The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1929 · Page 8
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 17, 1929
Page 8
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8 a d ACTIVITIES OF DAY 01 REIL ESTATE Two-story Garage in West Philadelphia, Assessed at $70,000, Conveyed Tract at Southwest Corner Aldine and Jackson Streets Transferred rei.V-U WHITBY A VEM'R, Iwo liil'.r liriik saragp, lot I'M by 11!., eft, bus hffn r.iim,nil by II. 8, J iclc irtnno to t Hbrnglia, It is assessed at 70 AMI JACKSON f 1 HKirrS. Sfiiil h if romer, pint of Kroiiuil, ;i'.t.) h.v Wl ffft, Ima been trims-ffrml frnni It. Winr to C, W, Tsjlor, milifv'f t to mnrlcim'' of $101,00(1, JKNKINTOWN MANOK, V, A R T sun; kvkiwjkkkn jioad, t sun- sot nrciiiii', stnm nl r-lflihnan) ilrtaih-H ('nlfinifil type ijiMiKP, with Ramie. Jot 7l by J 45 fci't. m reported sold by AIIimi Hurry & Company, Inf., to Urine C. .Mi'Kaddcn, Jr.. for SIH.fiOO, 111 K OUT II HrTV-SIXTII 8'1'ltHKT, two-dory brick ri'sirloiirr-, assosar-d ill Jiii'ili, lini bci'ii sulrj bv O. K. 'J'ahhjiiin to M. 'I', I'luinlm. aiiliidt to morti(iiKi' of 1 10,000. The lot i 17 hv ii (Vet, 'i.'iti MOUTH KOItTY Tlllltll STIiKKT, llireo-atory dwcllinx, lot by Jltl fcrt, lis been conveyed by L. Bni'w to K. Jenkins, anbjeot lo niort-giik'Ps of M M I. It ia BMexied at SfllKlO. 1l'2lt NOItTlI Kiri'l-SKCOM) 8TIIKKT. tun-story brirk bonne, gs-csscd nt IfilHMI, htm beeu a, ,1,1 by N'onlerhiil Alterinan to M, Milltnan. auhjert to nioritiigea of $11700. Th lot la Hi br l!7 feet. 7:i7-:;ri Nornr Tinrti) smi-FT three-story store tnrililing, lot 'i by ,'IH leet, una lieen HrnnirrMl bv II. erin from the Jewiah Welfar Society for $(10111). MM NORTH KlflllTII S'J'KKKT. two-story brirk hnuae, baa been trana-ferred from II. J.eKoy Webb to V. Iliicliowe, auhjri't to a mortgnfe of $;isihi. 11S I.KXSKX STHEKT. Uo-atorv rrsnl e, lot '.'O by (III feel, linn been liiirchiispil by V. Itel'ompeo from the Tio((n liiiilding and Loan Assmiiitiini, for $100(1. At (ho Hiooriler of Iteeda' offiea yea-tenlny the following wera recorded: J)eeda, (W; mortgngea, W); aaaignmenla of Biorlgufea, 35; relrnxea of mnrt-gaijea, ; onah consideration amounted lo $1 ,(MHI, and mortgage cnnsiil-ratlona niiiouiitcd to $2.'17,.i in. All in Kt i-ii id i-nf left for record at the ahovo of Fee; toAugiiat i! are noiv ready for delivery. HI .'ILIUM. I'P.ltMITS GRANTED NEW ai HITTI'RKB riiarl.s A li i irnw mwl. lUnh ..r P1.11..1. ..,.,. I' ........... 1.. i-..l;r :.. V ""r-"j, r ,,,r a, lira milium L-.... I".. ... Y What the Theatres Provide Today THE SPOKEN PLAY CAHIXO "Tli Hnrleaqne T!-t ii e." featuring Madeline Heatty, fnmoua recording alnr. IlI.KlC Ilurleaque by local fn-yorileii. ilurgio fennetli, Jm;. ian artlale, for a around week. MOTION PICTURES AIJilXK "Ilollywoiid Jlevue," a mnaical comedy, featuring a galaxy of alum. IJOYD'-i.nld Itiggera of Ittoadivny." a coin- edy in color. Splendid runt. headed by Winnie l.iglilner, Ann I'eniiiiigton and Nancy Welford. KAKI.K "Hark Rtreeta, with Jack Mulhnll in a dual role, on arreen, 'Hello, Hurry," introducing Hurry Hon, on Ibe atage. ' K( "They Had to fie 1'nria," Will Itogera' lirst talking plc-tme, nil a gem. "Worriea of IIC'O," with Jack Waldron and olhera, on alnge. KdX l.OCl'ST--''I'll Cock- Kyed World." the all-talking laugh aenimlion. Victor Ale l.lli'ii and Kdinund Lowe uk the lo Mnrinea. l.ily l)amil:i ia (he girl. KA It I, TON "A Dangerous Woman." Slory of a woman bo ciMililu't he happy wilb lout on man. UTTI.N--Double hill of "The Iovea of Jeanne Ney'1 and a ii h 1 1 1 1- uluily film. MAS THAI. M-' The Iloltenlot," bused on the rncing coinedv; K.dward Kverelt Jlorton and I'ntfcy llulh .Miller fenlured. Snap Into It," headed by flturirt llarrie, and olher of-feringa. STAXI.KY "Th Cocoaniita." tiltn verainn of Man Ilrolhers' alag play, with (he famoiia coiiiediana In lb caat. TAT(i--"Hulldog nrnm- mond," wilh Itonaiii Colman in a breezy comedy role. TIIE. FmLADELnilA INQUIRER, TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 17, 1929 ATTRACTIONS IN THE LOCAL THEATRES WILL ROGERS' FIRST ("HOnEiyTOT" FINE in GLIMPSE OF LIFE SI TALKIE AT THE F0X FILM AT ISTBHII BEH1 THE SCEIES i "They Had to See Paris" Is One of the Picture Gems Entire Programme Delights With Dainty. Stage Act in "The Dancing Master" Stage Bill Was Somewhat Talkie Is Most Amusing and Short, But Rogers Was the Exciting Also With Edward "Gold Diggers of Broadway" Done in Colors Gives It at Boyd picture la an adaptation o the farce, "Cradle Siiatohera," which ' waa previously presented here on the aUge. In ita preaent form, it takea on much of the character