The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 5, 1945
Page 5
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I'MUDAY, JANUARY 5, 1945 Inaugural Plans Revealed Informal Ceremonies Scheduled Jan. 9th; Public May Attend Pram for the inaugural ceremonies 01 Governor-elect Ben T. Limey for luesday, January 9th, were being completed early tills week, accord- r nif to reliable sources close to Ihe Following the farewell address of the retiring governor, Homer M. Ait- kms, on Monday, January 8th, Hie ojficial inaugural program wjli be- Bin Tuesday, January S)th, with the •wearing of (lie Constitutional Officers and Governor l.aney in the House Chambers of the Stale Cnpl- wl Building at 2 p.m. The 'new governor will deliver His opening ad- rtr^c-c nl ii,:,, i : ' " " dress at this time. The reception for Governor La . -- - .-.-.. j.,nvjii iui V.2UVUI IIUJ Lill- ney will l )c held Tuesday evening January 9th. at 8 p. in. hi Hie Governor's reception room with the receiving line comprised of the immediate members of the Laney family, Constitutional olliccrs and officials of the 19« General Assembly, the Supreme Court and members of the Arkansas Congressional delegation from Washington AH Inaugural clay affairs'will be strictly informal, it was announced and the public at large is cordially invited to attend. All ceremonies will Ire simple and brief in 'keeping with the new Governor's wishes thai no fanfare be given Uic inaugural in these sober times. Jury Unable To Agree In Paternity Hearing HOLLYWOOD. Jan. 5 .(UP) Jurors who deliberated the paternity of Joan Barry's baby for a day and a half, yesterday reported the? •\\-f*m i, nn t.i» ... ._ . u " - 1 Teaching the Core Of Teeth were Miss unable to reach a verdict Barry bad accused Charlie nln of being tlie father. Ferdinand J. Gay re- I teach" eleme'ntai-y" childr , By CLARKE SLADE One of the great educational mystery stories Is health and physical education. It Is a mystery because no one seems to know just, why, af- ler a quarter century between the Iwo war.?, our vast expenditure has- 111 produced a physical fitness In our youth proportionate to (ho money spent. There are a number of avenues of interesting speculation about the causes; but It is probably more fruitful to examine one area In one city that is done well. Minneapolis schools have really taught kids to look after their teeth. And economically. And without menacing the 3 R's. It is difficult in some cities' schools (or an outside observer to get any facts and figures to show that an objective lias really been accomplished. Not so in Minneapolis. The oral hygiene department —the department responsible for edurating children In core of the teeth — has been keeping accurate records since the school-year 19231824. if you have read this far and can* staiid a lew s ( a t istii:Si Iook a( these. That year 44,390 children were seen. Only 7,570 were passed as O. K.—17 per cent, of the rest, 16 - 2M needed cleaning of the leetlr 30,065 needed fillings, and 12900 needed extractions; some children as Ihe totals indicate, needed more than one thine. Now look at flc- ures for 1943-1914. a:id I'll stop harping on statistics — for a little while. 