The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1934
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Served by the United Preaa VOL. XXXI—NO. -1C BLYTHEVILLE COURIER TtlK 1X>M1NANT NRWKHAPKK OH NOKTHMA at AUKAN8AB AND BOUTHEABT HOME EDITION Ulythevllle Dally News niytlicvllle Courier Mi.viLs.slp>M Valley lender Illytla'vllli! Herald Hl.VTIIKVll.LK, ARKANSAS, TIll-'USHAV. MAY 10, 193-1 SINGLE COPIKS FJVK CENTO KIDNAPS SEIZE RICH WEST COAST BROKER J|In<ull Plea for Lower Bail Denied! When 2.,000,000 Heard Hiilei ".William M. Kj:arks of III- Uiiili-ill ] f-Jlati-s circllll cu'ult ol a;j])- ;iH to Unemployment Increased, ai> y tl -'» t - (i a «" uf l!lll ' ( Contracts Viola-ed Says Memphis Commit Ice •MEMPHIS. May 10. (UP(— The Mempliis cominUU-e or the U-ajiie for Industrial D^mo<:racy today reported after u survey o! four state", lliat the government 1 ;, cotton reduction campaign had increased agricultural unemployment, caused wholesale eviction of tcnnnls, nr.d ecoj fills lu milieu tin- S3HJ.OIXJ tontl di-mandi'd loj- n ka.H 1 o! ^'nJniiei IiiKuli from thi- uuinly jail. Judk'.- Sparks, in denying tin 1 writ ant] [jtdi-inr.; that thi 1 1-1- yoar-Cj!d latien utilily monarch inw.ii in the jail until las IIM.IIK nblain llif S-iOO.WO bail, .-.aid: mal:e for vv.ja*c l-*Jh,nujl ul lullallvo, u[.u n||| f n I • I inomic destruction of the s:'arc \\l\\ FP 111 llie report presents information j II U LLU lit OF! The obtained from 500 families in Ar-i kansas. \fissouri. Tennessee and Mississippi, while admitilng us in'- compic-te and partially verified nature, tlie report presents its tind- ings as indicative of widespread violations of governmental reduction contracts and serious fallacies in the contract SUclf. linemptiiymrnl Increased "It has been one of lhe main objectives of this committee to determine whelrer thc acreage reduction program has created a ne* agricultural unemployment.' 1 says lhe report. "We can state with authority that it has so operated and can assert that, at a conservative estimate, at least 15 ]>er cent and probably 20 |Kr cent of all share cropper families r.avc lost their 0:1- pirtunity to make a living on the land by the only labor which they know." Supporting Its charge the committee reported 103 white families find 13 negro families who hail crops In 1933 are without tliern this year. -•Dozens pf cases of eviction .are charged, .the owners "dumping" Aftnr Night in J:iil al Ashcvillc ASHBVILl.E, N. C.. May 10. cUPl —Col. iMkr l.»a and I.uke I,ea jr. l-'Il heie today on t1:e last leg uf llteir trip tu Raleigh lo bi';;hi sorv- i:i^ iirJsjji sentences on c h 'ai.;t.-s of iloia'.ino ihe stale banking laws. .Sheiiu Lawrence Drown and two deputies left lu-n- with the l>rLson- !•!•.•, by auloiuobilf .!l:orilv Iwforc 10 a.m. and c-xpeeted to reach the n:ue ])rison at Ii:i!eii;h by 5 p.m. A ci'owd of curious s]>e(;tator!i saw I: e departure. A crowd of curious spectators i:iw :li- di-partiin- of the former . Na:liville. Ti-nn.. pllblislier and his |L >on from Hie nui:r<i:nl;.- munly Mrs. Lta, Si 1 ., who mt-l her I . -,.. /-, hu:L::li(l and .son al till' coml- UIUS Ihcy LaillliuiiM- upon tln-ir arrival last ni-lit. :icion,]i:i!iii<d the prisoners. Artiif-d gitai'ds '.vatcliud as the pi'isoia r:, \vere hustled to a waiting automobile. They v.ere taken li'jm Hie jail through a basement Killough I ry Misdemeanors Same As Municipal Court JO.N'ESCOno. Ark.. May 10 -- Jndye. Noil] Kiilouch has' hand-d .,.,,, „,,,,,,;„,, , ,,,„ wl| , ch down a decision m circuit cou,' | .,, co , .,„;,.