The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 10, 1953 · Page 14
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1953
Page 14
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14 ad THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. THURSDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 10. 1953 Wcda. The Inquirer iay "PHILADELPHIA'S THEATREGOERS HAVE J CAUSE FOR REJOICING! ALWAYS RINGS TRUE I A humane, compassion-laden story of a teenager's woes. Playwright Louis Peterson has probed with a delicate touch, a deep sense of understanding, and a deep-rooted rueful and experienced sense of humor. AN EXCELLENT CASH" - The Bulletin says: "AUSPICIOUS OPENING . FOR THE NEW SEASON! -ABSORBING DRAMA! Louis Gossett interprets the ado- lescent hero with integrity and . skill that is astounding. John Stix ' has directed with a sure grasp. A REMARKABLE PLAY!" The Daily News says: "A COMPELLING WORK! HOLDS YOUR INTEREST! Tafea QantStep mtea Giant Step Will find ready audience identift-cation. That fine actor, Frederick O'Neal, makes a full-length por-"" trait out of the part of the uncom-... . prehending father. Max'me Sullivan ' ' plays with wry good humor. Jane TJl White stands out as a lady on ' the make." Evenings at 8:30 7 Mats. Sat. and Wed. at 2:30 : TICKETS NOW AT BOX-OFFICE FORREST THEA. Air-Cooled SATCRDAV EVE.. SEPT. 12 - BUDDY WILLIAMS ANI HIS ORCHESTRA ADMISSION $1.50 FLL'S TAX A 4OOD REASON TOUMM6 PCNNiVfcVAtllA MIDWAY BETWEEN AUfKTi Ptcl AND RiAOINS. ObahTIVm ItoAvn 1 3mm st ..., ...! A wealth of information on Colleges, Universities and Prep schools will appear this Sunday in The Inquirer's Fall Educational Number. .Academy Ri Twhnirolor HilS Air- 'City Bnrth the Se! Ttmrt. "Reshsie Frew Wyowini" 2St Esther VMUiams. mn. Aamirai N 5th ianrrrna When Wet' a Mirtisle AIR-CONDITIONED Aldeil 'J'rn WILLIAM holden TJON TAYLOR. "STALAfi 17" - U-.lsa6th & Baltimore Ave. AnTDOSSaaor starts Tomorrow JANE WYMAN. RAY MILLAND LET'S DO IT AGAIN" Plus- the last posse" , Anthony Wayne "HOUDIMI" Tfrhnicolor Tony Curtis. Janet Lfigh AnAltn S-nd AIR-CONDITIONED ApOIIO Thompwln ESTHER WIUJAMS DNT.EROIS WHEN WET Technicolor Jnrt Hit! "THE TAI.I, TEXAN" AtAnna tn. b. Continuous From Noon rvenue Uhizb VICTOR ifATL'RE J'Affair With a Stranger" "Murder Without Tears" Band Box, at Armat. Air-Condmonfrl ' Jlat. 2 P.M. Ete. Sh. Sts. 7 P.M. 're Parting Msplfwoor) Ae. W. of fitn. Ave. VICTOR MATURE. LEE MARVIN . "GLORY BRIGADE" Plus: Action. Facked Thriller . "SON OF BELLE STARR" Color fiolmont 5-n) roNTi.M ois from i pm wciuivilj Msrti(,t ..XHK B; FBAME" Banner 0i i;3 Estixr wiiium rati-r "Dn?erou! When Wef Htaacnii th Air-Cond. Mat. 1 P.M. In Technicolor MM I 1 I LJI SSHSSSSlB -Au3ie Murphy. "COLIMN SOl'TH" w "ABBOTT A COSTELLO MEET - DS. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE" WITH BORIS KARLOFF Raulvarrj Brkluie. C'mon. La ft Laugh cstival "DREAM WIFE" Boyd-Chester 2nd WEEK I T The Talk of America! "GENTLEMEN PREFER L. BLONDES" 'Jane Marilyn Chas. , Russell Monroe Coburn rv TFCHS1COLOK j:40. 