The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 8
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W-VTflKVIU <AKK.) COUHIEH NEWS A Lofty Watchdog By'NEA Service • The cattedra] of St. Stephen Is the most important medieval building in picturesque Vienna. It Is a Grthic structure dating mainly from the Htli and 1511) centuries, but Incorporating parts of.'the 12th century edtflc?, destroyed by fire iii 1193. Perhaps :the most tmpves'.ive or its many features is its lofty tower, ^*50 feet high, from which bralcVsd generals once" watched nt- tackiiie armies and sent forth £,engers upon hnz, nrdous missions St; Stephen's lias been Vienna's WEDNESDAY... £ f 1 Q31 News ol : the Blylheville Schools Rracl? are preparing a . "Lincoln i.Pfogra'ni" whlcli v:i!l be given Mon- 'tlay Kicinlng at ll'rj regular assem- , bly. The program will consist of. patriotic songs anil readings. Junior High llnnur Roll Viiglnln Durham, ChlquiUi Dou- ghis, JuaiilU McDonald, little Jlcnth, i'ntly Shane, Jnck Wilson, C-jriyle Hancock, Jane Branson. I'hi-ma HnrKCtt, Ixmlse IxtijeU, Frances Little. Mary Elizabeth Bor- iiin. I'nullno Fowler, Dorrlne Coul- FranStie noofcer, Jo.wplilne jrlinson, Annie Sililcup, Max Wat;•;!!. lillt Mcltcnzle, Elfle Moore. WjllNiii) Faiujht, Russell Rhilr. ivt Semester .l:i:inlta McDonald, Loitle' Heath, I'ar.y Khnne, Jack Wilson, Bill Mc- Kiiim'. Ellle Moore, Jane lirnnson. | Cobber Snllba, ex-president of the |8Iil xfcs, called a meeting of Hie ! members cf the class January 28, ' the purpose being to elect class of- firrrs for tho semester ending May :!!). 'I hi- following olllcers were ; elcded: . • • • l'u°;:JeiU, lien Fisher; vlcn nrrs- i Idont, Kathtrinc Kcllh; -secretary, ' I'liidlnc fjprudley; treasurer, I,ys- •tin Ijuickln; u'uorler,. Houston Caudl;; doctor, Eddie Sullba; mils?, I Mny Belle Snyder. -.". ..-.,. The mime clioscn for- our clays Is UiKlreamers; inoUo, the hardei the la^k (he better wo will work; colors, wiilie nnd green; flower while- rose. cram very much. The chairman of i .Mr.s. Uoya Stlckmon's 7A3 group (he program was Miss Flossie Bell-.- elected the following cla«s oilicer.v Alley. The Girl Scouts were guests ai 11 theater party '(jlvtn by Mr. a:iu Mrs. O. W. McCmchcn Thursday Feb. 5. The 8AI and 8A2 could not lake Home Economics so . the .jisvi; formed ti club but have not decided on lleiman Grimes;. ,vic3 piesldc-nl. Louise Leggett; secretary, Joe McGhce; trcusurer, Jra Gray; llbbarlan, Betty Lou' McOutctwn;. rt-jwrter, Prances Little-; nurse., Ma-, ry E, licnjm; doctor, Daniel -Bcdne. The following program- was jjlv- en in assembly -as Miss 'Floretti rents. Other their money members will to buy. Each On account of mid-term promo- j the esi respond with ! Monday • fl v(! ,. morning programs. Key., Leroy of bring lne IraVi - st ' reot Methodist Church' wee |[ cams to their assistance by giv- iiie dllie.,int children will brine Int ' a ver> ' Interesting [alk. jrmetrln;* to sell. This will con- :' • Untie unvll every child has helped ": f'pnfrfll Ward with tbn .wu>- • t/tKHUt .rr.UJU- wlth the sale; This Is being done In order to nil',-' some' for the room, The following pufJls had perfect Honor Hall Second Grade—Shelby Harwell, att^lanee "SlTtne first £*£ -*"» ^, Henly ^ ™ l ° n ' Vera Goodrich. No Mote Gas In Stomach and Bowels It joo xl«h to be peroitritnlljr ro. t<v«d ol ««• in »l»Mch and bowel,, t*k« Ba«lmann'» Cat Tiblctl. which • [• plep»i*d eipeciail/ for BtotnAch K«I •nd «ir the b«d «lTecti iciulclDtf f'<na «" ptenurt ... That ouply, enawinK !