The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1947
Page 3
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Cancel, m-17 BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIKR NEWS PAGE TBRES Farmer's Body Newsphoto Reunites homily Coroner Believes Man Suffered Metsrt Attack; Rites in Hornersvillc vice-"! for Yoniit, retired rsvlllu, MIL. fanner whose bo- s found .Monday in a water- w-bout tm the tlootlway ar there, will be held a! ck tomorrow afternoon at the Ts'. ille I'en'.aco.stal Church. as 79. uj! \vill lie in Hornersvilfe tnry with Ihe Kev. Mi 1 . Sca- s. p.'slor of (he IVntat'OXtat ' Mr. Venn'.'s bodv was found by a man ran! his wife who had been ro'.vin': mi the iioodway At an in<ii:i"i! yesterday morniiur. Coroner Wniu'v Ha.vkins said Mr. Lonnt a>>!i ircntly suffered a heart attack j and drowned when lie fell into ihi' I v.'.iin in Mil- bo:tom of the boat. [ 'Ihf retired farmer was born in Mitriiuand. Mo., in 18(J3, lie is sin- vi\i'd by his wife. Mrs. Mznin Youn': two sons. F.riifsl Yolint of White <I:ik. Mo., and Robert Yount of K< mien. Mo,; two daughters, Mrs H'l'iha Hridwell of Canalon, Mo.. and Mrs Fannie Hollis of Salina. r-::in.; a brother. Tinner Yount of .M:!rrjiiand: \'.i trrand-ehildren and tile urtMt Kr:nid-( iiildren. llo-.\'nr(i l r unf'ral Home of Manila :* ;ii ch:\rp,e. Russians Seek To Rule Germans GOP Foreign Policy Adviser Gives Report On Moscow Conference •NEW YO1JK. April 30. lUl'l — Hnssla hai decided to rebnlld- int! a strony Gerjiiaiiy, hopinu to ilominate it tlirou«h the Communist Party and turn it into a Soviet workshop, according to John Foster Dulles, (Republican lon'i'fii policy adviser. Dulles, in a radio report to liic people on the Moscow conference, suid lust night the deadlock on a German peace treaty hinged on one issue: 'Russian insistence i''t a strong industrial Germany with a central ^evernment, and the Western powers demanding a weak Germany that would never (\uain be abii! to wage war, ''.Soviet economic needs are so acute and so vast, thai they were now willing to take the risks in order to Bel i;oods." Dulles said. "They plan to reduce the risk Uy tyilu: Germany tirUitly into their own political system so that, they tiliure, Germany's Industrial mifjjhl !••' UM'd .i-.ainsi them."| which will |>ul all German trade! p os * ers Uraina Jewish ' «<1 by the "Executive Ckmimlttcc -. iMio M-rvcd us adviser unions under central control located! v T r J • n • Ior " le March to -Zlpn." ' •' - " '>/ iv o! suite lli-orjje (J.'ln IJerlln. CXOOUS Found in DOVOHO i 'Constabulary headquarters °'fe'-' "J [ f ' " Hi :; Finii- KiR-lnir -aiu'li ;i sel-up I hey believe Ihey , iwted, meanwhile, that "seven r ' MUNICH, April 30. (UP)—Pos- trucks loaded with 299 Jewish DP-s . u mass Jewlsli exodus were halted SatunUy on thje'Gcr- ivo _: in 'Mosrovv, ['an ronlrol by penetration, i'.t d''.ui:cp|'K as a "trai:-, wlnrli they are past master?;." iv.::!u:,.. i n i.mvp.. whose iinlles said. "Under those condl-lt,, I'ale.sllnc wcro found ycKlerday man-Aastrlan border.' .The ! V.trucks '*%. i^ |:!->oi'..-cit !:e;ause tin' ttims 11 icy n.e willhiB to risk turn- j n s cverul linvnrlan dlsplaced-per- belonged to the Jewish Agency for '' r "• raiini.'. awe." inv. lleniuuiy Into a wdikshop lui! sons c»nip:(. The posters were sign- Palesllne, according to authorities. i^e over a niitloiiyide ihe Koviel Union. The |jl:ni. ol ill ' He admitleil| rmir.