The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1936
Page 1
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ILLE eOURIEB NEWS VOL. XXXIII—NO. 107 BlrtturtlU OoutM TH« DOMINANT NEW8PAPEH Of NORTT^ABT ARKANSAS AND 6ODTRMBV MISSOURI D«UT ^ ARKANSAS, TUESDAY,'JULY' 21, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Tes MuUTFj IT Confessed "Trigger Man" Names Five Others Confession n . DETROIT. Jii|y 21 (UP>—The •Black legion was credited with a second murder today when Dayton noun, tilgger man and star witness, ooi'fcssrd that a ne-ro war veteran was taken out nnd Eliot to thrill six Legion mc'n- tlTS The murdered man was Siias C'oli-man. 42, who was shot c.n the nlRlil of ?/Iay 25. 1935, F.C- cordini! in tjpai:. Dean told ptlice that Calcium was shot because "Colonel" Harvey D.ivls, now held fin a murder churgc in connection will- the slaying of Charles Pooie, &, \VPA worker; v.nnled "to .see li.i-.v it "felt to >l.(o! a negro." Dean named six men,- incl'.irt'jig himself, who p;..rlieipatcd ir. tMe sheeting purly. Three mc-n l,e- sldes Dean ul!«aa; arc In cus-i.iy, and charged v.itl, the mus-dcr o'l I'oolc. They are Davis, ' ErVin Lee and John Eunnerman. T.yo others arc sr.i'.jht. They :tre Jiimes P.oy Ixnsnce and Chi-.i'- le - House. Piosecaicr Duncan O. M-Civn of Waynu :uuni.y, tl.ot warrants cl:ti:^in^ kidnaping f.'i'J murder would hi- .signed imip.'KU- ately in recorder's i court. Both crimes may be charged, m the Eame wairant^ despite Ihe fact that -the.' alleged murder occurred In I i\i Jiatou coui*-*y v bf- cawe slate s'atules "permit such a linking of charges where ; a series of crimes have, been committed. '' ' . ' . ' : Dean told McCrea. that'a party of four Black Legion members and their wives were ' spending a week-end at Rush Lake when they decided to kill the negro. Dean confessed that "it didn't matter who the negro was, just ' so he' was colored." , : Coleman was then lured', to a lonely spot near Pinckney, Midi., on the pretext he was going to celled some back wages and .shot to furnish "excitement" for the Black Legion party. New York Cotton NEW Cotton July Oct Dec Jan March May Spots YORK,. July 21 (UP) — closed steady. open high low dps; 1325 1330 1318 1320 1238 1244 1229 1231 1231 1237 1224 1232 1230 1231 1222 1231 1232 1234 1223 1230 1231 1237 1224 1231 closed steady at 1331, up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July 21 (UP) — Cotlon closed sleady. open high low close 1301 1303 1301 ' 1300b 1223 1218 July Oct Dec Jan March May 1303 1235 1240 1226 1232 1223 122(5 1223 1225 1231 1213 1224 1231 1224 1235 1227 1226 1226 1227 Spots closed steady at 1295, off Closing Stock Prices AT and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler :. Cities Service Coca cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester Montgomery Ward New York Central . Packard .'" Phillips Petroleum ':..'.'.. Radio Corp " St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Slanttard of N J ...... Texas Co U S Smelting .......'. U S Steel Warner Bros Zonitc " the ing at Topeka, above, to witness the ceremonies in which Gov Alfred i, upper right, will officially be notified that he is the candidate of the Republican party for "T,!!!,* «" 1U R d S ' ntC 1' D " ri "' " le ccre " lonlcs ' «-"'<•» w»l begin at 3:00 P. M.,, central staud- the si-Si Re ""7 nlatlVe Berlri "'" Bn '" «• *™ York, upper left, will make the notification, and „ , S * atel *°H-* sl(1 l' s « shorn, the improvised rostrum on- which will sit Governor I-andon and a hundred or more of ithe nation's leading Republicans. On surrounding .iavvns, IhouS ViU si" ill; Jam nearby streets. A parade will precede the ' ' "" ' °" bC1>ChCS; ° ther LIOlFflR ;• TOB|MEII Man Who Killed Aged Recluse for $15 Found Guilty at Pocahontas I>OOAHONTAS, July 21 (UP) — Chtfcrd Campbell, 24, today was declared guilty 'of the murder o! Frank McGhec, aged recluse of Warm Springs. A verdict of life imprisonment was recommendjd. Campbell, w h'o -v a s charged with first degree murder by the Randciph county' grand jury late yesterday, lied to East St. Louis III., March 14 after McGhee had been murdered in a robbery 'whic'i' reportedly yielded . $15. •':-.'