Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 9, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1896
Page 5
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1. VIP „ f Dunlap's . . Celebrated flats. Silk, Stiff and Soft. •Spring Styles.- DBWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. The Tucker & Siiarpe Co. = Tailors = fill Dissolve Partnership July First. That Means a Reduction of Stock. The Retiring Partner Mnst Have Cash, TO MAKE A LONG STORY; WE WILL MAKE SUITS TO ORDER IN THE LATEST STYLE, AND BEST WORKMANSHIP. AND GUARANTEE THEM TO FIT, FOR THE FOLLOWING SPOT CASH PRICES. CHOICE OF OUR SPRING AND SUMMER SUITINGS $25.00 A full assortment of suitings bought to sell at $30 and $35 for , . $20.00 A Limited stock of the greatest bar= gains on earth for . . . . $15-00 We reserve the right to stop this sale within a week--as soon as the required amount of cash is realized. If you wait till tomorrow it may he too late. 'The Tucker & Sharpe Co. 315 Pearl Street. rtodjeska Playing In Measure For neasure. "Wasn't playing snch an Important part in life as thc-tallor whose reputation depends upon taking your measure perfectly and fitting your clothing perfectly to that measure. That's what HERZ does in such nn easy manner that your clothing fits like a new skin, with only variations to make It accord with tlio very latest style. To keep in tte swim you' must Keep in with HEKZ. One of Ills suits is a passport into swell society. 409 HARKET STREET. TO BE BEAUTIFUL And Remain So Is Something, Quite an Art. How to preserve, restore and improve beauty is something very near and dear to a woman's heart. AYitb woman beauty is next to Godliness, not taking second place to cleanliness, for beauty cannot be obtained without 'clenolluoss, the one evidences the other, especially as regards woman. This can be obtained by using Madam Strlngham's Imported Face Bleach and Massage Cream. Those suffering with cutaneous disorders can be positively cured witlr these preparations, also birthmarks, superfluous hair treated successfully. Catherine StriDghai. DERMATOLOGIST. Agents wanted to sell tho above preparations. Born to Mr, and Mrs. Geprgc Harry, a son. Born to Mr. and-Airs. Sko-worenski, a daughter. Born to Mr. and Mrs. .7. E. Hartley of Helm street, a son. Our dollar ladies' low shoes are good. —'Walker & Eauch, Goo. Harrison has tt>o finest line of hammocks In the city, Natural gas bills for the tnonlh of June are now due and payable at the compajiy's ofiice on Pearl'street. The funeral of the-Ja'te Mary Stevenson will be he-ia from, the St. Vincent church this afternoon »t 2 o'clock. You cnm't cover up a freckled face burt you can remove the freckles with Hsillack's Anti-Freckle. Only 35c at Ben Fisher's. The son of David Witters, who works lu tlie picket factory at Lucerne, lost three lingers of bis right liancl in a baxz saw recently, .- : j Robert Wilson,.arrested for Jumping on a. moving •brain, was released yesler- dny .morning after (hearing a short lecture from the'Mayor. WE RUBBED IT IN good, him! ball was not played. owing, is the score: OTTOS AB E H PO .3200 .:! l 2 .4 Fol- Onthe Hen From Rockville by Do ing it a Second Time. OTTOS PLAY IN LUCK Rooters Win by a Score of 6 to 4 Cleveland Still Leads. Was there a gi\mc of ball yesterday' There was. Who played? The Ottos, "of course." • • Was there any other c'.tib in (lie jjamoV There was, but not long enough strong enough, Wluit club had Hie nerve (o ihlnk it could boat, the Ottos? Tlioy s.-ty it was I ho li.-ml-bitling hard-lii'ldiing, all-around liard-rilayin;: liockvillo skints. Ami that is wheri •they were misnamed for once. Then was a. considerable sprinkle <'if luck mixed In with (Jio game the Oitos np, -but it. was a winner against the fellows from rnrke county. The seore might liave been d.ifferen: if—but why add fo the sorrow of -the local capitalists who sa.w their pood money handed over to Abo Stern and a few others who stood by Uio home tcaim loyally. It was a cnse of "knock" with some of the sports who thought Rockville 'was a snre winner, but the "rootevs" were more numerous than the "knockers" ••Hid kofit MIC locals in good 1 fighting h-lm by their shouts ot encouragement. It was a game erf shouts from first to last, and the last was the mightiest that has gone tip through Hie roof of the grand stand -this season. The game had a bad look at the start. Ly.cn. the first man to oat, fanned out; Stat-ts popped up an easy one and died, and Hackctt died with the sWek in his hand.'. Tho second was almost as bad looking; Brnlon retiring on a pop fly, Ste.mler from short to first. The first shouts of the rooters ca.mo when Shaver was given a present, and Kemiealy let the ball hit him in a soft spot. AVI Hi two men ou bases Solan tried to hit a nvo-bagger, but tipped a high foul which Horsley nabbed bcflMtl'fully, The third 1 was productive of a run. Hunter struck out, Irat Lyen was presented a base on •four bad ones. 