„ lh ._\ rm „„ thc lrj " that ^slices of lh_e ix..acc ,,„,„ HilS | )vin( , w . ls ( | is|rellEC(1 wlt ,, l<:day and the di'iiuiit's carried on the cities or forcing them to take crude shelter in corn cribs. "Krom all directions we have received reports of large plantations entirely abandoning share tenants or sharecroppini; with Hie substitution of day labor in Iheir stead. 1 : the committee reported. Day labor, emoted from 50 cents to SI a day, is cited as "a lower stage of economic existence." since t li r worker benefits neither from Increased cotton prices nor government bounties. White Families Squeezed Out "Tn part because of unwillingness of white families to accept farm \vork on such a basis, in par! because of a definite preference by plantation- owners and managers for colored day laborers, many whit-. families have been squeezed out of employment. Tlie shift from white to colored labor often has bren accomplished by melhods of brutal- lly and deceit. "Our cards contain cases of white families with long records of productive labor on thr- snme plantation who have b"cn sudden I v olT from al] continuation of'l usual farming arrangements ..... cither served with eviclicn noticcr or olfered day labor only." New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Mny 10 (UP)— Answering the bullish trend of the wheat market, cotton futures rallied after a poor start on the local exchange, ending today's sc.s- fion with net gains of around 2S cents a bale. open high low close i:i townships uul.sidt ol Jolwstoro .]' the v.-em -n diMrid of Craiu- head i.ounty hav.- jurisdiction in eiimmal mirdcmnimi]- casts TlH' (|iir-5'.k>n ivii:, rai'.cd in tin-! .a.s,'- of Mr.s. Martini Clolt. char.:-; (! with obstructinx a highway.] Dciii-i brought to circuit court on a writ of Leitioiaii Irom a mayis- .rate's court at Ni-ltlnim. An npptal to ihe supivme court fio.u UK- dicision. holding justic.' -omts and the Joncslxjro municip- :l rcint have concmrent jurbdic- !ic:i in mibdenieanoi cases, will U.- .akei;, it is understood. . - It is belicvc-d that the ruling by Judge Kilioug]) at Jonesljoro also !Ct!!i-s a poini. long dispuli-d heie. as to the po-.veis of the Blythe- only :.idi-ann.s. inmiicipal court and JIISI.CL-S <-! p.ace conns in lhe Chickasawbn Mississippi omuy. Father of Local Merchants Succumbs Long Illness Note Proves June Robles Still Lives TUCSON, Ail/.. Muy 10 (UP1 — Timi;lblc proof Unit June Nobles, U-vi-ur-oSd kldim|X'd hpiicss. is Mill iillve. wns conlulned In u iiulo bra/.enly delivered to tin- I'onnly attorney's office Monday night. It was learned loilny. The note, thrust under the door ol County Attorney Cliircnce Houston's office, contained answers lo 0 s-l of i|Ufstlons June's father, l-'einnndo llobles, pro|ioui<ded In u dlritt nppenl to the klilna|x?rs mure than a week ago. llobles directed the iibdnctors to nsk June. Hie questions...and sub- tnlt the answers to him as prtjof In- was dunllng with her actual cuptors. The note found In tlie prose- lory replies. II WHS saltl. to these iiuo.stlons. which June alone could answer: "What do you do with your buimlcs In the morning?" "Where Is your little- box with the key In 11?" "What Is the mime of Bellnn's mild?" | "Wlint do yon eiill Corncy?" The grief-stricken parents selz- id upon this messiiKe u.s the' first Indisputable proof tltnt June Is still alive .sine* she wns kldimped The stupendous spectacle of 2,000.000 people gathered In