The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1939
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Be Sure To "Attend Mississippi County Fair . Sept. 2fi-0ct f 1 BLYTHEVILLE [COURIER NEWS : THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS *«n B n,rri,««. «,„«,,«' '*'* i- -* f f K^ VOLUME XXXVI—NO, 153. Nazi Counter Attack Fails To Push French From German Hills (i * 1 £?i tS ' Sept< 16i , (UP)—The biggest western front hat- tie of the war resulted today in a crushing defeat for tho Germans after three waves of infantry and mossed tanks IfulefHo break through new French defenses on Gorman nil s, .according /_ 0 military dispatches tonight Attacking Germans v.'ere said to «""tiu. have, been hurled back despite terrific. .}h«])lng by tlieir supporting batteries :in the Siegfried line and furious', {Lssanlts by a .score of diving,: ratrnnng German combat planes. ... Defeating the Germans in llic-ir second great counter attack of the TOr with Hie heavy German losses! Ihe French continued lo hold hills from wSilch their observation posts looked down In (lie Saar valley and across the wooded hills lo bis Siegfried line fortresses. Fresh German trcops brought up from Trier tried to drive the French off the newly conquered vital', hills. • Tlie Germans used massed formations for the first time in the western front lighting but their tactics brought only increased losses as they failed to break through the French field defense.? Ihe reports said. Refufees Cross Border POLISH RUMANIAN FRONTIER. Sept, 10. (UP)—The vanguard of dlploinalic, refugees no- credited to Poland crossed Ihe b:r- iler into • Rumania today on the advice 'of (he Polish government ns columns of German tanks and trucks plunged deep into southeast Dfilr.-n,] DJyljieville Courier WythcylHc Dally News Blylhevllle Herald . Mississippi Vnllev lt«<i AHICANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI J^WWl^ARKANte SATURDAY, SBPTRMBER 10, 1»H!) Do Not Forget To, Pay Your Poll Tax Before October 1 , War Is Over For These Poles Poland. -British and French diplomats were the first to desert Zaleszcyki, the little frontier market town within 25 miles of both the Rumanian and Russian borders where Poland's government had made a stand • after three hasty moves In 12 days. British and French legations' begun moving on toward Rumania at 7 a.m. Other diplomats remained momentarily and the Polish government still had announced no plans for Its own evacuation. Under Rumania's refugee law, announced .'last night, members of the; Polish' government if they crcsseii'-lrito htat country would-be compelled/ to take lip fixed resi- -(Jen'pes.lliFrfi.'andtrefraih-frorir political activity. '" Britain Claims Neutrality Laws Violated and Blames Submarine LONDON, Sept. 18. (UP)—The Belgian passenger liner Alex Van Opstal was sunk late Friday night as a result of enemy action in violation of International law Ihe ministry of Information said officially today. The Alex Van Opsial, 5,965 tons, the ministry said, was sunk as a result of cnemv action off llic Shambles lightship near wey- moiilh. Either the ship was loV- pedoed or, as its master lielieves, -— — _^ SINGLti COPIES FIVE CENTS Claims German Losses Are Heavy, U-Boats But Great German Flanking Movement Pushes v Relentlessly Onward BEltLIN, Sepl, i«. (Ul'J-Thrco Polish nrmtes conllmwd ile'spw resistance lo German forces ' Tlm iirmlw;, described by 11,0 aprmims as "trnnped," 'were fight- n? west of the Vistula rlvcrnroi ml "' Tlie Piles fought so dcsHeraioly It vyas Indicated, (hat 1!vn ciemians ~~^."