The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1953 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1953
Page 16
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PACK FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS' THURSDAY, JAN. 8, 1953 Department Stresses Tuna On Plentiful List Popular Canned Fish Civet High Protein Vain* at Low Cost By GAV.NOH MADDOX - NEA Food and Markets Editor Tuna Is on the Department of Agriculture's list of currently plentiful foods. It's about the most popular canned fish nnd gives no waste protein for a reasonable price. Brolltd Tuna Wllh Souffle Sauce (Makes 4-G servings) Two 7 i oimce cans solid-pack tuna, 1-3 cup mayonnaise, 'A cup drained pickle relish, y< cup chopped parsley, 2 teaspoons lemon Juice, y t teaspoon salt, 1 egg white, beaten stiff. Drain oil from tuna and reserve 1 tablespoon. In an 8-Inch pie plate, arrange tuna which has b«en broken into large pieces with ft fork. Brush with reserved I blespoon oil. Broil 3-4 Inches (rom source of heat for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, In a bowl combine mayonnaise, pickle relish, parsley, lemon juice and suit; mix thoroughly. Fold beaten eeg white Into meyonnaire mixture. Spread eour fl« sauce In even layer over tuna. Broil 1-2 minutes longer, or unlll v sauce Is puffed and lightly browned. Serve immediately. , .Tuna Moriiay I'le (Makes Olio 9-Inch pic) , Three S'/a-ounce cans chunk- atyle tuna, 2-3 cup chili sauce, ! tablespoon lemon Juice, '/i tea spoon salt, 2 tablespoons all-pur- po»e flour, U4 cups milk, 1 teaspoon salt, y^ teaspoon freshly ground pepper. l'/ 2 cups grated Cheddar ihecse, (4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, 1 unbaked ' 0- inch. pastry shell, well chilled, paprika. Drain tuna, reserving 3 tablo Bpoons oil for use in cheese sauce. In » bowl, combine tuna, chill •aue4, lemon juice and >/2 tea- epoon salt. In a saucepan, heat 3 tablespoons tuna oil over low heal; . »dd flour and blend. Gradually add milk and continue cooking un< Ml thickened, stirring constantly. Add ' 1 teaspoon salt, pepper^ (T»Wd cheese »nd Worcestershire ••upi; «*lr until cheese la melted. Combine cheese sauce and tuna mixture; pour Into unbaked pie •hett. Bprlnkle with paprika. Bake on lower shelf In moderately hot oven (400 degrees P.) 30-35 mln- . Vto*,'or until pastry I» done and to browned and bubbly. By GAYVOR MADDOX NEA Toad iw> MirkcU Editor There are tricks In around beef cookery which produce the succulent palty, meat loaf or meal ball everyone loves. Jn buying ground beef, you will !ind that the ready-ground product usually has been put through the grinder twice. This Is Ideal for most purposes. However, the more the grinding, the more compact the patty. For this reason, you may want to have beef ground throe times for Swedish meat balls or similar dishes. For thick patties and tender meal loaves, however, a single grind produces the most juicy, palatable product. A percentage of fat Is necessary In ground beef to give extra flavor to the meat. For this reason, boneless chuck will produce a more flavorful ground beef palty than the lean Hank or round steak Here Are Tricks to Cooking Ground Beef season with chopped onion. Top with the eausaee and bake In a 350 F. oven for about 30 minutes. which needs t small nmount of suet ground with each pound ol beef for most desirable flavor. Ground beef does not keep well and should be used within 24 hours. It should be kept loosely wrapped In the coldest part of the refrigerator. In making patties or meal balls, handle the' meat as lightly and as little as possible. The more handling given the meat, the more compact the product. Tako care In cooking, also. Slow cooking and careful turning (don't squeeze out the Juices by pressing down with a spatula on the pnttios) will produce really good hamburger pat- lies. By all means, do not overcook. In seasoning hamburger, one teaspoon of salt and a bit ol pepper is the standard amount for one pound of ground beef. One-quarter cup of chopped onion and a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce are good seasoning touches also. Whatever seasoning used, keep the hamburgers on the tart, piquant and zesty side r«ther than the sweet. Onions »nd tomatoes are natural flavorings with beef. On your kitchen shelves to ad variety to ground beef also are chill powder, curry powder, marjoram, celery seed, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, pepper sauce, hot meal sauces and soy sauce, to name a few. Hamburger p a 111 e s may be broiled or pan-broiled. Larger hamburger portions may be roasted or baked with a sauce, or hamburger may be browned and cooked in a sauce, using the braising method. Hamburgers may be cooked by every method ot meat preparation and each method produces a welcome dish, Flour should be Rifled before measuring when you want, to make a fine-grained cake. The reason f6r this is that, there may be a difference of three tablespoons between a Level cup'of sifted and un- fiLfted flour. Many Ways To Give Pork Chops Variety Pork chops can be prepared In a variety of interesting ways. A touch of sjM.vmlng, a different braising liquid, or a bread dressing tucked inside — any of these make them special dishes. Here are some suggestions to help you achieve variety in your pork choj) cookery: 1. Spread browned chops with cranberry Jelly or fresh cranberries ground and thinned with honey. Season with ground cloves spaghetti macaroni and nutmeg, add a little water and cook, covere*. until tender. 