one place was afforded in Berlin's great Tem- FollqW.l 1) g.l* 11 ' 01 ai-iodromc on May Day when Chancellor Hitler, by \m Dans of H2 loud speakers, told the vas assemblage of Na/i 'alms and 'policies. II generally is credited with" being one of the grealest singli : . throngs in history. R. E. Moore, father of Leslie Mcore niul Ulrlc lUoore. well uses LODT known local merchants, succumbed at his home, southwest of Blyllie- ville. at 1:50 o'clock hist night after a long Illness. Funeral services will be held to- ninrrow afternoon al two o'clock Ihe Lake street Observations farms. It did not present R particularly pleasant picture, especially when It Is realized that conditions on the Wilson farms are probably above the average, at „ .. . . , , least in some respects. Commenting on ihe new federal , ^ Methodist income tax measure, the Arkansas Tnnl thc nc ' 1<!n B e ''eduction pro- C'liurcli with tho Rev. W. J. U-Roy. Oazxjtte complains that "while il B"im In.s contributed to Ir.crcnsed by C. R. R ; PRESIDENT Ttt BODSI BILL Governor Orders National Guard Company lo Wichita Trouble Scene TOPEKA, Kans., May 10 (UP) pastor, official mi.'. Inir-rinr-m will is true that the mcasuro consider- "Srlcullural unemployment, which _ . he made at Klmwond cemetery, ably reduces the tax on incomes '" tur " " 1;ik<;s comlitlons worse Special IVICSSage Will Tho Cobb Undi-rtaking company is in the lowest brackets," Its "gen- fo1 ' nl[1 "5' °' tllose fortunate in charge of fun-ial airangements. e.-al effect is to increase thc total "'ongh lo find places, ought not The del-eased is surviu'd by his lax burden an the whole income' to cmKV urKicr llle 1 "' n " 1 "8 ° r widow. Mrs. I^-nii Moore, two laxpaying Broiip. thus withdraw- " L "' v5 - ' la cul pnxlnction 40 per SOILS and a (laughter. Mrs. Jack insr more money from tlie chan- c p nt without lessening opixirlunt- RoStt'] t^on, Sr. I'.cls of private enterprise 10 be p expended for govcrnmenl piir- I poses." The Gazette seems lo be lubor- -Clov. A. .M. Landon today ord.'r- llfs fo1 ' Productivu employment press Disapproval of Coconut Oil Levy WASHINGTON. May 10. (UPi- Seize and Bind Employes as They Report for Work in Morning ' WEBB CITY, Mo.. May 10 (UP) —A gang of robbers, who cut their my Into the Webb City bank dur- n? lhc night, trussed up five em- ployes as they arrived today walled for the time lock on the vault to o<>en. and then escapet A'lth $15,000. : Lee A. Dougherty, cashier, WQJ lhe only employe not tied up a; he walked Into tlie bank. He wo: forced to open the safe. Then In was taped and bound. The robbery was nut dlscoverei until business men began to ar rive and found the victims. E5NTEIUIIIIG PBUI Viclim, Bound and Gagged, Is Thrown Over High Wall by-Abductors LOS ANOELES. May 10 : <UP>— While authorities organized a wide scnich lor thi' kldnapei-s of Wll- liiun F. nettle. 47-yenr-old mil- : Momdre. his attorney announced • tlml any reasonable demand lor random would be met promptly, and quietly) "' LOS ANGELES. May' 10.'I UP) — Two masked kidnapers/ defied the Iron grilled gates 'and Sigh walls of MI exclusive Arcadia'estate to kidnap William F. Gettle, 41, weal- tl'.y Beverley Hills broker, and hold him prisoner today. Police were convinced Oeltle was held for rancom rather than as the victim of revenge. Celtic was seized Oast midnight Just as a' swimming party was leaking up at his palatial home, He and James P. Wolff, a friend, •ere loitering in a In r.e rcur ot.lhe grounds when the wo alxlu'ctbrB appeared. Tliey cov- red the broker and his giiest with cvolvcrs.. bound them with rope iiid adhesive lape, then fled with jetllc asstiielr hostage. .In their 3 lastc to depart they threw trie 'JQO-; itfi pound broker over the high w»U. : -3- Wolff was Ictt behind tied to y r ree. " .