4: V. Bros. 7 ' Rpnnl -I3 -N Esther Williams Tech. Oroaa B-otd "Dsmreroos When Wet" 'IhmUuIO Mil. 1:30. F.r. 7 i 9 """E7 Tort K4 AIR-CONDITIONED The Msja'ncent M'isical Spectacle of Them AM -PATRICE MUNSEL Tech. "MELBA" -Brvn Mawr i",' Cary GRANT. Deborah KERR "DREAM WIFE" RwrH47th GENE TIERNEY -"'"Bait. "NEVER LET ME GO" -Enjoy it on PHOTORAMA Cambria25111 William holden VUI"UI fairhria "ST A LAO 17" Castor J31 a II ttf IECHM-COLOR CCayuqo "ST A LAG 17" WILLIAM HOLD EN. DON TAYLOR Trom Here Is Drama at By MILDRED MARTIN The power, toughness, pathos and brutality of James Jones' sprawling 858-page novel, "Prom Here to Eternity," emerges triumphantly in Columbia's towering dramatization which arrived at the Stanley yesterday. The film, which Fred Zinnemann directed from an inspired script by Dan Taradash, is, if anything, su perior to the novel upon which it is based. For now, freed of unnec essary vulgarity and obscenity, characters come clearly into focus and the whole, by means of cross- cutting and William Lyons' superb editing, moves in lucid dramatic line, weaving its many threads of plot into a tightly knit pattern of anger, frustration and rugged individualism in the face of overwhelming odds. PERFECTLY CAST As producer, Buddy Adler has seen to it that every role was perfectly cast; and, guided by Zinnemann. Montgomery Clift, Burt Lancaster, Frank Sinatra, Philip Ober, Ernest Borgnine, in company with Deborah Kerr and Donna Reed, give the performances of their careers. - Characterizations are as distinguished as this searing drama of which they are an integral part, and in which there are no "stars" as such, only gifted artists who have sloughed off their own personalities to achieve vital place in the vivid whole. STORY OF INJUSTICE As practically everyone knows, "From Here to Eternity" is the story of injustice arid gold-bricking and personal integrity, of hate and ST. JOHN TERRELL'S MUSIC CIRCUS lombertvllle. New Jersey Evas. 8:30 Sun. Ev.. 8:00 Sot. Mot. 2:30 Na Performance Mondays New Thre Sept. 13 Irving Berlin's CALL ME MADAM Prless: 90c t $3.60 Mail Orrfwi Fillet r Pham Lantertvills 695 THEATRE & BUS TICKETS ON SALE AT i Central City Ticket Offices: 247 S. Broad; 1422 Chestnut St.; Terminal Ticket Office, Bread and Olney ana 69th St. Terminal. LAST 3 EVES. OF SEASON LAT MAT. SAT., 2:3 THE RON BAMBERGER presents UTA HAGEN in Clifford Odets Comedy Drama "THE COUNTRY GIRL" With HERBERT BFRCHOF and E. G. MARSHALL. SEATS NOW: PLAYHOUSE Box Office FAIRMOUMT PARK GR 7-1700 WANAMAKER'S. GIMBELS The Theatre Giiilcl-American Theatre Society Series of 10 Fine Plays, Beginning Oct. 5: MARTYN GREEN In ,,MISALLIANCE,, Comedy Hit Revival by Bernard Sbaw Ar.fJ including Arthur Miller's THE CRUCIBLE. Samuel Taylor's new SABRINA FAIR starring Margaret Sullavan and Joseph Cotten, DIAL "M" FOR MURDER. CHILDREN'S HOUR, and S other lm--portent plays. Subscription Rates: $45.19; $39.00; S38.25; S27.60. APPLY NOW AT THE THEATRE GUILD. Inc. 1015 Chestnut St., Room 717. Phila. 7. Pa. TeL LO 3-4573 :BEST SEATS FOR AIR-CONDITIONED Carman Mat. at 2 P.M. ADULTS ONLY I NDER lfi NOT ADMITTED REAI LIVE GLORIFIED BURLESK TOP TEASERS TOP COMICS ON SCREEN VICTOR MATURE it GLORY BRIGADE" Burlesk at 3:30. 6:50. 