«lin» at th» pit of the alorr.ach will dfiapp«a[; [hot •utaui, n«rvou> leelicg with heart pit- ollallon will van!*. «r.J you will »*..ln &• «bl« to Uk« • <S«*.I btealh without Th»t drowiy. ilttpy f«ling «ft«r «an« will b« rtplacti! by a <!«.ire for mlrrulnrocDt. [ "ill ci-nit, ar.d ftnseu >'i!l ha^™r«t^ «ffith^nVKT»iMilton Mile Travefler day because Mr. Krampr : c'annot could have be will;, them.. They could not !)•;-; rcnc; a Bibb nro out something to clo that period ! Emma 1 lood. u , rt 'L_j a! ( • i ii • i -• — ••• •Jui^iut in uiiiitu, i-jiH i>min_ii: .; wasted tnte week that * Murrk K p rriu.f-.rvi Tar™ r*-, »• _ been, helped. Lucille Ty- i^'^ln' S/liVroS £ ''• "»'- rending, Miss Mary | gene Cowsert, Roy Hawkins, Ray- ' The class Is very'glad to an- BO they finally formed ircnlb.1i: cd Ihc Handicraft club. Cluiitl Alexander sponsors tills dub nnd,l:-cy do';.nothing .'but make tilings; oul of;wood nnd do general lnudi>*raft work. " ' ' ' . • -T . Thu members of Hie BA gT.vic which arc taking agriculture visited the McCqrmlck-Decrlng ,ccm- liany and saw thj Implenienls u:i :dlflilay. They Had a model of I lie first reaper made by Cyrus -Hull ! bur. Lange School Honor (ioll Second '-Grade'— 'nL'nhoU inillia Blaiikcnslilp, Vivian Jack- I sun. Mildred Snjlth, 'Helen '-Pc'ni- j bcrton. Third Grad.3—Jerry Cohen,'Ray urn Llpford, Wallace Norman 'J ."--—- "...-« w--^, UL«U, \ui-i I:P) H6c6tt;-'Mary Louise ElWns Er-! '~ K ° V that 'he'a !n the exclusive I nestlne Halsell. Mary Lynn Jack-1 hillilon-mile. class—they're ever so to Continue Journeys HOME THEATRE SALT LAKE CITY, Utah,' (UP) 1'rice. . F-urlh nounco that lor thc.puNl week no!:-^*orm'.ck W 1831. Bcslrtrs'air'of I U 'ij"m, r-,. n ,, e c; nr .v, o n ,, lln ^...,. , urdlcs have been madi -' the L-nplcinenls they had 'they'gave n{j Lnoi'J ^cDoSd BesTie Sue I U Is rcgrctlnblc tl)»t i-vonH.'a nlcture Khwi- cimu;in» h~,. >?„.„,_ I . '"' . , y < McDonald, Bessie Sue Grade—Mary Leila Robl Tucker nnd Malcolm Jolly, sent treatise of slight; ' The Cathedral cf SI. Stephen i heard for Ihc first time when watchdog ; through many trying j«>lods, - Including tlie time when I Charles VI entered (he city for £-.3.?Turks marched westward In- 1683 'and' In 1609 : when the French threatened Austrlaji Supremacy. Besides .Us tower, tlie church has'/rnany Interesting fealures—thi^ extehsiye 'catacombs, the groined ceiling,> the 3G marble aliais ami the sarcophagus (1513) of Fredcr- .Ick.' III and lhe> tomb of Prince •Ifugehe of Savoy. ''•. Many visitors to Vienna climb] frie'-tower, by a small spiral alalr- way.. At. about the height of tho •urrounding buildings n balcony •Juts out from the church, providing' a-Vantage point from which to tle'w-St.-Stephen's place, a largo square;in front of the church. ' .;-The plains of Hungary lie to the 'northeast -with the Carpathian mountains • beyond. In the belfry, brtnifi bells hang In heavy culs- ters;':from huge beams. Josephine, '.largest; bell, .was : cast in the his coronation. Clcro by is the ilro ivalcli room. «l-.erc L-nardlBiis nl surely once The class sponsored.,an-li'isem'bly' prograiii' 1 .on TVi;aiipjday,.' K-b..- 4, which was thofoiighly' enjoyed. The program was i^s follows: Ri'inoiince- mcnts, lilWe reading. Kiddy band from Mrs. Trlcschma'n's room, making hydrogen—James Downing nnd Waller Logim. Hood's: l-'rankiel? Picture show showing how Faiin- are ub- n 'J Implcnients take the place of mliles and_ horses.