The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 1938
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VOI.UMK XXXV—NO. 52. TilE DOMINANT NmVSPAPKIl OP NORTHEAST AllKAHBAB ANn AcumiKftffr »,«««„,. *"* niythevlllc Courier Hlylhevllla Herald Mississippi Valley Loader Hlythevllle Daily Newa AIIKAN8AB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI SAS, WKDNKSlJAV, MAY 18, I'm SINGLE COriRS FIVE CENTS ^^^^ ! -• — •— —•_. . , __ r — • ^i --._« w\/i ii MJ A. 1 i. V J'j VjJ-jLi ICl G-MEIARREST SIX AT HOfSPHNGS Pennsylvania Rebuffs Lewis, Farlev ^*u a. ^B,, _. , :.. f_ mf C. I O. Candidate For Gubernatorial Nomination Behind 278,597; Eai'lc 677,- 37.789; Wilson 584. Republicans — James J. Davis 6P8.598; o. Mason A. Owlclt, -iOG,- CU'J; Edward U Stokes, 44,439. Civil-War'Veterans To Hold Joint Reunion A congressional hill has been passed providing for the first a»c last joint reunion of the "boys in blue" and the "boys in gray" lo be held nt Gettysburg; Pa., from June W lo July (i. it, was announced | O - <lav, in a telcgranv from the quartermaster of the War department lo Mrs. James B. Clark, president of the Arkansas Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Two veterans of .Mississippi county, liiley Bishop, of Blytheville, and I,, n. Timelier, of Arniorel. will be among the Veterans of the War Belwf en Ihe States who will receive special invitations. H is thought that perhaps only five members out of (he Arkansas Confederate home will be able to attend, bill the [J. D. C. hopes to be able (o get Confederate uniforms for all veterans wlio will attend from Arkansas. As the records of the Confederate :irmy in Washington are very in- coinplcle. anyone knowing of Confederate veterans are asked to notify Mrs. Clark, who will see that Ihey receive an official Invitation. . f. 0. t'umlulnto for I'eiiiisylvniiia'.s .. pibenuifoi'iul nomination, appeared to have been today, hairmir political miracles. The indicated result was a rebuff* lo Chairman James A. Rirley of Ihe Democratic national committee and chairman John L. Lewis of the committee for Industrial Organiri- lion. Parley intervened in the Pennsylvania primary to try to fashion a harmony licket, comprising Ken- nedv from the slute backed by lewis, Ihc CIO and Senator Jo- j;eph P. Oiiffey; and Gov. George II. Enrlc from the state orgunSzn- lion slate. Karle was Incrcasiii" his margin on s. Davis Wilson. Kennedy's ruimini! male for u. S. senatorial nomination. An Eurle running mate, diaries A. Jones, was ritllng high and hopeful asafnst the CfO man. A total of C.B51 of 8,070 precincts gave, for governor: Democrats — Kennedy 428 508 Charles J, Margoitti, 168,005, Jones 528,517, Republicans—Arthur H. James 8'U,503; Frank p. Thompson lli,-' 024; James- Jones, 34.4G9. Clifford Pinchot, 'jS3,-3(i9. A lotal of li.939 of 8.076 precincts gave for U. S. senator: Democrats — Eddie Mccluskcy, Congress Completes Action; Miles, Robins, Mee- lian Mentioned 11TTLE ROCK. Ark,, Mav 18 — A third United states district judge for Arkansas was virtually assured yesterday when Ihe United stales senate completed congressional action -on legislation authorizing appointment of 20 new federal Judges The bill non- goes to Hie White House for President Roosevelt's signature. The new judge for Arkansas would be a "roving" jntlgc, sitting- In the eastern and western districts He would assist Judge Uersill liagoii of (lie western district and Jud«e Thomas C. Trimble of tlic eastern district in disposing of crowded calendars. Three persons have been mentioned frequently in federal court elides-as possible appointees They are Vincent Miles, Fort, Smilii lawyer: K. W. Robins, Conwny lawyer, and Al jhicchan, Htn(t»arl lawyer. IS FOUIDilll Net Saves Floloraiisl Viclirn Vote To Hear TVA Directors' Charges WASHINGTON. May 18 (UP)— A joint senate and house committee investigating the Tennessee Valley Authority, voted today to call the TVA