The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 20, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 20, 1956 BLYTHEVILLIO, (AUK.) COUK1ER NEWS WANTADS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dallj rate per line for COHMCU- /)ve Insertions; fine time per mw We Two times per line per day .. We Month rite per lln« - «0c Minimum nnarze 60o Three Urnus per line p.-* d»y . Mi Six times per line per daj .. 05c Ads orflcied jut tnree or (Jx limes ami stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of llmfs the ad appeared uid "Oufilmenl. of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy I tboillted by persons residing out- Ude ot tne city must be accompanied by cash, Rates may be easily computed frjm abova table, AnvertutiiFL oroerca lor irregular Insertions take the nno time r»ta No icjspon-MOiiiiir will be taken for more than one Incorrect In- tertian of any classified ad. TOM LITTLE fflEVRfllEF CO. SOSIK .){ R A I, HAIW.'AINS IN KAKI.Y AND l,ATK 1CN CAHH 1033 CliEVltOI.KT Sl'ORT- SKDAN ................ S105 19:J5 CI1KVKOI.KT C O A C H. Will Itndiu .. .......... S'I55 1033 CIIIiVIiO!,n' C O A C II. Wilh Kaitio ............ SSiri 193! I'OItl) COUPK. Sisrcial .. 5275 JS31 I'ON'MAC COUPE ..... $115 JD30 I'ON'TIAC SKDAN' ____ 5 85 — TltUCKS— 1930 CHEVROLET TRUCK . $525 !335 CHEVROLET TRUCK . 539S 1931 CHEVROLET TRUCK. 5335 1933 G. M. C. TRUCK. ...... S1C5 AN liXTKA SAVING to lime buyers in I.iiu- FinandiiK Co?ls on Giner.ll Motiirs inst;i!imei]t plan. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. iieal Estate Vor Sate or Trade—My home at U19 \V. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S. B. Sternbcrg. Call 984, For Sale: Corner lot E. Kentucky near Park. TERMS. F. T. Elder. Vi Bell Cale, West Memphis, Ark. 18-p-k-18 FOR SALK Several thousand acres southeast Missouri rich 'alluvial collou & corn lands. Any size tract. TERMS LIKE KENT. Everett B. Gcc, MK. VETKKAN! Here is a chance to invest yonr vonus money wisely. GOOD 53-acrc lanu near .St. Louis. CHEAP. TERMS. T. p. Elder, Care Bell Cafe, West Memp'nis, Ark. t or Kent 3 room fur. apt., telephone, water Ircc. 120 Dmigun Avc. Plione VB5-J. Mrs. Belle \Vootl. 21-c-k-tf I'hree room furnished apartment, 021 Cliickasawba. Will redecorate for rcsi»iu,1jlu renter. Apply at Simmons Tin stop. IG-tf COOIj Ijedroonis for permanent & transient guests. Fans Ircc. Bess Hall. Gil W. Main. 2 :ie«ly dtcoralral apartments hi duplex, unfurnished. Call 7<M 8-ck-tf Large y room modsrn furnished apartment. Cool. Reasonable, call 280. 13-ck-tf i'or Sale GOOD PEACHES, $1.50 bu. Geo. McCam, 2 mi. west (own. 17-p-k-2'l '3?. model MOTORCYCLE, 74 Hurley Davidson. Hcasonnblc. Justin Tidvvcll, Dell. 14-p-k-21 Slightly used FACTORY 5SOAT and late model Johnson Sea Horse 12 h. p. OUTBOARD MOTOR, good shape, $100 cash. Paul Byrum. Q-ck-tf Good Used Trucks 1934-V8, )K ton truck W3i Chevrolet I'.i ton truck 1A3 International I'.i ton truck & trailer 1C35 International IVi ton truck & trailer !i ton International Pick Up TERMS Delta Implements, Inc. ant SALE 5 room house, hath. Lame lot. Across froin high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes In town. Could he mar 1 * Into apartment. BOD Chickasavvia* dh tf Business