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The Muldrow Press from Muldrow, Oklahoma • Page 8

The Muldrow Pressi
Muldrow, Oklahoma
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We are Omar Benedict in the Oklahoma Compares Oklahomans with the People of Other States. "Do you know that the people of Oklahoma spend just about twice as in living and in entertainment ae the people of any other state in the Union? Do you know that a man on a salary here of $50 a week lias just about as much left at the end of the week as the man in Iowa or Illinois has on Do you kuow we are living too blooming fast? Do you know that rents ate higher here 'nan most true wages are higher, but it' is a bad habit to get into. The thing of having a $10 ap petite on a $5 wage will worn hardships on us when the settling down time comts. Back in Iowa.and III inois the farmers will ''kick 1 like a bay sterr if they have to pay over six per cent interest; and out here if a banker would let a farm er have monev at less than ten. the farmer would fab dead.

Back in those s'aics, everybody pays mil here we all do business on a credit. Back there the men will wear one $1.79 hat for three oil' here we must have at le.tst a baf dozen of ihe $5 sort a season One everyday suit satisfies those people, wuh a tu'ushod up SIIII- (lay 11 8-J it, "hich.they bought at Sears-Robuck for $14 48 out here a $55 made is put on and worn for a three months session and handed out to the gardener Swift people, we westerners. No wonder those of the east come out here and UIHKC money fust. They do '-jwr money than we of the west get, but tliev save it We'll all have to put on the back pedal some of these days, and then ir will be hell We're running so fast that we can't keep up with ourselves, and at the same time we are not run ning over anybody." "Black Bass," an Old Deputy United States Marshal Died at his Home in Muskogee last Tuesday. List of Letters Remaining in the post office at Muldrow, Okla Jan.

1, 1910, J. A. Long, Miss Ida Loggins, C. Myers, Miss Gatsy Motton, Miss Getcie Moton, Miss Mary Mil- Id, John Henry Moton, J. E.

Martin, J. II. Mosier, Jeare Move, llogins Noah, Frank Oliver, Miss Mary Proter (2), Mrs. Martha Petty, Mrs. J.

P. Payne, Marshal Runyon, Blaine Rowe, Mag Spence Horace Shipley, Luey Vatin, Dowe Vouner, Will Vaughn, W. W. Wilson, Charley White, Millie Watts, Cora J. Wilson.

If not called for in thirty days, they will be sent to the dead letter office at Washington, D. C. When calling cor any of the above say "advertised." W. KING Postmaster. Land For Sale.

Three or four hundred acres of good up laud. In tracts ranging from 20 to 120 acres. Will sell cheap for cash or good security. Inquire of W. A.

Patillo, Muldrow, Okla. Phooe 172. 31 4t He killed fourteen men, but nothing more true could be said of him than that he did his duty, and the Federal officers and ex-Federal officers in Eastern Oklahoma mourn the death of old Bass Reeves which occurred last Tuesday. Bass," as he was known, for he was a negro. No history of frontier pay in Indian territory would be complete with no mention of Bass Reeves, and no tale of the old days of "Hell on the Border," could be told without the old deputy marshal as a prominent character.

He died Tuesday, after several months' illness, at the age of 72. Far thirty-two years, beginning way hack in-the seventies and end ing in 1907, Basn Reeves wasadep- ntv. During that tune he was seni to arjresi many of ihe most desperate characters that in days infested this part of the Indian couutry. and because lie was gifted with a mind that knew not how to quail, and an intensity of purpose that led him to follow criminals day and night, dogging the fugitives because nf this, he rarely failed to land hiH man the Muskogee Fed eral jail. As his record shows, it often happened that he was unable to gel him alive, but the old deputy i )tten said that he had nevt -r shot a man except, in self defense.

He was once tried for murder but was acquitted on the ground thai he had killed the man in the discharge ol his duty to save his own life. in his youth aud in the days of Arkansas, WHS a slave, entering the Federal service as deputy ten years after the close of ihe civil war. That was long be fore a court had been established in Indian territory and all that country was "ruled" from the (anions court- iVrt'SmiTnv 'I her. when people started to come into the Indian territory aud a marshal sent to Muskogee, Reeves was detailed there. One of the many acts which typifies tlie man and best shows his devotion to duty was the arrest of his own son: A warrant for the arrest of the younger Reeves for murdering his wife had been issued and Marshal Bennett said that perhaps another deputy had better be sent to serve it.

