The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 2
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BLYTHKVlIJ.E J J_ARK,).COURigRNE^VS MONDAY, OCTOBER 20. 1930 . P^rwnal interest •/•Activities and News.. of Women Society Calendar . . The'SUple GroVe cemetery asso- will' meet with Mrs. G. G. '' .. . Mlis • Grace Webb is having the • Wednertiy club. ' Urs.- E. -R, -UuoQ Ls having si i 'Hirl'ii is hiving a . . , , ,»8;$7 P*iU ---GreenweU and Mrs j].T, Lenti. are having a beneilt bridge p«rty for -the Altar 'society bftthc Church of we Immaculate exception it the social hall at « Jyne Thursday Luncheon club is mwtmg with Mrs. Otto Kochtltzkj *L> B. A. Lyiich is having tne. Ujp-iVcet club. *trs. J. Neal Gessell will be host Cifc to the Young Matrons Briage Jine Jewish Lailts Aid Society Is'iueetmg wnh airs, Cam? atci ua,5 .and. Mrs. C. K. Coulter. fcrs. flcyd \vjiit3 -.s navlng a brjugi: party. •^ . ^ Friday <Tlie Woman's ciuu. is mccun'g at, US club house al 2:50.'•o'clock. ; * - -••• i x siferal Bridfe 'Parties- '-' '•• rinnODd icr Wednesday. jhree bridge parties are planned lot Wednesaay. in the alternoon Mrs. E. R. Ma- sdji will entertain at me-home of .her mother, Mrs. R. B. rtoleli.-Mlss B.ertlia Fant ol Clarksdile, Miss., iirt house guest of Mrs. K. h. Ware jr£ will be the honoree. : aci Mrs. ; t'toyd's Whites party on-the. same atti'rnoon. Sh tne evening Miss Hazel Har<l£ will compluneiu Mrs. (Jhancs \V»llace Oairigan, who was ueiore her recent marriage Miss Bonnie LHin (Jay. Tills will be at her su- Ljjrixm home. Another parly for that night will t>£. the benefli bridge parly ijj to Sccretiry American Bruise League A wry- Intc'reMlng Capital Deb Bits of. News Mostly Personal •• J. Ni;k Thomas. .':'., cf Memphis, spent Ihe wsek-elnl with his par- tills. • ' ' Mr. aiU Mrs.. J. Nick Thomas had as ihiir ijue&is for the' wde>- cnd Mrs. Churics A. Miller and utiiBhicr, Mi;s A:ir.e, and 'Mrs. If. i-.. Henderson, ci liolivar,- Term. Mrs. Tom Heaton a"d--Mrs.- Clyde Droudon ami lltllf daughter vls- ncd friends In I'anpulu the last of the week, Mr. and Mrs. M:ttt Monaghan tending to his business . interests cum( ; "1> In a recent duplicate con- ] the -ace .of clubs 'was the opening i here. • . -. •• , . ! tract match: ' Miss Nell Harris spent gund'ay' to '" " Cairo, III, i Jv., imd duughtcr, Jane, , , ! spent Siina^y in Mt'm'phls'Jirlth Mr/ and Mrs. Malt Mona'gpnn.£ •' ..« Husscll Yatei, of i;arasou)ili- isUif ' 'he hand for a slam at .',. jtio \trump 'but were defeated. '1'ho ' ' ' Mr. and Mrs. A. G,iHall,'d iparr 'playing, at 'hearts won top Mrc. H, a. \Vlckhnm,,-Mf»ry,;,}osgrjwore.') , .'"•'• phliM Hall and Mlsfl • Bajfi_ )la)\ '."'' : '''."•.'". ,-.. spent Sunday at New Madrid^with ^ . ?''.'.', '«'•ij. Mrs. Fontaine who . 1; a)l. • ,„, .' ""' '""'5"^ , .„„ . Mi- niirl Mrs E. A. Hariri M.i '«6T ''• H-***!?* EAST Mrs. Font nine who,.U »M- Mr. nnd Mrs. E. A. Hacker, Mrs. i W. A. Wcschor.and Ml»--;teola Buniham, of Poplar, ,B)ufr, spent Suday in the city, • Mrs..Ui H. Moore.. acco:niiaii|e(! by ., liava returned from Kennett where they spennhe' we'ekslna"w!nr rela" lives of Mrs. My.rc. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. p. i^ n t| ] 13( | as their guests for the wesk-end Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Gallegley and •the city lor it lew days' en business. | Mr. am! Mi's. Hum l-.Jiiiarimi • have :is tiu-lr iniesl for. tifo WCJK'S ! their daughter, Mrs. ciiamp Klu! berlulii, ol West i'l.ilus, Mo. ! Mr. mid Mrs. Will Wright and |Mr. and Mis. Warren Wright have move:l to l j ur;tgould. Mis. J. A. De Con- left lost night-for her home in.FJiclunoncl, Vn.; after'several days il«y"'\viju ;her>iliiu|;hlVr, jjirs. T. G. Seal, n^id Miss Hazel Ilardln and Glenn Duthnm, accompanied Ijy Mrs. Miss Edith Collins, daughter of'champ Kiinberlnm ot West Plains, Mr. m4.Mrs. O..-F. Collins, nnd Mr. Itfa., were Memphis visitors Suu- Willls C. Bronte, both ol [his city.jday. :« , •»-.' v.-,3re married, at tlip.'hooie of tlia Mrs. .--Bernard Clooch has rci\fhi : I Rev T. R. Shciip'ac'd: Simclny nni-- ed from Osccoh' where she bpejii nlrig, eleven o'clock.,=._ •_' y'flqst week collecting tev-ee tnscs;V For'the ceremftny tlie''bride wore R^' i; - Blaylock and 'R'. N. Hiira't- YOlMttE Miss Caroline Hyde, daughl-jr .of (lie.sccre!arj'-of agriculture. 'Is oiir'. of the more prominent debutantes ,for!.tljj ; socjiir SCSLOII of 1030-31., Mrcnff-follins an ent£inblc of navy wcol crepe made with pleats inserted in the skirt and her nccessoricl were in the san:o shade- Her only attendants, Mrs. Lawrence Hassel, wore on crnnge anr! blue tailored frocl:. Mr. Hass;l -as Mr. Bonte's beu tended the ioolfcall 1 game in Mem- i phis Sunday. • Mrs. Lniira Glenn anil son, j James H. Stewart, ol uartov, Fla.,. EAST S-10-97-6 lea'd by East, which easily gave the dwlarer the small ularn. Declarer, cJ course, could make a small slam regardless of what' East opens. •Nor'tii, by forcing with his four- card suit and .their bidding his five card suit, $ave South a clear read- In^ on trie. hand,: and the small jSlam at .hearts was' more easy to arrive at. " £ masterpiece, worthy of his pa; pacltles were, lie \o attack his task with such dread and martyrdom. . "In my lecture as I demonstrate in a model kitchen the practical application of tenants r. teach, I endeavor to show the housewife' the same thrilling and iiitrlguUig' 'capacities of the art of horn? coppery tiiat I led myself each' time I :akc the platform. ' '. "I attempt to show her. little shortcuts of systematic routine by which she can save herself much, valuable time, and Incidentally secure much better results from her citorts." Ing lesB.tjian the partner of the ' ?aris were f, .-as as (ol- h :st passed, [ >rcing twoS Under tho *• yl, lioli- _^ird triclis 'orcing bidder Dates Set For urier INews ihff ; 'School The UM of loud-speakero anil t'eri'til Brus- at nljlit. Children's Colds OMda*J without "doaof.-Rubcn MILLION JABS UStD YEARtY Reki' courier Itewa Want Ads Ford May Build Auto i Factory in China Soon TIENTSIN. (UP)— Henry Ford will pribably build an automobile | factory In one of the larger denters of China In -the near future, declared William C. Cowling, a Ford ..^visiting are B Mesta..o ..of -.'Ml-. ' and j -.. Bryan i . ' An acceptable Christmas gift for one who rends a lot is a serviceable bock cover with a handle. It .. -.. .. Stewnri faiif) jffimily 'ior ' ssverat ; l)0lh Prolccls the book and makes days. They expect 'to leave tomor- carrying it on the commuting train row. Mrs. Glenn and her son lived or Etrecl C1U ' an e[>s y lask - must respond with no trump, North new showed his fiva-card diamond suit by bidding three diamonds. I ! South can now get a very go<j:l 'reading on his partner's hand. !