The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 3, 1975 · Page 29
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 29

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1975
Page 29
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Monday, Nov. 3, 197S Philadelphia Inquirer D-3 TV I RADIO LISTINGS M ike Douglas Enters Las Vegas, Escapes Intact -i First of a three-part series LAS VEGAS The gambling casino at the MGM Grand Hotel is so big that one would not be surprised to see fog settling in on the far end. A thousand slot machines form only part of the scenery. The whole thing is bigger than a football field. At the Circus Circus, you may sip V you choose in the "Horse Around .4 ar," a carousel that revolves slowly to give you a full view of all action. Below you the gamblers play, above you trapeze artists swing. Now and then aerialists throw down long thin phallic balloons that bounce unnoticed off the shoulders of the gamblers pulling obsessively on the arms of the slot machines. At Caesars Palace, you may test your footing trying to dance in a floating nightclub called Cleopatra's Barge. In Benihana Village, a Japanese restaurant layout in the Las Vegas Hilton, the owners smite the place periodically with summer storms, artificial lightning striking By LEE WINFREY . . v VTW r;; On Television and thunder rolling, while false rain pours into the ponds. Just a Home Boy And all the while gamblers play, losing a billion dollars a year. Las Vegas looks like a carnival conceived in a cocaine dream. Of all the ways ever found to separate a man from his money, surely 99 percent are operative here. Here a medium-big entertainer like Wayne Newton can sing 32 weeks a year and take home $2 million. Money seems to be flying around everywhere until you yourself try to catch some of it. Into this neon cavern, this pit paved with green felt, came Mike Douglas last month. He taped two weeks of his syndicated television show and got away with both his soul and his billfold intact. Not everybody who has been here can say that. Douglas had certain advantages. He doesn't smoke or drink, for example. He doesn't even like to travel much, preferring to produce his show in his home base of Philadelphia. And, most of all, there is about him a settled look, the tranquility of a man at peace with himself, a man who knows what he can do and yearns for nothing more. Besides, when you're already making $2 million a year, like Douglas, who needs some petty jackpot from a slot machine? The 'Mr. II Suite' "The Mike Douglas Show" bunked at the Las Vegas Hilton, whose 2,139 rooms make it the largest hotel here. They gave Douglas and his wife Genevieve the best room in the house. , Called the "Mr. H Suite," it is up near the top. The Mr. H who usually stays there is Barron Hilton, Conrad's son. In the Hilton Hotels Corp., Conrad is board chairman and Barron is the president. The suite has a piano and a pool table to remind Douglas of those he has at home, and a fully-stocked bar, which Douglas doesn't bother with at his own manse. If you're feeling frivolous, you can light up the Mr. H. Suite good. Little lights come twinkling on in the floor and the drapes at the flick of a switch. . Ah, friends, if you and I but had a syndicated