Old Bass was in the room and quietly said: "Give me the writ." He went out, arrested hia son, brought him into court and saw a jury try him, convict him and sentence him to life imprisonment. Reeves had many narrow escapes but was never wounded. At different times his hat was shot in two, buttons were shot from his coat, his hat punctured and his bridle reins shot from his hand, but no bullet ever touched las body. And this, too, in spite of the fact that he said he never fired a shot until after he was fired at. Certificate ot-Partnership.

Know all men by, these presents: That Wilson O. Bruton and James II. Blakely are associated as partners in the'mercantile business at Muldrow, Sequoyah county, Oklahoma, under the firm name of Bruton, Blakely that said partnership is a general partnership dated from the'1st day of January, all of said partners reside at Muldrow, in Sequoyah county, Oklahoma; that'there are no other partners belonging to said partnership. Wilson O. Bruton.

James H. Blakely: State of Oklahoma County of Sequoyah Before me, a Notary Public in and for said county and state, on the 4th day of January, A. 1 910, personally appeared Wilson O. Bruton aud James H. Blakely, to me known to be the persons who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged the execution of the same.

Witness my hand and seal the day and year ahoye written. Ora Williams, Notary Public. My commission expires Dee. 10,1913. Jan.

7 14 21 28. 8'8 Notice of Dissolution of Partnership. StatA- of Oklahoma, County of Sequoyah. Notice is hereby given that the partnership lately subsisting between J. II.

Blaylock ami F. Clinier ol -equuyah county, state of Oklahoma, under the and firm name of Blavlock and was dissolved on the 17 dav of January, A. D. 1910, by mutual consent; and J. H.

Blaylock In-rebv authorized to collect ill debts due and to become due to ihe said pai tnership and a'l Mil whieli partnership owes will be paid bv hirn. Dated this January 17, 1). 19 10. .1 II ck. F.

N.Chmer. (First Publication, 21, 1910) Prohato No ".110. Order for Hearing Petition to Sell Real Estate by Guardian. ol i iklalinniii. I StMHinwili County.

I In I'ounty Court. In I lu- matter of i lie tftiarilinnshlp of Annie nods, niiiiur. Niael Woods, (JuiiMlliiri. Now. on this 201 day of JiecenitjL 'r 1D09, Isi'iiet Woods, tate of I lie iiliove mimed ward luiviny filed lii'ioin 11 pel it ion I or the salt! of i lie real estate of said wind for the, reasons in said petition st aied.

It is Ordered, that said petition be and hereby is set for hrfirintr on the 31st. day of A. I), llili), at 10 o'clock a. m. at whitli t.ime the next of kin and nil persons interested in he estate of said ward are required to tippear and show cause if any they have, why an order should not.

granted tor the sale of so much of the real estate of said wacd is necessary for the reasons in said petition stated. It' is Further Ordered, that a lopy of this order be published for four successive weeks in the Muldrow Press, of Muldrow, county. Oklanoma. w. LitMejolin.

i'ounty Judge. Dated day of December l'JOU. 'I hos. .1. iiu.s.

At ty. for Gtln. Dec. 31, Jan. 7, 14.

21. OK MEAT MARKET FRESH PORK AND BEEF. We will pay the highest nmrket prices ftor: CattK Kggs, Butter and Hides. Hugs, GEORGE WATTS, Cutter. Phone No.


The Jackson Loan Trust Company Fort Worth, Texas and Jackson, Mississippi. -j. a Ileal Estate Kor Sale We have for Sale the following. Real Estate in Muldrow LOT 4 LOT 10 LOT 15 ho.une. and Bhoi K.

lil-tXTv. HLOriv. ULO K. 4 10 16 2o 49 SIZE. SIZE.

SIZE. SIZE. SIZE. J0x 150 150 75x200 204x170 uiiill orcliaid For priot'w apply to WOLF-MAYER MERCANTILE CO. MUL ROW, OKLA.

i OOOUOOOOOOOOOOtKKHWOOOOOOij'oO ooaoaoooooaoooi DR. HENDERSON 811 TO 815 WALNUT KANSAS CITY, MO. The Old li, and iongest located. A regular Graduate In Medicine. 34 Years' Special practice- Over 31 In Kansas City.

ESTABLISHED 1867. io Chronic, Nirvous and Special Diseases. Cures guaranteed or money refunded. All medicines furnished ready for mercury or Injurious medicines used. No detention from business.

Patients at a distance treated by mail and express. Medicines sent everywhere, free from gaze or breakage. Charges low. Over 60,000 cases oured. Age and experience are important.