}e j knows that his partner must hold four hearts to at least the art, I jack, therefore tUe hearts arc solid. .He must hold at least live diamonds to th,? ace. king, the ace of Lpades, and at least the king of qlijbs, in, flr^er to make a forclrlg Utl.'J Of, coiriie, he could hold tlje i^o and king ol clubs and two jfnnll sixfdes, but the probable dis- (jibution looks tetter to South trie other way, and he now goes to fWe hearts. North, holding the queen ol dlamoiids, lakes the declaration to six heart;:. ' The Play • At the table where six no trurrjp was the final declaration, East opened with Ilia six of spades arid 3* oe- doing* tnan coolciiig/ ahd cul^rly )!• jfe, ls ; ot Uie.^n- inaUf ,SeU;;*t$r type, wlilch-have nrh -so- maiiy modern matrimonial ships on the rocks, every > e^I<4ct(.'ihc.mfikes,.M-ill he ; ?na of torture f pnd usually ( you will find her'meals' reflecting' her'mar- tyrdom, for -iiv sum-'instances, the real issemLj,,, l "In 'r&y •.thousands of public ap- leajfanc'esVsi" a 'lecturer on cook-" !ry',. l ^'.haVe' i stres5!!d that it Is one ot .tnc.'-flh'e' qrts 'and that the' AVO- iiian'wnb^aces.with eminent dread the i.F.u.uh'yy.,', ,.pp'portii9ittes before her, iha^i.Tio more .^chance ol.-.en- couragjiig;. the. jiealth. of I'.er family .'through-.hei: 'skill as a cook, than an artist, composer, architect, jor- engineer .-could, hope to produce gwen by Mrs. J. F. ujuil and:'Mrs. pjftil. Greenwell at tne ^agjtill ogthe Church ot tne immacuiatf conception at, 8 o'cloclf.'Call' l J2- lor reserra lions. BjjiUcrs-Cook. ti'he marriage of Mrs. E=^ie Cook affa Mr. Alterl Bosners, n::h o: ifi'tlieviUe, .took place here SiU- mday. Justice Oscar Alexander carlo tne service. Voters CompHifcenua !;' lljWh a DtaiHi, PartjrT-' '7 Jlrs. Cturfiis; ,JA:- Miller.; ciuightv r, Miss! Arniei a$d J"-; E r He nderson.l at'' BOhvar,; • ".vJj ^: [^^f^rhijnorfid^i.gueats''.aL-.'a' bt-Vt^- • pi^ty Saturda^ ifl^Bif'tii.'.tJiti J/i-r; teT Noble when Mrs/iiuberf'J'a.r«r' w«s hostess to;' ; ten guestv.incluciula mlfmbers of her tfinUy. .vitl^, J. .Nic'i: •rSomas of ifcniphis .'as.:- another out of town guest.: - ...-•''-;.'• . J large, cake with.."Potter" ic:d awoss uie top centered the table aM surrouuduig this were gladioli atoinst grew;papers in jjink.iioii;- crjt A dellcxu^ menu VULS served m fiwt courses aiid Hallowe'en- favors rritde charming souvenirs, /-.-•-^.-.- nji sses > '- • I fl" d Olr ,,, , ., -• Mr. NiUfl-' '....'.I; hoir> at oL/.i '.'; krlcie, who hai . years, Ls connects I adams Beauty shop.' . iwfiV 1 at et. The for six .;x:' '. :-.n Son Bern. , Mr. nnd-.'Mf&'Iljiden near Dell, announce the birth ' of a son this morning. He has been named:- Gerald iDonaid;- 1 •:••:,& .\??*i &ertha':-.*MUbs.' 'and of-'tliis..clty. ddlng Included ! licre Ior » numDer of yeai "• nnd Mrs. Eddie b ( j v lvl -i; Sunday.-{ii Mcjiiphl^,; ; : '•-- : ^ W.';B. Tniiijcr- has returi.icd frSp/ ^business ^p.'-lo llt!lpii!i|^." Mrs. SI.'6 I ."Oull'tnf'niia "clnugh-' cr, Mrs. McBrldc, of Rcclor. ac- ompanied by Mrs.' A^-cli Of Sy oj ItilUen,-' Mi>,, 1 , iWL'te ^u'esi.s-v of '.MIs^ ihiy Oi'itTaw yes'lcrtlay. ''•' Mrs. Charles Swain and (!aii(;h- C]-.,.<if Memphis,, arc.,visiting rcln r ives 'here for iml.'dny's. •> i - l *• M -.* Roscoe Crciton S|>eiit Saturday ud Sunday in Memphis, Brinkley fid'Marlanna. :Mnrsli; M. CnHaway jr:. who has eonj 'seriously 111 for almost two '«ks! IjS slightly improved today. C'.iiU-Lawler. '; .".-'.'.'.'