Directory WE BUY HIDES & ALL KINDS METALS We sell Coal, Wood and Kindling Give Us a Trial and Be &i!bfk>d Blytheville Fuel Co. 11§ S. Railroad St. We Make All Sizes of Airplane Type Fans A fe\v used desk fans for sale cheap Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Dance Every Night At the 1 '*.' Silver Moon Nightclub Newly Remodeled Good Music Most delightful Nisht Club he- tween Memphis and St. Louis. Good Barbecue E. UAILEY, Mg'r. iAWN mowers shanx;n«l the Ideal way on the Ideal Mpwer grinding h'mcliine. auarantced job only SI. Hlvtlifvillc Machine Shop TRANTHAM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50c room up. pianos Jl up. PHONE 964 Keep Koo! With Hunter Electric Fans Hubbard Hdw. Co. Ship by J. W. PARKER TRUCK LINE Dependable Daily Service to and From Memphis Keep Freight Meiicy at Hume Call 127 803 W. Ajll St. Get the benefit ot summer prices. Pill Up Now My Coal Is Black But I Treat Yon White LOCAI, HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN — THONG • 107 Wanted BROOM MAKWO equipment to buy or rent, Stimlon A. Pepper, Huffman. 14-p-k-2l For Sale or Rent 6 room modem house, double garage, water heater, tenant liouse. Reasonable. CM CY8-W. 21-p-k-20 OHIHNANCF, NO. «7 AN ORDINANCE TO PREVENT REFAC1NC OK TiUJLUINGS; TO PREVENT DISTUKBANCJ! OF WILD ANIMALS, WII, I) FOWLS AND PISH: TO PHE, VKNT DESTRUO T I O N : • O F TREES, SHRUBS; FLOWEIIS AND GRASS; A N ]J , OT1IEH PURPOSES. • i : f i BE IT QniMINEl) AND ENACT-?. ED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BI.YJ'ilE- VILLE. ARKANSAS: 1. Tliat II shall bp, nml it Is hereby liiciaml to be, iinlntt'iil for any perron to fish In any manner or 10 swim, or to wccie In Hie lake In Walker .iv.rk. 2. Thai it shall 1)2, nml 11 hi hereby decjuird to lie, unliuvlul for any pi:r«w, Jirni or corporation to post or paint signs, circulars, postcis or other adverlisiiu; matter J'i .Wfllkcr Park "or In !iiu County Fairgrounds. 3. That It shall be, and 11 lu hereby declared to be, wilmvfiil for any person, firm or corporation to cut-, break or burn any trees, shrubbery or flou'ei's or to burn «ny grnss in Walker rark. 4. That it- shall l>e, anil it. is hereby declared' to - lie. ~ unlawful for any person, firm or porpora- tion to cut, write upon, .scratch or in any manner deface or initially buildings or structures in \Valkcr park'or tile County Fairgrounds, 5. That it shall l>c, and it is hereby declared to be, rnlawlul for any person, firm or corporation to drive any • aulomobil*:, motor vehicle or wagon upon the grass iii Walker Park. (I. That (I shall be, iinil it is hereby declared to be, unlawful for any person to trap, to throw al. to shoot iii or Ip li? any manner liFiun any squirrel, bird, ivib- blt or duck in Walker Park, Any •person, firm or coi'ixir.i- tion vtolatlnij niiy pf the pmvU- lous of this ordinance shall bj RUilty of H misdemeanor «nd''upnn conviction IhciTof elmll ;w fined in uny sni> not less lluin' One Dollar (fl.lio) nor more llvau Twenty-live Dolltiir, ,($25.00). if for any reason' any njrtlun cf this ordinance ' bo held U> to invalid, such invalidity shall in nq wise n(led (lie iviiiiilnlng W-f- lions Ilint'or which arc willii, biil said valid pontons shall rcniiiln in full force and effect, And this ordinance being ijcc- rssury for the hnmcdh'c picai va(tun r or the public! |K u.e lie4lln anil safety, in emtruuc) )b IjCfc te''dcdaivcl to e\ist anjl the salt (hall''be in fuH ( fo|LI,' and <-f (ccf .