of a musical coinedy offering, with Wulter Catlett featured aa the lending mirthmoker, and Sue Carol mid Nick Stuart in the cast to give in- itereat to-th more dramatic rolea. Other porta are well taken. The Carman Singe Frolic ia an entertaining offering preaeiuea Show O'JE Ml DM FOR There js no scattering of interest this week nt the fox Theatre, it ia entirely centred upon "They Hud to See I'nria," Will Hogera' first full length venture into the talkies. It ia not extravagant to any (bat there la not a aingle dull moment nor a dull bit of iliiibigue when .Mr. Itogera in anywhere about and. fortunately, he ia in evidence almost continuously. "They Hud to Se I'aris" hag been made from a story by Homer Croy and in itself there ia nothing startling flor unusual in the old story of the in n ii whose family suddenly become Horton as Star Ad ajtmsing anil ometima exciting film, "Th Hottentot," and a colorful and entertaining stage bill combine to mnke a thoroughly delightful pro-ginnime this week at the Mastbaum Theatre. This i the second picture Incarnation of the Willie Collier stage piny. J lie llotteutol." hut Is first lulkie venture, and wilh Kdwnnl V.wr. eit Horton appearing na Sam Ilnrring-(on. afflicted wilh a violent horse- plHihui, if rises head and shoulders iiliove its silent predecessor which fenlured Iiouglns Miicl,enn in the same vigorous and violent role. This is one case, certainly, which proves what an It Is Filled Comedy and Has Cast Bright a Fine DOUBLE BILL AT LITTLE' "Secrets of Nature" shown With "Lovei of Jeanna Ney" A double bill of contrasting elements waa presented for the delectation of TOWERS'VARIED BILL ai "Ken W hitner a Craiy lyuill, with Edith Murray.. Lasalicelth storv and lis nraentntinn maoonna or ivmu. . Bach Oroan Pr.... .... "Htinma Madonna of Avenue A " Dolore Costello aa tn '" patrons at the Little Theatre tester. irti,,in . '. . M ' - ..... . ullu i,.u(urfl nt imy. both films beine nrodncts of th ritpr,lv 1..1.1 I0: l i'A Studios of Germany. "Secrets of Nature," which lias already been ea-tahliahed as on informative and fascinating film, proved to be worth v of U second showing, and by way of bal ance me jjovea ot Jeaune -Ney pro vided the romantic interest wilh ai element of the unusual in the see me of Urothers, Freddie Byron, Aarona and Atkinson, Marie and Antoinette and Jimmy Aidin g Orchestra. .News reels completed the bill. when the wand of oncn, led wealth touches them and transforms lliem from simple, nice people into snobs and social climbers. In (his esse, how-everllie slory becomes vital and hilariously funny when l'ike I'eters and his family shake the dust of their Oklahoma town from Iheir feet to spend a year in I'nria and the credit is due primarily to Will lingers quite sini;le-linuiled, then to the iiilelligont direction of Frank llorznge and finally to the excellent cast assembled in Mr. Ho-, ris' support, l'ike I'ctera' shv, over sown boyishness may be guaranteed to win over the most linnlencd skeptic to a whole heurted liking and admiration for Mr. Hogera and his own I mi l nun in eiiienninmeur. , 1 nere are -, 1 , . some hilarious scenes; especially the ' 1, , , n I'""' i which l'ike attempts to learn Inquirer - Universal Pro-, -"' rm a mtie i-ansicm. i,y th,. gramme will undergo Com-fhe ,;n""' l,ntp Mki " 1 sliiirn s fwirlu ,.r ili,.iH ....... ... Ins wiles bought and paid-for celebrities downstairs mid their subsequent hazy aw likening th next morning m the same bed with l'ike. scratching his bend and muttering that at least after a spree in I'nris vnu do nke up'" j( Xatunilly, Will lingers is about the whole show" 11 ml deservedly so. It ia astonishing to find him attcm'pliug emo-tioiial Ht-t inn. but Hint i cxnctlv what n..,r.. ,1, ,,,, anii ins prni,nriiii,Kius improvement tnlkifst are over the silent turns for the plete Change Tomorrow Today will se the last of the current Inquirer Cnivcrsnl Xewsreel, ami Xew Jersey appears to furnish most of lb local news Ibis lime, Craig Wood, th blond Adonis, of Hloomfielil, X. .1., is now utilizing his spare 1110- nienla in practicing pulls in the hnpejhe dues do, and very well, tnn, j , of rapturing Hie chninpinnship in the Naliounl Mel ropnlitnii golfers' loiiruev lo be held in December at the La 11S1 Tnlw.r ,,l: e,i ik, ""HI I IIIOII t MV, Kinlnlik N'liineinsi-iier, not n,.t i..rn,n ,, ! remarkable close-up of south .. ..... .,.,.i scene wnn Ins mle nn, I a UUietl.v betvildereil enciuinler with his son and his son's French mistress Delightful little Fili Dm,,.. . comes that generous number of ncranmil I ....... girl ning I he little French cnbiiret sinter, wlm smirk li 11 