9:25 Feature: 2:no. 7:50. 10:25 P. M. r..tpu 6th & Erie Ave. RA 5-6360 wenTury air-conditioned K Only: Esther Williams. Ffrnsndn l,am "Dangerous When Wet" 6:30. 9:40 Both In Color hy Tech. Also .tohn Pavne. .Ian Sterlinc 8:17 THE VANQUISHED" City Line Center City Lin-Haerfor) AIR-CONDITIONED Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner Tech. RIDE, VAQUERO' FEATURE l:iS. 7:!S, 9: wiearncm ci'arf d Dale Robertson 'THE FARMER TAKES A WIFE' Tech. Bill Elliott. "THE MAVERICK" Clifton " JEAN SIMMONS VICTOR MATURE AFFAIR WITH A STRANGER" Callon irth- AIR-CONDITIONED WWIICIJC ESTHER WILLIAMS "DANC.EROrS WHEN- WET" Technicolor Colonial " Air-Cond itioned 1 Bie Hits 2 Barbara "All I Desire" POWDER RIV ER" TECH. StanwYck Also: ' Crest ft?i00 Alf- "Vice Squad" "Fort Venrene" QaII 40th t Air- Tech. Tony Curtis Girard Cond Janet Leigh "HOUDINI" TLUS ONE FULL HOUR CARTOON CARNIVAL nauAn 6,i;3 Hcalinlully Air-Conditiowd we,on EW MaUnee Starting 1:30 AUDIE MURPHY. SUSAN CABOT "GUNSMOKE" S:0 Onlj: Ann Sheridan. Sterling Havden "TAKE ME TO TOWN" Roth Ventures in Technicolor EHen lt,th Cheltenham Mat. 1:30 ' Robt. Taylor, -Ride. Vsquero" Plus at 8:40: "Roar nt the Crowds" Esq : Broad Olney Air-Conditioned Thrilling: Outdoor Technicolor Epic in 3-D - unanht AT FEATHER RIVER" Plus: Victor MATURE. Ie M4.RVIM "GLORY BRIGADE" Ennc 40th k Farsier Takss a Wifs" Tech. 'Preident' Eady" Ma Girard ,th air-conditioned Oirird 2 NEW HITS 2 victor mature THE GLORY BRIGADE ALSO EDMOND O'BRIEN "COW COUNTRY" to Eternity' the Stanley affection in the peacetime, pre-Pearl Harbor Army. In particular, it is the story of Pvt. Robert E. Lee Prewitt, hard- headeo? lone wolf from Kentucky who, having blinded a man in the ring, refuses to box at his com manding officer's order and, as consequence, is given the "treatment." And it is the story of Sgt. Warden, who despises and props up his promotion-crazy, lazy cap tain while carrying on an affair with the man's wife; of the Italo American, Maggio, whose gaiety is snuffed out by the brutality of a sadist in charge of the "stockade; of Lorene. "queen" of the New Congress Club, torn between love for Prew and her determination to make her pile and someday go home to Oregon and be "proper. CONFUSED PEOPLE , Above all. the screen's "From Here to Eternity" is a brilliant. unvarnished study of confused. bitter and tragic people at war with themselves and regimentation It is by turns violent and quiet, with moods that change in a moment from murderous to tender and with despair forever in the personal background of each. In the end, it is the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor which grimly solves some of the seemingly un-solvable problems presented, writing a bloody finale to the emotional conflicts. ABUSE OF AUTHORITY Unobtrusively, the film also points out J;he suicidal mistake of men who endure injustice rather than report it and. when too late for those involved, shows the Army's anxiety to mete out penalties to those who abuse authority and position. Clift and Lancaster are superbly matched as Prewitt and Warden, carrying both their uniformed and romantic loads with