^^;^^^^™£ location of the prison camp. (NEA.Cablepholo) Files Supplementary Channel Work Project ; A supplementary application has been filed by Drainage District n of.: Mississippi County with the Public Works Administration for a loan to be used to complete the .channel) enlargement Irogiram ornMrul - . '* - . started. Approximately ,30 'morn, miles would be-cleared.and enlarged at a. cost of about $48,<MO, if the new application is approved. Bjus for tlie project will be advertised Immediately after the project Is approved, If It is granled according to John w. Meyer, engineer of Drainage District 17. New York Cotton it was destroyed by a mine explosion. But, tlie ministry of information said, the British at' no lime have laid live mines anywhere near where Ihc ship sank. Whether sunk by a torpedo or a mine, the ministry said, the destruction of the Alex Van Opstal was an "enemy violation of international law." If the cause of the sinking was a mine, the ministry said, international law was violiiled bscauso no notification had been given nf the presence of a mine Held in the vicinity of the Shambles lightship. If the Belgian vessel 'was torpedoed, the ministry said, it was an infraction of the submarine protocol to which Germany had nil- Woman Dies In Hospital, Grand children H u r t, Son Is Arrested hered. Lena wctnaii. Grny, Is 77-year-old negro Riales Named Member Of Cravens' Staff FORT SMITH, Sept. 10. (UPl^- Congrcssman-clcct Fndjo Cravens today announced Hint he was lak- Ing Representative Roy Rlaies o Mcua lo Washington to serve 01 his secretarial slnff diirlii* tho special session of congress Rlalcs, who served In tile stiU- House of representatives Insl session, was one of Craven.-;' orlgmn supporters, Cravens snid that Wales' duties Moton of Detroit, Midi,, Is'in jail; his three children arc slightly Injured and two machines are prac- tlcally demolished as the result of a highway accident at Oscraia late yesterday afternoon. The negro woman died al a Memphis hospital last night, n few inlnntes after reaching there, after having been given emergency S treatment, at the Blythcvllle lios- I pital. Boll) hips were fractured, her face badly cut and she was also hurt internally/ Her son, 45, received slight cuts .on tlie.face am).'was dazed by, Hie accident; >After receiving first" nUI here lie was returned' lo Osceola where lie was placed In the county Jail on a charge of reckless driving. - ,—.„..., him from seeking rc-clecllon from Polk counts for Hie 53rd seMicn of the Arkansas general assembly in Both Ships Carry Amer'"', icans Home From, War • : -rt' "" F " ~-' .*! • v •' :: - \- 0. R. Hughes, Crawford Greene Among Speakers At Meeting Here Today Education' for~n~new "age was discussed by O. R. Hughes, professor of psychology at West Tenn- ..... .... ..„,„„.... B „„,„ uwll , tl essee State Teachers college . al by. Ward and Coppod'ge of ca'nith- Memplns, this morning al the ersville, striking Ihe heavily Inortwi-' late. - —-. D ~ w. .1.^...,..,., nnvjijg. j NEW YORK, Sept 1G (UP) Thr> The Detroit negro, accompanied British passenger liner A-iuIlania by ns mother who lived al, Eng- carrying 1,633 pi, S e,,»er,mmtu Inml, Ark., and his (hree children, Americans arrive today twoTn« was enroute from England to De- '"'" ' troit when the. collision occurred at the curve of the Delta Queen Night Club where a number of accidents have taken place. The car is snid to have collided with the approaching truck, owned She had crossed the Atlantic at top speed but far oft her regular course z \ g sagging all the wav to avoid German submarines.. " Soon after she passed quarantine Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar." May July meeting of more than 300 teachers of Mississippi county .at the high school auditorium. Mrs. T. R. Ivy, county examiner, presided. Registration opened the meeting at 10 o'clock following which Oeorge W. Patterscn. pastor of the First Christian church, gave the devotional. A musical number'was given by (he BlythevlUe Junior High chorus. Miss Inez Franklin, book com—.-, -^^|ju. iu. \\jrj — P^ny TCiicltng specialist \YRS sclicd closed bareljTsloady. j.ulrtl to speak this afternoon lo open high low close, the teachers in the primaiv grades 922 923 809 910 on "Unit Activity Reading!" While Miss Franklin was speaking to that lo Iner, Rex, mostly Amer 899 887 875 352 841 899 876 857 843 885 877 801 813 825 885 877 801 843 825 - --•• "** u™ 0^0 ozn opols closed nominal at 20, off 28 >\eu> Orleans Cotton ORLEANS, Sept. 16. (UP) 1 futures dropped 70 cents today in steady to 41.00 a bale trading. open Dot 934 Dec •.. goo Jan 898 Mar 886 May 865 July 850 high 934 '908 898 886 866 851 low 921 891 88S 874 853 837 close 920 892 S8S 875 853 837 Spots closed steady at 012, off 18. Stock Prices NEW YORK7~s7pt. 16. <UP>Heavy profit taking brought the stock market down sharply in early trading today with losses ranging to more than r ollr po mts . A. i, OS T, |<;1 7-.1 Anaconda Cop ' -^3 -j.g Assoc. D. G "a i 1 Beth. Steel '.'