31,730 children were examined (fewer because of the national decline In elementary school enrollments). Those passed as O. K in June 1944 numbered 23465—71 per cent, Only 1,711 had 'needed cleaning; 13,434 needed fillings; and 2,181 needed extractions. For 1941 before tlie war made inroads in personnel, the figures were even better: 79 per cenl were passed as O. K. at tlie end of the year. ' Teaching That Worked So much for figures. How were these results accomplished? By a large corps of dentists, drilling feverishly? No; . but by a process so simple, that it • - ' n't the pracl rail pos- everyaheri.' jury- was deadlocked 7 to , rf — j ,iuj utiiuj ana h.'ifl been deadlocked at 5 since the first b:\l!ot. He said.six ballots were taken The judge immediately discharged the jury. &"•> k<-riiLillIl-> iltXJllt twice as much heat per cubic fool as does ordinary city gas. " Eastern Star i _y i^'Luui bii how to take care of their teetlv and by making the facts Interesting. Maybe because he was a dentist and had no inhibitions about lcichln» in any way that worked, as long as it produced results regardless of what the Ph.D's said. Dr. p. Den- research experts contend t°» White,, head of the -department mai natural gas contains about set "P some teaching that did "' " ' ' w °rk. Nine times a year Incidental hygienisls, young women-with two years' university training and a license from the ^state board of dental examiners, visit classrooms from kindergarten through eighth grade. Three of these visits, at different times of year, are used for 'examining . children .who do not bring Good Teeth Certificates from a dentist when school opens in the fall or In planning about difficult cases! or in other individual .work. The other six visits are used for instruction in diet, conservation,; structure of.lhe'-.teeth, .aiMMlie ;teeth's relation to generarhe'alth.'THe last visit each year includes ,'handing out n "summer care letter."'.Trje'se monthly classroom'visits-ratine from ten minutes in the kindergarten ,to 3o or 40 minutes in the grades. No work is done in the high schools: • • By a little figuring, a maximum of 40 minutes nine times a year for nine years comes out to 54 hours How much time docs that take away from the 3 R's,' spread out over nine years? Yet see what can be done with it: In a'dental survey in an Eastern, city ;51)6 iof,sixteen-? year-old boys were found "to have' lost one' or more first permanent molars—the. loss of first permanent molars being one recognized index of dental health. In Minneapolis the percentage .is. .8.2. per ce'i and that at 18 years old, not 16 Establish Httrft.-Padein • How can thcv pack straclion into 5?. hours to be effcc five? Well, instruction isn't all The hygienists 'simply start a trail of. .thought;'.a liabit-patterii, in a child, provide interesting and well- timed material to stimulate it once a month, let the process of a child's maturing do the rest, children are n t helpless, you know; they'll lean \ Famed songwriler Irving Berlin, nbove, who loured Europe with his hit musical "This Is the Army," is now on'an cntertain- meni loui of the fat East, doing his stulf for servicemen in liberated parts of Ihc Dutch East Indies. LOUIS CHERRY NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Blythevnie, Ark. if DWARE We Have It or Can Get' If If it's At AM Obtainable! m HARDWARE CO. '25 Years' Continuous Service" Recapping and Vulcanizing ADO LIFE TO YOUR TIKES MODiNGER-POETZ TIRE*CO. J-. 51 Kosib FbMM If the material is vital 'and Is nuulc interesting, Just Hie same as the rest of us. Long before the present hue and cry about visual education these Minneapolis dental hygienists were doing Just Hint. By it they arouse a moulh-hyijlene consciousness In child and parenl, which, In time,' lends any senslgle, normal youngster lo want to have n healthy mouth, to be Interested In diet to hlep build sound teeth, mid to learn to keep thorn tlml way, If you 'looked clown a hygienkt's lesson plans you would sec for example: Kindergarten: The Princess Toothache Story-wlth slides; First Crude: The Teeth That Jack Until —with chart; Third