The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 24, 1953 · Page 33
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 33

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1953
Page 33
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. THURSDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 24, 1953 adh 33 'The Affairs of Dobie Gillis' and 'Biq Leaquer' Double Bill at the World Songs, dances, Max Shulman's keen-edged brand of humor and baseball mix together for an agree-) able double bill at the World in its latest M-G-M offerings of "The Affairs of Dobie Gillis" and "Big Leaguer." How not to succeed at college but have fun while doing it can best describe Shulman's story of the irrepressible. Dobie Gillis (Bobbie Van) and his freshmen associates. When Dobie's bent for getting in trouble rules out his chances of dating his girl Pansy (Debbie Reynolds) by night, he occupies the hours of her day. Together they . 1 4 ei roam the countryside, to a fetching song and dance number, until the thought of flunking out of school takes them back to classes. CHEMICAL EXPLOSION When Pansy attempts to solve a chemistry problem with the fiendish delight of a child and the inevitable explosion occurs, she is sent off to her aunt in New York and Dobie is left forlorn. Displaying rubber-legged grace, reminiscent of Ray Bolger, Van's in terpretation of the heart-broken Dobie, to tne catchy arrangement of "I'm Through With Love," is the high point of the film. Separation only makes Dobie's mind work overtime and by pic ture's end Pansy is back in his arms. Lending their bit to the campus frolic are Bob Posse, Bar bara Ruick, whose pleasant voice is of the Dinah Shore variety, and Hans Conried as the acid-tongued English professor. BASEBALL STORY "Big Leaguer" is a sentimental account of the sand-lotters who get AK TALKING 9 'TVsttMtopJ next Attraction Randolph theatre jsarer n mi mm a tells of a ROMANCE that began ...and ended in OONT MISS IT DELIGHTFUL! Lf J U.'.ll.M.l'.'J.'IMjMHll WALT DISNEY'S latest ali-live-actioa adventure-romance...! I WATT DISNEY'S Fll WjHlllTP T I : . J ... ibarbam snrnmK- MuRmv lit, a chance to try out with the New York Giants and aspire to great ness at Coogan's Bluff. Edward G. Robinson is the kindly manager of the Florida farm club where the players are screened. Knowing that his job is threatened because he has failed to come up with any prospects. Robinson realizes that he must find a star among his newest batch of recruits. He puts his future in Adam Polachuk, a hard-hitting third-baseman. After Adam, played by Jeff Richards, settles a conflict with.his father, he fulfills Robinson's faith in him. Vera-Ellen is Richards' enthusiastic supporter. BARBARA L. WILSON. 'Paradise1 Play Cancels 2d Week "The Paradise Question," a new play by Walter Hart and Richard Maibaum, has canceled the second week of its engagement at the Locust Street Theater and will close there Saturday night. The theater management announced that ticket holders for performances next week will have their money refunded at the box office. Here for a tryout prior to New York, the play will be withdrawn temporarily for revision, producer Elaine Perry stated yesterday. Exclusive Phila. Area Premiere 16th and MARKET KILLWJ2) IPiaBfiflDBLa LIGHTS! STARS! CELEBRITIES! BANDS! TV! RADIO! NEWSREELS! PRICES FOB TONIGHTS PREMIERE ONLY! ORCHESTRA $5.20 BALCONY $2.60 (All Taxes ind.) Some tickets still available for the greatest entertainment thrill of your life I iw y .