The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1931
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Served by the United Press BMTHEVILL THE DOMINANT NKW6PAPER OF NORTHEAST, AHKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 282 Blytheville Courier, Blythevillo. Herald, Blytheville Dully Ne'vs, Mississippi Valley lender. BLYTHMVIUJ-:. AltKANSAS, THURSDAY, KICURUAUY 12, 1<):!1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS UN-OFF Hyde Says Bill Loans Nothing lo Prevent Use ofj Money for Human Food! Secretary Declares. WASHINGTON. Feb. 12. (UP) — Secretary of Agriculture Hyde today telegraphed the senate that there was no restriction in the compromise drouth relief appropriation In hts Interpolation of it which would prevent the use of the money for purchase of human food. Hyde's telegram sent from Louisville, Ky.. was in reply to^uesliCKK propounded to him by (he senate and a resolution passed yesterday. Hyde's telegram added that pro- viilch of rood and clothing to the needy in drouth areas was the major purpose of the Red Cros r which he b3lieved was now meeting this need. Bold Bandits Seize Worthless Currency WASHINGTON, Feb. 12 (UP) —Ttt-o "bandits today invaded Union station. iblacl-.jacked a mall clerk and seized three registered policies consigned to the frderal treasury, and got a mess of worthless currency for their pains* The money with which the robbers escaped was destined from the New York Federal Re serve bank to the treasury reduction division to be ground into pulp, but already the bills, havinB a face value of $801.000, had been cut tn half in Ncv, York and perforated. A Beauty from the Carolines CREDIT LMKI5 WASHINGTON, Feb. 12. (UP) — The fate of the SM.WKJ.OOO drouti relief compromise depends largely on what Secretary of Agriculture Hyde says in response to the senate's demand for a formal answer as to whether food doles would be granted from the fund, Senator Watson, Republican, Indiana, said after a call at the White House this morning. '. The compromise amendment was held up In the senate pending a reply from Hyde, but the United J»ress. . was informed the reply would'be'such as to.permit adop; tion of tlie compromise'. ^-,:. ; ,' "WBlsonTTollowing his visit to the White House, would make no forecast as -to the nature of Hyde's forthcoming communication, but It was indicated elsewhere the secretary was expected to take the position that the loans from the 820.000,000 fund might be used for any purpose relative to the reliablli- tation of agriculture.- (Peak Will Not Be Reached; Uniil March 1, Workers Say at Meeting Yesterday [ OSCEOLA, Ark., Feb. 12.—Tiei ports from the nine Red Cross dls- i trlbutlng points In the Osceoh dis- '. (rici of Mississippi county based 0:1 : actual case register figures ns rc- : ported at .a committee meeting I here yesterday afternoon show 4703 ! families in south Mississippi county being fed by the Red Cross at ! ihls time. T! The number will continue to in{ ; crease in the opinion of the vari- MOUS committeemen, until March 1, ! when a gradual decline in t s .e I number receiving aid will continue j Representative Has Pro-|$» ^^"^^\ posal to Give Certificatesi time ' due to thc <>r«nm ? of farm] j-! o n r* \i I • i worlc n ' !d the beginning o( cropi 4/ I -/ rer Lent Value. I furnishing en the plantations. ; . , ] The reports came from commit- WASHTNCiTON, Feb. 12 (UP)—-tee chairman C. L. Denton a: Senath Man Heads The way, was opened today by the house ways and means com- Whittcn, Leslie Speck at Frenchman's Bayou, Rev. P. V. Galloway i' mittec for adoption of a compro- i at Joiner, A. S. Catchings, .Bas- mise veteran's relief bill to in- sett; R. H. Robinson, Keiser; Rev.! crease Use loan limit on adjusted Warren Johnson. Wilson; William j That members of the North Carolina State College Forestry Club service, certificates. It was Indicated the committee would vote favorably later today on such a