The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 9, 1949
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1949 FiLYTIIEVII.I.E' (ARIU COURIER NEWS Policy and Appropriation Units Stage Vicious Struggle to Get Upper Hand in Halls of Congress B.r CUrL Re^ch WASHINGTON—Each year the foreign aid bills reopen the old war between the policy committees of Cong"«* and the appropriations committees, Each year the hearings committees, and particularly their cliairaeri, acquire more and more power Once the House rose in its wrath and cut the appropriations committee down to size. In 1885 the and debates on the authorization committee chairman had acquired bill seem to be repeated when the i so much authority that he. rather appropriation bill comes, up. It looks like a re-run of the same old feature, and the ordinary reader probably feels like saying "this Is where I came in". Why does Congress have to cover t\\c same ground twice? The theory sounds pretty good. First the general merits of a measure are considered. The specialists on foreign affairs work the matter over :horoughly In committee. Then Congress passes au authorization bill. On April 14 of this year, for ex- jmple, it decided to carry on EGA ^»r another year and to provide "almost $6000,000,000 for the work. Next the appropriation bill for the same program comes up. The ippropriations committees look into the matter and decide what the government can afford Lo spend, tpking into consideration* all the other demands on the U.S Treasury. Under certain circumstances they can increase, reduce or withhold entirely the amount authorized in the original bil. The trouble starts when the appropriations committees decide to review ihe merits of the measure. The rules of both houses say they cannot legislate but can only appropriate. But In the ECA bill last year and this year they thoroughly rehashed the arguments on the substance of the ECA program And in their proposed appropriations they made a variety of stipulations about how the money should be spent. Most of the debate on the EGA appropriation bilk hinged on the contentions of foreign policy spe- than the speaker, was the man lo be consulted if a member wished to the floor for one of his projects. Any time he chose he could Ihtust a privileged appropriation bill upon the {loor and block action on any other measure. In that year the House split the appropriations group into el^ht separate committees. They were not combined into one committee again until 1921. when the Budget and Accounting Act was passed. It '.vas felt then that there was a need lor one committee to deal with appio- printions—taking a broad view of all fiscal requirements of Ihe government. Now. many members feel thr balance of power Is once apaiu r into the hands of the men who hold the purse strings. No Help Sighted For Sweltering East Coast Folks CHICAGO. Aug. 9. (APV-Theie wasn't much on the weather map today to cheer the sweltering pop ulace in the eastern half of the na lion. A narow band of' cool air wa: noving slowly eastward from the tockies a cross t he Da kot as cialLsts the House and Senate that the approprialors were trying to be policy makers. Fundamental issues of ECA policy were involved in some of the sipulatlons of the appropriations committees. Typical was tile proposal of Sen. McClellan (D.-Ark.l that $1,500,000.000 of this year'. 1 ; ECA funds be earmarked for thr- purchase of U.S. farm products ^dpssed BS surplus. *5 There is growing resentment in both houses against such alleged encroachment by the appropriations committees. Many senators and representatives feel that once Congress has decided that there shall be program of a certain type there is no necessity for the legislative ma chine to cover the same ground again. ) The same thing happened last; year. The ECA authorization bill ' was passed on April 2. 1918, after ] six months of work on the measure. .But Rep. John Taber (R.-N.Y.), then chairman of the House Appro- priitlonr. Committee, expressed doubt of the wisdom of the measure, largely through his efforts the entire matter was debated for the second thne. The ECA appropria- i iion bill was not passed until June 20. 1S4«—about two and one-half months later. I Foreign aid bills are not the only I one.i that have to pass » double j array of legislative hurdles, al- I though they have been the most 1 conspicuous. The dual consideration ! of many controversial measures is becoming more and more common. The result is that the appropriations •linncsola, but it showed no signs uf spreading out. It was expected, lowever. to push into the Great /ikes regttin by late tomorrow and turn temperatures there back into the 80's after three days of 99-degree readings. General cloudiness brought some relief throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and some other great plains areas Local showers were reported from South Dakota southward to CHANNEL SWIM TUV GODS IXTi:KN.YnONAI/—English Chauiel swim aspirants stand under tlay.s o! their respective nations in trml 01 Dover. England, seaside hold Aus. 5. In top background can be stcn part of the lamous chalk chits of Dover. Left to right arc: Mrs. \\iui Crols Van Rijsel, ol Holland, who tailed in one attempt last month; Pimp Mickman, of England, who also tailed in an attempt, this year: Bhlitey and Ma - v fiance, 16, of Somerset, Mass.. anil Klna Anderson, ot Denmark, last of our to arrive in Dover for the attempt. tAP Wlreplioto). PAOE FIVE Democratic Leaders Have Little Hope That Social Security May Be Expanded in This Session Broken Drinking Glass |N egro Deaths ^Afrtnr Afrtrinn+nt riAn^i. , -^ Meant Accidental'Death NEWARK, N.J., AllJ A drinking gla.« which Morris Cor- PH-W accidentilly knocked horn bis wife's hand cost him hLs lile. ix>lice were told. Corprew'i wife said he Funcral servico.s for Rev. Robir.son were conducted in ihc Bclhel A.M.E. Church this a[t?r- b 5' Rev - W.M. Winfield, By Francis M. Lenny < WASHINGTON, Aug. 9. (/!