The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1931
Page 7
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FEBRUARY 11, 1931 BLVTHEVrLLR. (ARK.) COURIER NSffS CLASSIFIED ' Two cents a word for fiist Insertion 'and one cent a word for each subsequent insertion. No. wlver^naent, taken-'for less than 50o. Count tho *ord» and KM . the : rash. '. -"' : .;' t . Phone.306-,.'. . -U. I FOIt SAU3 FOR SALB-Baby OhlclEs. All varieties "Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, Blyiueville. '.-• • :'•• ZO-CK-TF PAGE SEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ah'ern I1KGIX HE HE TODAY ' Tu ktri> Hie fro« ir<mln* Ino dull In Itrd Tkru«k, IUWK, <!l.\<ii-;ii 1:1.1.A -rai.uvEit .rgnoiitii n Junior 1,'uuulrT CJnb. I.I «<« 1° bf • uiurlhlng eicliwlf*—JuM tot Ibr Touniser • el." Accordingly lilnk-eif whe»c father wa« • uU- Ulrr nod Mboie •Icuiuolhcr, tb* t.irnlfr I'llll, VAN POOIIM, win bulb tr«-:illb7 nud iDdulcenl, por- chntrd >n uld txral bim»t. BQa rOH RiENT FOR'"RENT—FUrnlshed''rooms for light housckfepins; modern ;<ion-' vcniences,' Ad dress .',"K"j'' Courier News. •'•-•• ' C-K-13 FOB RENT—Shane apartment and five room house, ..Best of plumbing fix'tureaT' light fixtures '"and heating plants. Both kept in perfect cpadUiWwTslefikgueB.. W -^ 571.V C W d II. .'o Uri> TbrmS cnmr • BAUD ROpM *.'.' BOARD—$6.00 per week. f,frs. John Smith, 115 West Chejry. 11P-K18 FOR RENT—7 room house, newly derated. Cowl residential seS- tiorj; 1030 W. WaJHut."Call-.521. ' U WANTED PL/flN OR FANCY SEWlNG-Mrs. ABie •" gani! Slslt, Phone B72. 124 Dou- 4C-KU FO&LTRY WANTED — Market pilccs paJd at C. L. Bennett Co. Fee«l Store, 31Q N. Railroad St., west of courthouse. J. E. Fisher. '? • 4C-K16 POULTRY WANTED— Market pri. ces, any quantity. Marilyn Hal* chejy, 210 S. Fourth St. «C-..' r 5 WAITED "^ Family WasHlngs, Cashed and ironed by compe tent white woman. Mrs. Brown, HUH hulmlnK tiroKHd Ike. country* Aitr:i«lrd hj fJEugcr. ke agreed lo • inr nnd |tatol porirnlla antl di-curnlr Ihe new club kou»c, filird tnve Ihe »n«ie "J"1e de Vlvie" lo the olulj And lie ikulEkl II would froiu 1 '-CMvoEo one MCOI.O CAL- LKM'j l-'oi Nlr'ulu na« hnndaume anij he could cuiik nN4'«lnx arid atrum a Kullur. He vrould make, o ylclure»<ju» addition lo ,lk,e..^luL>. Km la Mculo'i pl«« "lbtr» ur- rlied ikree uf kli eoinlryme . .l.illlr ANliKI.O ir»« » «Ml»lcl» nnd I'linilO enuld cook. And II iC.MTO rnuld -loli. Mcolo • rr.utU. enuld nnl riime. and I had to U« nalcc. «.li Itnrd Uetfun lo realtie he !,""lu!S B i"lc.riralVn'u ll.drjjhru.1. bill 1'tilt. kiiowln* «o« _Ul f«ll ufcnui II. ""•unilcoj ».l»i ;io reJinlit- iop,.r •»> lk> Tolllrcr- •'"'•iwV. i' 1 "'** «•* did «rli*_-iD - Il-'Kltll BO.\E*A« «B'"*er trie oil h*i»"i2*»i»"l <briu. Ske reli S|ir «nuld ftlve Hard *onje compelllloD null enable Ulncer u«r. >..l»d. <;l"K" --. vlleo I'ATI'V SKAHS (o lukt car i.l Sored «"' I'nMj t frrnlDo' - oleadlnK HjulIT ^e EUU1 .... Glnpe 704(:S. Lake SI. 17CK-TF — To buy nice second h»rid furniture cheap—for cash, Phone 49 2-W. 9p-kl4, wXjTTED — Housekeeper, at thi Filsco Rooming House, opposite Frlibo Station. 9P-KP WJ&1TED — GOOD tlS?D CAB— QHEAP. CouFe. v ori-.9oach.<-P red? Willing to t'al&!'up ! "pay on 'tar-, Interisted, in only a goot bariain. See & *T.v Weight -,,» Coftler News betweeS >4''arid aay^evenlng need Help when I'm among the dies, and If slid answers mj bert orts with a sad sweet smile 1 all pass- ber rlglit on to your (her aud I'll nil In wllh Phil. I t along with tier all right. I Ilka laltby women." \Vltli tlila Glnfier was obliged to i satisfied for she bad nn Insllnc- vo feeling that ilia way of ills- rellou lay In not pressing Eddy o hard. Saturday morning ot the day chedulcd for their arrival, she lent .wltli . HariJ at Mill Rush auElng over . tila. Bhotilder aa he •orkcd. at- \iio. sprica. of ouulqor lews Jie-vras making for her. lienlto, whoso 'interest In every bins .that weut- on. arouud .