-, "Listen, you, this is a ,'xidnap- ]-,-':' ng." WolfT was warned as tr.e men -.;',' disappeared ovor the wall. "Don't •'{•• rive thc alarm for an hour If. you 'f' know what fa good for you.'.'.J? ' ' San Francisco Police Trampled weeds uid tire tricks In a narrow alley ihowed that the gunmen had escaped in an automobile. Although" no ransom demands liave been made, police'are certain Ihcy will be. ert a national Hiitchinson lo guard unit to Wichita ni Sinkers Battle jinu uncier the misapprehension that tax money, in some inysicrl- ' would indeed be an amaxing ac- The 193-1 tax bill, designed to raise cpmpllshment. The government is $417.000.000 additional revenue over promising to enforce acreage con- a (m| approved today by tract provisions for the protection of farm tenants and may succeed Osceola Council Defers Action on Power Rates n ,i „. ... ,-•-,-"'' M: 'i '°' <UP) 'oi!s and unexplained fashion, loses at -Stnfcms slcvedors and mounted Us vseSu i, KSS in ,, 1C Roosevelt. in relieving thc situation there to A Brotip from the capltol and treasury was on hand as Hie pi event a threatened riot of job'"" men there later loday. engaed i, a and ,*=.." ., i on ass Wichita city oflicial.-, appealed to thr sovmiur for aid alter i-arning that a cruwd nf around. MJM jobless in™ w:vs scheduled to ! c( i . ,,„ ...,,,--. ., i onomic scheme. That is not irue. to hand i,?ht here !o:!ay as lhe lTo lhc contran ., wlth opporuml- oneshorcMiH,, broke throng police t!cs (or tho „_„;„„ e,,,^, 1 ,,,,,,, or lines and an rmployment |, r | r .itc mire noar the waU'r'rom where «' end of 'the nroblem. A 40 per cent executive signed the measure which. • • . CUl among otherithlngs, provides a re- .,*> . '' limited, ' x in the Increase in , [ri;;c PlkrVP . U rcmiit- '" ~ = 40 per cent cut In labor required ? uclt(m of fhe lnromc ln: for picking, ginning, hauling, com- 10TOr brackets and an In: pressing, transporting and market- " lc '"B"" ones. Ing the crop, which means a re- In connection with one of the pasture May July Ocl 1>C Jan March 11 lob 1125 1143 IHO 1150 1152 1172 1173 1175 1106 118-1 1121 1136 1147 1173 11CC Il25b IHO 1154 110Gb Spcls closed steady nt nw). nect this afternoon in car Hie city. _^Late yeslerday a mob of about >CO unemployed men rioted and in a batik' with |«lice and fin-men fou:- officers were injured ••crioiifly. .More than a score of he jobless were injured. Police ba;t!ccl desperately lo keep their line intacl but ilu- rush was loo stroiii; anil ihe line broke. Sanitarium Patients funds somewhat money collected by lhe government in taxes goes back into e en- \^ Mm m ~ employment in the 'act's features, lliat imposing'a tax South which none but the most, oti coeonul oil. the president will optimistic can expect will be fully transmit a special message to con- offsei by the resulls of the In- gress In a day or two expressing main tn the taxpayers' hands. not oppress pri-' creased "buying power which the dissatisfaction with that pro- Taxes should — „,,,,—, .... , ; vatc enterprises. But even rela- \ projram will undoubtedly give vision. ! lively high taxes on Inrge incomes farm operators. • !l U l. I . n .'