Grade: Progress of Decay—chalk talkGrade: The 4-H Club—will' t«rs; and so on. And evcrynneru among Minneapolis children you hear about Sturdy's Drcmn and Sparkle's Tooth Book or Sturdy (Ills and Sparkle Ihal, Sluvdy and Sparkle arc Iwo hand puppets, which, along with (lie slides, posters, churls models, and chalk talks, arc the key (o driving home information with visual aids. Those two pup- pels are as well known to Mimmp- olis children as Charlie Mccurlhy and they have probably liullt more sound tcclh than a thousand textbooks ever could simply because br While was out to get results Uv stirring up children's Inlerr-sl lie- cause these punnets Intrlsiicrt children, he used them. Thus solid scientific facts rfo their Job-taught'' in a fashion Hint rouses kids even ' way down in kindergarten, gruel- I ually stepped up In Intensity as I capacity to understand develops i |>nd presented for less than 51I "ours In nine years. Look at (his- among 1735 senior boys examined in June 1943 who were to be drafted shortly, only 2C Imd "Clnss Pour' mouths. A "Class Four" mouth Is one "In bad condition"; ye t O ni v one among these 20 was so'bad that he would have failed the Army requirements as of June 1943 A pretty good use of the 54 hours taken away from the 3 R's In nine years! * ','" '' * f ,*' , '.</} , * f" Tough n nne years! Tims, judged by almost" any Flamtald, this work in Minneapolis is top-notch; but even more important than economical instruction in care ol teeth are its wider implications. It shows what can be , V, '* i -\.V'> .A<lJ$ f 9-j*fU/ ^wsiafea uitllin,! the aeiimu JH iK tin ouf,b in UUpum nre onitliiiK ;i type n f Nazi lighter | nr more rugged (ban [be members of the "1'eopte's Army" who formerly, [at:«l them. H German caption on photo above, marto from raptured enemy dim, is irnc, the soldier is one of those who pnrtli'ipaiei) In Gen. von Ts breakthrough. Bath Houses £r<|'oy Boom At Hot Springs In '44 HOT .SPRINGS, Ark., Jan. 5 (UP) —Superintendent Donald S. Ltbbey of i in- Hot Springs National Park reports the mild bath record iCtlie public bath houses during 1D-H broke all records. His annual, report shows fan' Increase of 123.S4H (Kilrl b:Uii;t over 1143. Except for November and De ,...>...»»,, a . i u anuws wnnt can be ' '"• 1 '.«uin ior November and De- done in any branch of health eclu- i <*mbcr, each monih set nil nll-tlmo cation anywhere if we really want record. The greatest number dur- IQ ETPT, nnU'tl trt hl-nce I rmlj- n _ .._i .. _ in., r Un. ,, ,. .._ . _ _' PAGE n WASHINGTON" Ramspeck Has Tax Idea „ _ , t , lv , n- ( ||i^ \\iini. to get down to brass lacks ami decide whether to spend money for football coaches and winning teams and call that physical "education" or to spend it tenchlii" some real fundamentals o'f health, it shows teaching of a kind too infrequently seen below Ihe high school- by a person trained in a specific fluid A dental hygienist knows dental hygiene, and she isn't expected tu teach geography. We have loaded our elementary school fo the gills with eve arithmetic to folk c then wondered why L.... lt , D 11L „ median age of fifty as they are In at least one of our large cities and probably elsewhere, can't do it all Who could? It leads to questions schools and their constituents increasingly haw i to:, answer:., shall we .teach things that have broad social usefulness fohhe whole population, an impact on our 'dailv tlie year was given In March, when 108,153 baths were recorded. frn ' , teachers at a lives; and shall we do It -in', the elementary years, where it touches ovrrv dm; before lie leaves school? Or shall our main concern continue to uo i he. hiKh school