-ir, also Ills into Soviet world :.;•; Hum was eX|)i'i'le.l. I hl ,. on irast. he suld (he Western •N',i' ( f that "we illtl not p,,^,.!^ w'anled a new Germany i- i aii.r.-lianded bo.-ause W j lh •• |:0 iii| l . L i| institutions whieli .v V,,- worked om policies WOH)l| U .., IM (iennims i o t |,|,, k :11 lil i; lie a tri'.nendiius value^ .,,. t imiividually and not lie muss ! ' kUl1 '' IoiU:w( is ol some fimalical lender. * Knsvijni Object lies We wanted to authority I'.r said, wants three Horn the bottom up and not be i ( M-riii:iny: liinpu.sid from the lop down." ••ti ; eentriil government He said lirilain, Frnnce and Itic. «! • t;ui!i Herliii. whu'h is '.n United Slatu.s fell Dial itiven a /.HOI'. 1 chan:-e "Cl.'imany \v{iulil be more li:;;in iloinhiant pohtk'.il apl. In lu jieacetul llndcr a federal :.!:u'h roumumlsts will system like our own--\vhere there .:iim-; |sui. \ ;.re .-liecks and balances- through ti.uli' unini federation ' states' rii;hts and an independent judiciary, competing |io!lllea! par- .Largest waterway • lock In . the v lies mid trade unions with local world Is In the Amsterdam ship autonomy." canal of Holland. § Save 50c Chopping Expense BEN WHITE & SONS '> ••••-.. .^M'- •- - ••. U. S. Strike Record S/?oys Improvement WAfir-lNCTON. April 30. (UP> — Ihr- I..nbni- Dcpai'tmcnt reported t'Kiay that there were fewer -strikes flm rv; the first quarter of this 'ijfc'i " l!l!1 in an >' tlirei; - mouth '1^ since V.-J day. 'I'TJI report did not cover the telephone .strike which be^aii in the ser-nnd f(iiarter. It suid Ihe [t.MO.OOO man d;^s ]»v^' because n[ sti'ikes during the first quarter represented about one- Jixiecnlh of the work lost last year. , The newsphoto above, one of many on the Texas City blast truns- • initted by NEA Telepholo, helped reunite lloy Wilson, reiiorteii missing long nflor the explosion, with his British war bride ami their 9-months-old daniihler, who arrived in Hie U. S., April 15. , the day before the disaster. They were to have Joined Wilson in ; Texas City. Photo shows Mrs. Betty Wilson will! dauqhter Ann hovering over teletype machine in New York lied Cross ollice, ; anxiously awaiting won! of her husband. 1U> was still reported missing until April 20 when, holding a copy of u Houston newspaper containing.the picture, he raced into Texas City lied Cross i headquarters, shouting juylully, "That's my wife, and babyl" Surprise for Fire Clilf t ~ '*• • NEWPORT. N. H. tUI') —. Two' fire trucks raced to the home of , I'irc chief Cieoryi. li. Lewis hill \ there was no fire there. '1'he men j were hel|ilng tlielr chief eeli'hiate his SGIh birthday and used the apparatus to curry Ihe present;;. CQrMTRACTORS '•''•-.- • :' NORTH tENTH- •Phorve:3l5l # Hunt Cliemically Delinted, Fuzz-Free COTTON SEED £ !*i Siive Money—<i lo 10 M>8. per Acre. Any cf-rn, p«ar or >! v bt'iiii iilantur will plitnl those smooth, slick cotton seed. >; ;•; '5 J Can lie plowed 5 ID t» Any a after "SuntlnR. x $ lUnVUUN 1111 — HTONEVll.l.R 2C — !>• I* & >• H x I HIATIIKVIM.IO HOYKKAN COKl'OIJA'l'lON 5 \ K!>(i IMione Rf>7 » IBLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPJ Phones 856-857 Read Courier news Want Ads of Cash? RCAF Planes Seek Trace Finance Plan Explained for Qf Wreckage 1 New Hospital VANCOUVKR. '!. C.. April S3. (UP) — Canadian Air rorce reescuc planes concentrated on tin wooded mountain slopes of Vancouver Island t(x-.-.y -.n the:-.- search for MEMPHIS. Tenn.. A;:i il :iO. fUi') — Col. Root. P.. Rnowdrn. Horseshoe Lake. Ark., announced today that SIM.OOO already had pledged to '.lie pianned ?K•a Trans-Canadian Airiiii-jr which 333,000 hiiildlns tiuid for r. now crashed with 15 persons aboard j : B 3.