictitious Name FICTITIOUS NAME REGISTRATION No' ce is nerebv g ven pursuant to tne nroviS'Ons of Act of AsseTb'v No 380, approved Mav 24, 1945, of ment,on to te in tne office or tnp Secretary of the Commonweal!" of Pennsylvania, at Harnsburg Pa, -r, he office o the Prnthnno'ar ot the Courts of Common P eas of Phiiaoeipn.a Couniv on Mor-oav, tne I6tn day ot January 1978. a Certificate tor the conduct of a business n Philadelphia County. Pennsylvania unaer tne assumed or fictitious name, style or designation of Jacob Reed s Sons, with its or, no-pa. o.are o busmess at U24 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tnp nam and ddflrm n nM 0,.. sons owning or invested n sa d Dusmess are Tne Outlet Company, 176 Wevoosse- St-eet, Provoence, Rnooe isiand 02902 Lawrence C. Meiton Solictor, Sundiun. Screr & S-nger S-'e 715, Watergate 600 B'09. Wasirg-pn D C. 20037 FICTITIOUS NAME REGISTRATION Notice is hereby gven, pursuant to the provisions of Act of Assemoiv No 380, approved May 24. 1945, of intention to tne m the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania a' Harr.sourg. Pa., ana in the office of the Protnonotarv of the Courts ot Common Peas of Ph.iaGeiphia County on Thurscav, tne 12th dav of January 1978 a Certifica'e 'or tne conduct of a business n Pniiaoeip.a Countv Pen-bvvan.a. uncer tne assumed or tic ' tious name stye or desgr at,Cn of Row Ho.vse. w tn ;?s pr.r.c odi D'ace o bus-ness at 501 Widows Ave, P- aae.o a Pa 19143 Tne na-e a-d add-ess " a-i persons own.r-y nr te-ested bjo S-s.rtess a'e Ro"a 0 V G .rt, 5"'-4 l" i Ave, Pni' Pa. fTNOUiaER ClASSIfllD IP. V.1V.'.. Catholic League called the If there's a better scholastic basketball league than the Southern Division of the Catholic League, then it plays its game in the New York subways or in a TV studio in California. Certainly, no league around here is as strong this season as the division containing Roman, Cardinal O'Hara, West, St. Joseph's Prep, Monsignor Bonner and a host of others who can beat you if you don't come to play. "It's the best league in this area, top to bottom," says Roman Coach Speedy Morris, "and this year it's the strongest since 1969." Morris should know something about comparative strengths, as Roman spends most of its preseason schedule away from Philadelphia. Despite an interminable amount of bus rides, motel rooms and foreign officials, Roman is 14-1 and ranked second in Pennsylvania by The Inquirer. Just how good can this team be? "It has the makings of a very, very good team," said Morris, a man not given to gushing praise. "Fortunately, I don't think we've peaked yet." Off it's preseason performance, Roman ranks right with undefeated West Philadelphia as the area's two super teams. Not just for their records, but for the way they've stood up to the pressure of having most of the East Coast gunning for them. Ali heeds warning to meet Norton Associated press NEW YORK Muhammad Ali, with all the dramatic flourish of a final-round rally, yesterday parried the first threat of the World Boxing Council to strip him of the heavyweight championship. What Ali did was beat last midnight's deadline by formally agreeing to fight No. 1 contender Ken Norton, The WBC had directed at its meeting in Madrid the last week of November that Ali must formally agree by midnight yesterday to fight Norton and then must sign an actual fight contract by April 7 for a Norton bout within 90 days of that date. Ali beat the deadline when a formal agreement was hand delivered yesterday afternoon to John Mangiar-iacina, executive secretary of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which is a WBC member. While the WBC is satisfied Ali has met the first half of its edict, the Norton camp remains vocal in its opinion that the champion is stalling. Ali has said he is signed to fight Norton in September, and Bob Biron, Norton's manager said this is because Ali plans to fight someone other than Norton after he fights Leon Spinks in Las Vegas on Feb. 15. Biron said a September fight is not acceptable because it violates the WBC edict that Ali must fight Norton within 90 days of April 7. The fun of hunting