The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XI,IV—NO. 33 Eiythevllle Dallj Newf Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley leader L!I,YTI110V!I,UC, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSUAY, APK1I, ISO, 1017 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Drive for Funds For School Site sjr>* To Start May 8 $50,000 is Needed To Purchase Grounds For New Structures America's Liquor Bill '•or 1946 Tops 8 Billions To Set on All-Time High WASHINGTON, April 30. (UP) — Americans spent more for alcoholic ucverages lust ypur ihan in any olhcr year in histoiy. 'Mic Commerce Department said tiic total liquor, wine and beer bill if American consumers was $8,770,- WO.COO last year, compared with $7.- 85'J,COO ill 1U45 alul i2,UTJ,lOO,UI) for th repeal year ot 19U4. The lon(!-plaillic(l drive to obtain {50,000 for tlia purcliaso of :i new Blylhevillc High School .stle will get underway one week from tomorrow. May X, it was announced, today by Roseo Cmfton, chairman of Ihc Tinaneial campaign lor t!ic, citizens School Committee. Laiincliint! of this drives will mark llic first action taken toward accomplishing the initial step in :i long-range program for rivarnpin*, (hi, entire Blylhovlllc scnnol syslen and will climax weeks of pbnnilin which began witli a joint mcctini, ol school board and Clt; i .mbe:' o Commerce members Maiell 3. In pre-ilrivc sollcitatlms to st-ir Hie campaign May 8 wiln a backloi of contributions, a larg.v donation, committee will begin H-s work to morrow or Friday. In lhl.i commit Ice are George G. Hubbard Hr., O. E. Kiuidsen and James V. Onlcs. 'A'i Teams Selected Thirty-one i\vo-man solicitation teams to seek contributions llnougn- ont the business district were ap- . pointed two weeks ago. Thev will WJCgin their work at the oillcial <jfrrt ol the drive, which will be mnrked by opening ceremonies to be announced later. Length of the drive and additional plans for obtaining the school site funds will also be innouncecl later. The Citizens School Committee is expected to hold a series of meetings the week preccedriy the drive. Results of the snrvcy ij^ini; eon- ducted here by two independent agencies to determine tlie school silt most suitable to the citv will be I'nnoimced when it is completed am recommendations have been submitted, it was said today. Approximately 50 acres will be purchased for Ihc site of the nev school "plant," according to plan: of the School Committee. This wil include acreage for agriculture training and experimentation plot as well as playground areas am building sites. The high school plan would include .several buildings, no just one, it has been pomlt: 1 out. Senators Ignore Warning o! Veto Upper House Refuses To Split Labor Bill Into Four Measures WASHINGTON'. April 30. (UI 1 )The Senate disregarded veto wani- IDKS today and voted auaiiist .splil- ling its omnibus bill into lour pier- House Posses l^preign Relief Bill 225 to 765 WASHINGTON, April 30. (UP) —The House today passed and sent to the Senate a S200.000.000 general foreign relirf Ijill after standing pat on its previous decision lo slash $153,000,000 tiom the fund. President. Truman had asked for $350.000,000 ill pasi-UNHRA aid tor I lie war-:;tricven countries. •Ihc adminislratio i hoped the Senate would rosier; the SlgO,- i.jO.OOO lo the bill. The House action came after it. affirmed by a vote of 22Tj to IK its earlier action in cultUij $150,- ODO.WJO front the bill. The funds would be used lo provide food, clothing and other tc- lief supplies to li/e war-ravaged European nations a'icl China. Passage clinic at:ir three days of debate in wnion o;>n,nent,> of the bill argued Uial American nW in Communist-domirated countries l|lvoiild relieve Eovijt Russia of burdens she should bear. Suppoitcrs however, contended it would wear: nccrfy people awa/ from Coni- mui.vS'. The decision wns u victory f»>t Chairman Robert A. Tuit, li., O., of the Senate Labor Committee. Hr expressed the belief a few mimile.s efore the vote