directors and former Chairman Arthur E. Morgan to hear (heir charges and counter charges immediately. ILL T€L YOU BY BO& , BURNS __ I know a lot of politicians arc Just groping around In the dark tryln' to balance Ihe budget and nil they can think of is higher taxes, but they would Hud another solution mighty quick If the high taxes hurl them as much as Ihey do some of Ihe taxpayers. It's like my Aunt Boo. She only had one lamp nn-1 she use'ta pour the coffee in ttie dark kitchen while the lamp was In the dining - room. When I asked her ho\v she eould pour the coffee in the dark without splllln' It, she said, "Well, when the coffee gets up to the first joint of my Ihumb, i slop," Mrs. Ollie Rhodes, 30, Dies At Gosnell Home Funeral services were held this Gosnell community yesterday She had been ill from tuberculosis for foi;r months. Tlie Rev. J. n. Holt, pastor of the Methodist churches at Garden' 1 Point and Tomato, conducted the services at Number Nine cemetery whore burial was made. Mrs. Rhodes is survived bv her husband, o. D. Rhodes, and two young children. Hclt Funeral home war, In char»e of funeral arrangements. Apnarenlly Crashed Into) Mountain Slope Wiln! Terrific Force I SAOCiUS, Calif. Mny 19. (llpi- A ml.ssin.t $80,000 Loekliccd nfrlliier with all of Us passengers dead and their bodies burned today was found crumbled against the slope* of Stone Mountain in Mint cam-on 20 miles north of here. None of (he passengers—three men. four women and two children —escaped. The plane, missing since 1:40 p.m. Monday cimmte to St. Paul. Minn., via I.ns Vegas, Nev., apparently crashed wilt) terrific tare and burst into (lames. , Stone mountain in In the jugged I Sierra I'elomi range. It Is a mile I and a half north ot Mint canyon highway between here and Palmdale in the Mojave desert to Ihc north. Deputy, sheriffs from the New- Hall sub station reached the scene [ftifckly and started rcmuvhur the I bodies. The dead: Pilot Sidney Wllley, 32, Burixiuk Calif. Fred Wbittemore, 43, St. 1'nul, vice president of Northwest airlines and co-pllot on the. night. Henry W. Salisbury. 29. St. Paul engineer for Northwest airlines. Mrs. Henry W. Salisbury, '25. Judith Salisbury, two and a halt months, their daughter. nielmrd Salisbury, three, Iheir son. Mrs. Carl Sfmier, 34, North Hollywood, wife of a Lockheed vice president. .;..'.; . Lola Tolly. 29, Olendale. Calif., a fx>ckliced. secretary,. Evelyn Qinfjle,' 22. St. Paid, a Northwest .Airlines secretary. To Attend Presbyterian Assembly At Meridian The Rev. S. H. Salmon, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, will ?o to Meridian. Miss., loinorron- morning to attend Ihe General Assembly convening there tomorrow iinri continuing throughout Tuesday. The Rev. Mr. Salmon Is one of two minister commissioners from tills Presbytery. Prayer mect'ing will be held tonight at the church, but there will be no preaching son-Ices at the church Sunday, and prayer mcclln" will not be held next week. Slock Prices NEW YORK, Way 18. (UP) - Oct '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 872 Folk Music of Century BOSTON (UP) - "swing" is the folk music of Hie 20th century according to Nicolas Slonimsky, au- Ihor of "Music Since IfloO." ' "The listeners absorb these at times highly complicated rhythms without inhibitions and vibrate lo I it physiologically." said Ihe an-' thor - composer - conductor-critic. "Swing very probably will be the Inspiration of some future sympho- nist.s. who will poctiicc and organize it.s improvised tunes as Ihe sym- phonisls of yesterday did with Ihe old folk melodies." This wns n rescue .scene that was rr-enacicn many times as firemen penetrated- the he naming Terminal Hotel In Atlanta an • bundled eucsis into nets, and lowered ihtm , 0 r , nfch , n1lls Bliecld( , v|( , Um of the fire lived, but many did not. Firemen fcuved n m t. the dca<h toll, already set nt 33. illicit puss -10. Animal Which Bit Several Persons Dies While Cng- ec A pel dog, which hit five persons nml abotil ir captured and Big Barn Burns On Farm Near Luxora LUXORA. Ark.