.'.'.V. Ofl 3-! Boeing Air '.'.. 26 5~~y Chrysler '. • 8B i •> ccca , c °!a ,,0,4 Gen. Elec "il 5 K Gen. Mot ...]... 53 i'.$ Int. Harvest 59 Montgomery Ward *i * x N. Y. Central '.'..'.'.'.' 19 M Packard .... \ Phillips Pet. ','.'.'.]'.'.'. « Radio . 01-8 Schenly nisi ,...'.' 13 j.g Socony Vac His Std. Oil N. J ;..;.; 5, 3.° Texas Corp t6 7 . 8 U. S. Smelt C4 S-\ U. S. Steel 16 l-B group, Car) Bird, of Wilson, was to conduct a meeting cf the intermediate and high school teachers. Crawford Greene, foitnerly superintendent of schools in this city but now of the slate department of education at Little Rock, was lo address the 1:15 o'clock. Joe Evrard, accordionist, was lo provide the special music on this afternoon's program. In this morning's address, Jfr. Hughes emphasized the importance of knowledge obtained and habits developed rather than the subjects taught. He said that in order to save our democracy \vc must teach Ihe pupils the value of the arts and sciences cf the age. Tlie facts gained from history, lie continued, h'nve their place in teaching thai democracies have stood where other governments have fallen. The fncls gained in science that nature is exacting are more important than mere facts, he concluded. ersville, striking the heavily ,im u ™ ..,„=,,,* nmiTicans cotton seed truck on the left side, entered (he harbor The body was torn from the triick .and the seed scattered over the highway. The negro said he was not familiar with the highway and did not realize there wns n sharp curve there. Officers said he apparently lost contrcl while (raveling al u dock 1,778 fleci rapid speed to cause the collision. Willie Friar Reported In Improved Condition The condition of Willie Friar, 40, who was critically Injured when a log rolled over en him Thursday night, is good loday. Mr. Friar was unloading logs at Walker mill when a large limber crushed several vertebrae In the lumbar region of his back. Bromwich Beaten By YouJhfu! Van Horn FOREST HILLS. N. Y., Sept 1C (UP>_we% van Horn, sensational California youngster, gained the fina round of Ihc mMo,n\ tennis singles championship today with n brilliant 2-0. 4-6, 6-2, C-4. 8-G Vic- t:ry over Jnhn Bronnvlch, Australian Davis cup star. Warns U. S. Against Becoming 'Arsenal' .^^,. Aficli., Sepl 16. <UI>K-Senator Arthur H. Van-' possible War Department Gives Order To 'Streamline' Army For Mobility WASHINGTON. Sepl. 10. (U!>)~ The war department announced today .that all Infantry, cavalry and other divisions of the regular nrmy will be streamlined Immediately Inlo small, compact groups [ 0 assure more mobile and efficient flxhtlne vmlts. The reorganization, lo , become operative within the next few "weeks, follows experiments rcccnUy with n streamlined division nt Fort Houston, Tex. Final details arc now being drafted by the" general staff. . \ Under the tentative plan each llvislon wlU'consisj of about 10,000 men and 'be : maintained nt full itrengUi;..Pu!l:;iyar..iilreii|;lli of, Iho jireseiil' dlvlsIon""is'' : aboutt ; .'.'26,QflO nen although they are far liclow that figure now. "Tills reorganization Is considered ilghly dcsirablo in view of the Incomplete state ot most of the existing divisions of the rcgiil* army," the department said. "It is not the present Intention of the war department lo innke nny changes in the divisional organizations of Ihc national guard. 