thai President Tru- inu had chunked iiis niinti on lu- )egislatkm .since the Case Mil cio lost year. Sen. Wayne L. Morse. R.. Ore-. ponrjorert the proposal lo divide lie bill into four 'piece,;;. He unc' it her proponents <>I the motiovi relied that a sm^le bill, after bell K toughened by amendments <" he Door and in confereneu \vit! he House, \voulcl meet a veto vhich would prevent the enact- ncr.f, ol any legishilion. Tafi contended, however, thai he proposal was "contrary U) usna jroccfturc" and iunorcul the fac' hut Ihc bill deals with rdiUer natter.s—"all have Lo do with col ective bargaining." Tho only reason for dividing Uu Dill, Taft .said, was a "]>;jliti;:ul rL i a son." lie asserted that lip could nc .peculate whcllicr Mr. Triima .voulcl veto the bill eventually pas-j cd, Lidding that at least five of th nasr.n.s cittcd in tlie Hill vet message might apply to the pciulin bill. Tl;irk 1 e.y Favored Spli L Democratic leader Alben V Btirklcy was Eimong those who f ;u ored dividing the bill. Barkley said thai passage of lou separate measures woukl .simp]if Mr. Truman's task In cotisldcriii whether to veto or approve U legislation. - • i . Other congressional development: •Foreign 'Relief—The House, as plying an ecetioiny ax, passed ai sent to the Senate a SS003.COO.Ci general foreign relief bill. This \v; SlSO.CCO.OtlO less than President rruman had requested for aid to war-stricken countries. The administration hoped the Senate restore the full amount. The woukl be used to provide clothing and other relief suppHes to Austria, Hungary, Poland, Italy, recce and China. House Debates Ki-nt Control Rents—The House began on .1 bill to extend rent controls at least until the end of year, with no general increase m present ceilings, lie bill was open to amendments. Some Republicans lavored an amendment to authorize a Mat 10 per cent rent increase. But »u- dications were that the measure would be approved a.s is--without, an increase. Treaties—Former Assistant. Secretary of vStatc A. A. Ucrle, Jr.. Aleman Stresses Solidarity of Western Kations President of Mexico Gets Big Welcome on Visit to Washington WASHINGTON. April 30. UIP» 1'rrnitJcnt Aleuiiiu of Mi'xlro today nr^oil on the Amoni'niv republics tht- necessity for prompt joint iiclfon to fiiiarantor "Itu- tn<k'[ien- <U>nco of each nnlion through the soiiclurllv of all." SpPLiklm: under the mussed lla^s '21 n:i!iniis in :i rnrninonv »\ tlir in-Amrrlnui Union HiilMlng, l^h~]ii;liting the .scuoiu) tl:iy of his islt hiTr. Airmail sntcl: "Thr Internatlotuil situation. . - . mv/s )KHV iu'i:L'.ss;ii'y (he AIVHTJC;^ 'c for (he pence of the world siir T tlir United Nations, an or^mi/:!on wi'hin whose worldwide .scopr he ust'Sulnoss of regional IIKITC- ii-n's l.s recoil! I ml. •"Under siirh pi-c&sfnt* rlrcnni- tiiiico.s. v,o must ntit tlrfor tnakim; <-tu;d UK.' principles that lor more han a century havo .served us ,'i^ olid bridges for our cooperation nd nur unity," Airman sn\ t \ the act or Chapnl- ppec drafted in Mexico city in !Mf> fnr common defense nf (]u<= jeinisphore was a manifc.'Uation "i* ho Americas' love of liberty. This irt has yet to be put Into perm a.- inni trt'iil v form. The Mexicnii president wsis find- ]iu r his visit here a r row tied one. im-e hts arrival at 4 p.m. ye^ler- lay, he bar! participated in a n\nffi en t inn. a stale <Unncr ,iL the iie Iloitse, and n wreath-la emotTv at the Inmb or the mown American .soldier in Arl They Meet Again in Washington One t>r UK- tributes f r iniiil the:; visit was nne tl ' i)i<l not hear, ll wns vciiced IVcsitlrnl 'I'm man. As Aleman 'c ;i'.t*:iv from the White Umist tl>is morning '. ( i go to Arlington iMr. TruiiKiti, remarked; llt's ; ?r;irnt guy." Airman laid n wreath of wNU 1 illies aiui red roses on the un- •••<vn p<iUij>r's tomb. The Mexican president, in sn- doinr; reciprocated an act whicJ endeared President Trniuan l< Mexicans when ho visited l.hel country eij£ht weeks apo. In tin course of his VJRJI to Mexico CiljY Mr, Truman laid a wreath ;iE, J i .L'liuirial to Mrxit.m students wit died lieroicnlly a century ago in. i \vor with this country. ; 'Hie Aleman. r^ste 1 n[(rr yesterdays miimninfh rrceplio] in the capital and last nigJit's stal dinner at the White visit d Arlington Cemetery a couple c; hours before noon. would \ Still fresh in his memory was lh fund.s ( warmth nf President Truman' reotini; ul the Nationnl Airrxir ntl the American rhief execnti leclnration last nif:ht that if other would follow the pattern Mexican relations, there "no mor c trouble" in the food. Tomato Kill Telephone Strike Ends 'lit; piT.sutenLs of Mexico (Mit-ndl Ah'miin, |H'u ami ncl i r nn M Unity, this time in WashlngUm. Pr -.hcnvn lien' \vliiU- :i UIIC.V.L of Alcnuin hi MoxLm .shti^UniKiuK hoix- that t!ic visitor I'ruin Mi-xit-n NEA in tin- Pliolo.) U. B. Cunitnl Tiunutn u|)]):ii-cnt,ly Flood Interrupts Service on Frisco Cotton Belt Tracks Used from Rockvicw '. Into St. Louis, Mo. Et i!e- Railroad .st/rvicc between Louis imrt Memphis cunllmietl aycd Unlay \vitli no rrUet in .sin'iL in l.lio iniiiiL'clhili! riiiine. officials of UK: Frisco Hai'viatl Compuny';; Illylhrvillt' office-. 1 ; annfjllitceO- Mooti wntcr.s ironl Uic ^^i^.siK- :>ipl)i Hlvci in the vicinity tit .Rorfc- >iew,j ^4o., Ituvu .cuvcicil llui. U ; u<^, l^j'is^ .iWyp^lsiK^iee ' Ijclwecu ij?fnpnt» 'aS&.'SFt-jiul-i to toi^Ki* touretl over "the Cutlon DeltHoutc'E Tr.ncte from nockvlew lo St. Louis IlOWCUT. OlficialS llITO IL'lKi 'llmt il is ni>l Ix-iiL-veil Ihat tl are any \va.sli-out.s on Hie li line in (lie flooded area. r:Lss>.:M!:ns tor fH:^chari:c Lwceu Capi; CJirardcait and not lakrn. Ih couiurics of U. R. would be WOL Lrl, Nearly (lUfi w liicli 1." lo SUTIVIT in :i. in. ;•! Tivrd inoiiiij^ - i iiiiii s North to St. Jilytliuvillc on Wholesale Cost Of Food Drops to October 8 Level NP;VV YORK, April 30. (UP) — WholcsrOr. food prices conlinuctl to .slide Llii-s wccV:, dropping to Llic lowest level since O^t. 8, 1946. Dun & Briul.street, Inc., reported today. The agency's index, which rc- flecls tiic gcnenil trend of food ro.sts at wholesale, stood on ApriF 2^ nt SG.C2. compared with $6.06 in the previous week, $4.19 a year ago and »'Uh $5.40 on Oct. Pi urged the Senate Foreign Relations committee to t^lponc ratification of the Italian peace treaty. Ho said action should he put off until an agreement can be reached among the wartime allies en peace treaties lor Germany and tria. Bcrle said the Italian treaty was signed with the idea agreement on .German and Aus\ trian treaties would follow quickly. 1 —The Senate Banking Committee, continuing Us investigation of an S80.003.CCO loan to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, head tes',- imony from the new HFC chairman—John D. Good k>e. The loan was made while .1 TT. Jones was head of the lending agency. The committee has chnn-ed that a group of Jones' associates gained "effective" financial control of the B, & O. and then put the railroad .hrougli a "fraudulent b^nkrnplcyk'' ., ('nils for Merger Unification—Sen, Henry Cabot Lions Hear Barnhill Members of the I-ions Club Jield (heir weekly nicclin^ jostorrinj 1 nonn at the Hotel Noble with John H. Barnhill, University of Arkansas coach, o.i guest speaker. Mr. }lamhill reviewed Arkansas' football prospects for Ihn coming season ami cxprcsicrl his cTrfirc to sec the Rax.or-vack Club re- !u%Vitcd here. En,1 Coach Billy DaWes also ntlcndr'l the mteling. Gucsis at the mocMni: were B. II. Mason. Ocorge W. WCRS and Jcx; Shapiro. v 1/idge, Jr.. H., Mass.. who resigned ' roni the Senate during Ihe war lo join the Army, called for imi-! ;ication of tlie artncrt forces. Rc- Hcc SKNATOKS oil ViliiC 1 500 persons gathered in Spring sunshine on the Rrecn slopes ovorlooki UK the Potomac to witness the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery. Visits Soldier's Tomb A ceremonial honor guard from nearby Foil Mycr, Va-, lined up p beside the tomb shortly before the Mexican president arrived. Aleman was accompanied by members of his party