if. Mhiccnin din Ingile of "Hie llntieiilot" ia continually hilarious anil delightful In a way wilh which the old method of title simply could not compete. Sum Harrington, deathly afraid of iiorses, is forced through love and a gem-rally tangled skein of fate to ride the wildest horse that, apparently ever lived, Hottentot, in a dangerous steeple-chase. That is about all there is actually to the slory. but ita unfolding, its lines, and the acting by Fdwanl F.verett Jlorton make it, a thoroughly amusing nnd delightful screen enter-(ainmciil. Th race itself is about as exciling and as wicked a looking thing of this kind as has cmi to the screen for Home time. The directing of Hoy del Itulh deserves n special word of prnise. Others in the cirst who do excellent work are I'lltsV l!l, 111 Miller ll. li.l. I'.l. ''.'! Hroi-kwell. Fdmiind llreese. Kdwaril Knele and Slnnle.v Taylor. A dainty and artistic overture prea-eiilntion is "The Dancing Muster'' under the ihrectiun of Cbailea I'revin. In staging is as delicate and in as beautiful taste as an old French piece of ucedlepniiit. Wilb "Hiiap Into If Stuart Enrrie is officially promoted to the station of peniiiiiiniil; muster of ceremonies and Mr. llarrie acknowledged Ibis in a graceful mid grateful liitle speech yesterday in which he thanked the a'mli- One of the notable musical filme nf the season, done entirely In natural!"'!'''' "'I'1 color, is "the (iold Diggers of Broad now hi me Doyii. 1 tils gorgeous talking, singing and dancing cinema is fniinded 011 the nriirinnl stain. ,.. 1 . 11 , . .. ; : iiiipivniiii. nun 11 nas DPen aD.. directed by Hoy Del Huth. The story concerns the hilarious adventures of some chorus ladies, who determine that their gentleman friends nnisi Sivc 1111 ir nuns, -rue opening union is 111 m in a highly decorated modernistic apartment. Here Jerry, a leading song and dunce girl, undertakes to straighten out the love affairs of one of her more modest sisters, Stephen Lee a wealthy man forbids his nephew's marriage to a chorus toiler, and in trying to win him over for the lovers, Jerry succeeds in capturing Stephen for herself. She is assisted in her plans by Mnble, a rough and ready tomboy, who conwutrates on Sweetie Hlake, an elderly man. Several stunning ami wise show girls lend their wiles, to the scheme. One. night Stephen and Sweetie stage a big party at a smart supper club and here Mable puts over a song, "Keeping the Wolf from th Door,'' which was so fuiihy it brought forth spontaneous laughter and applause from the audience. The filial scenes of llii show within a show take place before nnd behind the fool lights and in these tne atmosphere of th theatre "Alibi" in Sevtn Houses A gripping story of the underworld is unfolded 111 "Alibi," the picture which brought young Chster Morris prominence as a him actor, and which was the feature law. night in the Allegheny, Broadway, Keystone, Ogonts, i opiar, Seilgwiolc and Market Street Theatres. It deals with the familiar conflict of the underworld and the the usual minister nenallv for murder. But it has sustained in terest from beginning to end. Morris, as the suspected murderer, attempts to shoot himself to liberty and ia only captured by terrific odds against him. I'at O'Mulley. Mae Busch. Regis Toomey and others are in a wtll-bal-iinced cast. The Love of Jeanne Xev" was dl reefed by O. V. 1'abst, who was responsible for "Secrets of the Soul," and shows some of the same characteristics that marked that production. Thero is a special psychological phase hi the depiction of the effects of the upheaval wrought after the war upon the youth of Russia. The acting by the lrnian actors effectively depicts this complex condition. Some remarkable details of insect and animal life are portrayed in "Secrets of Nature," while the photography is in itself an unusual achievement. yVsterday, and held the audiences during every n,i,Ue . seen as a young girfwho I, w' select boarding school by her 1 ' who does not want 1..; j. . ,"""- .u; w maaes tier j,-u,. ; " racket." Th. .i-i .... .1 10 an 1 learn that slie makes her li,;, .. r The .irl ...n"! a flirtation romance win, . cafe "Burlesqu Revue" at Casino ; , Filled with snappy action, tuneful songs and graceful dances, with just enough plot to siring the various numbers on, "The Builesuue Revue" was the attraction last night at the Casino! Theatre. It was hastily substituted for. the announced burlesque, "Flapper Follies," with no explanation for the and-den change. Heading the cast was Mathilda Heatty, who. by her vivacious and versatile acting won many friends. She has practically the burden of the piece on her fair shoulders and got away with it in fineforni. The other characters in the mix-up of fun and melody lent excellent, support, and the show as a whole seemed to win the unstinted approval of the audience. "On With th Show" In 5 Houses "On With the Show," the first J00 per cent, all-talking and all-color picture to reach the screen, waa the attraction last night in the Benn, Uptown. Orpheum, Commodore and Parker Theatres. It is an interesting sort of revue, with excellent players in the Kent Theatre. various characters introduced. 