-bin unbounded, was also huslastlo and -not uncritical- spec* a lor. "1 like art, Mls3 Glngor," ho sold 'Neit to uiuslc and farming, i Ilk ilcturcs. 11 gives mo a funn? fee ng up and down when 1 look at picture and sec Iho IIOUEO where ive, or ono of the, bird-houses built; with; my^_bwn|fa'atid.5,-'or' to very ?s«lng ; l<-,«lt ln^i. : And^when sia'n'd iiero" and' walch Mr. Bar a-drawlnK In niy very Iwat thero It makes my iusldes go u and down liko 1 was seasick, yery.fond.of plct.ure.s,'/ .. .. ... JrrJded nil ninke life lIciiUo. Bard and Ginger hurried ok ta.UoorodeB, elglit iiillejaway •erythlng was lu readiness (of ihc rival of Speed nnd hln Elator, wlio era duo to arrive on tho 3:30 from ilcago. . • ;• Pally, carefully dressed for tno cnalon In a cool summer frock. as Bitting omlhe edto of Iior:dm1r uas wltli ejpeclaiicy. and Glngtr ibnilitcd her IP rigid Inspection - ' ' » u • • VOU lonk very ulce," slio Ba'd "You'i Iwlter. wear iny eap ' ' ' ' ' hires.'. Sliced ou're'not eo tue," .. sliQ . Uhe's ' blue. 'And to''bavo sucb a b.a.d ' co:r^bllii8ly.! llcnllo tin. made K" :l " J "lursrJ nil an'd paint Id's fc'w'lilfila ato'u you af.lerw.ird. 1 "I'd like t- bo painted will) birds." said Benito simply. "1 like y those flylni and singing things. Speed was reajly rather good, as 1 eineinlier It," .. , Eddy was to put In bis appear- nee Just In time for dinner, after vhicli they planned, to drive, out lo. Mill Rush for tho dance. Eddy lak ng Lttlla Sister in tils car, while Ginger conveyed Spfd and 1'nliy tho rutnblo seat ol her roadster. It seemed that nothing conld be moro clear-cut and explicit, ret JInger Ella was^luo to dlsai'polnt meut from the firet _ .- t . ; ^-. 1 - Thq.llriijlai ^fiock camo;-at tb'c raf^va'y stalldn. 'She ran'licr road- ste'r up besldo Hie curh. made arrangements wllh try I^ord lo tfiTic Chargo ot her gucslg' baggage and stood waiting besldo Ibo open door of tho car as the iraln pulled In. Speed appeared tlrst, looking older, larger, o?cn taller. Ho saw Ginger at once and waved a boyish greellng as he lurucd to lift a hand to—Ginger held her breath!—Little SIsterT A lall smart girl swung lllhely down. Ginger had no time tor lull •"Well, mher/'-he said. "And (oil) well lime, It wo." "Ileavens."* Ihimglil CEnyer Klla. "Tlial six nioiulis In Km'uno made MM BrKlshcr limn tho I'rlncu of \faSet." Hut she sl;oi)h liiuuls with lilui cordlaiiy airj. iiLoilimliiK Ford lo como for their clieclu. Mid Into Iho sc;il Lclilnd tha wheel. "There's room for three In f] - onl. You aren't Rkk CJLDU^II to Uc bun by,» llulo scjuwzlnK. uro you;" nqulicd soUclloiuly ot l.lulc «>." '"Oh, ceilalnly not. Tbe hind ft slckuesi I've i;»ljii|u sood." was the bilfilu reply. "Wls^-crnchcr," lhoui;hi moodily. "She wulihl tie." carefully aKsl&tuil M 10 o> wrf.B. ruts CHAITER XXV was to loin the party In d'ow—what do you 'tblhYTVe' eel tliere? Doves! Yes. sir. T'.vo doves, nnd chuekllns to each other day and nishl. 1 like doves. I7DDV ... . . _ Lj time tor dinner on the after- Nice, gentlo. home hortles-I like. , , , .. "I should Ihlnk they would he r,oou otKlbelr arrival, and would atra | d _ 8[) dos& to your w i nd ow.