and U- S. Army, Navy and State Department officials The President paused at the hend of the .steps lending down to the tomb while the Army band played the Mexican national anthem. The commander of the military district, of Washington. Rrig. Gen. Claude Fcrrenbaugh, .stood beside him. • The band then played the Star Spanned Banner, and after Aleman had placed tiic wreath, a bugler sounded taps. Aleman .spent last ni^hl at the White House. Tomorrow he will address a joint .session of Congress. n privilege rarely accorded a foreign visitor, I In holding up the Western Hemisphere as nn example to the of the world, Mr. Truman had pointed to the "unity and friendship" in this part of the si pronf that a powerful nation could I live on terms of mutual trust with j its neighbors- 'Hie occasion was a White House held j Louio arc report rd. Frisco Train NIL normally scheduled Blythevillo at 5:33 hen- nt ;j:(X) this No. IJG'o, which am I.ouis. arrived schedule niyht but \r,n: up at Kockview. Trains No. 807 and 803 are continuing their curtailed run.; to Cape Cihardcau, ution; they .stop ami return lo Memphis. 'I hi:; schedule; will contijiu-: until further nolicc. .(.final:; .-.tilled. Thitni!;h Pullman JUTVICO is ^ iill n-iiif; mn m( aiucd c-ji Train No. HI.. 1 :-, flic added. Officials t>! the JJlytiVvillc Post Office- nniisr<] the !•'risen Kajl- road Company lo<< LV, stalJii-j that adjustment?] in Hit; nuil] Jitiviec, were made .so ramdly that deliiys are hardly nnliri: ihly. Ross H. Steveti.s, |fos(ma:-t-.?i-, reported that little backlog <:i mail wa:; rvi- tlcnt vc-stt](!ay Din it w.v; carchl i[) tcilay willi JiMIe or no delay reported. Soft Coal Wage Parley Resists In New Deadlock India Backs Jews Plea for UN Voice Palestine Issues Before 14-Membcr Steering Committee UNITED NATIONS HALL, Flush illK. N. Y., April HO. (Ul'l —liull (o«l«y tlii'fw wvlglH Ijl'litliil till' Jew pcnpli-'s pli'n tot u voice hi lh critlcn) United Niillons Uvbalv <)» I'jilc.stinc. "We've i>ecii plnyhnj Hiimlol \vllh- (Htt. the I'rincL' of Denmark," Ajsnf •Ali, UidLskn niiiljaKsiulur tc} llur pilltf'd .Stiilc'.s. told the ciiunil As- ocnfcty':, l-l-iintlou sleerU)u coin- mUlee :vs U resinned it.s ctehulc n^ ttlfi agcnrlii lor Oii.s eini'rj.ent;y session. "Where Is Pnle.stlne here?" All demanded. "Where are (he ie|tr*' : -sentiilU'C.s of the Jewish people?" Seeretary-GenerJU 'I'l'y^ve Ijle estimated that, this emergency ses- slon would a tolul »r three weeks nnd wind up about ~ZT.ty 17 or 111. "Maybe I'm optimistic," Lie admitted. The H-iKitUm eoimnitteo'y rc- euinniendiitions e^in he knockeil down by two thirds or the 55 United Two Bcnton County Communities Hit; Worth, Mo,, Leveled KlXiKIiS. Ark. April 3(1. ID! 1 ) At least eiuht pi'isons lire ilead a:id tweK'e Injured following e. loiiiado and whulstonn vvhleh swepi Norlliwe-st. Ai'kunsas lust nii;ht. I he biidh's were brought, to ll,i|;ers. The .storm, wlii'.'h struck ubunl H o'clock, practically demc.llslied Ihe little town or llriithl Water mid pt through (he l.uniin:; com- iiinlty of Oiiclleld, tiiitun seven miles ) the notihwest. Four pet:vii.s from nch eummiinlLy m'e ile:ul. Carl Lumlierl, edllor ol the HOR- s Dally News. Mild 1'idny Hint nly two houses were li-lt :>(:ni|l- IK in llrltiht Water. H't said Uu nimil slnrc. Ihe Mdlluitliv, C.'hnrcli, lonies. (lie schiHil iiiul (he Manonlc idne h:ill were le\'eled. He lepuiled at. least 17 farm mines desl i tiyed In (he Clin la-Id area Mr. and Mis. Arch HlmueU, post. Master and operators of the Kenera tore, and Orvtlle Sinlnrei wen killed nulrlehl ill. llrlnht. Wider llaiiM-ll's body was lomul soini 1 'Ml ,'nnls north nf Ids home while MIE lllam-.flt's body WHS louii'.l mini'; side thnt oT a grandson, ?0() yard iidslde (he demolished Innldinij. Tin i:riindson died (his moi.ilm; at. : I''(nir persons were killed nt Ci; Held. Incliidlnn Mrs. Uulpli rj.iode: Mr. Morrison and n Mr. dine. The wives of three- ol Ihe vkill HIT in the llouers hospital. Tln>y Mrs. Moi rlsoii. sulferlnK minor Juries. Mrs. Chile, a liactmed pel vis. and Mrs. Hpilnner. nnlterin haek lnjnrie;i. Halpb Kuei whiiM- wife was killed, and tw small children: Harold. I d Cat olyn. r>, are also In the lu><:nli:il. Tl fiillitit 1 hns a head Injury whl Carolyn suffered Inlcrnai Injuries, Deserlhed ns belli); in a erilici condition WHS fi-yciir-old .limn Morrison, son of one of tlie victim Hill 11-year-old brother I; :il: the huMpital. ln Two r .. _ . » . ; Small Raise Granted WASHINGTON, April 30. IU.I>.