talk and variety show that played on 130 stations, if stations in Chicago and Detroit would only pay five figures a week to run our act, you and I could gambol in the glow installed for Mr. H. But we can't. So tomorrow and next day we'll just have to visit vi- 'Face-Off Puts Opposing Views on ABC Show By HARRY HARRIS I Inauirgr TV Writer One daily feature of ABC's radically-revised "AM America," bowing on Channel 6 at 9 a. m. today as "Good Morning, America," will be a "Face-Off" confrontation between individuals with diametrically-opposed points of view. Today's forensic foes are New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis and National Review editor William Rusher. Their subject: The CIA. Tomorrow's mini-debate, on corporal punishment, will be between Virginia Baker and her son Russell, whose suit cued the Supreme Court's recent ruling that approved spanking of students in certain circumstances, and Lancing Reinholz, superintendent of the Burlington, Vt., schools, who advocates four R's. The fourth? Retaliation. Other daily components of "Good Morning America's" "magazine" format will be titled "Money," "Couples" and "Doctor." Not all may be seen here, because Channel 6 is carrying only the first hour, delayed, of the 7 to 9 a. m. program. Actor David Hartman, the show's host, will participate in varied ways. Tomorrow, for instance, he'll direct questions at Ted Kennedy from New York while Geraldo Rivera is quizzing the Massachusetts senator in Washington. The Broadcast Information Bureau Inc., publisher of Facts, Figures & Film, a tradepaper for TV executives, invited 1,500 executives and their spouses to name their 10 all-time favorite programs. The shows nominated totaled 302. The Top Ten were "Perry Mason," "Your Show of Shows," "Star Trek," "Playhouse 90," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," "The Defenders," "The Milton Berle Show," "Omnibus," "Monty Python's Flying Circus" and "The $64,000 Question." Only two can be considered "current." The second ten, none on a commercial network, included "Upstairs Downstairs," "Our Miss Brooks," "Get Smart," "Studio One," "The Forsyte Saga," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," "Twilight Zone," "Armstrong Circle Theater," "Maverick" and "Philco Playhouse." Of 30 others listed, only eight are now being aired "Tonight" (29th), "All in the Family" (32d), "Rhoda" (35th), "The Carol Burnett Show" (41st), "Kojak" (42d), "Days of Our Lives" (44th), "MASH" (46th) and "Hollywood Squares" (47th). Not a single vote was cast for such yesteryear and present-day biggies as "The Beverly Hillbillies," Bob Hope, "The Lucy Show" (though "I Love Lucy" was 22d), Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, "Peyton Place," Red Skelton or "The Wonderful World of Disney." Mike Douglas, who begins four weeks away from his KYW-TV home base at 4 p.m. today with a star-crammed show from Hollywood, de-toured to San Francisco to visit Bing and Kathy Crosby. While there he was asked by a Variety correspondent what he thought of a remark attributed to Chronicle TV columnist Terrence O'Flaherty, questioning whether Douglas merited a $2 million annual salary. "He complained," Douglas said, "because he's not making two million. He's never