rabbits is watching As cold as the weather has been it takes solid dedication to be a rabbit hunter. Many hunters plan to get out there and try during the post-holiday period, but as Bobby Burns said about "plans going astray," few actually do. The weather following New Year's Day is usually cold and blustery, and a warm chair in front of the TV set watching footballs being thrown in sunny climes usually wins ou:. But a fresh covering of snow can be a magnet to a hardened rabbit lover. The bunny season in New Jersey lasts until Feb. 11, and Keystone state hunters can chase them until Jan. 14. Stomping along hedgerows and Crashing about in brush piles is OK if a hunter happens to be dogless, but premier rabbit hunting includes a beagle or, better yet, a pair of them. No other dog goes about his business with a more cheerful approach. The intensity of a classy pointer locked tight on a covey of quail or a close grouse is beautiful to behold, as is mechanical action of a wpM-tT-9in1 retriever. But when it comes to carefree abandon and love of the game, nothing can match a bouncing beagle when it gets a snoot-ful of ho; scent. They bellow, yip and sing out in an easy-to-understand dog language, letting the hunter know they've found something. Their tails rock back and forth with so much gusto that the entire stub of a body wiggles. And if dogs can smile, beagles do it better than any other breed. They love to smell and chase rabbits. No one can ever really train a beagle. Either they have that inborn desire to bounce af er a fresh track and sound off about it, or they don't. The toughest part of hunting with bea-q'es is to make them quit when i 's 'ime to go home. Tr.e good ones will w! iho" drop. W -ere as rabbits are great eating, especially pan fried, it's the beagles that make the game fun. They are the clowns of the sporting dog world and they'll win the heart of any canine lover. I do most of my hunt- Don McKee on high schools Jim Bashline on the outdoors In manv parts of there is now enoug'" through. Tve hottest e the iV Waterfowl Lebanon and "I think it says a lot for the type of kids we've got," Morris said. "I've been to most of those areas (Baltimore, Washington, upstate Pennsylvania) before, and I know the type of game they call ... If you breathe on a guy in the backcourt, it's a foul, but they can commit murder under the boards. "It sort of makes you appreciate Philadelphia officials." (Somewhere in West Philadelphia, Joey Goldenberg is uttering an emphatic "Amen," after a game in North Carolina where his team got hit with five technical fouls). Roman is playing the way Morris likes his teams to play ... a balanced offense with a lot of strong defense. With the emergence of sophomore Lonnie McFarlan and the strong play of Larry McGill and Charlie Robbins, no one can key on Reggie Jackson. "The first game of the season was a clue," Morris said. "Archbishop Ryan (coached by former Roman as-- sistant John Miller) came out in a di- Leon Spinks tests balance as beagles work .1 ing with my old gal Sam, a labrador, but when an invitation comes to hunt with a friend's beagle I can't refuse. Recently I participated in a rabbit hunt with a pair of fine hounds down in Cecil County, Md. Our bag was a modest three bunnies for four hours with three other hunters following the dogs. A great day! One particular rabbit had eluded the dogs and run into a thick jungle of greenbriar. With no hesitation, the two dogs plunged into the maize and, in due time, pushed the rabbit into the open grass in front of me. It was out of shotgun range, but there it sat, waiting for the dogs to catch up. With bravado, the rabbit crouched motionless until the dogs were almost upon u. - - about three feet back into the green-briars and down a woodchuck hole. The dogs saw the rabbit and they nearly fell over each other trying to climb into the hole. Their baying took on a positively mournful tone. They knew they had been outfoxed (or out-rabbited). As it was nearly dark, we leashed the dogs and headed back to the car. They didn't come willingly. Every other step they'd look back m the direction of the