? Je !. n . h< L r ! l . n " ccs "," '"" ^i H should be remembered, how- da.nenlal problem, however, re- sucli an el- „„,. [nal ^ e un f avo rable ec- mains that of finding markets Mavor A. S. Rogers named the }lkiwlng standing committees to 'rve during lhc next two years: Street committee. W. W. lYewllt. R. A. Cartwrlght and E. A. Teaord: finance und audit cominil- ce. J. 1!. Bunn. Sam D. Coble. Ben Butler; fire and ixsllce committee, E. A. Tenford. J. n. Bunn and Sam B. Coble. Agriculture Department Cuts Wheat Estimate WASHIGTOX, May 10 mpi-i.. The agriculture department todiv! V ' Emcl ' s ™ c >' » Ialms ;vcrc „„.!.._ . . "vp.ii uiLl tit LUUily I canr t K Cr tlr. ,,1 ~ ., .9 c-i :i),,. n r „ .. Tinr-,r-,T.» r > t > r \ ci (ji, tuav L4JU uiuutuiauit: t;u- MJ» u t^ 11 in i. ut i iuu IILK mil l ^(J Lo ak. HUDSON wis.. May 10 (UP>-|f<--cl. As a matter of fact they , , , f (h f ( t prontn ble prices for a cotton pro- rir*»ll hofni-rt r, IIJ..K «-<.-,,! n^.i flro rw>Tlrtflf lol tn Kurl.i.ii-c- u-liAH . ._ . . . _ if" f w»w.. ^* « beneficial to business when Driven before a hi»h wind. Tire, tndny destroyed the !iud.-on s;in- ariiim. endangering the lives ot I ministration is using them, to while il apparently Is being ac- dticllon sufficient lo give employ._,,, , . . . i> Illlf Jl, il]/|'.Il <-llllJ LO UVIlJg «t- UtlllLim .T.ll I Li.ll.llV IW g 1 * C CLI1UIUJ - iey are used a.s he present ad- c( , ntua ted by the acreage program, mcnl to thc men and the lands 20 pallents and threatening fplcaa to lhc cmlre of create buying power. oOo Imagine many l"e r««lt °' H- H existed In the South [or which no other before that program came In- employment Is available. If no to existence. Acreage restriction is solution of that problem 13 found residents of a drastic attempt to meet an em- the situation this year may be The agriculture department today! Emeigency alaims were I Imagine many residents of a drastic attempt to meet an em- the situation this year may be estimated winter wheat production! M" „ i , Slillwater.. Mississippi county read with In- ergency. Viewed In that llelu and ipgarded as simply a taste of "'is M'ar al -IU1.-I7IC03 biis!-e!s rv-1, " l "' ,"''°" ls nbr "" slx "'"'' s lcrest "'* slory in last nieht's not. as some seem to consider II. lhe Koncral and painful labor Heeling (irou'.li and HMCI rav'a-i-s c, 0 '",, i "' '' "' ;i0 '" " fro "'. M< '»'l'l'ls Pre.w-Scimltar about the ns a solution of the cotton prob- r<adjustment that must take ( f the past month in ihe wheat I _" ' or Sltuatl °" o » the l -ce WUson [em. il can be Justified. The fun- place throughout the cotton bell. Cloning Stock Prices NEW YOHK. May 10 tUP) Stocks today descended to new lows for the year at losses ranging lo more than four points in the active Issues and H points in the Inactlves. A. T. and T. .......... Ill 3-4 Anaconda Copper ...... 14 Hothlehcm .steel ...... 3-1 S-R Chrysler ................ 40 3-< Cities Service .......... 25-8 (,'oca Cola ............. 11G Oeneral American Tank 36 1-8 Oneral Electric ........ 101-2 General Motors ........ 321-4 Intcrnaliontil Harvester 35 Middlewesl Utilities ____ 5-1G Montgomery Ward ..... 25 5-s New York Central ...... 28 Packard ........ .- ..... 41-8 Hhilliys Petroleum ...... 163-1 Radio Corp ............ 7 1-2 Simmons Beds ........ 1(5 St. Louts-Ban Francisco 3 Standard of N. J ....... f> 1-4 Trxas Co ........... '. .. 2111-1 U. S. Steel .............. 