—A large tarn on the I,. S. Mitchell farm, ounralcd bv Ed Teaford. wns burned Monday afternoon wild 80 tons of soybean hay. No insurance was carried on Hie barn or contents. Cfiirann Corn dogs before being cngcd nt Ihe oily pound for observation, died late yesterday. The head of Ihe milmnl was sent to the state health laboratory at Little Rod: for till ex- ninlnallmi of It.s brains to delermine if H was rabid. The pet dog. owned by the Joe Wimbeiley family, had been 111 for several tlays before it suddenly at- Inx-kcd Mrs. J. Barnes. - - "• *->i»i in A, i->iiiy Schiuuck. Burl Bryant and Larry Shandin last Friday afternoon. It escaped from captivity the following day and bit about 15 does before it was again apprehended Monday morning it made n s Ket . away ngain and bit Policeman Jan Stocks rallied today nfter lurlyllJec irregularity. Bonds, wheat and cation futures closed firm T. & T. 129 3-4 Anaconda Cop 27 5-8 Assoc. D. G .'.' 57-8 Beth. Steel 47 1-2 Boeing Ar .." 2.1 1-4 43 NEW YORK. May 18 (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open high low close 865 870 804 8C5 870 879 878 885 874 875 882 885 icn. Elcc Gen. Mot '.'.. int. Harvest rfoutgoinery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard 'lillllps Pet Radio 'chenly Dist iimmotis Socony Vac. Std. Oil N. J. Texas Corp. J. S. ' 30 889 870 873 875 880 8 85 871 874 875n 881 880 John Foster on the leg when he i was attempting to siezc tbe animal The- Sliamliii child Is taking Pasteur treatment hut (hr- other.s were awaiting Ihe end ol a 10-day period In which time the dog was being observed to determine if it was rabid. Spots closed steady al 805 up 2. New Orleans"Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mny 18 (UP) — Cotlon fulnres closed steady to- M t-2j ctay with net gains of 2 to 5 points 32 12 5-8 3 3-4 32 1-2 5 7-8 10 7-8 17 1-2 13 1-8 •17 5-8 37 Chicago Wheat IVfay July open high 18 5-8 78 3-4 70 3-8 70 3-4 low close 77 5-8 78 5-8 75 3-4 % 3-8 Jul Oct Dec •Jan Mar May open high low 880 883 873 885 890 884 890 889 899 .... 887 .,.. 889 .... 895 887 889 close 880 BUG 888 889 895 Spots closed steady at m up" "e. Livestock John Wilson Dies At State Prison Farm John ,Wlson. who was sentenced lo Ihc slate penitentiary in the spring ol IDII7 alter having been tried here on a charge of grand larceny, cited at the prison last Friday, it wns announced here today. Wilson, who was about « y( . ar , old. was serving n three year'sen- tence. Before his arrest on this charge he had previously served a term In the Tennessee state prison and had .served time on Ihe Mississippi county farm on several occasions. He is survived by his wife of Ihi.s cily. New York Cotton May July open 57 1-4 58 1-2 high 57 5-8 58 3-4 low close 57 1-8 67 3-8 58 3-8 58 5-8 Top. 8.GO 170-230 Ibs., 850-805 HO-1CO Ibs., 8.10-8.25 Bulk sows, 7.25-7 60 Cattle: 2,000 Steers, 8,25-9.85 Slaughter steers, 6.75-looa Mixed yearlings, heifers, 7.00-850 Slaughter heifers C 00-9 00 Beef cows, &50-G.50' ' (!lcclurs WI10 vole m , Cullers and tow cutters, 4.25-5.00'primary August 9lh. 1,677 Poll Tax Receipts Issued Since January 1 A total of I.G77 receipts for pnv- ment of 1937 poll tax have been issued by the office of Hale Jackson, sheriff and collector, heie since the first of the year Payment of the lax by June IS is one of the qualifications for electors who vole in the Democrili. DE5MCFEMY Bailey Reveals Plans To Block Bridge; Ferry Under Construction UTTLE ROCK. May 18, (UP) —Tlie Arkansas highway commis slon today planned to block ap- pronche sto Die DPS Arc bridge over the White niver and hi,|| ( a detour from the bridge Icartin» to (lie free ferry landlns whlcf Oov. Carl E, Bailey ordered t-s- tnblislicd across that sircnm The work was being pushed by deparluicnt heads at tlic request