'were especially legger. not realizing , i.".' ness is. until revenue officer, m,..1'' bun with dramatic conseuu,,.,!, ' r" even disgrace for the girl Rt marries the man after he fi,l 111 her mother's nlac .nj l" 1 out safely (irant Withers pi;,"": voutll and Ton so Tl .... H 'I' as the girl's mother. " Tha rest nf thm r.nAnn. . . pleasing comedy and news i,i,i...n.. there is a diversified Bach orgs. Vi' gramme the Bach in this instancing Richard, th reitnlit ...,. Sebastian the composer. ' KxeelU, J!' nnce was maintained between th "Honky Tonk" at th Kent Sophie Tucker in hp first (.it-and singing picture, "Honky Tonk ! story of real life, with th ,.., '..!; in a role combining comedy and p,tk ine airractinn Inst nil,u , ., Miu. n...c . ' " ' ' VHI, AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS "Sunshine Girls" at tha Bijou Dolly Bnrtinger and her two dozen Sunshine Girls" marie an eninlmlic hit when they provided a snappy burlesque pci-forniiuiee at (he Bijou Theatre vesterdav. It is n livelv uhnw nn,) Is I it enlists the services of a number of gether. The color work is beautifully done,' the shimmering gold, silver, blues and pinks being a delight to the eve. Nancy Welford is n winsome Jerry. Winnie I.ightner as Mable is the hit of the show with her excellent voice, her gags nnd her forgotten in, inning, le that is a comedy classic. Conway Tearle makes a dignified Slcnhen anil Ann renninglnii is especially artistic tn a liallnnu iliiuce. cine for its kindness , him declaring , "Tv- . "'' .W',rK M Hint a.,i,lus u ,.i t hi. 1. " LI 'h S" " ' - -Vk I-ucts who croons , . ' - iivhiv nun . a r..... .(. 1I M,I,-M. rnsi Mil I I K,H , a Khturtaihdpa ........ ,..! .1,111- I J '..I... . ........... .0. y ....... rill luiuiit; i'm ".''""""' o'r.neuii siinnwiinm is Jlargie reunetti. who won a of iTOicuig groups ami views of the lot of enthusiasm last week. Others in in nn in ...ins who ine leuiperninennu pcriurniers are lileiided skillfullv to LAFFS! LAFFS! LAFFS! ShompkcoftlulorM 2otAf,HereC Crowds tnttrtd the Mastbaum yti. itraay on a wavt ot Let Iter end left amid a Storm ot Aaolat,,.' orn,,;;,!:,,;':' u,m m """;"'' '"'"'"v '"""' ,l,"t, w,,"ld 'ru "'"" kinh..n.B rr.n. m!:hZ Hslii-r lli,ui,l. (in:i iinirr .ire... a ' r.l,v '!"' 'erage hiiiiiiiu being. Rut its. Irene Rich is cliiirming as tin J'wln mii' suit 'here is nothing horrible about the re- wife wlmse hend is Innie.if bv fnreii-n suit. I here is neither terror nor bor- lilies mid American ney. Marguerite rur III nil.r 01 III II Cl re S lown 111 V lllirci S lllll esiie.n,, mil bis hend." An outstanding feature of Hie bill was the piquniitlv staged doll dance to the music of "The Wedding of the Tainled Dull." An Indian sr was also a colorful and artistic the liizj numbers. "Pnintimr the Clouds with Sunshine." "Tip Tne Thru the Window with uie." "In Kitchenette" ami "What Will 1 Do AVith- out You has an effective voice. Lilvan Hie coninnnv are Beflv "Soeeil" Piilmer Joyce Todd. Ruth Gilbert, Betty Cnld-well, Harry Harrigan, Lew Lewis, 'hick Olriftin and (ieorge Barker, Phil Fletcher, dene Martini. Clever characterizations were contributed by May. mono mine aided ty Jack Uibson. "Man and the Moment" at Palace Billie Dove and Rod LaRocque in "The Man and Ihe Muinent" was the ,,,i:in,0in.., ,.fr..:... i . . ., Albert Uran does 'ZW. 1 n' " ." t tn; in. 01.- ji is a nappy mend nig of air and e muiance and esca pndes. with some thrills, plenty of comedy situations and altogether an enjoyable picture. Incidentally it is Mia Dove' first talking film. rum', umitlii'iiftl ,',r,.r of 'liirni r trei't: .l tlmsl l lnreies II. an n,nh,n .treH. enr.atiirv f-hnri-li iiilt.i..i .......u. ..t I...I,.... arenne aim ( rk,v sin.,,!; t iiflissi. 'I'll Inquirer I'uiversnl Xewsreel. If, as the diiughter. ........ ... ,.rllM... VlinriXfl lll'HI. ffR. IM llll ,.UK ,U II...I ! I..u I, II..I.I- .. , . .... M" SillHI Vnrll, StiiiIIi alreet: .l t.VMI . " , ''1 i-n- ' n ...,11111,1 I IICIIISCI n-s II le I lieo- Wlllimn It. PrtHi. 