>—Striking New York and Penn- .sylvaniu Indcpeiideul, imlunn today ngrcc<l to call of thplr telephone lk{iut,s. . Companies In Michigan mid WlMionsIn offered to inaki! settlements n slnillnr biisls. The New York and I'cmmylvanln ngrcemcnis cnlled for S3 lo $4 Agri Agency Reports Rise n Food Costs Funeral Rites Conducted For Mrs. Ella Shelden oscf»:,A, Services for Shcldcn, who here .Monday Ark . Hfrs died night, April 30 E!i:i Kimbrn in her liome were held at dinner which cumulated a day of thunderous welcome for the handsome. -13- year old Aleman. Present were Secretary of State COI'RP C. Marshall, other cabinet members. Chief Justice Kred M. Vin.son. congressional leaders and Mexican dignitaries. N. Y. Stocks 2:nn p. M. < A T & T Amer Tobacco ... Aiiaeondu Coppci- 10 o'clock this morning tit llic Swift Funeral Home. She was 75. Burial was in Ennen Cemetery i j;pi with the Rev. E. K. Scwell. retlrert . Chrysler . Methodist minister, officiating, as- I coca Cola slstccl by the Rev. E. T. Smith.' Gen Motors pastor of First BapUsl Cl-.urch here. Mrs. Shcldcn !i,i,l bren n resident of Osccola I'or Ihc pnsL 36 165 5-8 fin :;i; 1-1 8G 391 1-2 150 1-57 1-2 ON, Apr:I 'M. (Ul'l — A M>ur<v c!r,sc to Hie United Mine Workers i.M-L) .'.aid today a na- lional Milt coul ;,(iik(: next July 1 Is "nicvitabli-" i[ Southern mine o[>er;>1nr., :,t:ind |;at on their rejection on industrywide IxirBain- Ile .said t}.c UMW's p-isilion "has •en and is that there should be: one et.ntr.iei. lor UK- industry" and le added, "the: union probably wdl lol change il:. positirm before Jane ;0" the date tile fovcrmnrnt ^ive.s i (i]:erarion ol the .sei/X'd mines. The Southern Coal Prnrinreis As- .sonalion. whirh prodniTS about ^5 percen', of Ihe nation's soil cotil, took its stand yesterday as the i:ov- ernment cpenccj the first uinon- anaceinent contract talks in nearly a vear. "willini: rind ready'' to lie-in KOlritiuis \villi John L. !.• miner.'; "as ^<ion as')le. Half-Inch Rain Falls •Heavy showers early this morning years. brought a half-inch of rain to| She is survived bv two tons. Blythevillc and vicinity and little Eddie Sheldon of Osccoli and change in temperature was noted FYnnk Shehlen or rrc.«:ott. Ariz; during the past 24 hours, accord-, two brothers, John Kocvcs of, Stiidebaker ing to Robert E. (Blaylock, offi-| Wickllffc, Ky., an 1 Aniiif- Reeves Standard of cinl weather observer. High ycstcr- of Ponlana, Calif, five grnndrhil- [Texas Corp day was 81 degrees and the low divn nnd three itnv.t-RUV.idchil- Packard . . during last night, was 53 degrees, '.dicn. US Steel . Nations i]] the lull assembly, but the committee normally ylvt clear pietnre of the way the full assembly will vole. Soviet Delegate Andrei CJromyko, who earlier was reported opposed lo e.tyhi£ a voice to the Jews in (he current einert-eney session, was likely lo vote v.llli Poland an( O.cchoslnvakia to rjlve the Jewish Agency for Palestine » non- yoiini; as-seinbly -seat The SKi-ncy, orlicially reco(;nlm as representative of the Paleslini Jews, \vas the mort 1 imposing o: twtj oi'Kanization.s seekinn to sueal for worl<i Jewry at Ihe iisscnililj session. 'I'he .second wns the He lirrw Committee of Nallonal I ibera linn, a loser Iroin the l)e(;innini; ll ils attempt, to speak for "the II brew nation" in the world parll aiucnt. American and Hrilixh of Mela 1 used a two-fold argument ai'ain IcUinc the Jewisli Ai:ency parti cipate In llic assembly's debate o Pali'sline: 1. It would sel "a dailKerons pi i ccdcnl' 1 lor the assembly, openln the way for such t;rou]Ts as tl' Communists in China or tile Span ish Republicans In KC! a voice 1 assembly proceedings if (he r|ue: tions of China or Spain ever cam before UN's hi^Ki'Sl. ai;eliey. '.'