- .L. ' ,; • .l-TJiej.6B1-.Quida'nce - had''a '.'• play last-Wecbicsday dt, 10'o'clock; t'ae name of which was Ann's Mighty Temper. The following took part in tills play: Lucile Tyrone, Pauline Hires, Mariu Collier, W.. J. \V11- Hnghnm and Ysclclnli Crocker. 1 The class of 7A1 have elected new orflcers whlcli. are; president. Jcddy Shephard; vice ----•• - - : -' The 7B2 group, Mr. Stewart's room, had 100 nor cent in the stll- iiiB of seals ns was announced i" assembly December II. * The' Junior High P. T.'A. presented the .Athletic club of Junlo: Ai-wood, Lee Ora McLeod, Glen Oia McLeod........ . ... ....'... .. .... . Sixth Grade—Eula Mae Kining- liam, Mildred Lou Hubliard, Vir- einla Little, Mary Eunice Layson. Snnders; secretary, HajHs, Marie Edwards; treasurer, . ,i5?lty Joe Lnwlcr; reporter, Louise- Luttrell- llbrnrlan, EstellL-. Luasford'. The 8A2 class of Junior High had n bird contest on Monday. Feb. 3. High school with $1.75. an nmpi:nl l<011 1 ncc'dcd to purclinse u *in iin^i/,,'_ tall for which the club .had Veen making money In many different ways to purchase. The needed .balance was very 1 , greatly appreciate!. Miss Hughes' room, the 1B1, t!e- for the expected arrival of aid, which finally arrived on Sept. 11. !£83, when the Poles and Germans drove the Turkish hordes homeward. .. ... A little to the 'left of Ihc thsrch . reifih of ^Joseph I from guns cap-j is tlie Hcfbcrg, or Imperial palr.ce, turn!-from the Turks as they fled j u liuje complex of buildings of from Vienna in 1883. This bell was various styles. Way Cleared for City Manager Plan in Stale (UP)— The first Pittsburgh nnd There ; c r« bird' piZ s and £ f 1 *" ln '^ «™ ""*"'* '» ™^ _... L. .- i>ii-i,ur<.5. aiui q^ ii v o srrnn ImnVc n»^ u-ni K«.,« ..;^ prize went to Loran : Hognn and Cora Louise Tiirner. Loran Hognn named 42 birds and -Cora Lou he Turner named 25, ,, The 8 A!) class of Mr. 1) ranch's watched for the first siuiib uf picicus Icokiny smoke imywhcrc in the city nnd announced thi'lr ills- covcry by means of n huge trum- From jusl over Ihc lire watch room. Count Starhcmberg sat on n stout; Ixmeh and watched the advance of the Red Crescent when ths Turk mndc his advance on western civilization i rundrccis ' of years ago Tho Austrian ncneral climbed to o^6f w'Wc^inc'r'Thcre'wer- 1 U ™ SC , rl>I> . bool:s ' °"° wl »" h ave pic- thls It-ckout day after day lo watch (, vo apples ijiven as 'urlje- Tlii , rCS ' l B ' vcn t0 llle room - Tlle • - p " e olhcr will have stories written by students In the room. Pauline Fowler will type them before they.arj put in Hie scrap-books., The 4A Tlirlft, club had Us-first meeting Friday, Feb. 0. The 8A2 class of Junior Hjsh elected 1 Ihc following officers ,on Jan. 20: Russell' Blair, president; Frelda; Secoy, vice president; Jean Armantrout, secretary; Iniow V!i\. son, monitor. Tlie 8A'l class of 'Junior High school elected new class officers lor i the second . semester, as .follows: j president. Raymond Johnson: vice president, Josephine Johnson; sec- rotary, Elma Langley; reporter. W. J. Wllllngharii; sergeant-at-a:ms. J. W. Purlle; monitor, Cannon Lewis. At the beginning of "the" second semester, tin 7A2 group, had elections lor officers ns follows:. Hcr- beu Chllds, president; Estra Livingston, vice presldenl; Geraldine Rylee,. secretary; Roland Bishop treasurer; sergeant-at-arms. Byron FOR