.", ^ ::Saturrtay a marriage licei\se.'was Usued ,lo Miss Anna Lawfir'.' niift Mr. Otis Clark, both cf'-jicre.'.-'..- %!iss Lola &lna ; B«Uii, of .Wttll- Id^il,' Ark., aiicl M&'AUen' Nelsctti, of hire,' n-ere married-in this clty'.thls cSn(nff by Justice Oscar Alexan" ,, . . r M?fe'"Lauric Bishop add .', 'Ctis Multlns, both of licrejt were a marriage license Situvtfay J'he marriage of Miss -• Eunice reffleld and -Mr. W. B. Philli|is; ot l«rc, took plice ^'Saturday with J^tice Oscar' Alexander pcrform- iUf the ceremotiy.. ** -y" * • RJjnlro-HoopCT. pJustlce Ed;,\yalker officlatetl n-, the marriage / .ceremony of Miss Iwnie Jo Hopper and Mr. b.' W. ISnfro, botiti ot Meniphis, who were married'here Saturday. • Courier,News Want Ads. If you can make tcolcd leather things, one nf leather. Is, excellent. BuUhigh-grade bind: bijp'lith. witir a cqibifi£i?^lntcd or appliqiiej de- sigjKv'ifn'^}, is loveljtx V-J?' > - ; »-{ ' fKasure ybur cowV by*'a-father ' thick novel. Make llio cover eight Inches lylpnger than the book's' .Wjldut'.^nwt oix 1 !!, from the out- tide' 01 the' back cover to the outside .Pf HM front anil just enough Icjiacr fraii) ^.the. Hop to.-the uoium bf.lUlKbo6k.lo'.mhle i scVnnAo keep It from ravelling. Stitch botli ends back four inches, making a p-cket for thj co)pr:i the decliuor's contract is defeated ... ________ in Chlna^owling'sald 'that wages 'would ,fMj paid which would permit wcirlga^ to raise their present (Jiving 'JEJjj^dards very considerably, ccqrjjnVltb Ford's policy every - pity belongs to the persons b}ed. at.hcf-ta'ble. ' of the book to slip into.,' Mr ' the crtgjs.from . Either paint or stitch on your decoration i\ - Olyao'- Essary SIKIU .yesterday in Canltlifrsvillc. • - :; '' /f '' ^ Mr. o Jays ....'./ >Mrs...-Roscce Crafto vcre 'Memphis visitors •Mrs'. Everett B. Gcc and It's dc BAKIN POWDER t/e acting! rsdny I | RED WING, Minn., CUP)—Willson jirfra Smith, 2Ji,.suUocatcd when he - into a', clay.'vatw'ti^hff 'Ilcd i \ N ' , 7 • ; -, ^ ... ... sewer''pflie-'ictoj. smttii.;? * Use K-C.'fbr> fine lexturej joy in eimrleslon, Mo., having ac- I wnr^nii attendant at a hopper that' :6mpanlqrt the golf players ,forj tha .holds ground clay. His death ivns ournaracnt. %s''--v catEcd by an.a^riiqiket undei4v?ath Mr'4 iijlay L. AldriigJ »n<i Mrs. aW.nss oi.clny HeVai slniiding on\ .1.. S.l/Steger spent VcstCKlay'in 'Suddenly' bursting"tiifougli." icinphls. |. , I. Rosenllml, of St. l-ouls 1 Is at- i\ Reac! 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I recommend the Vegetable Compound to-other women for it gives me so much strength and rnpkes'j me f?el like a new personi 1 '—Mrs. Lend Young, R. g.i, Ellsworth, Maine. Lydia E, Pinktiam-'s Yeietable Compound Wife. ,Gas, : ScaL - e Man In The Dead Of Night /'Overcome by stomach gas In tl dead of uight> I scared my husban r.idky. He got Adlerilja aiirt it cnde the gas."—Mrs. M. Owen. Art'-5iikn relieves stcmncli gas in TEN minutcsl Ac-'s on BOTH upper and. IcVi-f'r Iwwel, removing old pci- scncus T\' never knew .ivns there, '^pco't fool with medicine which cleans only PART ot bowels, but 1st Adlcrika give rtojnac-h and ! bowels nV-REAI, cleaning and set' rij cf all gas! City Dili'; Store. —AUv. ViV>V.v ONE will always stand out-' ?O. i-v^'vii. ^f '« «*"-^-"« ,, 'f -•->« ?\^ YOUR LAST CHANCE! . .-;.'••-. TO GET ONE OF THESt Weather Prophets This advertisement will r=t afpear here again. Act qnU-kk. 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