- share BSrd'i! room. Tatty was lol sa ij Ginger. room wllh Ginger, thus leaving the "Birds aro never e.trald ot me.' two large rooms at the IroBt ot the said Benito proudly. "All us slog . . . ,,.,„ ci-inr ers understand each other, house tor Speed and Little bister, as they perslslenlly called her. | ot ,^^3. Robins l"s pretty chirky ..-,' Gtnge* ,had spuli^Piitij; \yfr6ugbftor-ilcady company.^ Ddrp^ BOT '" a'preuy'^e'vere^durse o'}'training'| make me think ot'my wonlnn back roato details In Hint llrst glance, bul Hie', gene^i'l Impression was one of glufthlng ehlo, of almost 7 startling oplilsllcatiou and poise, of rarely mart costuming. No sign o" sickness iliere, no RCII lo palior nor wlnsomo woaknuss Slia was laughlns wllh an air ol pleased lntsi^a.1 ag sho swung along nt SnccJ'sVBldo with stops thnl nmtclied his own, and wltboul wait' ing for an Introduction held out to ID' hcslOe tilngcr ami crmvdcfl tho narrow space reserved, lot iilm. Your iinm<j Is Allcl.i, Isii'i H?" aakcil liluyer. "1 ix-iiu-inl'iiir told me that yuiub agu \Vo'vo lust been ralllne you I.Ht.k 1 .. SIMIT au\ong miraelvcs. so if wp v i your fuce you will iiml jON'T call mo Alicia.-* docs. Kverybody -/cal Cotton." • : "Cation! Dlil yon say .Cnilon— lust plalu Cotton?" "Yes." Bnlil Siiecil, wltli a t>roinio- tary cotur.lnccncy. "because everybody 'collous' rlgni up -'lo !ier ut llrsl slglit." "Oh. iliey do." niullcred timber. Tbcy would." "You will, luo." said Cotton. smiling. 'Ycni iltui'l llilnk so just nt Hist because I Mti BO different from what yon cxpucleil. But you svlll In Impressing upon Eddy that ne I CLAIM IMA-T WAL of IT is A PARE **t' T i5 SPA«!SM Hi Mp' '5 M! BLACk! pe-fs -TAKE A LOOK Arc 5AV BE MV SllAVlMG JIDMY HAIR., NOLI I ALL MOSS CLUMP QRAV AS T3RUSr( IF WAV -fa "FIUI> OUT" IS TO 5CAR6 . WITH A Spook when you get used to me.' " inakea you tiling I'm aol hal you expcctcil —I incna ot what you exiieclcil-41 ;iui Cotlon HI called me Mule Sister I'm ot so very big ami 1 T -..- : - ~ ut Li'.Ue Sister doesn't' I'll mo" * It." • ,";•-!> 'No." Ginger sliookvher liAnl adly. "(iul Cotlou cloei."-. 1 ;' Plill and Mr. Tolllverivjiire ng (or them on tho verj)\Iilti. ""- i.remember S|iccit'.V«jlil CSlu- 1th nn assuiiiplloa;Ql;uright- 1CE3. "Aud this is Llttlov'sUlor. Dut calls bcr Cotton," Will we," sold Plili wrdinlly. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OH YEAH? By Martin f the ioil' ibis sianclFn'B'out'ln strong lines u WANTED—Position as housekeeper, Maf. May ... w YorJcjCqtton. , YORK, Feb. -11. CUP5-' Cotton closed very sleadjJ. * Open Higii'.tow -Glofe 1 .' 1034 1004 1081 1089 . HIT H19, .1108 1117 1143 1145 '1133 1142 WO 1172 1101 1171 .1150 lf90 lift: .1189 ' 1195 1195 1188 1198 OcU ... Dec; ... Jan/ SJoUs steady Mw Orleans Cotton Nfew ORLEANS, Feb. II. (UP)-Cotton July Oct> closed steady. Open High 10% 1097 1120 1122 1143 1147 1110 1112 1188 1190 Low 1083 1)07 1132 1159 1117 JanJ .... 1191 Close 1091 1116 1140 11TO 1188 H940 S^ots steady at U<S7,'up' 7. G?ulf Service Station Stewart, MgT- Main & Division ? Brj'»nt rhope 4 ficd Ball Barber Shop I 318 \V,J ? aiiS a j ? ,,, jWllliams & Damon, Prop. Felix Kyle, Fred Boyett, cfiiy Rogers, Virgil j : ^ Earl Damon. B JFAY 0. D^VIS Phones Z34 or 421 Local and long diitaricc-hraling. Sptcial rales on' carload lots. Team for local hauling. V; R. WASHAM TRANSFER 1400 Chickasawb.1 Phone 851 • " ' ' - '' ! ' '' t •. (Continued from page one) tained from Congress a tensive bonus system than was ever granted before and won a general pension system mucli sooner did the veterans of any previous war. In 192-1, Congress passed over President Coolidge's veto the adjusted .compensate* -ict,which gave war Veteran's the ten^cafc due''to each ii(.l; J "6h top 'of ihV ready made for payment for disabilities cpnnecte'd with military service, ' Congre'ss' lost'-.year' * enacted legislation which granted payments of from $12 to 540 a month.for. disabilities not conuecU'd with military service. f ! Trior: •• to. the j \yorli!; "VVar; the nearest approach to a cash bonus-] was given in the Spanlsh-Amerl- cal\ Wa.r.