ease and a most effective smoulderine sincer ity. As Private Maggio, Sinatra touches unsuspected dramatic heights and never sings a note; while Ober's slimv cantain and Borgnine's unspeakable "Fatso" are ail too terribly convincing. LADIES ARE EFFECTIVE The Misses Kerr and Reed, stepping out of their familiar nice-girl movie moulds, are poignantly effective as the shady ladies, both of whom stumble unwillingly upon true love only to have it torn from their grasp. Shot largely at Honolulu's Schq-field Barracks, the film has the ring of reality throughout, physically and emotionally. Its two hours bristle with memorable scenes memorably played, most affecting or wnicn, pernaps, is the mournful night sequence in which, before setting off to avenge his friend's murder. Prew blows "Taps" for the dead Maggio. Jone Leslie Kift. Inquirer Gor. den Editor, presents more interesting and useful advice on gardening this Sunday in The Inquirer's special Fall Garden Number. SC THE BEST PLAYS Glencirlo Pes AVA GARDNER vienaiae, ra. robert taylor "RIDE. VAQUERO" COLOR BY TECHMCOLOR CimrtA Ilh Air-Cand. "Rebel City" wrana Snyder "Dangerous WTen Wet' Grln Hill (rrerbrooic Air-Conditioned ' "," Mat. 1:30 Free Parking Lot Fun Galore in This Domestic Comedy CARY GRANT. DEBORAH KERR "DREAM WIFE" Hamilton f Air-Conditioned 2 Bisr Hits CARY GRANT. "DREAM WIFE" RALPH MEEKER. "CODE TWO" HEALTHFULLY AIR-CONDITIONED U:i 8324 We Are Thrilled to Present '" Oln. THE 1ST PHILA. SHOWING OF GIAN-CARLO MENOTTI'S "THE MEDIUM" fKSTIRKLY IX ENGLISH) SENSITIVE PROVOCATIVE INTENSE KOR VOIR 1MNTERRL'PTEn PI.EASI RE One Show 8:40 P. M. (Morf. Thru Fri.) FEATURE AT 9:20 P. M. SATIRDAY FEATURES AT . . 10-P. M. SUNDAY CONTINUOUS FROM 2 P.M. Slight Increase in Price for This Feature Kens. & riS Alleg. Healthfully Air-Conditioned 1st Showing in N. Phila. VICTOR MATURE "GLORY BRIGADE" RETURNED BY REQUEST Richard Widmark Dana Andrews "THE FROGMEN" lurlirxs 5th 4 John Pavne Tech. sjaCKSOn Jackson 'THE VANQUISHED Tony Curtis. "HOrDtNI" TECH. Jumhn r-rontai Air-Cond. Mat. 1:30 w asm ww Giranj George Montgomery "TEXAS RANGERS" TECHNICOLOR ALSO MARILYN MONROE LADIES OF THE CHORUS" Lawndale 6513 RISING SUN VICTOR MATURE 'The Glory Brigade' I ahi-h -5th Leslie Caron. ? Mel Ferrer Leslie Caron Air-Cond. MLIH" Tech. Mat. 1:30 I Anitl 52ml AIR-CONDITIONED LOCUST Lor,, Continuous From 1 P. M. First W. Phila. Showing STEWART CHARLES GRANGER LAUGHTON Jean Simmons Deborah Kerr "YOUNG Jf TECHNICOLOR ALSO MICHAEL. REDGRAVE "DEAD OF NIGHT' Lyr ic 2nd A Morns RITA HAYWORTH "SALOME" Mavfoir Fkd- at Cott- Air-Oond. wiayTair E From 7 p M HELD OVER! GREAT 3-D COLOR SPECTACLE GUY MADISON. FRANK LOVEJOY 'Charge at Feather River Amusement Quide THEATERS FORREST- "TaAe s GiM Step," 8:30. FILMS .ou, o.iu. o:io, 10:05. FOX "Mr. Scoutmaster" 'HT i 11 12 50. 2:45. 4:35. 6:30. 8:25. 10:25. ' GOLDMAN "I the jBry- f90 mln . 10:15. 12:15 iATlt ' a"' 6:43- 10:30 MA?7AFTl"rbe Caddy" OS min i. 11. 7i"X ". i M. "island In the Sky" U09 mln.j. 12:30. 4. 7:30. 11:05. MTOTOWX "Krt te Paradise" .'103 9 10-50 0, 1:40' 4;30 5:2- 7;1- thr nn" (122 nun.). 9:50. 2:15. 