. The fugitive WHS arrested :ln Illinois March 19 and taken' to Corning, where he signed a confession to the murder. , • 170 1-4 39 7-8 54 3-8 119 3-8l 4 3-4 111 53 3-8 42 1-4 70 7-8 82 5-8 43 5-8 40 1-2 11 3-8 4S 12 2 1-2 33 3-4 64 5-8 39 3-8 80 1-2 63 5-8 11 3-8 G 5-8 0 „, T 19.Fish Traps - -" n Stabbing Victim Dies; Officers Seek Assailant FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., July 21 '.(UP)—Washington county officers today searched for Benjamin Terry, 46, in connection with the fatal stabbing of Bill Lacy, 33. Lncy, a laborer, died Si'ncby from a knife wound Inflicted July 14- A death bed statement in the hands cf Sheriff Herbert L3wi, said the unexpected assault was caused by "trouble over a girl." Over Three Inches at Little Rock Said to Insure Normal Corn Crop LITTLE-ROCK, July 2i'-. (UP)-i A rain, general over most, of the state. last night, ended hiree weeks drouth and high temperatures In Arkansas. The, rainfall ranged from 3.0 LEACHVILLE,, Ark. — At 3:30 '"dies In Little Rock to .8 of an Sunday morning a fire alarm was I inch • in Texarkana. Pine Bluff Lightning 'Hits Garage At Leachville Sunday turned In from the, Riggs Motor Co., on South Main street, where lightning had, struck the rear cud of the garage building. In'a short time the fire department had the situation under control. Damage tn the building'was slight but,all the electrical wiring will have to be replaced. Next to the Riggs Motor Co., are tfie Leachvillc Lumber Co., sheds, which would have been-: endangered If.thc. fire received 3.4 inches while Helena received .1.5 Inches. The precipitation here was pre ceded by a heavy dust storm which lowered visibility to two blocks while high wii^s wrecked many ' trees in residential sections. Notables '•••'of Olhei Days Looked With Alarm on Progressive Laws BY,RODNEY WASHINGTON. —There Is just a chaiice. In case anyone'wonts lo be', optimistic, that the Lounti-j won't go to the do&,s, regardless of-who's elected. This Is said with full realization of; the gravity of. assertions that Hoosevelfs re-election mean-; chaos, aiiil dictatorship and that Landon's election would lead to black reaction and Fascism, While It may be that there Is more general, worry'about the future', this year than practically ever before, conclusive .. evidence i shows that .such woily Is by no means unique. Anyone with U nose for research can Icam quickly that most of the laws and in ' •dilutions mos.t highlj regarded today, to say nothing of presidential' choices,' jvere once widely Viewed—or; aft-least publicly described—as certain to wreck our nation. Early food and drug legislation, badly needed to curb poisonous medicines' and putriflcd meat In cans.: was. denounced as unconstitutional, an Infringement on state ilghls and, by Congressman Bart- letl of Georgia as part of the "onward march to centralization and bureaucracj inefficiency and corruption^ " i _ u> ' «• •t Ihe Income tnx was a bogey for inunj sears Tlie llhistiloui Senator David B Hill of New York branded the proposal as discriminating sectional, and Communistic and the equally famous Senator Sherman of Ohio Insisted Congress would be embarking on a program-of "Socialism,. Communism, devlllstn. The New York Sun Insisted that no. measure so effective ever before i lac i |j cen proposed "for the creation and maintenance of tramps." The Review of Reviews said it was "unmanly and un- American." Viewed With Horror, The celebrated Joseph 'H Ch'oate, attacking the Income tax before the U. S. Supreme Court' said It was being "defended here upon principles as Communistic Socialistic, and Populistfc as e\er have been addressed to :any ppl itical assembly In the world." . Qhauncey Dcpcw described the court's Invalidation of the law as a ; "national deliverance".-and New York newspapers described It 'as saving the government from being "dragged Into a Communistic war- Government^ Uses Stem iMeasures'As' Civil War > Rages Over Countiy * B) United PITS* The Socialist" Spanish goverh- iiwmt using troop,",,'IVolunlcer work- ei-s militia aillllerj, 1 ahi>liuics and warships began a ' crushing of tensive today against" Fnclsl right wing rebels, who arc. attempting lo overthrow the'regime. Bloodshed was general as civil war raged In, almost 'every sectlaii of the countrj Caslialdts were estimated to be In the thousnnds Columns of federal- forces branched out from the capital, In a determined cffort-to crush the revolt (it every ]wlnt. Town aflcr town, 'hold by the rebels, was repoitid to have fallen to the victorious governniLnt t loops i of casualties ncces HCIC Incomplete but rcput able tiuvelcR arriving at GiiiC'n Really Charlcne! TIE' Some liOO'omiBsleis h-ne been biought) to llolhwood for tij.