or Uallev. who also l.istnictcd Hal the building of n ferry simitar lo he one he bought at Black Rock last week be started at once Tlio governor, al a press conference today, admitted Him | lt had ordered construction of the ferry boat and said engineers of the department, hoped to have It in operalion within n wet. Disturbance Case Continued To June I '" lp . msc of Early Craig, arrested on a charge of disturbing (he peace '"' ""'iliii!;. was conlinucd until in nnmiclpal court today man was fined $10 on a charge of public rtriiiikciinew Ciinjcras Click As Blylhevillc Scenes Filmed DEFENSE SIIFF r ail In Attempt To Trap Main Chinese Force In Cily Ily Dullril I'ress Iroops bnllleil n dcspev- «k- C'hlneKc rear gunrd In the de- vnsluted city of Hiicliow today while their general offensive sproiul out along the northern front. Suelitnv, KtriileBle key to mllllnry action ulonu Ihe l.unjjhal rullroud, was stiibbonily delciuled nntl Ihe Japanese were Inking no chance. 1 ) us llicy cliwiHl in on the. city from wlileh Iliey vainly sought to piv- venl wlthdrawnl of Ihe main Chinese forces. 'Hie mnhi Jupiiuroe nrmles nicnii- whlle struck sonlhwi-sl of Stiuliow, toward llHiihsien, and northeast, "f Sncliow. Chinese abandoned lliclr solid front anil soiiglil to counlei- nlhirk fruni seatlcred sectors. Hitler llghlliiK continued over the entire urea In which both Chinese Generalissimo Chiang Kul-slick ami Japanese Commandcr-ln-chlcf Count Juichl 'IVrnuchl were personally itlrectlnt! the warfare. Indlroleil their Kenernl plan was to slrlkc at the Chinese provisional capital at Hankow after tlic capture of Sncliow, thus miik- iiiif umiecessary n campaign ngnlnsl Poocliow and Swalaw, In Iho south, where foreign Interests nre great. Dancer of nesv Interimttonui complications continued when Americans and Brllonst-particuluTly missionaries—refused Japanese requests to evacuate the weir zones. In Mexico President I<ti7,aro Cardenas sought to end threats of In- lernal strlic by retiring cieneral Saturnine cedlllo. who w«s ntinarcd ulng n rebellion In Snn Lilly, Potosl Klntn nnd by making a per- soiuit tour of Ihe northern trouble aren to "restore trnitqutllty." Elsewhere: i Smiln—Insurgent armies renewed tlielr drive on Valencia with the town of Morn de riulilelos as tlielr ininiedlnlc goal. Their campaign was aided by cantnre of Corbalau, seven miles northeast of Toruel. CMchoslovakln—Efforts to arrange a peace conference between fiT JERSEY CIII \ —.. Attorney General Admits Investigation of Ihimc bll "'»" "•Till ' |C>M " ic Is Underway Say Ex-Officers Harbored Members Of Karpis "Gang" KANSAS CITY, Aio., May 18. (UP)—Tlio iiiTcst of iiva ii and one woiMitit in llol Spring, Arli., including Uu-ce o icml.-i ol UK- |K>li«. (lo|i;ir(.Hi(!ii(, Miif! a man in SI. Louis, ' ini'inljcrs of Che old Kiii'pis- Bin-hoc ennf was announced today by ,1. Edgar Hoover, head WASHINGTON, Mily 18. (Ul'l- \UoniBy Ck'iiernl Ilonn.'r ,S. C'uin- nliiBx wild today tho Justice de- lui-tincia In Invc.sllKiitiiH! roniU- lon.v In Jersey City (o ddcimlna vlwilliiH 1 any prrsoiw In llml invn Hive been deptlvoO of civil 1-lnhl.s mder the recline of Mnyoi- Frank H .sold Iho lii ( |iilry Is iniulK by Iho clcpartinenfs eilmlniu division uiul has been indcrwny for a wek or Iwo. The fodernl stnliito under wlilch li<! liunih-y la being innde, the illorney HCiicnd said. Is the siime Matuto being used In llarhni conn- }', Ky., under which caul o|ii!m- ors nre bcliiB tried on clinrce.s of depi-lvliiK miners of flic rl<lil of orgnnlxalion for collecllve Ijar- lloib/i nnd Nairl Henleln to solve Cameras clicked here and there lodny as Hlylhevllle residents and scenes were filmed for the semi- news reel, which Is to be shown at the iioxy | heater Sunday and Monday. If yon were i!o\vn lotvn you may have been lilmed as several pictures of shoppers wre t.ikcn along with such features as Walker par!:, iocal business firms, several spots