6:45. all Bignt. KIHlI.PfT "'Roman Holiday" 119 mm . ' Jgigg- 12:10. 2:15. 41:20. 6:25. 8:30. STANLEY "From Here to Eternity" HI 9 mini.. 12:45. 2:55. 5. 7:10. 9:20. 11:30. 1:45 A. M. Opens today. s-r;JSTON :"Tne Stranrer Were a Gis" P2 min.. 11. 12:55. 2:50. 4:45. 6:45. 8:35. 10:30. STT'DIO "Drum Ballerina" f83 min i. 11. 2. 5. 8. 11:10. "The Riser" (99 mia). 12:20, 3:20. 6:20. 9:30. Opens today. TKN?.-LCX "Menlia Renre" fl!8 min.). ll:lo. 1:25. 3:35. 5:45. 7:55. 10:05. WORLD "Alanc- Came Jnnes" f9 mln. 11. 1:50 .4:45. 7:35. 10:30. "Belle of the x bbb mo mm.). i2:zo. 3:zo. 6:15. 9:10 SUMMER THEATERS PLAYHOrSE IN THE PAEK. "The Country UUI, O.OU. BCCKS m COUNTY K.AYHOTJSE "Onr LAMBERTVILLE MCS1C CIRCTJS "Call Me Madam," 8:30. HEDGEROW THEATER "The Great Gesture." 8:30. LiiiiixiiD imvnrm mwn .ssst is my sa "c-- 7e I r-.m, AUDREY HEPBURN i & EooptB 1 M.H.I.'.M.'IWI Last 2 Days? Clifton WEBB "Mr. SCOUTMASTER" i ' JpiIMtlCr guns the Uj:. AIR-CONDITIONED m"'" ROBERT AVA TAYLOR GARDNER "RIDE. VAQUERO" .V TECHNICOLOR. IJ..L.. Fkd. Bel. Air-Cond. Fie Parkins mci wen Cott Mat. 1:15. Ee. From I TECHSICOLOR WESTERN ROBERT AVA TAYLOR GARDNER ANTHONY OUINN. HOWARD KEEL "RIDE. VAQUERO" PLVB HARD HITTING YANKS VICTOR MATURE "GLORY BRIGADE Narberth Air- Cary Grant. Deborah Kerr Cond. "Dream Wife" New Lyric 5123 Esther Williams Twh. Otn. "Danswoss Wltfii Wet" Mow Mivfiir 59th k. .UR-C0NDITI0NEi new majiair Markrt Eve starts 6:45 KER CONFESSION MAKES FOR AN ABSORBING FILM "ONE C.IRL'S TONFESSION" ALSO THEY WERE ALL KINDS THEY WERE "PROBLEM OIRLS" M 32nd & MARKET. SH 7-8910 siiAwii Mat. at 1:15. Eves. From 6:45 Air-Conditioned For Your Comfort 3-DIMENSION "THE CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER" In lolor With Guv Madison. Frank Ijotpjox Plus "A PERILOUS JOURNEY" With VERA RALSTON, DAVID BRIAN Ssmall bervire Charge for 3-D Glasses That Really Fit rorrn s Lata is 10" P. M. k Sn Both Future OvprhrnnW -d A Air-Conditioned V""" HaTerf'rl 2 Tfrhnicolor Hits ESTHER WILLIAMS. FERNANDO LAMAS DANGEROUS WHEN WET" Tony Curtis. HOt'DiNl" at 8:15 P. M. Oxford T 7211 Rising Sun ALL 3-D SHOW "CHARGE AT , FEATHER RIVER" coW plus ' S P O O KS'f 3 STOOGES 9 r f J W 9 Park ;i lsl Ajr-CondiUoned Dia. Ksthfr Williams. Fernando Lamas "DANGEROUS WHEN WET" Tech. .oVo1 Mir : 3wt Rnr?. -LrCRV I.OSKRS' 21stfc EVERYBODY IN TOWN rears Ri(lge IS TALK1NG about THB MI2ACLE WinE-SCREE PHOTORAMA AT THE PEARL THEATRE Dean Martin Direct fr. Downtown Jerry Lewis Victor Mature "Scarad Stiff "Glory Brigada Pfsscief ast 3rd k Snyder Mat. 1:30 .......... AIR -CONDITIONED On Giant Curved Photorama Screen ?ee "SCARED STIFF" Lizabeth Scott Reg I Oxford Patrice Munsel Tech. "MELBA" J23S Mai. Kenei oynt i:30 Air-Conditioned "ANNA" D;-x- 6153 JANE WYMAN. Tech. RialTO 0n ..i.ET.s DO IT AGAIN" Riant TTone Power Tech. Rivali -52nd AIR-CONDITIONED ITOII c... riireot From DowntOWB PATRICE MUNSEL ' ' PVI P sLR L " Musical Spectacle i rT -jam .sss Y.'