411.1 siii mirei; ' tiTtnitilng. auilisiiig to see such features 1 dorn l.mli, Owen Davis. Jr., Ivan l.erie-rur lietian uiii-fii inn: ,-,i ss the liuiiiiig of forest deer at Vo- 'left, Christiune 'Vea and ndi Ch. tirest: nmt "3 .nun, I'lncine ni 11 esi loini; openiugi .hick u si, irons Worries of iqo" praise are 'C....1 :.. . , 1 .1 H, lllll,,, II In I 11. lull uill, il, li.. 'i' ." " pv "" ",i,i nnij tz.::":',. '.rhl ?.'"!-'".' ':n,;:!e,;',F:"cr"lwiS y priqiossessinir u . " . " r'ni"'i l.nrrv Ceballns Olhci-s wlm ifi.u .... 1 ' i"-"'cii oiimor inni . n.. Mi.ii,,, u-1, ,1 r .... v I I e ... ,1 (i...u-i.'.,, .1,, lllllliy lor 1I1C tisvii. 111; Nrih Klnrtrfiiih ,f.i. rs- of LenifiiR of Nntimia si i:..,,,.tn sl.c.i. siiiinlv the niiieu l,t !,,;.. .1 1 wins and Maxine lienrr also cootrib. f,r l,i, ll.'ll Nl 1 In iri-rl: im latk. i.erlnl- i:,.r,n H....t ,i.. .1 In 11,1 uiil, II.....I... 1 : .. ,': Utcd to 111 SIiil-b bill. Jelm Aniterxia, Sn.1l .s.irih limn. sir), tn . , , " , " v " " ".' " ,, ' 1. i.i'iiu ico u 0011, mow air ".'- inpiia, 111 iieiui iirotliei ' Modern Love" at th Locust Charlie Chase in "Modern I.ove " Bakewell, and medy having for Its theme the ten- ho Arranged the , dcticy of cerlam of the younir lieonie '"s dance and stage presentations. (,f toay to make love in a more itn- 1 , ..,, , 1. ., . 11,. u,, , - v, i lousy iien or a liicycte liuiii ' """""""' uiiiiiiiiT man in on eu e . s it , ,0'1 "".""hfor Two" singing short subject and!'1"1, was the amusing feature at the skif 1 ....11 " " 1 , " ' rathe Souud -News complete the pro- i.ocusc iiieatre last night. . r'V:"- n. '""igianiuie. 0.11 ,"irin nfii mirf"T, in u . . , , troti " 1 1 vtidftiH. Ciilif,. niul mo on liown ili'iit ( Hprtoe HhUv fnuifiirtntr ADDITION!! tin Aff-.s. : .. rvv 1 " ' " lami. iiMni.rr it worili wIiiim uig it Pi'lcf KnmfsKirnk. rt27 Ruttwlt lt riiu. lot in Th 1 lu u i r1 r -t ni 1 .Nvmi'(M'!( Sfl.'T Kfl'twltk ifiiiic; mm l.'dNl. ' ll it'll tllf) tllft'M Iwitu a U'L UIVUKUtS GRANTED I hers andi "Tommy's Wife" at Frankford "Why Leave Home" at the Carman Hilarity is the keynote of "Why J Leave Home," the mirthfully aninsinir Seven Decree. Issued In Courts, While Five New Suits Art Begun Courts of (', milium Pleas ystrday' grained me lollowing divorce: Humid r. frmn Ktl A. Funs: Wsltr .1. ! tionallv ii siiewii t tH mi v. inun l.lllle Mm, iirmv llnllrt it frmn MhiiiIh t..a mini iihi'1,1 I If, .'ill lti.., Mantis Frsdi-rlrli n vi Marisrel MlKMls'll, 14. Sitntli IMielnv fieri' I, Vltn a-atlii. 'l'lin,eon atrael. to 2?J Tliin,ilt "In-fl: cea! .ISIS1. 4. s. I'lnillniH ft Noil, flit fanatiawf, alreet. In HI T Will l.hi,lli' nrentie; c,il fl. , X, rmler. flst Walnut iiml, lo ISIS P'ii,hiTlmi afreet: real -,isl. .Inlm I rhmi. Mtn.nirt llr.ft 10 SIMI 'fillip tM'i-l: mat MnO A. Kii'iiii'iili'i. A:t il,-klnaoti alreet, to 51(1 KeiliT'il "lr,-..; ni-l Iflnn. A M,'i,lii,,'l, iao I'larra alraal. lo 52SO Sninh II'MIMIT alli-el: cnal II0O K. Nlliira. llll Weatineiil alraat. lo JAM Ka-t Nun-la "Ireelt ,'oat SflHl s. Ilonaflulia eon rnleral atnit. to tltsl Fc-let-nl slrtTl: real .Nal. Knnmrl Wi-lkoNkT. i:K Morrla alraat. lo ai.M Irtakcr lr'it: real .Mill t'rnnk li;i mill no. lill'J Mmth Sltth atrai't. (0 lIJ Seillll Sulll alrwt: rual StlSI. Pemlnl I iirh. Itl.'i 'J, tan alraal. lo 1211 Than itraal; ml sine ALTERATION tiavlfl T-i til. .'C uliii'v avamia, to .7 Son a riflli aireel i'l SMSI. Anna -Iflrniini, IS-.'S Norlli llrond atrent. In 4liri lierinaiilew 11 ("wniie; real S4INI I'fllil llroat I IT Waal Hnnllna'ton aiiain. to M o.rm.atou s.-naa; "' Photoplay Hitherto Commented rharlaa Hlnlila. 1K Siilllll ftriranlh atraal. 10 J.V S.HIIIi lloka atroal, i'ihu S'llSl. Carlano Aiiniuii ialfl, IS.'W Sotilli ftaiantaanlh a'n-t. to 1IJ7 South Sf vanleanlh atraali enal 2'SC I'nntlnantal Mltla, tno.. tna and Armat atcfi-le. to wear aide ot Lana atlTft. aaal nf At mnt: roar S?,nrt. Cirln roalaitno. tsofl Snutli Twalfts alraat, In l-in rnlni urceaa avaoua: mat saiai. William Rolilnaon. TUS A rtntt alraat (111 Slo-lmlra alril: pnit "m Pa.-ker. ISIS Ja,-ka.,n atraat, Hnntll KlfUl ali-erl; coal ItlHI. raji i .. i """ " on of (he most toot Leonard, Fimou. Minstrel, Has amusing of recent fane offerings. The tne Stellar Role i nuaiinus sinry nas lieen cuterlainingly T.nninv ll.inl,.,, .i i'( i j o"1" y meiniiioua movietone tea- "n i ney appeared atre yesterday in 'MELODY LANE'. AT GLOBF?,' i AMUSEMENTS in lollowing decrees ""a", unines anil tulKs ra was the ntli-n.