•) — Democratic leaders virtually abandoned hope today for any social security expansion tills year. They called this stand realistic, even though the House Ways and Means Committee yesterday announced Its approval of legislation to blanket 11,000,000 more persons under old age insurance. The committee, in its most Important so-'il security action In a dcciule, decided also to boost old age Insurance benefits by 50 lo 150 per cent, in some categories, and to Increase the payroll taxes to finance the expanded program. Under the legislation, confirming presently scheduled increases, the payroll taxes "-111 Jump from $1.800 nOO.OOO to about $2.700.000000 in 1950. But one lop Democrat told reporter? there is little. If any, hone that Ihe Icelslallon will be passed by Ihe Senate before 1950. ft drive will be launched to press it through Ihe House this year. The Senate legislative log jam presents action there, he said. nceardless of whether Con/rrss acts. Ihe tax will increase from Ihe present one per cent lo 1 "i per cenl niialnsl employes' im.v nnd em- plivors' payrolls on January 1 Tile new legislation would bri in only a little over one-half of the MTiO.OOn new workers President Truman risked Conercss insure. But II would raise the tolnl numb?! 1 covered from 350(10(100 fbnut 46 Ortn.000 nnd t:ivc the "re^i- dent a large r- -t of Ihe other cx- pansirm fc;ihires he rcn''ostcd. AUIIMEI larrre economic groups still left out nf old age insurance, under the bill, -re about rVOno.OOO farm oneri>tors and 3500.000 farm workers. Those covered. If the House and Kennte agree with the conimittne. would be: J.K. i -1500.100 srll-employcd persons other Uinn farmers, doctors and !a\vver, c . 6UOOOO employes of non-nrolit Negro Is Hot Present To Hear Death Penalty HOPE, Ark., Aug. jj_M>j—A young Negro man. who was nat in the courtroom to hear tho verdict, Is muter death sentence for raping u uhite expectant mulher. Herman Maxwell. 21. was removed from a heavily guarded Hcmpstoiid County circuit courtroom when the jury retirrd |;i e yeMeniay. Judge Dexter Hush avoid "any c Maxwell had w to Ihe charge of attacking th« woman In the De Ami Community last July 20, As the only defense witness he denied he hwl raped the prosecuting witness. t The all-white male Jury deliberated ten minutes before relurnlnf the verdict "snilty of r»pe". It had j been instructed such a verdict car- lied r,n automatic death penalty. More than 05 per cent of th« nickel produced from the Sundburj mine.* in Northern Ontario, Canada, Is exported to the United State*, Great Uritnin, and other Industrial countries. "DON'T CRY, QUEEME"- Heigniii); over the "Anything on Wheels" Derby in New York. ''Mr. America" llnds it necessary to comfort his quuuii, "Miss Amenca." She's not too happy alxjut pcrronnine her royal duties. They're Pauline Mnrlarmio and Bula Mukula. hoth tlirce. The dc-rljy is sponsored annually by the Children's Aid Society. siding cider for the A.M.E. Ciuirih's p-e- j iiistm-tlons other tlinn ministers" stumbled ' Forest Citv District. Burial was in the gla^j, to tht floor and smash-! w 'iy'ig. .•Tmcmoriafservicowas caii- mg it. Thrown otf balance, lie U'.cn I (iw , C( j ,,.st night al the church. Special tiibute to the memory of the minister wus paid at the. meeting ye.sterfUiy ol the Inter-Deuoin- Temperatures upwards from Ihe j Against her in their home knocking castrm Cemetery lower DO's were in prospect today | trom the. MiK.siss.ippi Valley to the Atlantic Coast. The mercury kept within normal ranges along the Pacific Coast. fci; on ihe Jagged piece.s. Physicians at tie eBth Israel hospital, where he afcd yesterday, said Read Courier News Want Ads the cut glass seared 'his chest. an artery in : in.uonal MitiLstrlal Alliance in the | Caller Temple, C.M.E. Chinch on ^INFLUENCE MATCHES—The Universal Match Corp. in SI. Louis, Mo, said it received a query from • Senate subcommittee concerning the corporation's dealing with James V. Hunt, a principal figure in rtic Senate investigation of Washington's "five-percenters." It wai revealed that the match company provided Hunt with ISOfl matchbooks, like this one. to- scribed "Swiped from Harry * Truman." NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether yovi'd like youi present door* Beautifully reflnished m II fou wish new nardwooa u- phMr 01 ruhbei tile, 01 inJala linoleum tloors Charle! Wood can do the work expertly and it a reasonable cost Call 2272 ESTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas Paint Co. rlmnr 2272 750.000 domestic servants not in a farm home, when regularly cm- plnvcrl. 4.001) (100 state ami local coveru- ment cmnlnvcs, il these governing bodies apnrove. 100.000 federal employes not now under a retirement program. 500,000 in miscellaneous groups. West Ash Street. Rev. Robinson at the timf o! his death held the of:cc of of the alliance. Riuersidei Reduced! Not 2 nd or 3 r Line...but a FIRST QUALITY TIRE! 4-DAY PRICE /I Exchange Prici Tax extra Not only is Ward Riverside built of first quality materials, but it's first quality in Iread depth and width—in cross-section and size! And now improved wilh "cold rubber" tc wear longer than ever! Compare it o.ify with the best first-line tires rradel Then save in this salel SIZt 4.75/5.00-19 0.25/5.50-17 6.00-16 6.25/6.50-16 7.00-16 TIRE' SAIE 10.25 11.10 10.15 12.S5 11. 75 TUBE SMF l.!K, 2.21) 2.:«' 2.(i." 2.!)" 'f<chan 9 « frict, fox f,i, a ?1.50 WEEKLY BUYS 4 TIRES German Mayor Sells Tax Office to Build School WITTMUNU, Germany (AP) — The mayor ol this Frisian town askcrt the state tor money to buitd an urgently needed now school but was refused. Promptly he offered the lax office building, owned by the town, for sale. The. .slate give him the money he hart wanted DICKIES PAY MORE to give you a finer cigarette! 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