YOUR HEALTrT son, Margaret Jean Norman. Sudbliry School ifonor Koll" j much murt' exclusive than rr^ere '.millionaires—Frank "Dad" Picker• hi'g, 73, 'le'.'larc-s he, won't be con- t'enled unlll he lilts the two million ''Pickering, a molormau for the , Second. Gn\de— Dorothy Salwby, Utah Light and Tracti-in Company, Mildred White,' June Workman, rtiade his flrsl long .'trip from En'g-. Nlla Marie Mitchell. Raymond Wil-1'Jjmd to America it" the age. of ten. son; -Thefniah ''Tinker, Lerliiiei Fprty-tv,o 'years ago he worked -for White, Mary Louise Waters. : j thb conipany...when horse drawii Third Graue — Dorothy Cross, [ vehicles were in vogue, and "whtii Mildred Mulr, Blllle Wooten, Paul te'i cnraes -right down to anactual Snnford, Betty Salllw, Elolse Ram- . room in Junior High is prcpariu for Ihc spring term. We Imve recently put, up ncw charts, new- pasteboard and ne\y pictures. We are sure that, our .new decorations will bring cheer as well us bs:u?r grades. '...'.'' The SB art c.lass sponsored by Miss Vclda Adcock.Jiad its election of officers. They are 'as to lows " PHTSQURGH, top to -permit oilier Pennsylvania cities to ndopl the clty-maiugcr fonii ol govom-, tarj. Mftry Borum; reporter Frnn- mtnt ha.^ bncn taken. • . . | C p s Little; ' ' • •••"' A " :l ' J ""' A bill ' -••••'• legislature introduced in the state , although designed >\nl- marlly to pcimlt Plttsbiirah to lire the business system <-.l municipal management, will apply to any city of the state except Philadelphia. Should the measure, Introduced by Rep. D. Glenn Moore, be approved votcrt of various cities ds- i siring to instull the plan must pc- lltion ti have tl'3 question placed on election ballots. Lincohi Table May Be Placed in V/hite House presideAt, Lystra Bmcken; president; Rhcnia'"Ha'r'8ett; ' secre- , •program'-.committc'- Polly ubc'k, Louke' Lereett Dorinn. Coulter. ' - : '' May'c'e' she heard th^ " v iits : -rieed fci batliiii^ I fl< bea L» ^nvrci 3 F*t"d'ands bail t, i i irto a baT\ gair j day)-.''She's' >a- n-.em'c: cf tli yjaingest «V at M;ani B T P a A new'quarter-ton; pi?.no. a i onstraled-by Hans Earth m N York recently, divides tl.e rcjjl— scile of; 12 notes Into 24. HARTFORD. Conn., (UP)— The table on which Abraham Lincoln icned the Emancipation Proclama- 1 tlon may take Its plac.-j witli oi coliiiclicus in the Lincoln Room, at the Wiiile.Hf.ii5D In Washington. T:™ table, new an exhibit in Me- im-rlai Hall la the Slnte Librae I'.f-rc 1 . v.'^r, gh ni to the slate b; Daniel Nash Morgan cf Bridge y.i. fcrraci 1 Unl'.rd Slalcs Trcasur- •jf unicr Presitlcut Cleveland. Tl-o FiigErslion thnt it be do r.atrd 'cr lent to the gnvcrnmcn r.-as mndc by Mts. Carl Hannn' 0 Cicvebnd. O. The 8A2 was perfect :: ln attendance for five days, having neither a tardy nor absence. The. room received a holiday by being permitted to miss the last period of the day. • Miss Monta Hughes' room, 7A1, had a home room program Feb. 4, nt which (line several very interesting talk's on teamwork were given. Following is (he program: scripture reading by Miss Monta ""Ehes. Teamwork in basketball, .lamtn Perry; teamwork In soc- er ball.- Howard Masscy; teamwork The sixth grade of Lange '.school. \vas very glad to have (he follow-' ing pupils from Sudbury School: Jiimnle Hall, Homer Smith. Gladys Carter, Charlie Matheny, Barbara Motl, Leon Smith, Henry iWlLson, J. P. Wnlden. Opal McFarla'nd, Avon Fletcher. Charles Cobb. Tl:c pupils of lha fifth and sixth grades again responded to the call of the unfortunate^and,.sent, put; two nice box^s ol groceries this There was . meeting of he rural -schools -at, Larige. .Friday, February 6lh. - . ;-.. \ .,',;' ..