woodchuck hole and whimper. Pennsylvania i-e to fish - ----''S tn - . eek Pt t" irps ,n tht! p'ae of Lancaster counties near Klienfeltersville. home nice oass aie falling to live minnows and so are hand-sized crappies. You'll need tiny minnows foj the crappies and the amond-and-one on Reggie. After a few minutes the score was 16-2 and Reggie hadn't touched the ball. "We have five guys who can really score." Meanwhile, West Catholic is projecting itself into the Southern Division race, having come together by winning a Christmas tournament in South Jersey and creating echoes around the league with Tuesday's 80-61 win over Father Judge, the state's third-ranked team. "We're just now playing like I had hoped we could," said Pat Cassidy, who's in his first year as head coach after four seasons as an assistant. "If you haa asked me two weeks ago, I'd have said we weren't ready for league play, but we are now. "It's just been a matter of continually working on things. The kids are playing good defense, and we're getting the ball up court quickly, which is our game." Angelo Reynolds and Jeffrey Hunter get most of the publicity at West, but the team began moving when 6-foot, 5-inch Carl Thomas was inserted in the starting lineup and 5-8 Cordell Jones developed at guard. Cassidy adds that Jaimie Davis is a key to the team. The Southern Division will find out quickly if anyone can beat Roman and who'll be doing the chasing. The he trains for Muhammad best time seems to be of the day. Up in the Poconos, big Lake Wallenpaupack is giving up some yellow perch and an occasional bro'vn trout. Minnows again are the best bait, but if you want to try artificials, buy a handful of shad darts and paint them fluorescent orange. LONGPOINT-""" YACHT SALtb, inc. Earleville.Md. 21919 Deoleri For: TROJAN SILVERTON MAINSHIP 1871 MIlllllK 111 dH $9600 lUMItlWll $13,300 11 !! 'MWMIMIW IIS MirCr ...$ 1 J.200 14 ft HUM !!Stlirysfcl $10,000 "(171 SIIKEITDM 1 tipresv ntrtnnb, $18,000 -301-275-8137 p OLAilKON V - I' ISO HP I O Voivo 77 Mao'C till tracer. Blue 8. wh te me'a"c. Naugahvde leader seal. crpe'v custom dash board, cover, etc Not 1 scratch on boat. Showroom new 779 7996 55'ALUM. Houseboat. Extras, exc cond. as S.16.500 Pvt. toe East. Shore Ches Bay 609-879-7000 ATTENTION ATTENTION US Coast Guard Aux. Flotilla 23, Div 2, 3rd Sr will start a 13 wk. course in Boating Pleasure 8. Sea-fnanshin at ? locations U S NAVAL TRAINING CENT. Woorthaven Rd & Comiv NE Phita Arton Jnr 9 Class unlimited U S NAVAL AVIATION Martinsnntl rd & oxford NF Phtla Thrs Jan 1? 35 people only Reg7 6PW 1st Cass 8 10 PM Ca'i for more information R A f o .cs ?15 P I T'S BOAT Tracer 2S'. New elec winch, 4 Ah, D'ares r.o S3000 W' lae 5 "JO 609 766 :710 COLONIAL CRUISER 37' Twin Crrvser Log tw en'OOfd S3i00 f 'm C an att 6 urn 609 DP J 39 1? H AT TEK AS FiScrglas. Yachts at r is an-jg amv Care Agy. NJ New Chns Craft & Carver D'Fctyp Ha'Dn- Yacht Sales Riverside, N J. 609 461 1194 9 'PM OCEAN RACER 76', custom bit, 71 LmvS'er 440 niod tied a so custom ti ttra ier Both only 59.500 must sell, 201 112 2833 Astocltted Press Ali bout the last hour 4200 Boats and Marine I grJVrVW75 1 ATLANTIC SAILING YACHTS INVENTORY CLEARANCE ON ALL ericsons IN STOCK NEW 1977 REPLACEMENT COST ERICSON 39B ERICSOIM 32 ERICSON 31 C ERICSON 27 09781 ERICSON 23 CB Visit 111 Easlon Ave., Eastport, Annapolis, Md. 24103 Is 301-268-4680 DC 261 imivi i-.i "dtp, IO, needi eno S4900 WAS-ur6 uas CUSTOM F-44 TROJAN '75 MU I UK TMLn i F ! A C, Solid alt end. manv extras incl electronics, Reoimi over JUS. 000 Will trade al SW.J0O ., eel' Bob Eflord 301-287-9400 Trotan'76, 26' Express Cruiser. I, B used only 22 hrs, VHF, paoer DF, extras sac 6uy-y-unno WELL CRAFT'77-SUNCRUISER 2 000 Two sleeper Cuddv Cann w stove, ice box. sink, oar & Plenty ol storage This 20'. ISBh p l 0 complete with D F, VHF radio Jul; canvass, comoass 8. ."'"Jff'f.J w,oe- A'tl store till spring. 511,2l)iJ cat 609 879-1406 a't 6pm 30' SILVERTON '74 330 H P. Chrvl. 180 hrs VHF, C B. recorder, rei'AB H&C showr. Excel cond. 515,900 4" 1149 Boats-Engines. Sales. Serv. REPOWER ALI. POPULAR GAS . DSL ENGS D'SCOUNT PRICES RIVERSIDE MARINA RIVER'iCF. N ! ,,( (,,,. Ol;.? h I'1 'J" from wnmi best Speedy Morris . . . 