bill. jWood, Luxora; M. R. Sisco, Etc- 1 are no backwoodsmen can be seen in their choice of charming Miss ' ' Shore Is a graduate of Peace Institute and prominent In Raleigh society. Red Cross distribution in the spective communities since Its In-. The committee devoted the morn- inr sessio'n'-to hearing Under Sec- ception early in January. the approximate cost Live With-John Withdrawal of Red Cross Relief Depends on Money for Crop Production. Lack of adequate credit for fnrm operations Is at present the' chief obstacle to early curtailment' of KM Cross drouth relief activities In Arkansas, Harvey Couch, state l drouth relief chairman, and Jamcc i L. Pleser, vice-chairman of ' the American Red Cress, were told by ! relief workers of eastern Arkansas | counties who met at Brlnkley >-M', lerday. | Most of the Red Cross chapters In Uie eastern part of the staU; I were represented. Delegates were j present from Chlcot, Ashley ti'iU'. ; Union counties, on Uie Louisiana Illnc, from Lonoke and White, near j the cenlcr of thc state, from I?ard, [high in the Ozarks, and'from nl- mcwl all pi the delta and Crowley ridge counties of northeastern and |cast central Arkansas. C. R. Babcock, local relief chairman, and J Mell Brooks, secretary of the Bly- thcvlllc chamber of commerce, represented Mississippi county. Mr. Couch presided at the meeting. Besides Mr. Pleser, who next to'-John. Barton Payne, the cholr- Cross Garden Seed . Will Arrive Here Soon Packages of garden seed for jcnellclarics of tlie American Red Cross will ronch BlylhcvUc within n row days, and ricr- «o'ns wishing to make use ol Ihetn should airanyc at unce for Ihej necessary giound, Albeft Kvnns. Arkansas drouili. rdlef :lt«jCtor, told representatives of the i local relief organization at Brliklcy 'yesterday. will be issued only lo those who have Hindu arranje, merits for sulflclent ground In which to pluiit them. This land sliaiikl ba plowed and prepared for planting at once, as the plnuling tenscn for u number of varieties of vcgetuhle.s in al- rfiirty here. Parnell Signs Agricultural Finance Corporation Loan Measure. ' '•".'/ LITTLE ROOK, Feb. ; 12. (UP) — Charges. Involving' administration and anti-administration ."influences" were hurled on the floor- of tlie. senate today as that body;' killed the run-off primary hill by' adoption of lu'b amendments', designed to make the measure meaningless. .The bill ofTered by. Senator .Bailey %yas called for final passasearid encountered', opposition .from .a- 'group of senators led by .Ablnston and Caldwell. .'- . '.' '• ;: . Provided: for Run-ofT . f' The 'measure would provide for tho holding .of a second • primary; election In the .event ho candidate In Hie general primary received a majority. Under the provisions of the propped act the second primary would Lo held on the fourth Saturday following the general prl- 1BEDJT III George W. Ray Held Victim . of Heart Failure by • Coroner's jury. •x : —— A 'coroner's jury today held that uuu George W. Hay, 05-year-old Dell dude candidates for county" offlcss mary and cost: of • such would bo borne by the candidates. An amendment which would ex- election run bit and the loan proposals. . • "I clothing second only to the grcai A loan bill -Is the only proposal heed for feed for. live stock, hun- no\v being considered by the committee. Reresentetlve Fish, Republican, New York, tcday modified his bill providing for. 25 per cent cash payment to provide a 25 per cent increase on the loan limit, which dreds of which-will perish if s::m source of feed supply is not made available at once. CHICAGO, Feb. (UP)—Ina -Five head of work stock died of Claire, ths actress, and her actor starvation In the Joiner ccmrmml-' husband, John Gilbert, are llvins ty last week according to reports. , apart because, she disclosed while would make the limit 41'.6 P er jand numbers more are in a starv- .stopping here enroute to Hollywood, cent. ; ing condition. Stock taken care c.' i they can