[[,", The fourth grade Is glad to have- a new pupil, Margaret Vpgt.. : '~'. Children who were oh the Honor •nil for the fourth grade are.Made : pnc Reeves and Mary Lejla Rob: :itson. . . . , : -,.-.-. -'•• ,. "•'" The fourth grade, has; a'.Uncplrj send table with a. loB.'.catiln a'fjd a rail fence. Carl IVfalone arid El ; bert Ross put up the fence.' ' The fourth grade hjas a,pretty ew poster on the. bulletin ioard: It shows George Washln'stori ; at Valley Forge. . ','.".... II:.; third grade has a miniature ]\r(iunt V:mou "n tlieir.sand table this month. . GcprBC. \yashiriEton linrl other colonial figures ' can' be k!?n standing on the laiyn!' " ' , Tho .third grade,', pupils.,_ are studying -the work.,of,.th'e'..nostinan this week. Jeanetta Scabaugh tplc| how the postman is dressed.WIieri \v. got the bag he uses .to. carry letters end how. he.nieets weather ccnditioirs. • ,,....• ..' ,,, '.'.'."'[',' Jerry Cohen • Wld how to address. :n:np nnd mail,.'ti letter':. Doris Delk'tcld how the post'office knows where to sciid letters and how. ^hi are sent on trains. ,.'..'.';' The second grade children are ey,- Irene -Joyce. Fourth Grade — Irene Belote, Joyce Somers, Iris Kleban, Alice Saliba. iKfth .Qrsui?—Sue Ramey.Bonnle /e^n Buchanan, Jane McAdams, Evelyn Smart: 300 miles: The 5A. group mode the highest .weekly average Iii spelling of any 'Bride oln ' the second floor: week ending January 30. Tlie 5A 1 group elected class officers as_Iollnwins: President. Winl- Six Xeiv England stites. Conncc tlcut, Rhode l.='.and. ?'fiES3Ch;is '. total population of the country. "Hitting I Six?" ' titet—Stomach—Bowels— • ; Ntrret—Brain— Heart— :• Are They.Afl 100%? i Folks, the human body is just like s good car, everytKing must be in good working order if you expect to get the beat performance outofeithcr. i 'You can't expect to feel loos if you i : lim i> out of order, your stomtch uptet, nerves jumpy or bowels tied up. .Voa.must build up your vital force- ud you weak, wary despondent men ud vomen who have been doctoring i br api trying to get back the vim and ' tnduraoceofearlrcr years will beacon- • Ubcd, delighted and amazed to sec how qukldy strength, energy and vitality come back thru the use of Tanlac. Go to your druggist now and get a tattle of Tin lac. Mill ions of follcshavc Mined bick on the road to youth, bnhh and happiness with this world/ (tmoM tonic and there is no reason •: ' rty you, too, can't begia today to re.".•' ' wad your worn-out tissues and re. ytUlitt your entire system. : Yoor money back i! you arc nol "•' 52^?y.'"'P* l ?-DX *f*ir trial of this .'• ' T^v^ff*^" 1 . 1 have a few Ions of Alfalfa on hand that I ^Yill sell cheap. Jimmie Boyd Phone 579 or Htibbnrd Hnniware Co. Ask for \Vilson Henry. DR. PIERCE'S Golden Medical Discovery AT ALL DRUG (TOMIf Talk about easy ifear shifting aiid real action ^—you ought to Vice lionlc Jean-Buchanan; Presldepl, Secretary, Sue Ramey: Treasurer, Athuell ATiltworth,* Critic,-Iriring-'Osborhc. Tlie 3A grade 'reeolved to work harder-this, semester tharrlast. Only a few hate broken this resolution thus' far: Those iwho did not,miss 1 :a word in/ spelling' lasU-.week"are: Dorothy Oross; Pauline Hillis-, Pauline Massey; Vedter Srjiith,'.'Jr. : ,"BUHe Woot ; n. : :j -' : '. .: .,; x. . : .