2. Sprinkle chops generously with paprika; season with fall and pepper. Brown In hot fat; sprinkle with caraway seed. Add a little water and :ook, covered, until tender. 3. Other -sauces and seasonings for braising pork chops are these: UiIn barbecue sauce; apple elder \vith a dash of curry powder; tomato soup thinned with water and seasoned .with a. little Tobasco sauce. Read Courier News Classified Ads SINUS CATARRH SUFFERERS FIND CURB FOR MISERY DUE TO KA3AL CONGESTION. SUPPLY RUSHED HEREI Relief »t latt from tot Lure of iipuc. catarrh, and hay fewer du« to n«.**l congestion U bffn icd*y In 7-*^>rU ot tticress *rtlh » formula, which hut the power to reduce DM*] condition. Mm »nd women *'ith spending tinuj headaches, domed nonnU, tiracta, hau-lclntr »n"rl encczinx misery t*ll of blw*«l relief »(ter win* 1L KIXIRONOh CMU tS,00/but considering reaulU, IhU H rot cxprnaive. amount* lo only p*nn!e« p«r do**. KLORON01. ( e »utlon. u« o^ly *: directed) jold with monfy~}j*t]c EU*r*nte* ^J* IVoacli Unij Store, RlythevLMe. Mall Orders Filled. Pork Sausage Dishes Thrifty HMM Three Ideas Ar»o Simple, Fo§t Thrifty, qukfc and tempting—all three .describe main dishes that Jn«y be prepared with smoky pork nusige. These are some ol the rea- •6m' why sausage—at one time served only lor breakfast^-rms become popular for lunch or dinner. Dlihes that may be prepared with MUsage links; country-style or bulk pork sausage are unlimited. For example, one simple dish is prepared by combining any one of these with glazed apple rings. Sausage links or patties, likewise, may be cooked over scalloped potatoes, lima beans or baited beans. Still another serving is breaded •ausage patties, says Reba Staggs. home economist. To prepare them Just dip the patties first In fine bread crumbs, then In beaten egg and again In crumbs. Place the patties In a frying-pan with 1 taule- •poon lard or drippings. Brown on both sides, cover and cook for about JO minutes. For another thrifty dish combine lausage-rlce-tomRtoes. ,To prepare, place sausage links In a frying- pan, add a little water, cover and cook for five miiiules. In the meantime, place cooked rice tn a casserole, ndd condensed tomato soup and How about something quick and easy? Really plump tender and Juicy GODCHAUX Wilson's Thrift ^S* S U GAR Sliced BACON 35 CAMPBELL'S TOM. SOUP 10 l* GOLDEN RICH OLEO SPECIAL Lb. PINK SALMON No. 1 Con 35' FRESH GRADE A FRYERS IK 49' FRESH PURE LARD £2" GOOD RED POTATOES -r I 69 BLACK PEPPERS Oz. TENDERIZED HAMS Shank Portion GROUND BEEF TENDER FRESH CELLO i cnucH. rKcsn V.ELLU ^^ ^^^^_ Carrots 15 c New Large GRAPEFRUIT Bch 5<! Large Juicy ORANGES Dozcn 390 Tentler TURNIP & TOPS 2 , - 250 Good RED POTATOES 10 , b ,590 Jack Sprat HOMINY No. 300 Can 2 f or 190 Jack Sprat TOMATO JUICE « 0 ,25(! Coffee Shop x COFFEE ,J7(! Scott County CORN MEAL PURE 390 Tender Thrifty VEALSTEAKS Ib 590 Tall Cans PETMILK 3 for 430 Jack Sprat PEANUT BUTTER „„, 290 Neiv Prcm COFFEE CREAM 290 Richardson's *CASH * GROCERY Formerly Liberty Cash PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised and Fancy Groceries Good Food Values Every Day 1044 Chlckashwha — We Deliver — Phone 2043 SPECIALS! Prices Effective Thursday-Friday-Saturday Fancy No. 1 Red POTATOES 5 LB. 33 C No. 1 YELLOW ONIONS 2Ihs 150 Clean Krisp in Cellophane TENDER CARROTS Lge ^ 150 Fresh .New GREEN Fresh Full-0-Milk . GREEN CABBAGE ,, 50 COCOANUTS 2 For 250 Ja'ck Sprat Whole GREEN BEANS No 303 Si2 e 210 Del Monte or Dole's CRUSHED PINEAPPLE S' 150 PURE HONEY IbJ ,,33)! Swift's Premium HAMS Butt Portion Lb. Shank Portion Lb. U.'S. Good Beef CHUCK ROAST Lb 450 Fancy All Meat BOLOGNA . L h 430 A Budget Saver! MUTTON Legs Lh. 350 Shoulders Lb. 290 RIB CHOPS Lh. 29c Fancy In Cellophane BACON SQUARES ....-„ 230 Cudahy's Tastee . CHILI ,.u:«47jl Breasl O'Chicken TUNA souaPac, 390 Rich Sudsing TREND 2 Large Boxes 39 1 Champ PET FOOD 3 Cans 280 While — Yellow — Devil's Food (Any Brand) CAKE MIX 3 $1 Vac-Pac OLD JUDGE COFFEE,870 Jack Sprat SALAD DRESSING Ql 430 Franco American SPAGHETTI can 150 Kelloggs Frosted CORN FLAKES BO, 250 For Nylons SNOWEY BLEACH . BO, 480 Skinners SPAGHETTI or MAC. 2 Pkgs 290

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