-S STARRING ---- J JEFFREY HUNTER M1CHAEC RENNIE WENDY HULER ' with Bernanl lee j JOSE FEWER 5 Week COOL. TDHfie I IIV 151SCett-B I nHIIO-LUA Open 10:4S MIDNIGHT SHOW EVERY SUNDAY! FOR SEA FOOD Recommend Opposite Keating Terminal 16 N. 12th ST. At. jialw irm SB s sj FtVB Udaxf J mm 1 L 1 MICKEY JONESJM4 IARIARA CURTISS , T , FIN LAVEtNE ' J dBBBSBksnnnBBBnmBnsnBsnsn.K: m lhe great TIOINICOIPR South Pacify arJv,h,f. - Return to Paradise .MICKEY SPIllANE'S 1 preview Tononnow coma anytime and SEE 2 FEATURES "SAILOR OF THE KING" and "Mr. SCOUTMASTER tastFMtora "Sailor of the King"l0:20 P.M. CvloW IT CAII BE TOLD t storv off one man with a ific;.Jaaaiiist?flic 16-inch . . m mm of the Essen Jinier Su"Vry . r 2 - Iff Dnrlclnne! Brd. k R"ht. Taylor, Ava Gardner rXWlMUHU nrk "RIDE, VAQUERO" PaacovaH 4739 Fkd. Ave. JE 5-1473 AIR-CONDITIONED Robert TAYLOR. Ava GARDNER Color "RIDE. VAQUERO" Vera Ralston. David Brian. Scott Brady "A PERILOUS JOURNEY" 51s9 Healthfully Air-Conditioned 7 Rids Epic History Drama in WarnerColor NATURAL VISION 3-DIMENSION "CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER" SLIGHT INCREASE IN PRICES Dnunl South Double Action Show " 7 ' at 16th AUDIE MURPHY "COLUMN SOUTH" "THE LONE HAND" WITH JOEL MrCREA Senate j&J "STEEL HELMET' "CRY DANGER" Cnri,.. th & Spruce Sts. SH 7-0805 " (42 Trolley Stops at the Door Barbara Stamryck. 'All I Desire 6:50, 10:00 Martin & Lewis. "Seared Stiff" 8:18 ri.i. 5ind fc Chestnut Air-Conditioned aTaTB Mat. 2 P. M. Ere. Show Starts 7 P. M. ROBERT TAYLOR, AVA GARDNER "RIDE. VAQUERO" color Plus: VICTOR MATURE. LEE MARVIN "GLORY BRIGADE" Ctnnehurst Air-t'ond. "Scared Stiff" aionenursi & .Pl).kllp on South street MmUxfJ ?tb P'cr Angeli Tech. iTrarrora Dirk n ..story f 3 tosre" Suburban Ard- AIB-rONDITHiNED more Feits. 2:1)0, 7:30, 95 "5000 Fingers of Dr. T" Pt I.ind Haves. Sfary Haly. Tottiittt Bttie TeiAm AIR-CONDITIONED. 69th k Markrt ,BwerMat. 1:30 P. M. Ere. From 7 P. M. Every Nite 1100 Balcony Seats 50c PHILA. 'S LABGEST WIDE VISION" SCREEN "RIDE VAQUERO'1! I" Technicolor Pius "CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS" Ask Red Arrow or P&W Driver For FREE 15c RIDE COUPON Tyson ;ooo Betty Grable Musical Caster "Farmer Takes Wife" T-h. Uptown Broad & Dauphin Air-Conditioned 3-D Guy Madison. Frank Lovejoy "CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER" & VICTOR MATURE "GLORY BRIGADE" 1905 Air- Tsch. Boot. Mitch urn wtjuc colurabia Cond. Susan Haywartl "White Witch Doctor" Plus Dean Martin, Jerry Lewi s?r a nrn erirr" XAtemltekWt Cheltea Robt. Mitchum Tech. WaiTOn trhtw Vhitr Witch Doctor" Wayne Avenue Playhouse, NOW NEWLY AIR-CONDITIONED ENGLISH FILM FESTIVAL Alastair Sim "iJMiBhter In Faradlse" & Somerset Maugham's "Ths tcaelicMiksr1 Charles Laugtiton. t.isa Lanchester Uandu Darbr. Air- June Allyson ii y rVnrja. Cwtrl Van Johnson "REMAINS TO BE SEEN" Lmi'd Calhern. "THE BIG BONANZA" Yonrlns Air-Conditioned Free Park'g LANA TURNER TECHNICOLOR RICAROO JOHN LOUIS MONTALBAN LUND-CALHERH VQ. . seacEa s fjnest wthtsMuhiHt vvemiie Mcuf imri - tmc Studio Su.nirrrt JUST FOR FUN! STOP AT PUN FAIR 1224 MARKET ST. THE MYSTERY BIBl AND MISS OKLAHOMA DEMISE RENAULT, in Lost Day! "ISLAND In Th SKY' John WAYNE? AIR-CONDITIONED mmimm erftfS OTST- FUWHIEST and BEST! 1 MTU -lAecnu TODAY'S PRICES ADULTS Open to 1 P.M. 74c "stsssssi HATBORO, PA. Hnthnrn Air- Esther Williams