The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 28, IMG CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION liiy ntm pet Um for uu>»tln u- BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.)! COURIER NEWS JJ.W _-_ __ Month p*r line ------------- w* liv* *?«»«• word* U U« 11 * ordered for thr*« or ftbt time* before expiration will bt ekir i« number of tlm*-» th« Ad •Dptj tdjuitintmt of bill uiuJB. ll Clwalficd Advertising bopy •itted by petBODi residing oudide of lly mafct be »ccoiu].anl<J !jy CM* b« ejuiljr coiuyuU-d from the e Fitting order for JrrejjuUr ln»er- Uko* the on« time r*U I No reiponiibUHy will L B taken former* ban on» Incorrect iuscrtioa ol »ny el&a- fftal Concrete bloclc living, carnciiU'r work. tiuuKu {minting, 1'liono ^li^y, ' 5-27 i>k 0-10 All types better dressmaking. See Mrs. Shcrrod. Moore's Hotel. Phone 23(iG or 935 5-25-pk-U-l Curtnms aiul blankets laumlcrc.l 1 10 _'Vest ttvse. 2ii-|ik-«U Unity-sitting, any night. Hrtt'ri'nces. ySi; ln-r liour; (?ull 3iy> or 4l>3. 21-dli-lf mb- tk» iiYlu'ii you ull »lovo nceja clt'anmt; or rx-r.itlri»i; call LJ'JSH. All work nuar- "ntiHHl. Houses moved and foundations rt'p:iir.-.l Cull 4U2 or s«o frank Cro«k(-lt. isili' and Yiui>. 11.iik-iill I .: rotim, licdronni & living r..' flLJ-nhiiri,. <'itll ^lii'i;. ^Kiik-:ll sn.i.ll In,.IMS TI-I-J is 'I 1 ,,-.. K.-x'-r '., n | Will K.'-ll K,j,,u-ii|,.|s. ,ir ::» !.,'::,• 'lom^'i I.I two t.,^,-t;,er. llulf L: -M,, |,;,|. • IIOIIK. oil Stri'i-t. --li',,- in will, lar^-i- 1..1. Worth tlu- MI -y V.-nui "•"""i I"""* ' i.aki- Slr,,.i, ,,,-l| |,,. vim-il. rhiMj,. <•<• I .u I In-1- (iriiy. sol., a^.-nl. I'lioii,- :,l !. n*ljir>K am] ironijiK, finislirrl or roiuli dry, also i[uill:i ami Manki-ts \Vil]iu Ili-ll Cn-i'ii. Hcliliid flij- Jco Haul X. llii-hway 01. , 9-|ik-d|9 H II.HI>.-. Will BiUrl'ri,,. f.,, li liiv iii iinoa i-nndiii/iii IM'.'I. niu-r ml.,-, ¥111. Mike- .Mor y Mill. itUO N.jrll. r'iflli Si Hi!) \V. Cl.i'rry. I'll, House-moving, leveling, repair of foundations. 12 yrs experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Foley, phone IJ917 or , - !292. 5-7-pk-6-7 l.^»-n mo»-era iliariicnril « C J repairs. AIL tyiK-a and kinMa. Wo BjieclRllio in Iiowc-r mower _ itiariirriirii; nii,l motor overlinuliny. Ypi, we- pick uu and deliver. lllyllll>^ille ilaclii^a Kho[i. Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Hlacksmith work. Delia Implement Co. Phone Personal «rly n,u- fr. $7.50 per husliel. Jj. K. Ashcraft (,'ompaiiv. Phone -193. o-28-ck-lf for Rent v G.I. 22-h.p. Johnson . m<)tors - •'• <- : - Ellj s •!'••. T^TT^T 1^,M,,T1^-^ ..ini;. -Nn cliil.lrcn. A,,[,-., siftvr r. l.l.i IIousvl...ei,iiif rouin. l'l,,,' tl( .' 2321) phone (ii.l or 2097; 52' toacrcte K I o c k Hijsiness " Complete. Located on Plast 11 ' Mlr "" 1 • -- ........ Main at edge of KlyUioville ' 2r.- P ii-uiai i^ity limifs. Oiilfit ready to "'™°" 1 i'ilo r m! R ''-'9->a'" > " II " t '" 1 ' ''", ""-?,'; "operate. See J. R. Hazel, \ lolj , ""'.-.-. -'•!'•- Slcele, Mo., phone 158. |''ra"%^so°n'ii'"i;' L .' 