said anything nice about me maybe because he failed in his attempt to do the same kind of show." O'Flaherty submits a rebuttal in the current Variety, charging that he's been "hilariously maligned by Mike Douglas (the TV host who struggles daily to make the world safe for Philadelphia) and misquoted." Noting that for 34 weeks, 13 years ago, he hosted "PM West," O'Flaherty writes, "I insisted on being referred to as a San Francisco newsman, never as a performer. I did not then, nor do I now, aspire to spend my life entertaining old ladies in the afternoon. "For that sort of job, $2,000,000 is cheap. To live in Philly, he should get double. "As for my failing to say anything nice about his show, I wasn't aware that I hadn't. But, somewhere, there must be a good reason for the omission." CBS, traditionally the pace-setting network, this season has been having the rare and humiliating experience of trailing NBC and even ABC. To boost its ratings, it's engaging in assorted stratagems. On Tuesday, Nov. 18, for instance, it's preempting all regular programming ("Good Times," "Joe and Sons," "Switch" and "Beacon Hill") for last years blockbuster film, "That's Entertainment!" with 11 major stars and scenes from nearly 100 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musicals. cariously with Mike Douglas. And The second part of this series dream, which is what most visitors will appear in Tuesday's TV see-to Las Vegas do anyway. tion. New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble, with Katherine Dunham Dancers "In Performance at Wolf Trap" Gunther Schuller, Conductor Tonight at 8 on WHYY, Channel 12. PBS Made possible by a qrant from Atlantic Richfield Company AtianticRtchlieldCompany 1 .'ffi'rSi ; 7" ""fT"! 'S "TffT i i'MsisFwM sfN TV Today ,6.45 (0 NEWS 6:00 ) THOUGHT FOR TODAY, , FARM, MARKET REPORT, NEWS . J OPERATION ALPHABET (0 SUNRISE SEMESTER 6:15 Q OVERSEAS MISSION (Mon. & Tues.); URBAN LAB (Wed, Thurs., Fri.) :30 Q PERSPECTIVE - Q COUNTRY MUSIC (0 WAKE UP! 6:45 Q FARM, HOME, GARDEN; 12:55 1,-4) NBC NEWS i0 NEW ZOO REVUE 12:00 OS NEWS' WEATHER 3D THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS OJ DELAWARE VALLEY FORUM 0 BULLWINKLE Q3 YOGI BEAR 12:30 )Q NEWS fjgr) ALL MY CHILDREN !3D SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Q ROMPER ROOM ) LONE RANGER CD Lucv EYEWITNESS NEWS 6:55 ;Q NEWS . 7:00 0O5 TODAY ,'QI LOVE LUCY GD2) CBS NEWS 7:30 fj CAPTAIN NOAH :00 (0(2) CAPTAIN KANGAROO (0 GOOD M0RNIN3 . 9:00 Q SOMERSET Q GOOD MORNING, AMERICA ' Q MIKE DOUGLAS , (0 M0RNIN3SIDE WITH EDIE HUGGINS i(033) SESAME STREET 0 CAPTAIN KANGAROO ffl HAZEL 9:25 JJJ MORNING NEWS (Mon.) 9:30 TODAY IN DELAWARE VALLEY 1:00 t7) MAGNIFICENT WARBLE MACHINE OCD RYAN'S Hpe q'tO TELL THE TRUTH 0 CONCENTRATION (0 MOVIE "The Other Man." (1970) Roy Thinnes, Joan Hacketl, Tammy Grimes, Arthur Hall. Bogart, Sylvia Sidney. 12 ) THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR f-JJ MOVIE "Wagons Roll at Night." (B-W) (1941) Humphrey Bogart, Syliva Sidney. 12 1:25 JTJ NEWS 1:30 ) Q ig) DAYS OF OUR LIVES QJ) LET'S MAKE A DEAL (0 !