Tech. iiuihui w cond. Fernando Lamas DANGEROUS WHEN WET Technicolor Chester Pike Eddystone, Penna. JAMES STEWART TECH "THUNDER BAY" "MURDER WITHOUT TEARS" Family Drive-in Hm,OIV "THE VANQUISHED" John Wvne. Jan Sterling Tech. "HOUDINI" Tonv Curtis. Janet Leigh Tech. TWT OffVe fnn 7 P. M. Show Tim- lrk Lincoln Drive-ln S?? Tnw rtTWTTf; .tatckt i.f.ioh "HOUDINI" TECHNICOLOR 2ND HIT! VICTOR MATURE "THE GLORY BRIGADE" Main Line Drive-ln Theatre LANCASTER PIKE. DEVON. PA. WEST OF THE COVERED WAGON ALL-COLOR SHOW FrM MaoMurrav. ra Ralston. Victor MrLsgtwi "FAIR WIND TO JAVA" ALSO STERLING HAYDEN "KANSAS PACIFIC" Bot Offlop llyin 7PM Sb" Tir" P'ilc Ridge Pike Drive-ln 5 MILES ABOVE ROXBORO Alexander Scourbv. Victor Mature "THE GLORY BRIGADE" "ATOMIC CITY" Roosevelt Drive-In Theatre U. 8. Route 1 1 Mile an. Langhorn Speedway BARGAIN NIGHT! Bring the Vhole Family for Only $ 1 Per Carload Plus Tax VM. HOLDEN, "STALAC 17" 2ND TECH. HIT: WAttONS WEST" South City Drive-ln Xt 2 First Phila. Drive-ln Showinei EDMOND O'BRIEN 'Cow Country' Plus 2nd Exciting Cinecolor Featur HOWARD DUFF "ROAR OF THE CROWD" Starlite Drive-In s gffT Edw. G. Robinson. Paulette Goddard "VICE SQUAD" 2nd Hit: Groucho Marv. Marie Wilson "GIRL IN EVERY PORT" 309 Drive-ln Theatre .BETHLEHEM PIKE AT WELSH RD. 4 MILES NORTH OF AMBLER. PA. Ava Gardner, Robert Tavlor. Tech. . "RIDE, VAQUERO" Also RICHARD TRAVI3 "PIER 23" Km flfflcs pens I. M. Snow Tim IhtA I .tlllilt essMtoOJfs--- - DONNA aMMSsiiiiiiiiiiiiiwiLiTifmifirifmiBawagissg tmwmmmauimaimhimiimmmiiiwnmmimasaimimiimiimiia GaryCcioper iloxiCsmepe PIANOOlrH SCOTT ON Olfil NEW GIANT SCREEN TWIT'S PICtSMitaCiite5r.M.c TNI llk S. SfCTIOM . . . TMMI IS AMPtf Mastbaum ALL DAY I Preview tooay 3-D S2FEATURES, "laANDintheSKY" ond'THE CADDY" 1 a m a rL-1 'r c rmc mm y mTm Lfi . II I I llll? from Tl Stark, .si I' Hill - -T" "''"". TOOAYS MNMS-sOltTS-IsM u 1 Ik IM N SrlKIt . S M. Is tlsst t CHH0(N Sc Atom Iwrhile U ! 4 J B IS e All Day LAST "THE li w tin uun nn d itlu iur..","niin win.' I to S P.M. 99c S P.M. to Close $1-25CHILDRN Open ....... ....... . . I . . ....... These 3 AIR-CONDITIONED Theatres OPEN ALL NIGHT PALACE 12th 4 Market Marilyn Monros. Jans Fsssell "GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES" Technxcolor Mimical AND Hsward DUFF 'Spaceway' CENTER 17th inarm Esthsr WILLIAMS 'Dsnnrou When Wet' and Robert MITCHUM "White Witch Doctor" Both Technicolor W LJJ RCS DISPLAYING THIS CIRCLE Fkd. t Mariarst BROADWAY Brsad ( Snyder MIDWAY Allei. k Kens. ORPHEUM 3 DIMENSION J Gtn. C ChelteR LANE "The Charge j'Broail I 67th Art. SAVOIA Victor MAT URt I Brass Harris "GLORY BRIGADE" " AND ALL STAR CAST in MGM'i 3 "Af AIN STREET TO BROADWAY" a sYYORKTOWN h Most Magnincent musical specutcia ei au nmt: m H EIkissPars FmPIt PATRICE MUNSEL. tr A C T D R franklin k 3 DIMENSION r.imrd Csnt. Oly. Richar Carlsss "IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE Extra 30 Masical Resat Hat "Klni" COLE BENt 63rrt fc Woodl'd Esthsr WILLIAMS "Dangeroue When Wet" Technicolor AND "FAST COMPANY" MODEL 5th Car GRANT Deborah KERR mU"6,fc South "DREAM WIFE" AND John WAVHE "Pitttburgh" Re-se William