- --„ 0>lls because their paicnls aid fioin 1000 to 2000 pi-rums thought thov, vveio talented and had been killed or woundcM In "diireient' Foi the srnie ica- Bnrcelona alone and much of the son ' ""^ nm ' Melzn Wjatt, of cits had been wrecked Churches and 'public 1 buildings were set afire In many cities, The leied rebels strength was ccn In Morocco Twelve ,lojaL warships weic at Tanjar prepai ing to bombard tho city when the Jaime One, povveiful warship, Joined them rhe rebel leader General f ranclsco. Frarjcoj sent, a message demaud'.vs u ln t life ships surrender 01 leave the poii threatening otherwise to bombard them from the ah ^American dozens were being evacuated; from danger points including Malaga by Biltlsh .warships, No Americans were reported killed. , luls-i, Old i, hiought their 7- yc-af-oldCharlcne. ButCharlcnc pioved even moie "different" tlnn the otliei dilution; anv- ^\aj, she tot a job and a con- tnU The happj child Is shown nbovc, with her paursnts below points, Biltlsh so fur Subpoena Seivcd On Pension Leadei Aftei He Quits Heaimg CLEVELAND, July 21 (UP)— Cr. .Francis E. Townsend. cofounder and owner of Old Age Revolving Pensions Limited, was "detained" today by deputy -sheriffs two hours after he walked out of a deposition hearing on a suit lo remove, him ay head •A constitutional • amendment ratified in "1913, you'll remember, put the law In full operation, but as late as 1909, John D. Rockefeller was saying "that when • a man has accumulated a sum of money within the - law, the people no., longer have any right to share In., the earnings resulting from that accumulation." Twenty-Jive years ago,'lobbyists were opposing the parcel post law and telling congressional commlt- Planters said rain came In time (tees that "our government already to assure them of a normal corn has approached the halting line throw The grey haired, leader of, the $2CO a month pe'rislon planners was. taken, Into, Custody as he left for Erie, Pa'., by officers armed with a subuoena ordering him to appear before Judge Samuel E.' Kramer. . - , Dr. Townsend and his attorneys stalked from the hearing wheii the doctor Was. asked questions : they considered "unfair.". crop while cotton promises an average yield. The weather fore- JOttWay had not been brought und'er con-| cnst . ft > r '"lhe slate today Is "thun- •"- -'.'i ..i";'•• ; Urol promptly. -.'... ". '"'• | dershowcrs and cooler.". JONESBORO, Ark. — Nineteen! The - electrical storm was accom-i ' ' ~^ : • fish traps were seized in the east f P a »'«l by a heavy wind and st u •• V. • , .'' , ditch of the Flood way in Poin- Sood drenching rain. .."' [Mulllla Mail IS Accused sett County Sunday by Game Wardens Victor Wyer • and Otto Chicago Wheat open high low close Jul 104 3-4 105 103 3-4 104 1-2 Bcp 103 3-4 104 1-8 102 3-4 103 3-8 Cummlngs and sixty-nine fish and one snake released. Fourteen of the traps were constructed from wooden barrels and flve were wire traps. The traps fish, 5 bass, contained 37 cat- t Buffalo, 9 carp, 10 perch, e crappie, 1 grinne), and a :watcr moccasin. Livestock Chicago Corn open high low close July .87 3-4 HI 5-8 87 3-4 91 5-8 S«B «* 3-4 88 7-8 84 S-8 83 S-8 EAST ST. LOUIS, 111. (UP) — Hogs: receipts, 6.500. Top 10.90 110-230 Ibs. 10.70-10.85 140-IGO Ibs. 8.00-10.50 Bulk sows 8.00-8.75 Cattle: receipts, 3,200. Steers, 7.00-8.85 Slaughter steers, 5.00-8.75 Mixed yearlings and heifers, Slaughter heifers, 4.00-8 50i Beef cows, 4.00-5.00 Cutters & low cutlers; 2.75-375 Tidewater Oil Company Buys Rodessa Interests TULSA, bkla., July 21 (UP)— Tidewater Oil company was reported today, to have purchased interests of the Pelican Oil au-1 Gas company In the Rodessa .iica of Louisiana. ' ' While 'tidewater 'officials could net be reached for conflrinncloii. U'.nally reliable' {.oiirces said Iho dral hid been consummated .it n price of $1,500,000. The trans-' fiction was , reportedly made for 120 acres of leases, 12 oil welli one gas well and a gasoline ab- Eorptlon plant In' Ihe area. Tidewater u-uorledly will assume management of Ihe interests on August 1. It would be the fourth nu.ior company* to obtain ppcr.uivu; Interests in the two states swtci 1 . 