afford to do so, and she ' through a Red Cross grant which "would rather be her husband's provided for around 2500 head the \ mistress than his housewife." last two weeks in January, have' Admitting she was temperamental and "not so easy to get along with," Miss Clare said s're did net Whole Wheat Bread Will - n 1 i * ttju """^ " C F I " ll1 ^^nuiri", n ; Be Cheaper SayS Baker • been turned out again since cpi Ition' of the federal drouth n WASHINGTON, Feb. 12. (UP>— I ' oan s determined the naticnal He^ ' think the public should "worry' WAorlliVLi iLm, r*eD. 14:. vwr ' — ' ---- ....... — - " *•.•*•'-""• "-^r , ........ M. Lee Marshall chairman of the 1 Cr °« P°'icy of discontinuing dis- 1 about board of the Continental Baking ! tursements of feed running count- 1 "W< " how s':e and Gilbert lived. Funeral Directors KENNETT. Mo.—At a' recent msetins of all the undertakers of Dunklin county, an crganizatiorx was perfected embracing the entire county and was named the Dunklin County Funeral Directors association. A. S. McDaniel of Ssnath has been chosen as president of the newly formed organization and E. M. Howard of Card well will be vies president. Earl Husband of this city was elected secretary. It is planned by the members of ^ II<TO11116 „„..„ ,._ ,. , the association to hold meetings in! ano - p rom ised his company' wouli a verv En ort tlm e. the comniltue- j be arranged like patterns. To pre- various parts of the county once Ie <j uce the price both here and in ' mfn - without exception, reported. | serve a marriage the two persons each month and as the association ' ti—i.ui --...,...-._. , ... ._ _. .,_-•,_ ,- _.,-.. gains in strength to embrace Psni- iscot county. Missouri, as well as i Mississippi county, Arkansas, according to Preside-ill McDaniel. man, Is' the highest active officer In the national organization. Ret Cross officials present Included William M. Baxter' jr., manager of the mid-western branch at' St. LouU .«nd Albert Evans, director, o^ He$ Crbss relief operaUohs"lri' Arkr.n- sas. Farmers Need Crjdlt Tlie meeting was devoted chiefly to reports from the various counties, which, while revealing a wide variety of problems and conditions, the state discussion farmer, who was found dead In his bed thla morning, met his death from ' natural causes. Ray's death was attributed to heart failure. Tho Inquest was conducted by Coroner W. H. Stovall. Ray was one of the oldest settlers In this part of Mississippi county, .having spent practically all of his life In the vicinity of Dell. For a number of years lie had resided alone at his two room house on his 50-acte farm northwest o! Dell. , | Tho deceased Is survived by.three from Uio provisions of the bill offered and adopted withHlttli'dis-- cussion. Senator AbinjUm then offered another amendment vrtilsh would exclude candidates for stitu offices, thus-killing the'bill.' ' Senator Bailey charged thc amendments were supported by 'a , "well organized and well greased political machine."- This brought strict denial from 'opponents -of the measure who maintained the 1 ' administration h»d not- voiced 'Us '. views concerning, tlie propr.<wd leg. lalation. n ,-rf c l ni • variety of problems and conditions, rontltl oendS blessings tO| all tended to show that the real • All Peoples In First Ad- "^ ."' ' " . _ i were oeini dress-Liver Air. . was given the question of wltli- , drawal of Red Oross help, and while VATICAN CITY, Feb. 12 (UP)— \ lepresenlatives of some counllesex- Pcpe Plus. XI. today broke down : pressed the belief they would b: the barriers which have separated i nblc to suspend relief operations the head of-the Roman Catholic.March 1, In the majority it was In- church from the world for three j dicated a solution of the farm score years, and sent his voice by' credit problem would hive to br. radio t- all jwlnls of thi world. '. found before a withdrawal datt Richardson, all of . Dell, and. a brother, John Ray, of California. • .Funeral services v/Ul be' : lieli'thls afternoon, interment -will' bo made at a mound near tha small home of the deceased, . >..