HOLDEN "STALAG 17" Cumb. and 'FIGHTING RATS OF TOBRUK' FAIRMOUMT "th Girard Leslie CAROM "LILI" ARD Greer CARSON. Walter PIDGEON "SCANDAL AT SCOURIE" Both Technicolor LEADER4104 Richars WIDMARK Lane. "Dettination Gobi" Technicolor AND 'FIXED BAYONETS' LIBERTY Broad k 2 CREGORY PECK Hits! Columbia "GUNFIGHTER" AND "YELLOW SKY" Re-Isue SUBURBAN AMBLER i"1"-ra. 3 DIMENSION Richard CARLSON "IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE" Extra 30 Mssicsl Rttsc: Nst "Kim" COLE 3 v1, Ptk Ssy MADISON Color WAVERLY Dm!,,Tli CHARGE FEATHER RIVER EGYPTIAN Bll- WILLIAM HOLDEN cwrd "STALAG 1 7" MANOR PrMet ESTHER WILLIAMS Park Fsrnands LAMAS "DANGEROUS WHEN WET" Color RRHVP Willow Jan WYMAN Technicolor I " " " r,rm. "Let'w Do It A gain" To recover lost valuables... to find a lost dog. ..a want-ad in the Lost and Found columns of The Inquirer will bring results quicker . . . and at low cost. Call Miss Allen, RI 6-5000 to place your lost and found ad. Starling Tomorrow WORLD OMRS 8PEN 10:45 A. M. all-CONOITIONIB QU3t hXIdJLSiu GLIFT KMM-FfHE A COLUMBIA nCTUKsV mm 5teCtoel.3l ChMrtiSlcUwip IkLUTuO r AiR-CONOITIONED MlTTBAWtk STANLEY STANTON PALACE 1 ANO CONViNlfNT PAIKINS AT tEASONAtU RATA I USTffitlStU3,e Randolph SCOTT The STRANGER WORE A Gift Clll IlVO Celer by TtCHNICOLO " Added in 3 D The 3 STOOGES m PARDON MY BACXHkL PREVIEW TODAY :i STARTING at 10:45 A.M. SEE 2 FEATURES "THE CADDY" & "ISLAND IN THE SKT 'A CONTINUOUS FEATURE CADDY' Watch those- goofy golfers j; wfrt the laughing in their all-time- funniest hit! . nun uir h an irutMiaiR THAT'S AMOftf A mrs iovii ONE UGlOVffy kT WOUOCHA DO wmtooTMe its a wHsnc-r KMDAMOMN IM CAY CONTINCMTAL vrsres tub smr nsje UiiV to 1 P.M. 35c1 P.m! to Close 50c Ind. All .Mil . I 1J .. S ..... . llj IJ. FAMILY Mtrktt g Es-stsr.! t'BltlE "WARPATH" Technicojor AND MISSING DAUGHTERS iW-WrU I..MM..l.l,l!Ma.ltIB5ITiail MARK ARC AlB-COWeiTIONIIj NEW 69TH STRAND C Usssr Oarhy Frat Pkf. I St. 4 Ven.sss S Guy MADISON Frank LOVEJOY! at Feather River" Color LOGAN EDWARD 6. ROBINSBN J Brsaa k Wvsmini "VICE SQUAD" AND ALL STAR CAST in MGM't "MAIN STREET TO BROADWAY" Z M C L i A Technicolor g FERM ROCK Esthsr WILLIAMS 'DANGEROUS COMMODORE WHEN w.' al. Technicolor Mua&al DIAM0MDrtl,fc fVTnpx- Diamond Dais ROBERTSON "FARMER TAKES A WIFE" Color AND Bill ELLIOTT "REBEL CITY" EARL28th Lcslls CARON "LILI" ! Rfd Tech. "GOLD FEVER" niBERTY.TAC.i"8 ,Ether Torr. WILLIAMS "DANGEROUS WHEN WET" 8:30 P.M. Only Joel MeCREA 'LONE HAND' tfotn n Technicolor crnewirr ctn. nr. ss navwark mi. irr nssnr MITCHUM I Technicolor WHITE WITCH DOCTOR WISH ART f Cslsr .!. Alios;. Deny UKAOLt "FARMER TAKES A WIFE" Rrvssst 8:30 P.M. (nly Paris DAY "On Moonlitrht Bav" TERMINAL 59tb "" " r rrm rarsina titles &erles Lst Lesli CARON Mel FERRER L I L I ' ' Technicolor HIWAY itsa Susaa HAYWARD ' " nvnn Hltinus Technicolor WHITE WITCH DOCTOR STANLEY P51" Pa. . 3 DIMENSION Color Csy MADISON FEATHER RIVER" "CHARGE AT STATE cnt. fc Pa. "VICE EDWARD 6. ROBINSON Ps.tstta CODDARI - SQUAD" WARNER Kthryn GRAYSON Lnesirr as mount "SO THIS IS LOVE" . . Twftnicolor Mvmcnl J t N

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