'lie others' ba- " g of Cruelty To Animal Will. Whllakcr of Manila will face trial in municipal court here Wednesday morning .on charges of cruelty to ah Biilmal and practicing veterinary : medicine with a • license. • Whitaker is alleged to have violated .stale laws by his actions at the-.time, of the foaling of » young colt. E. U - Malloy. nnd Tools Malloy of the.'Manila community were « of Socialistic and paternalistic legislation." Parcel post, It was said, would drive the small country merchant out of business and was an extension of bureaucracy. More Crave Alarm Pocketless Uniforms Prescribed For Police .READING, P«. • (UP)— Reading policemen, who catch ' summer colds' are out of luck-sunless they carry handkerchiefs In their hals. I The city's • police have new siim- .: mcr uniforms made without poc- rcfercnccs \,,,ii Pm-kni* •• in. th* „-,<..> ~~* kets. Pockets In. the shirt trousers are faked by flaps for appearance's sake. to "private Socialism" also seem to be old stuff. In 1888 President Qrover Cleveland was warning against "the Communism of combined wealth and capital" iii connection with proposed antitrust laws. ' Years later the American Bankers' Association was warning that the Clayton anti-trust bill would be injurious to business and the] c . r- ^ l l°"l,^!?,^ 0 '\.. 0 I "r^Kch-iSu*? a and : practically all the bankers Insisted It was ruinous. . : "Unsound and dangerous," saW the New York Times.' Feared Senators' Election 3D MM IN tEJMS Centennial Exposition at Dallas Badly Damaged by Toinado DALLAS, Texas, July 31 (UP) — Dallas arose shakily today and counted more than $1,000,00!) damage and 30 persons Injured from n -tornado which roared out of (he northnst at midnight; Streets \verc littered with the debris of smashed trees, signboards, roofs arid.plate glass windows and many parts of th2 $25.000,000 Texas Centennial exposition were badly damaged. Bolts of lightning crashed into inorc than a dozen homes and Judge Bone Quits Race ' Bu't Lee Cazoit Says He's In 'To Stay LI1TLE nOGK, July 21 (UP)— i 'the vathdrliwal of Juls-e Marcus Done nnd the duilul of'LI. Gov > Lcc Cazort (hat he vvould rtuit * weic the latest developments In the last 24 hours of the Aiknnsas for governor. Usually reliable sources repoit- cd that another candidate would drcp fiom, Hie contest before the end of the week Although ho official statement could be obtained from admin- ' i ibtratlon foiccs 11 was evident thai Gov J M Fi-trell nnd his lieulcnants were supporting Slate Sentiloi John C. Ashley of liird county foi (ho ncmlnallon Oiil Wnrkln-r For Ashley Heads of three major stile de- - pnitincnls were absent frrm their fi flees today ' vmd sub"! dluiJlts admitted that all MCIC In Ihe Held working for Ihe benefit of the laird county legislator >. Ally Gen. Carl Ilfilley was nll- Ins siieakin-j dates In the north and central sections, closlmj his day's v'oik with nn address at 11-itesvllle tonight Ca/crl headquartere denied that, the lieutenant gov'ernoi would or hud considered quitting the race and blunder! sifch reports as political rumors intended to huit Ills campaign , With the selection of an ad-* ministration candidate commonly kno\vn, rumors were current that a number of highway and rev- cm/; deimrtment, employes had 6iilH over the section' and V(h,ll3 crnliltullng their' part,, toward a campaign fund 'vvtHe lining them- ,• selves up^ \vlth other candidates ftlnv Make' No 1 ArinMiiKcnieht ""'^{j It was predicted by some' ob- ,, "servers that tlYere will be no pub- i I 'lie announcement a's Jo lhe j choicfr t i cf the adcninntrHtlon forces, but that department heads will "pass • woid' to employes and friends thioiighoit the state ^ Adherents lo this theory said naming the candidate onenly, vvould subject him. to criticism because of the presumption that* he would be the beneficiary °$,^, the campaign fund raised recent^""* ly wlihout the contribvlors • hav-- Ing an opportunity to •• know, whiclv^ candidate It vvould go to. "~, In Judge Hone's announcement , of his Withdrawal he mentioned ncue of the candidates and apparently released ,hfs supporters^ to any candidate they may choose.. business cstablishmcnt-s but the worst damage was caused by tho 05-mlle-an-hoiir wind and nearly two Inches of rain. Most . ,of the persons injured were hurt by timbers hurtling through the air and by shatter- irig glnss v . Four, firgn'icn and. a dairj'. store employe were overcome by ammonia- fumes when ''lightning 'crashed Into' the cold storage plant of an ice -company. They were revived.. i,Damage', at the Centennial exposition was estimated in excess of 8200.0CO. The stoje setting for "CUva'cade of Texas," pageant depicting Ihe slntc's history, was flattered.)' .Ur/ilnlng :(ruck n. dressing room but the rain extinguished the fire that resulted. 