43 1-4 •xlt. tiie indicated harvest oh April 1 was «l.7:>:<.iywi L ,. is |,,, ls Con . riition of n :c ,.,-„., .,, , ]nl M|no '-yas (-slimatf,! al 74 3 ,, C r cent of "oimal. compa:ed witli 5^.4 ]Kr cent °" April 1. I'm. New >'o;-A- Cotton NT.W YORK. May 10 tUP) Cotton closed steady. open hi"h low close Mav July Oci IX-c Jan 1130 1145 MM I1G2 1172 IUf> lliil 117.1 117U 1185 1138 1141! 1155 1104 1128 mo I15U 11C8 1171 11ES Talk Won'l Be So Free Around the Cily Hall Hereafter Too many lon^ d! c tincc call placed by iwrsous unknown thrv telephones at lhe city lull r.avc caused city olllcials to order rein av- al of one 'phone and to keep strlc! walch on otrers. It seems that a telephone in the po'.ice s'nticn room was used mosl frequently by oulsiders who either forgot to mention their call and leave money lo cover or wanted f -is closed sicadv al 1155, up 5.,,' 1 ' , convfrMllon ' • ' the phone was removi /M • ,wn . l(vo others'on Hie same Chicago Wheat . "steal" a conversation. At any rat ovcd. leaving circuit but May July where they could be watched or ! locked UD when offlcers were out open hlyh low clawl" 1 ' 1 " 0 te'ephone coni-nnv. th" mavor 85 1-2 90 3-8 85 1-2 00 3-8l sa:<1 ' declined to limit calls over C3 1-2 83 S-8 83 i-2 88 5-3 Chicago Corn open hiyh low ty hall telephones to certain persons, forcing the city to discontinue the one normally more open to the public than any oilier. Fearing that word of the tele '!« 3-1 ^n 1-8 -1(31-2 48,1-1 phone company's refusal lo limi •W 1-8 M 49 1-8 51 I--!'calk' would give some pet.ions ai dea of how to get a few free calls >t the city's expense. Mayor Shane isked .a reporter at city council neetlii!? the ether night' to treat 'he subject as mildly as possible. Arch IJndsey. depuy sherllf. r>as )ccn the subject of some qcxxi natured Joshing from cfflcia!* since the J. B. Richardson trial at Se.ircy last Saturday. Arch was among local officers called to attend the trial ol Hicli- ardson, accused In t^e Ken.-ett bank robbery, as witnesses. After .. _ the trial ended an aaed mm with " su: >l happenings In the court room. | Alexander said not a wort but flowing beard, who had been 0:10 of the interested spectators rfflclo" Jurors, walked si ward and edging up to Undsey. ac- enthustnst. objects to reference in only a few w'r-tte men. including of- sporls stories to the local Amerl- fleers and aUorr.eys. present. Evi- can Legion post as "backing" John dcnce a-jatnsl Alexander's negro Smith's Blylhevllle Tigers. The Le- client was unusually strong and the glon. according to Parker. Is only j attorney was making a plea foi "sponsoring" the ball club for a' dismissal o; lhe charge against hlrt "cut" in tre gate receipts. TI.e i with little hope of success, term "backing." lie says, indicates! As tn ,, barrister neared the close that the Lejlon will also be re-jof his nppral re glanced out a win Bponsib'.e for lhe club's bills, if any.! dow of the courtroom. As he dl< and It .is no:^ i so he noticed an electrical dlspla; .' * " '• caused by defective wiring, on E. E. Alexander, local attorney. nearby po»er line, creating the 11 and veteran of many a court bat-1 luslon o! a ball ol fire rolling slow- He, has a rare store of tales of tin- ji y toward the courtroom.. OSCEOLA, Ark. — The Osceola 'ily Council deferred for further ivestl'-allon a proposed reduction i cliy power rates and an appro- U. S. WASHINQTON, May 10 (UP)— Federal aRents have been assigned' :o the William F. Celtic kidnap-; Inn case. J. Edgar Hoover, chief.of!! the department, of Justice bureau • of Investigation, sold today. idealism of Jesus Shows Way of Life. Using as his theme "Life's .la; cvltable Journey" last night at tl»- evangclistlc meeting at the FirsT Chrlstlan church, Dr. J. J. Walker He declared that Christianity ts.'a way of life, that the idealism-of Jesus affords the motivation nec^ essnry to live it. "."! Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Jacks, as rtation' .for employment of a lea ^rs of song, arc attracting ninly probation officer, at thc,"'! 1 ' ottcntlo »- Tonight Mr. Jacks eettng Tuesday evening. !"" 8 ' ve ° 'I* 0 ' 01 number imitat-. Ing thc flute. Last night lie gave' voice and whistling solos. '^ \~ Tlie sermon this evening will'be on 'The 1934 Call lo Hepenlence, 11 ' with service beginning at 1:45' p. m. ' ' Lloyd's Issues Policies on Roosevelt's Survival LONDON, May 10 (UP)-Lloyd's world wide insurance company. Is rtoln? a considerable business Issuing policies against anything liapimiing to President Roosevelt, it was learned today. Such Importance Is placed I^j Europe on the president's contlnu- ince tn office and Ihe completion of his recovery program that business men and traders are gambllns •n his surUval and ultimate victory. The rates are not permanent but vary in accord with the sup- oly and demand. Oil Code Expensive to U. S. Motorist WASHINGTON, May 10 (UP1- The NRA oil code cost the nation's motorists 1160.550,000 between July 1. 1933. and Januarj 31. 1934, the federal trade coin mission reported to the senate to day. ; Former Postmaster at ; Leachviile Sentenced JONESBORO, Ark. — Urelie O. Thomasson, formerly postmaster I Leachviile, was sentenced to is -.onths imprisonment whne he leaded guilty before Federal udge J. E. M«rtlne»u here to horges of taking postoffice funds or his own use. Carl A. "Pickles" Culllson. of Jlylhevllle, charged with violation f the federal narcotic laws, was laced on probation following ar- aignment before Judge Ivfarttneaii. Azra McDanlel of Blythevllle nd thc Missouri state line see- or. was arraigned on a charge of selling narcotics but the charge, was dismissed when it developed hat government's principal wit- icss against him was a drug addict who had served several terms. Alexander was telling the- other pointed dramatically and started 5 and "ex day of tie manner In which a "bill fcr the door. In the ensuing panic ilow'.y for-'of fire" once upset the course of Ihe sl-erifl, entering the room, was costed him thusly: "Which one of tre boys Is you?" Jtisltcc. I bowled over by the siiperstllulous A preliminary hearing was nn-'and thoroughly frightened negroes. Hichjvcison denvay Ixfore Squire Hicks in the I When q'.::ct was restored, gone not I old frame courthouse that once [only was the audience but the dc- Ifitood hfiv. The courtroom was nil- fendnui as well. He was never re- Earl E. Parker, barber and sports | ed (o overflowing with negroes withcaptuted. Masons Meet Tonight Members of the local Masonic lodge will have work in the Master's degree in a meetlne tonight, 7:30 o'clock. Brazilians Attack Japanese Colony SAO PAULO. Brazil, May 10 (U P)—Five Japanese were reported killed and 16 Injured In thc town of Tiete when Brazilians attacked a Japanese colony there, advices received here said today. WEATHER Arkinsis—Partly cloudy tonight and Friday, cooler tonight. M?mp:ls and vicinity—Partly cloudy and cooler tonight. Friday fair and cooler. Thc me-ximum temperature h«re yesterday was 87, mlnimuja 66, clear, according to Samuel F. Morris, official weather observer.

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