• Immcdijtely \ njlci v ' it-. v> u> snyu, '. '„ ( ,, v Approved Dili '^t|. dn> ( of Ji ly We. Have (lie following' CABS IN STOCK i MI cm;vitoi,CT COACH v lii'es, inolor i!):i, r i V'OUi) COACH whilpsiili'-imll lirca 10M CHUVHOLKT SKDAN, •six whcols, trunk paint ...... i yul J Lee Motor ales of and unxwcr Hie coniplnliil ol the plnlnlin, O. E. Slcwiirl. Dated this the 'aaili. day of Juno, 103U, • PHANK WII1TWORTH Clerk of the Municipal Court-, ' Claude r. Coojter, Atty. Soundly ont. (Ul>)— Mnvk Ctibnore tins named one ol his roosters "Rip \'i>n Winkle. 1 ' Hie rooster sleeps so unindly n(. niglit that it tumbles frnni its perch U) Hie hard door without wnkhig up. CECIL WWHI Mlesl: ; Hutli Blythc, •i City Cteik IN TIIK CHANCERY COURT TOR TIIH CHI OK AS AW 15 A . DISTK1CT Of'V MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. The Georgia Slate Savings Association of Savannah, a .corporation, ami Henry Hlun, Trustee, Plaintiffs, Vs. <''••••••. W. II. Slovnll, ct ill, Defendants. WAUNINH OKDKIl Tlie defendant II. F. Burns and his wife, Mrs. H. F. Burns, arc warned to appear In (lie Chancery Court for the Clilcknsuwbu District ol Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer complaint of'the herein. • .. ' Wllnera my hand as elcrK of snkl Court, and the seal thereof on this tlic '20th day ol July, 153G. | H. M. CRAIG, Clerk. ' By A. P. SMITH, D. O. 7-20-27-3-10 IN 1111 MUNICIPAL COURT TOR. nil cri'y QP BL\TIIKVII,I,K, CIIJCKASAWBA TOWNSHIP MISSISSIPPI' COUNTY, ARKANSAS. O. E Stewart, inaitilllt vs. A non UosenUial and Joo Newport, WANNING ORDliK 'Hie defendants, Aaron RosonlliaJ mid Jop, Newport, arc warned lo iip- peiir within thirty days in Ihc court named in the caption licrc- RADIO REPAIRING A Co mjrtet e Une tt Tuba and full HUBBARD TIKE & BATTK1T CO. PHONE 471 •SWIM-'ALL DAY For Iflc - Ifie Chicago Mill Pool l-'Oll QUICK'SKUV1CK ON WASIIK1) SAND and GRAVEL I'lIONIC 701) Superior Coal & mining Co, And we linmllo all 'foadliiff liriinils of Hiijh (iradu Coal— Sunnuit, Great. lltarl, Brilli»nl, Monllccllo, etc. Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWABDg, Proprietor make* « rebuilt Typewriter*, AMlnf Munlnw tat (M- «—Fart*—Rlbbuoi 15» Allcild I'ajnllj' Km OIUNOKVIU,u, Ont. (UP)-Oni) Innulrad ijml.fllty rtcsccndiinls of Thomas Reid, representing no fumllles nml coveilnt; four gcne- Wllons, attended n family reunion licld here, ' . , TRUCK BARGAINS THHKK DAY fjIMJCIALS VII Trucks fiiUip 1W |] wj||, i| u: ,i 133U (!1IKVJ!OI,KT 1 1-3 Ton '''ruck ..,..,,..,........ 11135 CIIEVKOI.ET 1 1-2 Ton Truck ............. ,.,.., 1931 (;ilE IJ1 "«ck Dr». Wert ft Wert OPTOMETRISTS •Over Joe Jsaacs' stor* "Wt HAKE 'KM Sft" Phone B« !S«:i CJ.M.O. I 1-2 Ton Trui-k $195 mi CMKVKOU'.T i MJ TOM '•'ruck SIM !WO CUCKVOI.lvT 1 ;-i Ton '' l '.''«ck S 70 Thesu (rucks an: all rfiondillonul »t«l BUiiranlecil. Others lu clmo>,u from. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. ONE STOP' SBKVICB STATION TOK YOUIt CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND LUHRICATION WYSK PKIIRY in cliargo of Service Department, I-. II. JOHNSON in charge of liody Depaiinieiit. -BATTKItY SKnVlCK -RADIATOIl HKfAlK -BODY WORK —FKWIKK AVOItK — (SMSS JNST/HJ.EU —AUTO TAltTS W, T. BARNETT AUTO »odS« * Mjnxmth l>»aler PHONE 888 HEAR! HEAR! If ymi liavc a burial as.sacinlion cevlifieato of any kjiul on your loved ons, w hou they •way ie ncccpl it , on lh COBB FUNERAL HOME PHONE Highest Prkes Paid For Used Furniiure 301-303 E. MAIN Mrs J. J. Davis—Spencer CorseUcrc Call 421-W for appointments WANTED — AM. KINDS JUNE Scrap Iron, $3 to 15 ton Aluminum, 10« Ib. Brass, 2c to 4%o Ib. Copper Wire, 4o to 5c Ib. Radiators, 4!4c ib. HIDES & FURS WOLF ARIAN PHONE 176 128 E. MAIN Wall Paper SALE 1936 PATTERNS THEARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Eggs, Poultry Cash Feed Store Pays lop Prices For Eggs & Poultry 111 E. Main Male Help Wanted MAN. reliable, to become an automobile and accident claim adjuster in your territory. Insurance experience unnecessary. No selling. Write Associated Adjusters, Milwaukee, V.'is. Position Wanted EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPFiEK nnd Dookkceper wants position. Good references. Elcanoi Smi^h, 1315 W. Main. Cail 335-W. tsp kaj Halleriea BUITKR, BA1TERY SERVICE Call J. B. Chine At Tom Jackson's Service Slat]on Personal AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced —Confidential PAYMENTS REDUCED ' No ro-r.itjnors. Jns» Tiring car and registration card alon?. U. W. MULLINS ""irj- Uldjr. Plione 435 Gentleman- wants to rent 'pool bedroom in private home, Reply to Box 12, Courier News -:'__.. .. , n-p-k-21 Courier News Classillcd Ads Pay. OVE« THE 'J'01'1 ESCAPE FROM SAWALLA ALMOST ASSURED, (EXCEPT FOR THE EVER PRESENT PERIL OF THE HUGE SWAMP MOUSTERSJ klKlQ WUR OF SAWALLA BURSTS "THROUGH THE 3UVJOLE-CATCHIKJO- OUR MERO, ALLEY OOP, FLAT-FOOTED -HIS :FRIEMDS ALL SAFELY ACROSS OM THE OTHEC BAMk OF THE STREAM. /EH, YOU MOOU1AU RAT.' THOUGHT YOU'D GIMME OL'OOP (Wo WE AWT 15 5UWW tiE'S GOT His NOW/jfAfEyS^r «V KEA SCRVICC. INC. T. MrHEO. U.'s.'pAV. OFF BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES 1 WvJOW WWW' isws\^\/y <?/ "' Xw^v^y ,;,>ri( WXA. ^' -^ *' i£^4 VWUi: WASH TUBBS gmtBYKtHSCRVICE. IK<j™7' a"fto U. S.fM^f*' NOT CAUGHT YKT! THERE? THAT OU&HTA HOLD 'EM C5ET AWAY fROV.\ PUT THAT GUN DOWN.ZARAT' TWE ' OFF LONG ENOUGH POR ME TO A^AKE A GETAWAY, I / " ^"^^ ,-• l (V 'Tl "ilMM^I» <IH ^ ; •[ (fttnt «YMC« sriivicE.iNC T. FRECKI-RS AND THE KIDS DCWNSTREAM,, LET'S PICK UP MR. BUCK, WHO SOLD ' "THEM THE BOAT,' .- kfDS HAVE LEFT! THE CURREKTT is TAKIWG THEM ABOUT TWO MOTS, AWD THEIR TOP ABOUT THEY'RE BOLWD TO HAVE THE MOTOR V/IDE: OPEN AT FIRST....1<IDS ALV/AVS DO.v.SOTHE/MUSrr E2 DOIWQ ABOUT EIGHT KMOTS ! V6X-H...THATS RIGHT!' AH! ''ACCORDIWG TO TH& WAY i DOPE tr OUT; THEY'' OUGHTA BE SOMEVWERe OFF THE KW?ROWS ABOUT "ME TIME WE FIGURED .' BETTER TAKE BRETT ,, Wl TM YOU I OK AY. ',. KE£ P"' YOUE eyes - - -'' WHILE:, THE KIDS, « UWAWARE OF WHAT ' • IS IN • STORE FOR THEM, ARE • OLD TIMES',.... REMEMBER THE TIME i BEAT ^bu IW THAT POTATO RACE. AT THE SUNDAY SCHOOL PICWIC.TAQ? By. Ulosscr VEAH,THAT WAS THE TIME THE BEE STUNG THE HEIGHT OF THE" SWELLWQ OM "VOUR WOSE .'.

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