'Average Safe Drivers' Found To Be Past 40 WASHINGTON. (UP)—The American Automobile Association has .found that tire "average safe driver" Is 46 years old and has been driving for more than 20 years without a single accident or violation of motor laws. • The A.A.A. statement is based'^' on a check on. driving records T shown In the applications to June ' 30, from all parts of the'United States in the national'contest-to select the representative safe* driver In 48 states and tho District of Columbia. ' : £oi)r J>?nf To Asylum From Here'In Two Days ' Three • persons - were committed here ye-sterday - lo the state, histi- Drouth Aid Allotments of $2,826,750 Reported WASHINGTON, July 21 (UP) — Tlie Resettlement Administration today made public, n report showing that thus far It • has alloled a total of' ^2,828,750 m. direct relief grants for humari stibslslenca In the drouth area. The allotments ,by sta cluded: Arkansas,. 530,000. In- lution for nervous a fourth today. ; diseases nnd In eluded in the group *\cre three men and one woman. Two of the men were residents of this • city, the young woman j was of the Manila community, L-.IICII oc.-iura Eiccuon , When direct .election 'of scm\- nnct n " oltt man wns f10111 the «« ' hirers "'rers nnln« unless Hoar of nnounced that . found inot- guilty of this f»«on;-of -hostility lo legitimate 1= n ft., , nce a is a ces- h ,, ( ,.,„/.,,,,......,.,,,„, „„ , leitimat ' A charge of breacli of the peace against Uurn Whistle was dismissed without prejudice. Arthur Collins, negro, was fined $10 on a charge of disturbing the peace. Hq failed to appear hi court yesterday.'; and forfeited a S10-cash bond" on a charge of publ.le .drunkenness. Ills case today . .was''docketed on the state or .county docket'tind carries as a .result prosecuting attorney's costs eouii costs'and'other fees. ' of our merce and trade will be critically Constitution Is gone." warned that had been "established _ ,. i by the Constitution to protect the The Chicago Tribune decided American democracy against It- It was "one of the most danger- sc lf." ous and subversive measures ever seriously considered by an American Congress." Senator Brandegee of Connecticut said it was "Socialism" aiid "despotism." Tlie Federal Reserve System bill was "revolutionary, Socialistic, and unconstitutional," according to Senator Aldrlch of Rhode IsUnd, Manila section.: Funeral Services Held For John L, Morris Today The body of John L. Morris, .cafe .cook, found dead In bed here early yesterday morning, was removed to New Albany, " Miss, Passage of the first Interstate! where burial made todaj, commerce commission bill, Sena-1 last night by relatives tor Hoar said, would "create a) Morris' death was attributed lo acute alcoholism nnd heat The moral of all this, If 'any, seems to be thai most of us can afford .to avoid high blood •pressure over the campaign until the cool days of October. ; Fleet breeds of camels .carry their-'riders and bags of water 50 miles a day for five dajs without a 'drink. - <^ Drunks Forfeit Bonds Forfeitures were ordered in two cases in municipal court this morning when defendant failed to .ippear. They were J.' Arthur Collins, with public drunkenness Each had posted $10. E. McBride and negroes, charged WEATHER ARKANSAS Thundershowers tonight. Wednesday mostly cloudy with local showers In east, por- ilou. Memphis and Vicinity— Thund- ershow^rs this afternoon and tonight Wednesdiy generally fair. Little change. -In temperature. The -maximum tcniporalure^here 5 esterday t, was 93, minimum 72, paitly cloudy with" 05 'of an Inch rainfall, 'according to Samuel f, NoiTls, off!cl»l weather observer.

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