-.. The • Cobb Undertaking company is In charge of funeral arrangements. . ... Smallpox and Meningitis Not Alarming in County ed at trie senate i er t° loan s. The failure of the loans 'out. "and both inclined to bs ner- food inquiry today that his 'com- w rcac!l » !1 but a very few of fno vous. To throw two such people In- number receiving Red Cross feed, ! to the same home with daily need has resulted in practically all o: '. for so many adjustments Is a bad the 2500 head of stock fed in Jan- ! thing fcr happiness in marriasc. We are both stars." s^e polntji ! Gbservinj: the ninth anniversary j could be fixed. company announc pany would reduce the price of whole wheat bread to the price of white bread. Marshall had Investigated cc: one cent higher than hi Washington, found [them true •!_ j uary by the Red Cross, beinj turn- j "Marriage should be an ir-.divid- d. "The but t!-.2 live is made available and that in I lives of the married pc-rsons can't Aiarblitiu iuiu mve-aUHBitu t-wn- • - — • —-j *«•*> . -- -a- -- — plaints that whole wheat bread was ' «> out a 8 aln to f °ce ultimate star- \ ual thin?," she continued, one cent higher than white bread va t!°p, unless some other alterna- i certificates arc all alike, bi any other city where- the same dif- 1 Health conditions remain fairly j must use their heads and figure " ference was made. I BC<xi ' a llot 'd increase, how- ; out the best thing for them to do of his coronation, Pcpc Pius, inaii- 1 Mr. Couch, while denying that ht gunned the powerful new Vatican ; was due any major credit for th radio station with an address wish- ; $30,000.000 compromise drouth loan Ing "the peace of Christ" for all] bill now pending at Washington. thf faithful. • • expressed confidence that this wouU The pope sent his blessings to all I be passed and that It would help the people* -of the earth, to his ! substantially lo relieve the sltua- prlests, the missionaries, the gov-. tlorii He sa | d thnt he looked for a ernments and their peoples, thc liberalization of the whole federal rich and the ]iosr. the employed , oan program to mEC t the needs of and thc unemployed, the afflicted I fnrmers including large planters and the suffering. After broadcasting of the pope's; radio message, which . was then i | w ho mU3t to make their the Oscaolans Will Speak at Temple Meeting There will b? a special pro3ram at the weekly meeting at the Temple Israel Friday evening when features will be an address ty Judge J. T. Gotten and vocal Felectb-us by Mrs. John Edrlnglon, both of Oscecla. Visitors are cordially invited. in colds, Influenza and pneu- is not to follow custom." "There Is no Justification for this ! Monday." being afflicted. County health an-j said there Is something fascinating! pnn ii,l r , q ' rv the inauguratinn ofi tne removal of the 52,050 limit on f K/iriMnp Kn.n-.Mrn.. t I.L_ __. . nt.i..t 1!.. t i *• I C« U UM C13IV1J, L*«!- o ,.,,- !*%.•> n<> tn nvitT tnrXirlrliinl fnrmnr thorities, however, have the mat- about living apart for any ter under control now, it was rs- i could affort it. ported by M. R. Sisco. commits- j "H has the allure of living in inian from that community. Shrubbery Salesman Found Without License K. R. Becker, shrubbery salesman of Poplnr Bluff. Mo., was fined S10 in Justice Ed Walker's court yesterday on a charge of sclliri; shrubbery without state lice us?. Becker was arrested by Hurry Sues Company Which Insured Wrong Housa nu\i i~t WK n no I distribution inside the next two CAMDEN, Ark., teb. 12. tup)— . W eeks, it was announced by R K Mrs. Gertrude P. Gresham filed suit ziennli di5 t,.