| )C( | East Ark.insa-, Hospilal. while maneuvering here. At dawn today for a landing KCAF pilots Snowden told ';,jll ci\'ic leaders the businessmen U'.st initial pledges nlisht that t;i\e is a most cncoursas-'ini; start." The hospital is expected to cost aboul S2.iiCii.OCO. It will serve as u ircncral hospital with r.ll facilities for \vliite oivl Ne^ro patients in six ICast. Arkansas coun- were to circle Moriaity. the 5,030-fuot |)cik on which a pilob yesterday retailed a "bright. shiny object." Meanwhile civilbni pnrnchutisls were standing by lier?, rea.ty to fly immediately to Lhc sit-^ of tlie'ties. crash as soon as it is oUscovcred. [ • During; the day a yovcrniiient i wro:e in hi.s latest book. "The Last crash lioat investi[;ato^ f.vo oil Trump." slicks on the \vate?, one in Gcor- De Hon^cmont, outlining the gitl Bay and the othor in Na- problems caused by devolopmer.t of | noose Harbor. -10 railc; Went. arrf'SS tin? bomb. ?n[(\ a new war would the Georgia strait. Neither of "only br a civil \var was;e<l by the i the two oily patc-ie; w:.; identi-' human s!)ecie s upon itselt.' fied as having been made by 111 e.' ^. ^_^^,'Z17^'^"-' - - - - - -~^"-^ »i^ missing nirliner. ' The twin-engined Lockheed Lodestar, flown by the Kovc-rn- ment-operated airure was reported missing .shortly before mid-' night, Monday. Cap,',. W. G. 1'ikc.' its pilot, radioed ihe Vancouver, Airport control lower thai he was at 7,000 feet -over the West ICK of the Vancouver radio innge, i maneuvering for :i landing. The visibility was reported pood. with a ceiling at. 2,50!) foot. He reported no mechanical failure. 'Colgate's pitcher Rollins Schuster. 18, of Mapleu'ood, N J., reports to class after be- in:; declared ineligible for- c«>llce,ialc comtx'lition for reportedly signing contract wilh lioston lied Sox for $17,000. ITS OUR FIRST *•*$&- : s '^,.. ; 2sJS.':^3, Swiss Author Says U. S. Has Store of 500 A-Barnbs NEW YORK. April 30. (UPI — The United States has a store of SCO atom bombs, some of which are "a thousand times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb," Dennis tie Rougemont, Swiss author, J We Guarantee \ RECAPPING ! with i j Hawkinson Treads [ Let Your Next Tires Be I ! GENERALS ! ! Cos! Mnro — Worth More IHODINGER TIRE CO. JIG V.. Main Phone 2201 J More Hfard-To-Gct CLOCKS are arriving '^SSS5W5», In Time for Mother's Day No\v nl last, quantities of new post-war models by America's foremost clock manufacturers are available. lint, slocl::; are still limited . . . Better Inury! Alarm Clocks .. .from\ 5.45 Electric Clocks. . .from 7.50 Mantle Clocks . . .from-, 10.00 Kitchen Clocks.-.from 5.95 DHEIFUS Mnnl llmiiii ,111! WESTMAI\ ST. ( PAYMENTS TIMED TO YOUR CONVENIENCE^) a fitting time, we think, to express our appreciation to our friends and customers who have made this year such a wonderful beginning for us. We have noticed that many of you have come out of your way to bring us your business, and for this we are * truly grateful. \ In return for your patronage and confidence we are striving to give you the very finest in quality merchandise and sen/ace, and we absolutely guarantee to meet, or beat, prices offered elsewhere! That's why we Say: "You'll find the finest at Rothrock's, at no extra cost." Rothrock Drug Company 205 West Main Street Phone 451

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