of beauty, this year's graduates of the city high -chool. the cily hall and Hie city officials, county offlcluls here and various Indi- who resid viduals. The camera men are tomorrow In scenes for a to Osccola "shooting" similar film to bo shown at ihc Oem theater tlrcre soon. Tlie showing nf Ihe film Is sixm- sored by the Bit?, nnd Roxy theater* and the Courier News. Premier Milan Ihe Czech minority conflict con- tlmicd deadlocked. T'rancc—A spill developed In Hie cabinet of Premier Rdouard Dnln- dler when Iwo liberals nnd one radical socialist member opposed resumption of friendly negotiations with Italy ami demanded a firmer .stand lit defense of Czechoslovakia. Great Britain—Anthony Men former foreign secretary, who spill wllli Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain over mating deals with i dictators, was reported lo have rejected an offer lo be- cnmc lord nf the admlrally or rolonlnl secretary. Corporation Commission Vacancy Will Remain K ROOK. ( May IB. (Ul'i- inv. Curl E. Bailey oaid today Imt he mlglit not nil the vacmicji 11 Iho Arkiinsns corpornllon coin- nlsslon matte by resignation of 13. ill. Ford, l^rt Smith, \mlll lifter the prlniary on Annust D. "At pii-.senl I inn going to let (lie ilnco go iinllllcd bccnti'se Ihe two commissioners nre having no trouble ifrceltig oil their verdicts and there s no use for a Ililrd mini to break any deadlock." Clov. Bnllcy said, Bailey, however. qimllllcd his statement by saying he wns reserving Ihe right to change his mind In event 11 became necessary lo name a third commissioner before Mint dale. Strange Burial Rite Held Yearly by Clan CINCINNATI (UP) — A strange Imrlnl ceremony wns held here for the 69lh time when the body of John o. Gorman, 61. of Vlncennes, Inrt.. was interred. Each year approximately 400 members of the uotmtdlc Gorman family assemble here In tribute lo members of tlielr clan who have died during Ihe past year, 'me rite has been followed annually since 1810, The Gorman* come from nil walks of life, but annually drop their business pursuits to make the "pilgrimage of the dead." Col, James B Gorman, leader of Ihc family, travels with nnd man ages a rodeo. London Zoo Animals May Get Raid Shelter LONDON (UP)-A Imt'O „),• mui shelter may lie built lo protect Ihc London 'Zoo's animals, birds ami snnkcs. Officials linve several EClinnes under consideration, including one lo move mosl of the animals from London to the TOO nt Whlpsnnde In event of nn ulr raid, and (o bulkl separate shelters for ench t-J'pe of imlmiil rcmainliiij behind. The scheme most favored, however, is lo build a large shelter which could be snb-dlvicled. Massive metal shutters would be fitted over the glass windows In the reptile, and orders would be Issued permitting shoolinf of any dangerous nnlmals which escape. The slaff would be reinforced by n .special reserve of keepers during nir raids lo prevent panic and stampede. Tin; men allegedly aided tho onlliuvs Iii 1K)5,~ Hoover said. Those held Include: Josoph Wnkelln, former pi-lngx police chief. Herbert (l)iilch) Akers, forme'i* i»l Spring.*; chief of detectives.- Cecil iiruok, former Hot Springs police Ueulcnaiil in charge of tho '"ircan of tdi'ntlflciitlon. ,<• John Stover, manager of the Hot Springs mimlclpal airport. Mori IK Loflls and Mrs. Al b. Dyer of Hot Springs. Connie Morris, iirrcsled In St. The seven will ho taken to LIU Ho Hook for iirr..ignmcnt, Hoover Ktcvcr, Ihi rovcrinncnl charged. Hew the (jangsler. 