.. H would be nnneecssrii y I Klvc the Jews a voice in the emei uency sc.sslrm If It were limitcrl I formiition of a Palestine lact-liiu ins commitlee. us the United Stall and Britain have suw.slcd. Lost Rifcs Conducted For Steele, Mo., Woman Funeral .services were held ye; lerday afternoon for Mrs Mir Priseilla nest, of Steele, route on he 20 Killed In IMivunn! WORTH, Mo.. April HI). lUPI—-A irniKlo nnd hlnh winds killed L< •rsons In western Mlsstnirt aiul Sec TUKNAimKS oil Pace H .egion Presses Phone Proposal Two Dud Cason Post Officials Arrange Meeting With Laney Although Governor Lnney .VCB- ordny stnlril ho would 1101 cull » ipi'clul Mos.slon nf Hie Ociieinl A'' M'inbly us ri'<niraled liy the AIIKT- (Nin I,<>Klon P(isl hern to t> on iilior IciihliiUoi. prnpuHi-d l)y II, I'dst Conimiindfi u. (.!. 1'arllow biul 1'ast Jiulyc Aclvftcnlc o.scnr Foiullcr. HlyUiiivllln iitlorneyfl, Imvo vccolvt-d »p])«liHninnLs to ltlj Un: Ktwornor tho »ntl-»Lilkc ll (Iriiwij up by Duel CHKOU crnllvc rommllloc. Mr. 1'iirllmv niul Mr. Foiullcr will mrcL with (JovPrnor Unify 2 p.m. Prldny In UUlo Hock, where llu'y will In 1 nltcndlni; Uifi iinnunl nirclliiu Of the Arknnsiui liar A.s.sociiillou. M'lin proposed ncl would H'VO Governor Tjnncy thn power lo lake over niict opcrnlc public ulllttlo.i nffeelPd by strikes uiul liiclnile.s pro\ r lslons [or tn(!dlntlon ntid nr'il- Irnllon ol .sncli lubor dl.spiuc'K. It nl.^o woul<| impose; pnniiltlc.'i or (inc.s mid Imprisonment, For Indl- vlduuls or labor orgnnlzntloiis vlo- liillii)! llic net. l.anry llDiihta WlMJoin of Call Pointing mil, tlmt such n Inw nil[{hL ftfTni-d tompornry relief but would not fiOlvc cui'rcnl labor- ninnnRomrnt problems, Governor I-iiney said "At this singe, I doubt Uici JuAtlflcrttlon of cnllliiK ^be Lnu- Islnlure l<> pnKs mieli a Inw. I'm no', sure (be Lcjil s '"turc would iKvr suoli n Inw. I'm not mire tile Leg- I.Hlnliirr would puss such n Inw If It WHS In session," He snld fie (lid plionnot consider the prr.scnl, telc- phone dlvlko nn "eniGracncy." However, Hie U:B|OI\ linro liolits VVASHINCn'ON, April 3(1. (DP) 'he AurlctlHtlie ni'purl.ii'u'i 1 .!. (odny j'ltrd n nonernl rise In food pri- botween Mureh IR iiiul April in vltli hlltlcr n inujrir i^ra|ili;in. '('he (lepiirtmenl .snld in a iionllily report on ii|;i Iculluir ]]||. e.s that pnrlly. on wllich Kovcrn- nent commodity price imijp.orls are nisecl. pushed up "a liltli! Inrlhci" is prices paid by farmer! wn-e iliBlitly. The lower prices formers received or men I, clnlry products and main ood.s. the report said, mr>ro th:in olfscl Increases In pricv.; [or corn I :;cvcrul other farm connnocii- weekly Increases. They were hnklctl as a ."major )rcak"by government conciliators trlvliii! to sctllu ilio 2^1-day vralk- ont on a national scale. Union lenders held, lo a more cnullous view. They Knid thai while ihu $'J to 44 tvngu Iwosls. In New York and Pennsylvania could serve tta a "slurting point" In negotiation* ',o settle the sli'lke on n national scale, they will "Hltck to HID Irredii'-'blQ mlnlnnun" demand of $8 a week. ' They said llatly i.ial Ihcy "will not Uikc" (he Nc.1' York-Pennsyl- vanla formulas a« a paUein for set- Llln« Uic strike on n national basis. The NI'TW ofriclala :>el foiih Ihelr views as government convllia- lora re.iuined meetings union and company officials. All the unions Involved In Ihe New York and Pennsylvania .leltlenicnt.'