|ct Red Cross execu- i for SHOO in circuit court here to- itrre , and approximately 75 per cent • day against the Commercial Unbni of the destltutc f amlMes V , 1M „ , ! j Assurance Company, Ltd., of Lon- Jor and phn . tne garrtcn i sin," sh# said. thc new station and to Install: p loans to any individual farmer. Senator Gugllelmo Marconi as a j member. Springs Passes ft. Prohibition Law Youth Falls to Death from Fcrt Smith Believes Feak Is Here LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 12. (UP) :— James L. Pieser, vice chairman of the American Red Cross, who i; i i conducting a survey of the drouth i stricken areas of Arkansas, issued ja statement last night in which he ,„ FORT SMITH. Ark., Feb. 12. (UP ! expressei b . Ue t "the peak period was -reported a move -probably would be.made later to .revls" tho measure. ' . . .... ,.. .',. . . . : .. The morning session of the, houie largely'was'given to hearing . of committee reports on bills already Introduced. Fifty house measures were . reported back, only two: of : which received favorable recem- ' mendatlons. , : , Thirteen senate'-'bills, : -were' •reported back, only two of which received. Unfavorable - recommenda- i lions. .-. Despite seme smallpox end men- ' „. ?arnt " S'* 115 Credit.Bill- ngitls- in Mississippi .county now! Thc T °Iahd'drouth relief meas- hesc diseases are much below the| u . re "came a law yesterday when . average for this season of the I t - nc Howard county representative's, according to Dr. A. M. Wash-' blu to authorize sale, of $1,500,000. turn, director of the county health lln 5talc bonds to provide capital inlt. Thc nttli case of smallpox reported recently Is at Ojceola. All of these cases have been among egroes with three 111 at Bird^ong. The reporting of a negro ill from meningitis at Osceola makes the fourtli case since January 1. In stock for . agricultural credit corporations was approved, by Governor Parnell. • . - .'. .' s . The measure, which became Act No. 10, authorizes transfer of $£600,000 immediately from the state highway fund to enable credit corporations to start functioning wltfi- Jamiary last year there were 12| oul - waiting for bonds-to be sold. The highway fund would be reimbursed when bonds provided for by tho'act are sold: .- • . *• . By vote of 59 ty 3, the senate passed tho Highway. Department's $58.000,000 appropriation bill late yesterday, after advocates of t'.te bill thwarted alTattempts,to amend It, It now,goes to the governor. EUREKA SPRINGS, —Funeral services will as held to from effects of the drouth has beer Lhnbsrg, a farmer, was low-: In Arkansas for thai organisation. NANKING. |Yat-ssn died Is to b°.preserved"by |P :i "itation operators, with few ex-i violation of th; new ordliunce. Tr.e j ^ [China as a national memorial. iff.?'l?! ls l. ml , 11 m5 i? e ,,* he . iame "-j measurS was passed in order to|. Chester Hatch Acquitted By Jury of Rum Charge Clirster Hatch was acquitted ol a charge of possessing liquor for . . the purpose of sale by a Jury in • The'-bill,.; drafted by a Joint Justice R. L. McKnlght's cour'' «°ads and Highways committee ol this afternoon ' ! bath houses, appropriates funds for Hatch was arrested by. Constable j operating expenses of the Highway Harry Taylor, who with city no-, Department during the .blennium He* .searched' -Hatch's house ncar!<™"ne March I, • 1933. Including this city this morning. Two and a half gallons of liquor In quart fruit Jars, found-bulled In a plowed field near Hatch's' home were confiscated by the officers and introduced as, -cvldencs. dcr of business, the house yesterday afternoon^pent .several hodrs In bitter debate .before vMlrig "Its passage, 54 to 35.." ;• . , The measure shortens from one year to three months the period ol residence necessary In the state COOTER, Mo.