1 ' O'Malley's Pka For Parole Is Denied WASHINGTON, Sept. 1C, (UP) — The Justice department pnrole board tcday denied the application of Robert E. O'Malley, former Missour! slate Insurance commissioner for a parole from I/onvcmvorth pentlentlary. ' • O'Malley pleaded guilty In federal court, al KaiistM City on Indictments charging violation of the Income tax law In the collection of fees In conjunction with Tlicnias Pcndergast. Missouri political figure also sentenced lo l.eavcmvorth. nisliwl up re-enfoKcmcnls to strengthen the narrowing rtur around Iho I'ollsh forces, Tiio army announcement said i,n« i !'° l{? ' s wcfc °' (c|1 li"r stub- 1)0)], rwlstancc In thctf citadel nt nrcst-Utovsk. Their Ilchl lield u» ";e ndvance of one R-IIIT of (ho ii'lb f 11 ' 1 , 1 " 811 " 1 "nnv which was locked from mnvcblim soulhcasl- \Miul ikwn the Bug, river. On ollior fronts esijcrlallv | n east Poland, hnwever, the Qermans rc- "ortcd Rains. HKlnr's armies were cxccnllwr 'wo clBanlic maneuvers ovlriciitli' Allied at ciilllne off Poland fr.-m "or rcinnminj. outlet, to Rmn<ink and Ulhiiaiiln, Soulliorn nrmlos " l< (!re Rwlimliw eastward lownrd tha iiiunanlnn nnd niwian fronllnvii with Lwow the cnlv rcmalnliiif 'crlnns dhslnclc in ilsclr way Enst, Prussinii Iromis wero'mnk- ''!* similar eretU SWCC|)3 eastward Cheyenne Crew Rescued; Submarine ' Commando 1 Offers Assistance : LONDON, 8epi~0 <Ul>) - 't'h, elo Amcriraii oil i m ,ker Chcy enue hus been Mink ami her "rw wcued by n Nonveglan stcimic lnro " mllw •» off "imarcnllv Inlonl. on 'culllne in oiili- ciillel to Uihiinnii,. Comnlnllmi of these maneuvers '"mild leave central and oiwtcri) "oland eurrouiulcd with the Prliiel '"nrthf.i mill the Soviet fr."nl|>>v | ffi . Mind llm Poles ami Iho Oormnn •"rinles nhcnd closlim down on them nl n grcnl pincers movcmeiU. . AH :i7 menilicra of Ihe Chev cniies crow wtw Inndert safclv Members of il le crew re, tuat (ho commander of Ibe SYT' Sftllk Uie " nskcil If (hey required mwlhing «nd offered to (ow their !lfeboa iMnwl °"n " ,"° mm>> VOSS<!| «!'ea,«. Tho submarine then stood by for several hours \mtll the ctic vessel arrived. Senator Who Fought Versailles Treaty Dies F|«., acpt . Yales Sher, wartime sniator from jllliiols who led opposition to ratiflcatlou of Iw Treaty of Versailles, died at his home here Insl m B i,t nfter lt»8 lllne.vj. He was SO. ' "^'" Rnkcr Of MnllniK' S< After Day Of Colton Pickinc; The Intunso Hcnlembcr heal wave '"ok lls first victim, nf this section '"«». nlirhl, ^iieu L«slle Biker of "olbiul, died nl n )c nivtlievillo " from hoot tirostratlcn _ Tlie S7-vcnr-old fanner hod:been " "I his home since Inst Frldnv -"""in b". mni stricken af(w hqvlni -Hwi s w m ,, n ,| s ot , co it nn | lwt ^•«v when t.i,e Iliorinnmelnr went '" lo:j d»<>ri!(!s. Ffl >vas brought ""•»> wsterrtnv monilne. »nrn nt, n«i,i vnnli. Ark., ho hn-1 <r HnUnnrl for n number of Batesville Gridder Is Critically Hurt LITTLE HOOK, Sept. in (Up)_ Robert Lee Jones, flatesvlllo titeii school football player, remained In a semi-critical condition toduy from Injuries suitcrcd lost, nl E lit'']n u scl1001 Hospital attendiinln snld Die youth suffered n brain, hemorrhage Jill tlml ha was slightly Improved today. -pit n» "an. Tired Accordion Player Invents Music Stand presidential OHEEN BAY, WIs. (UP)—When Albert Vcr B:ckel, Green Bay mntl •-•• v.""i™i. uu uii arsenal f-;r jtl mr Fmhni-nn ^"'B" 0 " 1 without ultimately -Mill IUI trnUUrgO coming a target for the other nrcK-T^---—--r^-w^™-™™. L.f£ cak ! nB Ir >.tl«fertse of the (lenbcrg, n He is at the Elytlievlllc hcspltal S^'"."^ '" ™, t0 ' lol<1 n ltome t(nvn "" JU "' v «'" M;CKUI. urcen uay moll Hepiiblican rally today that "Amcr- carrier got home nights after lug- ica cannot be an arsenal f;r one Bi»g n heavily loaded mall bag lj e - around all day, he was too tjrcd to ;r." hold his accordlcn. So, Ver Bockel T( -~ — ">-^,^ wi mu neu- Invented a combination music rack trailty law. Vandenbcrg said that nml Instrument stand on which he unless we are deliberately and has received a patent, consciously ready to go all the way The stand resembles n parking i i. iii.s war let ns slay ou t n u sign, with a piece of pipe or tubing the way rtelibrcntelj' nnd con- set In a wide Iron base. An arm, ad- scio " s 'y-' justablo to nny desired height, slides up and down the tubing, holding tho accordion from