-ii,,,. ., i,. (ilnliA q'liunlM. lu. - , saiiie , . . "i iiu iippenriur in n r.. .. nn eaditiir ro e of " ,.i..,i i ...... n . " 1 " lofV . ni.M kDrUUi- Hmr MtM' ! IIMH HM 111 llf niilino Kaoa,.,.. -' iniiKll iHVH.VS j llnllP, JiMUSEWfENTX CAPACITY AUDIENCES THRILLED! The Aldine Theatre' (reateat Triumph and ihe Screen's Biggest Musical Show! Mtro-Qo!dyn-Mrir - Production. A Warnor Rem ViU plume LufT lilt. Wlh That Prince of t'omIi! - EDWARD EVERETT HORTON PATSt BCTH MIM.KB Poiitively ! It', the Fattest, Funniest Talkie in History! Rarto Tiitn n wild ora to oi f'olav'a l'rta--and hitra horma. aemuet horitt, can 'I Hand horttsl From Ortan Coniolt tt Stan STUART BARRIE NOW Pffrmanau. lUater ot in "SNAP INTO IT" ' With VU Krnlo t,nto, 3?-V'?'1liK. orf V. H A Kl . F-af l il a-v r V . . Qraiul IToductlon Overture -1. . 5'"5-l,1,air - Stuart Iturrle't Do I.uxo Shows 1215, a :ia, t :lo. V:lo r. m. Mf- They Gag! They Joke! - a z Pun! They T" ? iM ui ... " i i ars .a. -tm' "i'ic i I Iff min .1. Ilm-k: Jtnc.i K. tt Murv K. hfl-li-r, lo k no nn Hi "Mrv K. Shut. ' PREVIOUSLY REVIEWED on Now In Various House. 'The Hull) wood Itevue." which opened auspiciously on Wednesday night at Ihe Aldine Theatre, will remain for some time. Judged by the warmth of the welcome accorded by Inst night's audience. At the Minnlev. lo "The Cocoanuis," with (ho extreme ly . Kddi Leonard, who has been a hie';. ','''''. , " '"!l',lv ,,"",' 5p-- I M ngiire in vaudeville and minstrelsy tr ""'( """""e II" , A ... m. i. " ., , ""m,r "V ' "i versatility of the cast, but nko nrn.-i,i " asw aa. - rV fair to he exact, because he ,.V !., I,,",i.'!nT.'um'H' ' '!"!-'J'i JS'SXWil ll llT ! II V fa . emerged from more or obscuH, 1 1 Z.'ilTS'lK " Hi VI 17 k i HH II l JIAk . '"i "l f... ""''""' . I1'1 !."r''. in : Hncoiie in "The Vino W n f , fF ' . llll VVM II A stmwu ns the screen fenture. j ' " ''c."'f , LJW VarJI "Lucky Star" In fhw Houses I Vl .yiff f8)Pl P 73117 " a ,i ,.-... , i n -i. a,,, ; j i M K U1I 1 W 1 IIT i.-.i.i:.-. iiiiiucicis OI a pair OI sweet heiirlu turn ITf, JI i-l '. aaa Baaaw tat -aaa-r tmM i ra -.. ,, , . . aa-" I H..nn;..' .1 ia. . U t m a U one miirht:!" "" " ""'" ''"I'l'y. and ingratiat- 1 u7"-. " - VWXlSyT W ma manner. loiiud marked favor wilh, J 1? . , , f ,.v P niiciices 111 ill rnvs. l.enor ml s?i fspcer if is a tale of backstage life Willi s 1 1 ir III s sni .l,,,,l... .....I ...ui. "' .Mr. I.eoiinid as the hero. (Ainiiei I ha-ntrrx Inst night. Added Josephine ilium pluvs the role of ' lo ,lle deliciously unfolded atorv die wife of a vuiulevill i !" the vocal efforts of the popular and wins sympathy, while (he child of l !,"' ','.','"' vo"','s registering splen-l the pair is splendidlv portrayed bv ,' V- Nl"rv' whil ,l(lt tHIIint.t. : .lane I .a Verne, mid (ieorgie Stone anil 8 .""'""'"'n (hat won the audi-1 Hose Cue. said lo he nnlv i.. "'"'es in no uncertain maimer. C. 1 SEIENK ESTATE lo 1S.1U ! '' "'"nsiog iniri iiroiners in tueir original stage roles, with "Light of Asia,'' a technicolor Mini, added, continues to provide diverting entertain- milt. Of course "The Coi k-Kved .I'm.. old, are unite consnicnoua in il,., f you have a leaning, towards Kddi Leonard and his songs you will like this picture. I World." with Victor Mcl "Rlvsr of Romance" In Four House. "Hiver ' of Romance," a screen adnplntinti of Booth Ta ikinglon's finned play of "Magnolia," was ihe main attraction Inst night In the. ,ixon, l.ll iino, i Mile sni Am!,,,... Original Estimate; Father Disinherits Three Children at the Towers ( ainden tatinn and pictures St the Karle. success. , Here he the hoiinccr-of the "The Argyle Case" In 4 Houses i Thomas Meighnn is Ihe star of "The j Arg.vle Case." which was shown in the! Victoria, Colonial. Strand and Logan Theatres last night. It is a tensely dramatic mystery story, with Meighnn' in Ihe role of a detective who ferrets! mil (he murderer of wealthy John Ar-1 gvlc. The action is eousistenilv n.l gnging nnd the various character are! played with appreciation of their respective nines. "Words and Music" In 3 Housss A romance of college life, with a' tie lightful theme sunn running through Ihe story, is told in' "Word and Mu- wnicn was the feature last night r.1'"' r '.'"" i around . young 'man whil'father ha'di a . p.nrou aiiraciioii ai I lie n.x-(hnimlcd him a coward for refusing n 1 ,l.0c. , wher It is repeating its well-: ,,gl,t a duel. He leaves home . seek '"'i'."-. - ""IM" ..n.niond.