State your case and send for terms. Consultation tree and confidential, personally or by letter. Seminal Weakness Sexual Debility, S-sffl follies and night losses and loss of sexual power, pimple's. and blotches on ttw -jAved ideas and forgeifulness.bashfulnelslnd aversion to society, oured for life. I stop night losses, restore sexual power, nerve and brain power.enlarge and strengthen weak parts and make you fit for marriage.

Send for free book and list of questions. CitiiMiim Radically cured wltb a SiriUIUre nrw infallible Homo nnrl Tre tment Ne ln uiwwi no detention from buslness.Cure guaranteed. Book and list of questions free-sent Bealed- Hydrocele and an i nt1 Phimosis few days without pain or danger. Book free. Enlarged veins In the VaribUbOlO vous debility, weakness of the 3exual system etc, permanently cured without pain.

Cwntiilie That terrible disease, In all Us forms and stages, oured for life. Blood poisoning and all private diseases permanently cured. (or both pages, piotureg, with full description diseases, the fleets and cure, seat sealed in plain thii Book fir information It contains. PREEMUSEUM OF ANATOMY TOR MEN ONLY Notice of Settlement of Account. Administrator or Executor.

TIME TABLE State (if Oklahoma. I Tn mln rt Sequoyah County In Cou "ty ollrt In tlii- matter of tho estate of Emilinc Kilcy, Deufased, Notice hortiby (riven, that J. F. Fox. the duly appoimed arjfl qualified Administrator, of tliu est.utu Emiline Riiey, deciia.sed.

has rendered and presented for settlement, and filed in said court his final account and report of his administration as such administrator and prayinp for distribution of the balance in hands; and that Monday, the 31st day of lanuary. A I) at 10:00 o'clock In the forenoon of said day. at the County Court room, in the city of Hallisaw, in said county, has been duly appointed by the said court, for tbe settlement of said account, at which time and place any person Interested in said estate mav appear and show cause, if any they have, why said account should not be upproved and distribution made as prayed for. Iu testimony whereof. I have here- (SBAL unto sut my hand and affixed the seal of said court, this 12th day of January A.

D. 1910. W. Jf. LitMejolin, County Judge.

Watts and Breedlove. Attorneys for Administrator. Jan. 14,21, 11)10 Rather High for One legger. right with the Press, your -Pay TRAINS (iOIXG NORTH No.

104 Pas, 4:37 p.m. stop. Mo. 106 Pas. a.m.

stop. No. 194 -Local 9:08 a TRAINS GOING SOUTH No. 103 Pas. 11:53 a.

ni. stop. No. 105 Pas. 11:10 p.

m. stop. Not 193Local 3:25 p.m. stop For further imlovruation Bee G. N.

KKPUAUT Ageni. SUNNY SIDE Stock and Poultry Farm Barred Plymouth Rock and White Leghorn Chickens. Pekin Ducks. White Holland Turkeys POLAND CHINA HOGS. O.

D. PETTIT Proprietor, Muldrow, Okla. Horses For Sale: Livery Barn. Breedlove 1-21. Ono handled and twenty-six indictments were returned by tftej Muskogee Phoenix nguiust one man for selling booze.

The Phoe- i tax makes a little calculation in connection with this man's case or cases and shows that it will cost; $1,486 to record the indictments, 1 provide for their transfer to the superior issue the capias at one dollar per each indictment and pay the sheriff's fees at one dol- i lar for each indictment. That is to say this one lone man, whose offense is reported to be the repeated violations of the prohibit I tiou law. will have to submit to being arrested one hundred and twenty-six times, plead to that number of indictments and give (that number of separate bonds in the sum of $500 each, amounting in all to $63,000. Should the in dieted booze seller be convicted on each indictment and given the usual sentence in teach case, he would have to sen(e years, one month days in the county jail and pay an aggregate tine of $37,000. HUNTING DOGS FOR SALE! Bear, Wolf, Deer, Kabbit, and Fox Hounds.

Bird Dogs. Pet, and Watch Dogs. Pups of all breeds, Ferieis, Llabbits, Pigeons, Poultry, Cattle, Sheep and Swine. Send for CO page descriptive highly illustrated catalogue. Write for price list.

Mt. Pann Kennels Dept. K- Reading, Penn. THOS. J.

WATTS ATTOfllTET OFFICE IN WATTS BUILDING SOUTH MAIN ST. MULDROW, OKLAHOMA For Sale or Trade. A New sewing machine, one Incubator and as new, one bed Btead, springs and wash stand. Cheap for cash. Call on or write, S.D.

Morland, Muldrow..

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