student who has his brisk whirl of algebra or lapid brush with Cncsnr Ijccnnse the Director of Admissions of Po, Collc '« t ' ' 5il '' s n11 cnmlWnles " St nu ' 3rat ° *™< oi lt? Which Ill' I'K'I'KIC KltSON l.'oiider News \ViisliIngtun <,'urresiK>ii(li'ii( UeprescntallVfl Kobert •--i - newest Idea tor a 55 lu'iul lax on 25 million members of the Dcmpei'utu! p, u -i v „, K00ll standing Mi-Ikes „ happy nuMllnm between two oilier political money- vnlsliig schemes nuYimrccl ilurliig the last ciimpalun. First was Hie y. l. O. Political Action Commll- lecs idea lo "dive a liuck to Ho- elcet Roosevelt." The theory thul five intlllon hibor union members would hear this plea tv)\ f ar short ol realization, and Ihe i>, A C ««m't i;ct lunch over a inillioii, At .no oilier end of (he economic mid social scale. Presidenl icoorovcll's owii Idea for (he one Thousand Club or the U. S. A, «il.«, fell short o Us jioal (o round up n thousand '•'" shots wllllnu to kick In « .. I nplece. liain.speck's 125 niil- on ilollnr (irenin niiikes both earlier Kchc'mrs plckyunlsh. Hut even nt live bucks n lliroii', linmsiiei't could hai'dlj' offer social Invitn- tlons lo meet- Iho President, as din n i club (||(| • •• • niOI'DSSIONAI, 01,1)11 SI-IEI.KIIS NOH'. UN10MKKI) You may'never liavo heurd of !' uiit the iH'ofcsslonul luueheou club s|-lc ••!•«. .Uic tnlkcrs lo ladles' so- «ctlrs nnil ussorlcd lecturers for sciu-rnl culturnl im|irovemeiil, now '' u ; c , i ""Ion. U's known as the at form Guild. About n hundred membm of (ho Ciulld had u luneli- eon meeting In a \Vaslilnglon hotel the oilier day, but not for II purpose of hearing each oilier liil 1 »s you might Imagine, instead on! """ member of Ihe. Cliilld was n i! to talk, .That was Mrs. Hut . in 'liolidcv who merely iickiiow eased (he welcome of lUc prliiclpi speaker nt.the luiiclicon, Sccrol'ir of. State Edwnrcl rt, stetllnlits, J HCrniid about n dozen of his nrli ei|>ttl asslstanls were there to IK i"re to the Icolnrm on what Uuin bnrlon Oaks and the U. S. forelu Policy are nil .about. And thong the professlonnl lecturers dldn XI to say nnj'tlilng at their lunch con, now that they know nil th answers they'll be glad (o come I your, luncheon and tell yon all abou II. I^r n fee, of course. ' * * • 'I'lUi SII.KKV -SKItVICi: BODS NOTAULU JOB Secrctaiy of the Navy James V Forrcstal practically apologized be cnus e >:ho couldn't tell more aboil operations ol u. s. submarine when h e announced || le llltcsl lilb ulatlon of jnpanesc ships sunk b the silent service in the Pncllii U. S. submarines hnv missing and presuin with .six more known lo have bfeu sunk. In the same lime i). n. submarines haile . 08 Japanese ese comlmt ships and u;t5 iinii-roinbiit *IH|>s. Uelalls of tlin pl K Iwat exploits In piling up nils Imprrasivt.' lolal must lemaln untold till ilio war Is over, inid KIC dmls «f submarine horoes must t;» without public recoiiiilllon. I'm' ;is one lieu' expressed It to l, "r<l rnlhcr l) ; . ullvo and anonymous than a dead hero." «. S, lll'SKTS TllliOltlKS ON' WAIt ItAHlliS one e( V: to ''0 lost since Pearl Hnrbm LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, ReplesentdttYC 208 Lynch e P. l.emot.t, ,-iii,,f 0 [ the OhlUh'iMi's iimvnti In IIH> i)e- pai'lnieni, of l,n)x>r, jjiis- mine new slatlstles on Iralilcs which dlsconnt one of the olilmt I ( ],vi s nlxmt u u . (Icslrucliveness and I hi- deicilomt- inir Infhtenro of iviir cm n nation's population, Tlie United Ktntes It " >S ; n "I" 1 ''-' 111 "!.' "» »U- e.siab- hed llu'Oi'les. The old l,u, n W M Mint in wnrlliiin Dm plivsical specimens of manhood wnc inkcn "to (he nrmy, leavlni! (hu physically lOM-flt to propannto