—The residence of j twfore obtaining a final decree. Two R. E. Burns, near here,, was de-j months' residence Is required bs- stroycd bv fire of an unknowfi or- i fore first action can be filed and Igln" about 8:30 o'clock this morn-1 another 30 days is required bsfcre construction and imrovement .of state and county hl^hwaya. ; House Votes Divorce . Bill ; Calling up 'Representative Campbell's divorce bill on. a special or- _^ ^ I rr The NationafGoTernWrit"hasIn-! qulremcnt£ ' " ls Weved. Ik. structed thc Hopel provincial gov- Prcceeding yesterday's committee ernment to raise funds with which i meeting, formal election of Red to purchase the building from Dr.Across officers of tho Oscco!a chap- AnSWC'S Over Emphasis' Wc " tn 8' on Koo> who now owns It.|t« r ratified the volunteer work of; r ! The late Dr. Sun founder of 'MO' leaders. C. L. Moore Jr., who] M, A. C, Roll o$ Honor eep money from fines at home. ver the side cf the structure j Fieser's statement. Issued tn Por- 1 and recovered the body. Almost an' rest City last night before the j hour was consumed In lowering party left for Fort Smith, said in Llmberg to thc sandbar and rals- part: ! ing the two to tr.e t n- n n i ' Wilson died on the way to a lo- cf First State Bank cai hcspitai. AMHERST. Moss. (UP) - The charge of over-cmpV.-xsis In sr^r! fcund an answer in the scholastic hcnor roll for the past term at Massachusetts Agricultural College. The rcll Included thc names of the following sport captains: Joseph Gula, baseball; Leon Stanifiewsky. basketball; Allen S. Wc;t Jr., relayl Edmund L. Frost, hockey; Donald M. Mason, cross [what is now the mcnt at Nankin Pclping home as "Of course trie distribution o! adequate food supplies and o'.her relief will continue, tut It Is my opinion the peak period has been country; track. and Robert C. Rocney hon . cisht other letter men won " ! I 1 * 5 been cnalrman ot lhc chapter. Burns Residence Near Cooler Is Destroyed Ing. The house was partially covered by insurance. . Mr. and Mrs. Burns have resided rn this community .for a number of years and are well known here. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, probably granting of the decree. < i „., «j-m...«j«ju i - ---~|uwjitjii5 % ni.ivi; \.-|l«U|(U Ul U1U 1/dUK i> 1 HOODTOWN, S. C, tUP) _ I chairman of the chapter, and S. affairs, and taking over In a large tor George Johnson found four baby M """— —'•"-"- ->•-• - - -•••• squirrels In a nest after killing the' 1 '- moth;r squirrel. family cat at home hail kittens, • actively . . .... r .._. . . ..... Jo'.ins'n thought she might adopt es of d.outh disaster wort;, \ver; 1 capacity. the squirrels and raise them. She; elected to the directorate to whto'i | Other members of th. <"id, and at mti\ time there is a i will later be added the names cf'scnel remain unchanged huddle of squirrels and •-•••' ••• - • Johnson s.tfd. kittens' commltteemen from various rurc.ll Emma Cox cashier and | communities. | Gwallney assistant cashier. j ne *m ^pcdN uu Hie ' vjuii::: wi... r , . , .-1.1,.- A rf,.mfa^A' •a bank's per- the Keys. Concession and t h s ; "!' *", v Jr.° n . syf '^h ^ ^/^I cd, with Miss Lord's Supper." , ° ^ t iS, charact' s A recover- i - vilrllxu ^naracurs. A recover, Louie j The public l! Invited to this ser' vice. Vanderbilt Considers Suing General Butler SAX DIEGO, Cal, Feb. 12. (UP) —Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr., may file a civil suit against Major General Smedley D. Butlsr as an. aftermath In the south portions tonight: i J* the Butler-Mussolini Incident, colfer In west and north i " a> ' j skn "Diego Sun said today in a According to the official w?ather I copyright Interview v:lth Vanier- cbserver, Charles Phillips, the min-1 bllt. Imum t»mperature here yesterday I VanderbUt, who has 'been in San was 38 degress and the maximum | Diego -Incognito for several days, 62 degree*; partly cloudy. On the!said he would bring suit against same day a year ago the minimum, the famotrs marine g'nsrJl unlos3 temperature was 42 degrees and the ("certain things are retracted." and recover/j maxlmum 6? de g ro< , s . c i ouc iy with others "cleared up," according to (Continued on Pago Three) ' 1.27 Inches of rain. ' the Sun's story. kansas weather some difficult sit-

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