'i°l"/,',',f Sij' *f\"$?i ^5-27-pk-M t T nTrZjr;.ri:™o;,~.7 l ; t "i;on^~,,,.,,;7; [•"or Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO 5-2D-ck-tt floilronnis cln l U'ulmit. llc.lrooni. foiivcnii-nl to kntli. 1'U. I :i:i^fj. Oil *W. -Mnin. t xsilli kitclR-n nrivi I, . , . • < luoiMifii upariineni \sill, kltclR-ii iirivl- ll.'Ctnc rofrif.-r.ilor in j:nivl ranlilii.i). l.'Kos. 1S01 West 11,'ani St l-hoilo I 1 IIOIID 210;-, after (i p. m, r, 27 |ik 03 "Dili. .... g.^k-li-!) CrriRley riiinj.H'l.'ly Help Wonted KAWI.F.IOU ,lt-«l,.'r want,.,! at nn.v in (Vnlral Mis»issi],|,i nr.,1 Xor'.li Cril- t'-nik-n CiMitLlir.s. f;, lni l i,p]i«,iliini:y ^.wrili- al <irii-<>. liaH-lfiah-s. Upirt A K K- 27 10S. .Memphis, Tt-nti.>l Tennessee sweet potatoes. Huck aichara, 301 E. Main, I'honeV.US. • 22 pk-2U Phonographs, automatic record changers, amplifiers, microphones. A 11 makes to select from. Parkhnrst Co. G-17-ck-6-17 llust arrived large shipment. I Traveling liags and acces- I juries. I'arkhurst Co. I 7 6-17-ck-C-17 |\T PARKHUHST new modern gift items. Arriving daily for Graduation, Birthday, Father's Day, Wedding Anniversaries, or any day. 5-i7-ck-G-17 ood used radios with 30 day guarantee. Reasonable prices. Perry's Radio Service Co. Phone 341-1. 1211 W. Main. 5-10-ck-tf 1'laslercrs n-niitnl. -tl.vr, per hour. Cull or wire C. A. I'arli.-uu. 310 lieUort ST.. Jacksonville, fin., I'li.M.o 7-1-.(III. Experienced housekeeper ant cook for small familv Must he honest, reliahk and come highly recommended. Good home and salary. Write or call R. I Wade, Hlylheville, Ark. |ood Ji'rsey milch cows. Phono 86!). k-tij Ili picture frames made to order O'Stecn Studio. 4-24-ck-tl : cry more with Ji*in K quarters, to- wilh 4 rental lionsi-5. Aprrrox- I Irnalply 2 acres of l.isul Fronts 13 61, lionlers on Cotton llelt iJoal location for industrr. See nan's OLrcery, N. llwy. 01. 111 steel truck Ijc.l, Arrtly circo tvj.e f-ir J'.-i lois truck. C ..... jili'l.- ivifh «iili- hoards anil ulavijs for lar|<siulin. l'l.onc-35:il. 22.,,k.2!l acres ?anil located 1 mi]u norlh on |)on't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf no Allen Motor Tuno-np machine fac- ! tory rncon.lilionpr. Motor Sn!e:< Kasl Main. 1'hono 609. 4|20-ck-t( |>0 I5u. Whippoorwill Peas. Biytheville Curb Market. 130 E. Main 5-7-ck-tf Wanted To Bur nrlcl A. I'lionc 22:l!>. | M Vndr\ks and cameras for purlv (I'Klrcn's -Studio. .||7-ck-tf looil sizc.1 house. I'honc 2239. i10|>t. r >|30 r c pay cash for nsctl (nrnitttrp, otio l>icec or a -hoi]s<- full. Call 2302, Alvin lUnljr Furniture Co._ \' Situation Wanted iriircil yonnp man ilrsiro.i jr>h nil Ut>fi>;lxe[-rcr. \Vrile llox K. .1. I'liurirr NVus, 5.27 itk fi-:iO Business Opportunities rnlorft: To " 1lic rlaptiijno Xit- Flu Taints in X.inln-.-v5l Arkau^.i^. Prefer, innn ntn-.ii]>- r.