- > Four new, members''We're added fO'the>3A grade this *;ek; Addle MUlls,. Buster; Brascum, Donald Miller, 1 'Clolss' Barnes 1 : m&ther visited the 1 Wednesday 'aftei-noon. . .The 2Biand 1A children have'a new> rubber' ball' which they ar; en joying 'very muSh/ ••' •• '•- Aftori ' Chehoweth; D. W.' Lambert, -and.. 1 Bejnard' Johnson are new pupils in 1 the' 2B grade. ' V v.Dr. Washburn . visited IB room Thursday;:'-and 'Friday-' checking over therpuolls vatfclniitions. '.' Alton .-and --NelF-Neely,- Doyne Smith, Lola Fay Booker an Lura Davis, .were absent -last', week- oh account 'of crdcken'-poxr- •••'•• /n- • l Fannie'Bell'-King^had the misfortune . to . break -her - .-arm '-last week end- • The pupils of 1A grade regpet to lose' little Betty Jean ; \Vlnson.'She St: Louis.•'• - •'"'- .ThU'Week, the-pupils''^! the : 6B "Di'cf.has travelled 1,187,- Your Medicine Handbag •_. ) , O ur,' iVe^e table Impound is alsi) sola in<p}ioc<ilafe coated tablets, just as effective as the liiiuii] ,£ i ' *l^i . ,.~< . - • - » form. ., ... ...,.,(. ;i , , Kndorsed by half -a million women, thia 'medicine i> particularly -Valuable during the tbm> Iryinj'periods of furity, niatcmity and middle age. 93 out oi,lQO report Ixiufa '-i! '''¥»"•«•• « ; '4' !; diaE.Pihlmain's 1 Vegetable CorrttKnmd ii.ti s VT.Siiisaii^i«- F it*a'. > .-^..i:i- CHRYSLER EIGHT -G>^ mt&k Ccvpe (,66;; Kapler Koadttcr (mel«£ng,a wire »IMPERIAL EIGHT - fiK^ Sedm fw Cm- Six win: vhctl,, fSo cart Sf<m ani tmJc rud) f, i9} . CHRYSLER pr S«l™ jw ciox.Gx.plcJ sn^fr Scdin f, 91s ; SaLm-Linwwint $3,4;. AH prices f. ». i. factory. FOWLER MOTOR COMPANY Blytheviile, Arkansas The PARTNERSHIP of POWER J UST ai the widespread . networks of electric iransmiwion lines' have brought adequate elcctrk strvic* to thousands of ' small coh-urriuriititv soV '''• they arc now spreading electric service •nill more widely to the farm*. ey^ have built a physical base .'and . V established a- business fourid.atioji,. fof, v . farm electrification. .. .". When farm power is supplied from t generating and transmission system which is in successful operation, the farmer becomes a. partner with all the users of power supplied by the system — industrial, commercial and domestic. Out .•-,;I-'am,-. closing ont-'this- week .the i .HuU'|Btoclc of'Purini Peed :&T Mills Feed. 'Reason,- changing loeaflcjy -'If :yoil' '4re"ioo!dng lor... bargains 'come In. Going • A«i .& ? JRaiIroad St; Tuesday-Wednesday Thursday if "Marriage Kills Love" In With CONRAD .NAGLE & GENEIVE TOBIN &; ',Slim ;nmmerfieW—also Zaisti jpitts. Admission—Matinee & Night . 10 and 25c. .',"•'-. RITZ THEATER Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday •..'.-• See ' ; '• Lawrence Tibhitt and-.' Qrace;.Mpofe ..;. '- ' " ''' ncui ^ moon • Hear ThenTging' "LOVER COME BACK'TO ME". Matinee—2 & 3:30^-10 '&' 30c Night—6:45.&'8:45—15 & 40c Coming—Friday.-.& Saturday —George'Bancroft in : "SCANDAL SHEET". .... - ARKANSAS-MlSSOURI POWER COMPANY 'VI t Your Service" We .have moved our stock of John Deere implements from the New Blyheville Feed and Coal Cq.,,on: "Walnut tp: the building of'Browne '• v ah<l Billings, near Frisco depot. ,--..-.v. We have a complete line of John Deere Farm Equipment and repair parts, as well as the line of Feed and coal. Come to see us about your implements and tractors. Browne Blytheviile .*. Arkansas

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