1 , lo lliclr hlde- •.ill filler Ihey mlctat banks in iho Mn Diirkor \\:m hnd Kurpls fov.' In i cliict llcutuimul, was shot t lo rlciith by a •met-, hi Flor'.da when she nnd iivn of her outlaw sons, 'Di)t!" and Arttiiir, fortified, them-' iUves In a house mid shot it out. The 1 men nl«> were killed. . KIII|I!JI IVH3 cautu.»d In Orleans li: a inld which „„..,„. led lie 110,v Is in Alcalnw prison. Cranil Jury Gets Cases L.ITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 18, (UP)—A federal grand Jury was convened hero today, and was expected to return federal Indicts or- rested" by; G-Meri on charges of harboring members- of the -olrt- Karpls-Unrlter sniiu. ... Six of Hie (lufendanls, nil of whom were aiTosled In Hot Springs, building. lioliig , «t (lie fetiernl rvderal Dlslrlct Attorney Pred Isgrltt winced Ihc charges before Ihe (,'mml Jury. Isgrlg said Connie Morris,-nr- reslcxl In St. Louis, had not yet been brought here. The others, Including three former Hot Springs police officers and Ihe manager of the Hot Springs municipal airport, were arrested lasl midnight and brought licre today. Indicliiicnls were expected to bo returned speedily, Isgrig snid. Welding Equipment Is Damaged In Fire Today Firemen made two runs yesterday afternoon nnd Ihls morning. The carbide welding outfit at Milton Steinberg's garage exploded this morning-, al about 8MD o'clock, and n gasoline water heater caught Hiiro yesterday afternoon, about four o'clock, at the C. If. flail residence, 1030 West Ash street. The wed lug ontnt was practically ruined but none of the persons standing- nearby, whose clothes were spallcred by the solution, wore injured, nor was the building damaged. A leak hi the water (auk caused mi r.vcesslvo now Into Ihe burner which caused the fire at the Hall residence, which only did slight damage. Cily WiiJ II;.ve Heavy'Air Mail "Load" Tomorrow Stai?e Costume Stolen; Free Tickets as Reward WORCESTER. Mass. (UP)— Ruth ayall of Oxford Is wondering what isc thieves will make of articles they stole from her automobile. The loot Included: a black velvet wdlce; R bolero jacket; Iwo shirts. such as are worn by Venetian gondoliers; notebooks, and eyeglasses. Tlie bodice, Jacket, shirts and lotebooks were for use in connec- lon with \Vorcester County jight Opera Club's production of The Gondoliers." Mtss Mayall offered the culprits wo free tickets lo the show In exchange for Ihe lool. More than 2,000 air mall letters will leave here tomorrow afternoon In special airplanes lo carry Ihe especially designed envelopes, advertising Blylhevllle and Mississippi countjx to all parts of (lie country, according lo Herman Cross, chairman of Ihe National Air Mail week's observance here, and Mcll Brooks, secretary of the Chamber of commerce, which is assisting in sponsoring the movement. Plans were being made for an airplane ' to fly to Memphis late today for more air mail stamps, if Ihe supply here is exhausted. All letters must be in the mall by ten o'clock tomorrow morning and must be marked "t'or mailing May 19" In order thai they eo on the' special slilps, which are scheduled to arrive here about noon. The envelopes were given free to school students, who only had to purchase air ail stamps of six cents each, and were sold to business firms and other Individuals for one dollar per dozen or 'three for 25 cents, including (lie stamps. St. Louis Hotel Clerk, Arrested, Awaits Trial Frank McAlexander, St. Louis hotel clerk who was arrested here Saturday night on a charge or embezzlement, is awaiting trial in St. who were notified Louis. St. Louis police that McAlexaiider might be in this city, found the man at a local hotel. He was in his room and when questioned, confessed to stealing $300 from the Majestic hotel before he left St. Louis last Friday. Police Chief E. A. Rice said today. Detective George E. Upton, of St Louis, returned the prisoner to St' Louis. WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy, probably showers tonight and Thursday cooler in northwest portion Thurs- J iy. Memphis and vicinity—occasional local Ihunderehowcrs tonight and Thursday; slightly warmer tonight with loivest temperature fo to 74. The maximum temperature here yesterday ivas 71, minimum 62 cloudy with 1.41 inches of rain/all' according to Samuel P. Norrls Offl.! cial weather observer. ' ,

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