below instead of Its being hung from Ihc player's shoulders. Baby Eals I.lgHl Hull) PASADENA. GSI. <up>—AH n- monlhs-old baby began catlns a small electric light globe. The ther slapped the infant on Ihe back until he had coughed fragments cf glass. A fiuoroscopic examination developed that he had swallowed nothing and suffered only « slight cut In the mouth. Chicaao Wheat Sept Dec open 85 1-2 8fl 1 4 high 86 3-8 81 1-2 low close 85 1-1 85 3-4 85 5-8 8G 1-3 Chicago Cnrn De Soto River Crossing Designated for Markets CAIRO, Ga. (UP)-An claboralc marker will be placed on the Odi- lochnce river several miles sonth- ^ S ,',. "L 1 . 1 ,*!? = :mm . cm ? lau n* «* j cast HCOtli anniversary of the crossin" open 58 high 58 3-8 low close 57 5-8 58 Dec. 571-4 573-1 Sfi 3-4 573-8 Senator Herald P. Nye, North JJakota Republican, says he will fight—oratorically—io the last against any attempt to alter arms embargo clause of present u, S. neutrality law. .. ....»,t.viaaiy u[ tnC CrOSSIIl 0 of DeSolo, famed Spanish explorer. I Erection of the marker probably ; will become a feature of a three•year scries of celebrations commemorating DeSoto's trek through the south which ended near Memphis when he died and his body- was buried in the Mississippi river. Imbiber's Arrests Total 60 In Past 19'Years CONNEAUT, O. <UP)_lt appears to be a habit with n 39-year-old Conneaut man. p C. Guest Preacher Recalls 1st Sermon 68 Years Ago THOMASVILLE, Aln. Sixty-eight years ago ^ Hflrl FOIfth "'here fli|li>rr>l rllCS -"1 Iw liKlo snndnv aflcrnnoii, "« If survived bv his ivlffl. Mrs. •-r, fil«o of Hollniid: his niolhor, ••''n dtvpir-ii j, Br tjina Mii-ecn 7fol- •>1VI nn-l nnlfl Knob nnd nnf. hrnth- T. William Hnker of Dald Kntb. Cobb Funeral Homo Is In charge. Olulp Kins War Talk _ ST. ,10SKP![. Mo. (UP)—Dlsciis- M "n <t the EliironcKn war IMS bi>i>n Banned ot the wecklv luncheons Kerc ot the Vice Presidents' Club. Class of '39 ~-i&*w&ki NOTEBOOK lij Sumuel F, Norrt» Tlie Sca-Gohij Smiths Cmno Heine Homo again from his annual fair months vacation In Nova Scotia Is C. L. Smith, well-known Lonch- vlllc merchant, ant! with him memories of cnc of the most eventful summers • of his life. Durlns the long evenings this winter when the cold rain ts making a miserable mess -outside and such things as books and fireplaces, cockle jars and fragrant Havaiins become tremendously Important, he will un- Newspaper reports of airman losses coincided with .^flcfoi £" ports,from the WMI™, ',&?'„.:.• •troops '• « - tf valley sector of fho W " h n,, nt th ° made in force became the commmici mentioned that It ,», . 1C awran » s »«d Ihefr nuns in n neiv tombnrclnieiit ' 1MVy " won Fmldl PoslHoni . Sunrbruccken On llio,wislein sector of the Tlie (0115 of today's communique was believed to Indicate that the 'r,n , ? f "p" 0 "* on the western noiit had been accelerated as Iho French approach Iho main German positions in Iho west Wall lino of defense. French and German troops fought for six hours yesterday when the Qcrmans counter nt'- lacked on Ihe wc.slem pait of (he front. It was reported that German Infantryineii wore some soi't of mclal protection. They wcia supported by mlillery ami low yliig combat planes. French leiiorts wcie that In this Ighl the Ocimans lost more men Ihnn they )md In any previous engagement of tho now war on Hie wcatein front, The Deimiiu losses wore asset led lo Imvc Iwcn live limes as great as the Ftfmcli losses. ..xpcrman. tanks In this attack wire repoilcd to linvo been held i'!' by steel latls which Fir-nuli engineering troops had sUick 'In the ground as soon ns their* Infantry had won Ihe leiritory. '' German infantry wns met by machine gun fire fiom shallow trcnchc* \Vhtoh the- French"hail dug. 0. • - •' —' Has Eight Weeks Old Baby For Adoption (UP) — William Hasty, a young man not long returned from the Civil War, stood In the pulpit of a one-room log church near here and preached his first sermon. Recently, the church observed its annual-homecoming and guest pastor was Rev. William Hasty, who will be D3 years old this month. He read his text