<lal>li>l«-il in hu^inp.sq in h.inil],- on n par! lime linsrs. lint ihis isn't -ilisulutolF noc-. fssnry. V'>u jm- rnnipletcly .f^li^fic.l Milli your rnisim-K*. nn.l j-onr finanrial timi. <lnn't an«wer nil. for tlii< on.' of Uie he^l mono)- jnflkiiiK (i].]tttr- tunili<ls fin Ilio ninrkrt toiTjiy onlarl .1. <!. U.lnlrn. no^ arson, .loi.rsl,<ir,i. anFAB, l')ionc ^791. ^.1-vV-ot) U. S. Chi no Base? Reports from Lisbon, Portugal, sny tliai the U. S. is nc£oluiling for an air base i n the Port u - gucse colotiy of Macao, at the mouth of the Canton River, in soulliern China. Macao, six square miles in nrca, has been f Portuguese colony since. 1557. WintesvWtary! Bring it to lis for a — to restore its POWER AND PEP • s : then, you'll be all set for spring and summer driving CALL US TODAY WHE^lSt Bring it to usj we'll line up your wheels for and summer DRIVING Don't let excessive lire wear ruin your vncntion. H's often c/msfil by bad wheel nlicmncnt. So, tnlctt no chnnces. firing your cnr in, todny, ;lo linve the wheels checked. Let our c.xpc'rU Bet them straight. DRIVE IN TODAY P H I L LI P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth— Rlytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Political Announcements Tli« Courier Rewi b Authority to »miouno» UM Joiiow ln« c*iidli)»t(.i, Mtbjflol to U Deinocrntlo primary HURKirF AND COIXIOTUB JACK riNIJTY ROBTN80N V/HAIAM BEURYMAN COIINTV JUDGE OENE B, BRADU5T UOLAND OREEN rOK TAX A8SKHHOB IX)VLB HENDERSON W. VV. "WINK" WATSON c; HIC I! IT CLERK. HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY ROUXT CLERK EUKADtrni ULYTHK COUNTV TKKAKURE* DELIiA PURTI* STATE Klil'ltKSHNTATlVE AUSNB WOHD E. O. FLKBMAN LKSUK "DUK1K" SVKSK. I,. II. AUTRY W. J. WUNniiHUCH (For re-drrllwn) BTATE HENATUM J. IJ!E BEARDKN JIC1''1''EI(SON \V. SPKCK (-IKCCIT .HJDriH i!. a. wAitn ' I. M. OHHI-IK Lost MoK.-r. 2 I (Hi. Id- ril I'll, ck i Kpnctixtor.s, nnd thp temperature G2 dCdfi'C'K the year-round. Womlcrlmxl Cnve in Arkansas ins the only iintnrnl undcrgrountl lifihl club In I be nation. More i ban 500 feet in the earth, the I mice floor accommodates 200 coti- ) >)es, seating | S provided for 2.000' Refrigerator Service OP ALL KINDS—CAI,L W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2042 REPLACED Wo linvc Just Inslnllrcl (lie lnl('Bl niiichlng to mnku keys. Aiul we tntcy u coniplclc slock or blanks. When yon nml mi extra Ki>y, sou us. BLAN HEATH Auto & Home Supply I'hone 828 419 W. Main USED CAR PRICES Are Stilt High Sell Us Your Cor Now/ We Need * For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glcncoe Hotel *X>It HA1.K CONCllKTK STOKM SKWEU AJ.I, SI/.KU <:hra]>rr Tluii Krl<)t« l.orabw OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. I'hone (SI (Mceola, Ait. EMERSON ATTIC FANS Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S H AR D W AR E (CO ., IN C. Approved Residual Spraying Biytheville Insecticide Co. Harold Wright, Mgr. Phone 558 007 E. Cherry Road Courier News Waul Ad? INSURANCE 9411 Dial M>li For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITAlJZATIpN • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • UABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS «TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION F'RST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 109 N. 2nd CHAS. BlllNER Iluy Your Poultry W. T. DAVIS Poultry