(J) AS THE WORLD TURNS Q MERV GRIFFIN 1(0 DINAH! Guests: Robert Blake, Petula Clark, Lucie Arnaz, Cleveland Amory, Rick Nelson, Stone Canyon Band. 40 BEVERLY HILLBILLIES Q ULTRA MAN i02) SESAME STREET lg THE THREE STOOGES 5:00 (0T$ MISTER ROGERS i(0 THE LUCY SHOW JJ MARINE BOY igg BEWITCHED IfTJT) MONKEES 6:30 tJQ NEWS 1103)3) ELECTRIC COMPANY 1(0 ANDY GRIFFITH ifQ SPIDERMAN fJJU) I DREAM OF JEANN1E (0 GILLIGAN'S ISLAND 6:00 oooeosaxz) NEWS 0 TODAY IN DELAWARE Q) TARZAN ,833 YOUR FUTURE IS NOW PARTRIDGE FAMILY 1(0 BRADY BUNCH 6:30 OO 41 NBC NEWS Q ABC NEWS 7 IB C BICENTENNIAL, MINUTES 8:30 1(0(031 PHYLLIS ,g)23 JERSEYFILE 8:57 00(4) NEWS UPDATE 9:00 MOVIE "The Owl and the Pussycat." (1973) George Segal, Barbra Streisand, Robert Klein. ,0(7) FOOTBALL Los Angeles Rams vs. Phila. Eagles. 'CS ALL IN THE FAMLy 0 THE GLOUCESTERMEN (R) iQJ MOVIE "The Dark at the Top ot the Stairs." (1960) Robert Preston, Dorothy McGuIre, Eve Arden, Angela Lansbury, Shirley Knight. ;)3) SHOULDER TO SHOUL. DER "Outrage." CD 9 P.M. CYEIL SHEPHERD WALTER FROM MAUDE ADV. PRO- icn JACK BENNY SHOW (3 ANTIQUE WORKSHOP (Mon.) 2.00 .grj) $10,000 PYRAMID ;(0(0(5) GUIDING LIGHT J3 THE FLYING NUN 2:30 00'51 THE DOCTORS fji'7l RHYME AND REASON 1(0(023 EDSE OF NIGHT ) QUICK DRAW McGRAW 0 BANANA SPLITS ,. 5)30 INSTRUCTIONAL ' GRAMMING '. 9:55 J TAKE KERR ' 10:00 00."33 CELEBRITY SWEEPSTAKES 10 DIALING FOR DOLLARS Q3C5D pmcE ls RIGHT 0 MERV GRIFFIN Guests: Bill Macy, Maude's husband; actress-model Cybill Shepherd, actor Doug McClure. o EDG333 maudb 3D CBS SVENIN3 NEWS 10:00 (0(0(2) MEDICAL CENTER (0 TAKE 12 0 SHOULDER TO' SHOULDER g) CONTEMPORARY 80CI- 023 NEW JERSEY NEWS ETY 10:30 02 GREAT BATSO FUR- l0 ROOM 222 NACE ADAM-12 0 BEST OF GROUCHO 7:00 0 WORLD AT WAR "Gene- 11:00 05M) NEWS 023 INSTRUCTIONAL PRO- 2:55 () NEWS REPORT GRAMMING (7J RELIGIOUS PROGRAM TJ DIVORCE COURT IQT) COOKING WITH BERNARD (Wed.) 10:30 0O3) WHEEL OF FORTUNE (J) 700 CLUB 0 NEWS PROBE Qj) DELAWARE VALLEY TODAY (Wed.) 10:35 0 DELAWARE VALLEY TODAY (Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.) 10:55 ir0 TAKE KERR 11:00 0 SHOWOFFS CD;2)AMB!.T.... yj nui run wdHwrt C11LY 11:25 0 SPIRIT OF INDEPENDENCE 11:30 0 O HOLLYWOOD SQUARES Q-7 HAPPY DAYS ) LOVE OF LIFE 0 HANNAH BARBERA CARTOON FESTIVAL Radio Today 3:00 ANOTHER WORLD 0 ) GENERAL HOSPITAL (0(05) MATCH GAME (O GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 0 SUPER HEROES 0 LITTLE RASCALS 3:30 02) ONE LIFE TO LIVE 2) TATTLETALES l0 THREE STOOGES 0(5) MICKEY MOUSE CLUB 4:00 0 MIKE DOUGLAS Cohost: Hollywood. Guests: Carol Burnett, Don Rickles, Walter Matthau, Tony Orlando, Ed Asner, Donny and Marie Osmond, Frank West-more, makeup artist. ij num tit ttinuutnCt 0 SOMERSET (0(0 GIVEN-TAKE (0 SESAME STREET 03 POPEYE 03 MISTER ROGERS EE BATMAN , 0 FLINTSTONES 4:30 0 IRONSIDE' cide." 0 TO TELL THE TRUTH 0 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES dW NEWS 0 UNDER BILLY PENN'S HAT 1(0 LET'S MAKE A DEAL i-) ANDY GRIFFITH 02? MKING IT COUNT (0 THAT GIRL 0 STAR TREK 7:30 00 $25,000 PYRAMID 0 NEW CANDID CAMERA 1(0 WORLD PRESS (0 FAMILY AFFAIR (JJ LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE 023 NEW JERSEY NEWS 0 HOGAN'S HEROES CD 3) SB CAPTIONED NEWS 0 MOVIE "Young Guns of Texas." (1962) James Witchum, Chill Wills. 'CD THE HONEYMOONERS 11:30 00(4) TONIGHT SHOW Guest host: Delia Reese. Guests: Muhammad All, Captain and Tannine, Abigail Van Buren, 3D M0VIE "Th Affair." (1973) Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner. ALFRED HITCHCOCK ;0 MOVIE "Red Dust." (B-W) (1933) Clark Gable, Jean Harlow. 