without glasses. I and his voice was firm nnd strong I enough to be lic-.ird niltsldc the! church. ™m vivui mgnllghls for Mr uwl11 01 "ixora, prooanon oincer Smith and his daughter, Miss Prnti- 0( S:ul1 ' Mississippi County, miist ccs Smith who accompanied him, rclnovc 'he baby Monday from the «as the visit to Halifax of Eng- ''"Wtal'and Is seefclnj parents'who land's king r.iul queen. Tlie Smiths i would adopt .the baby, t-ok In all the fanfare of this color- ' In excellent hcallh, tiie baby has fill and exciting- occasion nnd en- " vftry B0::(! case history which is Joyed a "ringside" scat for the roynl tcnow » by Mrs.- Owen, procession. Any one caring to communicate Any one caring to communicate with Mrs. Owen may call her. at phone 40, Litxora. Jewelry Making Called Soothing to Nerves DURHAM, N. H. (OP)—If'; your nerves are jumpy, Gesrse/blsson Ult-; guilty before hi. » . t tin i'<iM> cK to 1020. i—Had-1 More streamlined than ..'Us are . predecessor, brunette by C. A. pro-| Mary Donnelly, 19, of, . all larger Ihnn an ordinal cause judg:s al Atianlic City's potato, are the usual red i beauty pageant crowned her na- proccsslon. Tills was scarcely more thrilling for the Lcachvllle merchant, hcw- cvcr, than the landing of n 350- pouiid tuna. Prlnmrlly, fishing nnd cruising Is what attracts the Smiths to N6va Scolla each summer, bul this is the first time a fish of such heroic propcrtlons has ever fallen to the Smith skill. "Tills puts me in the class with '"•"' vca iuu jumpy, ueorge, uisson Zane Grey," he .says, referring to SIJ Sgests that you turn to 'Jewelry the famous author and sportsman making. who is as well known fcr his sue- A "alive ot Norway" and now liv- ccss ullh rod and reel as for his il! B !n Francestonn, Olsson is <i books. tcnchcr under the League of New To Ills friends, Mr. Smith is Hampshire Arts arid: Crafts and known as a man who lias Irved ths recently exhibited his work and sea since he a small boy In tll!>t of his students at the Untver- JaniBlca. Though he lives Inland, " he's anything bul a landlubber. On his annual visits to Nova Scotia he lives in small fishing villages and makes friends with the natives who are- among the wcrld's best sailors and boat builders. He Is adept at handling m s 30-foot cruiser and Is at home In a squall, especially If his boat is f« r offshore with plenty of room. The Mona Is a good sea boat and he knc«s he can bring her In. . Already, he Is' planning for nest summer. He's going to take the Mona to Newfoundland fcr salmon fishing, tl; and later - sity of New Hampshire Craftsmen's - ; Fair. ed: Their sickness is- forgotten because they are so interested fn their work." WEATHER of convictions shade at one end and clear white at the other. 1 beauty queen with title ol "Miss America 1939". Arkansas—Partly cloudy in northwest portion, showers in extreme , . -•- • - -•-•• ^«IB"»™ -east portion tonight; Sunday fair coast lo Ung Island or somewhere and cooler, in New Jersey. Meanwhile, there Memphis and vicinity —Increas- are ttiose sung winter evenings ing cloudiness, Mlowed by shower's itmead and plenty of reading to'be ( beginning late today or Sunday, lttcmi! - I cooler Sunday and Sunday night. Hospital For Tttatment County Judge S. L. Qladlsii who vns Injured in an automobile accident near West Memphis Thursday afternoon, wns reported to inve reentc'red tiic Memphis liap- Isl hospital for tieatmenl today/ fudge Qladlsh received n fiac- ured jaw and face.lacerations 1 but' ils condition was not icgtudc't s serious. Following tho nccl- icnt, he had enteicd the hospital or emergency treatment, then re- iimtd to lib home at OsceoUi . esterday., Mrs. Oladlsh, \vho~ was nwro' sq- .ously-hurt, v;as nlso at the Mem- lils hospltnl where she Is suUei- iii? from a fractured Jaw,.Internal! injuries, several fractured ribs ami cuts nnd .bruises. Telling of the work of his 16 sill- | dents. Olsson remarked that many s Ind taken tip the hand-fashioning s of Jewelry to 'forget a long malady | or lo calm shaken nerves." He add- i

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