-:f,nil. and fortune on the lower Missis .. .. ...nn,., vinoinn in one or ins iiesi isippi. where men in those dais hn.l! - , ,: . " " , : i I'gm to acnieva T . I ,, T, r, x. V'"! A Hngerous Woman. ' with ils; met and defeated luun iviuie man nvt:- i initjj,, ::X.J..XZ: , m,".: ; f' ' !" n.uch-i m the Komm. where added t r...V : .... a vitilllirii ill Ml IH 1HNI IVITk IfRroil hit itna . I. t.l... .... .. .. ." . . ..... ; v " ""' 1,11,1 ''".' jinan. i una uie central character. Irene -Kiel,, in ",.,! M..C.I.I,-. . . V "" r ""''rare .t'r '.f' !. ,h'a Srr' - 'Zwn. and, Z i .. .... I ii. ., i , .I . ,,"""'o; course, it is all-talking. Liberty ( t.ipiity 1 : .Mai-y I'ickford in! I uipielle nt th Ambler. in Jinngermis ( ui-ve Furrmoat lliimorisiY VsjA'l v& WILL 'p)A1 i. as ra. rtursc hi. j-Jj1 THEY HAD TO SEE PARIS Fo AfoWnoR Comtdy Riot wiiiiF..i: hhii mm IIAVIS,.lr. Th Wli of Ihe IVaiinn at His tVite-Oarling Heal A pi'i'sonal estate, appraised at $.M7.:i."il. was left by the late Charles A. Schwenk, president and founder of the Auvihnry Kire Alnrin A- Telegraph : 111 Company, Inc.. Weighinian Huilding, j ng Twelvetrees. Unvid while Helen Percy and Tjitn I'ali'icnln are others of nromiuenco the cast. It is. of course, alHlking. ais'oniing to 1 lie tnvenlniv tiled yesterday with Register of Hills Campbell. The appraisal is more than live times the original estimate mad in March, when letters of administration were granted in the estate. In spile of the si.n of his stal. Mr. Schwenk failed to make a will, lie died February '27 in a private hospital at -tdl'l Chester avenue. The estate Will be shared by his widow. Mrs. Ktliel K.I Schwenk. of (lie Bertram. Thirty-third; last night and Chestnut street a. and two aisters. fam.i... Mrs. X. S. Kisher and Mrs. (irao S. I Ir iu s,li tinn I i n"""s H,,v. hnth ,.f Pnit.,,11. ,,. i "'"' tion the programme con- ....... , . u. ..,.... i, u nun BAVMl'al I lai.k.... ... - , ..... . nnTMll nfiB "Fast Life" it the State Clara Howl (lay parties and the olher elciniMit. . .... i .,. ..n... ,. at tJie ltnnsevelt ,,,l Wo. ...-I-- ' . .. . . "';' ' e m" (mil, tile i, :.. , ....... .: ...--I mi, M-u in rnsr I.U wnn h was Colnev and Keltnn- ,. .," ' .r" ' '". inunat,c sit ( healer Morris, ami l.orelts 'layer in the Street. "Masqmrad" at th Roxy Th feature at the Hoiv Thenir was "Masquerade." a rather with Ihe intestate laws, Complaining (lint three of his children hud failed to live up to an agree-mcftt Ihey made wilh him, Matthew Gray, 4 !)."if .North .Nineteenth street, who died September I'-'. disinherited them by Ins will probated yesterday. nd left bis $JS.",ll estate to bis Iwo other children, (jcorge anil Letilia, absolutely. The Methodist Kpiscopnl Hospital is named contingent legatee of the XiWm I estate of Mis. Annie M. Windcle, 4tal4 Soring Harden street, who died August J.'!). The estat is to he held in trust and the income used hv a daughter, Elsie. Alter making a request that her body he cremated, Abigail S. Monfelns, in her will, named a sister, Sirs. Sarah S. Price, sole heneticiary ot a JlO.OdO estate. The testatrix died January 'J. Inventories nf personal estate filed yesterday included those of WHIiam H. Gaudy. S23.VJI.; Margaret M. Ferguson, !jS.S7SI); Esther Williamson, $:HH'J: Kose A. I.auer. $547; Marret tl. I.avevty. JW777; Andrew Eisner. 647(), tin.l Wiiiiam .7. luugiierty. iaAiiis. Letters of administration were granted in th estate of Samuel Alterinan. fill." Y Minefield aventi. $10.!HM'.; J.-.e r.liznbeth Smith. gliHl; Kal Tvr. P-lt' Windsor avenii, S.s.KKI: Ruby H. gilomon, 4805 North Seventh street, $2100, and Annie B. Tyson, $5059. Km Movietone Xews. and the "Hard to Get" at Circle Ilorothy Ma-knill, iu the role of a New ork niauiki,i who comes from a linine an, helieve she is marrying a wealthy husband, whereas he turns out to be a garage mechanic furnisheil( a deal of delightful entertainment for the audiences at th n- Circle Theatre last night. Charles e-lanev plays opposite the star and i.ouise i axenda ha a breexy comedy i"i ri. Ill H 11 I fl It ! oik N IOQfrR af t'rankiord Ave -L" STARS. Including N0M SHUm JOHN GIllfIT II0N O.V'H tt'uiiM Uilfl J0 Cg.WFO.R IUST fTu" CHORUS OF toe All Hemn Hwrxni ATTEND M ATI SEES AnH Crowd, M rn"" HIHaiitimlaa Mar They 11 TirMa Ynaur Toaa ,lk nbatkaal .ia k w Ai.nno.vs I WOllltll S I!)2! it SKOHI.E T.ilPs Briniaal Braadway Slar. 20 kM I ha MrlMt.vfnklaf MA.M'KBj, tm Marjcfoa. Meaa ens, laiamai afll Last 5 Days! The Truth About Birth Control ELS. t "sirsL.i. r "-E3w i i-:-S4a TOWERS Milt,, 33c. Kwi.. RO. A ri 11 TC AUl V """"v oiuw in n. x. us rcnflBjj, Wf - They i FY They P f One Big Laugh After Another! V9 1 The Mott-Talked-of Show in Town Creuldi Amatld, Thrilltd, Dilighttd' All-Color, Singing, Ttlkinf, Dancing yBflOiaDVAY' Muslcul Conway Sta.ri JVrNNrU tlOHTNKtt, Kunw Wrl-lura. Aim IVunJi, iimi, irk I,uci ml .Ithra 'ykCPCoanuirA Paramount ! iae iotiBRIar Hit With Zleitfeld'i tra MARY EATON OSCAR SHAW IKVl.NO HF.RLI.N'g SllSIC Cbsrus f Braadww- Basutln I not coplurod th lown I Hugo uahnc C.n't Got Enough ol Him! ,2 8 HARRY ROSE v nip. Bnauny j- un Mdow HELLO, HARRY" fVarrrjr mnd Hit F unit or t Sol m iitxlmg Fact! Coming Vrlilnj Atr-MlarTirBt In Solrj L Hit. "I II AKMl.Vi laJNNKKS ' x.ip 'yyij4.a... , tonMnnSoajianja.' 