--t IlDteQMSirfllllM (imiuox presents THE FIRST MOTION PICTURE IN fNni THE MODERN MIRACLE YOU SEE WITHOUT GLASSES! When these curtains open will know why "THE ROBE" had to wait for GnemaScope before it could fully encompass you in its power, spectacle and glory! Only CinemaScope is the Amtmorphic Lens Process on the newly created, curved Miracle Mirror Screen that achieves infinite depth and lifelike reality without the use , 0 A r"N 1 .1 I -fc. W W W m m m j " 4 TECHNICOLOR CinemaScope with its matchless coordination of vision, color and Stereophonic Sound could "THE ROBE" come alive. When these curtains open... you will be encompassed in the vast and wondrous panorama . . . you will behold the awe-inspiring spectacle as the imperial might of Rome hurls its challenge against the Word of God. 1 :MmmrmS i r ( TOl5Vj 4J?A PREMIERE QBIEHBODJiiEi iflJIigECQIB flIfliDiIHlIH? ifll(3IIEID -SGSZD CS3S ,CD'ESS rwTTT- CST '3D '3CnnE sS5'"(3S Tomorrow Doors Opon 9 A. 171. Continuous Performances NO RESERVED SEATS! See tomorrows papers for cont. performance prices Wbonlighter' In 3-D at Goldman By BARBARA L. WILSOX The worst offense that Warner Brothers have committed in "The Moonlighter," their 3-D offering at the Goldman, is wasting the talents of Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray. Miss Stanwyck and MacMurray i are called upon to do little morel than mouth all the cliche-ridden; sentences that screen writer Niven Busch has been able to gather together in his 81 -minute script. SUCH DIALOGUE Typical of these hackneyed phrases is Miss Stanwyck's observation upon meeting MacMurray after a five-year absence. "You've changed, Wes." "Nobody stays the same," answers MacMurray solemnly. Or on another occasion when MacMurray evaluates himself: "I'm not sentimental any more. I'm strong because I can go my own way." Reminiscent of Walter Van Til-burg Clark's "The Ox-Bow Inci-cent" and his own "Duel in the Sun," Busch relates the useless life of Wes Anderson, the cattle rustler by night, known as the "moonlighter." WRONG MAN HANGED On one escapade, Wes is caught and jailed. When the irate cattle men storm the jail to deal out their own form of justice to Wes, they pick the wrong man and hang him. Wes escapes and sets forth on the trail of vengeance. He suffers a bullet wound and returns to his mother's home for aid. There he finds that his brother, Tom, and his former sweetheart, Rela (Barbara Stanwyck) , are planning marriage Ignoring brotherly consideration, Wes is determined to regain Rela's affections. BANK BOBBERY Meanwhile, he plans a bank rob bery where Tom has recently been employed. Tom is killed, but Wes and his partner Cole reach their hideaway with the money. Rela, convinced that Wes is truly a bad hombre, obtains the sanction of the sheriff and pursues her for mer lover to bring him to justice. In the ensuing scenes Rela proves herself a match for Annie Oakley. She gets her man, but love and right conquer all. With Rela's promise that she will wait for him, Wes gives himself up. All this, and an anachronism, too. Miss Stanwyck modeling the most modish nightie midst horse and buggies and a glass hearse. a (omsitionCO MARKET U T OeOOi oft - io:S WORLDS BSLKSSffi Edward G. ROBINSON VERA-ELLEN wth Jeff RICHARDS Richard JAECKEt tW-am CAMPBEU f HUR3ELL wmm .mm I i-irmiHa of , DOBIE GILLIS ; nEYNOLDS Yaw f Q?SE Jj I JOSE FERRER mi 0 rm mi COOL TRANS-LUX 1519 Chestnut Op.n 10:45 3rd VJccli! OOOIS OPEN 10:15 A.M. - 1 S ' I . The Boldest lUst-Seiter 6f tills Ofin tarXEW GIANT SCREEN last Futon 7:15 P.N. .TODAY'S PRICES Malts Opn ti 5 P JL Sk S tt Clm $1.31 CMMm 56c than keL M Tms umiiwianuKiiciiJ fosses? must mm nmami hthelWiSL SECTOM.-.Thert is AMPCE t tmtm PARKINS REASONABLE RATES AT THE STANLEY 19 th 6-MARKET T0NI6HT ONLY lastfeafw sfVSPM "FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" TOMOPtOW... lAiT FEATURE oflO.SSPM i unruranniMi Their NEWEST, FUNNIEST and BEST! t" MARTZ3 and JtRiT LEWIS "The CADDY? DM REED Ttotrs MCB-UM.n-a n i r i . i r. a. ti s rm Mc s rn. on sus CMIMCX-OVM tl 1 P i Hc-f r.B. M Ota Me-Mcw tacMt M Taut CONQUEST 0F COCHISE f CHINA VENTURE. HOOIAK STACK PAGE Alt HEW , O'BRIEN SUUIVAH BRANDO turn n iin-;iiU-lit-IH-HMi .hiaw-lif -n-m-t 2 M see "C r ma Ullilitivilw mm .....U'c mmm NOEl COWAIO'S 5MASH STAGE HIT NOW A WON0ERF01 MOVIEI 'rn NOEL COWARD'S JONIGHTat8:30 I . TECHNICOLOR Studio Mitt.-. ri8UMjM!KJ Starts! 