l),e nice. bo fn-- n" "K 1 United Klules | s t0 n- IT'" 011 ' «•'" '«>l Hue at all. for 's (o the wlwa nf soldiers bav, CHICKASAW Wcsl Miitn iVciir 2lsl KI Sat. (,t«r(s nM; Sun. twirls IMS Kiishl slimvs r,M K\i'C|il Aliiniliiy, opens li:IS Cunliiiuoiis slioii.s Sal, unil .Sim. Double "RIDERS OF THE T1MBEKLINF.'' wllh HnimhiHir (.'nsshly :inil "THE FIGHTING DEVILDOGS" with' , I.V.K I'llHTll Sufliil: "Thi! lliiliiwii" Ciirloon Sunday »iwl ftioiuJny "MY FRIEND FLICKA" (In Tceluilcoloi) »itli 'toilily McDowell & IVcslnn Foslc fiiHiocn KIeater Ihnn the deaths of U, S men in the nr>»»d services, In 19H there were mow Hum 31)0,000 torn nnd dflughtoi.1 torn to (he wliM of the nation'? iiRiitliiB iron, «hllo battle deaths for he year will total nppioxlmate- ly luilf Unit. MM Lemoot know »>out this blilh brine's because she iiilitilnlJslem (he /cd«al govcin- mcnt's Kmcr«enej Matcinlty and •niiiiil Caru iwoffum uiiriei which Vw.le Rain foo'-, lliu M 0 ik bill for sen- icemen of ths llireo lowest pay grades. In addition to 310,000 ba- tles (lireudy brouulit into Ihu world [Hitler this prnjri'inn, Miss Lcnroot hiis niiodier 300,000 service men's wives ,t'xpectliu:, aii,i shu \p adding (o the ILst at theriito ot about 40,000 new cases a month. -— -——__ i Tlircc-fouvllis of Iho average \mr- plauo's wcltjht is uluuilimiii. ' 1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WI.EK-1MY NIGHTS Box Office Oneiu 1:IJ_Show BUrt. at 1:30. HATIfKlMYS & SUNDAYS «!«« Office Opeiw i Hhow KtarU 1:18 l>»s( Time Today "BOWERY CHAMP" WHIi Knsl Sidii Kills I'uriiiiHiutit \c«s and Comedy Sudiniiiy "ALONG THE RIO GRANDE" M'HIi 'Mm Holt I3lli Simpler Hi "Inin C'liuv" l'i)|icj p c (,'oincily Siitnriltiy Only OWL SHOW "ARE HUSBANDS ' NECESSARY?" ivllli llctly (--mill and Kay Mllland •<,'nincdj' Sniulay and Monday "I LOVE X SOLDIER" with I'aulelle (!oild;iril, Sunny Tufts ItKO News and Comedy COUGHS (Reftiit.'nj'Ffoih Coldt) ' h Coldt) Mcy'i Famous "CANADIOL"' Mixture Acts Like j Flmh " nonciful cftecilM) ocltoii fiiifcii'd lulVci l l l"i) t l'nrt» tt it o'"' j >roncl11 " 1 raw'lwr'iilitunli'Jl/'niii ra ' fi° »"oih» _ hiK cnslor, ° • )rea t' 1 - ")• -\ ou yet rolic/ iMlanih. "' M'b UHUGb Open 6:45 ' ,,,, ,„ Show Starts 7:00 VMny and Saturday 'Pirates of the Prairie 7 - • Tim Hull ,,,, bcrltl: "Adventure's of Ihe Hjliu C'ndcls" Slioit ' URGENTLY NEEDED NOW AT CAMBEN, ARKANSAS Saturday 1 , Midnight $ I Stirls 10.15 The Mummy's Ghost 7 «ini ' " ' l.on Cliancj A j,,i m i Carr.i'illue b'clrilcd'Slior'fa ' " ' '" ^»••«_««^^»^^^^^i. Sunday & Moti<i«y FillJSICAL THAT . ' .PLACES! Ncvrs Short BY Housewives! Storekeepers! WASTE PAPER URGENTLY NEEDED Ciip this and paste it in your window! U.S. Victory WASTE PAPtt Campaign Winston, HagSin, Missouri Valley cmd Sollitt (Prune Conlraclon) PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at $1.00 per day. Excellent working conditions . . . Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS tf you .ire nnir engaged In an essential activity at your highest skill, dn not apply. All hiring ilouc In accordance with War Manpower Commission Regulations. Men under 21 and women nndcr 18 must have minor's release form signed by parents which can be obtained at Emploj-mcnt 0(Iice, Manila s Finest ' U'lnt hue 5011 done today that some mother's son should, die for jou tomorrow? , , , ,, —BUY BONDS— in our fobby. No waiting. We are issuing agents.., < Friday "MY FRIEND FLICKA' with with Uoildy nicDn'ivcIl Scriil A Short Saturday 'LAND BEYOND THE LAW" willi Wck Koran A Short Sniurrfaj; OWL SHOW ' 'MAZIE GOESrO RENO" with Sunday anflMqnday ^ , "SEVENTH CR'Sy^

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