House Oil lllRhw:iy fil North Wholesale ;ind Retail lions — Springs — Cox 35c 42c 29c ... Out- Phono — 528 ... TIUKS AN1> TDIIKS RADIO REPAIR 1 «nd 2 day Service on any make or piodel Heliahle \ u "rkmunahip. . PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred CalUhan Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized MnlornU KmdU i and Berflee 106 So. First St. GOOD USED CARS Top Price Paid. No Stalling. No Waiting. Visit Our Used Car Lot and get the Top Dollar! L O Y E I C H CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gat & Oils 301 W. Walnut 578 We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetable! . Seed and" Plants •Wholesale or Retail Biytheville Curb Market , 130 E. Main I'hone 973 Local & LniiK IHslance Movlnr Oouil'Otoill Hclii >inl cnullirneut. Aa«- (lil»tel> Isl.lliod. UtullUK and Minn. Services. Hnm<i Service Si Klorafe Co. I'ljaua 2801 "trfrcl rcpiilrl.ig for tmlny'i «- rjul.slte ft>iil\vc:ir IIKSUTCI! when re- l:ulll in vur modern fihop. H& SWOP M RI'N S T.:- DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Mini'' UOYAF,, SMITH, COHONA I ItKMINT.TOM POU'I Alil.i; 110 M. SKCOND ST. ' fTIONR :f.«ft (Every Tliinsiictlnn MUST HE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS I'resk Stock Guaranteed lic'Hl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rots- Roaches .', Biddle ExTerminqtora Member N.tT Pat Cwtnl AM*B. US B.-Third Bfc rbvw J7S» See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tun,e-ups arid lubrication makes your car function properly and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We haye j a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and I trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO, Complete Stock* of Purls For Chrysler Predict* ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDTF-S """ BY EDGAR " SKIP IT 1 DUO'S BRWM \<i BLOOM1M& (\GMKJ.SO V r\f\Y NEED, TOrS tYPf.RlENCE i (\ I KNOW HOW VoO'WE BEEN ABOUT SlKCt ROD -j HIXOE VOU STOP 1 J RlSVrt MOW 1 I WON'T HWOE VOU DOIN'6' YOUR FKRCKIJOS AND HIS FRIENDS LET MtT IM. HILDA- — /YOU SHOULDN'T Pi-EASE /« ,— / HAVE SAID SHS y- -i — V WAS TOO FAT/ Go ^ AW, SUGAR, AWAY LEMME YOU KNOW A TRYING. Bucx>y---wErwAwr TO see Mow you WIGGLE OUT or- THIS ' r—-^ _ f ,<• '' '<• e MAM ALWAYS HURTS THE OME ME A check-up in time keeps your car on the roatl! Take a tip from (his smart gal . . . date your "Doctor of Motors" to calch car ailments before they hcconie serious and expensive. Stop in now to prepare your r.nto for inexpensive vacation driving. Where Fs the Guv': BY V. T. HAMII.TOS HIM sy • ! IT'S \VOKKIN.'&/K'OTHIMe SET. BUT ' RUX L...O F-RE WARM GfEAT HEAVENS.' A\\ WL * **t^j^x"^'i-, r jvn.^ f mrvju icl, DLJ I / CakFAT KPAi'fW*- WATCH.' I'M RU.MSJIMCJ THS I \wl* AV Attw! 3ESwffn I DIAU...OH.OH:NOW\. c.vrA^rRoPHF' V-6CBCEM, \ \\F-RE &E1TIN& ^ c ' NTA aTgQPHE. OS F ,'i --, WAPM' .^ .1—^T Lanqston-Wroten Co. PIAMETE(?S TJTHfi Sales U. S. Tires OPKN 24 HOURS Walnut & Broadway Service Mobil Gas WRECKER SERVICM Telephone 55.'!

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