1 TFOTT I jS' fo GOU J 1 1 tAU the Splendor J? : ,..the Drama V:Sl'tlTl M iho Uert-rt nf Si tlST fill ''A I A MOTIOM PICTURE OUR TIME . . . Fll. K DOORS OPEN 9:15 A.M. H LAST FEATURE 10 P.M. U HTElteiiBQS) THE SMSIUS 6IRLS ABE IACK A6AIW WA 2-9697 i i A I0AY -ill I TRENTON I S&T.27mu OCT. 4im MM. II'CMMM I OAV T ATI - - 4-H ran j tea Sow EEAL-LfYE-GLCRIFIED! mIfV A KXAItScl SWHiSWATCTWJCB ens LOGAN i 'km .it S hi una Dnr "THUWDeg PAY IH 11 im.l tl 1 HH.IMI Feature at 10 A.M. 12 Noon Wit MED IN WEST GERMANY bu Louis de Rochemont Associates! -2 p,M. -4 P.M. -6 P.M:-8:MI-A0PjNI get your tickets NOW. . For the ONE and ONLY Film-with a New Dimension NO SPECIAL GLASSES NEEDED! TUES. NIGHT, OCT. 6 ; Pre-Opening Premiere MONDAY NIGHT, Oct. 5th ; I Sponsored by Philadelphia Inqytrer Charities. Inc. Print by TECHNICOLOR all ats reserved Box Office ocen X) A.M. to 6 P.M. These 3 Theatres OPEN ALL NIGHT PALACE 12,h Market H. 6. Wells' Technicolor "WAR of the WORLDS" AND Dan DAILEY "Kid From Left Field" CENTER "th & Market Victor MATURE "Affair with a Stranger" & Gre-ory PECK "GUN FIGHTER" FAMILY 13th 4 Market John WAYNE PITTSBURGH AND Maria MONTEZ "WHITE SAVAGE" JUST FOR FUN! STOP AT FUN FAIR 1224 MARKET ST. FOR SEA FOOD . Recommend J V Opposite (J UN. ORPHEUM Gtn. t Chelten NEW 69TH Upoer Darky Frte rarkinej SAVOIA Broad & Morrlt JAMES STEWART Joanne ORU DAN OURYEA THUNDER BAY Technicolor CIRCLE JAMES STEWART Fkd. t Maraaret Joanne ORU Dan OURYEA THUNDER BAT AND "SPACEWAYS" LOGAN Broad Wvomlni LOGAN "Spaceways" 8:45 P. M. Only BROADWAY 3 DIMENSION Robert .7. MITCHUM. Linda DARNELL Snyder "SECOND CHANCE" j AND "FOUR SIDED TRIANGLE" I Technicolor FERN ROCK 6017 N. 5th YORKTOWN Elkint Park Fre Parking Kathryn GRAYSON Merv GRIFFIN "SO THIS IS LOVE" Technicolor Musical STRAND 3 DIMENSION Robert Gtn. c venanos Miitaum. Linoa utuntLL t "SECOND CHANCE" Technicolor & 8 JO Only Howard DUFF 'SPACEWA Y5"! MIDWAY James STEWART Alley. & Kent. Joanne DRU Oar OURYEA "THUNDER BAY Technicolor t Mickey RODNEY Eddie BRACKEN "A SLIGHT CASE OF LARCENY" AST0R Franklin James STEWART (iimd Dan OURYEA Joanne DRU Cont. Daily "THUNDER BAY" Technicolor AND "When I Grow Up" Hoodl d KENT "5-. dV I iimh. SEDGWICK Gtn. nr. Sit. Airy 3 DIMENSION Gey MADISON Frank L0VEIOY "THE CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER" Color COMMODORE 4:?rd 4 8 Walnut OekeraN KERR FAIRMOUNT "fith "3?ijvc bess- Oirard Technicolor LEADER.1104 Line 3 DIMENSION Gey MADISON Color "CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER" AND "CAPTIVE WOMEN" LANE Broad k William HOLDEN "STALAG 17" niAMflMD ith k 2 GREGORY PECK Hits UlAlflUBU on(J ..yELLOW SKy AND "The GUN FIGHTER" Re-Issve ca pi 2th t Rotert TAYLOR. Aa GARDNER tRnl" nd "RIDE, VAQUERO!" BREAKDOWN" Color AND L1RERTY !iroad k 3 DIMENSION I ralmt,jll Ritnjrd CARLSON "IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE" I IRPRTY TAG 6813 Sasaei HAY WARD LIBtKIT, I Ale. Torr Dana ANDREWS "CANYON PASSAGE" Color ' 4 g JO P.M. Only "FRONTIER GAL" yfflnFL sth k DOUBLE HORROR SHOW mM"'' Smith "DrociiIa' Dauc-hfer" & "Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man" WISHARTFront Grt,r CARSON Color A!!t. 'Scandal at Scourie' AND "WILD BLUE YONDER" Reading Tarminal 12th ST. BATfKDAT EVE.. SEPT. 26 CLAUDE THORNHILL AND HIS ORCHESTRA SUBURBAN AIIRI FR Ambler. 3 DIMENSION Rehtrt HfflULkll MiTrully I niBHCII "SECOND CHANCE" Technicolor A R II tl ft R F Lac. James STEW AK I HUmUllt p,ke Dan OURYEA Joanna DRU THUNDER BAY" Technicolor reVBTIAM Bala- Robert TAYLUK tUTPIIAN A, r.ARDNER "RIDE, VAQUERO!" Color HIWAY low II MAM OR Prospect 3 DIMENSION "CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER" WAEVRLY frrul Kathryn GRAYSON Hill as Graet Moore Technicolor 0 3 5 "SO THIS IS LOVE" TFRMIHAL 69t lkt- Cant- tr. 11 A. .: i tnmiRAL FrM Plrtlnt Ctlel si,. lot GROVE Wi:low Esther WILLIAMS Grnre Technicolor Muncal "DANGEROUS WHEN WET" LANSDOWNE William HOLDEN "STALAG 17" STANLEY '" GARFIELD LHI PALMER Owsttr "BODY A SOUL" & Joel MeCre 'Four Faces Wesf Re-Iss. STATE Chester. 3 DIMENSION Pa. Robert RYAN Rhonda FLEMING "INFERNO" TechnKolor WARNER Westchester 3 DIMENSION Rokort MITCHUM, Linda DARNELL "SECOND CHANCE" Technvcolor To recover lost valuables ... to find a lost dog ... a want-ad in the Lost and Found columns of The Inquirer will bring results quicker and at low cost. Call Miss Allen, RI 6-5CC0 to place your lest and found cd.' '

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