12:00 OS NEWS , QJ 700 CLUB 8:CO0 THE FORBIDDEN DESERT 12:30 0 MOVIE "Fragment of Of THE DANAKIL 0-4) THE INVISIBLE MAN 0,7) MOBILE ONE 'l33 "HO" 0 IN PERFORMANCE AT WOLF TRAP The New England Conser-vaioiy hayume ciieniDie ana in Katherine Dunham Dance Company. Q OF LANDS AND SEAS 02) THAT'S IT IN SPORTS 0 MOVIE "Life With Father." (1947) William Powell. Irene Dunne, Elizabeth Taylor. IfT) WILD, WILD WEST Fear." (1971) Oavid Hemmings, Gayle Hunnicutt. 1:00 0030 TOMORROW 1:30 0 MOVIE "Ada." (1961) Su-san Hayward, Dean Martin, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Ralph Meeker, Martin Baisam, 1-ranK Maxwell. (0 DELAWARE VALLEY FORUM 2:00 0O3) NEWS 0 MINORITY PERSPECTIVE 3:30 (0 GIVE US THIS DAY 3:35 i(0 MOVIE "Captain Carey, U.S.A." (1950) Alan Ladd, Wanda Hendrix, Francis laderar, Joseph Calleia. You're going to be seeing some proud people on Action News. Tonight they're Irish. f J ; 1 in Imm Bi...i.w (" Ml ' m -:- v. 1 1 1 4 Tonight at 5:30, Action News begins a three-week series of special reports on ethnic pride. -Hit's a great opportunity to learn something about your neighbors . . . and maybe yourself. This evening, Mariellen Gallagher re ports on Philadelphia's Irish. To morrow night, Gwen Scott visits with local American Indians. wpviiv ACTION NEWS EXTRJO few 4&?5? H i'kViKv- $ ii jfKy iwkZ4m' tll'zlhZ ZA1 14ZaZJEJ' VilirdFiitiiiKiiiiiiirgfiu.iri MUSIC HIGHLIGHTS .10:05-11:30 WFLN (900, 95.7) CONCERT tlszN Prometheus (Haitink) Ravel Piano Concerto in G (Haas) Mozart Llnz Symphony, 36 (Bohm) 1-2 WUHY (90.9) COtIN DAVIS conducts Royal Opera House Orchestra pavel Sheherazade (Jill Gomez, soprano) Tchaikovsky String Serenade in C 7- 8 WUHY MUSIC FOR PIANO Prokofiev Sonata 3 in a (Graffman) Tchaikovsky The Seasons (Ponti) Bartok Improvisations (Rosen) 7:05-8 WFLN-FM STRINGS Vivaldi Strings Concerto In A R Strauss Capriccio: Introduction Mozart Piano Concerto 2 (Anda) 8- 9:30 WUHY LEONTYNE PRICE, soprano; David Garvey, piano ' i . Beethoven Ah, Perfldol R. Strauss, Respighl, Pouleno 15 Songs Rorem, Starer, White Psalm Settings Two Spirituals 9-11:30 WFMZ (100.7) SYMPHONY Work Autumn Walk (Fennell) Jirovac Symphony 2 (Prague Ch. Orch.) Dvorak Cello Concerto (Harrell, Levine) Debussy Khamma (Ansermet) Stravinsky Dumbarton Oaks Concerto 10:30-11 WFLN-FM FROM GERMANY Franz Song Bruch Symphony 1 in E flat GENERAL PROGRAMS 6:55 and 12:25 WCAU (1210) THE ECONOMY: John R. Coleman, Havertord College 1 2-1 2:30 WUHY M ARCELLO MASTROI-ANNI, tiim star 12:30-1 WFLN RALPH COLLIER: Mark Evans Asted, U. S. ambassador to Finland, from Helsinki 1- 1:30 WKDN (106.9) READING CIRCLE: Jon Arthur begins LeRoy Eims's "Winning Way" 2- 5 WUHY FRESH AIR: Ethel deCoaeh, on faith healing; Larry Collins, author 6:30-7 WUHY FAMILY STORY: "Puck of Pook's Hill" begins 8:07-10 WCAU MYSTERY THEATER: "The Mortgage," with Larry Haines. Communist defector's dilemma threatens marriage 10-10:30 WUHY ALTERNATIVES: "Is Our Navy Second Rate?" Rear Adm. Gene R. LaRocque (Ret.) 10:30-11 WUHY THE GOON SHOW: BBC series returns, with "The Whistling Spy Enigma"

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