-, Afler ;tlial- waf,<. because - of the worry over trouble in the Philippines, men inustcrerl out wore al first put "ort furlough", jand received two months' pay—at '$15.60 a month—lor. time spun, in ivillan life. • • '.;..'••' Tensions Go far Back The government's^ first psnsiori .ysteni, : which- fdllowe'd '•••tlis 1 Rsvir ulionary War. granted S20 a nonth to officers and $8 lo cnllstr ed men.'Civil Wat pensions for dis- ibilities of all types began in 1835 vhcn Congress fixed a minimum of $G a month for veterans proving disability. Since that time Civil War Knslons have been greatly in- leased.'-- • ' The history of Spanish-American War pensions reveals a lonj and interesting fight by Ihe veterans. Hrsl, they began in 1910 a move racnt for.widows and orphans. In I JACK,DKI,{t- \Radiator Expert,'Is ii6#'.Bifti' us fjcw and Used Radiators ; For All Cars ;• Jackson Auto Parts 2020 W. Main—Phone GS HAY One bale or a Iraln load. EAK CORN, shuck- on, 88c ba Shuck off, S6c per bu., In car Collon ^StifcS'' Siics~cC Inc. Blythevllle, Avk. Phone 114 or LD 1805. ^918- r they!got $12 a-month'for the wtdbws 'and $4 a' month'for'each •' '•'•'-. -Coats'.'Relinwl^ Dresses Remodeled-^ Evcrylhinfi 1 Cleaned. RK-NU CLEANERS Phone 179 Chrysler and Plymouth Parts To individuals or shops. 305 oft. ~ L. FOWLER "' Phone SS8 Ginger a slim band modtsbly glored :n oluow-leagtb doeskin, , "Lcl'a not 'Be int just t^e friends." I'Aij spiritedly." tii Tier tnat . £j ar d an a Ginger smiled She was surprised. too!:.«^' Diner ' mtud's eye she. .coujd already «ee but on Ihe whole favor- bo icll lustlncti»Vly Ihetically at eacb. r o!.tieri: : v(hat 'a lb.13 girl was sometliiug. i "--bne sho could She did nol cars for people, (To served to them on tbe (••out uorct "You'v. grgwn up." dai'icipg radio 'audience (or pupils, is ention hou:c in cvcry;provLnce.' to $30. Also, in 192C th pensions; .'for /^ War veterans was 'raised to SM and ;he maximum to $50. Last year the disability minimum wns lowered to held Fridays nt 8:45 p.m. B. S -,T. l\rr 'nn '-NBd network. '' - ''••••*> - OTESTBORO. V/is. (UE)4-3ketch- V of a budding pine-lumbirlng;in- dustry in Wisconsin, dtme'in basswood with only a jack knife, 'tin! the products of Edward Skinner's 10 per cent and a new scale author- Comiortable Jails Planned i spare time. Skinner, an ized by Congress— $25 a month for berjack, is 17 and lives 25 per cent disability. S35 for 50 pjr sljack. He carves entire scenes, inj^tly of logging camps, and his (UP) -Lawbreakers n$6i is decorated with placmes, given the prospfct-l ElftWetles and groups, al! done m $50 for 15 per cent and WO NANKING, ill China arc of comfortable and most, up-lo-datc i wood, prisons. ' , -According: to., plans model NEXT: Whai .the;8<i\eriini«tt has. done for World War veUrans. Courier News Want Ads. XerfijWant. Ada...', .'.'READY TO GO! HAS THE SlLUV IOSA THAT IJE'D \-\VS. To 60 LOOK FOR THE bKlV; MlTCWSD pp TO A t\ CROV1P OT AMAXE9 SOWERS BEGIN BEMlNCi AW CLDBBiNft KT O :S GONE. iooa nsiort aw, NO

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