'Stairs went to the plate with a look that boded 111 for one ot Mr. Whittridge's fine curves, but he failed to meet tihe ball squarely, and as a result a.n easy fly fell Into Lee's hands. Two men mit nrad "Denny" tied to first. It did not look encouraging. Then Hackett ambled np to the batter's position and the ball flew by until three bad ones and two that were good had la.mlcd in the catcher's mi.tt. It had to be a ball or a strike; as the sphere came sailing down Hackett reached out and smacked it on the mark and It sailed onf into deep left for two liases. That sot. Hie cranks to howling and when Elder kindly let one of WWtrrldge's out-shoots pass him by, Lycn scored and set the scrcajnors go- Ing again. Bruton stopped the. shouting with a long fly out to Ky'e. Tlie 'fourth produced three fan-outs, Stemler, Shnv.er and Kenuealy each stabbing empty air. The fifth was the saving inning. After Bolan and Hunter had. retired on long hits to the outfield, Lyeu was given a base. Statts hit for two Ivigs pnd Lyen scored on a passed ball. Hackctt hit a hot one to Horsley. "old horse," and Bycrs kindly muffed, the ball, giving Haekclx life and ho promptly stole second. Bnrton caught one of Whittridge's curves just right and lined It out for two bases, scoring Statts and Hackett. Shavor got. a present of a base, but Kenncaly flew to Kyle. There was not much chance for shouting to tto sixth, and but little more in the scvont.li, Tlie locals inadn their victor.}- sure in the.eighth under almost the same conditions as obtained In the fifth when four runs worn scored. Two men were out wlien.JIflckett was given' nis base on balls. He stole second and scored on another two-bagger by Bruton. All this while the Rockvilles were;nt bat just lialf tlie time. ..Brers' scored' the first run, hitting for two buses, getting another by grace ot an error, nnd reach.fng home on a »t by Horsley. They failed to score in the second, third and fourth.; lu tlie liftlr Eleler rapport ont a safe one but. died af second on Ken noaly's assist of Wbittrldge's hot grounder. It looked as though Sitatts got the ball to Hackett at first in time to cut off Whittr.irtge, but rite umpire saild no and ft went. Lyen gave-,Kyk- / a base and Byfli-s hit safe; Wlblftrld£ij . • scored on the play. 'The' neatest pUi?.,,')' Cleveland won' from riiUmlolphia oC the game came when'Raebur hit. to:'yesterday in -a hard-fought battle In SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COriPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing. .yon, p Stalls, 2b .. •Jackets!, 3b Bruton, 3b 15 1 Stcmler, ef 5 0 Shaver, 11' 1 0 vennealey, ss .. 3 0 Bolan, rf 4 0 •Innter. c 4 0 10 0 1 1 1 1 4 IIOCKVILLE AB Kyle, If 3 Byfers, Ib 4 . Raebcr, ss .. Horsley, :3b .. Durretf. rf .. ,ee,- 2b . ; ... Mis, ef .... Eleler, c .... Whlrtrixlse, p ..4 ..3 ..4 ..3 ..4 . .3 , .3 S 23* 33 3 H TO A E and Baltimore. STANDING OF THE Clubs Won Cleveland 24 Baltimore 2f! Cincinnati 27 Philadelphia 20 Boston 23 'Washington 21 Brooklyn 20 Pitteburg 10 Chicago 21 New York 18 St. Louis 12 Louisville- 0 CLUBS. Lost PerCt. 13 1", 10 17 17 10 21 20 23 24 20 32 ,WS .034 .G2S •.con .575 .-•25 .488 .487 .177 .42S .203 .219 1 2 2 -1 0 2 'l' 1. .1 0 3 0 Totals 31 4 0 24 4 2 *Durret out for interfering with Huner. .Two-base hits—Staa.ts, Brnton (2), •lackett, Bycrs, Kyle, Eielcr; passed alls—Eicler4; base on balls—off Whi'tt- iclge.O, off Lyen 1; hit by pitched ball— vennenly; struck out—by Whittridge 9, iy Lyen. <i; double play—Kenncaly to itatts to Hackett. Tirnje of game 1:40. Jmpire .Tohnstou. At.tcudafice 300. Score by innings: )tros 0 0 1 04 0 0 l—(i ookviJie.' '...1000120 0-4 Called at the end of tlic-'f.ighth on ac- onut of darkness. : NOTES.. ' There are some of the "footers'' who ire carrying /more money than the knockers." . . • Lyen pitched a lucky game. The hard- ittttag Rockvillenus could not.and him rhen hils meant, run.?'