16-Day Excursions Niagara Falls THURSDAYS September 19, October 3 Round $16.80 Trip SPECIAL THROUGH TRAIN ParUrCara. Dial... Car aaat Caa.1,.. (UajtlUbl laaiaf Ttmal La. Ptitladalptila ihrnacl at. eta.) 5(14, M Li. Waat VblUulalptila, .14 A. M Tlelsta foeit In Pullagajl nn n HnMt ot uaual sharies. Aa Aaaiti tw lUuaaralaal kllaar. Tn. ialul oula NI.,.,. ralla, Blala, ataallaKl Hal. ikr.uall kaaullfatl Suanu.kan.a Vall.r. Pennsylvania Railroad orms FA Suffer no longer Get this relief nowl The instant you apply Dr. Scholl's Zino-pads that very moment your corns stop hurting. Andthey will never bother you again. If tight shoes make the spot sore, apply a Zino-pad and it will heal overnight! Removing shoe pressure and the soothing medication is the secret of their healing power. They avoid all danger of blood poisoning from cutting your corns; ail risk of ttcid - burn on toes from using harsh liquids and plasters. Dr. Scholl's Zino-pads are thin, dainty, cushioning, protective, healing. Won't come off in hath. At all drug, shoe and department stores 35c box. DZ Scholl's Zino-pads Put one on-thspain is ggni f I'nnui,. .'..' j JN" YNOR-CHARLE, FARRELL wc ciiynxu v v a i aw am.iv i. FEED EM, FONDLE m and Sec lor Yourscljf T WhM E5, (E(LC EEVEEED rVyv'iltrKlin) i I Bll ml If rTltii MJiiil 3 1 Alt HURRY! HURRY!! LAST 5 DAYS Tht ftcrem't: Master Romanctr! fl fili aCH'Jul Jack MULHALL ! In tha iririat AIl-Tat- Ini Dual Kola ficlura "Dark Streets"! With MLA J.K Till 1 P.M. . S i.alli ' ,aejj"(" i , ijjaaiiiitWi 'a'ltiViju.ji gs RONALD L0Lr1AN In llii First AIl-Tslkini piaura "BULLDOG DRUMMOND" Psitfil trtlati1 Pruiluclloit Beginning MONDAY! Greatait Sttf Scniatioi of All Tiait! Crratar o Ik Scree Wr tho Pl,a ot m H omon Who Sinnodt ir' ffi 1 Matro-GoMwju-Mnrer's All Talking Sensation RUTH CHATTERTON Lewis Stone, Raymond Hackett Tropical tStghtil Lovm-Maddtntd Men! nnd n Woman at Danger out mt Sht Wat BetntifttH "A DANGEROUS WOMAN" Paramount'i Af.t.-TAUCrNO Scnaatinn Wilh H4f I AMW A iiUKmiii.. VJII, IHMIl.TttV LITTLE JlflKATRB X '-"'-' Mnrkot C.lit.,1 to 11 "SECRETS or NATURE" 100a TALKIE MASQUERADE VITAPHONI ACTS 70X MOVIETONE NEWS CHESTER ATE. at Mth i.aat Thraa Dya Jtnat Oarnor. Charlal fan.. II LUCKY STAR first , TALKINO PICTURE; "T Bvrleanna .ra" ! a uiaaa jfurleaqvw Matinoa Dailr ,ut St Sth. Wal. SUM w ioa-1 awa I LENOX f I.AKT IIAS Jon-Mod Youth Stoking A-Thill-o-Minuttl "FAST LIFE" A I.I .-TALKING Saniatlon With Chester Morrii(,,l;,r,,,;r.) Dona. FalrJuinjilijr;-;,0fU'y,ran( Prices: Slip to 2 P.M.: jj0 to f P M. : After S p.m.. 50c IHMran. l: to S P.Vt.lAfti't II P.M. s TOI1AV anil TOIIIKKIW. ALL-TALKINI! l.AFK KK.1TI Dorothy MACKAILL "HARD TO GET" With l.oulaa r,iirn,lnX-Jnct Oakla Prtrs: Mt to 2 I'. sr i Sur to fl P. Aftar P. M., nslmnr.iWc: Orrt.. " Jhllllrm. tn P M.:AfliT i-.m DRI 1fC ?'h r HhNVk LOCTTRT ST. at BROAD 8 Snowt. j STEAMBOATS WILMINGTON Chtater Prnnif roro Full Summer Schedule ' Still Ia Effect Dafla- and Stmita-a. 'Tla-l,- StrTif T'ni Lo. Ptnlaitel?hl 1,80. 10, SO A. M . I SA 3.00. 4.1S. 1.00. -S.30, -9. 30 P. X ' It. Wilmington 130. 00, 10 30 A. at. 1 90, 4.1t. 8.00, 7.00. .30 ?. X. u&da?a only. REDUCED RATES WFEKCAYS Eicapt Sat., sic Eicuralo SATURDAYS Mo SUNDAYS HOLIDAYS ...Wc. AUvoata atop a.t Clteatar and Fannst-rov. WILSON LINE eHErT. TALKS lo pii I ir nsur Market UUVC "MAR AND THE MOMENT" Uir-TADitt 0h IIU Willi GLOBES:; Thumna HlpfaltHn T.lba Mnrkot In "Tha Arajyla Csaa" EDDIE LEONARD Talks A Ninsa iu "llalodr Lsna" niBITAI Sth A UMM I MLMarliPt Xul.a In 333 MARKET "ALIBI" EDDIE D0WLINO Rtnira. Jlauibow Man ' A I, I, TALK 1 NO CROSS KEYS'"' Tstka wnUOa IVC I dsiorket in Rior of Roman,,. "CN WITH ornu (tin, I taa.lS WnodlAnil : PARKER ADnurilljl m a , All Color. All Talklna UnriltUIII Challrn 8tnin Vllupliunr Hit "ON WITH THE SHOW" All Color-All JTalkliiK-Jlll"l,,l! STRAMDvilini, Thomas MEIDHAI COLONIAL'',',,".,? TALK'MjVi;-. LOGAN K.1 "I ARtimCASE 'STRANGE CAB60 All-Tiilkln M)Lfri.-""SOPHIE TUCK ruiTili.rlai,,l a nB ill nonaJ . tana airv "n i iwnv m s""1 LI flU I Elinwixid tCUT Kanalnirlnii A VCn I Cutnlii'rlaijil Tut-V th EDDIE D0WLIN0 T.w bWialSbl Olliaj THE RAlKilU THE SHOW" ilNDLEY $tti3jnZH2SoC ALLEGHENY aVo KEYSTONE it!'i OGONTZ.S'A BROADWAY, "ALIBI" ALL-TAIKINO Dramatu- Senaalion With Cnajtar Morris 69TH ST.? 0p. m iRKiswii n -.... . ij.Uh. War i nil in,. HATE YOtT A HOUSE FOR RENT I AD IN THE CLASSIFIED COLUM" " THE INSUIRER WILt OUlCKlf SU YOU A TENANT

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