! are Independents. But Bovoronment. conciliators believed Ihosj seltle- ments inl^ht speed a general s^t- tleinenl with affiliates of the NFTW, despite the. NI'TW statements. Most, unlon.i Involved In the strike nro mcmbors of Ihc fcderatlovi. Long l/lnca Hold Key Ne[?otlallons in progress here were between NFTW's powerful IOIIB lines union and otneluls of Ihc Ainci'lcau ' Telephone A; Tclegruph Co, TJicsy lU'ijollnllnns appeared 1.0 hold Ilic key to ending the walkout on a national scale. Oovcrnmcnl and untun !',ourccs predicted the A. T. fi T. would bo ready by nightfall lo make its first • carih WIIKU oiler. But Iho company vvas noji-eonnnilai; Mahilcnnncc nnd planl workers lu Pennsylvania. numbering ebnut O.COO, boKan ictiirnhiB to tliclr jobs early (his morning under an agrcc- menl providing basic weekly wage Increases of up to $4. Shortly thcrenfler, the Niiw York Telephone Company announced tlml W.OOQ of ils workers would re f irM lo work tomorrow under ,uti ajjrce- (neiit reached nl 5:45 •x.m. iGDTI. • All' thii 'unions In'volVcJ In the ngrcunienls'were IniUpwidenH. but Kovcrnnienl concllUfOis believed they inlKlit speed n general seltle- ment with afUllatcs of the Rcy uniun In Ihc strike—the Nntional Fed- erallon of Telephone Workers. Hint the phone walkout. Is an I Bui Henry Mayer, attorney for crncrRnncy, Mr. Pendler snid to- ( Id NPFW nfllliiUos aiici rtve Imlc-> ' dav. In their conference with the ' pendent unions—Inclucllrg two jjnvcrnor. the nivthevllle I.eulon I which signed today—declared that r"nrcscniatlvcs will try to convince the NFTW would not consider auy- hlm Ihat an emergency docs ex- 1st, nnd Ihul the T/ccgUlahirc Khonld be culled Into extraordinary scs- fiinn, he said, | Mr. Knndlcr nncl Mr. Partlow B!SO )lan (o con I net the Stntn LeRlon IJepnrliuent to acquire, further sup- Juvcnilc Delinquency Curbs Should Begin With Woodshed Sessions NASHVILLK. Tenn.. Aprl! M. <UP> -Take il. Irom a man who ilirmld know, the old w >o;l:.hcd M •Irms of father and son ure belter lliuu special conrte lor Juvenile <ie- hnqucncy. The speaker was Tennessee's ale welfare conunis'.io'ier. w. A. Hhoaf, who said that Ills f.illc-r was "the only Juvenile Jii-lr;? I rvei knew." Speakiny al a jiarenLs' forum .Shoaf recalled a inuoiiMi-ii^ \valer- meltm .'.tealinR |iarl.v of his youth- and a woodshetl mcetin;; wJih falh- i;r afle]"wards. U. S. Circuit Jud^r. Klmc- Davie: said thnt of 49 youths fi.nn wli In- allowed (o eti(cr mililiiry service instead of coini; lo prls-ni, 4K had (joixl military records and e'';hl received cilations. fnchidhn; n French Croix de Civierrc. port for the proposed bill. They may rcquosl, that the stntes legls- alors be canvassed for their opinion on calling n special session, Mr. Fendlcr .salil. Ihlng bolow the J6 weekly wage increase pattern set In the basic industries, Mayer expressed "surprise" Hint his maintenance union in. Penn- .sylvania and his union In New York, Ijolh Inclcixmdents, had accepted than $6 us the price for end- Ing their strikes. He nci»iu4 ijio I3cll System of making Its "usual attempt to divide the telephone work- lers." Montgomery Ward 53 N Y Central 15 1-4 Gen Electric 34 1-2 lilt Harvester .... .. 81 1-2 North Am Aviation .. 85-8 Republic Steel 251-2 Radio R goeony Vacuum H 7-S was who died Monday morning at ne- home. Stic v:ns W. Ais'.s Hilcs w r ere conrluetecl at Ihc Methodist Church in cooler. Mo., with the I!ev. Mr. Pierce, pastor of Cooler Baptist Church, officiating. Hnrinl followed In Ml. Zion Cemetery. She is .survived by two sons. Wil- N J 13 3-4 G7 1-4 .W 1-8 (i 1-tt 70 3-8 Wilson Estate Trustee Enters Memphis Hospital J. H. (Jim) Grain ol Wilson, business man and political figure, was )| am a nrl Sapor Best. Iwlh of Steele, admitted to Ihe Methodist. H"*l>i- nnd three daughters, Mrs. O. H. tal in Memphis last nipht after Lovins and Mrs. Raymond Lovins suffering a sudden illness in Jnnes- of Steele and Mrs. H. C. McBonalrt born Monday. He was flown 1" of Canalou, Mo. Memphis in u privaUly-ounod Pallbearers were Clyde Van Dyke, plane. O. I). Bond. Charles Harder, Jfer- Mr. Grain is co-trustee and t;en- schell Norrts, Herbert Ollmcr and ernl ninna«er of the 50.01S-acre it c j c mi g an. I.ce Wilson cslate in MissM|>l'l Oermaii llndertaklnf; Compnuy County, wa s In clinrgc, Firc Damages Houses On Franklin and Davis Fire Marled by a.short circuit in electrical whins; (bis rnornlni; [uit- ted one room and damacetl another <>r a four~riK>m liouse occupied by Rr.'