. Those four balls th«t Ca-tclier EieJor f the Rockvilles le't. slip through his ugers made money for. the rooters. The'g:ime Sundaj' wlUi the Rockvii:es -as an excitktfi one and it brought the ?ver-np to .130 temperature yesterday. Now 'for Uie Western leaguers tomor- ow. • .If the Ottos can throw the Saints own. tlieu there will.be some crow- THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. Jevcland Vt'nn and Baltimore Didn't Play—Cincinnati Won.. TVVO HORSES KILLED. Fell From a Culvert--They Were Runaways. Sunday morning two horses belonging 10 Ferdinand Gorges, the proprietor of tire Eel River livery stable, ran away at Kenneth and killed themselves. The Banta Welch' Fishing club hired J£r. Borges's brake, and lie attacked •four liorses and accompanied them, acting as driver. When they arrived at Kenneth shortly after 1 o'clock a. in., the lead team was'detached .so as to turn the brake wi.tii th« pole team. They had no sooner been unhitched tlian they became frightened and ran away. They ran from a point near the the commissary, to "the Panhandle railroad track and then west, on the track about one hundred yards to a culvert. Here they shim-bled along over the ties for a distance of ten or twelve feet and then both horses fell off, a. distance oC twelve foet, both horses being killed instantly. One sustained a broken back while the other suffered a broken neck. The team was valued at $100, Mr. Borges returned wi>f.h one team and the rig, expecting to return for the fishermen Sunday afternoon. On his failure to do so. the gentlemen walked 1o the cily. FORFEITED THE 'GAME, The mail carriers played ball with the Banta Welch fishing club down the Wabash i-H-er Sunday, and the game was awarded to them by a score of 0 to 0 after Hie fishermen had hidden the balls awl tats. Kirne!\ly,'w.ho rh.rcw.to S'ta'ats In time to 'cut By.ers off 'and 'settle Raeber at first. It. was the'only double play in the game. The visitors -made two more in the sixth on- a hot grounder- by Horsley which Bruton-was excusable in not handling cleanly, n safe-hiti by Durrett and aa error... by Hnekett, which allowed Horsley.to score, Dur- rett'scoring on the throw-In-.of .Lee's: long fly to Bolan. -. .. .'. : . It was the best game seen -''on.'the home grounds this, season and-though luck had a great deal to do-with the; victory, there was not ,n minute when. which two pitchers were used on both sides. • Cincinnati beat New York out anil iFittsburg shut Brooklyn out, tho .third' shut-out for the Bridegrooms within a. week. Following are the scores: . At Philadelphia—Cleveland S, Philadelphia 7. . • At Brooklyn—Pittsburg 0, Brooklyn 0... At New York—Cincinnati C., New York 3. . • ' . At Washington—Chicago .1, Washington '12. ;• '.•• -:.Raiu stopped • the games ' at Boston BRO \VN-TUTESBKEE. The wedding of Mr. Thomas Brown with Miss Eos;i Twtesbrce occurred Saturday night at the homo of tiio bride's parents.on Sixth street. The ceremony was pronounced ' )T 'S'7ni"e Lajng. MRS. PRATT AT DELPHI. Prominent Logansport Woman Speaks to the Alumni. . Mrs. Sarali SmMi Pratt wife of tlie Hon. W. D. Pratt of this city, spoke at the altiuinni reception at Delphi last Friday night. Tlie Delphi Journal says of her: "Sirs. Sarah Smith Pratt, wife ot Colonel William D. Pratt, of Logaasport, talked of school days of almost a quarter of a century ago. She wns a member of tlie first class that graduated. It seems quite strange to those not.^rc- quaiutcd witl> Mrs. Pratt that she should talk of school days so long 1 passed for she diid not. give the appearance of having finished her school days much longer than tlie members' of the class that had tihe evening before received 'Uioir parelMJicsHs. The Journal 'puts it mildly when it says that Mrs. Pratt captivated hor audience with her simplicity and naturalness. It was the perfection of art, if there is any art in simplicity and naturalness, Mrs. Pratt went over th:c scenes and incidents oC licr school days. Her auditors laughed with her and when her eyos became moist with tears theirs wore likewise afTected." The address was printed in full. THE FEVER AT FRANKFORT. . As a result of the mass meeting whict was held at Fvairitfort to consider llic advisability of voting .*00,000 subsidy, to aid iu Uie construction-of the Ituli- anapolis and Logan:sport electric railway, a eonmdt.tee has been appointed 10 inquirci into the matter. At the meeting there was a great difference of opinions. Some thong-Jit ?CO,000 too mnc-h and were in favor of voting half that amount. Others were opposed to donating anything at all as they were 'of the opinion that the .road would take more -trade a way from Ffa.nkfort tha» IT would take to the city. All slioes shlned free at Otto'*. George Ha.rrison liaadles LaDdreth'f first class garden. fl»wer and fleW seeds. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR.- A BASKET PICNIC. . . There will be a basket picnic next SiMd-ay at the Blue Ball chnrcli. There will be Sunday school and preaching ,i-n'the forenoon and children's exercises in the afternoon. Elephants In. Africa-are becoming so scarce that it is proposed to establish protected reservations for them "r territory under British protoclion. nive Somallland. Subscribe for The Journal. MOST PERFECT MADE. ' 1 ;virc GraM <":•"•- ofT.tnsr Powder. Frr ( ; ^.n-ir-.-.i:;. Aiy.-nor any'other adulterant -' St

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