'strongest since 1969' Cahillites meet The Prep tonight, then face Bonner, O'Hara and West Catholic in succession, with DeMatha , the Nation's No. 1-ranked team sandwiched in between. The Philadelphia Area High School . Soccer All-Stars will meet their New York area counterparts at 1 p.m. tomorrow at Chestnut Hill Academy Field. Philadelphia is led by two all-Americans, Roxborough midfielder Paolo Gambaro and Bishop Kenrick goalkeeper Jeff Holbrook. School basketball Gratz' 3d in row led by Melton George Melton scored 19 points to-lead Gratz to its third straight Public League basketball victory yesterday, a 60-45 rout of visiting Frankford. Joe Brown backed up Melton with 11 points, while Tony VanCliff (12) paced Frankford. Eric Vinson's 23 points helped undefeated Martin Luther King (13-0, 3-0) beat host Northeast, 86-64, despite Richard Johnson's 31-point, 14-re-bound performance. West Philadelphia (12-0, 4-0) won its 55th straight with a 73-53 victory over visiting Franklin. Clarence Tillman led the Speedboys with 29 points and 16 rebounds, while Kevin Mc-Cary added seven assists and six steals. For Franklin, Randy Cunningham scored 12 points. At Germantown 91, Washington 57 German, tovn (5-3, 3-0): Barry Nobles 1. Washnigton (0-3): Ken Hamilton 23. Gerald Johnson had IT points and 12 rebounds for Germantown. Bartram 81, at University City 7 Bartram (3 0): Ed Wallace 18. University City IS-, 0-3): George Gilyard 24. At Southern 52, Edison 38 Southern (3-8, 2- 2): Kevin Broadnax 17. Edison (0-3): Barry Crawford 1e. At Overbrook 73, Dobbins t - Overbrook (. 4-0): Antonio Costner 1, Carlton Willis 1, 18 rebounds. Game was tied, 49-49, after three auraters, but Costner scored 10 pionts In final period. . . - At William Penn 42, Bok 5 Penn (1-J): Victor Jackson 14, Bok (1-1): Kevin Jacobs 14. Mack Johnson hit two free throws to give Penn a 61-59 lead with 1 minute left. A Lincoln 63, Roxborough 58 Lincoln (1-2): Mike Turchi 22. Roxborough (0-4): Bernard Al 3- 0): Al Taylor 18. Olney (1-4, 1-1): Tim McAli . len 20 points, 13 rebounds, seven blocks. At Central 88, Olney 83 (OT) Central (54, . ley 23. Ira Kuturan hit a field goal and two free throws in the beginning of overtime. At Academy of New Church M, Cedar Orey Academy 55 Academy ot New Church (4-J): . Tom Brecnt 24 points, 22 rebounds. Cedar . Grove: Derrick Burton 17. St. Joseph's Hammonton 40, it St. AugustWt 55 St. Joseph's (3-5): Paul Ordllle 17. St.. Auaustine (5-5): Chris Lino 21. St. Joseph' trailed by 13 at halftime, by 7 after three quar-ters. At St. James 40, Penns Grove St - St. ' James (3-4): Ken Howard 20. Grove (3-4). Mark 1 Gallagher hlf 15-footer with J seconds left to; win. ' CITV LINE AT BELMONT AVE., PHILA. CLUBS-ORGANIZATIONS! GROUPS! SPECIAL RATES TUESDAY-THRU-SUNOAY 879-4000 Supplies T SPECIAL $58,000 $28,900 $36,000 $23,500 $ 9,500 $75,268 S40.096 $43,627 $27,085 $12,678 us at: - 2370 Balio 269-6444 COLUMBIA IUKUNAUU MORGAN RANGER SABRE O DAY" SAILING ASSOCIATES GFORGETOWN. MD 301 -275-glTI r,il I IAABI A CnntMular 94'. MIC. Johnson 6np, head, eaHev, sip 4, custom features, excel cond, call t41 i, 302-731-4746 INTERYACHT RANGE R '76, 6 saWs, Gemnl heaostav, new keel design, Sips 5, Excet. Cruiser, Racer. Ask S?6 ooo 33' RANGER '73, WW steering, 4 sails, owner moveo trom Area. As,ng S78 XX) 35'CH.C '74. Better than new, retrig, 4 sails, incl Roi,er Furling. A Cond'g H C press water, Att Bronkes 8, Ga'ehouse E ec'rs 8. more Ask S42.S00 30' CUSTOM SLOOP on CAL 40 Huii, dsi. teak 8, manog ml, Loran, re'rig Propane stove oven. 9 sa is, wen eood lor extended cruising All bna's located Annanot's. Md CAROL RATCLIFFE 30I-267-8677 1975 ISLANDER 30. Spin gear, J sa 5:6 000 215 672-6795 MORGAN Ol 33 '73 Atomic 4. Steel cradie. electronics. Asking 828, 009 201 240 3775. TANZER '75 28 Cruise equipped, aoed. 517 000 431-1823 tl 6 47' sailboat, wood, tuNv equipped, S1OO0 fteoiv- Langnon 472 yV. Perry St. Cape May. NJ 08:04 17 nr - mi inrrain1 - -M-j-j-j -j r- -i-ni-i-"- m

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