.iert Scot I, 'Negro, at 1C24 .South Franklin. Sliirlit interior damage I'e.sii l^d last, nipht lo a servant's house owned by W. K. <;tlle,sv>le at 12-1 East Dnvis when wind blew a window curtain over 1 nn oil lamp. The eurlaln Ignttcrt and the five spread, lo the lamp shade. Passage ot anti-strike laws by "Several hundred thomam! lela- Ihe strile themselves would hn more ;>hone and Weslcrn Electiu wovk- feaslble and practlcnl than watting e:s have been made fighting mad by for national nctlon by Congress, this attempt." he sairt. "They will which involves overcoming of pros- close ranks nnd push on their bat- sure b!or:s of powerful notional In- tin until they get $6 A wcsk." tercsls In both business and Inifflr Mr. Fentller stated. Trrmptl National Trohlfm ovcOrnor I^ancy. however, held that Ihe labor movement wns n national jnoblem and be was Inclined to thing any labor legislation .should be left up to Congress. A report from I.lttle Rock this morning said Ihat -the governor planned "to let the telephone slt- tiallon In Arkansas take care of itself." In declining lo term Ihc telephone strike an "emergency," Governor I.aney pointed out that the telephone company Is completing hundreds of calls a dny and added that Western Union service was operating normally- Mr. Fcndler and Mr. Parllow will lake with them to their conference with the govr ..... or copies of proposed bill and ..... resolution adopted by Ihc Posl requesting the .special session. Tticy will try to "get the governor's slant" on the proixxuil and find out his reasons fnr not recalling the legislature, Mr. Fentller said. Copies of Ihe rcsolu'Jon have been rent lo Ihe slate Senator and four Countv. The resolution states that Ihe Blylheville Legion. Post fc not "Inking sides" In any Current, labor controversy and is Interested only In public health, welfare alii' safely. CIO SfreeJworkers Get Pay Boost; Sign o Contract N-EW YOKK. April 30. (UP)— The United Stcchvorkers of Amer- icn. CIO, announced tod.Ty (hat it had reachcil agrcemenUs with Republic Steel Corporation and Bethlehem Steel Company for two-yonr contracts granting wnge increases "in excess of 15 cents an hour" for 14D.CCO workers. N. Y. Cotton NKW YORK. April 3D. linn- Case barely steady: open Inch low Mar ....... 2B01 2301 2762 May ....... 3572 3585 3333 July. ...... 3346 3358 3315 CW ....... 2S31 8850 2312 Spots close' 35.87 tip 18. Rotarians in Oscco/o Observe 70fh Anniversary OSCEO1.A. Ark. April 30.—Tho 10th anniversary of the Osccola. Rotary CUib was ccl ibratcd al the, group's weekly mcetitii: here yesterday when pins rienotins 10- year membership * wer^ presented C. W. Watson an! Assistant Attorney General J. n. Vnnn. who close was principal speak'i'. Presenlalion 21iW was made by Basil Scgraves, p^esi- 3547' dent. 33UI), Mr. Buna presented an ad- 2834 dress on Soviet Russia entitled I "The Iron Curtain." High School Invokes Ban On Student Marriages MEMPHIS. Tetlll., April 30. (UP) —Whitchaven High School students pot an ultimatum today to steer clear of marriage or face expulsion. Even holding hands now is taboo. It was too early for any student reaction to Principal Fred S. El- Holt's edict against roiuatt' I ou the campus But Mrs. J. T. Startup, president of the Whitehaven Parent-Teachers Assn., said that it was a good Idea. "If a girl is big enough to get married she is big enough to leave high school," Mrs. Starnes said. Elliott ordered 800 students—in- girls who will enter high school eluding 100 eighth grade" boys and next year—to sign n pledge that they would not. violate the no- marriage rule. Weather VFW Meets Tonight Members of Hunt-Lloyd Post 227o of the Veterans ol Foreign Wars will hold their weekly meeting tonight at 7:30 at the Wetenkanip Cotton Co. office. ARK AN 3AS—Con si dcrablc cloudiness and continued warm today, tonight and Thursday, scattered showers East and South portions today.

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